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Diamond in the Rough
Jord Vorenholt

+5 Determination
+5 composure, I'm fairly sure that doesn't have any impact on how he plays in big matches but hopefully I'm wrong and it helps him deal with the pressure.

I'll go for a 6.5 rating
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Monthly Review

Championship Day. We still have a shot at promotion, but we would need a miracle at this point. Here is what needs to happen:

1. Canvey Islands, my former team, needs to lose to 19th ranked Potters Bar.
2. Grays needs to lose or draw against table leaders Coggeshall.
3. We have to beat 5th ranked FC Romania and then we have to win a coin flip tiebreaker with Canvey Island.

Here is how Match Day #44 on June 1st, 2019, unfolded in real time...

First Half

0' | Kickoff Across the League


1' | GOAL! Evandro Delgado!
Potters Bar 1, Canvey Island 0


9' | GOAL! Jake Forster-Caskey!
Canvey Island 1, Potters Bar 1


15' | GOAL! Jordan Jones!
Canvey Island 2, Potters Bar 1


22' | GOAL! Dan Pearse!
Grays 1, Coggeshall 0


27' | GOAL! Daniel Akindayini!
Witham 1, FC Romania 0


27' | RED CARD! James Fitzgerald!
Grays (10 men) 1, Coggeshall 0


42' | GOAL! Jack Curtis!
Coggeshall 1, Grays (10 men) 1


42' | GOAL! Jake Forster-Caskey!
Canvey Island 3, Potters Bar 1



An action-packed first 45 minutes around the league. An early Potters Bar goal gave Witham hope of promotion, but Jake Forster-Caskey ripped it way with two goals.

Right now, Coggeshall needs another goal against 10-man Grays to avoid a random league winner tiebreaker with Canvey Island.

Witham has moved up to third place, for whatever that is worth.

2Canvey Island442671189
5FC Romania4421101376

Second Half

57' | GOAL! Mark Scorer!
Canvey Island 4, Potters Bar 1


89' | GOAL! Daniel Akindayini!
Witham 2, FC Romania 0


Witham 2, FC Romania 0
Canvey Island 4, Potters Bar 1
Coggeshall 1, Grays (10 men) 1

League Standings (Complete)

*Random Tiebreaker Awards Coggeshall The Title*


Season Overview

Team Leaders


Player Leaders


Team Stats




End of the season, so I get to sit back and relax a little. No training ground.
Plus, I have a very busy cycling schedule for the rest of the month.

What's Next

Contract Talks

(Option 1) Re-sign: Witham has offered 400 euros per month, which would make me the highest paid player on the team, but it's another one-year deal in the same league. The team also wouldn't have a lot of wage cap leftover to pay other players.

(Option 2) Wait: I could let my contract run out in 29 days and become a free agent. It's risk, but I've put together a pretty solid season. Surely I could get a decent offer, maybe even start a bidding war for my services. I could end up anywhere or nowhere.

Nobody guessed Diamond's rating (6.7) in the final game of the season, so everybody has equal say in his fate this offseason.

Very proud of Marcus leading in average rating, metres covered and key passes! A shame the final day wasn't in Witham's favour. Tough choice for me but I'd like to see Diamond stay loyal and close to home, but the offer sounds like disadvantaging for the team even and a chance to move up the pyramid would be lovely seeing as he is fast becoming a CT gun at a young age in his cycling career (surely someone on daily is touting him as the next big thing, a top round pick in 21 and Done for sure...). I'll wait for other opinions on it.

Awesome to see this back Grin Just in time to have a few episodes before awards? Pfft
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[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

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Option 2

Either you get a better offer in a better league or you can focus more in your cycling career
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Option 2, Sounds like the team wouldn't have enough left to build a division winning side around him, plus he does seem ready to move up judging by how well he did.

Race Day #11 at Memorial Philippe van Coningsloo
June 4, 2019
Flat with some cobble sectors, my kind of race.



Summary: The peloton was torn apart across each passing of the cobble sectors. Halfway through, the third crossing out of six, only 31 cyclists remained in the lead group with seven morning breakaway riders still looking to stay clear.

The breakaway, however, was caught with 19kms to go on the penultimate time through the cobble section. Some of the favourites tried to use the confusion of the catch to launch a winning move.

Too many cyclists had the same idea and a favourites group of 21 cyclists were left in front with the final pass through the cobble section remaining.


Shoulders swaying, legs cramping. Fatigue was easy to spot. Had all the favourites played their cards too soon? Wait a second, a burst of speed at the front.


Somebody still has juice in their legs!

Marcus Diamond is powering forward with a constant tempo. He didn't attack earlier on and has the energy to burn. The only man that can follow is another rather surprise contender from Lotto U23, Stan Dewulf.


They hit the cobbles together for the final time, 5kms left. A gap of 16 seconds has opened up to everyone else behind.

