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[CT] Philips - Continental | Sponsorship
After a great start Drucker is finally beginning his season in February and I'm very curious to see how he will care against the PCT startlist in GW. If any CT rider can get a result there then it's him. Of course packed lineups for all races as always Grin

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

@Croatia: Thanks and I sure hope so Grin

@knockout: Time to find out how he does. GW is the 'fun' race for the month, after San Cristobal in January. Really hope Drucker comes through for us in GBB.
Love G-W as a wildcard race for Drucker and could also definitely see him fulfilling the Geraardsbergen goal, though the competition will be tough. Would love to see Bardet attacking stage 4 and 5 in Trentino and think Wyss could go decently in Gisborne given the buildup to the climb.
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23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
19/07/18 - Robbie McEwen said "[Dani Navarro] even looks in pain at the sign-on!"

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[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne


Psst, CT teams. Over here...
Won't comment on GW as I have the power of hindsight. A lot of unnecessary pressure on Drucker to perform in GBB now! Not sure whether Trentino profiles suite Bardet at all, but only time will tell. Plus Wyss barely makes the top 15 punchers in Gisborne, so I will be happy with anything better. Can't see a lot of points coming our way in February tbh!
Classics Review - Late Jan/Early Feb

Great Ocean Road Classic
Expectation: Top 3 (Top 5 Goal)
We had a lot of expectations from our first goal race of the season.

Unfortunately, our sprinters struggled hugely in the high winds, even getting dropped around the 30 km to go mark. Although they did make it back, they never looked comfortable. In the end, they missed the decisive move and failed to get into position in the sprint. The team missed a trick by having the flat specialists wait for the sprinters, otherwise they might have been able to get a higher finish. We ended up with a top 20 and a top 25.

1Marco HallerIn-n-Out p/b Carrefour4h23'10
18Albert TimmerPhilips - Continentals.t.
24Dmitri GrabovskiPhilips - Continentals.t.
49Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continentals.t.
76Maris BogdanovicsPhilips - Continentals.t.
77Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continentals.t.
78Ronan Van ZandbeekPhilips - Continentals.t.
91Jos Van EmdenPhilips - Continentals.t.
104Marcel WyssPhilips - Continentals.t.
Final Thoughts
We failed to realise our first goal of the season. The sprinters failed to show up for the sprint and our tactics restricted the progress of our flat specialists. Not a good start to our flats campaign, a terrain which would would go a long way in determining where we end up this season.

Barcelona Classic
Expectation: Top 5
We unleashed our full sprint train in this race for the first time this season. The sprinters needed to bounce back from their disappointing outing in Australia to get our season back on track.

Leezer attacked from the pack and made the gap to the day's break with around 40 km to go. His sojourn at the front was short-lived, as the break was swept up soon after.


When it came down to the final sprints, our train did not form, but Krieger found himself in a decent position, with Kreder not too far behind. Bogdanovics helped in chasing down late attacker Kneisky, who was caught inside the final kilometer. Although our guys couldn't quite feature at the front of the sprint, they managed to grab 7th, 9th and 11th spots at the line. Drucker finished 16th.


1Yoeri HavikKulczyk - DMTEX4h33'48
7Michel KrederPhilips - Continentals.t.
9Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continentals.t.
11Maris BogdanovicsPhilips - Continentals.t.
16Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continentals.t.
35Ronan Van ZandbeekPhilips - Continentals.t.
36Tom LeezerPhilips - Continentals.t.
62David PerPhilips - Continentals.t.
97Ralf MatzkaPhilips - Continentals.t.
Final Thoughts
A much improved performance from our sprinters. Kreder continued his fine form to take yet another top 10. Krieger and Bogdanovics made up a bit for Barcelona, claiming 9th and 11th, respectively. In his first start, Drucker finished in a strong 16th place, in a race which is not his forte. This is a very good sign for us, if he can carry this forward into the cobbled races.

The team management would like to see our sprint train forming and us being able to challenge for the win going ahead. But for this race, we actually exceeded our points-scoring expectation despite not meeting our individual expectation of a top 5 finish.

Gent - Wevelgem
Expectation: Top 20
Our plans were in turmoil when Drucker was dropped from the leading group with 57 km to go. He did play it smart and hopped on to the Isostar bunch as they chased down the split. But that was basically his last good move of the race, as he became anonymous thereafter. He finished in a woeful 43rd place! Both him and our support failed miserably in this race.

