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Vuelta a Espana - Stage 10
[PTM] Vuelta a Espana

Stage 10 Sierra Nevada – Valdepeñas de Jaén 200.2 km

The stage start at the foot of Sierra Nevada, Provincia de Almería, from here the route travels northwest up the mountains surrounding the municipality of Valdepeñas de Jaén, before a finish in the town.
Valdepeñas de Jaén was founded in 1539. Today it has a population of approx. 4000.


The stage is officially categorized as hill, but the climbs is rather hard so it is more fair to call it semi-mountain. There are two KoM climbs, both over Alto de Valdepeñas.
Even though we have a short summit finish, there are no KoM points at the line.


It is another nice and sunny day in Spain, with just a light breeze.

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Selvaggi opens todays stage at his wheel pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Lammertink

A few km later another attack this time pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/rbc.png Hughes, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hug.png Herrada and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Chhetri

This may not fit the ambitions behind Selvaggi’s original initiative, but I’m sure Strava management don’t mind. With Chhetri much better positioned in the KoM (6th)


With 169 km left the two groups unite. 1’50 to the peloton.

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Chhetri takes the intermediate sprint in Alcalá la Real, but as expected they don't fight for it. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Lammertink 12th in the competition not he did not care.

They do care about the KoM though, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Selvaggi leads the group from the start of the climb, 7.0 km at 5.8%. It is pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Lammertink opening with an attack from 2.4 km.

But that was too early, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hug.png Herrada wins a rather close fight.
Result of 2 cat. KoM
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hug.png Herrada
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Chhetri
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/rbc.png Hughes
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Lammertink
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Selvaggi

Herrada, Chhetri and Hughes all well places in the KoM, they started the day as 5 (30p), 6 (30p) , 10 (22p)

Over the top the peloton 147 riders at 2’28”

Sadly we see pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/hug.png Ablenado behind the gruppetto already at more than 5 minutes; he must ride with a serious injury from yesterday.


Just to mention the most active riders in the peloton today, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png F. Schleck,pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Heymes pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Vanmarcke pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Ignatenko pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Malori pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Copeland pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Kohl pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Egidio

In the intermediate sprint in Jaen there is no fight, but this time pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Lammertink takes it.

Basically at the same time pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Kunshin is down, a blow to Tinkoff if this important climber take any damage.


On a short uphill section with about 52 km to the line for the peloton, we get another attack.
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Mager, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/evo.png Koch pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Jensen and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Pernsteiner

The original break has 2’25”

This signals a fierce chase by pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Rosch, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Kennaugh and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Kohl not only cutting in on the 2nd group but also limiting the options of the original breakaway.


It is impossible to mention everything that happens over the next 20 km – up to the start of the 2nd KoM.
But the pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Mager group was brought back,
They all tried again this time also with pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/akm.png Nesset and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/eus.png Zardini. But there is only pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/sva.png Chhetri left in front of the peloton when the climb start, (7.0 km at 5.8%) and he is down to 21”.

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier attacks.


At this point 96 rider left in the peloton. Positioning is pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck (5th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski (7th) pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Madrazo (8th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado (9th) pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/nem.png Pluchkin (10th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve (12th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Kritskiy (13th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Velits (15th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/fes.png Lecuisinier (16th) pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt (18th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Brambilla (21th) pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/akm.png Galta (22th), pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/evo.png Vosekalns (24th) pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Preidler (25th)

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier is building up at increasing gap on the mountain, with 2.6 km to the top he has got 46”, then pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski attacks.


This attack provoke a fierce reaction from pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Goos with pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck clued he up the pace dramatically.

Over the next just 600 meters, we got some important rider not able to keep up.
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/akm.png Galta, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Velits, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/akm.png Guldhammer, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Preidler pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Abal pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Brambilla and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Keizer now sits in a huge chunk of riders 38” behind the favorite group.

The constant pressure from pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Goos continues and later also eliminate pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/nem.png Pluchkin, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Kritskiy and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/fes.png Lecuisinier

With 1.3 to the top for group pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck the situation is.

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier leads, for him 900 meter to the top, 10 km to the finish.

At 28”
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski

At 43” pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Goos, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png König and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Madrazo

At 1’12” group pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/nem.png Pluchkin, 31 riders with all the top 20 GC not mentioned in other groups.


Over the top of the Cat2 pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck attacks out of the 3rd group.

Result of 2 cat. KoM
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt


3.4 km to the line for the leader.
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski have caught and also laid some distance to pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier who seems to be in some difficulty as also pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck have caught up to him.

