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[PCT] Euskaltel - Elior: l'Avenir Preview
Luis Leon Sanchez
Euskaltel - Elior


Welcome to the Headquarters of the Euskaltel-Elior team. The team cares about their supporters and supporters of Spanish Cycling in general. Alongside our fellow Spanish teams, Euskaltel continues in their quest to become a dominant force in world cycling.

It is the 5th season that the team has been together. The first season saw our Mountain goats surprise everyone in the CT to seal comfortable promotion in 4th after getting the gears going following a very poor first half of the season. The 2nd season saw Valls lead our Mountain goats to 26th in the PCT, while Bouhanni struggled in his first season in Spain, and we avoided relegation due to the number of disbanding teams. This saving grace saw us focus on more of the disciplines. In our 3rd season as a team the likes of Valls, Bouhanni, Caruso, Roy and Cornu led us to a much more comfortable 20th place in the final rankings. Last season saw Bouhanni, Van den Broeck, Cornu, Caruso and Le Gac manage to secure survival yet again with 19th in the rankings which is our highest thus far.

Of the 26 riders we had in our squad last season, a rather disappointing 8 were Spanish. This despite Euskaltel sponsoring and supporting the team since our foundation. Euskaltel continue to sponsor us going into our 5th season but would like for the team to become more Spanish once again. We had Bavaria as a Co-Sponsor in our foundation season, they were replaced in our 2nd and 3rd seasons by Air-France. Euskaltel was the sole sponsor last season. This 5th season sees French company Elior join the project which sees the team racing as Euskaltel - Elior. Elior would like to see a few more French riders but they are also happy to see us bringing in riders and supporters from around the world.

The Euskaltel - Elior team goes into this 5th season with a renewed optimism. The last 3 seasons in the PCT have taught us a lot and the team management has gained valuable knowledge and experience which will hopefully help us to a mid-table finish in 2018. The team continues to balance results right now and developing young riders for the future. The region of passionate fans which we represent would love to see the Orange of Euskaltel back at the top of world cycling. We look forward to the challenge in 2018!
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Team History

2017 Euskaltel- 19th PCT


Francisco Anton MartinDominique Cornu
Ruben FernandezDries De Bondt
Delio FernandezTim De Troyer
Gorka IzagirreJurgen Van den Broeck
Juan Jose Lobato del ValleGijs Van Hoecke
Enric MasJonas Vangenechten
Eduard PradesRomain Zingle
Mauricio SanzLuca Braidot
Nacer BouhanniDamiano Caruso
Christopher De SouzaEdoardo Zardini
Olivier Le GacBauke Mollema
Kévin RezaNiki Terpstra
Sébastien TurgotDomen Novak

2016 Euskaltel- 20th PCT


Francisco Anton MartinArnold Jeannesson
Hector Duenas NevadoKévin Reza
Ruben FernandezJérémy Roy
Delio FernandezJulian David Arredondo
José HerradaRafael Infantino
Gorka IzagirreJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Eduard PradesSander Armee
Enrique SanzDominique Cornu
Rafael VallsDamiano Caruso
William BonnetSergiu Cioban
Nacer BouhanniMilos Borisavljevic
Ludovic BretNazir Jaser
Christopher De Souza

2015 Euskaltel-Air France- 26th PCT (Held due to Disbanding Teams)


Francisco Anton MartinNacer Bouhanni
David ArroyoWilliam Bonnet
Juan José CoboJulien El Fares
Hector Duenas NevadoArnold Jeannesson
Delio FernandezAmaël Moinard
José HerradaKévin Reza
Gorka IzagirreBenoît Vaugrenard
Manuel LloretJulian David Arredondo
David López GarciaRafael Infantino
Haritz OrbeJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Enrique SanzMilos Borisavljevic
Amets TxurrukaAlex Frame
Rafael VallsSebastian Anaya