Can the unlikely duo pull off the upset?


Diamond drops Dewulf, a much better sprinter, on the cobbles. But here comes an angry pack. Only 3.5kms to go. No time to look back.


Around a tricky bend, 2kms to go. There is still a tiny gap.


Diamond can't help himself, a peek back between the legs.


Under the banner. 1,000 meters away... Could it be?


Out of the saddle for one final kick!



Result: 1st - An unforgettable moment.

1Marcus DiamondJLT Condor4h43'36
2Stan DewulfLotto U23s.t.
3Justin JulesWB Aqua Protect Veranclassics.t.
4Frantisek SisrW52 FC Portos.t.
5Rasmus TillerJoker Icopals.t.

Celebration Time!: Things get a little easier once you get that first win. The first member to send a PM to Mresuperstar with a specific cycling stat category (flat, mountain, hill, cobble, etc.) will lower the evolution scaling values of that stat category to make it easier to increase throughout Diamond's career. That stat category will be revealed in the June cycling recap.

I'm still taking votes for what Marcus Diamond should do about his football contract situation. Re-sign (Option 1) or become a free agent (Option 2). Comment below if you haven't already.


Monthly Review

My reward for my first career win? A trip to Canada, eh.

Then, back to Belgium and home for the British national championships.

Race Day #12-17 at Tour de Beauce
June 13-18, 2019
My first time ever racing in North America.

Stage 1:



Summary: Boring sprint won by Michael Schwarzmann.

Result: 50th - A quiet stage from me. Saving my energy.

1Michael SchwarzmannLKT Team Brandenburg4h44'00
2Dusan RajovicSovac - Natura4Evers.t.
3Max KanterDevelopment Team Sunwebs.t.
4Manuel PorznerTirol Cycling Teams.t.
5Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Clubs.t.

Stage 2:



Summary: Let's jump right into the action. Breakaway rider and King of Mountains leader after Day 1, Quentin Valognes, gets caught by the remaining peloton with only 8kms to go. The climb to the finish awaits.


JLT Condor is calling the shots. Edward Laverack has Marcus Diamond on his wheel and they are challenging anybody to keep up. The favourites have to react.


They do. Laverack's bubble pops, leaving Diamond isolated. Michel Ries launches the first real attack with Javier Moreno, Eduard Prades and Josef Cerny in pursuit.


The cat and mouse games go nowhere. A slow and steady Diamond pedals back up to the front. Who will make the next move? 3.5kms to go.


Diamond's tank is running low with teammate Robbie Hucker by his side. Gone is the possibility of a stage win and the yellow jersey.


Result: 10th - A strong kick at the end nets a Top 10 finish. There was however a 54 second gap given up to the winner's group.

1Michel RiesPolartec Kometa4h32'13
2Jan BartaElkov - Authors.t.
3Gavin MannionUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
4Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Clubs.t.
5Yonder GodoyTrevigiani Phonix - Hemus 1896s.t.

Stage 3:



Summary: Down and back from Saint-Prosper to Saint-Prosper. Jan Barta was in a class of his own and decisively took the stage win and yellow jersey.


Result: 18th - Time trails aren't exactly my specialty, but I held my own. I finished 1'29" behind Barta. I also moved up to 9th overall, 2'23" behind Barta.

1Jan BartaElkov - Author25'10
2Michel RiesPolartec Kometa+ 24
3Gavin MannionUnitedHealthcare+ 34
4Javier MorenoLa Plage Le Club+ 36
5Johannes SchinnagelTirol Cycling Team+ 48

Stage 4:



Summary: A very short (78.1kms) hilly stage. The tension was high right from the start. But it was always going to be group sprint up the final climb that would decided the victor.


Marcus Diamond made sure of this by pacing the peloton himself heading into the final kilometers. He was more content to prevent gaps than the stage win.


Result: 10th - Did what I needed to do to secure a Top 10 GC finish. I couldn't outsprint the top guys so I made sure nobody could slip away.

1Javier MorenoLa Plage Le Club1h54'38
2Michael SchwarzmannLKT Team Brandenburgs.t.
3Michel RiesPolartec Kometas.t.
4Joao AlmeidaEfapels.t.
5Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Clubs.t.

Stage 5:



Summary: Wind them up and let them go. A sprinter's delight.


Result: 7th - Not the fastest, but a good sprint nonetheless.

1Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Club1h33'07
2Eduard PradesEfapels.t.
3Michael SchwarzmannLKT Team Brandenburgs.t.
4Evaldas SiskeviciusLa Plage Le Clubs.t.
5Dusan RajovicSovac - Natura4Evers.t.

Stage 6:



Summary: A tricky circuit has the peloton cut to 27 cyclists with 12kms to go. Seventh in GC, Yonder Godoy, decides now is a good time to make his move.


