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Norwegian Jonas Duurhuus | 10k views!
Okay, let's get it straight. I bought PCM17 which is my first PCM game since 2010 (not counting any TdF games), and I want to hear from you, what would you like to see as a "story". I probably won't be doing great story posts as other are doing as my english isn't that great. And I'm lazy Pfft.

My idea's:
Some sort of National Team starting from Continental.
Be a Pro: 19-years old Grand Champion sprinter.

Do you have any ideas you would like to see? Post them below! I'll start posting anything about a "story" as soon as possible.

RiderJonas Duurhuus
DatabasePCM.daily Lite Pack
DifficultyNormal (as it's my first experience with PCM version which isn't PCM09 or 10, sorry)
Rider DevelopmentRandom potential

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I have two ideas - Be a Pro story about young rider, who will be future northern classics specialist, and story about Dimension Data continental team (if this database contains this team).
Random generator is random. Also, why not.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome 19-years old Norwegian Jonas Duurhuus!
When I saw that name I had to choose it.

Height - 181 cm
Weight - 72 kg

His strong point are Northern classics. As it will be my first serious play in "be a pro" mode, he is a future Grand Champion.

His stats at the start his great (I believe) career are below:


He could choose a contract from one of those 3 teams:


He decided to be a part of his national creation so his first season will be in a Continental Team FixIT.no:


My calendar of racing (Bold - Focus Races):

January - March
Trofej Umag - Umag Trophy1.201/03
Paris - Troyes1.212/03
Tour de Normandie2.220/03 - 26/03

April - May
Trofeo PIVA1.2U2302/04
Giro Belvedere di Villa di Cordignano1.2U2317/04
Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste2.224/04 - 30/04
Skive Lobet1.201/05
Himmerland Rundt1.202/05
Destination Thy - Concordia GP1.203/05
Sundvolden GP1.207/05
Berner Rundfahrt1.209/05
Paris - Roubaix Espoirs1.2U2331/05

June - July
Tour of Małopolska2.209/06 - 11/06
Tour des Pays de Savoie2.2U2314/06 - 18/06
Course Cycliste de Solidarność2.201/07 - 05/07
GP Torres Vedras2.206/07 - 09/07
Tour Alsace2.226/07 - 31/07

August - September
Tour des Fjords2.101/09 - 05/09
Paris - Tours Espoirs1.2U2311/10

I will post updates with some races at once.
First season: January - March

Trofej Umag - Umag Trophy1.201/03
Paris - Troyes1.212/03
Tour de Normandie2.220/03 - 26/03

1.2 Trofej Umag - Umag Trophy 01/03


First race in my career and already it was pretty nice. Two buddies from team went into breakaway. It was tough, because it was maximum 3 minutes. But it was enough for them! H. Sandal was 7th and E. Spikseth 10th. Good for them. I finished my first race 27th.


1.2 Paris - Troyes 12/03


Second race and another breakaway. This time peloton completely lost it. At some point it was almost 30 minutes! I decided to take it by myself and I tried to managed the tempo. Four cyclists in a breakaway and +22'52" over the peloton. That was sick. Yet still pretty decent from me - 35th. Maybe I should go for a breakaway?


2.2 Tour de Normandie 20/03 - 26/03

7 completely flat stages. But I'm not a sprinter. I want to win Paris - Roubaix... 5 times!

Here are my results stage-by-stage:
Stage 14.8km69.+16"
Stage 2190km126.s.t
Stage 382km7.s.t
Stage 470km36.s.t
Stage 5184km27.s.t
Stage 6156km29.+58"
Stage 7130km9.s.t

You could be thinking... What place in GC it is. Well... On second stage I was with 6 other guys in a breakaway but we were caught 19km from the finish. I decided to try it next day again! This time it was 8 riders. And I was in that group. It was tough. I didn't have a chance in the sprint but I finished on 7th place. That gave me 6th place in GC. Stage 6 was another successful breakaway. But thanks to some gap in the peloton I got myself into 4th place in GC. Last stage was really nice. 9th place in a mass sprint is good thing for future.


General Classification:

Next step: Two U23 races in Italy!
a great start to the career with the good result in the Normandie!

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Croatia14 wrote:
a great start to the career with the good result in the Normandie!


Now it is a time for two U23 races in a Italy.

1.2U23 Trofeo PIVA 02/04


On this day I wasn't feeling well. I had bad day and also it isn't exactly my terrain. I was doing my best but 50th place isn't what I wanted. But it was what my team wanted from me - top 50. A. Jacobsen was 10th and J. Breivold 15th. Good for them!


Now it's time for another flat classic. I think I can do much better here.

1.2U23 Giro Belvedere di Villa di Cordignano 17/04


Today I feel much better than in previous race. My team expected from me top 30 finish. Well, there was a climb at the crucial point of the race. I tried to be at the front, but my ability of climbing short climbs isn't still that great as I want it to be. On first climb I almost lost touch with the peloton, so on second ascend I tried to not make that mistake again. I hold on the front of the peloton, but breakaway was still upfront. At the end I finished 5th from peloton! Yet still breakaway was before us. At the end, great 9th place!