2014 Euskaltel-Bavaria- 4th CT (Automatic Promotion)


Delio FernandezJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Moises DueñasRafael Infantino
Ruben FernandezFrancisco Colorado
Samuel Sánchez GonzalezArnold Jeannesson
Carlos Verona (On Loan)Amaël Moinard
Juan Jose Lobato del ValleVassilis Adamou
Haritz OrbeDenis Menchov
Edwin Parra BustamanteHugo Sabido
Julian David Arredondo

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 10-07-2018 21:54
Luis Leon Sanchez
Current Roster

Alex Aranburu220,000
Dominique Cornu175,000
Magno Nazaret170,000
Damiano Caruso160,000
Moreno Moser145,000
Nacer Bouhanni120,000
Benoit Cosnefroy120,000
Enric Mas110,000
David Gaudu110,000
Juan Jose Lobato del Valle100,000
Olivier Le Gac100,000
Romain Zingle100,000
Fabio Jakobsen90,000
Nicola Conci90,000
Milos Borisavljevic85,000
Jurgen Van den Broeck75,000
Michael Vingerling70,000
Jaime Castrillo60,000
Léo Vincent60,000
Ruben Fernandez50,000
Armindo Fonseca50,000
Filippo Ganna0*
*wage paid by team loaned in from

Out on Loan:
Benjamin Thomas75,000
Andres Paez75,000
Hugo Hofstetter50,000

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 29-07-2018 22:49
Luis Leon Sanchez

