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PCM 18/19: Wishlist
Idea: Qualification for World Championships
Explanation of idea: Determine the nations to participate in world championships, as well as the quotas for each nation, by nation rankings (most likely Superprestige, cutting off on August 1 each year). Of course more national team jerseys would have to be made for this, to account for all the nations in the game, and there would also have to be a minimum amount of riders in the DB for each nation.
Why (No one word or some word posts): As someone from Jamaica, I very often play with a focus on minor/obscure cycling countries (I very often play pro cyclist mode as a Jamaican or a rider from some other not as dominant country). It's already unfortunate enough when I don't have a national championships quite often (though I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of nationals in the Daily 2019 DB), but it's especially teasing when you can never wear the rainbow bands because your country doesn't compete at worlds. Sometimes I have gone into a db to change the national teams, but it's such a hassle and sometimes it doesn't work for whatever reason, so it would be nice to just be able to qualify, you know?
Also just generally I think it would be a good addition to the realism of the game, and provides a bit more to preparation for Worlds (e.g. I wouldn't just be guaranteed a full compliment of riders if I'm the manager for Belgium, the Netherlands, etc.)

Idea: U23 World Championships
Explanation of idea: Just as it sounds, a world championships but for U23s. It could be that the TT and RR are run the day before the respective Elite events, or the U23 worlds could be at a separate time in the calendar. The qualification idea above could also be implemented, maybe a toggleable U23 filter could be added to the rankings page.
Why (No one word or some word posts): As someone who just plays pro cyclist mode a lot in general, I always have a lot of fun with the U23 races, but I always wish there were things like the U23 Nation's Cup and the U23 World Champs, so that you could have something 'major' to build up to even in your early seasons when you're not shooting for WT races or anything like that.

One other thing that's more just a minor personal gripe of mine is the lack of team choices in procyclist mode. It'd be nice if you had maybe five or six choices, and only make some of them based upon your rider's nationality (The narrative I could be trying to run with is a Trinidadian who's gone to live in Belgium as an amateur, for example, but in '18 I'll still just be given teams as closely related to Trinidad as possible (which I also don't quite understand how it chooses sometimes))
I also think that if you start a pro cyclist mode as a 22 year old, you should have an option for a WT team, and maybe start with access to level 2 races rather than 1 in that case.

Edited by Scatmaster111 on 21-03-2019 18:08


Can we please turn training to Rest automatically when the rider is injured?

Why: I have to do it manually now, but with the uncertain injury time i cannot start training again until the red cross disappears which costs me one week of training. BTW I turn training to rest to simulate realistic return from injury. Never heard of a rider come back from a serious injury and just pick up with 97% fitness after 1 1/2 month of recovery. Most of the time your season is shot unless your injury is in the beginning of the season.
Finn84 wrote:
Idea: AI withdrawals
Explanation of idea: Especially in one-day races, the riders would give up more easily. This could be attributed to the fighter value.
Why (No one word or some word posts): It doesn't make sense to get dropped in the first quarter of one-day race and continue to the end, nor the finishing count in one-day races is mainly too high.

I second this! In real life one day races you actually get taken out of the race when you cannot rejoin the pelaton.
For me one of the biggest problems in PCM is that it's way too easy to time form. In my CCC career every rider is on 96% form or more in Le Tour, and most have incredible bonuses to their stats, due to their form bar being full plus other things. Even Mareczko who was injured up until a few days before the tour started, is on 100%, though the only one not peaking his bar.


This daily form makes Rosskopf work like Tom Dumoulin and Simon Geschke work like Chris Froome on a daily basis, which makes it way too easy to perform with a supposedly weak team in the World Tour peleton, even when modifying the difficulty to 1.10.


In real cycling the teams struggle to put their riders in their best shape possible for the biggest races, and I want to just feel some of that challenge as well.
I think this has already been mentioned. But I believe there needs to be a expansion on Train Controls. I love they fact they finally added Mount train controls. Couple of things to help this are:
Being able to stop the lead rider in the train without effecting your other riders
Being able to only have the riders of your choice relay at the front of your train
And making the effectiveness of having teammates.

I believe there are many more creative things you could do with this game.
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