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Diamonds in the Rough (Vuelta P2)
+ 4 COB
+1 SPR
+1.5 STA
+1.5 RES

Monthly Review

It's not often that Alex Vogel, Grace and myself are all home at our shared apartment together at the same time with our busy schedules. The stars aligned on this random Thursday evening and I was somehow coaxed into making dinner.

Jokes on them, I'm not a cook. I was too focused on training in my youth to pick up any cooking skills. But I had to do something to impress (read: keep girlfriend Grace happy) so I tried my hand at making a homemade Shepherd's pie.

While I was fumbling my way around our small kitchen, Alex and Grace were watching television in our adjacent living room. Although, I think they were watching me more in hopes I would screw something up so they could point it out.

Supportive teammates I have... Well, as I was nearly done making dinner, the TV game show host delivered another question: "What up-and-coming British cyclist and footballer set the World Cup record for most assists in a single game?"

Grace was quick to react: "Hey! I actually know this one."

I laughed, which removed the puzzled look on my face trying to comprehend how that was actually a question. Of course, the contestant on the show had no clue who I was. We watched in amusement as the elderly lady answered incorrectly.

"Um, Marcus," Alex said. "Are you going to take the potatoes out of the oven?"

My rising stardom sidetracked me into burning a portion of our meal. Whoops.

Match Day #29 at PEC Zwolle (8-10-10)
April 2, 2023
From the heat of the kitchen to the more intense league title chase.

PEC Zwolle 1, Feyenoord 0


Summary: Feyenoord couldn't handle the pressure of leading the league table by a single point over Ajax and have slipped up massive here. Ebenezer Appiah scores the lone goal to hand Feyenoord its second league loss of the season.

Elsewhere, Ajax wins 1-0 and moves a top of the table.

Rating: 6.8 - The whole team wasn't great today, not just me.

Player of Game: Younes Namli, PEC Zwolle (7.7)

Match Day #30 vs. NEC (6-15-8)
April 9, 2023
Destiny is no longer in Feyenoord's control with five games left.

Feyenoord 1, NEC 0


Summary: The result wasn't comfortable by any means, but it's still an important win. Rodolfo Pizarro scored in the 19th minute to secure the three points. Dylan Klok was evaluated for a concussion but was cleared a few days later.

Ajax squeezed out a 2-1 road win to maintain the league's top spot.

Rating: 6.8 - Mostly a bystander.

Player of Game: Abdulkadir Omur, Feyenoord (8.3)

Match Day #31 vs. FC Groningen (11-4-15)
April 16, 2023
Groningen doesn't go down easy with only four losses on the season.

Feyenoord 1, FC Groningen 0


Summary: Feyenoord home supporters begged for a goal for 85 minutes before Nick Foss answered the dire request. Otavio slipped Foss behind and the veteran striker went near-post for the game-winning goal.

Somewhat lost in the crucial win was Feyenoord's experienced goalkeeper Jeroen Zoet breaking his hand in the 36th minute and giving the reins to 22-year-old Joey Koorevaar. Zoet is expected to miss multiple weeks.

Over in Utrecht, Ajax continued its winning ways with another 2-1 victory.

Rating: 6.8 - For some reason this is the only rating I can get recently.

Player of Game: Daniel van Kaam, Groningen (7.2)

Match Day #32 at FC Twente (16-8-7)
April 23, 2023
Big break! Ajax tied VVV 1-1 yesterday to give us a second chance.

Feyenoord 1, FC Twente 1


Summary: Everyone knew what was at-stake and Feyenoord couldn't get the job done on the road. Giving up the first goal was a gut punch that they were able to recover from before halftime. But, the second goal never came. Feyenoord outshot FC Twente 25-3 (12-1 on target). Nonetheless, a frustrating tie.

Rating: 6.7 - Even worse than the multiple 6.8 showings. I've been on a cold streak recently and picked up my second yellow card in league play. You need five to receive a one-match suspension.

Player of Game: Otavio, Feyenoord (8.0)

KNVB Beker Cup vs. Ajax
April 30, 2023
Final: No league points but some domestic hardware is up for grabs.

Feyenoord 2, Ajax 1


Summary: For the fifth time in the last eight seasons, Feyenoord lifts the KNVB Beker Cup and secures at least an Europa League spot for next season. It's the 16th cup win in club history for Feyenoord.

Nick Foss and Yassin Ayoub scored early to put the pressure on Ajax. Feyenoord fouled like crazy to keep the pace nice and slow. Sean Klaiber pulled one goal back for Ajax in the 74th minute and the crossbar was left shaking in the 82nd minute.

But, Feyenoord rode out the rest of the time and celebrated accordingly.


Rating: 7.0 - Best rating of the month, but that isn't saying much. I'll happily add another accolade to my growing resume. Well done lads!

Player of Game: Sven van Beek, Feyenoord (7.4)

League Standings (32/34 Games Played)


The final two weeks of the season will determine everything. PSV has won six straight games to cling onto an outsider's chance of winning the title. The final two games for all three teams can be found below:

Ajax (70pts)Feyenoord (68pts)PSV (67pts)
Match #33vs. Vitesse@ FC Volendamvs. sc Heerenveen
Match #34@ Excelsiorvs. PSV@ Feyenoord

KNVB Beker Cup









Training Ground
*Community Growth Development*
Feyenoord Training Facilities Boost: +1.5 Points Per Member

- Each member gets 6.5 points to spread however they like over the 36 attributes listed above. One post per member.
- Only stats that aren't locked can be upgraded.
- Stats work on a decimal system starting at 1.0.
- Stats are bumped up in FM when they hit that number, ex. 2.9 = 2 in-game, and 13.4 = 13 stat in-game.
- The decimal numbers will remain hidden.
- There is a threshold for each stat when more points are needed to increase that stat. It's start off on a 1-to-1 scale where 1 point equals 1 stat upgrade. However, the scales get exponentially further and further apart the closer that stat gets to the maximum of 20. The increasing scale will also remain a mystery and is different from the cycling progression scale.
-Comment below to provide stat upgrades.