It's unsuccessful. Here goes Gavin Mannion (3rd overall) and Johannes Schinnagel (5th overall). JLT Condor with Marcus Diamond has taken up the pace making responsibilities.


The final climb and the duo is staying clear. Diamond is running out of energy.


Schinnagel takes the win, but the man behind him, Gavin Mannion, is more excited. The American overtakes Jan Barta with a 34 second gap to win the GC on the last stage. Eduard Prades bridged the gap to finish third and move up a few spots in GC as well.


Barta can't believe it when he crosses the line. Tough way to lose a six-day tour.

Result: 7th - Gave everything I had and still lose a GC spot at the end of the day to Eduard Prades. I finish 10th overall (+2'28"), but third in the youth standings (+1'56").

1Johannes SchinnagelTirol Cycling Team3h16'34
2Gavin MannionUnitedHealthcares.t.
3Eduard PradesEfapels.t.
4Jan BartaElkov - Author+ 34
5Delio FernĂĄndezLa Plage Le Clubs.t.
General Classification
1Gavin MannionUnitedHealthcare16h26'08
2Jan BartaElkov - Author+ 8
3Michel RiesPolartec Kometa+ 32
4Johannes SchinnagelTirol Cycling Team+ 34
5Javier MorenoLa Plage Le Club+ 44
6Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Club+ 1'44
7Yonder GodoyTrevigiani Phonix+ 2'09
8Eduard PradesEfapel+ 2'16
9Rubén ZepuntkeLKT Team Brandenburg+ 2'27
10Marcus DiamondJLT Condor+ 2'28

Race Day #18 at I.W.T. Jong Maar Moedig
June 27, 2019
Cobbles before the NC champs? Not smart, but what the hell.



Summary: Pure torture, then the racing picks up. Major favourite Piet Allegaert sets off on a long distance strike with 37kms left. There are still 12 morning breakaway riders a minute up the road and the remaining peloton doesn't seem to like this strong man move.


It goes nowhere. Now 10kms to go, Allegaert has been pacing a lot and is asking for some help. There are still numerous breakaway riders up the road. The leaders maintain a two-minute gap. This one is starting to slip away from the favourites.


Some pacing from Diamond cuts the gap and the Brit's energy. Pieter Vanspeybrouck and Frederik Backaert from team Wanty - Groupe Gobert say thank you very much and take off with 6.5kms to go. There is only one breakaway rider left to catch now, 30 seconds up the road.


Diamond has basically died. Reports in front say the winner will be decided in a sprint.


Everyone is caught in the final kilometers, making for a hectic sprint. The man who saved his energy, Andre Looij from Monkey Town, shows off his kick after surviving the cobbles. He played his cards right.

Result: 19th - Need oxygen...

1André LooijMonkey Town4h53'43
2Kristoffer SkjerpingJoker Icopals.t.
3Rasmus TillerJoker Icopals.t.
4Piet AllegaertSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
5Pieter VanspeybrouckWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.

Race Day #19 at Great Britain ITT Championships
June 28, 2019
Shocked myself with 15th last year. Legs sore after yesterday.



Summary: Geraint Thomas wins back-to-back ITT titles.


Result: 31st - A dark and gloomy day. Not a fun ride. Nearly six minutes behind Geraint Thomas. Also, starting right before Chris Froome in the start house was demoralizing when he passed me 8kms into the stage.

Hopeful for a better showing in my first NC RR in three days.

1Geraint ThomasTeam Sky51'47
2Alex DowsettTeam Katusha Alpecin+ 6
3Chris FroomeTeam Sky+ 54
4Adam YatesMichelton - Scott+ 1'21
5Simon YatesMichelton - Scott+ 1'23