Behind them we got pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve, and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Madrazo


With just 1.7 km to the top
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski have now built a lead of 1’08

As pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck has slown down some, it was enough for the four riders behind them to catch up.

Behind them pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Velits and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Kulhavy have opened at small gap of 7” to the larger group with pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/nem.png Pluchkin and white jersey holder pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/akm.png Galta.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski is first under the red kite.

At 1’24 pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Madrazo

At 2’05 pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Velits and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Kulhavy

At 2’16 16 riders
Let’s take a look at position in this larger group.
1 row: pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/spy.png Abal pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Kritskiy pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/wha.png Preidler

2 row: pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/akm.png Galta pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Keizer

3 row: pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/nem.png Konovalovas pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ebd.png Brambilla

4 row: pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/fes.png Lecuisinier pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Goos pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Edmondson

Then wheel on wheel : pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/nem.png Pluchkin pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png König pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/jay.png Haig pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/eus.png Van den Broeck pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Kruijswijk and finally pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Bibby


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski wins in Valdepeñas de Jaén, with no riders in sight, being one of the most aggressive riders in this Vuelta a well-deserved win pleasing the spectators.

This was Dombrowski’s 1th win and 2nd podium in this Vuelta.


The next group under the red kite,
First pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt then pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve

pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Madrazo has lost touch

Behind him we also can see pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Velits still with some distance to the next group.


With a great sprint it is pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/pum.png Arndt 2nd at 1’50, with some distance to the next group, his first podium this year.


Then pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/vsa.png Schleck 3rd, claiming his 5th podium. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/prp.png Machado 4th and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/aeg.png Olivier 5th all at 2’08.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve 6th at 2’30
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/gzl.png Madrazo 7th at 2’45
pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/mos.png Velits 8th at 2’54


With a strong finish coming from the larger group pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/tsa.png Kritskiy as 9th, manages to get close enough to Velits, to get the same time.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Edmondson outsprint the other in his group to get the last spot in top 10, and secure an even better day for Pendleton's.


pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/pnd.png Dombrowski not only won today, but also moved up to 2nd in GC passing both Madrazo and Pluchkin, the latter having a very bad day coming in 15th losing 3'29

The only other change in top 10 was pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ayu.png Monsalve passing Lecuisinier for 9th.

Nikias Arndt a great day, moving from GC 15th to 12th
Jack Haig a step upwards from 19th to 18th.
Jurgen Van den Broeck from 20th to 19th

In points: Angel Madrazo and Joseph Dombrowski both passing Groenewegen for 3rd and 4th.

In the KoM: Joseph Dombrowski passes Angel Madrazo for 3rd.

In youth Fredrik Strand Galta extend his lead with another 19” to Pierre-Henri Lecuisinier