Stat Lock (Voided): Rating wise, a very poor month for Marcus Diamond that would normally result in multiple stat locks. However, because of the KNVB Beker Cup triumph, Diamond is in the clear.

Prediction: What will be Marcus Diamond's combined player rating for the final two games of the regular season? All correct answers or the closest to the correct answer will earn perks based on where Feyenoord finishes in the league table. 1st — Pick a new player trait; 2nd — Hidden attribute boost; 3rd — x2 on stat upgrades given this month.

+3 Tackling
+3.5 Positioning

If you mean combined as in rating over the 2 games then I feel I have to go with 6.8 judging by his recent form. If you mean the 2 ratings added together then I'll go with 13.7.
+2 Off the ball
+2 Concentration
+1.5 First Touch
+1 Anticipation

I'm going to say you go 7.0 against Volendam and 7.5 in final match, so an average of 7.25 or if is the 2 rattings added 14.5
+2.5 Technique
+2 Anticipation
+2 Concentration

Marcus has shown many times he needs the big, the important games to shine, so I hope he'll get at least 8.0 in both games, making a total of 16.0.
To clarify and avoid confusion: The average, not sum, for the two games will be used.

Obviously rough to lose the lead (especially with PSV to close out the season, hopefully Vitesse get up for that final day too) but all still to play for and hopefully Marcus steps up for it. However awesome already to win the cup, great to have some further silverware, two already with the club Banana

+3 Balance
+3.5 First Touch

Will go for an average of 7.6.
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4

Monthly Review

Waiting at the start line, the moment hit me. I was about to embark on one of the biggest cycling months of my life. Seeing all the television cameras was a little overwhelming. So was being surrounded by experienced world-class cyclists.

For the first time since I was in the dressing room getting ready to play China in the 2022 World Cup opener, I had intense butterflies in my stomach. I want to throw up. But, instead, I clipped into my pedals and started turning my legs.

Race Day #16 at Ronde Van Vlaanderen
April 1, 2023
Bright and sunny for the second monument of the season.



Summary: For those that tuned in for all-out action, I'm sorry to disappoint. No major attacks all afternoon and 11 cyclists settled the race with a sprint. Truly disappointing showing for the spectators, but not for Peter Sagan. Hopefully, Paris - Roubaix next week can be more exciting.

Result: 23rd - Dropped early after I got slowed up on one of the cobbled climbs. Better positioning and I think I finish in that front group.

Instead, I end up nearly six minutes behind Sagan in a group with an unfriendly Magnus Cort Nielsen. We still aren't on speaking terms after what happened in Australia at the start of the season.

1Peter SaganT-Mobile6h33'27
2Mads PedersenQuick-Step Floorss.t.
3Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJs.t.
4Mike TeunissenTeam Sunwebs.t.
5Wout Van AertTEAM Nationale-Nederlandens.t.

Race Day #17 at Paris - Roubaix
April 8, 2023
The famous race over miles of cobbles to reach the Roubaix Velodrome.



Summary: Now the race truly starts as we hit the first of many cobbled sectors on today's route. Morning breakaway up the road, along with early attacker Lars Boom.


Marcus Diamond suffers a flat 10 seconds into the first cobbled section. That's brutal. He gets a new bike from the team car and will have to ride back up through the peloton.


The energy used to work back up to the front will cost Diamond in the long run. He is the first major contender dropped with 68kms to go. There are 21 cyclists left in the peloton chasing down leader Lars Boom.


Diamond coasts into the velodrome looking defeated. This wasn't the outcome he could have envisioned today, and a part of it wasn't his fault. A bad break on the first cobbled sector did him in today. He will finish way back in 36th, over 10 minutes behind our trio of front runners.


Mads Pedersen outlasts forner Paris -Roubaix winners Mike Teunissen (2022) and Tiesj Benoot (2020) to win his first monument of his career.

Result: 36th - When one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

1Mads PedersenQuick-Step Floors6h36'39
2Mike TeunissenTeam Sunwebs.t.
3Tiesj BenootAstana Pro Teams.t.
4Peter SaganT-Mobile+ 1'57
5Lorena WiebesTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.

Race Day #18 at Brabantse Pijl - Fleche Brabanconne
April 11, 2023
Nabbed a ninth-place finish here last season, so looking for a Top 5.



Summary: After having rather rough races at Ronde Van Vlaanderen and Paris - Roubaix earlier this month, Marcus Diamond has decided to be the aggressor here. He attacks on the penultimate circuit with 18kms to go.


Diamond is followed by Wout Van Aert, Michael Valgren and Andreas Kron. They come flying up on dropped breakaway man Tadej Pogacar and Van Aert didn't see him coming around a corner and knocked him down to the wet asphalt.

Van Aert manages to keep his balance for a moment, but he doesn't recover fast enough to make the next corner. Van Aert, the race favourite goes head-first over the barrier and into the crowd. What a scene.

