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[PT] EA Vesuvio [2021]
New signings for 2021

An objective over the last transfer periods has been to build up a strong TTT unit to support Tom Wirtgen. Last year the focus was on bringing in talents who would develop into this role; while this year we have taken steps to fast-track a TTT strength for this year with three new signings.

H. Tanfield73596379747571646672Max2774.2 200,000
S. Pokälä70647177757373646065Max3173.6 150,000
G. O'Shea73526477707372517172Max3272.4 50,000

Harry Tanfield gained plenty of experience riding for Volvo, and this will be his first season upon maxing out. He needed a new team for this season, and we were happy to be the one to secure his services.

Samuel Pokälä was our top target throughout, and he was rewarded with a hefty contract when we grew tired of the occasional outbids, and decided to seal the deal. We are pleased that we are able to continue the tradition of there being at least one Finnish rider in the ProTour every season - a fact we have contributed to for three seasons previously (twice with the only PT Finn).

And third we have the only rider bought from another team this season, and we've signed a rider who sure does know how to Team Time Trial. Glenn O'Shea has been a long-term member of the Oz Cycling Project - dating back to when that was their racing name. A victorious member of the 2017 Copenhagen-Malmo TTT team, with three further podiums in 2016, 2018 and 2019. Our team won the first two ProTour TT classics in Eindhoven, but after a shock defeat in 2009, we moved away from such a TTT focus - and have a best Danish-Swedish race result of 8th. Now we are back, and who better to captain us?

Now, we didn't overlook future TTT strength in this transfer window either. However this season we were keen to identify and target riders with more than one string to their bow.

K. Gunnlaugsson736764727076636672703.042669.6 60,000
J. Lampawog706567707071706964672.002469.9 90,000
K. Gunnlaugsson77676576737970667572Max28? ?
J. Lampawog76656876767573766468Max27? ?

Icelandic champion Gunnlaugsson was released by McCormick Pro Cycling, but the jump up to the ProTour is an ideal move now for his development. He has the makings of a good all-rounder, and a good threat should he make his way into a successful flat stage breakaway.

With Lampawog, we were determined to sign a rider in the Fabian mould, and look forward to having the rider from the Philippines develop with us.

That's enough time trial talk anyway, we must talk about the biggest signing of the season for us!

A. Valter717275657472706169743.142274.4 550,000
A. Valter73748066797472617179Max24? ?
A. Valter72778066767574616978Max24? ?

Attila Valter. We targeted him last year, but instead get to sign him now, after Repsol - Netflix provided him with a vast amount of experience in his neo-pro season. Already a rider a capable of performances from a breakaway, and providing good team support, a very strong future is anticipated for our team's 2nd Hungarian rider.

Two more signings to cover off - although one is not exactly new!

D. Ulissi75657961827071507374Max3376.3 150,000
D. Holloway76606769747475637879Max3475.7 100,000

It has been some time now since Diego Ulissi's career best results - 2 Giro stages in 2011 and the 2012 Milan San Remo, all while riding for Festina. We are the latest team in his collection, and he retains the abilities to put in some good results.

After initially not renewing Dan Holloway, we decided during transfers that we just had to bring him back. A phenomenal 2020 with the top highlights of the Tour of Qatar GC, and 3 Tour de Suisse stage wins. It is unlikely to be repeated, but it is good to have him with us again.
I like the signing of Gunnlaugsson! Of course, I might be biased by my love for Icelandic handball and football national teams. Wink
Attila Valter looks like a very promising young rider.
I like the idea of building a strong ttt team around wirtgen. Focusing on the strengths of a star is rarely a bad idea. Valter obviously another star for the future. I reckon the two of them might get some training focus over the next decade too.
I'm not 100 sure about or lineups back then. But I'm pretty sure, that O'Shea was always a part of our Copenhagen team. And we won it three times, not only 2017 Wink
Yes, Valter joining does set things up nicely for the future. The challenge may be finding the training money, or choosing who to train more!

tsmoha wrote:
I'm not 100 sure about or lineups back then. But I'm pretty sure, that O'Shea was always a part of our Copenhagen team. And we won it three times, not only 2017 Wink

I checked Pfft

Was surprised he wasn't in the 2015 team - but he was 75 TT then, hadn't maxed out.
Valter has big shoes to fill in your own team!
It's always crazy to see talents get more expensive than Herklotz back then, I hope it'll be worth the risk.

And despite not being a regional fit, I was also eyeing Gunnlaugsson with that future statline. I was quite surprised none of the handful of Scandinavian teams had him on their shortlist.

I second the sentiment that a focus on maximizing Wirtgen's success is a smart move as long as you're safe from relegation.
He'd definitely be my training target if I were you to continue the Schleck legacy, although it would certainly be appreciated over here if you went a different path! Wink
Very cool signings, plenty of my shortlist. To complement Wirtgen I guess I Would be looked at Gunnlaugsson more as a stage racing development path, But I also really like this way. Lampawog is a great pickup, as obviously is Valter.
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Ulrich Ulriksen
Great to see Holloway back in the pro tour.

Just for the record I would never have released Gunnlaugsson, unfortunately we only had him on loan.
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Good to see that Tanfield get a contract with a very nice team, always a special feeling with riders you have from "junior" to maxed out.
My bad on Gunnlaugsson Ulrich! I'm happy to have him anyway, and feeling good about getting to use one of the Track development plans on him.

viking90 wrote:
Good to see that Tanfield get a contract with a very nice team, always a special feeling with riders you have from "junior" to maxed out.

It's a shame he can't ride with the team who maxed him! Hope you can check in now and again - first season after maxing is always fun to finally reach.
I definitely had an eye on Valter, but he immediately went out of reach. Wouldn't have thought he'd get up to over 0.5M, but well, you PT managers have got enough cap space it seems Pfft

Your TTT unit indeed seems to shape up nicely, let's see if you can challenge Isostar p/b Phinney Grin
Pokälä was on my shortlist as a Scandinavian, but admittedly I was surprised at how high his bidding war went. Will obviously be a great TTT guy though.

Getting Valter as a Lvl 3 is even better than getting him as a Lvl 1, especially as a PT team that has to pay for 1->3. He will be a beast for a really long time and could become insanely powerful with some training. Congrats!
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Very jealous of the Tanfield pick up - was a key target of mine but did not allocate enough budget for him in the numbers.
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Tectonic Partnership

With the signing of Icelandic National Champion Kristofer Gunnlaugsson, a new jersey was in order.

We've teamed up with the Islandsstofa imitative to promote Iceland, a well fitting partnership between Vesuvio and the land of many volcanoes - including the Eyjafjallajökull.


Thanks to the_hoyle for designing the jersey!
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