1Joseph DombrowskiPendleton's4h50'29
2Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP+ 1'50
3Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux+ 2'08
4Tiago MachadoPorto - Prios.t.
5Daan OlivierAegon - Lavazzas.t.
6Yonathan MonsalveAyubowan!+ 2'30
7Angel MadrazoGazelle+ 2'45
8Peter VelitsMoser - Sygic+ 2'54
9Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Sport Academys.t.
10Joshua EdmondsonPendleton's+ 3'10
11Georg PreidlerWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
12David AbalSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
13Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOTs.t.
14Martijn KeizerAegon - Lavazzas.t.
15Aleksandr PluchkinNemiroff - ABBYY+ 3'29
16Gianluca BrambillaeBuddys.t.
17Jaroslav KulhavyMoser - Sygics.t.
18Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - Dexias.t.
19Ian BibbyGazelle+ 3'41
20Jack HaigJayco - Cobra9s.t.
21Jurgen Van den BroeckEuskaltels.t.
22Marc GoosVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
23Leopold KönigVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
24Ignas KonovalovasNemiroff - ABBYYs.t.
25Steven KruijswijkGazelle+ 4'05
26Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO+ 4'46
27Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
28Heiner Rodrigo Parra BustamenteMoser - Sygics.t.
29Havard BlikraSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
30Hermann PernsteinerWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
31Rasmus GuldhammerAker - MOTs.t.
32Edoardo ZardiniEuskaltels.t.
33Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
34Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
35Mike Aaron EggerWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
36Yevgeni NepomnyachsniyNemiroff - ABBYYs.t.
37Patrick BevinTeam Puma - SAP+ 5'47
38Patrick KonradGazelle+ 5'59
39Sigurd NessetAker - MOTs.t.
40Hugo HouleRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
41Angelo TulikStravas.t.
42Nelson OliveiraPorto - Prios.t.
43Kristian Haugaard JensenSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
44Trent LoweJayco - Cobra9s.t.
45Sakari LehtinenValio - DeLavals.t.
46Thomas BonninRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
47Vegard Stake LaengenAker - MOTs.t.
48Eduard PradesEuskaltels.t.
49Ricardo Van der VeldeeBuddys.t.
50Petr IgnatenkoTinkoff Sport Academys.t.
51Jukka VastarantaValio - DeLavals.t.
52Michel KochEvonik - ELKOs.t.
53Matej VysnaMoser - Sygics.t.
54Tim DeesPendleton'ss.t.
55Ajay Pandit ChhetriStravas.t.
56Antonio PedreroIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
57Mirko SelvaggiStravas.t.
58Laurent DidierStravas.t.
59Brendan CantyJayco - Cobra9s.t.
60Gorka IzagirreEuskaltels.t.
61Kristjan KorenGazelles.t.
62Jonathan CastroviejoeBuddys.t.
63Frederico FigueiredoPorto - Prios.t.
64Jonathan BellisAyubowan!s.t.
65Antoine DuchesneRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
66BjOrn Tore HoemAker - MOTs.t.
67Conor DunneTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
68Marcus Faglum KarlssonValio - DeLavals.t.
69Thomas KoepAegon - Lavazzas.t.
70Bauke MollemaEuskaltels.t.
71Clemens FankhauserStravas.t.
72Jesús HerradaHugo Bosss.t.
73Zachary HughesRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
74Nawuti LiphongyuFestina - Dexia+ 8'30
75Milos BorisavljevicWiesenhof-Andritz+ 9'08
76Murilo AffonsoFestina - Dexias.t.
77Miguel Angel BenitoHugo Bosss.t.
78Cameron BaylyFestina - Dexias.t.
79Maurits LammertinkeBuddys.t.
80Delio FernandezEuskaltels.t.
81David RoschPendleton'ss.t.
82Momchil RobovSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
83Jakub DanacikMoser - Sygics.t.
84Kaspars SergisEvonik - ELKOs.t.
85Coen VermeltfoorteBuddys.t.
86Tim KennaughPendleton'ss.t.
87Sondre Holst EngerAker - MOTs.t.
88Gökhan HastaValio - DeLavals.t.
89Taylor TollesonHugo Bosss.t.
90Johann van ZylRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
91Christoph MaiWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
92Mykhaylo KononenkoNemiroff - ABBYYs.t.
93Christian EgidioPorto - Prio+ 11'33
94Bernhard KohlPendleton's+ 11'42
95José HerradaeBuddys.t.
96Tim DeclerqTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
97Joonas HenttalaValio - DeLavals.t.
98Carlos BarberoHugo Bosss.t.
99Jacob SalconeJayco - Cobra9s.t.
100Marios AthanasiadesNemiroff - ABBYYs.t.
101James PiccoliFestina - Dexias.t.
102Rafael SilvaHugo Bosss.t.
103Christophe LaporteRBC Pro Cycling+ 12'31
104Tom CopelandPendleton's+ 14'58
105Nikita NovikovTinkoff Sport Academys.t.
106Tobias LudvigssonSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
107Gilles HeymesVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
108Bruno SilvaPorto - Prios.t.
109Taylor GunmanJayco - Cobra9s.t.
110Daniel TurekMoser - Sygics.t.
111Jan OelerichIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
112Emerson SantosFestina - Dexias.t.
113Dmitri KozontchukStravas.t.
114Dries De BondtEuskaltels.t.
115Frank SchleckVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
116Jakub NovakFestina - Dexias.t.
117Sean DowneyPendleton'ss.t.
118Thomas De GendtGazelles.t.
119Robin CarpenterRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
120Adrian MaloriTinkoff Sport Academys.t.
121Jan BrockhoffIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
122Sujith SilvaAyubowan!s.t.
123Alex WohlerJayco - Cobra9s.t.
124Andrea Dal ColTinkoff Sport Academys.t.
125Colin StüssiTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
126Sep VanmarckeVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
127Marc SolerIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 17'29
128Ruben FernandezEuskaltel+ 17'38
129Andreas VangstadAker - MOT+ 17'58
130Denis KostyukControl Teams.t.
131Jonas BjelkmarkSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
132Juan Pablo MagallanesControl Teams.t.
133Christoph TaubelEvonik - ELKOs.t.
134Lawson CraddockAegon - Lavazzas.t.
135Joni KanervaValio - DeLavals.t.
136Sameera ChatarungaAyubowan!s.t.
137Mektel EyobStrava+ 18'17
138Damien HowsoneBuddy+ 18'36
139Krisztian LovassyAegon - Lavazzas.t.
140Tom DumoulinAegon - Lavazzas.t.
141José Joaquin Rojas GilSpotify - Haglöfs+ 20'27
142Marlen ZmorkaPorto - Prios.t.
143Marcel KittelVesuvio - Accumaluxs.t.
144Gediminas BagdonasIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
145Steven LammertinkeBuddys.t.
146Jon AberasturiHugo Bosss.t.
147Joeri StallaertSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
148Anton VorobevTinkoff Sport Academy+ 20'53
149Glenn O'SheaJayco - Cobra9s.t.
150Pieter JacobsFestina - Dexias.t.
151Yannick StoltzEvonik - ELKOs.t.
152Andreas StauffWiesenhof-Andritzs.t.
153Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
154Dylan GroenewegenAegon - Lavazzas.t.
155Roy GoldsteinPorto - Prios.t.
156Krists NeilandsEvonik - ELKOs.t.
157Dylan Van BaarleTeam Puma - SAPs.t.
158Rodrigo NascimentoPorto - Prios.t.
159Kiril YatsevichTinkoff Sport Academy+ 23'05
160Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Sport Academys.t.
161Patrick GretschGazelles.t.
162Oleksandr GolovashNemiroff - ABBYY+ 25'40
163Victor CampenaertsGazelles.t.
164Madushanka PereraAyubowan!s.t.
165Micael IsidoroControl Teams.t.
166Krishan MadushankaAyubowan!s.t.
167Maciej UlanowskiNemiroff - ABBYYs.t.
168Tushantha RajapakshageAyubowan!s.t.
169James OramJayco - Cobra9s.t.
170Frederik FrisonAegon - Lavazzas.t.
171Dan McLayRBC Pro Cyclings.t.
172Nejc KosicIberia - Team Degenkolbs.t.
173Kevin PredatschAyubowan!+ 30'12
174Daniel SchornWiesenhof-Andritz+ 36'49
175Daniel RuizHugo Boss+ 38'57
176Darren YoungNemiroff - ABBYYs.t.
177Steven BurkeIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 39'23
178Bert De BackerStrava+ 39'58
179Roope NurmiValio - DeLaval+ 42'08
180Aberlardo AblenadoHugo Boss+ 43'11

1Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux38h12'29
2Joseph DombrowskiPendleton's+ 1'37
3Angel MadrazoGazelle+ 2'46
4Aleksandr PluchkinNemiroff - ABBYY+ 4'45
5David AbalSpotify - Haglöfs+ 8'46
6Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Sport Academy+ 8'53
7Tiago MachadoPorto - Prio+ 9'28
8Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT+ 10'35
9Yonathan MonsalveAyubowan!+ 11'28
10Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - Dexia+ 11'46
11Peter VelitsMoser - Sygic+ 12'49
12Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP+ 13'12
13Martijn KeizerAegon - Lavazza+ 13'53
14Georg PreidlerWiesenhof-Andritz+ 14'10
15Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKO+ 15'45
16Daan OlivierAegon - Lavazza+ 17'42
17Marc GoosVesuvio - Accumalux+ 18'51
18Jack HaigJayco - Cobra9+ 19'24
19Jurgen Van den BroeckEuskaltel+ 19'32
20Rasmus GuldhammerAker - MOT+ 20'26
21Sigurd NessetAker - MOT+ 21'56
22Yevgeni NepomnyachsniyNemiroff - ABBYY+ 22'04
23Gianluca BrambillaeBuddy+ 22'24
24Ian BibbyGazelle+ 23'35
25Leopold KönigVesuvio - Accumalux+ 24'12
26Edoardo ZardiniEuskaltel+ 25'04
27Jaroslav KulhavyMoser - Sygic+ 25'47
28Thomas BonninRBC Pro Cycling+ 26'37
29Vegard Stake LaengenAker - MOT+ 27'59
30Havard BlikraSpotify - Haglöfs+ 28'01
31Petr IgnatenkoTinkoff Sport Academy+ 31'19
32Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumalux+ 31'59
33Michel KochEvonik - ELKO+ 32'33
34BjOrn Tore HoemAker - MOT+ 34'30
35Hermann PernsteinerWiesenhof-Andritz+ 34'37
36Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAP+ 36'14
37Frederico FigueiredoPorto - Prio+ 37'37
38David RoschPendleton's+ 38'35
39Heiner Rodrigo Parra BustamenteMoser - Sygic+ 38'42
40Steven KruijswijkGazelle+ 38'46
41Trent LoweJayco - Cobra9+ 39'19
42Ricardo Van der VeldeeBuddy+ 39'29
43Patrick BevinTeam Puma - SAP+ 39'59
44Matej VysnaMoser - Sygic+ 42'44
45Conor DunneTeam Puma - SAP+ 42'48
46Aleksej KunshinTinkoff Sport Academy+ 43'05
47Patrick KonradGazelles.t.
48Joshua EdmondsonPendleton's+ 43'49
49Mike Aaron EggerWiesenhof-Andritz+ 43'57
50Nawuti LiphongyuFestina - Dexia+ 44'12
51Brendan CantyJayco - Cobra9+ 44'14
52Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO+ 45'16
53Nelson OliveiraPorto - Prio+ 45'39
54Tim KennaughPendleton's+ 45'58
55Mykhaylo KononenkoNemiroff - ABBYY+ 46'47
56Thomas KoepAegon - Lavazza+ 47'52
57Jesús HerradaHugo Boss+ 47'58
58Kristian Haugaard JensenSpotify - Haglöfs+ 48'05
59Tim DeesPendleton's+ 48'21
60Zachary HughesRBC Pro Cycling+ 49'16
61Antonio PedreroIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 50'06
62Momchil RobovSpotify - Haglöfs+ 50'19
63Christoph MaiWiesenhof-Andritz+ 51'58
64Tom CopelandPendleton's+ 52'10
65Gorka IzagirreEuskaltel+ 55'08
66Sakari LehtinenValio - DeLaval+ 55'09
67Kristjan KorenGazelle+ 55'12
68Jakub DanacikMoser - Sygic+ 56'31
69Delio FernandezEuskaltel+ 56'50
70Bruno SilvaPorto - Prio+ 58'08
71Laurent DidierStrava+ 58'33
72Ajay Pandit ChhetriStrava+ 58'40
73Kaspars SergisEvonik - ELKO+ 59'18
74Bernhard KohlPendleton's+ 59'59
75Cameron BaylyFestina - Dexia+ 1h00'38
76Jonathan CastroviejoeBuddy+ 1h00'40
77Ignas KonovalovasNemiroff - ABBYY+ 1h01'41
78Mirko SelvaggiStrava+ 1h03'18
79Eduard PradesEuskaltel+ 1h03'38
80Nikita NovikovTinkoff Sport Academy+ 1h05'04
81Gilles HeymesVesuvio - Accumalux+ 1h07'33
82Hugo HouleRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h07'58
83Marcus Faglum KarlssonValio - DeLaval+ 1h09'53
84Gökhan HastaValio - DeLaval+ 1h10'01
85Antoine DuchesneRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h10'23
86Colin StüssiTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h11'17
87Johann van ZylRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h12'29
88Murilo AffonsoFestina - Dexia+ 1h12'40
89Jacob SalconeJayco - Cobra9+ 1h13'32
90Robin CarpenterRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h15'26
91Frank SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux+ 1h16'08
