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Norwegian Jonas Duurhuus | 10k views!
sutty68 wrote:
Hope Jonas has a successful time with Lotto and shines in the World Tour Wink

I will try my best!

Croatia14 wrote:
I love how realistic this story outlines the tough way of a young cyclist working his way up the ladders. Great story dominox!

Thanks! I really appreciate that!


Great. Another "flat" classic. I still have a problem while doing my calendar of racing. I instinctively choose "flat" classics. Then I realise it's not particulary flat. My role for this race was work at the head of the group for 30 kms. Four riders in a breakaway. Last big climb created some gaps in the peloton. 24 riders in main group (I was the only one from my team) and then peloton with 85 riders.

1Lilian CalmejaneCredit Agricole4h41'41
2Dylan TeunsLotto - Soudal+ 42
3Thomas De GendtLotto - Soudals.t.
4Taylor PhinneyTrek - Segafredos.t.
5Julian AlaphilippeCredit Agricoles.t.
6Pim LigthartAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
7Bas TietemaTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
8√Āngel MadrazoTotals.t.
9Christophe LaporteFDJs.t.
10Konrad GessnerRoubaix - Lille Métropoles.t.
17Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

As I was the highest placed rider from TEAM Philips, I can say it was okay. But 17th place alone not that much.


Cobbles! Not that much, but still! Five guys up front with Van Goethem from Philips. Maximum +4'30. Everything ends easy with a mass sprint.

1Stan DewulfAstana Pro Team4h35'25
2Zico WaeytensQuick-Step Floorss.t.
3Christophe LaporteFDJs.t.
4André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
5Jordi MeeusSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
6Bert Van LerbergheSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
7Daniel HoelgaardJoker - Icopals.t.
8Pieter SerryQuick-Step Floorss.t.
9Vyacheslav KuznetsovTeam Katusha - Alpecins.t.
10Baptiste PlanckaertLotto - Soudals.t.
13Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

13th place from mass sprint is really nice. Still I have "only" 68 in sprint.


Le Samyn! Another classic with cobbles. This time it might be slightly better than in Kuurne. Just two riders up front, maximum +4'20. Will this ends via another mass sprint?

1Bert Van LerbergheSport Vlaanderen - Baloise4h46'40
2Ander AredaLotto U23s.t.
3Jan-Willem Van SchipTEAM Philipss.t.
4Charlie ArimontAGO - Aqua Services.t.
5André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
6Stefan BisseggerVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
7Thomas SprengersBeobank - Corendons.t.
8Michele ViolaLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
9Tom LeezerRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
10Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

Yes, it will. Great result from Van Schip as he got himself 3rd place. I finished 10th. It slowly getting better.
13th at Kuurne is a good result Wink
sutty68 wrote:
13th at Kuurne is a good result Wink

In my first start? Indeed Pfft.


Stage 1:

1Lars BoomTEAM Philips14'07
2Victor CampenaertsQuick-Step Floors+ 2
3Pieter SerryQuick-Step Floors+ 3
4Stefan BisseggerVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 5
5Lennard KämnaQuick-Step Floors+ 7
6Fredrik LudvigssonVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 9
7Jelle WallaysLotto - Soudal+ 10
8J√ľrgen RoelandtsQuick-Step Floorss.t.
9Jesper AsselmanTEAM Philipss.t.
10Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudal+ 12
128Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 1'29

Great win in a prologue by Boom! Also Asselman 9th.

This time flat stage with a little amounts of cobbled kms. Stage 2:

1Zico WaeytensQuick-Step Floors3h15'48
2Charlie ArimontAGO - Aqua Services.t.
3Jesper AsselmanTEAM Philipss.t.
4Jonas Van GenechtenLotto - Soudals.t.
5Tim MerlierWB Veranclassic - Aqua Protects.t.
6Jan-Willem Van SchipTEAM Philipss.t.
7Lennard KämnaQuick-Step Floorss.t.
8Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
9André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
10Bert Van LerbergheSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
11Lars BoomTEAM Philipss.t.
12Pieter SerryQuick-Step Floorss.t.
13José GonçalvesTEAM Philipss.t.