2-JunHeistse PijlMoreno Hofland
3-JunGran Premio CittĂ  di LuganoEsteban Chaves
3-JunCritérium du DauphinéChris Froome
4-JunMemorial Philippe van ConingslooMarcus Diamond
7-JunGP du Canton d'ArgovieStefan KĂŒng
8-JunOberösterreichrundfahrtJavier Moreno
9-JunTour de SuisseRoman Kreuziger
9-JunTour of MalopolskaHugo Houle
10-JunRonde van LimburgDiego Ulissi
10-JunRund um KölnMichael Kolar
13-JunSter ZLM TourSimon Geschke
13-JunTour de BeauceGavin Mannion
13-JunTour of SloveniaPatrick Konrad
14-JunRoute d'OccitanieMathias Le Turnier
15-JunDwars door het Hageland - AarschotAndré Looij
16-JunFyen RundtEduard-Michael Grosu
17-JunElfstedenrondeEnric Mas
17-JunGP Horsens PostenPatrick Konrad
19-JunHalle - IngooigemMichael Storer
20-JunAdriatica Ionica RaceJack Haig
27-JunI.W.T. Jong Maar MoedigAndré Looij
28-JunBelgian Championships (ITT)Yves Lampaert
28-JunDanish Championships (ITT)Mads WĂŒrtz Schmidt
28-JunPortuguese Championships (ITT)Nelson Oliveira
28-JunPolish Championships (ITT)Maciej Bodnar
28-JunDutch Championships (ITT)Tom Dumoulin
28-JunFrench Championships (ITT)Alexandre Geniez
28-JunGerman Championships (ITT)Emanuel Buchmann
28-JunAustrian Championships (ITT)Felix Grosschartner
28-JunSlovenian Championships (ITT)PrimoĆŸ Roglič
28-JunNorwegian Championships (ITT)Andreas Leknessund
28-JunKazakh Championships (ITT)Alexey Lutsenko
28-JunIrish Championships (ITT)Ryan Mullen
28-JunCanadian Championships (ITT)Sergio Samuel
28-JunUSA Championships (ITT)Chad Haga
28-JunItalian Championships (ITT)Elvino Porcari
28-JunRussian Championships (ITT)Sergey Firsanov
28-JunSwiss Championships (ITT)Gino MĂ€der
28-JunGreat Britain Championships (ITT)Geraint Thomas
28-JunUkrainian Championships (ITT)Andriy Grivko
28-JunSpanish Championships (ITT)Jonathan Castroviejo
28-JunSlovak Championships (ITT)Peter Sagan
28-JunCzech Championships (ITT)Zdenek Stybar
1-JulDanish ChampionshipsJakob Fuglsang
1-JulSwiss ChampionshipsKilian Frankiny
1-JulKazakh Championships
1-JulCanadian Championships
1-JulNorwegian Championships
1-JulUSA ChampionshipsBrandon McNulty
1-JulRussian ChampionshipsVyacheslav Kuznetsov
1-JulPortuguese ChampionshipsAndré Cardoso
1-JulPolish ChampionshipsƁukasz Wiƛniowski
1-JulCzech ChampionshipsZdenek Stybar
1-JulUkrainian ChampionshipsMark Padun
1-JulGreat Britain ChampionshipsMarcus Diamond In
1-JulIrish Championships
1-JulSlovenian Championships
1-JulItalian Championships
1-JulSlovak Championships
1-JulFrench Championships
1-JulAustrian Championships
1-JulSpanish Championships
1-JulBelgian Championships
1-JulCourse Cycliste de Solidarnosc
1-JulGerman Championships
1-JulDutch Championships
4-JulSibiu Cycling TourMarcus Diamond In
6-JulGP Internacional Torres Vedras
7-JulTour de France
7-JulInt. Österreich Rundfahrt
8-JulWhite Spot / Delta Road Race
15-JulTour of Qinghai Lake
25-JulGrand Prix Cerami
25-JulPrueba Villafranca-Ordiziako Klasika
26-JulLa Tour Alsace
27-JulVOO-Tour de Wallonie
29-JulGP KranjMarcus Diamond In
31-JulCircuito de Getxo Memorial Ricardo Otxoa
31-JulPrudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic



Training Ride
*Community Growth Development*

- Each member gets 3.0 points to spread however they like over the 13 attributes listed above. One post per member.
- Stats work on a decimal system starting at 55.0.
- Stats are bumped up in PCM when they hit that number, ex. 55.9 = 55 in-game, and 61.4 = 61 stat in-game.
- The decimal numbers will remain hidden.
- There is a threshold for each stat when more points are needed to increase that stat. It's start off on a 1-to-1 scale where 1 point equals 1 stat upgrade. However, the scales get exponentially further and further apart the closer that stat gets to the maximum of 85. The increasing scale will also remain a mystery.
- Comment below to provide stat upgrades

Celebration Time! (Reveal): Thanks to jandal7, upgrading Diamond's Resistance stat will be a little bit easier from now on.

Football Contract Talks: After much deliberation, Diamond has decided to wait out his contract and become a free agent. He anxiously awaits seeing what offers he can attract. He can also start receiving cycling contract offers for next season as well. Exciting times ahead.

Edited by Mresuperstar on 20-12-2018 01:26
+3 Prologue
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix


Contract Talks

I've spent the month of July gathering up all my offers. Now, it's time to make a decision. I've laid out all my options below for next season. Help me decide.
The future of my football and cycling careers are hanging in the balance.

Option #1: Re-United Kingdom
Canvey Island & JLT Condor



Canvey Islands is offering a return home. A year after Marcus Diamond jumped ship, his hometown club now has the funds to bring back the local talent after promoting to the sixth tier of the English football pyramid. The Gulls will also have some extra cash to spend with golden boy Jake Forster-Caskey testing the free agent market, which leaves a gaping hole in the midfield that needs to be filled.