See you in France again. This time in Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste!

btw. I decided to post daily updates. It doesn't mean I play only two races. Right now I'm at the beginning of July trying to sign contract for next season. That is just in case I was to lazy/had to much other stuff to do. Then I can post earlier prepared posts.
2.2 Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste 24/04 - 30/04

Again a race with 7 flat stages. Can I repeat my 4th place from France here?

Stage 1 wasn't that lucky. 19km from a finish there was massive crash. Many riders lost some time there. So do I. Luckily I was okay after crash. There was a big chaos after it. Peloton almost split into 3 groups. At the final sprint I was at the front again so 11th place is nice opening.
Stage 2 & 3 were an all day breakaways from me. Team wanted it, not me. I lost a lot of energy and it wasn't worth. I came last... twice. I'll take a rest and try to do something on coming stages on the finish.
From other stages only stage 4 and 7 were notable - 12th & 11th place.


Not the best race in my career, but I hope that my form will improve as Paris-Roubaix Espoirs is next month!
Hard next days. Just after not good Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste transport to Denmark for some classics. And then to my home country for last preperations before the Hell of the North U23.

1.2 Skive Lobet 01/05


Today I was working for our leader Matti Manninen as my fitness isn't at top level. Yet still hard classics are before me.

1Takaaki HiguchiTeam Ukyo3h43'03
2Jose GutiérrezKuwait - Cartucho.ess.t.
3Rasmus QuaadeTeam Giant - Castellis.t.
4Jesper ChristensenRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
5Torkil VeyheColoQuick - CULTs.t.
6Mathias BregnhojBHS - Almeborg Bornholms.t.
7Erik SanderssonTeam Tre Berg - PostNords.t.
8Anton TunsetTeam Coops.t.
9Patrick LaneIsoWhey Sports - SwissWellnesss.t.
10Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
59Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

1.2 Himmerland Rundt 02/05


I'm tired. My freshness was only on about 45% I think. I still need to learn a lot. Today again it was hard working at the front for our leader.

1Barry MarkusPauwels - Vastgoedservice4h07'06
2Romain FeilluHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
3Steven TronetEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
4Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
5Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
6Marco ZanottiMonkey Town Continental Teams.t.
7Stéphane PoulhiesEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
8Rasmus WallinColoQuick - CULTs.t.
9Mathias BregnhojBHS - Almeborg Bornholms.t.
10Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
53Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

1.2 Destination Thy - Concordia GP 03/05


Last day of racing and few days of break before starts in my home country. Finally! Third day of flat classics and again hard working for our leader.
At the last 20 km I decided to fight for myself and tried to get a good place. My effort results in a 6th place! Just look at this!

1Filippo FortinTirol Cycling Team4h15'13
2Dieter BouvryPauwels - Vastgoedservices.t.
3Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
4Brenton JonesJLT - Condors.t.
5Barry MarkusPauwels - Vastgoedservices.t.
6Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
7Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
8Jan-Willem Van SchipDelta Cycling Rotterdams.t.
9Sebastian SchönbergerTirol Cycling Teams.t.
10Gerry DruytsPauwels - Vastgoedservices.t.

Maybe I should become sprinter at some point?

1.2 Sundvolden GP 07/05


Now it's a hilly classic. Not my terrain, but I done my best. Which was coming last. Seriously. I should stop thinking of riding hilly races for some time.

1Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept4h48'19
2Jhonatan NarvaezAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
3Andreas VangstadTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
4Chris Anker SorensenRiwal - Platform Cycling Team+ 13
5Kristoffer SkjerpingJoker - Icopals.t.
6Björn ThurauKuwait - Cartucho.ess.t.
7Adrien CostaAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
8Carl Fredrik HagenJoker - Icopals.t.
9Davide RebellinKuwait - Cartucho.ess.t.
10Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopal+ 43
129Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 22'34

1.2 Berner Rundfahrt 09/05


Another hilly race. So I wasn't riding very hard. Just to get to the line.

1Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept4h57'21
2Colin StĂĽssiRoth - Akross.t.
3Matej MugerliAmplatz - BMCs.t.
4Robin CarpenterHolowesko - Citadel Racings.t.
5Marek RutkiewiczWibatech - 7R Fujis.t.
6Roland ThalmannRoth - Akross.t.
7Nathan EarleTeam Ukyos.t.
8Danilo CelanoAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
9Rodrigo AraqueTeam Ukyos.t.
10Salvador GuardiolaTeam Ukyos.t.
116Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 12'23

And now... Paris-Roubaix Espoirs!
Here we comes!

Let's take a look on a little interview with me:


Zoom on... Jonas Duurhuus!


(and you lost your house... oh, nevermind!)

Also I'm one of top favourites!


It's time to show the world what I can do!