A lot of TEAM Philips riders in top 15.

Last stage was also flat. Lars Boom was favourite to win this race after great prologue. My - and other teammates too - job was to protect the yellow jersey. Stage 3:

1Zico WaeytensQuick-Step Floors3h27'04
2Jonas Van GenechtenLotto - Soudals.t.
3Tim MerlierWB Veranclassic - Aqua Protects.t.
4Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
5Charlie ArimontAGO - Aqua Services.t.
6Lars BoomTEAM Philipss.t.
7Jesper AsselmanTEAM Philipss.t.
8J√ľrgen RoelandtsQuick-Step Floorss.t.
9Philippe GilbertQuick-Step Floorss.t.
10Amaury CapiotQuick-Step Floorss.t.

But who said I can't fight in a mass sprint? I don't know how it happened, but I finished 4th.

General Classification:

1Lars BoomTEAM Philips6h56'59
2Victor CampenaertsQuick-Step Floors+ 2
3Jesper AsselmanTEAM Philips+ 3
4Pieter SerryQuick-Step Floorss.t.
5Stefan BisseggerVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 5
6Lennard KämnaQuick-Step Floors+ 7
7Fredrik LudvigssonVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 9
8J√ľrgen RoelandtsQuick-Step Floors+ 10
9Jelle WallaysLotto - Soudals.t.
10Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudal+ 12
120Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 1'29

Great win by Boom and awesome performance by Asselman. Good form before another, World Tour cobble classics!
Jonas is really creating a reputation as great flat/cobbled domestique!

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Croatia14 wrote:
Jonas is really creating a reputation as great flat/cobbled domestique!



Oh yeah! First of my main three goals for this part of season. Let's look at the favourites:


No place for Boom, but I believe he can do his best here! Now, race: I decided to not go for a breakaway as my team wanted. They also wanted top 50 result by me. Big breakaway - 17 riders. They had maximum time at about +5'00. Still, nothing dangerous.

1Zdenek StybarQuick-Step Floors5h01'57
2Jens DebusschereLotto - Soudals.t.
3Florian SénéchalFDJs.t.
4Guillaume Van KeirsbulckLotto - Soudal+ 1'44
5John DegenkolbBora - Hansgrohes.t.
6Alexis GougeardCredit Agricole+ 2'26
7Jasper StuyvenTrek - Segafredos.t.
8Yves LampaertQuick-Step Floorss.t.
9Adrien PetitCredit Agricoles.t.
10Edward TheunsTrek - Segafredos.t.
25Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 5'24

Boom finished 16th. Decent performance, but I expected something better from him. Even looking at my stamina - which is like 66 now - I finished on very acceptable 25th place! Congrats Stybar for the win!
Jonas is riding really well of late and is improving his reputation all the time Wink
sutty68 wrote:
Jonas is riding really well of late and is improving his reputation all the time Wink

Only thing I'm waiting now is my first win this season Grin


Now E3! Can Stybar repeat his great victory from Dwars? Favourites:


Again my objective was top 50. It's all very possible. I hope also for a top 15 by Boom here. Ten guys in a breakaway - maximum time at about +5'20. This race was even more selective than Dwars. I was doing my best but I lost my energy at about 30kms from the finish... And I was with Boom in second group of favourites!