1Alexandr NepomnyachsniySPAR - Shimano - SCG5h33'03
43Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continentals.t.
64Jos Van EmdenPhilips - Continentals.t.
69Ralf MatzkaPhilips - Continentals.t.
73Tom LeezerPhilips - Continentals.t.
76David PerPhilips - Continentals.t.
97Ronan Van ZandbeekPhilips - Continentals.t.
98Maris BogdanovicsPhilips - Continentals.t.
164Miles ScotsonPhilips - Continentals.t.
Final Thoughts
Nothing much to say except that this was a total waste. We were never even in with a shot at the minor placings. The only positive thing, and we're just clutching at straws here, is that we have mostly chosen to stay away from C1 races this season. Drucker and the cobbles team needs to buck up in major way for the next cobbles outing. Which incidentally, is our Win Goal race!

Giro del Trentino Review
Expectation: Top 15
Another stage race in the mountains, and once again our expecations were quite low. Perhaps even lower than Tachira. The team is similar is to the one that raced in Tachira.

Stage 1

We had high hopes of a good showing by our TT pair on this stage. Van Zandbeek registered a time 31 seconds slower than the best time of Rosas. Grabovski did better, but was still 27 off Rosas's time, who ultimately was the surprise winner of the day. Our best was Grabovski in 12th. Van Zandbeek was 16th. Both Bardet and Battaglin lost a lot time, but that was expected.


Stage 2

This stage did not suit our leaders. They were never in the thick of things as the main GC contenders showed their strength. Our best was Battaglin in 27th, with Bardet 31st.

Stage 3

We had brought Krieger to this race with the hope that he could pull off something special on this stage. For the first time this season, our sprint train formed in the closing stages.


Just as soon as they did, they lost their position and Krieger found himself boxed in. He only managed 8th place, after starting the sprint from a long way back.

Stage 4

Grabovski joined the break but he wasn't strong enough on the climbs to collect of the KOM points available. Bardet did a good ride, making the decisive group of GC contenders when the selection happened. He followed this group as they chased another group out ahead, containing a couple of the favourites. He made it safel to the line in 8th place, rapidly moving up to 15th in the GC. Battaglin was 17th, to also move up a handful of places in the GC to 25th.

Stage 5

Ruijgh joined the break this time, but like Grabovski on stage 4, he couldn't get any KOM points. This time, Bardet and Battaglin were together in a group chasing two groups of favourites ahead of them. As the lesser capable riders kept getting dropped from up ahead, our duo kwpt plugging away and getting back some positions. Bardet would finish very strongly, eventually ending up 8th again. 11th would be his spot in the final GC. Battaglin come home in 22nd, to jump to 19th in the GC in his home race.


1Pierre Paolo PenasaKulczyk - DMTEX19h07'54
11Romain BardetPhilips - Continental+ 12'40
19Enrico BattaglinPhilips - Continental+ 15'44
35Rob RuijghPhilips - Continental+ 20'41
75Albert TimmerPhilips - Continental+ 34'50
82Dmitri GrabovskiPhilips - Continental+ 37'31
101Jaoa CostaPhilips - Continental+ 48'56
152Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continental+ 1h36'14
173Ronan Van ZandbeekPhilips - Continental+ 1h55'02

Final Thoughts
Bardet once again showing his class in the mountains. A race which started off disappointingly ended well as we met our expectations and got another top 20 in the process. Our domestiques and sprinting were perhaps the only negative to take out of this race.

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Classics Review - Late February

Geraardsbergen - Bosberg
Expectation: Win
We had earmarked this as our Win Goal race of the season. Naturally, we had huge expectations from Drucker who is our leader for the cobbles this year.

From Drucker's point of view, this was his third race of the season after Barcelona, where he did well to finish in the points, and Gent - Wevelgem, which was a forgettable outing. We were hoping for a huge high after those up and down performances.

After the team decided not to send anyone into the break, our task centered around making sure our captain reached the closing stages of the race in safety. Race favourite Guillame Van Keirsbulck attacked from distance, with 25 km left. Drucker and Van Emden palced themselves safely in the 12 man chasing group. The Goldcorp rider took the win untroubled but back in the group, there was still work to be done. And it went to the line with the sprint for 2nd. Drucker narrowly edged out Hugentobler and Bush to claim 2nd.


Slightly further back, Van Emden rolled in for an incredible 6th place, to make it a great day of racing for us.


We even had riders finishing in 25th, 26th and 27th places with Per capturing the last points. Finishing 26th and 27th showed our depth but we could've have got a few more points if things had turned out slightly differently.

