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[PCT '18] Philips | NC Update
Cool signings, guess there were no point having this teams abbrevation be PCT, as it looks like it will jump right up to the PT very quickly! Smile

So Pantano goes from working for one Colombian stage racer to working for the other Colombian stage racer Pfft

But a nice squad you have assembled so far, congrats!
Manager of Minions
Shock Amazing signing and a great lieutenant to back it up, congrats!

Henao was awesome in the Giro last year Wink
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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@viking: That guy you are talking about had me interested as well Wink

@sgdanny: Not really looking that far ahead. Maybe I'll drop Philips and make the team 'Continental Cycling' if I ever reach the PT!

@Marco: Thanks Smile

We wanted to make Henao feel at home so far away from his home. It helps to have friends in the squad Grin

@jandal: Thanks! I love how our squads mirror each other! And I remember the Giro last year very well Wink
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Transfer Update Part 3
"The Future in Motion"
The reinforcements keep coming in as we near the end of the transfer window. We are happy to announce that the following three riders have joined our squad for the coming season.

Remco Te Brake | Sprinter
Age: 30 | Wage: 95,000

Our first Dutch signing of the transfer window took some time coming. Remco Te Brake joins us the main leadout in Lahcen Saber's sprint train. We do expect him to get sprint leadership duties on certain occasions. He should be a great asset on all flat stages this season.

75.25 75566461747280667976657475

Ramunas Navardauskas | All-Rounder
Age: 30 | Wage: 80,000

We were involved in a conversation late into the transfer window with our friends at Isostar Slovenija for a possible deal involving a couple of their star riders who were up for sale. In the end, we decided that the 'Honey Badger' suited our team the best and we finalized the deal for 665,000 and Marcel Wyss going in the opposite direction. We believe that this deal will be worth it, as he fits perfectly into our team setup for the upcoming season. He will be the leader of our team on the flats, a Road Captain so to say. He will head our TTT force and will be an able lieutenant to Rui Costa in the hills and hilly tours. We expect good things from him this season.

74.62 75607476747476587570747277

Lotto Petrus | Time Trial
Age: 31 | Wage: 50,000

We received an offer for Ralf Matzka to leave the team from BNZ Cycling, another team with whom our relationship goes back to last season. In exchange Lotto Petrus joins our team as an added force in the Time Trial department. His job throughout the season will be simple, help the team ride in perfect tempo in the Time Trials and help his leaders in every other that he riders in.

71.26 68546974706866546365746474

Our transfer business is reaching it's conclusion and the team is almost complete. We still have a couple of deals in the pipeline which are expected to get over the line in the next couple of days. We will provide you with an update once that happens. The full team presentation will follow soon after...
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 28-07-2018 16:40
Transfer Update Part 4
"The Future in Motion"
No team can survive without planning for the future and we're well on our way of doing the same. Joining our batch of talents is another two riders who will join up with the team as Stagiaires from August.

Jonas Bokeloh | Talent - Sprinter
Age: 22 | Pot: 4 | Wage: 10,000

Jonas Bokeloh is the first of our Stagiaires and was picked up with the intention to form an integral part of our future sprint train. He should be able to help the team in the flats as well, and is able to get over most hills.


Ricardo Minali | Talent - Sprinter
Age: 23 | Pot: 4 | Wage: 10,000

Our second stagiaire capture is also a sprinter. He is faster than Bokeloh on the flat stuff. However, his main drawback is going uphill, where let's just say he'd have trouble climbing a ladder, let alone a hill! That notwithstanding, he does possess impressive stats for the flats and who knows, maybe we can teach him how to climb better.


Edited by AbhishekLFC on 29-07-2018 04:09
Saber, Costa, Henao - whoa Shock
Hopefully that will be my reaction after each race they ride Pfft
Stop pretending you have MAL in your team :lol: Love the Nava capture too <3
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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As I have told you on Skype, you are building a really nice squad here Smile
jandal7 wrote:
Stop pretending you have MAL in your team :lol: Love the Nava capture too <3

There's only two Miguel Lopez,
Two Miguel Looooooooopez,
There's only two Miguel Lopez.
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

@jandal: That's what I get for blindly trusting Google! Corrected now.

@Heine: Thanks for the constant encouragement. And I think I can safely say the same about yours Grin

@knockout: You know we wanted him Wink
Transfer Update Part 5
"The Future in Motion"
We had to wait till almost the last minute of the transfer window to confirm our final rider and complete our team.

