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PCM.daily Stat Discussion
baseballlover312 wrote:
Ollfardh wrote:
Aru seems a bit weak here, last year sure wasn't his thing, but as a former GT winner I think he deserves better. 2015 isn't that long ago. In 2017 I think he was also doing quite well in Le Tour before he got sick. Putting him behind guys like Majka and Pozzovivo seems a bit harsh.

I'd also put Dennis on par with Dumoulin in TT stat. Last year, Dennis defeated Dumoulin in every TT except the Giro prologue which he lost by 2 seconds.

To be fair, doesn't the Daily DB only take into account the last two years too? And Pozzo has consistently been at the front of Giro GC.

I mean, in reality, 2015 was pretty long ago. That's like if we judged Ivan Basso in 2014 by his 2010 Giro win.

Yes and no, Basso was aging badly, Aru is (or should be) still in his prime.

Not sure about how many years are still taken into account, but if you look at for example Tony Martin's TT stat, that has to be well over two years Pfft
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I think Aru is statted accurately as his last good performance was in Le Tour in 2017 and before and after he has been poor in relation to the other GT contenders. His GT victory is really too far back to be considered and as Baseballover stated we really do not go back more than 2 years in most instances. The problem with Aru is that he is so inconsistent and normally more poor than good especially last season. He in fact rode like a 78 climber that often lost contact with the favs when things got serious. In fact I remember asking on here suggestions on how to stat Aru as he is that hard and his stats are mostly the suggestions that were made here.

Dennis has more of a case against Dumoulin as to who should be the best TT rider and they are 1 point different BUT Dennis is superior by 4 points on pro which is an important difference. I haven't tested so far with this DB how they fair against each other yet but if anybody has done a long flat TT with both would be good to know.

will we have a new stat version nextly?


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valaorome wrote:

will we have a new stat version nextly?



A new update is about to come out fixing some previous errors and adding some new teams and more updated PCT and CT stats mostly.

The next update after this will probably come out after MSR where we will have had a good look at how the WT is going in 2019.
Captain CoinCoin
Geoffrey Bouchard misses his height and weight. According to PCS, he is 1.77m / 64 kgs
Captain CoinCoin wrote:
Geoffrey Bouchard misses his height and weight. According to PCS, he is 1.77m / 64 kgs

implemented and will be in the next update, thanks for the hint Wink
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