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[PCT] Netia - VĂ³nin
knockout wrote:
I think "decent" is an understatement. Third in Down Under is great and Kwiatek in Sri Lanka was also " decent" despite missing the right move. Definitely a (very) good month.

I overuse the word decent. Pfft Down Under was amazing and Kwiat was fine, so yeah a great month for us. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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great start into the season!
Very Odd not seeing Sobota leading out Vantomme if he had done it I guess Vantomme would have won. Pfft

Anyway a great kick off for your season!
Great start, keep em' comming.
@Croatia & Tamijo - Thanks for the kind words! Smile

@Viking - Yeah, a bit odd and not a great sign for the rest of the season, however Vantomme didn't get a train last year at DUC and I think a few of our lead-out men (definitely Franczak and Reckweg, perhaps Mørkøv as well) were held up in crashes so maybe it's just that. It'd be a shame to see Sobota's perpetual overperformances wasted. Pfft

Although looks like he made good use of the Valio train here, so I'm happy. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Febuary Review

A stunning month for us with our first wins of 2017!

Tour of Eritrea
The Tour of Eritrea began with Torkil Veyhe flying the Faroese flag in the breakaway, he unfortunately forgot to pack his national jersey, but soon replaced it anyway with the KOM jersey as well as they youth lead. It was a good start to what would become a brilliant race.
On the third stage with huge mountains, Mark Padun joined the first breakaway of his career. Following the break's demise, Michal Kwiatkowski countered the attacks of Kudus and surprised everybody by sticking with the Eritrean and beating him to the line!
All our domestiques were in Poland so Michal had to play the hill stages smart and conservative, protecting his colourful leader's jersey by following the moves of favourites and staying right at the front, securing his first ever win with the team!
Stage Results:
StageBest ResultRider
Stage 1 20thJĂ³anis Albert Nielsen
Stage 218thMichal Kwiatkowski
Stage 31stMichal Kwiatkowski
Stage 46thMichal Kwiatkowski
Stage 521stMichal Kwiatkowski
Stage 612thMichal Kwiatkowski
Points2ndMichal Kwiatkowski
Overall Result:
1Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - VĂ³nin23h58'58
2Patrick SchellingTeam UBS+ 45
3Thibaut PinotHaute Route - Mavic+ 1'38
4Jianhua JiCompal-Merida+ 1'50
5Merhawi KudusEritel - Sonatrach+ 2'13
55Karol Andrzej DomagalskiNetia - VĂ³nin+ 27'47
59Matteo RabottiniNetia - VĂ³nin+ 32'29
65Mark PadunNetia - VĂ³nin+ 35'20
85Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - VĂ³nin+ 53'28
89Torkil VeyheNetia - VĂ³nin+ 56'14
93Deins KanepejsNetia - VĂ³nin+ 1h00'00
115JĂ³anis Albert NielsenNetia - VĂ³nin+ 1h17'19
Tour de Polonge