1.2U23 Paris - Roubaix Espoirs 31/05


I was a leader for my team, but I had only 3 teammates. One of them withdrawal from race after crash not much later after start.

So I had only two of them. They were working really hard for me and I'm thankful for that, but with 50km left I was the only one from my team.

With 20km left I decided to manage the tempo.

With 15km left there were only 28 riders upfront.

10km left and 32 riders in first group. I was waiting for a final section.

26 riders in a Velodrome at Roubaix! Who will win?



1Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopal4h38'27
2Callum ScotsonBMC Development Teams.t.
3Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
4Fabio JakobsenSEG Racing Academys.t.
5Jim LindenburgMetec - TKH p/b Mantels.t.
6Gabriel CullaighSEG Racing Academys.t.
7Pavel SivakovBMC Development Teams.t.
8Aaron VerwilstLotto U23s.t.
9Christopher LawlessAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
10Bram WeltenBMC Development Teams.t.
11Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

I still need to learn a lot. I made some stupid mistakes, but also I'm not the fastest guy in the peloton. I want to believe that next time I'll win!
In both those races together there is only 1 flat stage. This is going to be exciting...

2.2 Tour of Małopolska 09/06 - 11/06

On first stage I was all day in a breakaway. Yet still I finished 17th. Other stages were quite hilly. I didn't expect anything good.

Stage 1:

1Steele Von HoffONE Pro Cycling3h16'54
2Nicolai BrochnerRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
3Emils LiepinsRietumu Banka - Rigas.t.
4Gašper KatrašnikAdria Mobils.t.
5Dusan RajovicAdria Mobils.t.
17Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 2:

1Maciej PaterskiCCC Sprandi Polkowice3h24'21
2Marek RutkiewiczWibatech - 7R Fujis.t.
3Nathan EarleTeam Ukyos.t.
4Björn ThurauKuwait - Cartucho.ess.t.
5Dmitriy StrakhovLokosphinxs.t.
6Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
7Steele Von HoffONE Pro Cyclings.t.
8Stanislau BazhkouMinsk Cycling Clubs.t.
9Kirill PozdnyakovSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
10Davide MucelliMeridiana - Kamen Teams.t.
118Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 14'08

Stage 3:

1Oleg ZemlyakovVino - Astana Motors4h29'02
2Kirill PozdnyakovSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 28
3Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
4Nathan EarleTeam Ukyos.t.
5Björn ThurauKuwait - Cartucho.es+ 1'04
6Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Team+ 1'24
7Sergiy LagkutiKolss Cycling Team+ 1'39
8Maciej PaterskiCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1'51
9Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Teams.t.
10Josef CernyElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
119Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 19'16

General Classification:

1Kirill PozdnyakovSynergy Baku Cycling Project11h10'39
2Nathan EarleTeam Ukyo+ 2
3Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
4Oleg ZemlyakovVino - Astana Motors+ 40
5Björn ThurauKuwait - Cartucho.es+ 42
6Maciej PaterskiCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1'19
7Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Team+ 1'29
8Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Team+ 2'02
9Marek RutkiewiczWibatech - 7R Fuji+ 2'40
10Josef CernyElkov - Author Cycling Team+ 2'41
119Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 33'02

Now another really hard race. Nothing good to come I think.

2.2U23 Tour des Pays de Savoie 14/06 - 18/06

I made some breakaways as team wanted it from me. But nothing really good from it. No flat stages at all.

Stage 1:

1Harm VanhouckeLotto U233h19'39
2Adrien CostaAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 21
3Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
4Dinmukhammed UlysbayevAstana City+ 1'43
5Jai HindleyMitchelton - Scotts.t.
6Hugo PigeonChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 2'54
7Edward DunbarAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
8Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 4'25
9Kevin GenietsChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
10Rémy RochasChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
84Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 17'37

Stage 2:

1Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formation3h52'54
2Rémy RochasChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
3Harm VanhouckeLotto U23s.t.
4Dinmukhammed UlysbayevAstana City+ 11
5Jai HindleyMitchelton - Scotts.t.
6Adrien CostaAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
7Kevin GenietsChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
8Anthon CharmigTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 33
9Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
10Jonas VingegaardColoQuick - CULTs.t.
68Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 11'15

Stage 3:

1Joseph AreruyaDimension Data Continental2h09'51
2Logan OwenAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
3Harm VanhouckeLotto U23s.t.
4Kevin GenietsChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
5Dinmukhammed UlysbayevAstana Citys.t.
6Jai HindleyMitchelton - Scotts.t.
7Edward DunbarAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
8Magnus Bak KlarisColoQuick - CULTs.t.
9Adrien CostaAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
10Simon SellierVendée Us.t.
69Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 3'54

Stage 4:

1Harm VanhouckeLotto U2313'08
2Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 2
3Adrien CostaAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 4
4Niklas LarsenTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 6
5Anders HardahlColoQuick - CULT+ 7
6Dinmukhammed UlysbayevAstana City+ 8
7Kevin GenietsChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 9
8Jai HindleyMitchelton - Scott+ 10
9Thomas VereeckenLotto U23+ 12
10Martijn De JongSEG Racing Academy+ 14
72Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 30

Stage 5:

1Morten HulgaardBHS - Almeborg Bornholm3h46'26
2Magnus Bak KlarisColoQuick - CULT+ 2'58
3Enzo BernardVendée Us.t.
4Harm VanhouckeLotto U23+ 3'32
5CristĂłbal SarriĂłnNovo Nordisk Developments.t.
6Bjorg LambrechtLotto U23s.t.
7Jai HindleyMitchelton - Scotts.t.
8Edward DunbarAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
9Kevin GenietsChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
10Hugo PigeonChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
84Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 18'28

General Classification:

1Harm VanhouckeLotto U2313h25'12
2Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 1'11
3Adrien CostaAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 1'20
4Jai HindleyMitchelton - Scott+ 2'22
5Dinmukhammed UlysbayevAstana City+ 2'51
6Kevin GenietsChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 5'03
7Hugo PigeonChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 5'16
8Rémy RochasChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 5'22
9Edward DunbarAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 5'43
10Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 5'50
82Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 48'28

Next time some transfers news and another stage race in Poland.
It is a time of a year when a rider need to decide whether to leave a team or sign a deal for another year. Those are teams that were interested in signing me.


I'm still to weak to ride in Pro Continental Team so I decided first of all to stay in my current team for another year. Then I'll think about 2 year contract in Pro Continental Division.

Now another stage race. Four flat stages and one hilly.

2.2 Course Cycliste de Solidarność 01/07 - 05/07

Stage 1 was another all day breakaway. This time I was caught just few kms from the finish.

1Alan BanaszekCCC Sprandi Polkowice2h22'41
2Sylwester JaniszewskiWibatech - 7R Fujis.t.
3Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
4Grzegorz StępniakWibatech - 7R Fujis.t.
5Nicolai BrochnerRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
6Karol DomagalskiONE Pro Cyclings.t.
7Alois KankovskyElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
8Michał PalutaCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
9Romain FeilluHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
10Andriy KulykKolss Cycling Teams.t.
67Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 2: Another breakaway. I couldn't get caught anything closer... But... What's this?


1Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no1h56'10
2Anthony MaldonadoHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
3Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
4Michael ReihsTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
5Ricardo FerreiraRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
6Tarlan MammadovSynergy Baku Cycling Projects.t.
7Romain FeilluHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
8Alois KankovskyElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
9Tobias KnaupTeam Lotto - Kern Hauss.t.
10Théry SchirTeam Vorarlbergs.t.

Yes! My first victory in my career! What a way to do it! I'm second in GC also! Maybe I should try in a Pro Continental Team then?

Stage 3 and calm riding in a peloton in a green jersey! I was trying to ride on Banaszek wheel for a sprint but couldn't hold it. 9th place is still good result.

1Alan BanaszekCCC Sprandi Polkowice3h24'21
2Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
3Romain FeilluHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
4Nicolai BrochnerRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
5Alois KankovskyElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
6David MenutHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
7Samuel CaldeiraW52 - FC Portos.t.
8Andriy KulykKolss Cycling Teams.t.
9Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
10Michael KukrleElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.

Stage 4 and hilly one. This time in white jersey. Yet another breakaway. This time because there were two intermediate sprints and I was going for green jersey. Didn't expect Banaszek to be second on the finish.

1Michał PalutaCCC Sprandi Polkowice4h47'30
2Alan BanaszekCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
3Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
4Rasmus GuldhammerTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
5Rasmus MygindRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
6Jonas KochCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
7Francesco Manuel BongiornoSangemini - MG.K Viss.t.
8Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Teams.t.
9Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Teams.t.
10Joao BentaRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
131Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 7'25

Stage 5:

1Hayden McCormickONE Pro Cycling4h13'49
2Zsolt DerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
3Carmelo FotiLeopard Pro Cycling+ 28
4Ricardo MestreW52 - FC Portos.t.
5Henrik SandalTeam FixIT.nos.t.
6Alan BanaszekCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
7Sylwester JaniszewskiWibatech - 7R Fujis.t.
8Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Teams.t.
9Kamil GradekONE Pro Cyclings.t.
10Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Teams.t.
22Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

General Classification:

1Alan BanaszekCCC Sprandi Polkowice16h44'33
2Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 16
3Michał PalutaCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
4Paweł CieślikElkov - Author Cycling Team+ 18
5Sylwester JaniszewskiWibatech - 7R Fuji+ 20
6Tarlan MammadovSynergy Baku Cycling Project+ 23
7Karol DomagalskiONE Pro Cycling+ 26
8Jonas KochCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
9Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Teams.t.
10Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Teams.t.
81Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 7'37

Third place in points classification!