More cyclists are caught up in this growing crash as nobody can see the carnage that awaits once they turn the corner. We have reports that favourites Alberto Bettiol, Zdenek Stybar, Tony Gallopin and Lukas Postlberger have gone down as well.

But, no time to show that, our cameras have followed Diamond's group.


Attack from Valgren as the three attackers have reached the remaining three morning breakaway riders.


No good from Valgren and now he wants some help pacing this front group of six with 10kms to go. They have a 1'31" lead on solo attacker Jimmy Duquennoy and sizable 2'08" lead back to Van Aert (somehow back on his bike), Gallopin and Postlberger.


Past 5kms to go, one of these four are going to win today. Kron leads the way followed by Valgren, Diamond and breakaway man Yannick Peeters. On paper, Diamond is the best sprinter here but it will probably come down to who has saved the most energy for the final kilometers.


Valgren doesn't want to take his chance against Diamond in a sprint and attacks on the final cobbled sector of the day. No answer from Kron or Diamond. Peeters has been dropped for good.


Valgren takes it. That final burst was enough.

Result: 3rd - That was fun. I tried saving energy for one last push at the end to go for the win, but I never recovered from making the decisive attack that got me in that position in the first place.

1Michael ValgrenQuick-Step Floors5h17'38
2Andreas KronTrek - Segafredo+ 29
3Marcus DiamondSEG Racing Academy+ 40
4Wout Van AertTEAM Nationale-Nederlanden+ 1'19
5Yannick PeetersCibel - Cebon+ 2'15

Race Day #19 at Amstel Gold Race
April 15, 2023
Grace and I are racing together for the first time this season.



Summary: We start the action today with a very strong seven-cyclist breakaway up the road. The biggest name has to be rising British star Marcus Diamond who is better know for his conquests on the cobbles but he certainly has the abilities to handle the rolling roads today.

It's a great move for SEG Racing Academy because they still have the Yates brothers back in the peloton if this move doesn't pay off. Or, maybe Diamond could lend them a helping hand later in the race.


With 200kms to go, the breakaway has built an eight-minute lead.


Fast forward 100kms and the gap is down to 3'35" and shrinking.


Massive crash in the peloton with 72kms to go. It happen right at the front. Adam Yates started a chain reaction crash leaving just 13 cyclists in the lead chase group. Simon Yates managed to dodge the wreck and even has a helper, Grace Garner, with him still. The only pre-race favourite in this front group is Marianne Vos.

But, they decide to sit up and regroup.


It was the right decision, as the peloton works together to pull back the breakaway with 26kms remaining.


And it's even Marianne Vos who benefits the most by winning the race.

Result: 30th - Got some good exposure in the breakaway and took the pressure off SEG to chase today, that allowed Simon Yates to finish third.

1Marianne VosUAE Team Emirates6h59'05
2Jordy WarlopQuick-Step Floorss.t.
3Simon YatesSEG Racing Academys.t.
4David GauduGroupama - FDJs.t.
5Wilmar ParedesTeam Dimension Datas.t.

Race Day #20 at Liege - Bastogne - Liege
April 22, 2023
SEG brings the same roster over from the Amstel Gold Race.



Summary: Only three cyclists take up the breakaway: Sergio Samuel (SEG), Piotr Brozyna (Polska Travel) and Benat Intxausti (Qantas).

They were caught with 25kms to go.

Some of the big names tried to get away with attacks, but nobody could make anything stick so 20 cyclists had to settle LBL in a sprint.


It's Marianne Vos claiming her second monument in back-to-back weeks.

Result: 26th - Protected the Yates brothers and got to ride around in the peloton with Grace. Didn't have the stamina to stay in the front group but was 3'41" behind them in the chase group. Simon Yates finished 10th and Adam Yates placed 13th. It's clear I still have a ways to go if I want to challenge the best of the best.

1Marianne VosUAE Team Emirates6h56'49
2Gregor MĂĽhlbergerLotto Soudals.t.
3Dylan TeunsTEAM Nationale-Nederlandens.t.
4Julian AlaphilippeQuick-Step Floorss.t.
5Michał KwiatkowskiThe Guardians.t.


