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The Community Team | Application Open!
Community Team | The search for a new Roster



PCMdaily.com's Community Team is now looking for riders to join our newly formed team, which still is in search of a main sponsor, that will compete in the UCI Continental division in 2018. We are as said looking for new riders, that must possess certain attributes and details in order to join. We will have a strong focus on developing new superstars. So firstly you must be between 17-20 years and be specialized in 2 or 3 areas. Secondly you must be in a mindset of constant improvement and also be loyal to our cause, as this is a chance you just cannot miss, a chance to ride professional cycling. Please fill the included formula down below and you will have a chance to join our team. We only have 14 spots open, so the time to act is now!

Nat.SurnameFirst NameAgePot.FlMoDhCbTTPrlSpAcStRsRcHiFi

Captain Yes/No (read below)

Rules for Domnestique Submissions
1. You can only have 3 stats between 70-72 (at least two of them must either be Sprint, TT, Mountain, Hill or Cobble)
2. You can only have 5 stats between 66-68
3. The rest must be below 65

Rules for Captains
1. There is only space for 4 captains, the rest must be domnestiques, but this can change if they outdevelop the captains.
2. Rules are the same as above, just that the stat cap is changed from 72 -> 74 and 68 -> 70 (still the same limitations to number of stats this is available to)

Note: If we get more than 14 applications, then the rest can choose a CT team from the PCMdaily DB, just add Team : Team_Name to your post

Edited by sgdanny on 05-08-2018 15:49
Nat.SurnameFirst NameAgePot.FlMoDhCbTTPrlSpAcStRsRcHiFi

I will be a Captain

Nat. Surname First Name
B√°nyai D√°vid
Age 17
Pot. 8
Fl 70
Mo 64
Cb 64
TT 64
Prl 70
Sp 73
Ac 74
St 70
Rs 65
Rc 70
Hi 74
Fi 70

Captain ? Yes
Nat. Surname First Name
Peter Pal
Age 17
Pot. 8
Fl 70
Mo 65
Dh 63
Cb 74
TT 65
Prl 70
Sp 70
Ac 74
St 70
Rs 70
Rc 65
Hi 74
Fi 61

Captain ? Yes
How about we don't make the 17 yo's captains? Pfft
Join the EPIC madness! https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=31670

Voted Best Forum Game 2014!

Frederiek Nolf, Dimitri De Fauw, Wouter Weylandt, Rob Goris, Kristof Goddaert, Igor Decraene, Antoine Demoitié, Daan Myngheer, Michael Goolaerts, Jimmy Duquennoy. The legendary Michele Scarponi. The list is getting too long..
Nat. Surname First Name
Clausen Steen
Age 19
Pot. 7
Fl 64
Mo 71
Dh 68
Cb 61
TT 68
Prl 64
Sp 56
Ac 66
St 67
Rs 72
Rc 66
Hi 72
Fi 64

Captain ? no
Edited by bowler on 06-08-2018 19:30
Nat. Surname First Name
Bergsprekken Mysil
Age 18
Pot. 8
Fl 70
Mo 69
Dh 63
Cb 55
TT 74
Prl 74
Sp 60
Ac 65
St 68
Rs 72
Rc 64
Hi 68
Fi 70

Captain? Yes
Nat.SurnameFirst NameAgePot.FlMoDhCbTTPrlSpAcStRsRcHiFi

Captain No
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If i submit a female, am i going to be told off? Pfft
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