All 2018 Results:
Stage 29thTour Down UnderMoreno Moser
Stage 68thTour Down UnderNacer Bouhanni
U256thTour Down UnderOlivier Le Gac
8thClasique Pico BasileMagno Nazaret
Stage 28thTour of the Middle EastMichael Vingerling
Stage 46thTour of the Middle EastMagno Nazaret
U253rdTour of the Middle EastMilos Borisavljevic
U257thTour of the Middle EastEnric Mas
Stage 24thTour de PologneNacer Bouhanni
Stage 41stTour de PologneDamiano Caruso
Stage 510thTour de PologneRomain Zingle
Stage 71stTour de PologneOlivier Le Gac
U255thTour de PologneOlivier Le Gac
KOM3rdTour de PologneOlivier Le Gac
Points7thTour de PologneOlivier Le Gac
Points8thTour de PologneDamiano Caruso
Stage 16thVolta a CatalunyaMilos Borisavljevic
Stage 68thVolta a CatalunyaMagno Nazaret
U253rdVolta a CatalunyaMilos Borisavljevic
7thKOMHong Kong ChallengeJaime Castrillo
U251stTour d'AfriqueFilippo Ganna
KOM2ndTour d'AfriqueFilippo Ganna
1stYouthSAA Tour d'AfriqueFilippo Ganna
7thKOMVuelta al Pais VascoOlivier Le Gac
10thStage 1Vuelta a ColombiaJuan Jose Lobato del Valle
8thStage 2Vuelta a ColombiaMagno Nazaret
5thStage 5Vuelta a ColombiaMagno Nazaret
8thGCVuelta a ColombiaMagno Nazaret
5thKOMVuelta a ColombiaMagno Nazaret
6thYouthVuelta a ColombiaMilos Borisavljevic
10thStage 1Tour of East JavaMichael Vingerling
6thKOMTour of East JavaJaime Castrillo
4thYouthTour of East JavaNicola Conci
5thStage 1Tour of SouthlandDominique Cornu
5thStage 3Tour of SouthlandMoreno Moser
7thStage 4Tour of SouthlandDominique Cornu
4thGCTour of SouthlandDominique Cornu
6thStage 3Tour of VancouverMichael Vingerling
5thStage 4Tour of VancouverMagno Nazaret
6thStage 5Tour of VancouverMichael Vingerling
2ndYouthTour of VancouverMilos Borisavljevic
8thNakhon Ratchasima TrophyNacer Bouhanni
2ndStage 2Tour of CaliforniaJuan Jose Lobato del Valle
6thStage 3Tour of CaliforniaRomain Zingle
5thStage 4Tour of CaliforniaRomain Zingle
4thStage 5Tour of CaliforniaRomain Zingle
10thStage 1Tour of UkraineDominique Cornu
5thStage 3Tour of UkraineDominique Cornu
6thYouthTour of UkraineNicola Conci
4thStage 1Corsica InternationalMichael Vingerling
7thStage 2Corsica InternationalDominique Cornu
10thStage 2Corsica InternationalMichael Vingerling
8thPointsCorsica InternationalMichael Vingerling
1stKOMCorsica InternationalJurgen Van den Broeck
3rdYouthCorsica InternationalMilos Borisavljevic
1stStage 3Tour de RomandieMoreno Moser
2ndStage 5Tour de RomandieMagno Nazaret
9thStage 6Tour de RomandieDominique Cornu
6thGCTour de RomandieMagno Nazaret
3rdKOMTour de RomandieMagno Nazaret
2ndYouthTour de RomandieMilos Borisavljevic
8thBerlin ProRaceNacer Bouhanni
1stStage 1Tour of EritreaNacer Bouhanni
2ndStage 2Tour of EritreaNacer Bouhanni
3rdStage 5Tour of EritreaNacer Bouhanni
8thStage 5Tour of EritreaJuan Jose Lobato del Valle
1stPointsTour of EritreaNacer Bouhanni
7thYouthTour of EritreaOlivier Le Gac
9thStage 1Olympia's TourDominique Cornu
4thStage 2Olympia's TourMoreno Moser
8thStage 3Olympia's TourMoreno Moser
2ndStage 5Olympia's TourMoreno Moser
6thStage 6Olympia's TourDominique Cornu
5thPointsOlympia's TourMoreno Moser
4thStage 1Tour of JapanDominique Cornu
3rdStage 2Tour of JapanMoreno Moser
8thStage 4Tour of JapanMagno Nazaret
6thStage 6Tour of JapanMoreno Moser
9thStage 6Tour of JapanMichael Vingerling
3rdStage 3Tour of South AfricaBenoit Cosnefroy
3rdYouthTour of South AfricaBenoit Cosnefroy
4thYouthTour of South AfricaMilos Borisavljevic
4thCeltic ChronoDominique Cornu
9thStage 1Bayern RundfahrtDominique Cornu
6thStage 2Bayern RundfahrtJuan Lose Lobato del Valle
2ndStage 3Bayern RundfahrtMagno Nazaret
7thStage 3Bayern RundfahrtMilos Borisavljevic
6thStage 4Bayern RundfahrtDominique Cornu
5thGCBayern RundfahrtMilos Borisavljevic
8thPointsBayern RundfahrtMagno Nazaret
6thKOMBayern RundfahrtMagno Nazaret
1stYouthBayern RundfahrtMilos Borisavljevic
3rdKenya Mountain ClassicMagno Nazaret
2ndStage 4Tour of BeijingOlivier Le Gac
3rdYouthTour of BeijingOlivier Le Gac
3rdTeamsTour of BeijingEuskaltel - Elior
3rdStage 6Int. Osterreich RundfahrtNacer Bouhanni
3rdYouthInt. Osterreich RundfahrtMilos Borisavljevic
10thStage 7Balkans InternationalJaime Castrillo
3rdYouthBalkans InternationalOlivier Le Gac
4thStage 2Deutschland TourMoreno Moser
7thStage 3Deutschland TourDominique Cornu
7thStage 5Deutschland TourMoreno Moser
7thGCDeutschland TourDominique Cornu
7thPointsDeutschland TourMoreno Moser
10thGiro dell'EmeliaDamiano Caruso
8thStage 2USA Pro Cycling ChallengeArmindo Fonseca
8thStage 3USA Pro Cycling ChallengeArmindo Fonseca
8thMilano - TorinoDamiano Caruso
9thJapan CupDamiano Caruso