JLT Condor matches Canvey Island, offering a one-year extension.

Option #2: United Stone Kingdom
Maidstone United & JLT Condor



Maidstone United in the sixth tier of the English football pyramid is a 50-minute drive south of Canvey Island, over the River Thames. They finished fourth in the league last season, narrowly missing promotion. A high quality team that appears to be on its way up and is willing to invest heavily in Marcus Diamond. That said, getting playing time might be a challenge, especially right away.

JLT Condor matches Maidstone United, offering a one-year extension.

Option #3: Relocating United Kingdom
Salford City & ONE Pro Cycling



Salford City in the fifth tier of the English football pyramid is northeast of Liverpool and is one of the biggest cities without a top level football team. That nearly changed last year when Salford City came two points short of promoting into the Sky Bet League Two. Breaking into the Starting XI will be a challenge for Marcus Diamond, but the exposure playing for club owners Peter Lim, Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs can't be beat.

Moving further north would mean a cycling team change. ONE Pro Cycling, a United Kingdom based CT team, has been in the media recently about having financial trouble. It's a shaky situation, but they still believe they will secure the funds to support a cycling team next season. I trust them.

Option #4: Irish Aqua Blue
Limerick FC & Aqua Blue Sport



The first overseas offer. Limerick FC plays in the Irish first division, the SSE Airtricity League Premier Division. They have won the league twice (1959-60, 1979-80) and the League of Ireland Cup three times (1975-76, 1992-93 and 2001-02). But, haven't had much success lately and are willing to take a chance on Marcus Diamond, who would have to get used to a different style of football.

Irish based PCT cycling team, Aqua Blue Sport, is also facing financial difficulties and could have a new lead sponsorship when the next season starts. But, there are plenty of Brits already on the team: Adam Blythe, Andrew Fenn, Ian Bibby and Mark Christian. All of which have their contracts expiring this year, so who knows who comes back.

Option #5: Export to France/Belgium
KSV Roeselare & Cofidis



Winning in Belgium a few weeks ago turned some heads. Pro Tour cycling team Cofidis, in the midst of a relegation battle, is interested in the upcoming British cobbler. It would likely be a few years of development before they would let Marcus Diamond lead his own cobble team. But, they have superior training facilities to help Marcus reach his full potential.

After asking around for a football team, Marcus Diamond heard back from KSV Roeselare. A Belgium club in the second tier Proximus League. Not many players are on the team and they only play 28 games per season.

Wage/per monthYearsBonuses
Option 1
Canvey Island550 euros150 per goal/assist
JLT Condor3000 euros1100 per stage win
Option 2
Maidstone United3500 euros1n/a
JLT Condor3000 euros1100 per stage win
Option 3
Salford City2750 euros250 per appearance
ONE Pro Cycling2500 euros1n/a
Option 4
Limerick FC2000 euros2100 per goal/assist
Aqua Blue Sport2750 euros2n/a
Option 5
KSV Roeselare700 euros1n/a
Cofidis4500 euros35000 per stage win

Decision Time: Rank all five offers in the comments below. First pick gets five points, second gets four points, third gets three points, fourth gets two points and fifth gets a point. Whichever offer ends up with the most points will be what Marcus Diamond choose to do.

Cycling upgrades will still be accepted at this time.


Offer Withdrawn

Marcus Diamond has taken too long to make a decision and received some news today that Option #5 from KSV Roeselare and Cofidis has been withdrawn with Cofidis spending its money on another promising prospect.

Now, only four options remain and if Diamond keeps stalling, then it's safe to assume more teams will take their offers off the table as well.

Help Diamond make his decision by ranking all the remaining options. Top pick gets five points, second gets four, third gets three and fourth gets two.

The time has also passed to provide cycling training upgrades.
Option 4 Probably not the most interesting deal, financially talking, but securing the future for 2 seasons, despite having to go to Ireland, though playing in the First Division. And Aqua Blue despite financial difficulties, but it's a PCT team that might get you some WT wildcards

Option 3 Going to 5th tier could be interesting. And 1-year contract in cycling, where i guess it's easier for Marcus to get to a better team in the future

Option 2 The best deal, money talking. Though staying another year in 6th level maybe isn't the best. And i think you've had enough of JTL

Option 1 There's no need to come back home
Edited by Aquarius97 on 21-12-2018 21:27
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Option 4
Option 3
Option 1
Option 2
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4


PCM.Daily Survivor Season 2 Fan Favorite Winner

PCM.Daily NFL Fantasy Football Champion: 2012
PCM.Daily NHL Prediction Game Champion: 2013
PCM.Daily NFL Prediction Game Champion: 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016

Contracts Signed

A decision has been made. I'll be packing my bags and heading to Ireland after my season with JLT Condor wraps up. I've accepted two-year deals with Aqua Blue Sport and Limerick FC, which will pay a combined 4,750 euros per month plus a bonus of 100 euros for every goal and assist I can get with the football club.