Wout Poels | Domestique/Stage Races
Age: 31 | Wage: 55,000

Our final rider signed for the team is fittingly someone who fits into our team like a glove. Wout Poels will be an important part of both Henao's mountain train as well as our Time Trial squad. His all-round stage race capabilities and excellent energy stats will be an excellent asset for us all season.

73.68 68746872787877615669687372

Having wrapped up our transfer business we think it's a good idea to remind everyone of who's stayed with the team and those that have left the squad in the transfer window.

Those that Remain from Last Season

Alexander Krieger | Sprinter
Age: 28 | Wage: 90,000

Alexander Krieger will be our second sprinter for the season, and will have enough opportunities to lead in races, as Saber takes care of both sprint and cobbles responsibilities.

74.63 71586255717475637979626855

Rob Ruijgh | Domestique
Age: 32 | Wage: 55,000

Rob Ruijgh will continue as an integral part of our mountain train for the coming train. With Henao to support, his role remains very important for us.

73.85 69757267737271646175716467

Jaoa Costa | Domestique
Age: 32 | Wage: 55,000

Having been up for sale since the start of transfers, Jaoa Costa did not warrant any interest from the rest of the cycling world, and remains with our team for another season. Despite us wanting to sell him, now that he will continue, we should be able to use him well as a domestique for Rui Costa in the hills.

73.62 66717557686968546573757257

Ronan Van Zandbeek | Time-Trial
Age: 30 | Wage: 50,000

Our absolute leader for the time-trails and the one that is expected to lead the team in the Team Time Trials is Van Zandbeek. He will continue with the same role he took up last season.

72.98 73586976717172646169757376

Piet Allegaert | Talent - Northern Classics
Age: 23 | Pot: 5 | Wage: 50,000

The first of our talents picked up last season remains with us, and we aim to get him up to Level 3 this year. Allegaert is expected to be a part of Northern Classics squads in the future.


Lennard Hofstede | Talent - Puncher
Age: 24 | Pot: 5 | Wage: 50,000

The other Stagiaire we signed last season is the puncher talent Lennard Hofstede, who also remains with and is also expected to reach Level 3 this season. We expect him to remain a part of our hills in the future as someone who loves to attack.


*The first stat-line is the current stats and the second stat-line is the max stats.


A total of eight riders were either sold or swapped out from the team in this transfer window. We would like take this opportunity to thank them all individually.

Marcel Wyss joins our friends at Isostar Slovenija as a part of the deal that brought Navardauskas into our squad. He was the biggest reason we promoted last season and we'd like to wish him all the best in the PT this season.

Romain Bardet was our leader in the mountains last season and leaves us for the team who came really close to signing him last season, (now renamed as) Adastra - Argon 18.

Jempy Drucker left our squad for what was the biggest fee we received this transfer season and joins up with Campari - Super Dry as their cobbles leader.

Enrico Battglin joins up with the impressive T-Mobile team and will be a part of their never ending mountain train for Rein Taaramae. He was involved in the swap deal that brought Cristoph Mai to the team.

Maris Bogdanovics also joins up with Campari - Super Dry as their sprint leader for the season. We hope he has better luck in the CT this season than he did last year.

Dmitri Grabovski is the second rider that joins up with Adastra - Argon 18 from our team and will become a part of their strong TTT team.

Jos Van Emden joins up with Grieg - Eftel to have one last shot in the Pro Tour.

Ralf Matzka leaves us to return to the CT as cobbles leader and sprint leadout for BNZ Cycling Team.

We would also like to extend a word of thanks to Michel Kreder, who we could not re-sign during renewals. We hope he has a good season with his new team, Delvaux.

We thank all eight riders once again for their incredible effort in securing our promotion and wish them and their teams the best for the coming season.

A complete team presentation will come soon...
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 29-07-2018 19:01
Rob Ruijgh the worlds slowest "sprinter"? Pfft

Nice adding with two depth talents on hill and cobbles.
viking90 wrote:
Rob Ruijgh the worlds slowest "sprinter"? Pfft

Nice adding with two depth talents on hill and cobbles.

what?! don't you see that acceleration though?

+1 about adding the depth, nice job!
Aarrghhh. Despite checking and re-checking multiple times before posting Rolling Eyes Pfft

Corrected now.
Team Presentation

We welcome you all to the Philips - Continental team presentation for the 2018 season. This is our second season as a professional cycling team, and we achieved immediate promotion for the Continental Division in our first attempt. More of the same this year would be the dream, but realistically, we hope to establish ourselves as a solid PCT outfit this season first.