2018Stage 4Tour de PologneDamiano Caruso
2018Stage 7Tour de PologneOlivier Le Gac
2018U25Tour d'AfriqueFilippo Ganna
2018KOMCorsica InternationalJurgen Van den Broeck
2018Stage 3Tour de RomandieMoreno Moser
2018Stage 1Tour of EritreaNacer Bouhanni
2018PointsTour of EritreaNacer Bouhanni
2018YouthBayern RundfahrtMilos Borisavljevic

2017Stage 3Tour of VancouverNacer Bouhanni
2017Stage 1Barbados Cycling FestivalNacer Bouhanni
2017Stage 6Tour de RomandieDominique Cornu
2017Stage 1Olympia's TourDominique Cornu
2017Isle of Man ITTDominique Cornu
2017Stage 2Tour of South AfricaDamiano Caruso
2017U25Tour of South AfricaOlivier Le Gac
2017KOMVuelta al Pais VascoOlivier Le Gac
2017Stage 6Tour de PologneOlivier Le Gac
2017Stage 3Int. Osterreich RundfahrtDomen Novak
2017Stage 13Vuelta a EspanaEduard Prades
2016Stage 3Tour Down UnderDamiano Caruso
2016KOMTour of EritreaJosé Herrada
2016Stage 8Tour de San LuisSander Armee
2016KOMFDB Eire TourKévin Reza
2016Stage 2Corsica InternationalDominique Cornu
2016Stage 6Tour of RomandieDominique Cornu
2016KOMTour of RomandieArnold Jeannesson
2016KOMEuskal BizikletaMilos Borisavljevic
2016Stage 2Tour of BeijingNacer Bouhanni
2016Nahkon Ratchasima TrophyNacer Bouhanni
2015Stage 1Vuelta al TachiraNacer Bouhanni
2015Stage 4Tour de RomandieRafael Valls
2015Stage 17Tour de FranceArnold Jeannesson
2015KOMBaltic Chain TourBenoît Vaugrenard
2015KOMTour of AmericaJulian David Arredondo
2014Stage 5Tour de San LuisVassilis Adamou
2014Stage 6Tour de San LuisDenis Menchov
2014KOMVolta ao AlgarveJulian David Arredondo
2014Stage 6Tour de BeauceJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
2014Stage 3Giro del CapoAmaël Moinard
2014KOMTour de PologneRafael Infantino
2014Stage 1Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
2014GCTour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
2014U25Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
2014Stage 2Tour de SlovenieArnold Jeannesson
2014Stage 2Tour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
2014GCTour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
2014Stage 3Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
2014PointsVuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
2014Cauberg ClassicHaritz Orbe
2014Stage 2Tour of UtahMoises Dueñas

GC Top 5's:
20184thTour of SouthlandDominique Cornu
20185thBayern RundfahrtMilos Borisavljevic

20174thBarbados Cycling FestivalNacer Bouhanni
20175thTour de RomandieJurgen Van den Broeck
20174thPost Danmark RundtDominique Cornu
20173rdTour de l'AvenirMilos Borisavljevic
20165th5 Jours de DunkerqueJérémy Roy
20162ndTour of JapanRafael Valls
20154thTour of EritreaRafael Valls
20154thPost Danmark RundtWilliam Bonnet
20145thGiro del CapoAmaël Moinard
20144thTour de SlovenieArnold Jeannesson
20145thClassico RCNMoises Dueñas

One-Day Classics Top 10's:
20188thClasique Pico BasileMagno Nazaret
20188thNakhon Ratchasima TrophyNacer Bouhanni
20188thBerlin ProRaceNacer Bouhanni
20184thCeltic ChronoDominique Cornu
20183rdKenya Mountain ClassicMagno Nazaret
10thGiro dell'EmeliaDamiano Caruso
20188thMilano - TorinoDamiano Caruso
20189thJapan CupDamiano Caruso