1Guillaume Van KeirsbulckGoldcorp - Nordstrom Rack5h09'26
2Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continental+ 32
6Jos Van EmdenPhilips - Continental+ 1'03
25David PerPhilips - Continental+ 2'34
26Michel KrederPhilips - Continentals.t.
27Tom LeezerPhilips - Continentals.t.
40Ralf MatzkaPhilips - Continental+ 4'53
60Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continental+ 8'46
91Ronan Van ZandbeekPhilips - Continental+ 12'22
Final Thoughts
We missed our Win Goal by a single position but we have no complaints with the result. The team did an excellent job ensuring Drucker was well placed and out of trouble. We were especially impressed with van Emden's excellent ride. David Per keeps putting in eye-catching performances for such a young rider and is staking a claim for the best loan signing of the season.

Gisborne GP
Expectation: Top 15
The hills don't really have a bright foresight for us this season, given a slightly weaker line-up. As in San Cristobal, Wyss and Costa led the line, but Bardet was also present, fresh off his commendable showing in Trentino.

We stayed away from the breakaway once again, to some consternation of the management. With 12 km to go, the attacks started. Our leaders decided not to follow and instead concentrated on maintaining their rhythm on the closing slopes.
With 2 km to go, Wyss found himself in an elite group of four rider, chasing five more out in front.


After some changes, with 1 km to go, Wyss was in the second group of riders on the road, with the lead group having four riders - Roux, Boily, Monfort, Bennett. And it would be those four riders, joined by a charging van der Hugenhaben, who would contest the sprint for the win. Bennett emerged victorious. In the sprint for in the chasing group, Wyss managed to be fourth across the line and finished 9th.


1George BennettXero Racing p/b Octagon5h33'03
9Marcel WyssPhilips - Continental+ 25
34Romain BardetPhilips - Continental+ 1'06
58Tom LeezerPhilips - Continental+ 2'48
78Rob RuijghPhilips - Continentals.t.
93David PerPhilips - Continental+ 4'48
97Albert TimmerPhilips - Continentals.t.
105Jaoa CostaPhilips - Continentals.t.
106Enrico BattaglinPhilips - Continentals.t.
Final Thoughts
We wanted a top 15 and ended up with a top 10. The team management is quite happy with the outcome of this race as Wyss continues his good start to the season. This, alongwith Geraardsbergen, was a good end to the month for us.

Very good end of February you had, win goal is an almost impossible goal to fulfill, getting 2nd is awesome. Hope you can keep up the constantly scoring points in races.Smile

If you're interested in weird music:
Thanks Tamijo Smile. I hope so too!
Settling Down - March Preview
"The Future in Motion"

Bayern Rundfarht
Rider Role
Michel Kreder Sprint Co-Leader
Jempy Drucker Sprint Train
Alexander Krieger Sprint Co-Leader
Dmitri Grabovski Time Trial/Sprint Train
Maris Bogdanovics Leadout
Jos Van Emden Pace Setter/Free Role
Ronan Van Zandbeek Time Trail/Free Role
Tom Leezer Pace Setter
Our first home race comes around in March. This month sees us riding in just two races and so this will be an important one for picking up points. We have sent our full flat outfit to put on a show in front of the home crowd. Michel Kreder will share sprint leadership duties with Alexander Krieger. The Dutchman has started off the season relatively better than his faster teammate. The management is hoping he can keep up this form. Krieger needs to put up better results now if he is to justify his place in the team. The management ensured that the lead-out train has riders capable of riding on pan-flats as well as through the wind. Grabovski and Van Zandbeek will be looking to get good results in the ITT, which will hopefully boost their GC chances.
Expectation: Top 5
Watch Out For: Jos Van Emden

Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne
Rider Role
Jempy Drucker Leader
Alexander Krieger Free Role
Maris Bogdanovics Free Role
Jos Van Emden Domestique
Tom Leezer Pace Setter
Ralf Matzka Domestique
David Per Domestique/Free Role
Mile Scotson Domestique
Our high-priority race for the month sees Drucker take on the cobbles leadership duties again after a good performance in Geraardsberger-Bosberg, where he finished 2nd. The full cobbles support line-up is here to support him. We have also factored in the small possibility of the race coming down to a bunch sprint. For this reason, Krieger and Bogdanovics are present. We have the arsenal available for surviving after attacks from distance as well. The expectations here are very high, especially as we see cobbles as the races where we will have the best average scores throughout the season.
Expectation: Top 3
Watch Out For: David Per

Bayern Rundfarht Review
Expectation: Top 5 (revised to Top 10)
When we registered ourselves for this race, we had high expectations, both because it was a home race and also because we felt that we had a good team to tackle the stage profiles. On a second glance of the startlist, we felt we had over-estimated ourselves and reduced the expectation on the team. Top 10 was a minimum...

