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RTG '17 | General
Road To Glory

What is it?
Road To Glory is a Story Game where you start as a 19-year-old neo-pro about to be signed by one of the teams in the world of cycling. You lead your cyclist through his career, choosing whichever path you want to take towards glory.

Game Summary
The first step is to select a specialization for your cyclist. Your cyclist is allocated a specific amount of stat-points which forms the base from which he starts to grow.

Next, you will be given a choice of teams to select as your first destination. Details about each team’s riders, and their strengths and weaknesses will be posted before the team selection process. Choose your team wisely to maximize the growth potential of your riders.

As races are covered in the season, your cyclist takes part in them and his results award him points, which in turn affect his growth potential, which determines the amount of statpoints he receives at the end of the season for growth.

The game running information is available in the spoiler below.

Game Running Information
PCM Version: PCM 16
Database: 2017 EP

The race reporter will play as a control team of five riders with stats which should allow them to stick with the pack in Stage Races. These riders will not affect the rest of the peloton in any way.

Rider Creation
Set-up your rider with the following details:
• Name
• Nationality
• Specialization
• Favourite Team (from the ones in the game)
• Career Goal
• Height
• Weight

Besides this, feel free to put up a small write-up about your rider, maybe a paragraph or two, giving more details about their background, traits, etc. This may or may not influence the first and corresponding contract offers. Please read the rules in the spoiler below before signing up with your riders.

Rider Creation Rules
• No suggestive/vulgar names please. I will take the final call in approving your rider’s details.
• Dual nationalities are not allowed. If desired, feel free to mention riders who’ve moved countries/received dual nationalities in their back-story.
• Please assign realistic career goals to your cyclists. For example, a climber with a career goal of winning Paris-Roubaix will not be accepted.
• Career goals can be as ambitious or as simple as you can think of, provided they meet the criteria in the last point.

List of available nationalities
1. Albania
2. Algeria
3. Angola
4. Argentina
5. Australia
6. Austria
7. Azerbaijan
8. Belarus
9. Belgium
10. Bolivia
11. Bosnia and Herzegovina
12. Brazil
13. Bulgaria
14. Cameroon
15. Canada
16. Chile
17. China
18. Colombia
19. Costa Rica
20. Croatia
21. Cuba
22. Cyprus
23. Czech Republic
24. Denmark
25. Dominican Republic
26. Ecuador
27. Egypt
28. Eritrea
29. Estonia
30. Ethiopia
31. Finland
32. France
33. Germany
34. Great Britain
35. Greece
36. Guatemala
37. Hong Kong
38. Hungary
39. Iceland
40. Indonesia
41. Iran
42. Ireland
43. Israel
44. Italy
45. Ivory Coast
46. Japan
47. Kazakhstan
48. Kenya
49. Kuwait
50. Kyrgyzstan
51. Latvia
52. Lithuania
53. Luxembourg
54. Macedonia
55. Malaysia
56. Mexico
57. Moldova
58. Monaco
59. Mongolia
60. Montenegro
61. Morocco
62. Namibia
63. Netherlands
64. New Zealand
65. Norway
66. Panama
67. Philippines
68. Poland
69. Portugal
70. Romania
71. Russia
72. Rwanda
73. Serbia
74. Singapore
75. Slovakia
76. Slovenia
77. South Africa
78. South Korea
79. Spain
80. Sweden
81. Switzerland
82. Taiwan
83. Tanzania
84. Thailand
85. Tunisia
86. Turkey
87. UAE
88. Ukraine
89. Uruguay
90. USA
91. Uzbekistan
92. Venezuela

Selecting Specialization and Statpoints
Select a specialization for your cyclist from one of the following:
1. Stage Racer
2. Climber
3. Puncher
4. Sprinter
5. Northern Classics
6. Classics (mix between Puncher and Northern Classics)
7. Time-Trialist
8. Fighter
9. Barouder
10. Roluer

Riders with each type of specialization get a different combination of stat-points, plus some stat-points will be available for customization. There will be a ceiling for every type of stat at every age.

At the end of the season, each rider will receive some statpoints which you can assign to them as you want. The stat-points a rider receives is equal to their Growth Potential.

There will be no statpoint increase for a rider beyond the age of 30.

Non-custom riders till the age of 30 will also receive stat upgrades. Non-custom riders above age 32 will decline.

Growth Potentials (GP)
Every rider will start with a GP of 9. GP will have a range between 7 and 12. Every two years (aged 20, 22, 24, and so on), after that season, their GPs will be recalculated depending on their results.

The recalculations will follow a 30-40-30 rule, wherein the top 30% performers will receive a +1 potential boost, the next 40% riders will retain their previous potential, and the bottom 30% performers will receive a -1 potential deduction.

