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Paris - Nice Discussion
Too passive riding there from Ponzi, he has to go with when 3 of the top 5 puncheurs attacks there..

The fact he won the sprint for 3rd shows that he probably had energy to go with aswell.

GC still wide open though, some interesting days ahead. Superb ride from Ginanni though, Congratz DD!
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Ginanni Grin Grin First to attack, first to finish; love that. Thanks guys!

This great result singlehandedly compensates for Ginanni's awful TT and it's all hills from here on out. So a good GC is definitely a possibility.

Also nice to see Kangert finish in the group of favourites. I don't expect he can keep that up in every hilly stage. But if he limits his losses he might be able to do a top 10.
I need these stages to be more selective to gain back the lost time from the TT. I want to see some attacks by Skujins !

Bekmanis with two superb performances on the last two stages!

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

So far so good, two guys top 13 in GC is very good but most likely Reimer will loose a lot of places and Haugard Jensen a few aswell.

With that downhill finishing the next stage it will be very nice if Reimer could hang on and maybe fight for a podium but I guess he will be drop earlier on the stage.
Solid stage for Nepom, keeping this GC place would be quite good. Less amazing from Konovalovas though, but not too bad I guess.
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Danm, Swift is impressive with this win.
Reallt thought Reimer should be in the fight if it came down to a bunch sprint after those hills.
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Awesome ride by Declerq, but how the fuck is this only 10th place? Demare gets multiple stages handed to him on a silver platter and all he does is go backwards. I hope it's just this race where the AI screws him over.
Obviously the sprint stat doesn't matter at all if someone like Dyrnes gets ahead of him. Any other explanation just makes it worse.

Oh well, didn't expect to wear a jersey in this race so that's a plus. I hope Declerq attacks again on the last two stages, while there are absolutely no expectations for stage 5...
www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg 17-03-2013 www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg

www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg 22-03-2015 www.rent-herbie.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/deutschland-flagge-klein.jpg

Great to see Calmejane going for the KoM jersey. The battle is very much open and would love to see a young French rider taking home the jersey.

Too bad Grosu didn't have a great position for the sprint. Would have counted a great deal for the green jersey as well not only for the stage win.

Boswell will need to do something big in the last 2 stages to save his GC.
Awesome TT result for me, unfortunately Izagirre couldnĀ“t survive following hilly stage with most of contenders. From spectators point of view, stage 5 was quite disappointing. Pity that Degenkolb has been dropped and couldnĀ“t fight for 2nd place behind Swift Wink Nice to see Maes in BotD.
Manager of Iberia - Team Degenkolb in Man-Game
Okay, I didn't see Swift taking that stage. To be honest, I kind of feared the MO/HI ratio when seeing Bobridge only listed as a 1-star favorite in PCM's preview screen. Well, well, well. Swift really dominating here. Weird stage, imo.

Anyway, seeing such a big group sprinting for the win, this 6th place by Bobridge is a good result. Not special, but good enough. Apparently, all the credit has go to Trent Lowe, which is good, as the wage we pay for him already made sense now Smile Our team always used to lack useful domestiques in MO/HI races, so looking at Lowe's work today, it's nice to see a domestique actually defending our GC lead on his own.

Next time though, I hope Bobridge will be more active. On the other hand, I would not mind if we come down to bigger groups contesting for line honours Pfft
PCM...go home, you are drunk... :lol:

What a performance by Swifty. You sure his stats are correct? Time trialling like 75 and over hills like 75.

Maybe Booms stats. :lol:

De Bie dropped one somehow I think. But I won't care after this one.

I guess that I have to switch to camouflage jerseys next season of Evonik keeps riding completely anonymous... :/

Edit: I'm feeling sorry for Aquarius. Whoever has to report such an AI shitfest deserves a medal.
Edited by knockout on 14-11-2017 20:38

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

This is insane, Swift winning a real hilly stage. Grin

Quite a bit happy to see my team being active and Vakoc being around battle for top 10. Can't wait for the next stage, hopefully Vakoc will be able to move a little bit higher in the standings.
Manager of Moser - Sygic
Come on Swifty, this is getting ridiculous... Pfft Surely this means he is taking the day off tomorrow, right?
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PCM has changed from giving terrible results to just giving crazy racing, Eritel was hilarious, Swift was better and Lutsenko beating the other sprinters was a great conclusion. :lol:

Feel it for Demare though, Swift and Van der Lijke sprinted but he didn't. Frown

Thanks for the reports Aquarius! Smile


"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

"Bonhauui Coillsed with Damare in many occasions." - Some guy on CN

Credit to Ripley, all of the credit ever to Ripley.
Lutsenko was a monster in the end, but Swift needs to be taken into the doping tent. Immediately.
Ideal stage for Nepom, not wasting energy, finishing safely near the top places.

Would like to see one of our guys, maybe Kononenko or Andriafenomananiaina in a break though...
Manager of Nemiroff - ABBYY in the PCM.Daily Man-Game

:lol: Suuuure. Gratz ro, feel sorry for Aquarius though because of reasons stated by knockout Wink
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"Itā€™s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Missed the morning stage, and unfortunately there wasn't much to see for us there. Basically race over considering Beltran's chances of doing a decent GC. Definitely a pity, as I had hopes for this race, especially looking at the profile of stage 7.

Also worrying to see us send the "wrong" rider in the breakaway, as Gaudin is basically dead weight on such a course. It's really Hoelgaard or Dyrnes we need to send, or maybe Aasvold.

And what a performance that was from Ginanni. Super stage, and suddenly he's right back in the GC mix, after what looked to be a much too big time loss in the TT. Congratulations on the win, DD Smile

For stage 5, it was great to see Beltran try a late attack. It looked good as well, but unfortunately too many other riders decided to give it a go just when it looked like he had a decisive gap.

Sensational ride from Swift, I must say. Fair enough, it was a rather big group, but he still needed a lot of energy to get that victory, also doing a fairly long sprint. Congratulations, roturn!
So apparently stage five was not the queen stage Smile
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