1Peter SaganTrek - Segafredo4h42'43
2John DegenkolbBora - Hansgrohes.t.
3Greg Van AvermaetLotto - Soudals.t.
4Sep VanmarckeCredit Agricoles.t.
5Lasse Norman HansenAstana Pro Teams.t.
6Ian StannardTeam Skys.t.
7Luke DurbridgeTeam Dimension Datas.t.
8Micka√ęl DelageFDJs.t.
9Ben HermansTrek - Segafredos.t.
10Andrey AmadorFortuneo - Oscaro+ 1'36
37Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 2'49

This time Boom was 19th. As I didn't have any more energy it's a miracle I finished 37th.
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I am sure that first win of the season will not be too far away Wink
would be great if Jonas could receive the go for some breakaway action in one of those cobbles

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

sutty68 wrote:
I am sure that first win of the season will not be too far away Wink

I hope so Wink

Croatia14 wrote:
would be great if Jonas could receive the go for some breakaway action in one of those cobbles

To be honest usually when team wants from me something like finish in the top 50, they also wants a breakaway. Like in previous two races. But I believe (especially with my stamina not being that high enough) it's better to concentrate on good place at the end.


Not that much cobbles this time. I'm preticting mass sprint. Favourites:


Four riders in a breakaway - +6'08 was maximum time I saw. Nothing exciting happened so it ended via mass sprint:


1Sep VanmarckeCredit Agricole5h37'11
2Arnaud DémareQuick-Step Floorss.t.
3Peter SaganTrek - Segafredos.t.
4Sam BennettTeam Dimension Datas.t.
5Mark CavendishTeam Skys.t.
6Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
7Fernando GaviriaQuick-Step Floorss.t.
8Guillaume Van KeirsbulckLotto - Soudals.t.
9Nelson OliveiraTeam Katusha - Alpecins.t.
10Stan DewulfAstana Pro Teams.t.

Yet I completely didn't expect this result from me. I'm very proud because I finished before many great riders that are better than me! It's great, I feel good.
Wow, great job! Just was about to say you have nothing to loose by trying to go for it via break, but now that appeares in a very different light!

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Another nice performance from Jonas Smile
Croatia14 & sutty68: Thanks! I'm really happy I have fans around the world who follows my career!


Flat classic! Yahoo. This time I was a team-mate and I had to working at the front of peloton. It's all fine as it ended via mass sprint. It could and probably should been different. I attacked because peloton completely stopped working. Seriously. Breakaway easily increased they advantage, so I attacked. Because why not? Wrong...

1Zico WaeytensQuick-Step Floors4h41'22
2Fabio JakobsenDuras.t.
3Kristoffer HalvorsenVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
4Max WalscheidTeam Sunwebs.t.
5Jonas Van GenechtenLotto - Soudals.t.
6Gary ParretTrek - Segafredos.t.
7Mathieu Van Der PoelTeam Sunwebs.t.
8Felix BeckerQuick-Step Floorss.t.
9Jempy DruckerTrek - Segafredos.t.
10Harm VanhouckeQuick-Step Floorss.t.
52Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.


Flat classic with some really nice cobble sections and +4 in RDC! Take a look at this: (Oops, a little preview on my stats)


I was only hoping that it'll end via mass sprint.



You know where that happen? 4 freaking kms from the finish! You know what's more frustrating? It was my second crash...

1Wout Van AertBMC Racing Team4h20'49
2Soren Kragh AndersenTeam VéloConcepts.t.
3Mikkel Frolich HonoréLotto - Soudals.t.
4Tim DeclercqSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
5Rick OttemaTEAM Philipss.t.
6Quinten HermansAGO - Aqua Services.t.
7Bert De BackerBMC Racing Teams.t.
8Jasper PhilipsenBMC Racing Teams.t.
9Dion SmithTotals.t.
10Maxime FarazijnBeobank - Corendons.t.
45Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

Unlucky. But if you can keep up this form the next races will be very interesting if you are allowed to lead the team!

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Croatia14 wrote:
Unlucky. But if you can keep up this form the next races will be very interesting if you are allowed to lead the team!

Usually I'm a team-mate, but sometimes after good results in the first stages I'm becoming a leader outsider or someone which goal is points classification.