1-AprLa Roue TourangelleMatteo Trentin
1-AprRonde Van VlaanderenPeter Sagan
1-AprVuelta a la RiojaBayung van Steeden
2-AprItzulia Basque CountryGiulio Ciccone
3-AprCCS - Pays de la LoirePrimoĹľ RogliÄŤ
4-AprScheldeprijsFabio Jakobsen
5-AprCdA InternationalNico Fletcher
8-AprParis - RoubaixMads Pedersen
8-AprKlasika Primavera de AmorebietaOmar Fraile
10-AprParis - CamembertWarren Barguil
11-AprBrabantse Pijl - Flèche BrabançonneMichael Valgren
11-AprTour du Loir et Cher E ProvostBryan Coquard
12-AprJoe Martin Stage RaceFabio Felline
13-AprGB Beiras e Serra da EstrelaEsteban Chaves
14-AprTour du FinistèreJérémy Maison
15-AprAmstel Gold RaceMarianne Vos
15-AprTro-Bro LĂ©onSimon Sellier
16-AprTour of the AlpsMark Padun
17-AprTour of CroatiaSebastian Henao
18-AprTour of the GilaMatvei Mamykin
18-AprLa Flèche WallonneSimon Yates
20-AprVuelta a Castilla y LeĂłnEsteban Chaves
21-AprGP Czech RepublicMartijn Tusveld
21-AprTour du Jura CyclisteWarren Barguil
22-AprGiro dell'AppenninoHugh Carthy
22-AprRutland - Melton Cicle ClassicSean De Bie
22-AprVisegrad V4 Race - GP PolandDusan Rajovic
22-AprLiège - Bastogne - LiègeMarianne Vos
24-AprTour de RomandieAdam Yates
24-AprLe Tour de Bretagne CyclisteBryan Coquard
25-AprGran Premio della LiberazioneDusan Rajovic
27-AprVuelta AsturiasCarlos Betancur
27-AprGP ViborgFrantisek Sisr
28-AprGP Himmerland RundtDusan Rajovic
1-MayMemorial Andrzeja Trochanowskiego
2-MayMemorial Romana Siemienskiego
3-MayRhône-Alpes Isère Tour
3-MayTour de YorkshireMarcus Diamond In
4-MayGiro d'Italia
4-MayVuelta Ciclista Comunidad de Madrid
5-MaySundvolden GP
6-MayFlèche Ardennaise
6-MayRingerike GP
8-May4 Jours de Dunkerque
9-MayFlèche du Sud
9-MayBerner Rundfahrt
11-MayVuelta a Aragon
11-MayCCC Tour - Grody Piastowskie
12-MayVisegrad V4 Race - GP Hungary
13-MayProfronde van Noord-Holland
13-MayAmgen Tour of California
16-MayBaltyk - Karkonosze Tour
16-MayTour of Norway
18-MayTour de l'Ain
20-MayGP Marcel Kint
22-MayTour des Fjords
23-MayBaloise Belgium Tour
24-MayGemenc Grand Prix
26-MayGP de Plumelec-Morbihan
27-MayCircuit de Wallonie
27-MayBoucles de l'Aulne - ChâteaulinMarcus Diamond In
28-MayWinston-Salem Cycling Classic
31-MaySkoda-Tour de Luxembourg
31-MayBoucles de la Mayenne

Season Rankings

Pro Tour Points

1The Guardian5120Marianne VosUAE Team Emirates1390
2Groupama - FDJ4939Mads PedersenQuick-Step Floors1276
3Quick-Step Floors4713LĂ©o VincentGroupama - FDJ1265
4Lotto Soudal3708Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale1249
5Amazon3140Egan Arley BernalThe Guardian1215
6AG2R La Mondiale3081Simon YatesSEG1200
7SEG3067Arnaud DĂ©mareGroupama - FDJ1169
8Astana3044Giulio CicconeGroupama - FDJ1005
9Movistar2797Adam YatesSEG1003
10Dimension Data2685Peter SaganT-Mobile979
42 Marcus DiamondSEG423

Individual Wins

1Bryan CoquardFranceBretagne23
2Mark PadunUkraineBahrain - Merida8
3Romain BardetFranceAG2R La Mondiale6
4Stan DewulfBelgiumQuick-Step Floors6
5Barnabas PeakHungaryNovo Nordisk6
6Dusan RajovicSerbiaSaidal6
7Esteban ChavesColombiaDimension Data4
8Arnaud DĂ©mareFranceGroupama - FDJ4
9Sondre Holst EngerNorwayPolska Travel4
10Caleb EwanAustraliaLotto Soudal4
32Marcus DiamondUnited KingdomSEG2



Training Ride
*Community Growth Development*
Training Facilities Boost: +1 Point Per Member

- Each member gets 4.0 points to spread however they like over the 13 attributes listed above. One post per member.
- Stats work on a decimal system starting at 55.0.
- Stats are bumped up in PCM when they hit that number, ex. 55.9 = 55 in-game, and 61.4 = 61 stat in-game.
- The decimal numbers will remain hidden.
- There is a threshold for each stat when more points are needed to increase that stat. It's start off on a 1-to-1 scale where 1 point equals 1 stat upgrade. However, the scales get exponentially further and further apart the closer that stat gets to the maximum of 85. The increasing scale will also remain a mystery.
- Comment below to provide stat upgrades

Stat Lock: Discouraged after lackluster results in big races, Marcus Diamond slacks off in training and will suffer a stat lock this month. Any stat that doesn't receive at least 6.0 points is at-risk of being locked.

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A shame to have such a frustrating month, particularly in the cobbled monuments obviously. Hopefully a return to GB to follow up the Tour of Britain win last year with a possible Yorkshire victory can help him bounce back looking to the second half of the season Smile

+2 HI
+2 RES
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
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[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
+2 Sta

Monthly Review

Feyenoord is trying to win its sixth Eredivisie title in the last seven years. Standing in front of them is rival Ajax looking to claim its league record 34th Eredivisie championship. PSV is also lurking in the background.

A quick review of the league standings heading into the final two games:


It comes down to this. This is what football is all about. The big moments.

Match Day #33 at FC Volendam (7-17-8)
May 7, 2023
Feyenoord wants the title, Volendam wants to avoid relegation.

Feyenoord 2, FC Volendam 0


Summary: Rodolfo Pizarro getting hurt in the first half was probably the best thing that could have happened for Feyenoord. Dylan Klok was called in off the bench and played lights out. For whatever reason, Klok was been used sparely for Feyenoord this season, despite having a knack for scoring goals.

His two goals (No. 15, 16 on the season in 14 games) at the end of each half lift Feyenoord to another win. But they will be disheartened to hear the other results from around the league: Ajax defeated Vitesse 2-1 and PSV defeated sc Heerenveen 2-0 with both teams playing with 10 men.


