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Giro del Trentino Discussion
Very nice to see Suaza and Bennett picking up wins after Tachira didn't work out - particularly awesome to see Suaza victorious on Stage 2, finally winning on his own after years of Vesuvio service, if a pity he couldn't keep the lead on the epic madness of Stage 4.
Ah well it was good whilst it lasted Sad
Major congrats jandal on the 1-2! It was overdue Grin

Good ride from Bardet to get a top 10 on the stage and halve his GC position from 30th to 15th. I wasn't expecting that. Battaglin decent too, now moving into the top 25 in the GC. Was hoping Grabovski to be stronger in the break.

Not a lot of hopes for the last stage, hoping that Bardet can keep his form going.

Thanks for the report roturn Smile
Suaza crashing out of the Top-10 Rolling Eyes that's truly unfortunate for sutty.. also Bennett with an off-day after yesterday's big show. A pity.

Deserved winner though and I'm it's a former Jayco rider. Congrats!

And thanks for quality reports Smile
And Bardet with another great ride to another 8th place on stage 5 and up to 11th in the GC. He's been going very well in the early season. Battaglin also getting a top 20 is good to see Smile

Congrats to Booker for the win after a disappointing Tachira. Penasa much stronger than everyone else here!

Huge result for Balkan with Karnulin. Definitely a surprise on that last stage! Disappointment for Jandal again with Bennett but Salinas made it up a bit with a top 5. Valls just keeps the juggernaut rolling for Repsol.

Thanks for the great reports all race roturn Smile
From a neutral point of view, this race was a mountain fest. Every day had something different to offer and if it`s not a mountain stage, SanCor will win it.

Though from a team point of view, you must have hated this race if you weren`t Penasa`s team or probably some of the smaller ones such as Cataldo`s, Diaz`s etc. that did as expected.

The last stage was huge and Penasa/Karnulin really powered it there. Early attacks, mid stage attacks, late accelerations, this had it all.

Valls on the podium again clearly the most consistent in total so far this season with Penasa stepping up now though.
Eastman unlucky as I guess neither a bad day nor a good day yet and those 3 stages show how important a good daily form in at least one stage is. Then again a bad daily form is more important to avoid as seen on Suaza on the 4th and Bennett on the 5th. Though might be explained with their effort the mountain stage before as well.

Feel really pity for in especially Sutty here as he went from top to bottom quickly and it`s the 2nd time Suaza is crashing out of the top spots...

Even more for cycleYorkshire. On paper should have won the TT and getting minimum a top5-10 with Tvetcov. In the end Tvetcov`s best result except of the TT, was the top15 on the sprinting day...explains it all really.

For myself it was nice to see former rider and "I never sell him" Bennett got a stage. Would have been nicer if he had remained in the top7 of the GC.
Krieger as other long term rider unfortunately couldn`t get more than a late top10.
What a great race with some epic mountain stages. Penasa bossing it completely is a surprise, even with Suaza crashing out of contention on that final stage, but winning the GC with almost 6 minutes is kind of crazy.

Very unlucky for sutty68, now that Suaza looked to be on course for a great result, and crashes are always annoying when they happen to prominent riders in decisive moments.

Thank you for all the reports and the depth you wrote them with, roturn. Especially enjoyed the many pictures, getting the feeling you missed absolutely nothing and gave us even more than what was needed Smile
Great racing by Karnulin to get back up here, huge points for our Balkan friends! Also a nice GC for Salinas, only a shame that Bennett couldn't keep it up - and what a dominant win for TripleP
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And with the highs come the lows. Salinas clinging onto the top 5 is nice but not the points we wanted here, obviously a mix of fatigue and bad form for Bennett. Also losing Teams sucks Sad Amazing stage to cap off an epic race, fantastic reporting throughout roturn Grin Just a shame it was a bad one for us :/

Penasa absolutely dominant, congrats to Kulczyk. Like to see Karnulin being strong enough to have a great GC too.
Edited by jandal7 on 14-11-2017 07:47
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"

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The Carbon Throne

This race has to win the Non-PT MG Race of the Year for sure!

At least we end up in the podium... Frown

Seriously Valls! You saw that i didn't work in S2, neither in S4, and you go in a long-range move again??