Limerick FC is currently in the middle of its 2019 season, which runs from February to October. I've been told to join the team at the start of the 2020 season in January that way I have some time to figure out my work visa (Great Britain just had to leave the EU) and my passport situation. Gotta love paperwork.

Aqua Blue Sport is still actively trying to secure funding for next season. Hopefully that situation is resolved sooner rather than later. I guess all I can do now is finish out the season with JLT Condor and see what happens.

Lastly, to my fans, thanks for all the support. These last two years have been crazy. I can't wait to see what Season 3 has in store for me on foreign soil.

Monthly Review

Some day, hopefully soon, the month of July will be filled with 21 glorious race days through the streets of France. Until then, I'm stuck with a trip to Romania and Slovenia after racing in my first road race national championship.

Race Day #20 at Great Britain RR Championships
July 1, 2019
All the best Brits fighting for a fancy jersey on a flat circuit.



Summary: Marcus Diamond... the Team Sky destroyer.

With 27kms left, a tight bend catches Diamond off guard and he body checks Luke Rowe off his bike. It causes a nasty crash behind, whipping out nearly the whole peloton. It's absolute carnage. And yet, somehow Diamond stays upright on his bike and rides away.


What an awkward situation to be in. It doesn't seem right to ride away, but there are still three breakaway riders up the road gunning for a national title and Diamond is now in the mix to win his first national championship at only 19 years old.

Surrounded in a crowd of controversy. Diamond pushes on.


Simon Yates goes with Diamond and the duo catches the last two breakaway riders, Alex Dowsett and Daniel McLay, with 22.4kms to go. What's left of the 28-cyclist peloton is a minute in the rear view mirror. Unconfirmed reports say heavy favourite Mark Cavendish isn't in the group and was taken down in the crash.


The lead group of four is kind of working well together, but the angry peloton is closing in. The gap is 40 seconds with 14kms remaining. It is a slight downhill into the finish, however, which could hinder the catch.


Harry Tanfield from Team Wiggins bridges across the gap with 11.5kms to go. But, he looks exhausted when he reaches the tail end of the line.

The leaders have built up a minute gap again. But, no time to start playing games with each other. The peloton is still lurking.


Down to 10kms to go, it appears the peloton doesn't know what to do. Nobody wants to pace and the five leaders now have a gap of 1'45".

Diamond starts sizing up his competitors.

McLay is by far the better sprinter, but has been up front for a while. Yates has experience and is probably the most talented. Dowsett could ride away with his TT abilities if we let him. And Tanfield looks happy just to be along for the ride.


Yates starts to sit up and rest, Diamond does the same.

Let the games begin. 7kms to go, the gap to peloton sits at 1'50".


5kms to go. The peloton has given up, over two minutes back.

One of these five are going to Great Britain RR national champion.


Diamond positions himself between McLay (pink) and Yates (black) with 3.5kms to go. Tanfield is content to pace the group, what a nice lad. He is happy with a Top 5 at this point.


Tanfield starts the sprint with 2kms to go.

Who makes the first move out of his slipstream?


Nobody wants to make the first move! 1,000 meters left...


McLay makes his move around a fading Tanfield, and Yates launches from the back. Diamond could get squeezed in if he isn't careful.


Yep, as expected Diamond's large frame gets boxed for a moment and ruins his momentum. Yates storms to the lead. Can anybody catch him?


No... Simon Yates wins the sprint for a national championship ahead of McLay, Dowsett, Diamond and Tanfield.


Result: DQ - Sprinting for fourth place meant nothing.

After the race I was dragged off to meet the race organizers, they promptly disqualified me for causing the crash with 27kms to go. I get it, yet Yates attacked right after the crash and gets rewarded with a national title? Doesn't really seem fair, if you ask me.

1Simon YatesMichelton - Scott4h54'51
2Daniel McLayTeam EF Education Firsts.t.
3Alex DowsettTeam Katusha Alpecins.t.
DQMarcus DiamondJLT Condors.t.
5Harry TanfieldTeam Wigginss.t.

Race Day #21-25 at Sibiu Cycling Tour
July 4-8, 2019
A mountain/time trial test, punishment for my last race?

Stage 1:



Summary: A large crowd turns out to see the short prologue. Hundredths of a second are needed to decide a winner with 25 cyclists finishing within one second of first place. Dutchman Steven Lammertink nicked everybody.

Result: 93rd - Not very comfortable with prologues yet, but at least they don't cost me much time. I finish six seconds back.

1Steven LammertinkVital Concept Cycling Club2'36
2Michal GolasAmore & Vita - Prodirs.t.
3Daryl ImpeyMichelton - Scotts.t.
4Sasha WeemaesSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
5Oscar RodriguezEuskadi Basque Country - Muriass.t.

