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RCS | Race Company Simulator - Designing Races
Company Name: In the Dutch Mountains
Company Nationality: Netherlands
Initial Race Region: Netherlands
Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Race Company Name: Titani Ciclismo
Race Region: Sicily
Race Division: 2.2
Company Name: Mauri Sports Organisation
Company Nationality: Qatar
Initial Race Region: Any
Manager of Moser - Sygic
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Company Name: Organizacion Deportiva Aquarius
Race Region: Gibraltar
Division: .2
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Company Name: Organizacion Deportiva Aquarius
Race Region: Cantabria
Division: .2
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Race Company Name: A Borsodi S√∂rgy√°r Az Eg√©szs√©ges √Čletm√≥d√©rt Alap√≠tv√°ny
Race Region: Flanders
Race Division: .2
Race Company Name: Fiets en Vriend: The Imperialistic Flanders Cycling Confederation
Race Region: Flanders
Race Division: 1.2
Join the EPIC madness! https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=31670

Voted Best Forum Game 2014!

Frederiek Nolf, Dimitri De Fauw, Wouter Weylandt, Rob Goris, Kristof Goddaert, Igor Decraene, Antoine Demoitié, Daan Myngheer, Michael Goolaerts. The legendary Michele Scarponi. The list is getting too long..
Classic. Brussel - Nieuwpoort. First to get all race climbs right gets a free Westmalle beer set (and a hint for our stage race).

1) A _ _ _ M B _ _ _
2) B _ S _ E _ _
3) _ _ _ _ V A N _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
4) _ E R E _ _ R I _ _
5) L _ _ _ _ G
6) _ O P _ _ N _ E R _
7) _ A T _ R _ _ _ _
8) O _ _ _ K W _ _ _ _ _ _ _
9) _ E M M E _ _ _ _ _
10) M _ _ T E B _ _ _
11) R _ D _ _ _ R G
12) M _ N T _ _ _ C _ T S
Join the EPIC madness! https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=31670

Voted Best Forum Game 2014!

Frederiek Nolf, Dimitri De Fauw, Wouter Weylandt, Rob Goris, Kristof Goddaert, Igor Decraene, Antoine Demoitié, Daan Myngheer, Michael Goolaerts. The legendary Michele Scarponi. The list is getting too long..
Jandal is the winner of our contest, he wins the Westmalle beer set (pick it up at the start of the race).

And now our stage race announcement: The Tour of the Trappists!

It's a 9 day stage race around the 8 Trappist breweries in the Benelux. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a Trappist beer is a beer that's brewed by monks inside their abbey.

The race will start with a short prologue around the Abbey of Westmalle, where our sponsor Ecover is located.


The second day we'll have the first real stage from Westmalle to Zundert. We'll make a detour through Zeeland to have the winds toughen up the race a little, but it should still be a sprint finish.


Day 3 we have a long TTT from Zundert to Berkel-Enschot, where the La Trappe brewery is located. There's a short offroad section and some cobbles to spicen things up a bit.


Day 4 we leave the dutch breweries behind us and come back into Belgium for what should be a mass sprint in Achel.


Day 5 will be a very long and tough stage. We will have to cross the Ardennes to reach the next monastery in Rochefort. Climbs include Cauberg and La Redoute, fortunately for the riders they're far away from the finish.


More hills on day 6, but the stage is a lot shorter, as we only need to go to Orval, the uphill finish won't be easy though.


It doesn't stop with the hill, day 7 with another uphill sprint towards Chimay. Last chance for the puncheurs to gain some time.


Stage 8 will be the queen stage of this year Tour of the Trappists. It's long and it's full of cobbles. We cross the Muur, Oude Kwaremont and Kemmelberg, before the flat final towards Westvleteren.


Stage 9 will bring us back to Westmalle, where our sponsor Ecover is located. There wil be some difficulties early on, but the second half of the race is flat so we expect a mass sprint.