A little amount of hills with some cobbles. I don't think I can finish this in a main group, but who knows? Is it possible that team knows better? They are expecting top 5 from me... +6'00 for a breakaway - 11 riders. At some point even Boom decided to attack which was weird for some reason to me.


1Arnaud DémareQuick-Step Floors4h47'55
2Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 8
3Laurens De PlusBMC Racing Teams.t.
4Loic VliegenBMC Racing Teams.t.
5Lars BoomTEAM Philipss.t.
6Jens DebusschereLotto - Soudals.t.
7Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
8Jenthe BiermansSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
9Maxime FarazijnBeobank - Corendons.t.
10Corentin ErmenaultTotals.t.

What a great finish! Seriously, I didn't expect to do top 5 as my team wanted. It seems that they know better my abilities than I. Also it was last days of my fitness peak. Just before La Fleche Wallonne and some break after it.


I took that race easy. Not my terrain. I was just protecting our leader, Wout Poels.

Results by photo, some troubles via export.


I finished 168. +8'28"

Also. I'm thinking about something "weird" in future? What would you say for a one year with full calendar of racing in the World Tour? Only World Tour races, maybe even start in Grand Tour? (sadly I have same routes for every race every year...)
can't you bring in some more variants f.e. with emmeas pack of stages, so that it is going a lot more diverse in terms of routes?

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

I'll see what I can add. But as I'm in the middle of my 4th season (now you see my third Pfft), I don't know if it's worth it. Expansion Pack might be soon enough so I'll might just add stages from that.

Ah! The Yorkshire! Now it's this part of the season when I'll do "domestique" role. Not many good results to come I believe.

Stage 1: I was working at the head of the peloton. I also tried to give Wippert the best possible position for a final sprint, but he decided to sprint very early...

1Matteo PelucchiBora - Hansgrohe3h52'57
2Danny Van PoppelOrica - Scotts.t.
3Adam BlytheAqua Blue Sports.t.
4Magnus Cort NielsenGazprom - RusVelos.t.
5Fernando GaviriaQuick-Step Floorss.t.
6Maurits LammertinkOrica - Scotts.t.
7Maciej PaterskiTeam Dimension Datas.t.
8Wouter WippertTEAM Philipss.t.
9Quentin JaureguiFDJs.t.
10Ben SwiftTeam Skys.t.
25Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 2: Again a stage when I had to work for my leaders. I also tried to do a sprint train for Wippert. Again it ended not very well... He wasn't even on my wheel, so I decided to sprint for myself.

1Matteo PelucchiBora - Hansgrohe3h35'30
2Danny Van PoppelOrica - Scotts.t.
3Fernando GaviriaQuick-Step Floorss.t.
4Chris OpieONE Pro Cyclings.t.
5Patryk StoszTeam Wigginss.t.
6Ben SwiftTeam Skys.t.
7Adam BlytheAqua Blue Sports.t.
8Christopher LathamAn Post - Chain Reactions.t.
9Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
10Ashley DennisBIKE Channel - Canyons.t.
11Wouter WippertTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 3: Duurhuus domestique! Not my terrain. I was doing my best as long as I had energy.

1Valerio ContiTeam Dimension Data4h04'35
2Maurits LammertinkOrica - Scotts.t.
3David GauduFDJs.t.
4Jai HindleyBora - Hansgrohes.t.
5Davide VillellaQuick-Step Floorss.t.
6Magnus Cort NielsenGazprom - RusVelos.t.
7Danny Van PoppelOrica - Scotts.t.
8Lars Petter NordhaugAqua Blue Sports.t.
9Fernando GaviriaQuick-Step Floorss.t.
10Ben SwiftTeam Skys.t.
94Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 15'20

General Classification:

1Matteo PelucchiBora - Hansgrohe11h32'42
2Danny Van PoppelOrica - Scott+ 6
3Valerio ContiTeam Dimension Data+ 10
4Maurits LammertinkOrica - Scott+ 14
5Fernando GaviriaQuick-Step Floors+ 16
6David GauduFDJs.t.
7Ian BibbyTeam Raleigh - GACs.t.
8Rohan DennisOrica - Scott+ 17
9Jake KellyMadison - Genesiss.t.
10Wouter WippertTEAM Philips+ 19
93Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 15'40


Belgium! It might be fun race. Probably again my role will be "work at the head of the group", but I'll try at some finishes for a top 10. It will be hard as I had a break and now I'm riding with fitness at about 80%.

