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Diamond in the Rough
Mresuperstar wrote:
Giro Prediction (Resolved): Nobody correctly predicted Diamond's 16th overall finish in the Giro d'Italia (although Fabianski did get pretty close by guessing 18th). So, no stat boost will be rewarded.

That was close, indeed... A shame Marcus didn't feel good, else I guess he'd have finished in white, and inside the Top 15.

With the most important cobbled races already behind for this year, let's work a bit more on his mountain skills for now, so he'll easily get that Top 15 result next year Wink

+4 Mountain
+4 Acceleration
+ 4 MO
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Mresuperstar wrote:
Jakstar22 wrote:
Great Giro I think!!

+1 Cobbles. Lets get that over 80

Thanks for stopping by Jakstar22. You actually get four points to help upgrade stats. I'll just do +4 Cobbles unless you state otherwise. Grin

Oh sorry my bad :lol: great read!! Glad to see you still going with this story! But yeh +4 cobbles Grin
Very entertaining Giro and a warrior's race through and through from our Marcus, very proud of him!

+1 RES
+1.5 FTR
+1.5 ACC
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[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [Doomed] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing
[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3

Monthly Review

Staying in a hospitality suite in the newly constructed Riverside Stand at Craven Cottage, I started to visualize what the future might hold. Finally, after years of playing abroad, I was finally home again. London. We made it back.

My daydream of carrying Fulham back into the Premier League was interrupt by a knock on the door. It was General Manager Tony Khan.

"Well, the paperwork is already. Are you ready?"

The summer transfer window had only been opened for two days, but I had my mind made up. Fulham believes in me. So, I believe in them. It's that simple.

"Yes sir, I'm ready."


We walked down to Khan's office, where Fulham memorabilia covered the walls. There were plenty of photos of past team legends celebrating, but a distinct lack of hardware on display. Perhaps because the Cottagers haven't won anything since 2001, when they hoisted the Sky Bet Championship to promote to the top flight.

I want to do that again, and that's why I'm here.

"Sign once more there... OK, it's a done deal. Welcome to Fulham, Marcus."

The contract laid out confirmation of Feyenoord's 5.5 million euro deal to ship me out. I enjoyed my time there, but things just never quite worked out.

I'm still renting an apartment in the Netherlands with cyclists Alex Vogel and my girlfriend Grace Garner. It's a nice hangout spot. But, since I'm traveling so much, I've also decided to rent out a small condo here in London for the time being. That gives Grace and I our own place to stay when we visit my family up here as well.

Just one of the perks of making 75,000 euros per month (from football) — yes, I took a pretty significant pay cut to join Fulham's roster, but playing this game I love has never been about the money. Grace and I are doing just fine.

Alright, enough rambling. I got to compose myself and get back to the moment at hand, as Khan stepped forward and introduced me to the local press.

"We are proud to announce the signing of Marcus Diamond from Feyenoord. We are pleased to bring in a potential star at an affordable price. We believe Diamond is the missing piece we need to control our midfield and make us a better football club. We will now let Diamond take over and answer a few questions."

Marcus, what are your thoughts on come back home?

Excited. Very excited. Playing in England again means a lot to me. This is my chance to prove a lot doubters wrong. I wasn't highly scouted as a young kid. I didn't get to play on all the world-class academy teams growing up.

I started at the bottom. A walk-on tryout with my hometown club in Canvey Island. They gave me a chance and I'm forever grateful. Yet, I had to leave to make a name for myself. Not only at the club level, but internationally as well.

Shout out to my brothers in Nigeria.

That said, I've learned nothing is given. Everything is earned. Coming home doesn't mean some of the struggles I had the last two years in Feyenoord are forgiven. I still have to earn my place, just like everybody else.

Marcus, over here, have you given any thought
to how this move might affect your cycling career?

Not really. Everything will mostly be the same as before. Both teams are willing to work with my schedule and we will schedule accordingly. Sure, it will be different with the two headquarters being in two different countries but it's a quick flight.

Yes, thanks Marcus. Many football fans around the world were introduced to you at the World Cup, where you set a World Cup record with four assists in one game. Here we are two years later and that's still mostly your legacy along being with a two-sport athlete. Do you feel pressure to be more than a one-hit wonder or a so-called gimmick athlete?

Loaded question there. I'm only 24. I got plenty of time left to accomplish a lot of things. No pressure. I'm just doing my thing. Whatever happens, happens.

Over here. Do you expect to play right away Marcus?

Don't ask me. Ask coach Coppinger.

Well, do you think you should play right away?

I don't think I'm getting paid all this money to sit on the bench. Does that answer your question? I want to play. I want to win. I want to win here. At Fulham.