First up, the livery that our riders will be donning in 2018.

Jersey Presentation



Once again, we would like to thank our jersey designer Krisa for coming up with this lovely jersey and hope to emulate the success we achieved in his last creation for us.

And now, the riders that will ride in our colours in 2018.

2018 Roster
Lahcen Saber75626864747278768179636870
Sergio Henao70827171757977515873706271
Rui Costa70718076737272616972666376
Remco Te Brake75566461747280667976657475
Alexander Krieger71586255717475637979626855
Ramunas Navardauskas75607576747476587570747277
Jan Dieteren67707758757068516366807358
Rob Ruijgh69757267737271646175716467
Wout Poels68746872787877615669687372
Jaoa Costa66717557686968546573757257
Jarlinson Pantano66797154737474515068636854
David Per*75686972707269747073677171
Ronan Van Zandbeek73586976717172646169757376
Christoph Mai67777063677574505260556363
Lotto Petrus68546974706866546365746474
Ha Jeon Jung*65647259687066646267656360
Riccardo Minali67525756697069597373627364
Patrick Muller*67617162686766686364686062
Jonas Bokeloh66616760666664627170616964
Lennard Hofstede68646861686766616067717061
Piet Allegaert68566365677059676070676566
Lukas Meiler#69646964676768706371706564

* indicates loaned in rider
# indicates loaned out rider

Our Thoughts
We know the transfer season this time would be one of transition. The riders we had last season did a fantastic job for us in the CT but they had to make way for others who could keep our momentum going in the PCT. Only six riders have remained with the team from those that got us promotion. In all this shake-up, the number of riders representing us from our home country has gone down to just four. This isn't really a problem for our sponsors, Philips, who are a company with a worldwide presence and appeal. On the flip side, the number of riders representing Germany has increased to five, which should please Continental, who had included such an increase as one of the conditions for continuing with the sponsorship.

Coming to our team, we have stuck with the strategy of depth which served us so well last season. We have had to neglect one terrain, the cobbles, to get here, but we still have a couple of wildcard rider options for the same.

Our team for the mountains will be led by Henao, who will be ably supported by super domestique Pantano. The latter will also get leadership duties in races himself on occasion. Mai, Ruijgh and Poels are our climbing domestiques for the upcoming season.

Portuguese legend Rui Costa will spearhead our puncheur department and he will be accompanied by German youngster Dieteren, who himself is a likely candidate to lead a handful of races. Jaoa Costa remains on the squad, but his role changes this season from co-leader to mostly that of a domestique. Navardauskas will often accompany our hills unit, especially in races where his other qualities can be utilized.

Sprints will be led by Saber, with support from Krieger and Te Brake, both in the form of his leadouts, as well as sharing the load of his sprinting responsibilities in certain races. Once again, Navardauskas will often ride as the extra man in the sprint train when required.

Just Saber and Per, who is on loan, form our Northern Classics and cobbles stage race unit. Having had a lot of success in this terrain in the CT, we had to grudgingly give up the search of obtaining a new cobbles leader midway through the transfer window, Saber will have to take up some of the responsibilities on the cobbles as well, and he will always have the young Slovenian as his lieutenant. Whether Per gets leadership duties himself remains to be seen.

Our Time Trial department has received a boost. Navardauskas joins up with the retained Van Zandbeek while Namibian ITT champion Petrus is also no slouch against the clock.

Hofstede and Allegaert will continue their development with the team this season. Jung and Muller are the other two loan-ins and will mostly follow our hills squad around. Minali and Bokeloh will join the squad in August, where they should mainly feature on the flat terrains.

And now, we wait for the racing to begin...

Special Delivery - Namibian NC Jersey

We signed Lotto Petrus from BNZ Cycling Team this transfer season and he just happens to be the Namibian double National Champion! As a result, he gets the option to ride in a special jersey displaying his national colours. And ride in a special jersey he will. Presenting to you the Namibian NC Jersey that Petrus will be racing in this season.



Once again, a big thank you to our jersey designer Krisa, who took no time coming up with this beautiful jersey. He hope Petrus lives up to it!
Stunning jersey for Petrus! As I've said before and will say again, stunning team that I will both support and be fustrated by all year! There is nothing your team can't do, aside from be exciting puncheurs Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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Just realised we share a minor secondary sponsor in Unilever.

Need to talk to them why they didn`t increase our budget instead. Pfft
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