20173rdDutch Food Valley ClassicNacer Bouhanni
20174thRingerike GPDamiano Caruso
20179thNelspruit ClassicDamiano Caruso
20177thJapan CupDamiano Caruso
20168thGisborne GPDamiano Caruso
20169thGiro dell'EmiliaDamiano Caruso
20168thKandy Cycling ClassicRafael Valls
20163rdDutch Food Valley ClassicNacer Bouhanni
20166thWindhoek ITTWilliam Bonnet
20164thClasica San SebastianDamiano Caruso
201510thDutch Food Valley ClassicAmaël Moinard
201410thGP Onda-BoavistaJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
20145thACA CycleVanadzorCarlos Verona
20145thEschborn-FrankfurtNacer Bouhanni

GT Results (excludes the wins as these are above):
10thStage 2Vuelta a Espana 2017Edoardo Zardini
10thStage 7Vuelta a Espana 2017Delio Fernandez
9thStage 16Vuelta a Espana 2017Edoardo Zardini
4thStage 2Tour de France 2015Nacer Bouhanni
10thStage 3Tour de France 2015Nacer Bouhanni
2ndStage 12Tour de France 2015David López Garcia
2ndStage 16Tour de France 2015David López Garcia
12thGCTour de France 2015Rafael Valls
8thStage 5Tour of America 2015Delio Fernandez
9thStage 5Tour of America 2015Kévin Reza
9thStage 10Tour of America 2015Delio Fernandez
2ndStage 16Tour of America 2015Julian David Arredondo
4thStage 17Tour of America 2015Julian David Arredondo
6thStage 18Tour of America 2015David Arroyo
7thStage 20Tour of America 2015David López Garcia

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Luis Leon Sanchez
Past Riders

Delio Fernandez2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Gorka Izagirre2015, 2016, 2017
Francisco Anton Martin2015, 2016, 2017
Eduard Prades2016, 2017
Mauricio Sanz2017
Hector Duenas Nevado2015, 2016
José Herrada2015, 2016
Enrique Sanz2015, 2016
Rafael Valls2015, 2016
Haritz Orbe2014, 2015
David Arroyo2015
Juan José Cobo2015
Manuel Lloret2015
David López Garcia2015
Amets Txurruka2015
Moises Dueñas2014
Juan Jose Lobato del Valle2014 *
Samuel Sánchez Gonzalez2014
Carlos Verona 2014
Kévin Reza2015, 2016, 2017
Christopher De Souza2016, 2017
Sébastien Turgot2017
Arnold Jeannesson2014, 2015, 2016
William Bonnet2015, 2016
Ludovic Bret2016
Jérémy Roy2016
Amaël Moinard2014, 2015
Julien El Fares2015
Benoît Vaugrenard2015
Dries De Bondt2017
Tim de Troyer2017
Jonas Vangenechten2017
Gijs Van Hoecke2017
Sander Armee2016
Julian David Arredondo2014, 2015, 2016
Rafael Infantino2014, 2015, 2016
Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez2014, 2015, 2016
Francisco Colorado2014
Edwin Parra Bustamante2014
Bauke Mollema2017
Niki Terpstra2017
Luca Braidot2017
Edoardo Zardini2017
Domen Novak2017
Sergiu Cioban2016
Nazir Jaser2016
Alex Frame2015
Sebastian Anaya2015
Vassilis Adamou2014
Denis Menchov2014
Hugo Sabido2014

*currently riding for the team having been signed a second time
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 29-07-2018 22:54
Luis Leon Sanchez

Team Standings: Top 15

Win GC: Volta a Catalunya

Win GC: Celtic Chrono

Top 5 GC: Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt

Top 10 GC: Tour of California

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 03-07-2019 05:27
Looking good mate. Hope to see you strengthen your setup enough to get close to promotion this time Smile - A long term runner, with a good base around talents, is always very likeable.