We hope to see a packed startlist. Puncheurs, cobblers and sprinters will find stages to their liking.
Wow that sounds amazing Ollfardh - should be a fun race to follow, expensive to run Wink Will be in Westmalle for my beer Smile
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
19/07/18 - Robbie McEwen said "[Dani Navarro] even looks in pain at the sign-on!"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne


Psst, CT teams. Over here...
Race Company Name: Sexy Cycling Ltd.
Race Region: Piemonte/Lombardia
Race Division: .2
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
19/07/18 - Robbie McEwen said "[Dani Navarro] even looks in pain at the sign-on!"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne


Psst, CT teams. Over here...
Yellow Jersey
Rota do Atl√Ęntico

Race Company Name: Associação Desportiva do Douro
Race Region: Portuguese Coast
Race Division: .2

The second race organized by the Associação Desportiva da Douro is here! After the quick assembly of the company's major goal wich was to organize an intriguing race around it's home region, we bring the riders a new challenge, in the form of a stage race with 5 days of competition. The route is quite simple, it essentially follows the Atlantic coast ( thus it's name, 'Route of the Atlantic' ), starting in one of the most southern points of the country in Sagres (regularly on the Volta ao Algarve), and throughout the course of 5 stages move north until the grand finale in the city of Caminha near the Spanish border.

The first 3 stages will be accostumed to the sprinters, but with plenty of chances for the lighter and punchier to make differences, including a Golden Kilometer in every stage (3 intermediate sprints in very close to proximity). Stage 4 will be almost pan-flat, passing through some sites that were devastated by the fires that occured in October of last year and will be near the coast at all times. And the final stage is set to be the one that will create differences if it does happen, with a combination of hills that will put many riders into some serious trouble, and where the sprinters will try to maintain their lead over the strongest riders in that terrain. To note that in every single stage, the wind may play a big part.

The race will look to go through some of the country's national parks, the most urban and developed areas and the most reputated beach tourism locations, whilst at the same time having a composed parcours, wich will allow the sprinters and puncheurs have their share of success.

Stage 1



Stage: Sagres - Ilha do Pessegueiro
Distance: 196Km
Elevation Gain: 2322m

The race will start in Sagres Fortress on familiar roads to those who are regular viewers of the Volta ao Algarve. This first stage will not go through the famous Algarve tourist destinations but it will start there and head north towards the Alentejo region.

The race will start here

This stage is rated as the second hardest of the race, much due to the climbs it will face through the middle of the day. The climb to Padescas is 3Km at 7.9% average gradient, and the one to Zambujeira de Baixo is 1.2Km long at an average of 8.3%. But the hardest is definetely the Alto da Fóia, a regular too in the Volta ao Algarve, and it's final 7.6Km feature a gradient of 5.9% followed by a steep technical descent.

Alto da Fóia

If the sprinters resist this part of the stage confortably, they should have no trouble until the end as the final 55Km are totally flat, with the Golden Kilometer located at 19Km from the finish line in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Vila Nova de Milfontes

And after that, the riders will face a pan-flat and easy at a technical level run-in to the finish, located near the Ilha do Pessegueiro island where we'll see the first yellow jersey emerge.

1Km to the finish line...

Background: It's a stage through a region that I don't know very well but was always curious to find out about it's roads. The final part of the stage is in the Alentejo, a region I absolutely love and have memories of racing in those same roads wich makes it special.
Opinion: Without considering possible wind, it's still a preety hard stage. The sprinters should have this one but they will struggle in Fóia, that's a serious climb not a hill. Overall it's a very dynamic day, I wouldn't be surprised if a breakaway took it and open up the GC.

Stage 2



Stage: Sines - Costa da Caparica
Distance: 212Km
Elevation Gain: 1844m

The riders will take off in Sines and will face a long day in the saddle. For their "pleasure" until the intermediate sprint they should have a preety relaxed race.