1Alan BanaszekCCC Sprandi Polkowice1083
2Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcept344
3Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no040

2.2 GP Torres Vedras 06/07 - 09/07

Two hilly stages, one ITT and one flat stage.

Stage 1:

1Rasmus QuaadeTeam Giant - Castelli6'48
2Edgar PintoLA Aluminios - Metalusa+ 4
3SĂ©rgio PaulinhoEfapel+ 6
4Curtis WhiteRally Cyclings.t.
5Lucas LissRad-Net - Rose Team+ 7
6Benjamin ThomasEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
7Amaro Manuel AntunesW52 - FC Porto+ 9
8AntĂłnio CarvalhoW52 - FC Portos.t.
9Rinaldo NocentiniSporting - Tavira+ 10
10Antonio BarbioEfapel+ 13
97Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 32

Stage 2:

1Amaro Manuel AntunesW52 - FC Porto4h07'22
2Jhonatan NarvaezAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 13
3Alexander VdovinLokosphinxs.t.
4Edgar PintoLA Aluminios - Metalusas.t.
5Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Teams.t.
6AntĂłnio CarvalhoW52 - FC Portos.t.
7Dmitriy StrakhovLokosphinxs.t.
8Garikoitz BravoEuskadi - Muriass.t.
9SĂ©rgio PaulinhoEfapels.t.
10Egor SilinRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
72Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 4'36

Third stage and really good effort.

1Mamyr StashLokosphinx3h57'41
2Benjamin ThomasEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
3Christopher LawlessAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
4Casper PedersenTeam Giant - Castellis.t.
5Maximilian BeyerRad-Net - Rose Teams.t.
6Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
7Rasmus QuaadeTeam Giant - Castellis.t.
8Edgar PintoLA Aluminios - Metalusas.t.
9Egor SilinRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
10Pierpaolo FicaraAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.

Stage 4:

1AntĂłnio CarvalhoW52 - FC Porto4h17'54
2Jhonatan NarvaezAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 14
3Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Teams.t.
4Danilo CelanoAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
5Pierpaolo FicaraAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
6Amaro Manuel AntunesW52 - FC Portos.t.
7Rui SousaRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
8Edgar PintoLA Aluminios - Metalusas.t.
9Dmitriy StrakhovLokosphinxs.t.
10Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Teams.t.
111Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 12'29

General Classification:

1AntĂłnio CarvalhoW52 - FC Porto12h29'57
2Amaro Manuel AntunesW52 - FC Porto+ 1
3Edgar PintoLA Aluminios - Metalusa+ 19
4Pierpaolo FicaraAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 29
5Rui SousaRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
6Jhonatan NarvaezAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 32
7Oleksandr PolivodaKolss Cycling Team+ 33
8Mykhaylo KononenkoKolss Cycling Team+ 40
9Egor SilinRádio Popular - Boavista+ 42
10Dmitriy StrakhovLokosphinx+ 49
109Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 17'25

2.2 Tour Alsace 26/07 - 31/07

Another race in France before long break. Opening short TTT, 3 flat stages, one hilly, one mountainous.

Stage 1: Team had 7th place, 18 teams in race.

I felt very bad in that race. I was tired, I had headache... It was really hard days. But on second stage even that I was in a breakaway, I've got 10th place.

1Geoffrey SoupeCofidis, Solutions Crédits2h46'21
2Laurent PichonFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
3Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
4Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
5August JensenTeam Coops.t.
6Jeff VermeulenDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Teams.t.
7Patrick ClausenRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
8Manuel PorznerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
9Benjamin ThomasEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
10Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 3 and 7th place from peloton as breakaway won this just before main group arrived.

1Simon BigumBHS - Almeborg Bornholm3h50'17
2Patrick JägerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
3Anthony JullienChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
4Taruia KrainerVendée Us.t.
5Jesper VinkelRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
6Henrik SandalTeam FixIT.nos.t.
7Even RegeTeam Coops.t.
8Diego WendelspiessRoth - Akross.t.
9Nicolaj SteenTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
10Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
16Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 4 and another good place.

1Laurent PichonFortuneo - Oscaro3h09'43
2Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
3Geoffrey SoupeCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
4Manuel PorznerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
5Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
6Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
7Armindo FonsecaFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
8August JensenTeam Coops.t.
9Eduardo SepulvedaFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
10Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.