• If a situation arises where a rider is alone in the lowest GP band during GP recalculation, he will automatically receive a +1 GP boost during the next recalculation.
• If a situation arises where a rider is alone in the highest GP band during GP recalculation, he will remain in that GP band during the next recalculation.
• The last GP recalculation for a rider will happen when they are 34 years old, after that season is over.
• The amount of statpoints a rider receives at the end of the season will be equal to their GP.
• Statpoints increase will be done before GP recalculations.
• The higher the GP, the more coveted is the rider in the peloton (actual stats are also important). In this regard, GP is also a reflection of rider reputation.

Rider Scoring
Points will be awarded to riders depending on their results. These points will be used to make GP recalculations at the end of every two years. Points awarded for each race will depend on the category of the race the rider attended.

The points file is available here: https://www.dropb....xlsx?dl=0

Selecting Teams and Contracts
Once riders have been created and their statpoints assigned, you will receive contract offers from three teams for your rider. Team options that you receive will depend on the riders needed by a team and nationality. Two of these offers will be from teams matching the criteria above. The third offer will be from a wildcard team.

Contract lengths vary from 1 to 3 years in the game. It is more likely that your first contract will be of either 1 or 2 years. You might get a 3 year contract if you match a team’s requirements perfectly.

For every consequent contract discussion, your rider will receive offers from teams depending once again on riders they need, nationality, your rider’s stats and GP. A champion team will wish to sign a rider with a higher GP. Similarly, a lower ranked team is more likely to chase a rider with a lower GP. This is not to say that we will be looking at a situation where the best riders will only be signed by the best teams. A contract offer will be a result of a combination of all four factors mentioned above. The relative weights depend on the team in question. The number of contract offers any rider can receive will be between 2 and 5.

There will be 24 teams in this game, the 18 WT teams in 2017 plus 6 teams that’ll I’ve selected from the PCT, keeping in mind some region variability. All teams will take part in all races. All teams will be in the same division.

For cyclists at their peak, teams will follow an IRL pattern of recruiting riders, for example, Quickstep will have a tendency to recruit more classics specialists while Movistar will prefer climbers/punchers. Region focused teams will prefer riders who are either from their focus regions or from other countries speaking their language. For young cyclists, teams will tend to recruit riders for specializations they lack in, so as to allow the young cyclists enough space to grow. Again, this does not mean that there will be no variability in recruitment. Cases like the Izagirres and the Herradas leaving Movistar to join Bahrain Merida and Cofidis respectively may also happen. Also, a team having three stage racers will almost never look for another stage racer even if there’s a strong stage racer with 12 GP available. I will change some of the teams’ recruiting patterns, to better cover the globe, but will mention those when the teams are introduced.

A team standings will be maintained but it will be in an Olympic format of the count of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals won by each. Better teams will tend to go after better riders, both in terms of stats and GP. It has to be remembered that the final act of receiving a contract from a team depends on a combination of Stats, GP, Specialization and Focus Region. Each team will have its own unique weightage for these factors, by which they will shortlist potential new recruits.

The Team List is available in the spoiler below. The team details are available here: https://pcmdaily.c...st_1292594

Team List
1. AG2R La Mondiale
2. Aqua Blue Sport
3. Astana Pro Team
4. Bahrain - Merida
5. BMC Racing Team
6. Bora - Hansgrohe
7. Cannondale - Drapac
8. CCC Sprandi Polkowice
9. FDJ
10. Israel Cycling Academy
11. Lotto - Soudal
12. Manzana - Postobón Team
13. Movistar Team
14. NIPPO - Vini Fantini
15. Orica - Scott
16. Quick-Step Floors
17. Team Dimension Data
18. Team Katusha - Alpecin
19. Team Lotto NL - Jumbo
20. Team Sky
21. Team Sunweb
22. Trek - Segafredo
23. UAE Team Emirates
24. Wilier Triestina - Selle Italia

The calendar will consist of 44 races, and 201 RDs, along with the World and National Championships. It will consist of the following break-up:
1. 3 Grand Tours – 63 RDs
2. 5 Monuments – 5 RDs
3. 18 Stage Races – 115 RDs
4. 18 One Day Classics – 18 RDs
5. National Championships: Individual Time Trial and Road Race – 2 RDs
6. World Championships: Individual Time Trial and Road Race – 2 RDs

• Only those races will be played in 3D which have custom riders. The others will be simulated.
• Only those National Championships will be played which have custom riders. The results of the others will be randomized.

Riders will pick their own calendars based on the rules in the spoiler below. Non-custom riders will be picked by me for every team for each race.

The calendar is available here: https://pcmdaily.c...t_1293257.

Calendar Selection Rules
1. Till age 23
a. Max 60 RDs
b. Max 2 GTs

2. Age 24 – 32
a. Max 90 RDs

3. Age 33 and above
a. Max 75 RDs

4. Clashing races cannot be picked.

You can select trainings for your young riders in blocks of 5 days. You can train your rider for a maximum of three blocks, i.e. for 15 days, in a year. However, it is to be remembered that training your riders will reduce available RDs for your riders by the number of days for which you train them. Each block of training adds to the rider’s score which will be used in GP recalculations.

