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Lachis Editor v32 for PCM 2017 (August, 14)
Then probably my computer is really lame, because the file is still missing. Apparently the only way to see the file is via your editor.

I can still use in game editor, but it's really poor app...
You cannot see a file which was saved to the desktop? Strange.

Try to save it onto a USB Key or any other external device so that it is clear where it should be.

Maybe you are running my editor in "Sandbox" mode? (Sandbox explained)
How did you "install" my editor?
Ha! More strange things to come. Saving the file on USB or any other device not works because of "the drive is write protected" warning, while I can easily copy everything not from the editor. I'm pretty sure I'm not using any "Sandbox" mode. And I just unzip your editor via 7-zip, Total Commander.

There is no problem that editor is "not working". Probably something with my computer which I don't understand what it is Wink. Well, I will use in-game editor which is fine with things I need to do (changing riders teams).

Well, thanks for fast answers anyway!
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If the USB is write protected then this is a good indication that my editor is running in some sort of security or sandbox mode. Windows or the anti-virus prevents my editor to physically write anything to your system.

I don't know Total Commander but you could unzip my editor without Total Commander into a new folder on your desktop. Then go into that folder and start my editor (without using Total Commander).
It works! Jesus, seriously. If you wouldn't write about anti-virus, I would never solved that. Somehow the editor was opening via "Isolation mode" from my COMODO.

I'm not the greatest IT specialist, but massive thank you for your advices!
You are welcome.

I did not know Comodo but it seems to be a very good software which runs all unknown software in "auto sandbox mode".
When I try to run the editor it say Entry point not found
Please post the complete error message (preferable as an image).
Also when exactly does the error occur? In the editor or before the editor has startet?

what for I need the 7-zip file?

German language is missing.
Hellow, how can i make the fitness of the cyclist better ?
i dont find the good numbers ?

I have a one day race without an end date in my database. Do you know how I can fix that with Lachis?
Hi, I have a problem with the editor. Every time I try to do something in there it freezes. I can use it maybe for 5min and after this it freezes and I have to close it. So it's pretty much impossible to do something in there.
If anybody have same problem or have solution for that, please help!
I got a question on Use Table Lockup.

clicking this will get me ex. team names and region names to select instead of having it unticked and only getting team numbers in that column.

HOWEVER. The fkIDtga_skin column is the other way. Having Use Table Lockup ticked you DON'T see if a rider got anything in those column, but untick it and you see whatever rider having a tga_skin.

A little worried about this.
In older version I used 14-15 I have Use Table Lockup ticked and see BOTH any skins and team-names.

Is this something you could fix or what's the trouble.
Guess a hickup in connection with the skin-table.

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