Stage 5:

1Philip LindauTeam Coop3h31'28
2Domingos GonçalvesRádio Popular - Boavistas.t.
3Geoffrey SoupeCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
4Tom ThillTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
5Eduardo SepulvedaFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
6Manuel PorznerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
7Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
8August JensenTeam Coops.t.
9Armindo FonsecaFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
10Laurent PichonFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
28Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 6:

1Eduardo SepulvedaFortuneo - Oscaro4h17'31
2Daniel DĂ­azDelko - Marseille Provence+ 17
3RĂ©my Di GregorioDelko - Marseille Provence+ 38
4Colin StĂĽssiRoth - Akross.t.
5Romain HardyFortuneo - Oscaro+ 51
6Rémy RochasChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
7Francis MoureyFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
8Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 1'06
9Geoffrey SoupeCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
10Cristian RaileanuTeam Differdange - Loschs.t.
133Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 20'05

General Classification:

1Eduardo SepulvedaFortuneo - Oscaro17h42'12
2Daniel DĂ­azDelko - Marseille Provence+ 5
3RĂ©my Di GregorioDelko - Marseille Provence+ 28
4Geoffrey SoupeCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 38
5Romain HardyFortuneo - Oscaro+ 1'01
6Francis MoureyFortuneo - Oscaros.t.
7Rémy RochasChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 1'19
8Cristian RaileanuTeam Differdange - Losch+ 1'40
9Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 2'05
10Fredrik GaltaTeam Coop+ 2'45
88Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 20'33

Now long break before our big objective: Tour des Fjords. After that, my last race this season: Paris - Tours Espoirs.
My last two races this season.

2.1 Tour des Fjords 01/09 - 05/09

Very important race for our team. Four flat stages and one hilly. Team Sky (with forth tier riders) and Team Lotto NL - Jumbo (with first tier riders like Boom, Lobato, Campenaerts) on the startlist. For the first time I think I'm fighting against top teams in the world!

Stage 1:

1Juan José LobatoTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo4h12'06
2Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
3André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
4Fridtjof RoinasTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
5Lars BoomTeam Lotto NL - Jumbos.t.
6Bert Van LerbergheSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
7Pim LigthartRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
8Edward PlanckaertSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
9August JensenTeam Coops.t.
10Nicolai BrochnerRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
26Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 2. I was in a breakaway. And honestly I didn't expect that we could actually have a chance for a win. But when you are 1'30" upfront - 10kms from the finish - in a breakaway, you think you can do it. Yes, I was really tired at that point. Tired of a season.:

1Louis BendixenColoQuick - CULT3h15'35
2Tobias KongstadRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
3Thomas PidcockTeam Skys.t.
4Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
5Pontus KastemyrTeam Tre Berg - PostNords.t.
6Casper Von FolsachTeam Giant - Castellis.t.
7Ole Andre AustevollTeam Coops.t.
8Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 1'12
9André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
10Lars BoomTeam Lotto NL - Jumbos.t.

Stage 3:

1Bjorn Tore HoemJoker - Icopal3h57'19
2Pim LigthartRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
3Andreas VangstadTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
4Juan José LobatoTeam Lotto NL - Jumbos.t.
5Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
6Lars BoomTeam Lotto NL - Jumbos.t.
7Rasmus GuldhammerTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
8Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
9Salvatore PuccioTeam Skys.t.
10Tobias KongstadRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
61Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 5'45

Stage 4. Another day, another breakaway. Again it was close as we got caught only 8kms from the finish.:

1Juan José LobatoTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo3h54'37
2Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
3Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
4Pim LigthartRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
5Fridtjof RoinasTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
6Nicolai BrochnerRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
7Bert Van LerbergheSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
8Louis BendixenColoQuick - CULTs.t.
9Piet AllegaertSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
10Tobias KongstadRiwal - Platform Cycling Teams.t.
65Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 5. You know what? Breakaway! I need to keep my director satisfied. Easy "+2%". 9kms from the finish it was +1'10". Another chance for a win? So close...:

1Ludvik HolstadTeam Sparebanken Sor3h45'18
2Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
3Mads RahbekTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 19
4André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
5Jakob EgholmTeam Giant - Castellis.t.
6Edward PlanckaertSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
7Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
8Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
9Kevin DeltombeSport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
10Torkil VeyheColoQuick - CULTs.t.

General Classification:

1Tobias KongstadRiwal - Platform Cycling Team19h05'08
2Thomas PidcockTeam Sky+ 2
3Juan José LobatoTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+ 58
4Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopal+ 1'08
5Bjorn Tore HoemJoker - Icopals.t.
6Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 1'12
7Pim LigthartRoompot - Nederlandse Loterijs.t.
8Piet AllegaertSport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 1'13
9André LooijRoompot - Nederlandse Loterij+ 1'14
10Andreas VangstadTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
45Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 5'17

Also forth place in points classification:

1Juan José LobatoTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo165
2Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopal953
3Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcept853
4Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no3852

So now there is only one race left for me.

1.2U23 Paris - Tours Espoirs 11/10


Another U23 race. My objective was to finish inside top 50. That wasn't really hard as it is a flat classic. But breakaway was faster. I was also trying to hold Halvorsen wheel, but he is much better than me.

1Mirko IafratiGM - Europa Ovini3h55'25
2Rob Van BroekhovenDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Teams.t.
3Hugo PigeonChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
4Christopher LawlessAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
5Kristoffer HalvorsenJoker - Icopals.t.
6Yann PestiauxAGO - Aqua Services.t.
7William BartaAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
8Dmitry PonkratovNovo Nordisk Developments.t.
9Florian MaîtreVendée Us.t.
10Pierre BarbierBMC Development Teams.t.
18Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Some sort of summary, tomorrow!
Now it is a time for a summary of my first season. Let's take a look at my results: (Warning! It's a big photo, that's why in spoiler)


Tell me. Do you like it? I now think results in PCM looks so nice that why not use it as one big photo with my results?