A first intermediate sprint should be the highlight of the first half of the stage, where then they'll go around the Sado estuary. Only after 150Km the real stage will begin, the Serra da Arr√°bida is proper to host some explosive racing, the climb is rated as 9.9Km at 3.7% but it's split into 3 little climbs. The second one feautres over 2Km at 9% and the last 800 meters at 10%.

This part of the route will be scenic

After the climbing follows a fast descent, that leaves the riders in a zone that has two spikes in the profile. The Golden Kilometer will be situated there and will have a 7% average gradient, something that can cause a major stir in the peloton. Likely that the breakaway will take these bonusses (wich will be dangerous GC wise), and that will leave 38Km in the stage. It can allow recoveries or possible crosswinds, but what is sure is that it won't be a technical finale with the final straight being 5Km long, ending the second stage in Costa da Caparica.

Costa da Caparica

Background: I'm unfamiliar with these roads except for the Arr√°bida area. It's mostly a transition stage, the roads in the upper Alentejo and Sado region are quite good for cycling. It starts off in those calm beach-side villages and will end in an urban city very near the capital so it shows off the contrast between the regions in here.
Opinion: I'd like it very much if the race was attacked in those steep gradients in the Serra da Arr√°bida, the constant up-and-down can cause multiple splits and will be a very stressful part of the stage. It's the longest one so the distance will weigh on the sprinters. Again it will be for the tough ones who have a good peak power.

Stage 3



Stage: Lisboa - Peniche
Distance: 197.5Km
Elevation Gain: 2674m

The start line will be located in the Portuguese capital, Lisboa and it will run through the coast of the Tejo river until we start to go up in Estoril (where the past MotoGP circuit is located).



From there on there will be rugged terrain throughout the stage. The Sintra-Cascais natural park will be a reference point though as the riders will go up to the Pal√°cio da Pena, one of the country's landmarks. They'll face 2Km at 7.5% after a long false fat run-in.


Pal√°cio da Pena

Long transition roads will follow, the climb to Venureira will be present there with 4.2Km at 4.5% average gradient, as will be the passing through Torres Vedras, birthplace of Portugal's most reputated cyclist ever, Joaquim Agostinho.
After that there will be the main point of the day, with the climb to the Montejunto natural park, featuring 8Km at 5.3%.

Serra de Montejunto

There will be a descent, and a slightly rugged terrain after, that'll lead-up to the Golden Kilometer, wich is in the middle of a 1.5Km climb at 5% that once again can ignite the race or give an advantage to the breakaway riders.
That leaves us with the final 17.5Km, completely flat and will finish in the city of Peniche, the road to the finish line goes all around the tiny peninsula.


Background: This stage was about getting out of the way initially (that area, I don't appreciate it much), but as I was considering the possible routes I realized that after all there are many roads that look good to explore. I had the chance to go through another national park (thus making it three in this day) and finish in the same place, but that would leave me with a 230Km stage and that seemed to long for it to stil be an interesting stage (considering the profile).
Opinion: To be honest this day has breakaway win wrriten all over it. But the thing is, if the puncheurs want to fight for GC they'll have to push hard, but that will leave the sprinters to battle it out for the win. That will leave the teams into having to make a very intelligent strategy and do the right choices, cause if they don't it can cost them big. And that will surely give the race a very interesting dynamics.

Stage 4



Stage: Vieira de Leiria - Vila Nova de Gaia (Cais de Gaia)
Distance: 199.5Km
Elevation Gain: 881m

The fourth stage of the Rota do Atl√Ęntico will remember the disaster of 15th/16th October 2017. The extreme heat and a storm (along with many arsons) caused fires that burned 2% of the country's area in about 48 hours, and caused 48 casualties. The start will be in Vieira de Leiria, unlike the other days it doesn't start in a major city but instead in one that was severely affected by those occurences.

Vieira de Leiria

The riders will head up north for the whole day, passing through the sole KOM of the day in Figueira da Foz, with a gentle 2.9Km at 4.3%.