Rating: 6.7 - Poor. And now with Pizarro out at least four weeks with a twisted ankle, the team needs me more than ever next week in the final game of the season. I got to break out of this recent slump, and we need Ajax to lose or draw its last game against Excelsior.

Player of Game: Dylan Klok, Feyenoord (8.8)

Match Day #34 vs. PSV (21-5-7)
May 14, 2023
Extremely tough test to close out the 2022-23 Eredivisie season.

Feyenoord 3, PSV 0


Summary: Feyenoord decided to keep all distractions outside of the stadium and didn't want to see or hear updates of the Ajax and Excelsior game during its clash with PSV. Not knowing was brutally hard in the second half once they had the game wrapped up due to Dylan Klok going off with a first-half hat trick.

The world-class showing comes with a prestigious award as 21-year-old Klok wins the Eredivisie Golden Boot with 19 goals in 15 appearances (11 starts). He averaged a goal every 84 minutes. Quite remarkable.

Rating: 7.4 - Better, but it was Klok getting all the press interviews after the game. And that's when I heard the news from a sideline reporter.

"Dylan, just an incredible day for you with a hat trick. But, not sure if you have seen, Ajax won 3-0 against Excelsior to claim the title. How are you processing the conflicting emotions?"

"... I didn't know that, I guess, well I don't know... Sorry, I don't really know what to say. We worked so hard for it come down to this last game. I was just doing my part. Looking back, we let some games slip away that we should have won and, in the end, that going to cost us the title this year. That hurts," Klok said.

Player of Game: Dylan Klok, Feyenoord (9.5)

League Standings (34/34 Games Played)









*Diamond is currently on vacation break, so no training ground*

Prediction (Resolved): Marcus Diamond finished with a 7.05 rating over the last two games, and Feyenoord finished second in the season standings. Aequitas was closest with his prediction of 7.25. Choose one hidden attribute to improve. The hidden stat values will remain hidden.

Contract Extended: Feyenoord has extended my contract through the 2027 season and given me a raise to 52,000 pounds a month. I have told them I'd like to stay with the team through next year to avenge this season and win the Eredivisie title, but long term I still see myself playing back home in the English Premier League one day.

Feyenoord understands my situation and wanted to finalize a longer contract so they could make a profit off my possible future transfer. I want that too and job security, so I re-signed without hesitation.

A shame to miss out on the title but they did what they could and it's an admirable season anyway with a great title challenge and the cup win - onwards and upwards as they say Pfft And awesome news on the contract, the Dutch setup is going super well so far and glad to see it continuing Grin
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
It's a shame to miss out by such a small margin, hopefully they manage to keep Klok next year as he looks like a future star, I can see him getting a move to a top side and becoming a regular starter at international level in the future.

Monthly Review

Hey, sorry I've been missing recently. Grace and I took some time away from social media to focus on living in the moment. We recently got back from a long four-week holiday in Paris, France, after I signed an extension with Feyenoord.

It was very romantic. We celebrated our one-year dating anniversary.


One evening in particular, we had dinner under the Eiffel Tour and a sunset stroll down the Champs-Élysées. Maybe one day we could be cycling on this street together finishing the Tour de France. What a special moment that would be.

I pondered making this specific moment an unforgettable one.

The setting was perfect for a proposal, but I was fighting the doubts in my head throughout our vacation that it was too soon. Was she truly the one? The more time I've spent with her, the more the answer became crystal clear.

Before revealing how our holiday ending, let's start with how it began.

Race Day #21-24 at Tour de Yorkshire
May 3-6, 2023
Home to pack my bags and avenge my second place here last season.

Stage 1



Summary: A steady drizzle of rain soaked the riders throughout the afternoon. Then, the sprinters to came to play in the final 5kms once the morning breakaway was caught.


Dutch speedster Fabio Jakobsen had the fastest set of wheels.

Result: 14th - Average day in the saddle results wise, but I'm feeling like I'm in great form at the moment. I just need the right race terrain to showcase my abilities.

1Fabio JakobsenQuick-Step Floors4h13'02
2Runako TshabalalaTEAM Saecos.t.
3André LooijBahrain - Meridas.t.
4Niklas MärklSEG Racing Academys.t.
5Mihkel RäimW52 FC Portos.t.

Stage 2



Summary: Poor camera work (Brad, you're fired) missed a crucial crash with 7kms to go. The front group is reduced to 20 cyclists, with all of the favored sprinters missing the mayhem. Looks like it did disrupted Fabio Jakobsen's sprint train though. South African Runako Tshabalala takes advantage and wins a photo finish ahead of Andre Looij.

Result: 7th - In the mix. Shame no time bonuses were awarded. Also not too pleased with how this tour has been organized so far. There are rumors going around that it was actually a camera motobike that caused the crash in the final kilometers but there is somehow no video evidence to support that claim. Strange.

1Runako TshabalalaTEAM Saeco3h56'41
2André LooijBahrain - Meridas.t.
3Mikel AristiCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
4Fabio JakobsenQuick-Step Floorss.t.
5Niklas MärklSEG Racing Academys.t.
General Classification
1Runako TshabalalaTEAM Saeco8h09'25
2Fabio JakobsenQuick-Step Floors+ 8
3André LooijBahrain - Meridas.t.
4Brian Van GoethemUAE Team Emirates+ 11
5Mikel AristiCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 14
6Mihkel RäimW52 FC Porto+ 15
7Ethan HayterONE Pro Cycling+ 16
8Bayung van SteedenEvoPro Racing+ 17
9Niklas MärklSEG Racing Academy+ 18
10Jacob ScottTeam Wigginss.t.