Stage 1

Krieger was able to get into the sprint action when the sprint trains started forming, but lost his way before the finish, ending up 19th on a day which shouldn't have been the hardest for him.

Stage 2

Grabovski was a disappointment in the ITT, finishing in 23rd place, nearly a minute off the best time. Van Zandbeek was a little better, crossing the line in 14th.

Stage 3

An inexplicable slowing down of the peloton just as the sprint trains were being formed allowed our rivals at Sauber to whitewash the stage podium. Krieger was in a good position before the goof-up and could only manage 7th, still his best finish of the season.


Stage 4

The break spoiled the sprinters' day. This time it was Kreder sprinting for us but he could only manage 11th. Somehow, we had three riders in points scoring GC positions after this stage.

Stage 5

Our sprinters put on another no-show as the break took a second win in a row. Worse still, both Van Zandbeek and Van Emden got caught up in a late crash and lost two minutes to the peloton. Grabovski survived the carnage, ensuring he moved up the standings. So did Kreder. But the outcome was that we ended up losing 2 points on this stage. Van Zandbeek ended up 26th, just one position off the points. We finished 4th in the team standings and missed out on points there as well.

1Richard Laningo LaizerAndorra Cycling Project18h58'34
13Dmitri GrabovskiPhilips - Continental+ 45
23Michel KrederPhilips - Continental+ 1'43
26Ronan Van ZandbeekPhilips - Continental+ 2'07
39Maris BogdanovicsPhilips - Continental+ 2'35
40Jos Van EmdenPhilips - Continental+ 2'37
54Tom LeezerPhilips - Continentals.t.
89Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continental+ 5'31
137Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continental+ 10'10
Final Thoughts
A very disappointing race for us at home. We gave up a lot of ground to some of our promotion rivals, which makes this even worse. Our sprint train has not worked out at all this season, barring one occasion, and it is a worry. It is unbelievable how no one even attempted to get into the break. We needed the points from this one but the team couldn't deliver. We do not expect to have a good April, so all eyes are now on the next race - Kuurne-Bruxelles-Kuurne, after this disappointment. Our promotion hopes depend on having at least one good race out of the four we ride in March and April. KBK is our best chance.

I think that the presence of Bogdanovics and Krieger seems to have blocked the possibilities of the team. We all know that PCMAI is plain stupid in 15, so that it doesn't form the by far strongest train in CT. But I guess it wouldn't form it for Kreder anyway, which makes it even worse. Instead PCM treats you as awesome as it gets: Because of your second tier sprinters (Bogdanovics, Krieger) they prevent the flat specialists from attacking. And because they have a higher sprint stats Kreder doesn't do anything. Instead, 79 is not enough to get a train (because again PCM lacks any dynamical approach in terms of trains). Which means that PCM fucked a promising race for you completely over.
And even worse, I didn't even talk about the opportunities missed opportunities in the wind for your powerhouses. Sorry for the rant in your thread, but you are the team that suffered most under it and I care about your team because I love the composure, your management, the riders and your HQ. I wish you a turn around of luck as soon as possible, so that we'll be able to rider together (hopefully) in PCT next year (and get screwed over together Pfft ).

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Well I don't mind the rant so much. Thanks for the nice words and continued support Smile. Hopefully, we get things back on track soon enough.
Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne Review
Expectation: Top 3
After a disappointing showing in Bayern Rundfarht, all eyes were on Drucker, to see if he could deliver a good result for us here. As always, we had high hopes from him, with a podium finish being the target for this race.

Bogdanovics joined the early break but their strength was their downfall as the peloton chased them down quite soon. None of our riders joined the eventual breakaway that was allowed to stay away and they got down to concentrating on protecting our leader.
The team did a commendable job leading the peloton over the cobbles, with help from World Cycling Center and Kulczyk.


With 18 km to go, both our premium sprinters were dropped, which meant we lost one part of our attacking strategy for the finish. It was all up to Drucker from here on in.

With the breakaway finally caught with 7 km left, it was a surprise that none of the cobbles specialists tried a late attack to distance the sprinters. Thus, it was the sprinters who would lock out the podium positions. For some time, it looked like Drucker might sneak in there, but he had to settle for 4th, just missing our target for this race. Matzka surprised us with a 6th place finish, hanging on till the end and doing a brilliant job of protecting and pacing Drucker. This more than made up for our podium miss.


