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PCM.daily Stat Discussion
Yellow Jersey
I dont have the time to write something big as I've done in the past but I think it should be like this. Also with Tour Top10 for a relative comparison. This doesnt just include results from the GT's, neither from this year solely, obviously.


81: Doumulin, Dennis
79: Campenaerts, Froome
78: Roglic, Thomas, Kiryjenka, Martin
Whats will be the stats for Remco Evenepoel?
Any update stats or are you waiting Lombardia???
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AiZaK wrote:
Any update stats or are you waiting Lombardia???

All Vuelta and Worlds stats done for WT and PCT riders, have decided best to wait now till after Lombardia and release all together.
I appreciate that a lot of people have asked the question but I can't seem to find an answer? Are there any news on the Expansion Pack for 2018? I'm only asking as I have an idea for a career with a sponsor that is only in the EP, potentially along a Story on the forum.

So I'm wondering if I should wait for the EP or continue with my current career?
Whats happen with The Google Documents file??

To answer some of the questions:

1. Work and people available for the EP is going very slowly at the moment, therefore it will be better to start your career with the EP that you have.

2. I can't give any update on the google file as the previous one was as already explained got lost and we're looking to do another stable one, as for when I still can't say.

3. Only positive news is that the stats for WT and PCT are up to date and after Lombardia there will be a stats update to cover the Vuelta and Worlds etc.
Thanks for your answer Tafiolmo
puceta wrote:
Whats will be the stats for Remco Evenepoel?

Just take Merckx stat and minus it with 15
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When is coming the update???

Thanks guys!!
PCM.daily Postseason stats

Proudly the PCM.daily stats department can present the updated stats for 2018 season. Despite having trouble with working on what could have been a 2018 expansion pack, mainly honorable tafiolmo worked on keeping the stats up to date. Therefore we as the stats team can proudly present our post-season stats for 2018.


The stats contain all the most recent developments since Le Tour, including what has happened in the autumn classics, La Vuelta, World Championships and Il Lombardia. Of course, we will continue on working to improve the file to offer the most realistic stats experiences for both careers and single races.

However, there is still some work to do. In the next couple of days we'll again take a deeper look on PCT and CT stats, so that we may also provide an update on those stats in the closer future. Keep up and keep on sharing your suggestions with us.

Your PCM.daily db team/stats department

important: while implementing the file into your game, you need to replace the cdb file in "c - steam - steamapps - workshop - content - 704230 - 1470698359" with this one, renaming it to "OfficialRelease"
Edited by Croatia14 on 19-10-2018 11:45
Upgrade for Clement Champoussin (63mountain 65hill) ? He finish 5th of Tour de l'Avenir 2018
Seriously Valverde is not 82 in Hills like Alaphilippe???
AiZaK wrote:
Seriously Valverde is not 82 in Hills like Alaphilippe???

I thought long and hard about it and decided that in pure hill where there is a hill at the end of the race where the peloton has mostly stayed together then Alaphilippe is better imo and the best hill rider. If the course starts to use more of the mtn stat which most will do on races like LBL then Valverde with 2 more mtn will be better. overall Valverde is more balanced now between mtn and hill and the best all round as well. But to put him to 82 could be an overkill and make him too dominant again in hill races instead of a bit more even.

But I'll admit this is a hard one and was the hardest stat to decide upon but he has always been a hard rider to do

I was also influenced by the statistic that stated that riders who ride the Vuelta are far more likely to do better at the Worlds than those that didn't (something I already knew but was reminded of again) and I think that showed with Alaphilippe and also decided that spring classics are often a better indicator of the hill stat than the later season races which are more about end of season form. I think if Valverde had done better at Lombardia that may have clinched 82 .
Edited by Tafiolmo on 19-10-2018 19:19
Alejandro Valverde always is in Top 10 or Top 15 in ALL the races. Nobody can do the same


There are many riders that they are on fit in March for example and in September if they ride, they arrive in the stage the 80yh, the 120th possition, but Valverde always is in the fight for the race.
If is another rider and arrive in 70th position its ok, but Valverde arrives 11th in Il Lombardia and all the year he is amazing (1st in the UCI WT again) and you put 78 in Climbs and 81 in Hills... I can't understand why you dont put him 79 in Climbs (less rec or resistance) and 82 in Hills

Alaphilippe only was wonderful in Ardennes Classics and Tour, Valverde was amazing all the year, but he can't win always
Hmm, I don't think Alaphilippe was dominant enough that he alone gets the highest hill stat. He was pretty awesome around le Tour but I wasn't too impressed with him at the Ardennes (won Fleche but could have done better at AGR and LBL) nor at the worlds. Imo those were the two highlights for puncheurs this year. I would lower him to 81 as well.
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Soren Waerenskjold, the next Joker superstar, better have at least 75 overall.
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As with Viviani if the majority of people think that a rider should be raised then we can do this and Valverde can easily be improved to 82 hill which I think would be better than reducing him. The idea is to keep riders like this above the more typical mtn riders like Bardet for example that also go well on hills but benefit from having a very high mtn.

We can also thanks to Birger (Croatia) upload stats on a regular basis now and these improvements can come around much quicker.

Hopefully we are again going to be doing "fav races" again for the riders and so on next stat update Valverde could go back to 82.

These were the three riders I had issues with choosing the right mtn or hill stat

Valverde 78 or 79 mtn/ 81 or 82 hill
Roglic 79 or 80 mtn
S. Yates 80 or 81 mtn

So any opinions on these and why would be good and they will be changed if there is a majority decision to the agreed stats
In my opinion:
Valverde 79 mtn 82 hill
Roglic 80 mtn
Simon Yates 81 mtn
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