Luis Leon Sanchez
Team Announcement: Plans for the Future & Reviewing the Past

The team has, by now, become an established team in the cycling world as they enter their 5th season. 4 seasons have come and gone in a flash and of course we have positives and negatives that we can take from every season so far. The 5th season does of course mean a 5th transfer window for the team to re-invent itself somewhat.

Season 1
Our debut season in the CT saw the management take a very specific approach as we went for riders of all ages who were capable of climbing. This approach was not the most effective as the team struggled through the first half of the season. However, the Euskaltel mindset paid off during the second half of the season as we took some very important results from the breakaways. The season ended with us finishing 4th and gaining automatic promotion to the PCT.

Season 2
The first season in the PCT saw us take the approach of signing far too many climbers and stage racers as well as a couple of sprinters. It was a tough season but we fought through it keeping our spirits high until the end. Unfortunately, Valls and Bouhanni were the only riders who scored fairly well and we finished in the highest relegation spot. We were given the chance to remain in the PCT after Marcovdw turned down promotion, we will always be thankful.

Season 3
After receiving a lifeline, we decided that a bit of an overhaul was necessary. The team released many older riders and signed Cornu as a TT leader and Caruso as a Hills leader. This ensured our safety in the PCT as we finished 20th out of 30 teams. This was a great step forward for the team as we now had a base to work from.

Season 4
The season in which we signed two quality climbing talents in Novak and Mas. Le Gac was the only real point scorer that we added to the team and this proved vital as we finished 19th out of 26 teams which meant a fairly comfortable survival.

Well, we've left ourselves with a solid base to work with. We do very much regret our approach in some previous seasons as we realize that the long-term success and sustainability of the team is something we have ignored until last season. With the likes of Borisavljevic, Mas and Novak we at least have a start. The team manager has taken inspiration from teams like Puma - SAP who have given an example of a talent-based team that has seen great success finishing 7th in the PT last season.
It is obviously unrealistic to expect that we will be able to take the same approach and we don't plan on doing so but we would like to lower the average age of our team which last season was just over 29 which is too old for our liking. This is something we hope to adjust in the next couple of seasons as we need to ensure that we hold our place in the PCT.
Luis Leon Sanchez

Dominique Cornu175,000
Damiano Caruso160,000
Domen Novak130,000
Nacer Bouhanni120,000
Enric Mas110,000
Juan Jose Lobato del Valle100,000
Olivier Le Gac100,000
Romain Zingle100,000
Milos Borisavljevic85,000
Jurgen Van den Broeck75,000
Francisco Anton Martin50,000
Ruben Fernandez50,000
Gorka Izagirre50,000
Eduard Prades50,000
Christopher De Souza50,000
Kévin Reza50,000

Over the off-season, the team manager and staff went away and discussed their plans for the upcoming season and for the future. Once this was done, we began negotiations with our riders from last season.

Firstly, our 3 leaders. Dominique Cornu saw his first season of decline but we decided to hold onto him as he is still a quality rider, he has taken a pay cut of 50,000. Damiano Caruso had a strong season for us in 2017 and despite the fact that he’s getting a bit older we have given him a new contract, he takes a pay cut of 15,000. Nacer Bouhanni was our top scorer last season and being a Frenchman, he has been handed a contract where Elior will cover his increase of 30,000.

Our two talents, Domen Novak and Enric Mas, are of course remaining with the team as they continue to learn and to grow. Novak has seen his wage take a cut of 100,000 and Mas has seen his decrease by 90,000.