Figueira da Foz

Then the riders will face a 30Km straight road, right through the Pinhal the Leiria (Leiria woods). That forest had over 11000 hectares of pine plantations, and it's where over 700 years ago the tradicional monoculture of pines began in Portugal. In October 80% of that forest burned down. The intermediate sprint will be located in the center of the forest so as to make it a special site.

Once one of Portugal's greenest areas, it's now a dark lifeless place...

The race will keep going, getting a bit far from the sea-line but still rather close, it will go through some of the major cities in the center and northern region, including fishing towns, recognized beach tourism sites and national landmarks.
The Golden Kilometer will be located already inside of the Vila Nova de Gaia city, in it's premiere 15Km beachside road with cycle-tracks and blue flag beaches.

The Golden Kilometer will be placed near the Senhor da Pedra chappel, one of Portugal's most iconic beaches

The race will remain flat until the end, where after going through the Douro estuary, they will go riverside near the cliffs until they reach the Cais de Gaia, where the stage will have it's finish.

The finish will be in the Tourist spot of the Cais de Gaia

Background: This stage was cut out into detail in some parts, but really easy to do as I'm familiar with all the roads. Really think it's a bit of a symbolic gesture to display some of the early roads, those events were really marking for me, and I'm trying to raise a little bit of awareness and how even the biggest things can indeed completely disappear in a glimpse.
Opinion: If there's wind it's a seriously threatening stage as it goes almost all in the same direction. If there isn't it's set to be a relaxed stage as it's very flat. This one should be an advantage for the pure sprinters, and a stage that (possibly) won't have any traps.

Stage 5



Stage: Vila Nova de Gaia - Caminha
Distance: 186Km
Elevation Gain: 2574m

The race will start off exactly where it finished one day earlier, in the Cais de Gaia, but the riders will quickly head north, through the historic site of the Porto riverside and once they leave the river the race will continue heading north through roads close to the ocean.

The riders will set off and go through the Douro riverside

The race will be flat for the first 80Km, with an intermediate sprint after 59Km of racing in Esposende. The first climb of the day will be the twitchy one to the Santu√°rio de Santa Luzia (Santa Luzia sanctuary), a climb that is around 2Km at 5% in light cobblestones. The climb won't stop there as they head over the hills of Viana do Castelo, and right after a steep descent the Monte da Portela with it's 1.5Km at 11.1% will put the hurt on many of the riders, featuring 16% in the first 500 meters.

Santu√°rio de Santa Luzia

Several uncategorized hills will follow, topping up at Arga de Baixo, and the climb to Penedo das Casinhas will finish this sequence of climbs, with it's 3.9Km at 6.9%. They'll quickly come down to Vila Nova da Cerveira where they'll have the Golden Kilometer in the bottom of the descent.

Vila Nova da Cerveira with the Penedo das Casinhas peak in the distance

A fast flat stretch will get the rider through Caminha for the first time, but they will keep going and will later face the final climb to Santo At√£o, 7.2Km at 5%, but with consistent 6-7% in it's bulk.

In Santo At√£o they'll get a view of Caminha and Spain, divided by the Minho river

A fast and technical descent will get the riders back down to Caminha where the flat finishing straight should see the final gaps in this tour.


Background: Before seeing it's details, I thought that area was flatter than it actually is.. I found many interesting climbs I didn't know but the Santa Luzia climb keeps it a familiar route through unknown roads in a way. I really hope the strongest riders attack the middle of the stage with all those consecutive climbs, but the final climb should also be hard enough for gaps to appear.
Opinion: The flat start won't get the riders in any trouble except if there's wind. That succession of climbs will be the hardest 60Km of the race and with the Golden Kilometer in the end of that descent, it purely enourages far-out attacks. It will depend much on how fast the race is ridden, it is also very possible for it to be a show only on the final climb.

Ciao Michele.
So many amazing presentations guys!

Keeps the pressure on us who havent presented yet..
There's been plenty of time to submit races and in the interest of not letting the game get backed up indefinitely, I'll set a deadline on race submissions of the end of Saturday, Daily Time. No other deadlines as of yet.