Fan Questions: That does it for our press questions today, we will now open this press conference open to the supporter group. Leave any questions you might have for Marcus Diamond below.


Monthly Review

The room went silent. I looked over at the Fulham FC social media manager who was trying to find any questions from the Facebook live stream. Nothing. That's when I realized I still have a long ways to go. Seemingly nobody cared to tune into my press conference. Or if they did, they didn't care what I had to say.

I'm not a glorified superstar, I'm just another "over-hyped" talent that everyone hopes will pan out. Talk is cheap, results matter. Nigeria didn't invite me to play in their lone friendly game against U.A.E in June either. They won 4-1.

I took all that motivation into my summer football training sessions. Much to my girlfriend's dismay, I spent a lot of June on the pitch trying to get better.

I could do that with only three cycling races on my calendar before the daunting month of July, where I will compete in the Tour de France and my hometown classic RideLondon-Surrey, followed by a trip back to lovely Paris, France, for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in early August.

Only going for gold in the cycling events since Nigeria didn't qualify in football, and even if they did, I don't think they would have selected me to be one of the three veteran players on the team. Got to work my way back on the squad.

But I'm getting too far ahead of myself. Let's stick to this month. Up next, we have the cobbled Halle-Ingoolgem and the Great Britain National Championships.

(The GB road race in Keswick was held July 1st, but figured it would be practical to include the report in this update. You're welcome.)

Race Day #46 at Halle - Ingoolgem
June 19, 2024
Over three weeks rest since completing the Giro, back on the bike I go.



Summary: After a long day of battling the wind, rain and each other, a 23-cyclist lead group approaches 5kms to go. Looking like a sprint will decide this one, unless somebody wants to try a bold move...

Race favourite Xander Das (not pictured by the limited race cameras) gives it go! He isn't the strongest sprinter so this is his best shot to win today. A few cyclists scramble to get on his wheel.


Das runs out of steam and Irish national champion Sam Bennett, wearing the NC jersey for perhaps just a few more weeks, sprints away in the final meters! He has a significant gap on the rest of the pack.


Bennett takes it ahead of a hard-charging Marcus Diamond, who beats Das to the finish line for a solid runner-up finish.

Result: 2nd - Credit to my teammates for pulling back multiple attacks in the final 20kms. I was set on waiting for the sprint finish, but after seeing how far ahead Bennett got with his early sprint, I decided I had to go early as well. It worked out, I guess. Third time I have finished second this season, while that first win continues to elude me.

1Sam BennettCAP485h10'15
2Marcus DiamondSEG Racing Academy+ 16
3Xander DasAkzoNobels.t.
4Tom Van AsbroeckLotto Soudals.t.
5Edward TheunsTeam Sunwebs.t.

Race Day #47 at Great Britain ITT Championship
June 28, 2024
2018: 15th | 2019: 31st | 2021: 23rd | 2022: 33rd



Summary: Larry Gooden retains his fourth straight TT crown by besting the entire field by a minute and a half. The 25-year-old is well on his way to challenging Stuart Dangerfield (6) for the most career GB NC TT wins.

Result: 25th - While winning today was never going to happen, we decided to have a little family competition since it's not very often Grace, her sister Lucy and I are all racing at the same event.

The rules were simple: Whoever set the slowest time was buying the other two dinner after the race. Lucy set off first and clocked a 52'02". Grace was 14 seconds slower to put herself on the hot seat.

I was one of the last riders to go, so I knew what I had to beat... And I stopped the clock under 50 minutes with a 49'33" to earn an expensive steak dinner as a reward. Thanks babe.

1Larry GoodenBahrain - Merida45'28
2Simon YatesQantas+ 1'31
3Tao Geoghegan HartQantas+ 1'43
4Jonathan DibbenThe Guardian+ 1'49
5Adam YatesAstana Pro Team+ 2'08

Race Day #48 at Great Britain RR Championship
July 1, 2024
2019: DQ | 2021: 18th | 2022: 8th



Summary: We are off! The bookies had a hard time putting initial odds on this race because it could go a variety of different ways.

If the hills are hard, then Hugh Carthy or one of the Yates brothers could ride away solo. Not so hard, then you turn to the punchy sprinters like Marcus Diamond, Ben Swift or defending champion Christopher Lawless.


After a few rounds of attacks, the breakaway of the day settles on these five: Alistair Slater, James Knox, Harry Tanfield, Alex Braybrooke and Brent Prindiville. The only notable result between these five is Tanfield winning the 2022 edition of this race with a late attack that spoiled the sprinters. Can he surprise again?


Solid pacing from SEG and Tao Geoghegan Hart (for teammate Simon Yates) sees the first split with 95kms to go. The peloton is reduced to 22 cyclists with the breakaway 3'45" up the road.

