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Isostar - LimeBike [PT'19]
trekbmc wrote:
Ouch, some really high wage increases for you, particularly Kump, still I think you have the team to make a really great Slovenian squad for next season, good luck! Grin

I mean, after last season's drop, you can't relegate from the CT at least. Pfft

Yes, that was painful. Thank you very much for your confidence though Smile We know we gave up the "normative" best solutions for our approach, but well.

Hey, I see what you did there AngryPfft
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Posted on 13-12-2019 12:40
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Availability List: Isostar Slovenija 2018


● strong intention to keep | ●●● open for offers | ●●●●● clear intention to sell

The availability format was stolen from knockout, we just decided to copy the idea that drew our plans best.

We are also looking forward to find a loan team for David Per, that is able to level him up from level 3 to 4 and also pays at least half of his wage for his high scoring volume eventhough his low level (127 points as lvl 2 rider last season). We'd discuss loan offers for Svab, Logar and Kamberaj.
Rider availability pretty much according to the new direction envisioned for the team. We'll be keeping an eye on some of those available riders for sure Wink
AbhishekLFC wrote:
Rider availability pretty much according to the new direction envisioned for the team. We'll be keeping an eye on some of those available riders for sure Wink

interesting, especially given the boundaries of our teams so far - and you know, David Per is a star in the making, as he showed at your squad last year - maybe we can continue our tight relationships in those terms Wink

First Signings

The first 5 Free Agents shipped in towards the save home-port which is Isostar Slovenija. All balcan guys, all with development potential. Don't get me wrong, none will be a future star or even leader, but we are bound to promote balcan cycling and we're commited to do so.


Give us a couple of years though and we'll have a great climber, a nice stage racing domestique and 3 puncheurs with a nice kick to support. We are very much looking forward to our team state in two years, we can tell!

What a sexy beast GrinGrinGrin
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Spilak looks lovely Pfft
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Ouf, awesome signing that! Perfect PT-Leader for you, congratz Smile
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He's the perfect fit for a team like yours, hope he can deliver like he did last season Grin

You could have used this image as well :lol:

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Congrats on Spilak, awesome rider
He can't ride for us so the only other logical option is your team Pfft

Hope he delivers big time for you, a true Superman Grin
@jandal7: Slovenian, what do you expect Pfft

@whitejersey: he does, powerful as well

@dev4ever: indeed - who could be a better PT leader than the one with the highest wage in game Grin but yeah, he is a natural fit, and we're glad SotD was open for this deal indeed

@Aquarius: it will be tough to beat last season, but it's his last year on may stats so hopefully he puts all out

@Heine: time to get the other big time stage racer from my focus regions in to pair him up, I guess Wink

@redordead: give him two years and he might work on promoting the next Slovenian monster incoming Cool
Boom goes the dynamite :lol:
hillis91 wrote:
Boom goes the dynamite :lol:

The cobra is ready to reach out


The Isostar Slovenija 2018 squad stands. Against expectations the project again saw a major overhaul. However, in comparison to 2017 we could only bring in one new captain. But what a man:

Simon Spilak will lead our team in 2018. The Slovenian superstar is the reigning Tour de France champion. And guess what, his big goal of the season will be to defend his title in France in the Slovenian National Champions shirt.

We also heavily invested in his support. We found 3 riders that work very well in the sense of combining hill and mountain abilities to support Spilak in his strengths. From in-n-Out we acquired Jakob Kratochvila, who will work in his support and should be a prime domestique.

Second man in the supporting cast is Hermann Pernsteiner. The Austrian has came over from Wiesenhof, so he knows Spilaks biggest rival for the Tour, Rein Taaramae, very well from riding alongside him last season. His downhill makes him a very interesting domestique for Mohoric as well seeing the team we built in that direction.

To that team also belongs Ukrainian puncheur Andrii Bratashcuk. He again lacks the acceleration to ride for himself, but his great hill + downhill combination earned him a roster spot on minimum wage for ours.

Also a domestique role is set for Riccardo Ricco. He's also not explosive enough for the big results anymore, but who should be a better support for Spilak than his former teammate and man-game star Ricco. In what looks like his last season in PT, Ricco is set to have one last shot at the Giro as a captain for us.

On the other side we found another secondary leader. Thomas Faiers will have a lot of freedom as our secondary scorer in stage races. His combination of climbing skills, racing against the clock and back-up stats seems to be perfect for a complementary leading role. He will be our leader on several occasions, especially the Vuelta could be his target.

Marcel Wyss adds another value to our deep hills squad. And the Suisse rocket has been outstanding in the Continental Tour last year, now he has another shot in Mohoric's train on higher level. His aim is depth points with his acceleration, and on top his skillset of back-ups including downhill, time trial and stamina seems to be cruelly underrated.

We've already presented a couple of young guns, that are looking to max at our team over the next 3 seasons. Of course we are very proud to announce that all of them are from our focus regions. Pavlic, Gorselj, Korosec and Novak are Slovenians, Roman and Kalaba are from Serbia, and Rumac is a Croatian. All 7 of them are set to be valuable assets in our future.

Next season we'll have to fight a hard battle against relegation. 50% of our squad is unmaxed, and we added just one captain to our PCT team. Can our 4 Slovenian leaders together with their deep support keep us in the division?

Awesome team as a promoter! Not bad either to have 3 great slovenians as leaders Smile

Spilak got a great suport team aswell, so he should deliver his best at each race he's assigned too. Cant wait to see how you will fare in your first PT-season mate!
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Great that you are able to field a PT worthy team without losing identity.


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Atlantius wrote:
Great that you are able to field a PT worthy team without losing identity.

This. And it's really awesome to have Spilak on board it's like it was destined to happen Smile It's not a mega team but Spilak alone can provide you good enough points for sure!
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