Stage 2:



Summary: A long day in the saddle gets settled in a close sprint.

78 out of the 140 cyclists finish in the front group after a crash in the back of the pack with 16kms to go. Two cyclists had to withdraw.

Result: 11th - I just followed the wheel of my Danish teammate August Jensen and nearly got a Top 10 result. Jensen took ninth.

1Vyacheslav KuznetsovAkros - Renfer SA4h33'47
2Amaury CapiotTeam Sunwebs.t.
3Jérémy LecroqVital Concept Cycling Clubs.t.
4Mamyr StashGazprom - RusVelos.t.
5Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Clubs.t.

Stage 3:



Summary: As expected, it comes down to the final climb. 18kms of pure torture. Keep up or be dropped.


Marcus Diamond either doesn't like the pace being set or is having a really bad day. He is off the back with 8kms to go. Hanging on his coat tails is the yellow jersey holder Vyacheslav Kuznetsov.


Up front, a three-horse race is won by the new American sensation Brandon McNulty. The 21-year-old USA NC RR champ edges out Jack Haig and Tao Geoghegan Hart.

The next group is two and a half minutes down the road...

Here they come, and would you like at that. Somebody played us as a fool and was just pacing himself.


Result: 13th - The tempo was too high from the start of the climb, so I backed off and slow picked people off as they cracked. I'm happy with the result. Always a tense time to purposefully let the front of the pack ride away from you and hope you'll see them again. I lost 2'59" on McNulty and moved up to 13th in GC — 21 seconds outside of the Top 10.

1Brandon McNultyRally Cycling5h25'18
2Jack HaigMichelton - Scott+ 7
3Tao Geoghegan HartAmore & Vita - Prodirs.t.
4Enric MasTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+ 2'05
5Ivan SosaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.

Stage 4:



Summary: The Brit overthrows the American. Tao Geoghegan Hart dominates for the stage win and moves into yellow, ahead of Jack Haig with Brandon McNulty dropping to third overall with a poor ride today.


Marcus Diamond also had a day to forget, but at least the view was nice.


Result: 87th - Not my specialty. I got passed by Ben King with 2kms left in the stage. I was already a minute back at the time check. The end result had me losing 3'28" to Hart and fall to 19th in the GC, +6'29".

1Tao Geoghegan HartAmore & Vita - Prodir19'47
2Mikel NieveMichelton - Scott+ 14
3Valerio ContiAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 18
4Jack HaigMichelton - Scott+ 26
5Ivan SosaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 29

Stage 5:



Summary: Let's wrap this tour up with a boring bunch sprint. Wait, hold on. The Michelton-Scott train with Luka Mezgec and Mihkel Raim have opened a gap at the front. Marcus Diamond is with them as well.


After controlling a large breakaway and a couple days of climbs, the sprint trains have fluffed this finish. Michelton-Scott has pulled a fast one on everyone except an alert Marcus Diamond.


A shocking win for Luka Mezgec.


Michelton-Scott makes it a double, as Mihkel Raim barely holds off Diamond and the angry peloton.

Result: 3rd - Didn't expect that. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Luka hit another gear and I reacted out of instincts. I was surprised when nobody jumped on my wheel. But, we went with it and it worked, somehow. I also got a 13-second gap to the peloton for my efforts, which moved me up one spot to finish 18th in GC.

1Luka MezgecMichelton - Scott3h35'03
2Mihkel RĂ€imMichelton - Scott+ 11
3Marcus DiamondJLT Condors.t.
4Mauro FinettoLa Plage Le Club+ 24
5Jérémy LecroqVital Concept Cycling Clubs.t.
General Classification
1Tao Geoghegan HartAmore & Vita - Prodir13h56'59
2Jack HaigMichelton - Scott+ 26
3Brandon McNultyRally Cycling+ 34
4Ivan SosaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 2'35
5Jai HindleyTeam Sunweb+ 2'45

Race Day #26 at GP Kranj
July 29, 2019
After a couple weeks off to spectate the TDF, it's back to work.



Summary: Sunny, nice day for a bunch sprint.


Photo finish belongs to Sisr Frantisek by a couple inches over JLT Condor's August Jensen.


Result: 54th - Legs didn't feel the best after the little break. I tried to get in the breakaway, but failed. So, I got stuck doing work at the front of the peloton to bring the breakaway back, which we did with 20kms to go. Gave our guys a shot to win, and Jensen nearly did.

1Frantisek SisrW52 FC Porto4h51'57
2August JensenJLT Condors.t.
3Jonathan LastraEfapels.t.
4Rachid Ben AttarMeridiana Kamen Teams.t.
5Evaldas SiskeviciusLa Plage Le Clubs.t.