92Angelo TulikStrava+ 1h16'16
93James PiccoliFestina - Dexia+ 1h16'36
94José HerradaeBuddy+ 1h19'51
95Christian EgidioPorto - Prio+ 1h20'11
96Tobias LudvigssonSpotify - Haglöfs+ 1h20'39
97Jonas BjelkmarkSpotify - Haglöfs+ 1h21'27
98Milos BorisavljevicWiesenhof-Andritz+ 1h21'47
99Andreas VangstadAker - MOT+ 1h21'50
100Maurits LammertinkeBuddy+ 1h24'46
101Tim DeclerqTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h24'54
102Clemens FankhauserStrava+ 1h27'08
103Marc SolerIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 1h27'21
104Thomas De GendtGazelle+ 1h27'34
105Carlos BarberoHugo Boss+ 1h28'58
106Taylor TollesonHugo Boss+ 1h30'21
107Coen VermeltfoorteBuddy+ 1h32'28
108Lawson CraddockAegon - Lavazza+ 1h32'30
109Bauke MollemaEuskaltel+ 1h32'39
110Miguel Angel BenitoHugo Boss+ 1h32'44
111Taylor GunmanJayco - Cobra9+ 1h34'10
112Jan BrockhoffIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 1h39'02
113Rafael SilvaHugo Boss+ 1h39'11
114Sondre Holst EngerAker - MOT+ 1h39'21
115Dmitri KozontchukStrava+ 1h39'33
116Jukka VastarantaValio - DeLaval+ 1h40'30
117Joonas HenttalaValio - DeLaval+ 1h41'59
118Jonathan BellisAyubowan!+ 1h43'44
119Christophe LaporteRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h45'39
120Emerson SantosFestina - Dexia+ 1h47'45
121Marios AthanasiadesNemiroff - ABBYY+ 1h48'53
122Dries De BondtEuskaltel+ 1h49'26
123Sean DowneyPendleton's+ 1h49'33
124Jakub NovakFestina - Dexia+ 1h51'30
125Juan Pablo MagallanesControl Team+ 1h52'08
126Rodrigo NascimentoPorto - Prio+ 1h52'48
127Yannick StoltzEvonik - ELKO+ 1h53'05
128Dylan GroenewegenAegon - Lavazza+ 1h53'32
129Sujith SilvaAyubowan!s.t.
130Daniel TurekMoser - Sygic+ 1h54'12
131Krisztian LovassyAegon - Lavazza+ 1h54'53
132Jan OelerichIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 1h55'05
133Adrian MaloriTinkoff Sport Academy+ 1h56'21
134Gediminas BagdonasIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 1h56'31
135Aberlardo AblenadoHugo Boss+ 1h58'43
136Sep VanmarckeVesuvio - Accumalux+ 2h00'06
137Ruben FernandezEuskaltel+ 2h01'09
138Joeri StallaertSpotify - Haglöfs+ 2h01'58
139Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO+ 2h03'27
140Jon AberasturiHugo Boss+ 2h04'11
141Anton VorobevTinkoff Sport Academy+ 2h05'27
142Alex WohlerJayco - Cobra9+ 2h05'42
143Tom DumoulinAegon - Lavazza+ 2h06'21
144Steven LammertinkeBuddy+ 2h06'59
145Andrea Dal ColTinkoff Sport Academy+ 2h08'50
146Christoph TaubelEvonik - ELKO+ 2h11'52
147Damien HowsoneBuddy+ 2h13'46
148Andreas StauffWiesenhof-Andritz+ 2h14'15
149Marlen ZmorkaPorto - Prio+ 2h16'05
150Joni KanervaValio - DeLaval+ 2h16'08
151José Joaquin Rojas GilSpotify - Haglöfs+ 2h18'35
152Tushantha RajapakshageAyubowan!+ 2h20'05
153Micael IsidoroControl Team+ 2h22'19
154Kiril YatsevichTinkoff Sport Academy+ 2h23'04
155Oleksandr GolovashNemiroff - ABBYY+ 2h23'19
156Mektel EyobStrava+ 2h23'46
157Dylan Van BaarleTeam Puma - SAP+ 2h24'07
158Daniel SchornWiesenhof-Andritz+ 2h24'32
159Denis KostyukControl Team+ 2h24'43
160Pieter JacobsFestina - Dexia+ 2h25'51
161Krists NeilandsEvonik - ELKO+ 2h27'18
162Dan McLayRBC Pro Cycling+ 2h27'43
163Marcel KittelVesuvio - Accumalux+ 2h27'46
164Maciej UlanowskiNemiroff - ABBYY+ 2h27'55
165Madushanka PereraAyubowan!+ 2h28'10
166Frederik FrisonAegon - Lavazza+ 2h34'01
167Sameera ChatarungaAyubowan!+ 2h34'42
168James OramJayco - Cobra9+ 2h36'00
169Victor CampenaertsGazelle+ 2h36'58
170Glenn O'SheaJayco - Cobra9+ 2h43'58
171Krishan MadushankaAyubowan!+ 2h44'08
172Patrick GretschGazelle+ 2h44'10
173Roope NurmiValio - DeLaval+ 2h44'27
174Darren YoungNemiroff - ABBYY+ 2h44'40
175Nejc KosicIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 2h45'54
176Roy GoldsteinPorto - Prio+ 2h46'33
177Steven BurkeIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 3h08'45
178Kevin PredatschAyubowan!+ 3h19'04
179Bert De BackerStrava+ 3h24'05
180Daniel RuizHugo Boss+ 3h25'38

1Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux122
2Aleksandr PluchkinNemiroff - ABBYY76
3Angel MadrazoGazelle70
4Joseph DombrowskiPendleton's70
5Dylan GroenewegenAegon - Lavazza67
6Taylor GunmanJayco - Cobra959
7Yonathan MonsalveAyubowan!53
8Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Sport Academy47
9Sondre Holst EngerAker - MOT45
10Carlos BarberoHugo Boss44
11Maurits LammertinkeBuddy43
12Andreas StauffWiesenhof-Andritz38
13Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP36
14Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - Dexia35
15Tiago MachadoPorto - Prio33
16Jon AberasturiHugo Boss32
17David AbalSpotify - Haglöfs30
18Dmitri KozontchukStrava30
19Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO29
20Georg PreidlerWiesenhof-Andritz28
21Peter VelitsMoser - Sygic26
22Joeri StallaertSpotify - Haglöfs26
23Cameron BaylyFestina - Dexia24
24Clemens FankhauserStrava24
25Maciej UlanowskiNemiroff - ABBYY23
26Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT22
27Emerson SantosFestina - Dexia22
28Gediminas BagdonasIberia - Team Degenkolb22
29Ajay Pandit ChhetriStrava20
30Hugo HouleRBC Pro Cycling20
31Jonathan BellisAyubowan!20
32Daan OlivierAegon - Lavazza19
33Eduard PradesEuskaltel18
34Christian EgidioPorto - Prio18
35Gianluca BrambillaeBuddy17
36Rasmus GuldhammerAker - MOT14
37Zachary HughesRBC Pro Cycling14
38Christophe LaporteRBC Pro Cycling14
39Jukka VastarantaValio - DeLaval11
40Daniel TurekMoser - Sygic9
41Martijn KeizerAegon - Lavazza8
42Jesús HerradaHugo Boss8
43Jakub DanacikMoser - Sygic8
44Antoine DuchesneRBC Pro Cycling8
45Roope NurmiValio - DeLaval8
46Madushanka PereraAyubowan!8
47Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKO7
48Edoardo ZardiniEuskaltel6
49Joshua EdmondsonPendleton's6
50Delio FernandezEuskaltel6
51Mirko SelvaggiStrava6
52Coen VermeltfoorteBuddy6
53Yevgeni NepomnyachsniyNemiroff - ABBYY5
54Oleksandr GolovashNemiroff - ABBYY5
55Marc GoosVesuvio - Accumalux4
56Murilo AffonsoFestina - Dexia4
57Tim DeclerqTeam Puma - SAP4
58Matej VysnaMoser - Sygic3
59Thomas BonninRBC Pro Cycling2
60David RoschPendleton's2
61Krisztian LovassyAegon - Lavazza2
62Krishan MadushankaAyubowan!2
63Sigurd NessetAker - MOT1