Stage 3



Summary: Down to 5kms to go and veteran Daniel Martin is giving it a go. Jack Haig looking to follow with a menacing SEG leadout for Marcus Diamond trying to track everything down.


Martin and Haig throw in the towel. It's a textbook leadout by Niklas Markl to set up hometown favourite Diamond for the stage win and possibly the yellow jersey.


Markl ran out of energy to soon. Diamond is swarmed by competitors. George Bennett rushes into the lead under the 1km to go banner.


The puncheurs absolutely bottled this one. Stage 1 winner Fabio Jakobsen saved enough energy to outsprint everyone. He recaptures the yellow jersey in the process as well.

Result: 6th, 11th GC - Caught in bad spot when Markl hit the wall. Just haven't caught a lucky break in this tour yet. Hopefully, it comes tomorrow. It has to come tomorrow... It's the last stage.

1Fabio JakobsenQuick-Step Floors4h18'37
2Guillaume MartinQuick-Step Floorss.t.
3Alex AranburuW52 FC Portos.t.
4Toms SkujinsTrek - Segafredos.t.
5Logan OwenBennelong SwissWellnesss.t.
General Classification
1Fabio JakobsenQuick-Step Floors12h28'00
2Runako TshabalalaTEAM Saeco+ 2
3André LooijBahrain - Merida+ 7
4Guillaume MartinQuick-Step Floors+ 14
5Mikel AristiCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 16
6Alex AranburuW52 FC Portos.t.
7Mihkel RäimW52 FC Porto+ 17
8Jacob ScottTeam Wiggins+ 18
9Jonathan CastroviejoThe Guardian+ 19
10Bayung van SteedenEvoPro Racings.t.

Stage 4



Summary: Yesterday was a hilly stage won by a sprinter. Today is classified as flat but has an eye-catching incline in the final 5kms to coax a GC attack. Will we have any takers?


Anyone who made this bet won't be making much money. It's Marcus Diamond going all-in on the final climb. This is the same move he made two years ago on this same route — lazy race organizers. It didn't work then, will it work now?


Even though everybody knew this move was coming, the peloton still has to prevent it from working. Talk about a bold attack. Diamond is toying with his rivals right now. Basically saying with his actions, "You knew I was going to do it, now do something about it."


No way is this stronghanded tactic going to work... Or is it?


It's pure brilliance from the Brit! No time to celebrate because he is hoping a small time gap will be awarded to give him the GC win as well. Sadly for Diamond, despite how shady this race was run, the race organizers don't show any hometown bias. No time gap given.

If it's any consolation, Niklas Markl wins the sprint for second to give SEG a 1-2 double.

Result: 1st, 4th GC, 1st Youth - Wanted to prove I was the strongest cyclist in the peloton. I think I did that even though I finished 4th overall. Weird how this result feels better than the second place I got here last season. For those keeping count, this my 15th career win.

A perfect sendoff for my vacation with Grace.

1Marcus DiamondSEG Racing Academy4h29'57
2Niklas MärklSEG Racing Academys.t.
3Logan OwenBennelong SwissWellnesss.t.
4Mihkel RäimW52 FC Portos.t.
5Fabio FellineTrek - Segafredos.t.
General Classification
1Fabio JakobsenQuick-Step Floors16h57'57
2Runako TshabalalaTEAM Saeco+ 2
3André LooijBahrain - Merida+ 7
4Marcus DiamondSEG Racing Academy+ 10
5Niklas MärklSEG Racing Academy+ 14
6Guillaume MartinQuick-Step Floorss.t.
7Mikel AristiCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 16
8Logan OwenBennelong SwissWellnesss.t.
9Alex AranburuW52 FC Portos.t.
10Mihkel RäimW52 FC Porto+ 17

Race Day #25 at Boucles de l'Aulne-Chateaulin
May 27, 2023
Over halfway into our holiday I had a one-day work trip in Brittany.



Summary: Here we go. 10kms to go, Jack Haig attacks from the remaining 25-cyclist peloton. Still up the road, about 30 seconds, is the final breakaway man Geoffrey Soupe.


One more circuit to go. It didn't Haig long to catch Soupe. Israel Cycling has three cyclists doing the chasing from the peloton.


Lapped traffic causes some confusion in the last kilometer. The chase group uses that to their advantage as Haig gets slowed up. Lilian Calmejane, from Israel Cycling, uses the launch pad his teammates set up to pass Haig in the chaos with 200kms to the line.

Result: 9th - Pretty quiet day for me. Still a top 10 is nothing to scoff at.

1Lilian CalmejaneIsrael Cycling Academy4h32'30
2Jack HaigQantass.t.
3Brenton JonesIsrael Cycling Academy+ 22
4Edik TrishinIsrael Cycling Academys.t.
5Alberto BettiolTEAM Saecos.t.