1-JulDanish ChampionshipsJakob Fuglsang
1-JulSwiss ChampionshipsKilian Frankiny
1-JulKazakh ChampionshipsAlexey Lutsenko
1-JulCanadian ChampionshipsGuillaume Boivin
1-JulNorwegian ChampionshipsE. Boasson Hagen
1-JulUSA ChampionshipsBrandon McNulty
1-JulRussian ChampionshipsVyacheslav Kuznetsov
1-JulPortuguese ChampionshipsAndré Cardoso
1-JulPolish ChampionshipsƁukasz Wiƛniowski
1-JulCzech ChampionshipsZdenek Stybar
1-JulUkrainian ChampionshipsMark Padun
1-JulGreat Britain ChampionshipsSimon Yates
1-JulIrish ChampionshipsSam Bennett
1-JulSlovenian ChampionshipsSimon Spilak
1-JulItalian ChampionshipsMoreno Moser
1-JulSlovak ChampionshipsPeter Sagan
1-JulFrench ChampionshipsThomas Boudat
1-JulAustrian ChampionshipsMarco Haller
1-JulSpanish ChampionshipsGorka Izagirre
1-JulBelgian ChampionshipsEdward Theuns
1-JulChampions OlympiquesZiga Groselj
1-JulGerman ChampionshipsMarcel Kittel
1-JulDutch ChampionshipsSam Oomen
4-JulSibiu Cycling TourTao Geoghegan Hart
6-JulGP Internacional Torres VedrasMichel Ries
7-JulTour de FranceEgan Arley Bernal
7-JulInt. Österreich RundfahrtNiklas Eg
8-JulWhite Spot / Delta Road RaceMichael Schwarzmann
15-JulTour of Qinghai LakeSĂžren Kragh Andersen
25-JulGrand Prix CeramiWouter Wippert
25-JulPrueba VillafrancaCarlos Betancur
26-JulLa Tour AlsaceGavin Mannion
27-JulVOO-Tour de WallonieMichaƂ Kwiatkowski
29-JulGP KranjFrantisek Sisr
31-JulCdG Memorial Ricardo OtxoaMikel Aristi
31-JulRideLondon-Surrey ClassicHugo Hofstetter
1-AugPostNord Danmark Rundt
1-AugVolta a Portugal
4-AugHansa Bygg Kalmar Road RaceMarcus Diamond In
4-AugTour de Pologne
4-AugClasica Ciclista San Sebastian
5-AugLa Poly Normande
6-AugThe Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah
7-AugVuelta a Burgos
9-AugCzech Cycling Tour
11-AugKOGA Slag om Norg
13-AugBinckBank Tour
15-AugTour du Limousin
16-AugArctic Race of Norway
16-AugColorado Pro Classic
19-AugEuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg
21-AugBaltic Chain TourMarcus Diamond In
21-AugGP Stad Zottegem
22-AugArnhem-Veenendaal Classic
23-AugDeutschland Tour
25-AugVuelta a España
25-AugOmloop Mandel-Leie-Schelde
25-AugBretagne Classic-Ouest France
26-AugRonde van Midden Nederland
29-AugDruivenkoers - Overijse

Tour de France

1Egan Arley BernalTeam Sky+00:00
2Miguel Angel LopezAstana Pro Team+01:17
3Chris FroomeTeam Sky+02:48
4Richie PorteBMC Racing Team+03:39
5Kilian FrankinyQuick-Step Floors+04:02
6Bob JungelsQuick-Step Floors+04:51
7Wout PoelsTeam Sky+05:30
8Michael WoodsAG2R La Mondiale+06:56
9Geraint ThomasTeam Sky+06:59
10Daniel MartinUAE Team Emirates+07:01


Colombian climbers are taking over the Tour. Youngster Egan Arley Bernal upsets defending champion Miguel Angel Lopez with the help of super teammate Chris Froome. Team Sky takes two spots on the podium, and four inside the Top 10.

Peter Sagan wins four stages and regains the green jersey after finishing second in the points competition in 2018.



Training Ride
*Community Growth Development*

- Each member gets 3.0 points to spread however they like over the 13 attributes listed above. One post per member.
- Stats work on a decimal system starting at 55.0.
- Stats are bumped up in PCM when they hit that number, ex. 55.9 = 55 in-game, and 61.4 = 61 stat in-game.
- The decimal numbers will remain hidden.
- There is a threshold for each stat when more points are needed to increase that stat. It's start off on a 1-to-1 scale where 1 point equals 1 stat upgrade. However, the scales get exponentially further and further apart the closer that stat gets to the maximum of 85. The increasing scale will also remain a mystery.
- Comment below to provide stat upgrades

Sky clearly lobbying the jury to DQ Marcus...

As always, giving all the points to the lowest stat

+3 Prologue
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

+1 Flat
+1 Cob's
+1 Stamina
+3 Downhill
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