Fantastic race if you were following with a neutral pov, and awesome reports roturn! And congrats to Booker for this spectacular win
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Disappointing race for us, but I didn't expect too much anyway. Anacona not doing too well is meh, but I'm especially worried about the number of attacks, having so many riders who could win from a break.

Thanks for the reports Roturn. I would've loved them if it wasn't for our team sucking Pfft

Hoping Geraardsbergen-Bosberg can wash this diappointment away.
Overall just a wonderfull race to watch, thanks so must to roturn for making it come to live to brilliant.

Congratulations to Booker – what a race for you !

Seen with Campari – Super Dry eyes, the last stage was hard on Dario Cataldo, having a first bad day in the mountains, but teammate Estifanos Kebede stepped up and sneaked into top 10, so with two rider in top 10 and winning the team competision we won’t complain.

The only downer was Sutty / eg. Suaza, you don’t deserve this again, sincerely hope your luck will change from now and to the end of the season.
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If you're interested in weird music:
Awesome race this, really fun to follow. Watching one after the other top favourite cracking on the last stage was pretty special too. Congratz to Booker and Px3, what a powershow!

Great reporting anyway to follow the battles so nicely.
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Despite the team won't reach the goals set, this race was at least better than the previous ones for VMP
They say you should never let the highs get too high, or the lows get too low. Well, screw them. We're going to savour this for awhile. Cheers to everyone for your congratulations!

What a fantastic performance by Penasa, clearly, but the real hero was Pozzo. Caught up in a crash early on this stage, he recovered to not only return to the peloton to help his leaders, and not only to pull away from the peloton with his leader in tow, but also to crack the top riders in the process. Not content to be a beast mule for Penasa, he ends up finishing 24th overall in his home race. Unbelievable heart from the Italian, he must have taken some heart supplements from SanCor's stash.

Of course it's never nice to see competitors falter through no fault of their own - I feel for sutty with Suaza's crash Frown

However, for the rest of them, Penasa was just too much. I'm not looking forward to when the tables are turned and Eastman, Valls, Suaza, Karnulin, etc. are running riot on the field. Immensely enjoyable racing throughout, in no short part due to roturn's phenomenal reports. Thank you very much!

With this dominant performance, the squad (read: 3P) has made amends for Tachira. By my calculations, the PPRD ratio has reached 12, great news for us as promotion-chasers.

More will be said on this in the February review, but if this was the response to the recent Independence Day march in Warsaw that was co-opted in part by far-right extremists, what a response it was on behalf of those with pro-humanity political leanings.
Ah well, two stage races and two crashes for Suaza, hope his luck changes quickly. Congratulations to Booker for the win with Pierre Paolo Penasa.
And finally a big thank you to roturn for the reports.
Brutal week for Eastman who in what should probably have been the race best suited for him on the calendar couldn't make the podium. He at least did make some strides back towards the top of the GC on this last day. Thankfully Azteca will take all the bonus points for best young rider, which should be a nice sprinking of points all season long for Eastman as he handily won that category by 18 minutes.
Congrats with the win Booker!

Good to see and Penasa sure was scary to behold during this race. Usually this race is very unpredictable, so its good to see it being kind to the favorites this time. I didn't have to wait long either for my first GC win, so I know that it feels really good to get it this early. Now I dare you to beat my 3 GC wins when I were down in the CT Wink
Honestly not super satisfied with this race. Farrar inability to find a good spot on stage 3 and not getting a top 5 is super disappointing even though it wasn't a race we were expecting too much from anyways. Also kinda annoyed that it's only McCutcheon that went into breaks when we have semi competent climbers like Britton that would have been able to produce a much better end product.

Surprising to see Eastman this weak, hopefully for Azteca this was a oneoff occurrence and wont happen again. Congratulations to Booker, its quite a squad he has built and with the start to season he's had I wouldn't be surprised to see him promote now.
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I really hope theres an injury involved but in reality I think PCM just doesnt treat Tvetcov as a leader since theres so many mountain goats in this division. Its quite scary to think Tvetcov will probably get more pts from TTs than from GC placements... :/

Thanks for the reports I guess roturn and congrats to the winners :/

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