Some outside sprinters miss the split, like Townsend and Blythe, but a majority of the well-known names were paying attention at the front.


Those riders do fight back to get in the pack, but another split happens on the next incline, and this one is more important with five more riders escaping off the front: Simon Yates, Ben Swift, Geoghegan Hart, Luke Rowe and Mark Donovan.

Bad spot for SEG to be in with only the couple of Grace Garner and Marcus Diamond left in the chase group. Hartley and Van Der Haar have already been exhausted with 72kms to go.


After 10kms of the peloton not really wanting to put forth an effort to chase. Diamond decides it's in his best interest to go after the recent attackers. Carthy decides to tag along for the ride.

What a free-for-all stage this is turning into. Still 60kms to go.


Well done! Carthy and Diamond work together to reach the front of the race. It took them 20kms of chasing. They only man missing from this group is early morning breakaway rider Braybrooke who fell behind.

That gives us 11 cyclists in the lead coming up to the penultimate climb, followed by Braybooke 40 seconds back and a "peloton" of 10 cyclists featuring Lawless and Adam Yates that is 3'22" behind.


Donovan attacks with 19kms to go and the final ascent ahead. Swift, Diamond, Carthy and Yates all have the energy to follow this move.


They all come back together with 16kms to go. They don't have a lot of time to play around here with Lawless and Kennaugh attacking across the gap a minute back.


It's Ben Swift's turn to give it a go!


Oh so close to the summit of the climb, and that accelerate cracks Diamond! Only Simon Yates, Rowe, Donovan and Carthy stay with Swift.


However, they can't match Swift's speed burst at the finish. The 36-year-old wins his first national championship by nipping S. Yates on the line!


Lawless wins the sprint for sixth ahead of Kennaugh and Diamond.

Result: 8th (+2'40") - Second year in a row finishing 8th. Maybe it's a Top 3 finish if I survive the last 250 meters of that final climb. Oh well. Try again next year.

1Ben SwiftDe Marchi6h06'05
2Simon YatesQantass.t.
3Luke RoweThe Guardians.t.
4Mark DonovanJLT Condors.t.
5Hugh CarthyLiquigass.t.


2-JunHeistse PijlBryan Coquard
3-JunCritérium du DauphinéEgan Arley Bernal
3-JunGran Premio CittĂ  di LuganoWout Poels
4-JunMemorial Philippe van ConingslooTim Merlier
7-JunGP du Canton d'ArgovieEsteban Chaves
8-JunOberösterreichrundfahrtHafiz Sidek
9-JunTour of MalopolskaNiklas Eg
9-JunTour de SuisseNairo Quintana
10-JunRonde van LimburgJérémy Lecroq
10-JunRund um KölnRunako Tshabalala
13-JunTour of SloveniaDinmukhammed Ulysbayev
13-JunSter ZLM TourMike Teunissen
13-JunTour de BeauceEvgenii Kazanov
14-JunRoute d'OccitanieTao Geoghegan Hart
15-JunDwars door het Hageland - AarschotSam Bennett
16-JunFyen RundtNico Fletcher
17-JunElfstedenrondeRoller Diagama
17-JunGP Horsens PostenMetkel Eyob
19-JunHalle - IngooigemSam Bennett
20-JunAdriatica Ionica RaceAntonio Nibali
27-JunI.W.T. Jong Maar MoedigSean De Bie
28-JunPortuguese Championships (ITT)Nelson Oliveira
28-JunGerman Championships (ITT)Jasha SĂĽtterlin
28-JunGreat Britain Championships (ITT)Larry Gooden
28-JunCzech Championships (ITT)Jiri Kolda
28-JunUSA Championships (ITT)Neilson Powless
28-JunRussian Championships (ITT)Daniil Eldzharov
28-JunSwiss Championships (ITT)Gino Mäder
28-JunDanish Championships (ITT)Mads Pedersen
28-JunSlovak Championships (ITT)Daniel Mores
28-JunUkrainian Championships (ITT)Mark Padun
28-JunSlovenian Championships (ITT)PrimoĹľ RogliÄŤ
28-JunNorwegian Championships (ITT)Andreas Leknessund
28-JunKazakh Championships (ITT)Maxim Shirshov
28-JunIrish Championships (ITT)Steve Fanthorpe
28-JunCanadian Championships (ITT)Jack Burke
28-JunDutch Championships (ITT)Wilco Kelderman
28-JunBelgian Championships (ITT)Laurens De Plus
28-JunAustrian Championships (ITT)Dieter Wagner
28-JunFrench Championships (ITT)Alexys Brunel
28-JunItalian Championships (ITT)Gianni Moscon
28-JunSpanish Championships (ITT)Mikel Landa
28-JunPolish Championships (ITT)Filip Maciejuk
1-JulPortuguese ChampionshipsAmaro Manuel Antunes
1-JulFrench ChampionshipsJulian Alaphilippe
1-JulSpanish ChampionshipsMikel Aristi
1-JulItalian ChampionshipsFausto Masnada
1-JulBelgian ChampionshipsTiesj Benoot
1-JulDutch ChampionshipsMathieu Van Der Poel
1-JulGerman ChampionshipsMarcel Kittel
1-JulCanadian ChampionshipsJim Arghittu
1-JulDanish ChampionshipsSøren Kragh Andersen
1-JulSwiss ChampionshipsSilvan Dillier
1-JulUSA ChampionshipsGavin Mannion
1-JulRussian ChampionshipsAlexandr Kulikovskiy
1-JulGreat Britain ChampionshipsBen Swift
1-JulPolish ChampionshipsAlan Banaszek
1-JulCzech ChampionshipsFrantisek Sisr
1-JulUkrainian ChampionshipsMikayil Saenko
1-JulSlovak ChampionshipsPeter Sagan
1-JulSlovenian ChampionshipsJaka Primozic
1-JulCCdS et des Champions Olympiques
1-JulAustrian ChampionshipsFelix Gall
1-JulIrish ChampionshipsMichael O'Loughlin
1-JulKazakh ChampionshipsMaxim Shirshov
1-JulNorwegian ChampionshipsOdd Christian Eiking
4-JulSibiu Cycling Tour
6-JulGP Internacional Torres Vedras
7-JulTour de FranceMarcus Diamond In
7-JulInt. Ă–sterreich Rundfahrt
8-JulWhite Spot / Delta Road Race
15-JulTour of Qinghai Lake
25-JulPrueba Villafranca-Ordiziako Klasika
25-JulGrand Prix Cerami
26-JulLa Tour Alsace
27-JulVOO-Tour de Wallonie
29-JulGP Kranj
31-JulRideLondon-Surrey ClassicMarcus Diamond In
31-JulCdG Memorial Ricardo Otxoa