Once all the sponsor selections have been made, we'll get onto date selections for races, which is the last step for you guys before we can begin, though it'll still be 2-3 weeks before the season begins, as I'm making all the races behind the scenes, which takes some time.

On that note, if you've made a route request, you may send a PM with PCM race profiles at some point, these can be used for your own use (e.g. presentations), but it's also important to confirm that the profile and route is correct, so let me know if there's something wrong when you receive them. Smile


"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
TMM Sports Managment

Having succesfully managed a collection of cyclo-cross riders, and a cyclo-cross team, and created some beloved and prestigious cyclo-cross races TMM Sports Management has expanded! We're now designing and running fully fledged cycling road races! Over the coming years we expect to run a wide variety of events right across the world. We are going to put a new race on every Continent, if not several!

We're here to present our first official race, with a second to follow in the coming days!

Olympic Tour

A brand new 4-Day race in the United States of America, the Olympic Tour is guaranteed to one to watch. Celebrating an often overlooked area of the US, the Olympic Tour takes place entirely around the Olympic Mountains in the beautiful Washington state. With the AToC gaining World Tour status in 2017 there's a gap in the market for a great American stage race at the HC level. We can only start off at .2 but have confidence we'll rise up the ranks in no time at all.

Stage 1, Olympia to Aberdeen

The race begins in Washington state capial, Olympia. A beautiful city steeped in and shaped by the natural world around it. It heads out south-west down to the Capital State Forest park area, and climb of Capital Peak. This early climb will draw the attackers out early to face the 11km @4.6% and get the race off to a good start.
Back down in the river valley there is a Sprint point in the small town of Greenwood, and then again in Montesano. The break should mop these up as riders recover from the early climb.
Getting off the Olympic Highway we dart Northwards. This takes the race over the short Wynoochee climb, just 1.3km but a harsh 7% gradient. Heading back south the race comes towards the finishing town of Aberdeen. Aberdeen for it's size has a surprising impact on the world, being hometown of Peter Norton (creator of Norton), Daniel Bryan (pro wresteler) and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana).
Before finishing the race takes a quick detour to the Heights above the town, providing one last challenge on the day. It could provide a launch for a late attack, or it could shift some sprinters. Certainly the end of the stage will be wide open for the brave to take.


Stage 2, Ocean City to Neah Bay


Stage 2 kicks off in Ocean City, a rather grandly named village right on the edge of the world. The race goes immediately north up the coast roads getting to the sprint point in Taholah 40km later. A break should be clear by now, but as the race goes up the exposed coast winds could be the decisive factor.
The route continues north, cutting inland around a wildlife refuge, before coming back to the coast and north again. We go back inland after passing Ruby Beach, threading our way into another Sprint point at Forks.
156km done at this point, which could be hit by high winds, but still the day is only just getting going. First is Gunderson Pass, a 1.2km 7% wall, and then immediately Thunder Creek, 2km at 5%, and then straight into Thunder Pass, 4km at just 3% but ramps of 15%!. This packed trio of climbs will hurt tired legs, but is still just softening the peloton.
At 210km the race goes over Ozette, 2km at 9% average but ramping over 12% in places. From here there are numerous tough ramps in the road as we wind over to the coast again. The final 10km of the race are back on the exposed coast roads, and if there's any wind the race could still be split open again!
Eventually we reach the finish line in Neah Bay. A huge 250km day packed with ramps and climbs and winds. Designed very much with a Flemish classic in mind, this is one to look forwards to!