Our home race was of extremely large importance to us, however the clash with the Tour of Eritrea made it difficult for us to send our best squad and the lack of strength led to our team only being able to join two breakaways, in the form of Adam Stachowiak and Mads Pedersen, however, we had one stage that made up for all the rest, on stage 5 Luis Leon Sanchez attacked at the base of the final climb and escaped ascending to a beautiful win, securing a great stage win to save our home race. As an added bonus, Chris Froome went on to win the GC, allowing Polish fans to celebrate the race.
Stage Results:
StageBest ResultRider
Stage 1123rdAdrian Honkisz
Stage 230thKristian Sobota
Stage 345thAdrian Honkisz
Stage 472ndKristian Sobota
Stage 51stLuis Leon Sanchez Gil
Stage 622ndLuis Leon Sanchez Gil
Stage 748thPawel Bernas
Overall Result:
1Chris FroomeFablok - Bank BGZ30h11'48
2Diego UlissiGenerali - EDF+ 7
3Tejay Van GarderenNewton Foundation+ 36
4Aleksandar FlĂ¼gelKraftwerk Man Machine+ 53
5Maurice SchreursOrange Pro Cycling+ 58
19Luis Leon Sanchez GilNetia - VĂ³nin+ 3'55
59Pawel BernasNetia - VĂ³nin+ 21'34
73Adrian HonkiszNetia - VĂ³nin+ 25'08
77Adam StachowiakNetia - VĂ³nin+ 25'47
130Mads PedersenNetia - VĂ³nin+ 52'44
138Pawel FranczakNetia - VĂ³nin+ 56'49
159Kristian SobotaNetia - VĂ³nin+ 1h20'53
167Iliyan KolevNetia - VĂ³nin+ 1h41'22
Viano do Castelo
We took a risk sending Kwiatkowski here but it simply wasn't to be as the racing turned out very differently (and disappointingly) to expected, although seeing an Icelandic rider was a rathercool sight for cycling in Atlantic islands.
1Kari BrynjolfssonValio - DeLaval5h57'00
2Ramon DomeneNewton Foundation+ 1'41
3Michal GolasGoldcorp - Nordstrom Racks.t.
4Linus DahlbergEddie Stobart+ 3'39
5Fernando GaviriaLierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeams.t
24Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - VĂ³nin+5'16
33Michael MørkøvNetia - VĂ³nin+5'16
45Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczNetia - VĂ³nin+7'22
82Gunnar Dahl-OlsenNetia - VĂ³nin+21'32
90Deins KanepejsNetia - VĂ³nin+28'37
96Mark PadunNetia - VĂ³nin+ 30'44
105Matteo RabottiniNetia - VĂ³nin+36'07
110Torkil VeyheNetia - VĂ³nin+ 38'00
Tour of Almaty
With Kwiatkowski and Sanchez together on a hilly profile, we were hoping for an attackive race, we got that and more though, as Kwiatkowski and Rabottini joined an elite break which ended up contesting the sprint for 2nd, with the duo sprinting to 4th and 5th, making for another stunning result!
1Tejay Van GarderenNewton Foundation4h23'48
2Andrea PaliniFerrero - Samruks.t.
3Mikhail IgnatievFerrero - Samruks.t.
4Matteo RabottiniNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
5Michal KwiatkowskiNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
28Luis Leon Sanchez GilNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
56Adrian HonkiszNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
67Pawel BernasNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
69Adam StachowiakNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
147Mads PedersenNetia - VĂ³nins.t.
152Iliyan KolevNetia - VĂ³nins.t.