1Andy SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux90
2Aleksandr PluchkinNemiroff - ABBYY58
3Joseph DombrowskiPendleton's56
4Angel MadrazoGazelle54
5Jesús HerradaHugo Boss40
6Ajay Pandit ChhetriStrava38
7David RoschPendleton's28
8Zachary HughesRBC Pro Cycling28
9Eduard PradesEuskaltel28
10Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumalux22
11David AbalSpotify - Haglöfs16
12Timofey KritskiyTinkoff Sport Academy15
13Dmitri KozontchukStrava15
14Yonathan MonsalveAyubowan!14
15Antoine DuchesneRBC Pro Cycling14
16Maurits LammertinkeBuddy11
17Tiago MachadoPorto - Prio10
18Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT10
19Peter VelitsMoser - Sygic10
20Daan OlivierAegon - Lavazza10
21Steven KruijswijkGazelle10
22Marc GoosVesuvio - Accumalux8
23Krishan MadushankaAyubowan!7
24Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - Dexia6
25Carlos BarberoHugo Boss6
26Roope NurmiValio - DeLaval6
27Gediminas BagdonasIberia - Team Degenkolb4
28Marios AthanasiadesNemiroff - ABBYY4
29Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKO3
30Martijn KeizerAegon - Lavazza2
31Georg PreidlerWiesenhof-Andritz2
32Nikias ArndtTeam Puma - SAP2
33Bruno SilvaPorto - Prio2
34Mirko SelvaggiStrava2
35Frank SchleckVesuvio - Accumalux2
36Murilo AffonsoFestina - Dexia2
37Yevgeni NepomnyachsniyNemiroff - ABBYY1