Stage 3, Clallam Bay to Mount Angeles


The tiny spot of Clallam Bay hosts the start of the big king stage of the Olympic Tour! The day starts easy and flat along the coastline. The early escapees will contest Sprints in Joyce and the larger town of Port Angeles. It's after the Port Angeles sprint at 80km things get tough. We head out the east end of town and cut south inland.
The early slopes of Blue Mountain are not easy. About 10km to the first peak point averages 6%. The next 12-15km are easier, averaging only 4-5%. But now we hit the big leagues. The true climb of Blue Mountain is just 7km, but at a murderous 12% average! And if that's not enough, there are sections over 20% gradient! This climb can match the toughest a Tour or Giro or Vuelta can offer...
After the summit we charge down fast back to Port Angeles and sea level. We turn back inland for the summit finish up Mount Angeles, and Hurricane Ridge Road. The full climb is 30km at 5%, which is long and grinding on it's own let alone after Blue Mountain. Maximum gradients are up around 11%, with some sections lasting 1km at 7-9%.
Not that the riders will notice, but the views back out over the sea from 1600m will be stunning and a fantastic backdrop to what will be an epic showdown of, we hope, the divisions best climbers.


Stage 4, Maple Grove/Lake Crescent ITT


The race ends with a 50km ITT around Lake Crescent. The route starts and ends in Maple Grove, heading out west along the north shore of Lake Crescent. The first time check is after 12km at Deviles Point. We continue around the edge of the lake, coming back via the second check after 35km at Barnes Point. Towards the finish we take a quick pop around Lake Sutherland just to torture the riders that little bit more. 50km of flat time trial can make a lot of gaps, especially after three other challenging fays riding.



Capitol State Forest



Ocean City


Gunderson Pass

Neah Bay

Clallam Bay

Port Angeles

Blue Mountain

Mount Angeles

Lake Crescent

Yellow Jersey
Really nice presentation! It will be intereting to see how the GC will balance out, the ITT is very important but the mountains can create some very serious gaps.

Ciao Michele.
Bernard Madoff Investment


√ėstlandet Rundt 2018


Sponsored by


The Stages

The two day stage race will test the riders as a team, both days. The tour starts in Kristiansand and will take the riders along the east coast of Norway. The small tour includes a 50 km team time trail, followed by a classic length road race which ends up in Drammen.

Arendal - Grimstad (TTT)

The opening stage of √ėstlandet Rundt will start in the beutiful city of Kristiansand, known for it's good weather.


The start of the stage is rather flat, before starting to slowly accend towards the first time check at Kristiansand Dyrepark.


As the teams powers by the wild life watching on their left hand side, they will have to focus as the stage now will start to descend before heading up towards the KOM at Steindal.


After the KOM, the teams will head towards Lillesand, for the last time check before the finish in Grimstad.


There is no time to rest within the last 20 km's of the stage. Chances of side winds is high as the teams head towards the home town of cycling legends Dag Otto Lauritzen and Thor Hushovd. To find out who has the overal lead before the long stage the following day.



Arendal - Drammen

After yesterdays battle of the clock, the leader of the tour will have a hard time to defend his jersey in this bumpy ride to Drammen. The start of the race will most likely be hectic, as the KOM jersey is up for grabs. With the first challange up √ėsterholtheia.


Then there will be an up and down affair before the race will start at the second points giving climb up to Telemarksporten.


Then the race will head towards the city of Sandefjord for the only intermidiate sprint of the tour, Jotun Sprinter King.


With only 88 km's left of the tour, the race will be on for the line in Drammen. With both the overal lead and stage win on the line, the last part of the race will be fast and dramatic.



Both Bernard Madoff Investment and Jotun hope to see you there!

Race Company Name: Bernard Madoff Investment
Race Region: Norwegian East Coast
Race Division: .2

Yellow Jersey
Norway's a beautiful country every race in there is awesome! Nice job it should be an interesting one

Ciao Michele.
Sexy Cycling Ltd. Presents: Giro d'Alpi!

Trimmed down from a week-long event due to budget restrictions, the Giro d'Alpi is nevertheless the toughest mountain race in the Continental Tour. 5 stages take us from the Monferrat, up into the Cottian and Graian Alps for two days and the Eastern Alps in the last two days. The riders take on some of cycling's most iconic climbs, and have the chance to write their own stories on these fabled ascents.

Basically, masochistic to ride, absolutely beautiful to watch.