All-in-All an outstanding month for us, winning the Tour of Eritrea, taking a stage in Poland and 2 top 5s in the Tour of Almaty continue a start of the year that goes above expectations!

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Outstanding results in Kazakhstan and Eritrea and LLS can still win stages. I'm jealous Wink

Loved seeing Veyhe in the KoM jersey!
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Another "decent" month for you guys. Kwiatek already Christ-like in that Eritrea mountain stage, nevermind when he's trained Pfft Almaty went awesome as well with Rabo performing great, Veyhe in Eritrea and LLS in Poland was sweet too. Just Viana a little sour, sad the race turned out like that for Michal, could have been a good result there too. Congrats Grin
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing
[CX] Listerijns & BoK

Trek, tell your riders to slow down a little, because if they keep doing it this good, you are not going to relegate, as "everyone" predicted WinkPfft
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Thanks for the comments guys! A very decent (Pfft) month with Kwiatek exceeding expectations plus Rabo, LLS and Veyhe contributing to really make it quite special. Smile

@Aquarius - Yeah, it's a bit of a let-down, the formulas promised last place so it'd be a real disappointment to not meet their expectations and we really aren't on track right now. Pfft

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Maybe the formulas had you first and then lapping others Wink

Awesome month for the team!
Youth Development!

After a not so great season, were we teetered on the edge of relegation, it's good to look at exactly why we lacked the strength of the rest of the PCT, the answer of course, is the young talents from around Eastern Europe and Scandinavia who we gave the chance to develop! It's time to take a look at how they've gotten on:

Pawel Bernas | Age: 27 | Barodeur | Level: 4 -> Max


After a strong season as a domestique, late bloomer Pawel Bernas will improve his puncheur legs, in the hope of being able to finally shine a little in breakaways, otherwise he'll remain an integral part of both our sprinting and hills team.

Filip Bengtsson | Age: 22 | Sprinter | Level: 1 -> 2

Fastman Filip got a chance to show himself in our ranks for the end of the season, unfortunately he didn't manage to show much potential in the PCT so it may be tough to find roster space for him next season.

Deins Kanepejs | Age: 22 | Puncheur | Level: 1 -> 3


Despite considering his opportunities on the time trial bike, Latvian Deins Kanepejs admitted that he wanted to follow in his hero Skujins' footsteps in the hills department, he had a strong season doing domestique duties for us and trained well to some great benefits.

Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz | Age: 23 | Cobblist | Level: 2 -> 3


Polish cobbles sensation 'Kaspa' couldn't match his great 2016 in the Continental Division, which he capped off with a WC win. This season was more quiet, but also a chance for him to develop his skills on the cobblestones some more as he gets closer to his prime and team leadership.

Iliyan Kolev | Age: 23 | Cobblist | Level: 1 -> 3


Iliyan had a better season than expected, with lots of breakaways in PCT races, proving his merit in the pro peloton, he also bonded well with Mads and Kaspa, who he'll be working with closely on the cobblestones in the coming years.

Mads Pedersen | Age: 22 | Cobblist | Level: 1 -> 3


Mad Mads! One of the most diverse and powerful riders of this generation and it was a hard decision working out just how it was best for him to specialise, in the end, Mads' love for Roubaix won out as he balances some sprint training amongst his mainly cobbled focus, look out Bewley, Mads is coming!

Szymon Rekita | Age: 23 | Time-Trialist | Level: 2 -> 3


Szymon Rekita almost found himself out of contract last season, as Berg dropped him at the last moment, fortunately we just found the budget space to give him a role in the end of season races for us, however, the break has given him the time to develop his time trialing abilities and we look forward to his full-time contract next year.

Torkil Veyhe | Age: 23 | Roleur | Level: 1 -> 3


Powerhouse Torkil Veyhe was the star of our youth class this year, our best climber in Avenir, a day in the KOM jersey in Eritrea and even a handful of points, he's still not quite up to having the legs for finniseur attacks, but still time for Torkil to develop into something great, perhaps similar to his Latvian hero, Dzamastagic.


Edited by trekbmc on 03-05-2018 12:48

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Perfect paths for everyone, god I am in love with your talent squad, all of them sexy future riders. What a squad you'll be in a few years <3
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing
[CX] Listerijns & BoK

Obviously I envy you for your most amazing talent which is Torkil Veyhe. Would perfectly fit a green ye....oh wait


Splling is important Pfft
Great talents, Im kinda jealous on some of them.
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

@Jandal - Thanks! Grin <3

@Croatia - Actually he wears white most the time, Faroese Champion. Pfft

@Knockout - I messed up my splling while I was debating whether to write Dzamamagic or not. Pfft

Don't be jealous, you have Dzamastagic. <3

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Your cobbles department certainly seems ready for the next seasons. Should be really nice to see them develop. Lovely talents.
tastasol wrote:
Your cobbles department certainly seems ready for the next seasons. Should be really nice to see them develop. Lovely talents.

Thanks Tasta! looking forward to seeing these guys develop as well. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Pedersen... just Pederson... oh man. He's gonna be a god...
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy



Your project would get some backlash before it got better and the development of these key riders should slowly make you bounce back into the middle to top table. Will be interesting to see whether you will sign more new riders to solidify that

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