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[PCT] Repsol - Netflix 2018

Eddie Dunbar has gone a bit under the radar, after several big signings that the team made during transfers, but it's quite important to remember that Eddie is the biggest talent that the team has ever signed. The team has payed 150k to secure the young Irishman, who is predicted to become a great rider in the future. His already decent mountain, punchy and tt skills gives him a lot of possible developments, and that, combined with future training, could make him a very valuable rider for the team in the coming years

Current Stats

Development Possibilites

1. All-in Hills


Some people could think that this is the most straight-forward development for Eddie, making him a 80 puncheur, but if you take a closer look, he wouldn't be a rider worthy of further training, thinking of his sub-par flat, and not super-shining back-ups, compared to the riders meant to dominate hills in the coming years

2. Timetrialist


This is an interesting choice for Eddie, as he wouldn't be just a 79 TTer, but also 74 in hills, and with great back-ups, like 79 res, which would make like a worse version of current Coppel or Ignatiev. But the low flat and the nule acceleration could reduce the scoring posibilities

3. Stage Racer


I have to say this is a development i like a lot, but also it would take some training to make him a decent PT rider, not only a PCT rider. He would really shine in PCT when maxed, but the question is if we would like to still be in PCT by 2021 Pfft The good thing is that it allow different possibilities of training, like training just hills or mountain, or try to make him a very complete rider, a worse version of a rider like Gesink

4. Punchy mountains


This training is the main reasons why the pure hills development isn't a real option for Eddie. Yes, with that low stamina he would never be a contender for the big hilly classics, but his dual strenght would allow him to perform in different races that the pure puncheurs, with the hilly stage races with a mountain stage being a good type of races for him, similar to the current Kwiatkowski

5. Punchy stage racer


Let's call this the "light-Trofimov" development. Compared to the punchy mountain development, Eddie would lose a bit a strenght in the hills, but he would gain a lot in TT's, making him a greatly rounded rider, who with some training, could emulate the skills of aging legend Yuri Trofimov.

There are more possiblities of training, but none of them would probably use his current strenghts at the best level, and Eddie would fail to be a great rider in the future

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Yellow Jersey
You're gonna have a lot of fun with him aren't you Smile Seriously awesome rider, I'd bet you'll go with Punchy mountains Cool
5 Options, and I wouldn't pick either Pfft

SotD wrote:
5 Options, and I wouldn't pick either Pfft

I'm curious what you'd pick?
Would you prefer 73 MO, 74HI, 79TT ?


Personally I'd likely go with the punchy mountain one but he's another one of those talents that are very tough to decide. I'm not super excited with his backup combination after developing the punchy mountain way so the option above might be a very reasonable option to take for him.

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@Yellow Jersey Will see, i haven't decided yet which will be his final development

@SotD :lol: :lol:

@knockout Yeah, that's a development i found out after SotD's comment. He could become with some training a rider like Omar Fraile. I don't really know if i would like this option, while it's way better than the normal timetrialist option. Honestly, i like more that punchy stage racer development