1-MaySkive-LøbetBarnabas Peak
1-MayEschborn-FrankfurtAliaksandr Riabushenko
1-MayMemorial Andrzeja TrochanowskiegoSean De Bie
2-MayMemorial Romana SiemienskiegoAksel Nömmela
3-MayRhône-Alpes Isère TourKevin Deltombe
3-MayTour de YorkshireFabio Jakobsen
4-MayGiro d'ItaliaHarm Vanhoucke
4-MayVuelta Ciclista Comunidad de MadridPello Bilbao
5-MaySundvolden GPAnthon Charmig
6-MayFlèche ArdennaiseMartijn Tusveld
6-MayRingerike GPBarnabas Peak
8-May4 Jours de DunkerqueRĂ©mi Cavagna
9-MayFlèche du SudSimon Geschke
9-MayBerner RundfahrtGian Friesecke
11-MayVuelta a AragonJai Hindley
11-MayCCC Tour - Grody PiastowskieMartijn Tusveld
12-MayVisegrad V4 Race - GP HungaryTejay Van Garderen
13-MayProfronde van Noord-HollandGian Friesecke
13-MayAmgen Tour of CaliforniaBob Jungels
16-MayBaltyk - Karkonosze TourKevin Rivera
16-MayTour of NorwayPello Bilbao
18-MayTour de l'AinDaniel Teklehaimanot
20-MayGP Marcel KintSam Bennett
22-MayTour des FjordsMathieu Van Der Poel
23-MayBaloise Belgium TourAaron Verwilst
24-MayGemenc Grand PrixChristian Koch
26-MayGP de Plumelec-MorbihanCorentin Hugon
27-MayCircuit de WallonieDaniel Auer
27-MayBoucles de l'Aulne - ChâteaulinLilian Calmejane
28-MayWinston-Salem Cycling ClassicEdward Theuns
31-MaySkoda-Tour de Luxembourg
31-MayBoucles de la Mayenne
2-JunHeistse Pijl
3-JunGran Premio CittĂ  di Lugano
3-JunCritérium du Dauphiné
4-JunMemorial Philippe van Coningsloo
7-JunGP du Canton d'Argovie
9-JunTour de Suisse
9-JunTour of Malopolska
10-JunRonde van Limburg
10-JunRund um Köln
13-JunSter ZLM Tour
13-JunTour de Beauce
13-JunTour of Slovenia
14-JunRoute d'Occitanie
15-JunDwars door het Hageland - Aarschot
16-JunFyen Rundt
17-JunGP Horsens Posten
19-JunHalle - IngooigemMarcus Diamond In
20-JunAdriatica Ionica Race
27-JunI.W.T. Jong Maar Moedig
28-JunBelgian Championships (ITT)
28-JunDanish Championships (ITT)
28-JunPortuguese Championships (ITT)
28-JunPolish Championships (ITT)
28-JunDutch Championships (ITT)
28-JunFrench Championships (ITT)
28-JunGerman Championships (ITT)
28-JunAustrian Championships (ITT)
28-JunSlovenian Championships (ITT)
28-JunNorwegian Championships (ITT)
28-JunKazakh Championships (ITT)
28-JunIrish Championships (ITT)
28-JunCanadian Championships (ITT)
28-JunUSA Championships (ITT)
28-JunItalian Championships (ITT)
28-JunRussian Championships (ITT)
28-JunSwiss Championships (ITT)
28-JunGreat Britain Championships (ITT)Marcus Diamond In
28-JunUkrainian Championships (ITT)
28-JunSpanish Championships (ITT)
28-JunSlovak Championships (ITT)
28-JunCzech Championships (ITT)

Season Rankings

Pro Tour Points

1The Guardian7262LĂ©o VincentFrance1912
2Groupama - FDJ6071Romain BardetFrance1737
3Lotto Soudal5992Harm VanhouckeBelgium1598
4Quick-Step Floors5160Egan Arley BernalColombia1571
5Dimension Data4088Ivan SosaColombia1507
6AG2R La Mondiale3791Adam YatesUnited-Kingdom1427
7SEG3507Marianne VosNetherlands1390
8Amazon3355Mads PedersenDenmark1281
9Astana3272Simon YatesUnited Kingdom1200
10Movistar3253Caleb EwanAustralia1175
51 Marcus DiamondSEG423

Individual Wins

1Bryan CoquardFranceBretagne24
2Barnabas PeakHungaryNovo Nordisk10
3Mark PadunUkraineBahrain - Merida8
4Caleb EwanAustraliaLotto Soudal7
5Romain BardetFranceAG2R La Mondiale6
6Stan DewulfBelgiumQuick-Step Floors6
7Abderahmane MansouriAlgeriaTeam UKYO6
8Dusan RajovicSerbiaSaidal6
9Martijn TusveldNetherlandsSaidal6
10Adam YatesUnited KingdomSEG6
21Marcus DiamondUnited KingdomSEG3



Training Ride
*Community Growth Development*
Training Facilities Boost: +1 Point Per Member

- Each member gets 4.0 points to spread however they like over the 13 attributes listed above. One post per member.
- Stats work on a decimal system starting at 55.0.
- Stats are bumped up in PCM when they hit that number, ex. 55.9 = 55 in-game, and 61.4 = 61 stat in-game.
- The decimal numbers will remain hidden.
- There is a threshold for each stat when more points are needed to increase that stat. It's start off on a 1-to-1 scale where 1 point equals 1 stat upgrade. However, the scales get exponentially further and further apart the closer that stat gets to the maximum of 85. The increasing scale will also remain a mystery.
- Comment below to provide stat upgrades

Stat Lock (Resolved): Prologue has been locked.

Proposal?: Grace and I decided to spend the next week after the Boucles de l'Aulne-Chateaulin taking a slow cross country bike trip across Northern France back to Paris. It was peaceful pedaling through the countryside, just the two of us. We returned to Paris right as the sun was setting. Grace was tired and wanted to go straight to our hotel room, but this felt like the perfect opportunity to carry on a couple more miles, head into downtown and end of our journey on the Champs-Élysées.