We move onto our super domestiques. Juan Jose Lobato has seen his wage increase by 25,000 following a stellar season where he provided much needed support to Bouhanni. Olivier Le Gac also had a superb season thanks to his points in the KOM and Youth classifications, we hope his wage increase of 30,000 pays off for us this season. Romain Zingle didn’t have the best of seasons but he provided strong support to our Hills department and has seen his wage increase by 10,000. Milos Borisavljevic returns from his PT loan as a very worthy climbing domestique and has even taken a pay cut of 5,000 as he returns to race for the team for the first time in a long while. Jurgen Van den Broeck saw a fairly hefty decline over the season but we decided his experience and ability still warrant a contract where he has taken a 50,000 pay cut.

Finally, we move onto our more than solid 50,000 wage domestiques. Many of these riders have been with us for many seasons and have shown their loyalty by taking a lower wage. Francisco Anton Martin (15,000 decrease) and Kévin Reza (40,000 decrease) remain from the sprinting department. Eduard Prades (no change) and Christopher De Souza (no change) remain from the hills department. The Spanish duo of Ruben Fernandez (25,000 decrease) and Gorka Izagirre (30,000 decrease) remain from the climbing contingent.

Now onto those who have left the team. First of all, we start with Delio Fernandez, the Spaniard has been with us since our first season back in 2014 and it is very sad to see him go but he was getting older and became surplus to requirements.

We also say good bye to 3 riders who we signed at the start of 2017 who were of varying use to the team. Edoardo Zardini had a shocker of a season and so we offered him a much lower wage that he wasn’t willing to accept so we have parted ways. The Dutch duo of Mollema and Terpstra were both solid older riders to have around but they too are not getting any younger so we have let them go.

Finally, we haven’t kept any of the panic bought cobblers from last season. We decided their wage space could be much better used so we say good bye to Jonas Vangenechten, Mauricio Sanz, Luca Braidot, Sébastien Turgot, Tim De Troyer, Gijs Van Hoecke and Dries De Bondt

What Now?
This all leaves us with a total of 16 riders and a fairly balanced mix of Leaders, Domestiques and Talents. We have kept ourselves a good chunk of the wage cap in order to prepare for the transfer window ahead. We do of course have plans which we would like to execute but it will be a matter of seeing who is available for what price and what wage. We expect a transfer season that is much less hectic than some of the previous ones we have been involved in.
Luis Leon Sanchez
Transfer Availability

Don't even bother asking:
Nacer Bouhanni
Milos Borisavljevic
Juan Jose Lobato del Valle
Olivier Le Gac
Kévin Reza
Ruben Fernandez
Enric Mas
Dominique Cornu

Could be persuaded to let go:
Damiano Caruso
Romain Zingle
Domen Novak (Big offer required)

Will be actively listening to decent offers:
Christopher De Souza
Gorka Izagirre
Jurgen Van den Broeck
Eduard Prades
Francisco Anton Martin
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You should have some good wage cap left to get a decent PCT leader if you want to finally leave the "relegation fight" zone, but surely there are some young Spanish riders in the market that you'll try to sign Pfft
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Luis Leon Sanchez
Aquarius97 wrote:
You should have some good wage cap left to get a decent PCT leader if you want to finally leave the "relegation fight" zone, but surely there are some young Spanish riders in the market that you'll try to sign Pfft

In a weird way I'd almost prefer to be on the brink of relegation for a chunk of the season because it keeps me intrigued and following very closely Grin But yes, would like to be a bit safer. And can't say no to a talent Wink
For an ‘established’ team, you’ll have plenty of wage budget to work with - as Aquarius alludes to, I’m sure you’ll be a big player this offseason Wink

Good luck, we’ll be following closely Smile It will be interesting to see the route you decide to take in the end - Puma or otherwise
Luis Leon Sanchez
First Goodbyes

The first bit of transfer related news coming out of the Euskaltel - Elior Headquarters is that young Slovenian Domen Novak was seen boarding a plane to Slovenia and the first photos of him in a new jersey have hit the internet. We decided to let the talented climber leave the team and move to the Slovenian PT team where he fits in a bit better. In a brief interview Domen said "I thank Euskaltel for backing me and taking me in for my debut season. I thank the passionate fans for supporting me on the road and in my decision to move to Isostar where I'll be closer to home more often". This allows us to try focus more on Spanish & French talent and allows us a bit more transfer budget to play with.

