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Isostar - Specialized [PT'21] A new Face
knockout wrote:
Yes baby, proper lime this year Grin

Actual #limetime this season Grin
Considering that there is a tendency where I sign my leader from you, I think that there is a good chance we talk again during transfers, a couple of really nice options open here for sure.
@withoutnonsense: Thanks for the nice words!

@Fabianski: Thanks mate! That wouldn't surprise me. I assume we can look for a good solution. Pernsteiner in hindsight I guess was not the worst of ideas, as he might've been the key to Moscons awesome successful season and still scored decently himself.

@AbshishekLFC: #limetime Cool Cool Cool

@whitejersey: That is true. Shame Kump couldn't keep you afloat, but at the same time he might be very well suited to bring you up again. Always happy to talk to you about potential deals though, and I'm sure I have some good riders on offer that might be interesting to a CT team wishing to promote Smile

Awesome team! I am tempted by Mikel Bizkarra, but of course right now I'm biased by his recent performance in Vuelta. Smile
Croatia14 wrote:
@Fabianski: Thanks mate! That wouldn't surprise me. I assume we can look for a good solution. Pernsteiner in hindsight I guess was not the worst of ideas, as he might've been the key to Moscons awesome successful season and still scored decently himself.

You're definitely right in that he was a great dom, both in hilly and mountain races. I just shouldn't let him ride as a leader again; I guess his Acc/Res are too low for that. Still, in hindsight I wouldn't pay 600k for him again, sorry Wink
Btw, depending on which rider we're talking about, 600k might even be too low - let's see how transfers unfold, everything seems possible Wink
Thanks guys.

@Darkwolf: Bizkarra will almost certainly be for sale for a reasonable price, so you might be guided right by the Vuelta-bias.

@Fabianski: Yeah I understand that. Still he's a very good asset to you imo. Yeah we'll see who's available at the very end and whether you try to get a leader or a good wage/reward rider I guess.
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Looking at you for sale list, I'd add a few dots near the top if you want a certain sprinter Wink
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Ollfardh wrote:
Looking at you for sale list, I'd add a few dots near the top if you want a certain sprinter Wink

Well good luck to you that it's dots at the right riders...
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Posted on 07-12-2021 09:21
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2 up.


Two outstanding signings and I'm very jealous on Gaviria. Congrats!
Crazy signings!! Shock


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
Nice signings. Lutsenko likely remains best puncheur in the PT then. We will surely battle it out a lot this season.

And with Gaviria it`s a nice test now as I expect him to be a lot better in PT.
Thanks guys. It's a big risk to rip the core apart for those two and loose almost the complete depth. We'll see how it all pans out, but I think that we have a low floor high ceiling team for next year at Isostar.
I'm as green as that jersey with envy!!!
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Awesome signings! Smile
Thank you guys Smile more to come in the close future, when we can reveal our other Free Agent signings!
Great couple of signings to start the transfer window with!!
Thank you!

There was a long lasting discussion at the headquarters in the off-season: Do we want to continue? Wouldn't it be awesome to stop at the top. Finish the journey at the Olympus of the Man-Game. With 6/7 regional riders and 5/7 Slovenian riders as main scorers in the title run?

The answer is yes. And no. We have decided to continue the story, but also to switch it up. Last year our national approach, with the Slovenian spirit in our heart and Mount Triglav on our shirt on display, brought us all the way to the top. We shared our message, we showed the world what Slovenian cycling was capable of. Through the divisions, through the ranks. Whether it was the likes of Bole, Kump and Mezgec in our first year of promotions. Whether it was big time addition Kump, veteran Mugerli, young star talent Mohoric and self-maxed Polanc in year two. Whether it was Simon Spilak that has established us in the Pro Tour and won us our first Grand Tour. Domen Novak who won white and a key piece for the title push while not being maxed. All the self-developed Slovenians we sent into the world, from Pibernik to Pavlic, from Groselj to Katrasnik.

But we reached a point where Slovenia is in a great place. There is a Slovenian team in every division. Trans Looney Tunes does an awesome job in their second season. Cedevita established itself as a PCT team and arguably has the most determined talent factory in European cycling. And then here we are. There to pass the torch, as we announced earlier.

While we're still under Slovenian flag, our nation-building journey of Slovenian cycling peaked. With our role in the MGUCI comes responsibility, the need to keep international sponsors happy. Like Specialized, our second name sponsor, where Taylor Phinney plays a key role in endorsing their (and our) campaign. We can not develop the Slovenian talents anymore as we wish in order to keep our high performance standards. Therefore Cedevita and Trans Looney Tunes are now the real Slovenian sides, the real representatives of Balkan culture.

We do not represent the region in such an extensive manner as we did in the past. Consider us more a citizen of the world these days. But for one, maybe last, time, it's time to light up the Slovenian flag on our HQ. With pride for what we've achieved with the quartett of Slovenian stars whose departure we announce today. Let's celebrate our guys:

Jan Polanc

With us from day one. Our highest earner in our first season despite not even riding for us, we got him from Free Agency and loaned him out to Festina. Became a consistently awesome rider, mainly on cobbles, but also wherever he needed. He was the only guy left that was with us from day one and we love him here, but we have to let him go eventually. He took all steps with us, from the bottom all the way to the top. May our beloved Mr. Polanc come back one day.


Matej Mohoric

The biggest signing in year 2 as a Free Agent, also being an unmaxed lvl 4 guy (you see a pattern!). Was a top 10 rider in PCT hills even unmaxed, only got better. We spent loads of cash in our first PT year training him very early to 83 hills. Now he can hopefully continue his climb to the top at our friends at King Power.


Primoz Roglic

Our ski-jumper was signed in an epic 3-team trade (with Generali, signed from Binance) just last year, stepping in the big footsteps of legendary Simon Spilak. He was able to absorb parts of the huge scoring deficit by scoring very consistently in stage races, doing an outstanding job of complementing Taylor Phinney. Hopefully the great climber can conquer more big climbs with his journey elsewhere.


Domen Novak

The third of four guys we say goodbye to that joined us unmaxed. After we lost out in a bidding war when he joined as a freshmen, we signed him for a hefty fee from Euskaltel at level two. With us he developed into a killer for white jerseys. Not even fully maxed he scored us 600 big time points in our title quest, almost unprescedented in PT (and only slightly outshadowed by a certain Mr. Malecki). Now, with his first huge paycheck he wanted to try himself in the wide world, and thus decided to take a step down to PCT to attack the big mountains with his punchy riding style. We are certain that we'll try to bring him back one day.


It was a pleasure to have you four on board, storming through the ranks and achieving the ultimate glory with home country riders in a home country team.
Hvala guys!

A wonderful end to a great story arc. One could use a lot of superlatives to describe the Isostar story as you have managed to make Isostar one of the coolest, one of the best and one of the fastest rising teams in ManGame history. It's insane that a team this focussed on a national identity can even get close to the PT podium - not even talking about winning the PT crown. To do so with a "smaller" nation like Slovenia speaks a ton about your abilities as a manager and the run you've had.

Time for a new path and the first steps are already very exciting. One thing seems safe: Isostar is continuing to be one of the best teams and a tough challenger for every team that wants to fight for the PT podium. May our fights continue for a long time!
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

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