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LOANIE! Volvo acc. by Spotify
So ATM we have 3 riders up for sale, dont hesitate to contact me if you are interesed in either of them,

Sven Erik Bystrøm 26 years - € 185.000


Bystrøm have expressed his feeling of trying as a teamleader once again at PCT level or even in CT. He is still quite young and capable of develop much still with some great training on the hills. He possesses a great kick that will allow him to accelerate away from his opponements at the crucial part of the races. He dont hesitate when it comes to attacking.

Magnus Cort Nielsen 25 years - € 105.000


Cort Nielsen is also a very young rider that could develop in to a great rider, but his strenght is one it comes to Stage Races with mountains and also capable of taking on the hills and ITTs.

Freddy Johansson 32 years - € 50.000


Freddy is not a youngster he is one of the teams oldies and one the Swedish National in ITT last season so he will ride in the Swedish jersey in ITTs. At CT level he will still deliver great on TT

Edited by viking90 on 26-07-2018 16:35
Some interest in both Byström and Cort Nielsen but No real bid yet, remember they are still very young and have decent wages.

Freddy Johansson having no interest so far, just so you know last time he rode a C2 race he ended Up 7th (Herald Sun Your 2016) thats some fine pts for 50.000 wage.
Still only interest around Byström and Cort but no real bid beside a 300k on Cort Nielsen that is denied since I value him a little bit higher.

Byström Im looking for a start Price around 800k.
Think thats a good price consider his stats,wage and espacially his age.

Freddy Johansson Still without a single PM about , 50.000 wage and 77 TT

Get in touch!
Got a bid of 800.000 for Bystrom at this time will make a thread later tonight regardning that deal.

Get in touch if he is interesting for you 50,000 increases will be accepted.

Cort Nielsen still without a bid, very good 2nd GC man for PCT teams. Good helper for PT teams.

Fredd, 77 TT guy still without interest,

There is thread up now for a deal for Bystrom. Will accept bids increased by 50.000 atleast.

Still a very good price for a young guy with 79 hills, good backups and decent wage.

Cort Nielsen has interesed around 500k. Great 2nd GC man,

Still Freddy without bids. 77 TT
So time too goo too bed for me, but if either of those three riders are intersting for you just hit me up with a PM and I will answer you the first I do tomorrow.

Bystrom is at 800.000 right now.

Freddy Johansson 150.000

Magnus Cort Nielsen without a bid, is it not unbelievable?

Good night folks!
You need a cheap hill-domestique?

Look no further we are open for bid on Johan Fredrik Ziesler.
28 y/o Norwegian with 50.000 wage, price tag 150.000


They guy above here is still open for sale at 150.000.
Minumum Wage 50.000. 76 HI

He is not forced too leave but would still be good otherwise he will just stay with us.
Do you have a cheap cobble-specialist (+75 cobbler) you wanna get rid of?

Let me know!
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Posted on 14-05-2021 14:16
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Zielser is still for sale at a price atleast close to 150.000 we could talk a bit about the price. 76 HI 50.000 wage

Or do you prefer a TT then we have Swedish Alexander Wetterhall
75 TT 69 HI 50.000 wage same price range as Zielser.

We are trying to get some extra euros in too our plans so its not any problem with wage cap our so they will stay if they I dont get a bid on them
Hi fellow managers, especially PCT and CT managers.

I have a guy I would like to loan out and get to level 3,
right now he is at 1.00 and a wage at 100k.
So I would pay you a 200k fee all you need to do is
get him to level 3 and make sure you have 100k loan cap left.

Kristoffer Halvorsen 71SP 72 ACC

Get in touch, please Smile
Shouldn't that be minimum 300k in total as a fee for you (100k - wage paid by other team + 100k - full wage + 100k - general extra fee)?

Hope someone can help you! Smile

Edit: Sorry, completely misread your post. The good luck part still stands, though Pfft
Edited by ember on 26-07-2018 16:44
It´s easy too read wrong my english is often sloppy Pfft

But thanks, hopefully one nice manager will help me Smile
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