The other bit of transfer related news is that Spanish veterans Gorka Izagirre and Eduard Prades were both spotted outside the HQ this afternoon looking visibly distraught and a little lost. Gorka has been with the team since we promoted to the PCT and has been one of our longest serving riders. Eduard has been with us for the last 2 seasons and been very visible in the breakaways.
Both riders were asked this morning to report to the Headquarters and they were both delivered the news that their contracts would be ended with immediate effect, both would receive compensation payments. Izagirre had no time for reporters as he left HQ but Eduard gave the following statement:"We are obviously both a bit hurt but we understand the need to plan for the future and ensure the team's position in the PCT. It may take a while to adjust to this but we will both be supporting the team and we're grateful to have had the opportunity to ride for our home team".

A representative for the team also gave a statement: "It's difficult for us to tell two loyal riders that we will be ending their contracts but they were both very understanding of why it had to happen. We thank them for their hard work and services to the team and wish them both the best in their future cycling endeavors".
Luis Leon Sanchez
First FA Signing's Announcement

Our first two Free Agent signings can be announced today. Both of the riders signed are young fellas who both have the potential to be useful Time-Trialists. Both sponsors are happy as we have one Frenchie and one Spaniard.

Benoit Cosnefroy

23yrs old : 120,000 : Pot 3 : Lvl 1.0

Jaime Castrillo

22yrs old : 60,000 : Pot 4 : Lvl 1.0

Luis Leon Sanchez
Welcome Magno!

32yrs old : 170,000 : Pot 6 : Lvl4.100

The big signing of the transfer window for Euskaltel - Elior is a little Brazilian by the name of Magno Nazaret. The 32-year-old joins us from Berg Cycles for a hefty fee of 1,000,000 but it was a fee we were willing to pay given that he’ll be a fantastic leader for us in the mountains this season. His wage of 170,000 is very low for a leader and he may in fact be the only maxed rider to join the team this season.

Nazaret had the biggest grin stretched across his face as he signed his contract down at HQ. This was mainly because the Belgian duo of Jurgen Van den Broeck and Dominique Cornu had burst through the doors to surprise the new addition.
In the first MGUCI season back in 2007 the two Belgians and their new Brazilian team-mate rode together for Predictor-Lotto when they were only ages 24, 22 & 21.

They went through the toughest year of their professional career together and grew very close during this debut season. They all went on their own paths the following season but VdB and Magno ended up together again in 2011 riding for Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

This season is therefore the big reunion for the big 3. Cornu will once again be our man for the time trials and flat stage races with TT kilometres. Magno will be our man for the mountains and mountainous stage races. VdB will this season be one of our helpers for Magno. It is likely that this’ll be the last season that VdB will be a pro cyclist and so it is fitting that he will be riding for Magno who will see this as his last season to lead a team at PCT level while Cornu is also not getting any younger. We believe this trio will prove to be great road captains and we expect a great return from our Brazilian this season!
Tbh, i wouldn't use those developments in neither Cosnefroy or Castrillo. They would be of much better use with other type of development
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

I would consider Track TT for Cosnefroy, but it is basically how I would develop him also...

two very solid talents brought in as well as an outstanding climber for PCT - a lot of wage to go in talents I feel Wink
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Aquarius97: Would like to hear your thoughts come the end of this season when I have to decide as I've considered the options and thought these to be the best ones.
SotD: I have looked at his potential stats with Track TT and I feel like TT would be most useful for me.
Croatia14: Thanks, we expect they'll both be fairly useful in the future. Nazaret will have a massive job to do for me because of the reason you've given!
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