Stage 1:

1Yves LampaertQuick-Step Floors9'07
2Lionel TaminauxOmega Pharma+ 2
3Wout Van AertBMC Racing Teams.t.
4Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
5Fredrik LudvigssonVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 3
6Marko KumpVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
7Callum ScotsonBMC Racing Teams.t.
8Damien GaudinTotals.t.
9Jempy DruckerTrek - Segafredos.t.
10Simon GeschkeTeam Sunwebs.t.
158Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 11

Stage 2: I went for an early breakaway, won two intermediate sprints and that's all. 8 riders in front group, maximum at +5'30". We got caught very late so I still finished at 6th place.

1Rudy BarbierTotal3h35'06
2Sami Al HamdaniTeam Sunwebs.t.
3Bert Van LerbergheSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
4Christophe LaporteFDJs.t.
5Erik BaskaFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
6Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
7André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
8Marko KumpVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
9Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJs.t.
10Wouter WippertTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 3: There are some cobble sections. Not much, but still. I was thinking about another breakaway, but I was in a great race day conditions. This time Lars Boom decided to join a breakaway with another rider from my team J. De Laat.


So close! Great performance. I was feeling really good that day.

1André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij4h25'39
2Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
3Simon GeschkeTeam Sunwebs.t.
4Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunwebs.t.
5Diego OchoaTotals.t.
6Christophe LaporteFDJs.t.
7Jarno MobachVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
8Rudy BarbierTotals.t.
9Jhonatan NarvaezVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
10Jasper De BuystLotto - Soudals.t.

Stage 4: At least for one day I was 5th in GC...

1Guillaume MartinLotto - Soudal4h52'57
2Felix GrosschartnerFortuneo - Oscaro+ 9
3Yves LampaertQuick-Step Floors+ 18
4Diego OchoaTotals.t.
5Xandro MeurisseSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
6Jérémy MaisonTotals.t.
7Thomas De GendtLotto - Soudals.t.
8Jaime RosonTeam Katusha - Alpecins.t.
9Vyacheslav KuznetsovTeam Katusha - Alpecin+ 27
10Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
60Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 1'46

Stage 5: Last stage and somehow I'm still first in points classification. It will be very hard to win that competition as Yves Lampaert have only 1 point less than me.

1Eliot LietaerTrek - Segafredo3h45'31
2Tanguy TurgisFDJs.t.
3Lluis MasTeam Katusha - Alpecins.t.
4Jhonatan NarvaezVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
5Maxime FarazijnBeobank - Corendons.t.
6Sander ArmeeSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
7Ludwig De WinterWB Veranclassic - Aqua Protects.t.
8Niels WytinckOmega Pharmas.t.
9Quinten HermansAGO - Aqua Services.t.
10Christophe LaporteFDJs.t.
25Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

For the first time I believe I'm more than happy that breakaway was before the peloton. Thanks to that I won points classification there!

General Classification:

1Guillaume MartinLotto - Soudal16h48'15
2Felix GrosschartnerFortuneo - Oscaro+ 15
3Yves LampaertQuick-Step Floors+ 19
4Jérémy MaisonTotal+ 27
5Thomas De GendtLotto - Soudal+ 28
6Jaime RosonTeam Katusha - Alpecin+ 30
7Diego OchoaTotal+ 31
8Xandro MeurisseSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
9Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 34
10Vyacheslav KuznetsovTeam Katusha - Alpecin+ 37
55Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 1'50

Points Classification:

1Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips042
2Yves LampaertQuick-Step Floors041
3André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij034
4Rudy BarbierTotal033
5Eliot LietaerTrek - Segafredo3131

Wow points classification is a nice achievement! So close to a big victory Sad

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Croatia14 wrote:
Wow points classification is a nice achievement! So close to a big victory Sad

Still waiting for first win this season :/


From Belgium to Luxembourg. Another "five stages" race.