Season Rankings

Pro Tour Points

1The Guardian9320Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale2261
2Astana5820Michał KwiatkowskiThe Guardian1895
3Lotto Soudal4335Egan Arley BernalThe Guardian1664
4AG2R La Mondiale4127Tiesj BenootAstana1591
5Movistar3882Enric MasThe Guardian1366
6Ridley3854Pierre-Roger LatourAstana1334
7Groupama - FDJ3771Felix GallMovistar1320
8Bahrain - Merida3588Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb1280
9Philips3478Miguel Angel LopezW521180
10Amazon3416Fernando GaviriaPolska Travel1165
14SEG262331 Marcus DiamondSEG711
164 Alex VogelSEG95
303 Grace GarnerSEG22

Individual Wins

1Bryan CoquardFranceBretagne16
2Abderahmane MansouriAlgeriaChubu Electric Power12
3Sam BennettIrelandCAP4810
4Mark PadunUkraineBahrain - Merida8
5Ion IzagirreSpainMovistar8
6Egan Arley BernalColombiaThe Guardian6
7Tao Geoghegan HartUnited-KingdomQantas6
8Romain BardetFranceAG2R La Mondiale6
9Alberto BettiolItalySaeco6
10Aliaksandr RiabushenkoBelarusMoravia Steel6
NRMarcus DiamondUnited KingdomSEG0
NRGrace GarnerUnited KingdomSEG0
NRAlex VogelNetherlandsSEG0



Training Ride
*Community Growth Development*
Upgraded Training Facilities Boost: +1 Point Per Member

- Each member gets 4.0 points to spread however they like over the 13 attributes listed above. One post per member.
- Stats work on a decimal system starting at 55.0.
- Stats are bumped up in PCM when they hit that number, ex. 55.9 = 55 in-game, and 61.4 = 61 stat in-game.
- The decimal numbers will remain hidden.
- There is a threshold for each stat when more points are needed to increase that stat. It's start off on a 1-to-1 scale where 1 point equals 1 stat upgrade. However, the scales get exponentially further and further apart the closer that stat gets to the maximum of 85. The increasing scale will also remain a mystery.
- Comment below to provide stat upgrades

TDF Prediction: Similar to the Giro d'Italia GC prediction held earlier this season, there will also be a Tour de France GC prediction. Correctly predict Marcus Diamond's GC finish to +3 any stat: unlocked or locked.

Added Notes: Diamond will be coming into the TDF on low fitness but should gradually get better as the race wears on. His teammates will be Stefan Kung, Mathieu van der Poel, Lennard Hofstede, Sjoerd van Ginneken, Rick Ottema, David Dekker and Maarten van Trijp.



+4 MO
+4 RES
+4 RES
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