@Abhishek Cool
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Finally we are able to publish exactly which will be our calendar for the 2018 MG season. Soon we'll be able to reveal where our leaders will be present, but you may be able to figure it out given our calendar. Our first race will be the season opener in Australia, the flat HC Down Under Classic, and we'll close the season with the season ending in Japan, with the hilly HC Japan Cup
4 races and 12RDs in January, with a flat classic, a hilly stage race and two mountain classic. We hope to start the season with some decent scoring races, before a month that could be really important for our season
Down Under ClassicHC10-Jan
Tour Down UnderC114-Jan19-Jan
Apex Mountain ClassicPTHC28-Jan
Clasique Pico BasileC131-Jan
Second month of the season, and the month most crowded for us. Several clashes, including a triple header, and a total of 32RD's this month. This month could be our make or break moment of the season
Tour of the Middle EastHC05-Feb08-Feb
Omloop Het NieuwsbladPTHC06-Feb
Tour de PologneHC08-Feb14-Feb
Ras TailteannC110-Feb12-Feb
Viana do CasteloC114-Feb
Volta a CatalunyaC118-Feb23-Feb
Etoile de BessegesC125-Feb27-Feb
Hong Kong ChallengeC225-Feb27-Feb
After a very hectic month, we are back to a more quiet month in March, with several one-day races, focusing a lot in cobbles
Roma MaximaC103-Mar
Le SamynC110-Mar
Vuelta a ColombiaHC11-Mar16-Mar
Strade BianchePTHC20-Mar
GP HerningHC31-Mar
This is the month where we are skipping a race to avoid a triple clash, so Veenendaal-Veenendaal isn't anymore in our calendar. Apart from that, a month focused on mountain/hills + tt and flat classics.
Tour of VancouverHC01-Apr07-Apr
Tour of UkraineHC13-Apr15-Apr
Lisbon ClassicPTHC26-Apr
Sochi CupC127-Apr
Corsica InternationalC128-Apr30-Apr
Philadelphia International ClassicHC29-Apr
May sees the team racing in the final C2 outing of their season, while also having a couple of PTHC hilly stage races. And most importantly, the home race for our team leader Merhawi Kudus. Probably no doubt that he'll be there to try to improve his Top5 from 2017 Embarassed
Scandinavian Open Road RacePTHC12-May14-May
Berlin ProRaceHC16-May
Tour of EritreaC119-May24-May
Giro del TrentinoC219-May21-May
Tour of NorwayPTHC27-May31-May

Pretty boring month tbh. We only have a couple of cobbled races and a hilly tour in South Africa. Oh, and that race in Netherlands that i'm taking part because of... i'll try to figure it out someday
Malopolski WyscigPTHC03-Jun
GP KigaliHC05-Jun
Tour of South AfricaC118-Jun23-Jun
Ronde van Het IjsselmeerC126-Jun
A quite strange month, having only 4 races, but being a one-day race and a stage race in both mountains and hills
Kenya Mountain ClassicHC20-Jul
Tour of BeijingHC26-Jul29-Jul
Nantahala ClassicC126-Jul
The clashes are back, as we didn't have one since May. That's something we've worked on our calendar, except for that hellish month of February. We also have two big stage races in Austria and Portugal.
Macskako KerekparversenyC104-Aug
Clasica San SebastianHC07-Aug
Osterreich RundfahrtHC07-Aug13-Aug
Volta a PortugalPTHC11-Aug21-Aug
Baltic Chain TourC117-Aug21-Aug
While several PCT teams focuses on Tour of America this month, we have decided not to send a squad here, so it will be a very slow month for us, not being present either of some PTHC races that were in bands we didn't choose
Tour of BritainC101-Sep05-Sep
Rheden GPPTHC27-Sep
Finally we'll reach the end of the season after 10 months of intense racing. We'll have a big PTHC race in Morocco and a couple of hilly classic, including Japan Cup, the race that ends the season
Tour du MarocPTHC01-Oct09-Oct
Giro dell'EmeliaHC03-Oct
Barbados Cycling FestivalHC12-Oct15-Oct
Japan CupHC18-Oct

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Merhawi Kudus schedule anounced
We are finally able to publish our big leader's schedule for the 2018 season, Merhawi's first season in Repsol colors. There's no surprise that being our mountain goat this season, he'll be the rider meant to lead the team in all the important mountain races. Also, i guess no one will be surprised that his personal main goal of the season will be to win Tour d'Eritrea, his home race, a race that suits him very well, though there are better riders for that race.

Merhawi will make his debut for the team in Canada, in the Apex Mountain Race, where he'll face some of the best climbers in the world, as it's a PTHC one-day race. Inmediately after the race, he'll fly to Ecuatorial Guinea, to race Clasique Pico Basile, another mountain one-day race, but this time in C1 level.

Despite the heavy filled February for the team, with a total of 32RDs, he'll only show up in the HC stage race, Tour of the Middle East, where he'll hope to exploit his MON/HILL combo to get a great result.

He'll be back in March to take part in the biggest showdown of mountains in the HC calendar, Vuelta a Colombia, 6 days of hell in the South American climbs.