Stage 1: Short opening ITT.

1Lennard KämnaQuick-Step Floors7'43
2Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 3
3Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJ+ 4
4Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunwebs.t.
5Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudal+ 5
6Brendan CantyRadio Deejay+ 7
7Jenthe BiermansSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
8Rubén ZepuntkeSport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 9
9Joey RosskopfTeam Sunweb+ 10
10Jacob ErikssonDuras.t.
44Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 22

Stage 2: Not that flat stage. Again my role was working at the head of the group. At the finish I had to do sprint train for our leader W. Wippert. At least this time he did well.

1Pascal AckermannTeam Sunweb4h34'10
2Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJs.t.
3Jonas Van GenechtenLotto - Soudals.t.
4Wouter WippertTEAM Philipss.t.
5Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudals.t.
6Felix GallBeobank - Corendons.t.
7Felix GrosschartnerFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
8Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
9Jarl SalomeinDuras.t.
10Lorenzo RotaDuras.t.
12Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 3: Hilly stage... But actually it ended via mass sprint. Just look at FDJ here:

1Johan Le BonFDJ4h53'36
2Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJs.t.
3Kristoffer HalvorsenVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
4Olivier Le GacFDJs.t.
5Quentin JaureguiFDJs.t.
6Pascal AckermannTeam Sunwebs.t.
7Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
8Marko KumpVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
9Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudals.t.
10Matvei MamykinTeam Katusha - Alpecins.t.

Stage 4: Another hard stage. I'm not expecting another mass sprint, but it's possible.

1Taylor PhinneyTrek - Segafredo4h09'43
2Matvei MamykinTeam Katusha - Alpecin+ 55
3Koen De KortTEAM Philipss.t.
4Baptiste PlanckaertLotto - Soudals.t.
5Pascal AckermannTeam Sunwebs.t.
6Kristoffer HalvorsenVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
7Andrea FediQuick-Step Floorss.t.
8Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJs.t.
9Sami Al HamdaniTeam Sunwebs.t.
10Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudals.t.
51Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

It ended via bunch sprint, but with not small peloton. Happy for De Kort, great finish!

Stage 5: Last stage and flat. C'mon Wippert!


1Lukas SpenglerTrek - Segafredo4h00'36
2Pascal AckermannTeam Sunwebs.t.
3Wesley KrederTEAM Philipss.t.
4Kristoffer HalvorsenVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
5Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJs.t.
6Rubén ZepuntkeSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
7Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
8Jasper De BuystLotto - Soudals.t.
9Wouter WippertTEAM Philipss.t.
10Steven LammertinkTEAM Philipss.t.

TEAM Philips is strong. Superb win by Spengler: from the breakaway, almost caught at the finish. I was also very close.

General Classification:

1Remigiusz SwierzynskiFDJ17h46'35
2Lennard KämnaQuick-Step Floors+ 8
3Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 11
4Maximilian SchachmannTeam Sunweb+ 12
5Jan BakelantsLotto - Soudal+ 13
6Brendan CantyRadio Deejay+ 15
7Jenthe BiermansSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
8Rubén ZepuntkeSport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 17
9Jacob ErikssonDura+ 18
10Felix GrosschartnerFortuneo - Oscaro+ 19
22Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 30

Somehow I was the highest classified rider from my team. I don't know how. Maybe if I could ride that opening ITT better... Who knows?


Yet another race with five stages.

Stage 1: An opening ITT. Great win by Rodenburg.

