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PCM 18: Bugs
i understand

is it just teammates or other teams too?
jenner wrote:
JK_Nation wrote:
My new pro cyclist mode rider leveled up, and I chose what to focus of (northern classics) but all of my attributes and potentials remained unchanged. ????

Repeatability: happened twice in a row.

I have this issue aswell. My rider started out as 19 years old, with the slowest development possible.

I have found the answer.
It's because we get to choose either to enhance our potential, or to enhance our stats right now. Not both, only one. (It's the two choices in the top, when a level up happens.)
Problem/Bug: Too many leaders in new season
Explaination of the Problem/Bug: I have from the 2019-season in FDJ 8 leaders under my objectives and one of them is even below 70 rating. I have checked the role-section under contractnegotiations and they are NOT listed as leaders or even important riders.
Reproducibility (always/sometimes/random/Not tried to reproduce/unable to reproduce): I did try to go to 1st January a couple of times due to weeklysaves from December and I got the exact same riders to be leaders. Although, from October - December I had 6 leaders instead of the original 5 where 2 of them was my 2 new "leader"-riders bought that season.
Screenshot or save game: https://prnt.sc/k...
Game version:

EDIT: I just tried to play to 1st January 2019 in another save and same thing happens.

Edited by O-D-Marseille on 12-07-2018 00:00
Problem/Bug: Equipment development problems.
Explaination of the Problem/Bug:
In my career save with Team Virtu Cycling, I was lucky enough to be able to do the development with one of the equipment manufacturer. However, when I choose to re-do a complete new design for one of the frames (the 60-day production time), but it never ends. If I for example enter the development page the 18th of March, it's says that development starts that day. The same if I visit the page a half year later.
This means, that no development will be finished, and I'm therefore stuck with the current equipment.
Reproducibility (always/sometimes/random/Not tried to reproduce/unable to reproduce): Haven't tried a complete reinstall of the Lite Pack, but can't see how that should solve things...
Screenshot or save game:
Game version: All of them I think
Problem/Bug: No bike frames
Explaination of the Problem/Bug: Riders look like they are riding on thin air
Reproducibility (always): Every race
Screenshot or save game: https://gyazo.com...b61d0c458b
Game version:
MG Team manager Team Ticos Air Costa Rica

Too many Leaders in Career Season 2
Explanation of the Problem/Bug:
Starting into the 2nd season of my career out of my Squad of 11 riders, 8 were selected as Leaders and can be given individual objectives
Not tried to reproduce
Screenshot or save game:
CDB: https://drive.goo...4SdH7CLXL4
CDI: https://drive.goo...79-baDOyQ_
Game version:
cio93 wrote:
mikkelsen wrote:
Problem/Bug: No form
Explaination of the Problem/Bug: In pro cyclist all teams have no change in their form, which means after 1 month all will be in bas shape, and seem to not change over the season
Reproducibility : Always with the new version, did not happen before this patch. Both in world DB and also in standard cyandie DB
Game version:

Same here. Game becomes unplayable in this state. I guess it comes from no goal races being set for any rider by the game.

This appears to still not be fixed, even after two new patches?
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