1Vesuvio - Accumalux114h51'46 (1)
2Aker - MOT+ 7'12 (2)
3Gazelle+ 13'32 (3)
4Nemiroff - ABBYY+ 18'54 (4)
5Moser - Sygic+ 21'42 (5)
6Pendleton's+ 23'58 (6)
7Tinkoff Sport Academy+ 28'46 (7)
8Spotify - Haglöfs+ 32'01 (8)
9Aegon - Lavazza+ 34'36 (9)
10Wiesenhof-Andritz+ 37'40 (10)
11Team Puma - SAP+ 40'48 (11)
12Porto - Prio+ 42'16 (12)
13Evonik - ELKO+ 48'32 (13)
14Euskaltel+ 48'36 (14)
15Jayco - Cobra9+ 57'03 (15)
16eBuddy+ 1h03'38 (16)
17Festina - Dexia+ 1h04'31 (17)
18RBC Pro Cycling+ 1h31'02 (18)
19Hugo Boss+ 2h07'48 (19)
20Strava+ 2h09'10 (20)
21Valio - DeLaval+ 2h11'12 (21)
22Ayubowan!+ 2h49'22 (22)
23Iberia - Team Degenkolb+ 3h00'04 (23)
24Control Team+ 5h41'43 (24)

1Fredrik Strand GaltaAker - MOT38h23'04 (1)
2Pierre-Henri LecuisinierFestina - Dexia+ 1'11 (2)
3Andris VosekalnsEvonik - ELKO+ 5'10 (3)
4Daan OlivierAegon - Lavazza+ 7'07 (4)
5Jack HaigJayco - Cobra9+ 8'49 (5)
6Alex KirschVesuvio - Accumalux+ 21'24 (6)
7Christian MagerTeam Puma - SAP+ 25'39 (7)
8Conor DunneTeam Puma - SAP+ 32'13 (8)
9Joshua EdmondsonPendleton's+ 33'14 (9)
10Mike Aaron EggerWiesenhof-Andritz+ 33'22 (10)
11Brendan CantyJayco - Cobra9+ 33'39 (11)
12Miguel Angel LopezEvonik - ELKO+ 34'41 (12)
13Momchil RobovSpotify - Haglöfs+ 39'44 (13)
14Sakari LehtinenValio - DeLaval+ 44'34 (14)
15Kaspars SergisEvonik - ELKO+ 48'43 (15)
16Gilles HeymesVesuvio - Accumalux+ 56'58 (16)
17Marcus Faglum KarlssonValio - DeLaval+ 59'18 (17)
18Colin StüssiTeam Puma - SAP+ 1h00'42 (18)
19Robin CarpenterRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h04'51 (19)
20Milos BorisavljevicWiesenhof-Andritz+ 1h11'12 (20)
21Andreas VangstadAker - MOT+ 1h11'15 (21)
22Marc SolerIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 1h16'46 (22)
23Lawson CraddockAegon - Lavazza+ 1h21'55 (23)
24Miguel Angel BenitoHugo Boss+ 1h22'09 (24)
25Jan BrockhoffIberia - Team Degenkolb+ 1h28'27 (25)
26Sondre Holst EngerAker - MOT+ 1h28'46 (26)
27Christophe LaporteRBC Pro Cycling+ 1h35'04 (27)
28Dylan GroenewegenAegon - Lavazza+ 1h42'57 (28)
29Daniel TurekMoser - Sygic+ 1h43'37 (29)
30Emils LiepinsEvonik - ELKO+ 1h52'52 (30)
31Alex WohlerJayco - Cobra9+ 1h55'07 (31)
32Steven LammertinkeBuddy+ 1h56'24 (32)
33Damien HowsoneBuddy+ 2h03'11 (33)
34Marlen ZmorkaPorto - Prio+ 2h05'30 (34)
35Joni KanervaValio - DeLaval+ 2h05'33 (35)
36Tushantha RajapakshageAyubowan!+ 2h09'30 (36)
37Mektel EyobStrava+ 2h13'11 (37)
38Dylan Van BaarleTeam Puma - SAP+ 2h13'32 (38)
39Krists NeilandsEvonik - ELKO+ 2h16'43 (39)
40Dan McLayRBC Pro Cycling+ 2h17'08 (40)
41Madushanka PereraAyubowan!+ 2h17'35 (41)
42Frederik FrisonAegon - Lavazza+ 2h23'26 (42)
43Sameera ChatarungaAyubowan!+ 2h24'07 (43)
44James OramJayco - Cobra9+ 2h25'25 (44)
45Krishan MadushankaAyubowan!+ 2h33'33 (45)
46Roope NurmiValio - DeLaval+ 2h33'52 (46)
47Roy GoldsteinPorto - Prio+ 2h35'58 (47)
48Kevin PredatschAyubowan!+ 3h08'29 (48)

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