Stage 1: Casale Monferrato - Castagneto Po


Up and down all day through the rolling hills of Montferrat, the opening stage of the 2017 Giro d'Alpi takes us from the river Po, over 15 categorised climbs and even more uncategorised ones. A chance for less punchy climbers to be caught out before we even hit the Alps, and a chance for early KoM points to be put on the board. Many beautiful countryside landscapes to be enjoyed - not that there'll be a lack of action, either.


Stage 2: Torino - Sestriere


210km in the mountains is just crazy, really. Just 20km in ,the riders are tasked with a pair of category one climbs, including the Colle del Lys. From there, it's 35 rolling kilometres leading into the brutally tough Colle degli Astesiani. Then we take in the descent, a tough but short Cat.2 ascent before one of the most tough climbs, and highest passes, in all of Italy: the partly unsealed Colle delle Finestre.


The 45 hairpins have provided an insanely tough springboard for a Sestriere finish and this stage is no different. However in this CT race we are lucky enough to see another unsealed climb - up to the ski station, usually a slope itself in the winter but in the June setting this climb is rideable. Time will tell if it fares better with audiences than the normal Cat.3 finish, but it should be a very entertaining, and tough, stage finish.


Stage 3: Susa - Bourg-Saint-Maurice


A very tough stage in itself, considering it's surrounding stages this almost seems like a rest day at 151km without a summit finish. But make no mistake: The monster passes of Col du Mont-Cenis and the famous Col de l'Iseran, and newcomer Col de l'Aguille, along with the final climb up to Hauteville, make this a very tough stage indeed!


Nearly all in France, this is the first jaunt into foreign territory for the tour and the openness of the stage is sure to see some Frenchman looking to go for the stage win, from the favourites or the breakaway.


Stage 4: Sondrio - Passo San Jorio


We're kinda worried about lawsuits here as the riders are made to tackle a trio of brutal HC climbs: Alpe Airale (24.5km @ 7.3%), Passo Dordona (17.4km @ 10.2%, including the opening 5km @ 16.5%) and Passo San Marco (22.6km @ 6.6%), all in the first 113km. And these climbs are far from useless - despite seeming relatively small the next trio of climbs can help you keep a long-range move going, all tough Cat.2 beasts.


The final climb is one of the most interesting in the race - the Passo San Jorio, up to the Swiss border, flicks between sealed, gravel and a kind of cobbestones - though much bigger than those in Flanders or Northern France, and with cement filling the gaps.


26km at a ridiculous 7%, it's a very tough finale to a ridiculous stage. Whoever finishes today - let alone wins - goes down as a hero in our books. Could be a big GC shake-up before tomorrow's possibly even tougher finale.


Stage 5: Bolzano - Passo dello Stelvio



Yet another absolutely ridiculous stage - 227km and chaos will reign. Starting with the Passo della Mendola (14.5km @ 6.5%) with the Passo del Tonale (15km @ 6.0%) in the opening 100km is bad, but it looks like a cakewalk when you put it next to the Gavia Pass (16.5km @ 7.8%), Umbrailpass/fake Stelvio (16.5km @ 7.2%) and the Passo dello Stelvio/real Stelvio (24km @ 7.6%), all climbed with just a couple of flat kilometres in the mix - looping round to the Stelvio after a Swiss descent of the Umbrailpass.


Passo del Tonale: A launchpad for the brave


Passo Gavia - A launchpad for the ambitious


Umbrailpass - A launchpad for the favourites


Passo dello Stelvio - The hairpins of legends

With five epic mountain passes there should be no shortage of action - just classic bike racing. The race is won or lost in special moments, and this final stage is full of them.

The Route Map


Those last stage captions were the cheesiest things I ever wrote

Edited by jandal7 on 22-04-2018 03:43
I still can't decide what the lace would like, but one thing that is for sure is that it'd be in Serbia.

EDIT: The race would be called Belgrade Cycling Challenge and will feature 3 stages - Individual Time Trial, Criterium race and one normal stage
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