We had riders finish just outside the points once again with Per in 27th and Van Emden in 29th. This is turning into an annoying habit!

1Sam HarrisonWorld Cycling Centre4h29'46
4Jempy DruckerPhilips - Continentals.t.
6Ralf MatzkaPhilips - Continentals.t.
27David PerPhilips - Continentals.t.
29Jos Van EmdenPhilips - Continentals.t.
49Tom LeezerPhilips - Continentals.t.
52Maris BogdanovicsPhilips - Continental+ 3'40
63Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continentals.t.
94Miles ScotsonPhilips - Continental+ 8'30
Final Thoughts
Matzka made up for a missed podium to ensure a double top 10 finish, similar to what Van Emden achieved in Geraardsbergen-Bosberg. We would have liked another couple of guys to be in the minor points, given how strong the team was over the cobbles. But we can't really complain. An excellent race from our promotion rivals World Cycling Center, who look to be coming into form now. The battle for the top of the CT will be very close when the March standings are announced!

Slow Going! - April Preview
"The Future in Motion"

San Marino Hill Classic
Rider Role
Romain Bardet Free Role
Enrico Battaglin Free Role
Marcel Wyss Co-Leader
Jaoa Costa Co-Leader
Rob Ruijgh Domestique
Tom Leezer Domestique
Albert Timmer Domestique
Miles Scotson Domestique
As always, we are neither favourites to win a hilly race, nor do we expect to set the world on fire with our performance in this race. Wyss has been over-performing to an extent this year, and we hope he continues with that form. Costa hasn't delivered a result yet and needs to step it up now. With longer climbs than the previous hilly classics, it might give our climbers something to target.
Expectation: Top 15
Watch Out For: Romain Bardet

Tour de Langkawi
Rider Role
Romain Bardet Co-Leader
Alexander Krieger Sprint Leader
Enrico Battaglin Co-Leader
Maris Bogdanovics Leadout
Jaoa Costa Domestique
Rob Ruijgh Domestique
Jos Van Emden Prologue/Sprint Train
Albert Timmer Pace Setter
Neither of our climbers are near the best in the division, nor are they good against the clock, so they're not likely to be close to being top favourites for this race. Bardet has done really well so far and he needs to pull another blinder out of his hat if we are to achieve a high GC position. The only saving grace for us is that the Prologue is very short. Krieger and Bogdanovics will get four chances to get it right in the flats, and we hope that they can better their joint best seventh place so far this season. We're not sure we have the riders to get into the breaks here, not that we've been trying that route much this season anyway!
Expectation: Top 15
Watch Out For: Jaoa Costa

Hopefully Leezer or Timmer make the break in San Marino. Van Emden looks a little bit wasted in Langkawi, hopefully he can prove me wrong with a yellow jersey. I like both the climbers and the sprinters lineup there.

Stage 3 looks like the perfect stage for Timmer, with the long draggy climb, if he's allowed in the break there that would be awesome. Otherwise you have a proper punch with Bardet and Battaglin. Interesting choice with Costa there, I don't see his stage to shine yet, but I hope it will happen.

Good luck!

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

Thanks Grin

Van Emden was included to add some muscle to the sprint lineup. Not sure how effective this would be. The TT could be good for him though, like you mentioned.

Our riders don't really join the breaks, so I can't really put my hopes on that. Timmer is more or less free to do as he pleases in Langkawi. Let's hope he tries some break attempts.

Costa has ridden in the shadow of Wyss so far, a bit like Battaglin's situation with Bardet, but perhaps even worse off. It can only improve from here (or not Pfft).
San Marino Hill Classic Review
Expectation: Top 15
Having performed better than expected in both the hilly classics so far, we were hoping for Wyss to manage the same in this race.

The race turned out quite different from what the big-guns were hoping for. The early breakaway was not caught, resulting in the first win for Campari, via Rocchetti. Wyss had an anonymous race mostly. He couldn't follow the more powerful late attackers but managed to get a gap to the larger peloton with around 5 km to go and held onto that advantage till the end.


He finished 14th to meet our expectations, but there wasn't much else to write home about.