(Option A): Push Grace to keep going, reach the Arc de Triomphe and pop the question: "Grace, will you marry me?"

(Option B): Head back to the hotel room. Now isn't the right now.

Edited by Mresuperstar on 11-10-2020 14:38

Monthly Review

Indecision and I decided to keep the diamond in my pocket. I can't commit to proposing if I'm not 110% sure Grace is "The One." I thought I was almost to that point, but when the moment came to make it official... I took the easy option of being passive. I need to be more assertive off the pitch/road.

Life moves on. After our holiday in France, I had to leave Grace for a work trip to Africa. I got the call up to play in the African Cup of Nations. Nigeria last won this every two-year competition in 2013 and finished runner-up in 2019.

Before getting into the group stage, we had three international road friendlies against Kosovo, Guinea and Tunisia to get us back in shape and build up some chemistry since we hadn't played together in roughly three months.

International Friendly at i.imgur.com/9xht4MG.jpg Kosovo
June 6, 2023
Slotting into a deep lying playmaker role alongside veteran Wilfred Ndidi.

Nigeria 3, Kosovo 1


Summary: Wilfred Ndidi gets Nigeria off and running in the 4th minute. Kosovo answers with a brilliant set piece in the 26th minute. The turning point, however, was in the 37th minute when Nigeria rising star John Hamzat sprained his ankle and had to come off. Marcus Diamond moved up into the CAM role and made an immediate impact with an assist to Moses Simon's goal two minutes later.

Alex Iwobi buried one more just before halftime and should have finished a second but missed a penalty in the 53rd minute.

Rating: 6.7 - Stepped up for Hamzat and got an assist. Not much more to say. Hamzat is going to be out 2-4 weeks, so I got an opportunity to get more involved in the offensive attack these next couple of games.

Player of Game: Wilfred Ndidi, Nigeria (8.4)

International Friendly at Guinea
June 10, 2023
No. 23 Nigeria is currently on an 8-game win streak, a club record.

Nigeria 4, Guinea 1


Summary: Wilfred Ndidi gets the party started again with another early goal. Marcus Diamond followed that up with his third international goal in 15 appearances.


Alex Iwobi made it 3-0 going into halftime. But a goalkeeper blunder by Joseph Sunday allowed Guinea to pull one goal back at the start of the season half.

Four days after losing John Hamzat to an injury, Nigeria gets dealt another blow in the 54th minute when Marcus Diamond wins a 50-50 ball but fractures a rib in the process. Early reports say he will be out at least a month.

Kevin Akpoguma headed home a corner to put the final score at 4-1. It was Akpoguma's first international goal in 42 appearances.

Rating: 7.3 - Everything was going great until I took an elbow to the chest. Spent the night in the hospital. Going to miss a few weeks but doctors expect a full recovery. This really sucks. Hopefully the team keeps on winning.

Player of Game: Moses Simon, Nigeria (9.0)

Wilfred Ndidi continued his strong run of form with both goals in a 2-0 win over Tunisia to wrap up the friendlies. The Leicester City star has four goals in the last three games. Nigeria has won 10 straight games heading into the African Cup of Nations.
The first group play game against Zimbabwe turned into a 4-0 blowout for the Flying Eagles. Ndidi scored again with a 25-yard rocket into the top corner. Striker Taiwo Awoniyi scored his first international goal, plus Samuel Adegbenro and Henry Onyekuro also got on the score sheet. Playmakers John Hazmat and Kelechi Iheanacho were available to play but sat the game out.
Both Hazmat and Iheanacho get reinstated for the second game of the group stage against Guinea-Bissau. Still no Marcus Diamond. Didn't matter. As if they wrote the script, Iheanacho assisted Hazmat for the first goal of the game halfway through the first half. But, Hazmat reinjured himself minutes into the second half. He will be out another week or so. Guinea-Bissau tried to steal a draw in the closing moments with a corner-kick header by Joao Jaquite. However, less than a minute later, Alex Iwobi nodded in his own header. In extra time, Ahmed Musa added an insurance goal in a 3-1 victory. The late push secured Nigeria's spot in the knockout round with one more pool-play game remaining against Egypt, No. 40 ranked and haven't lost a game since Sept. 5, 2021.
Not a must-win against Egypt, so Nigeria holds out Hazmat and Diamond. If this was a World Cup final, I'm sure they would be playing. The goal difference works in Nigeria's favor, so they only need a draw to win the group. Egypt needs the win, and presses as such. Yet, it's Alex Iwobi from an impossible angle who scores the first and only goal five minutes before halftime. Fly Eagles Fly! 1-0 for a perfect group stage and 13 wins in a row!

African Cup of Nations

Group Stage


Knockout Bracket







*Diamond is currently injured, so no training ground*

For My Country... But Which Country?: Slowly coming off a successful rehab stint, Marcus Diamond is faced with a difficult decision.

Stay with Nigeria and play the second round knockout game against No. 17-ranked Senegal in the African Cup of Nations or fly back to Great Britain to compete in the cycling road race national championships being held at the same time in Stamfordham. The profile is a rolling flat circuit, a perfect route for Diamond to win his first national title.

So, Cycling or Football? Tiebreaker will go to football since Diamond is currently playing with Nigeria and an assertive decision would be needed to travel back to England.

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