I have to say that I'm actually pretty impressed with that. I already have my first win in my career. Also some pretty nice top 10 places. But, there were also flops. Like Paris-Roubaix U23. Main favourite and outside of top 10. I think I need little more flat races to ride next season. I'm to weak for mountainous stages, but some hilly are not that hard as I expected. That's why I stay in my current team for next season. A lot potentially flat races or classics. This time I'll focus on my stamina and other stats like that.

But! That's not all for today.

Grand Tour winners:


Classics winners:


Btw. Sagan has 3 WCs in his pocket, but game still doesn't recognise this as 3 wins.

Nominated riders:


Votes by PCM Daily journalist Pfft




Highest number of wins:


Top 15 riders by average:


Next post will be about my calendar next season. Also you will see my big progress since last photo of my stats. And it's only was one freaking year!
#BardetHype BananaBananaBanana

Really liking the story and layout so far, hopefully next season you can go into more detail about some of your main/goal races.
@Martii_Scots01: Will try, but I don't think there will be much more to say. Especially now when it's still only Continental Division. My role for about 90% of the time is "go for a breakaway" which means If I won't do that, I will not get points for my progress. When I do, it's like 5 pts. If I'm going to do this every stage I would be 100% tired after March/April just when my main races are. Usually I'm to weak to manage good sprint, or profile is to hard for me. Yet sometimes I can finish inside top 10. Will try Wink


First of all, my stats progress:


I will give you my stats progress year-by-year.

Second of all, Team FixIT.no 2018:


Third of all, my calendar of racing. There are some changes, but mostly it stay the same. Biggest changes are my first start in Giro U23 and Olympia's Tour U23 which will be my last goal in the season. Tour de Normandie and Paris-Roubaix U23 are again my main goals:

January - March
Valence Drome Classic1.126/02
Paris - Troyes1.212/03
Tour de Normandie2.220/03 - 26/03

April - May
Circuit des Ardennes International2.207/04 - 10/04
Tro-Bro Leon1.117/04
Skive Lobet1.201/05
Himmerland Rundt1.202/05
Destination Thy - Concordia GP1.203/05
Ronde van Noord-Holland1.214/05
Bałtyk - Karkonosze Tour2.216/05 - 21/05
Boucles de l'Aulne - Chateaulin1.128/05
Paris - Roubaix Espoirs1.2U2331/05

June - July
Giro Ciclistico d'Italia2.2U2309/06 - 16/06
Course Cycliste de Solidarność2.201/07 - 05/07
GP Torres Vedras2.206/07 - 09/07
Tour Alsace2.226/07 - 31/07

August - September
Olympia's Tour2.2U2305/09 - 11/09
GP d'Isbergues - Pas de Calais1.118/09
Paris - Tours Espoirs1.2U2311/10

See you in France at the start of my second season!
Let's ready to Rum... Ride!

1.1 Valence Drome Classic 26/02


There were some climbs in this race, so I didn't expect good result from me. I'm still not in form as it's my first race this year. Six riders in a breakaway, no one from my team. I was a free element so I decided to save my energy to final kms.

1Pierre RollandCannondale - Drapac4h41'16
2Adrien PetitTotals.t.
3Guillaume MartinWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
4Pieter VanspeybrouckWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
5Kanstantsin SiutsouBahrain - Meridas.t.
6Stefano PirazziCannondale - Drapacs.t.
7Ben O'ConnorTeam Dimension Datas.t.
8Guillaume ThevenotCannondale - Drapacs.t.
9Tom Van AsbroeckCannondale - Drapacs.t.
10Yoeri HavikTeam Raleigh - GACs.t.
70Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

I lost a lot of energy at those climbs so I was not fighting in the finish. Yet I was the best from my team.

1.2 Paris - Troyes 12/03


Another flat classic. This time we had a leader for mass sprint as F. Roinas was even described as "*" at the start! Well, he has 75 in sprint! Just 3 riders in a breakaway.

1Yannick MartinezDelko - Marseille Provence3h42'43
2Jérémy LecroqRoubaix - Lille Métropole+ 28
3Johann BordesAstana Citys.t.
4David MenutHP BTP - Auber 93s.t.
5Julien MoriceEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
6Fabio JakobsenSEG Racing Academys.t.
7Fridtjof RoinasTeam FixIT.nos.t.
8August JensenTeam Coops.t.
9Maik Van Der HeijdenDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Teams.t.
10Henrik SandalTeam FixIT.nos.t.
11Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

I did my job pretty well as Roinas had great position for a sprint. But he isn't probably in form as he was even second at some point and at the finish was 7th... Yet, 11th place from me!
If you are a grand champion potential cobble rider you could also train on hills for a while since your potential there will probably mean a limit of 72+
@ruben, Thanks for the info! Never played Be a Pro Mode before. But at the point of my career I'm now it might be a moment to train hills. And I'm in the middle of season 3 Pfft.