1Federico RocchettiCampari - Super Dry4h52'14
14Marcel WyssPhilips - Continental+ 3'07
49Jaoa CostaPhilips - Continental+ 4'13
62Romain BardetPhilips - Continental+ 5'48
64Albert TimmerPhilips - Continentals.t.
79Tom LeezerPhilips - Continental+ 6'58
80Enrico BattaglinPhilips - Continentals.t.
82Rob RuijghPhilips - Continentals.t.
134Miles ScotsonPhilips - Continental+ 29'51
Final Thoughts
Wyss maintains his consistency in the hills but we really were hoping for something more from the others. The team should've been able to dictate the pace some more, given how strong the line-up was. Costa remains an under-performer and at the moment, he looks to be a disappointment for the season.

This result, while not entirely a failure, means that we're be falling off the pace in the promotion race, something which was expected this month, but still annoying.

Tour de Langkawi Review
Expectation: Top 15
We aren't the ebst going uphill, so we sent the team here to achieve a top 15 result in the GC. With the startlist we had, we were hoping for some breakaway excursions too.

Stage 1

We were hoping for a top 10 from van Emden, given his Prologue skills, but he only managed an anonymous 14th place on this stage.

Stage 2

Costa joined the BotD and managed 3rd place on the only KOM climb of the day. At the end, Krieger got his first chance to shine. He left himself too much work to do when the sprint trains were formed. He ended up 8th.


Stage 3

After the early break was caught on the 1st category climb, Bardet took the chacne to attack and went over the top in the lead. He was reeled in soon after. However, our French leader showed himself to be the most aggressive rider of the day, attacking again when the favourites went away. Although he could not catch up to them, he finished in a good 5th position. Unfortunately for us, the race decided not to award any time splits from 3rd position on wards, meaning Bardet's initiatives bore no fruit in terms of challenging for a high GC placing. Albert Timmer had a good stage to finish with the group and was now our highest place rider in the GC with 11th place.


Stage 4

The breakaway spoiled the day for the sprinters. Krieger finished 6th on a day which turned out to be his sprint performance of the season so far. It could've been fourth place but for the surviving duo.


Stage 5

In an inexplicable move, Bardet decided to join the break on this stage! He was among the last two from the break to survive but was caught with around 10 km to go.


Battaglin attacked with three others a couple of kilometers later. Although they were able to distance the peloton, they were eventually caught by the GC favourites and left behind. Battaglin finished in a respectable 10th, while did not feel the ill-effects of his breakaway sojourn, and limited his losses well. Timmer lost a lot of time and fell out of the point scoring positions.


Stage 6

Costa joined the break and won all three mountain sprints to move up to joint 2nd in the KOM standings.


The break did not survive this time. Krieger finished 7th, to show that perhaps these positions are where his peak lie.


Stage 7

This stage was expected to be one for the breakaway and that's how it turned out! Costa joined the breakaway but for some reason beyond comprehension, decided not to challenge in the only KOM sprint available and settled for tied 2nd in the standings. He did not have the legs to challenge for the win either, settling for a decent 4th place.


1Rafael VallsRepsol - Honda21h45'46
14Romain BardetPhilips - Continental+ 2'35
20Enrico BattaglinPhilips - Continental+ 4'12
27Albert TimmerPhilips - Continental+ 5'13
43Rob RuijghPhilips - Continental+ 8'27
53Jaoa CostaPhilips - Continental+ 12'13
106Alexander KriegerPhilips - Continental+ 34'51
108Jos Van EmdenPhilips - Continental+ 35'30
134Maris BogdanovicsPhilips - Continental+ 42'59
Final Thoughts
Romain Bardet tried his heart out to achieve a good result and was perhaps a judges ruling away from a top 10. His 14th place ensured we met our expectations. Battaglin's battling performance meant we secured another top 20.

Costa did well in this race to claim a high KOM position. This was his first notable contribution to the team, so let's hope this becomes a habit. Krieger was consistent but not as high up the sprint field as we would like. Bogdanovics was completely absent in the sprints, which could be a bad sign for future races. Let's just hope that it's a form/injury thing and not an ability thing.

To be honest, we're just glad March and April are over! These two months have been less racing and more frustration as we our rivals pull away slowly. It is always easier protecting a lead than chasing because of the pressure involved. We hope we can handle that pressure and get back to challenging for promotion soon. May will be an important month in that cause.

Bardet showed some strength in Langkawi stage 3, such a shame he wasn't rewarded.

To be honest, we're just glad March and April are over!

I feel you, mate! Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"
19/07/18 - Robbie McEwen said "[Dani Navarro] even looks in pain at the sign-on!"

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Psst, CT teams. Over here...
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