The trade-off between training and races is that your rider will lose possibly higher points from race results in exchange of guaranteed improvement from trainings. The amount of points that a rider will receive for training is available in the points file.

Riders above the age of 25 cannot be trained and training effectiveness reduces as the riders become older.

There will be no training specialization to be decided.

Race Reporting
Race reports will include a short write-up on the key events of the race, with a focus on how the custom riders got along. Stage and Race results for a stage race and Race results for a classic will be included at the end. Races without any custom riders will only have the stage and final results, as applicable.

Reports will be available in the Calendar and Race Results page.

• The game will start in the year 2017.

• All riders retire at the age of 36, after that season. However, you are free to retire your custom riders at the end of any season and start over. Riders can be handed over from one person to another, even exchanged by mutual agreement, after a season. However, you are not allowed to be in control of more than one rider at a time.

• As an exception to the first line of the above rule,
o All riders in the DB will ride in the first season.
o Riders aged 40 and above at the time will be removed after the first season.
o Riders aged 38 and above at the time will be removed after the second season.
o After the third season, all riders aged 36 and above at the time, will retire.

This is to ensure that custom riders are able to ride with or against some of the older riders in the current peloton.

• Riders begin to decline from the age of 33, before the season starts. Rate of decline depends on GP at the time and is faster for a lower GP. Riders will decline faster for non-specialization stats (for a sprinter the non-specialization stats would be MON, HIL, etc.).

• As far as possible, races will have different variants every season depending on what I have available. Feel free to suggest race routes from the second season onwards. Also feel free to suggest new races to be introduced in place of some of the races already on the calendar from the second season onwards. There isn’t much scope of increasing the size of the calendar for the time being.

• At the end of a season, other riders in teams might be retained or released depending on what I feel the team needs going ahead. Custom riders are free to share their thoughts on who they feel should join their team/not continue in their team if they want. This may or may not be considered when I take those decisions.

Please comment in the thread if you are interested. You don’t have to create riders immediately but just a signal of intent to join the game would be good.

Feel free to post any questions in the thread or ask me via PM.

Cheers Smile

A big thanks to knockout, jandal and trekbmc for letting bounce my ideas off them for most of the last 2 weeks. Also thanks to the latter two in helping me test my sheets. And a huge one to trek for helping me set up the DB Grin

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In it to win it.

I heard Francis N. Vague is unemployed.
Unleash the Landa!

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Im interested.
I'm here, I join
No North Korea? No Topsport Vlaanderen? I need new ideas for a cyclist Shock
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Of course I'm in, looks awesome Abhishek! Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Of course I'm here and raring to go Abhi, as I've said I love it Grin

Shonak wrote:
In it to win it.

I heard Francis N. Vague is unemployed.

Interesting <3
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Interested! It looks amazing btw. I already have the cyclist idea :lol:
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I'll give this a whirl also Smile


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Seems cool, I'll join too Smile
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Wow, thank you for the great response Grin

Sign-ups are gonna remain open for some time, so there's no rush really. I'm gonna start putting up the team details over the next couple of days, in case that affects your rider creation choices.

The points file is now available: https://www.dropb....xlsx?dl=0
Yellow Jersey
Wow seems like an awesome idea! Hope it gets many people to join in for a story as broad as possible, I'm in Smile
In Banana
nice, is it a PM signup?
nacho63 wrote:
nice, is it a PM signup?

No, sign-ups in this thread itself.

The first set of teams have been introduced here: https://pcmdaily.c...st_1292594

I have used the teams from the DB and added some riders from the teams not in the game. There are 35 roster spots open currently in total but in the unlikely circumstance that there are more sign-ups, some riders can be 'pushed out' Wink

EDIT: All team introductions have been posted.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 31-05-2018 11:50
This sounds cool.

Would it be open to folks who don't have access to PCM16? I only have PCM15.

Also, what are the expectations for frequency of pro postings?

I might be able to add something on a weekly basis, as I'm married, with kids and a job that has me travel...so my contributions might be sporadic...

If you will have me, I'd love to join though. Smile
Why not a 2018 DB? Feels a bit weird to start with an outdated DB. Grin
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
"Landismo never dies" - Landa

@Shonak: Is a working 2018 DB available for PCM 16? I can try to get it ready in that case as long as it can be accessed by either fast editor or excel editor. Don't have one myself else I'd prefer it too. Maybe will slow things down by 4-5 days but not much of a problem.

@Supernutz: You don't need access to pcm 16, only those who'll report it will need it. There is no fixed expectation regarding posting as long you stay active from time to time. Only thing is you will have meet the deadlines for pre season tasks like stats and calendar selection. Otherwise what you mentioned shouldn't really be a problem Smile
2017 DB still has Tom Boonen, no need for other arguments Pfft
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
So there's not sign-ups proper yet, we're just declaring interest?
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