Last year I was 4th in general classification. Can I repeat that?

Results stage-by-stage; Stage 1:

1Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Berman5'43
2Gatis SmukulisDelko - Marseille Provence+ 1
3Dion BeukeboomDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Team+ 2
4Kasper AsgreenTeam VĂ©loConcept+ 4
5Giovanni CarboniLeopard Pro Cycling+ 6
6Gaëtan PonsLeopard Pro Cycling+ 8
7Geoffrey CurranAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 9
8Manuel PorznerTeam Vorarlberg+ 12
9Takaaki HiguchiTeam Ukyo+ 15
10Jonathan BreyneTarteletto - Isorex+ 18
88Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 38

Stage 2:

1Yannick MartinezDelko - Marseille Provence4h08'25
2Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
3Trond TrondsenTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
4Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
5David Van Der PoelBHS - Almeborg Bornholms.t.
6Christopher LathamTeam Wigginss.t.
7Marco ZanottiTarteletto - Isorexs.t.
8Colin JoyceRally Cyclings.t.
9Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
10Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.

Stage 3:

1James OramONE Pro Cycling1h37'23
2Curtis WhiteRally Cyclings.t.
3Quentin FournierVendée Us.t.
4Pierre GoebeertAGO - Aqua Services.t.
5Kristian AasvoldTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
6Matthias VandewalleTarteletto - Isorexs.t.
7Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
8Nathan DraperTeam Wigginss.t.
9Takero TerasakiTeam Ukyos.t.
10Tom WirtgenLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.

Stage 4:

1Christoph SchweizerTeam Vorarlberg1h33'45
2Charlie QuartermanLeopard Pro Cyclings.t.
3Lorenzo FortunatoONE Pro Cyclings.t.
4Tyler MagnerRally Cyclings.t.
5Arthur BaudeAGO - Aqua Services.t.
6Jérémy LecroqRoubaix - Lille Métropoles.t.
7Christopher LathamTeam Wigginss.t.
8Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
9Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.
10Christoffer LissonBHS - Almeborg Bornholms.t.

Stage 5:

1Jérémy LecroqRoubaix - Lille Métropole4h11'40
2Logan OwenAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
3Gatis SmukulisDelko - Marseille Provences.t.
4Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
5William BartaAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
6Christopher LawlessAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
7Christopher BlevinsAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
8Trond TrondsenTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
9Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
10Rui OliveiraAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
15Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Stage 6:

1Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcept3h20'26
2Marco ZanottiTarteletto - Isorexs.t.
3Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
4Jérémy LecroqRoubaix - Lille Métropoles.t.
5Trond TrondsenTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.
6Christian MagerTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
7David Van Der PoelBHS - Almeborg Bornholms.t.
8Alexis BodiotEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
9Alexander KampTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
10Christopher LathamTeam Wigginss.t.
11Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.nos.t.

Before last stage I could say that this race wasn't as good as last year. There were some successful breakaways, but I wasn't part of them. There was just no difference at the finish between breakaway and the peloton. I was two times in a breakaway, but nothing really happened. So was this race a flop? Not really. There was still stage number 7... I decided to put one of our riders as my "sprint train". You can see this below.


What happened? This happened:


1Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no2h50'34
2Jérémy LecroqRoubaix - Lille Métropoles.t.
3Yannick MartinezDelko - Marseille Provences.t.
4Michael CarbelTeam VĂ©loConcepts.t.
5Marco ZanottiTarteletto - Isorexs.t.
6David Van Der PoelBHS - Almeborg Bornholms.t.
7Bastien DucultyEquipe Cycliste Armée de Terres.t.
8Logan OwenAxeon - Hagens Bermans.t.
9Jeff VermeulenRally Cyclings.t.
10Trond TrondsenTeam Sparebanken Sors.t.

My second victory! Yay!

General Classification:

1Gatis SmukulisDelko - Marseille Provence17h47'53
2Neilson PowlessAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 3
3Dion BeukeboomDestil - Jo Piels Cycling Team+ 5
4Jérémy LecroqRoubaix - Lille Métropole+ 8
5Giovanni CarboniLeopard Pro Cycling+ 9
6Gaëtan PonsLeopard Pro Cycling+ 11
7Geoffrey CurranAxeon - Hagens Berman+ 12
8Manuel PorznerTeam Vorarlberg+ 15
9Christoph SchweizerTeam Vorarlberg+ 16
10Takaaki HiguchiTeam Ukyo+ 18
30Jonas DuurhuusTeam FixIT.no+ 29

Not as good race as last year if it comes for GC. But! A stage win is also great!
Liking the idea good luck Wink and a good result at the Paris - Roubaix Espoirs by the way Smile
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