1Tim RodenburgTEAM Philips5'59
2Jos Van EmdenTeam Sunweb+ 1
3Felix BeckerQuick-Step Floorss.t.
4Taylor PhinneyTrek - Segafredo+ 2
5Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKH p/b Mantel+ 3
6Damien HowsonVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
7Dylan Van BaarleTeam Sunwebs.t.
8Sven Erik BystromLotto - Soudal+ 4
9Gaetan BilleTrek - Segafredos.t.
10Kasper AsgreenLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
78Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 15

Stage 2: Flat and easy stage. More difficult yet to come. So easy that breakaway won it. At least I was second from the peloton.

1Johim AriesenMetec - TKH p/b Mantel3h18'06
2Manuel TodaroLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
3Jose Alfredo AguirreRuralvias.t.
4Tijmen EisingDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Teams.t.
5Etienne Van EmpelRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
6Nils EekhofTeam Sunwebs.t.
7Jochem HoekstraSEG Racing Academys.t.
8Lars Van Den BergVacansoleils.t.
9Remco Te BrakeDelta Cycling Rotterdams.t.
10Maxime MonfortTrek - Segafredos.t.
11Hayato YoshidaTelenet - Fidea Lionss.t.
12Max DeylMonkey Town Continental Teams.t.
13Kristoffer HalvorsenVérandas Willems - Crelan+ 1'19
14Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 3: Flat, but very difficult stage with many KotM finishes. Another decent top 10 place.

1Barry MarkusDura5h19'39
2Amaury CapiotQuick-Step Floorss.t.
3André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
4Marco ZanottiLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
5Jens DebusschereLotto - Soudals.t.
6Kasper AsgreenLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
7Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
8Sami Al HamdaniTeam Sunwebs.t.
9Mathias KrigbaumLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
10Tim RodenburgTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 4: Now the stage that will decide about final classification. I was not expecting to finish in main group. And you know what? Breakaway won it again.

1Ricardo Van DongenVacansoleil4h57'28
2Jan MaasMonkey Town Continental Teams.t.
3Matthew BrammeierDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Teams.t.
4Maxime MichauxRuralvias.t.
5Floris De TierLotto - Soudals.t.
6Ramon SinkeldamTeam Sunwebs.t.
7Sami Al HamdaniTeam Sunwebs.t.
8Kristoffer HalvorsenVérandas Willems - Crelans.t.
9Mathieu Van Der PoelTeam Sunwebs.t.
10Jens DebusschereLotto - Soudals.t.
14Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.

Stage 5: Last stage and flat for pure sprinters. I'll try breakaways in Pologne as Tour is very close.

1Sami Al HamdaniTeam Sunweb3h50'20
2Barry MarkusDuras.t.
3Amaury CapiotQuick-Step Floorss.t.
4Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philipss.t.
5Mathieu Van Der PoelTeam Sunwebs.t.
6Felix BeckerQuick-Step Floorss.t.
7Ramon SinkeldamTeam Sunwebs.t.
8Julien SimonQuick-Step Floorss.t.
9Jose Alfredo AguirreRuralvias.t.
10Johim AriesenMetec - TKH p/b Mantels.t.

I'm not a pure sprinter but 4th place is very good at the end for this race.

General Classification:

1Manuel TodaroLeopard Pro Cycling17h31'30
2Johim AriesenMetec - TKH p/b Mantel+ 4
3Jochem HoekstraSEG Racing Academy+ 9
4Hayato YoshidaTelenet - Fidea Lionss.t.
5Nils EekhofTeam Sunweb+ 10
6Lars Van Den BergVacansoleil+ 11
7Etienne Van EmpelRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij+ 14
8Jose Alfredo AguirreRuralvia+ 15
9Remco Te BrakeDelta Cycling Rotterdam+ 16
10Maxime MonfortTrek - Segafredo+ 19
40Jonas DuurhuusTEAM Philips+ 1'36

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