In April, Merhawi will only race in France, in the 3-day race Corsica International. This means he won't participate in a HC mountain stage race as Tour of Vancouver is. The main reasons to his absence is the lack of a TTT team to support the Eritrean in the closing stage of the race

In May as we already said, he'll race in his country, trying to win Tour d'Eritrea. After Eritrea, he will have raced 23 out of his 43RDs in the season

After some vacations during the month of June, he'll rejoin the competitive racing in the HC one-day race Kenya Mountain Classic. He'll also take part in the hilly classic Nantahala Classic, as he had two spare RDs, and with the expected easier competition thanks to the clash with Tour of Beijing, Merhawi might have a chance to get a surprising result. This will be the only time in the season where he won't be leading the team in a race he does

In August he will go to Austria to race Osterreich Rundfahrt, the final race in PCT level of his season.

And after almost 2 months of rest/preparation, he'll be ready to race a PTHC stage race in Morocco, Tour du Maroc

The team has tried to give him a calendar that exploits his dual abilities in mountains and hills, while also sending him to several stage races to make use of his U25 availability

Apex Mountain ClassicPTHC2
Clasique Pico BasileC12
Tour of the Middle EastHC4
Vuelta a ColombiaHC6
Corsica InternationalC13
Tour d'EritreaC16
Kenya Mountain ClassicHC2
Nantahala ClassicC12
Osterreich RundfahrtHC7
Tour du MarocPTHC9

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

So that's 24 RDs in common with Henao Grin
@Abhishek I guess it's not something unexpected. There aren't infinite RDs for climbers in PCT :lol: :lol:

Jurgen Roelandts schedule anounced
Second rider that sees his calendar for the 2018 season published, and it's our "lone wolf" in the sprints, Jurgen Roelandts. I'm already regretting about a couple of decisions i made on his schedule, like missing out on two C1 flat classics, but we'll see if Jurgen can perform in the flat one-day races he'll race

He'll start the season in the team's first race in PCT level, the Down Under Classic. He won't leave the country after the race, because he's due to participate in Tour Down Under

In February he's going to take part in two 3-day races. The first one a sprinter fest in Ireland, with the Ras Tailteann, a stage race that favours sprinters but where in the last stage the worst climbers could suffer to make it to the sprint, and that's where he excels. Then he will race Etoile de Besseges. I know it's a big risk not being any proper flat stage in the race, but the first one doesn't seem too hard, and might end in a reduced sprint, where Jurgen should be a favourite for the stage win.

He'll be back in April to compete in PTHC level for the first time in the season, in the flat classic Lisbon Classic. He'll also try to get a good result in US roads, in the Philadelphia International Classic

In May Jurgen will race two races, a flat classic as it's Berlin Pro Race, and the PTHC stage race Tour of Norway.

After some rest time, during which he should be doing a one-day race in Netherlands that the team will be racing, but he doesn't Rolling Eyes , he'll be back to racing in German roads, for the Bayern-Rundfahrt. We expect a low quality startlist in terms of sprinters, given there's only one flat stage

In August he'll do the Baltic Chain Tour, where he'll have to fight against the top sprinters in the division in several stages after a hard cobbled prologue.

Now in October, he'll do his final PTHC race of the season, Tour of Maroc, hoping for a weak field of sprinters that allows him to fight for Top3/Top5 in the flat stages. And then, he'll take part in Barbados Cycling Festival, a race made by and for sprinters.

As i already said, probably some weird decisions in his planning, like skipping a one-day race that the team is subscribed, or sending him to some races where he might not have a chance to score due to strenght of the field, but it's also the first time we have to manage a sprinter like Jurgen

Down Under ClassicHC2
Tour Down UnderC16
Ras TailteannC13
Etoile de BessegesC13
Lisbon ClassicPTHC2
Philadelphia International ClassicHC2
Berlin ProRaceHC2
Tour of NorwayHC5
Baltic Chain TourC15
Tour du MarocPTHC9
Barbados Cycling FestivalHC4

Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Wow, not a lot of VDS-on-Roelandts action Sad
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"

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