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ICL18 - Signup
It's now time to open the first thread of the new season of ICL. Only Riders Development and National Championships are left of ICL17. If you want to continue your team, make a post here and also if you are new and want to join the game. It's a perfect opportunity for new and also older MG managers, that want to bridge the time until the new ManGame season, without loosing their managerial skills.
I'd also appreciate if managers that don't want to continue their ICL teams could drop either bikex or me a short PM, so that we know.

Please fill this form out if you want to be a part of ICL 2018:

3 letter Abbrevation:
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team:

If you want to have a development team, please add a second filled up form to your post. There can't be more than 24 dev teams.
Only non mandatory field is secondary nations, your main nation and potentially other nations will have an influence on the quantity of talents that will appear before the start of the next season. You can have a max of 5 secondary nations. Don't add secondary nations to your dev team.
If you didn't have a team in season 2017, please put a "-" into that field.

If you want your team in the Continental Tour, please add that to your post, then it won't be considered for the World Tour. If you are new to the game your team will automatically be part of the Continental Tour.
Please add a jersey to your signup post, if you don't have one yet, already make the post and edit the jersey in later.

Soon there will be a ICL18 - Teams thread in which you can make a team presentation.
Questions can be asked in this thread or in the ICL17 - General Discussion thread or by PM.

If you want to read about ICL first. Most stuff here is still pretty accurate:

The Racing

I will 3D race all the races but won't post a report, just a picture of the winner and the results. I think the results of 3D racing are better that's why I won't simulate. Like this the seasons can be done very fast in contrast to more detailed community games. Check out the style of reports here: https://pcmdaily.c...d_id=35240

Your Teams

You will found your own teams and in a short and simple transfer season you will contract riders and fill your squad. The teams will be divided into World Tour and Continental Tour teams. It is preferred that your team will have a jersey for the winning pictures. You can look up for one in the shirt database or in graphic threads of shirt makers. In the database there are 127 countries represented. You can only pick from them for your team nationality, so if you have a too exotic team planned ask first if the nation is available. At least three riders of the picked nation will have to be in the team.

Development Teams

WT squads and possibly some CT teams will have the chance to make development teams that will take part in the continental races and in some races just for development teams, they will get there own ranking there. Not any rider will be eligible to Development Teams, more to come. The nationality of the Development team doesn't have to be the one of your main team, but at least two riders of that nationality will have to be in your main team and at least three in the development team.

The Calendar

The calendar will be mainly choosed by you. There will be a WT, a CT and a U23 (for development teams) calendar. Only the monuments and the grand tours are fixed for the WT calendar. When the time comes you can suggest any races out of the stage database, stage makers threads or out of the real calendar. In a voting the final calendar will be decided. Like that I hope to get your teams nation focuses also in the racing schedules. You will find the races that made it on the calendar for the first season here: https://pcmdaily.c...rowstart=0

The Rankings

There will be three different rankings: WorldTour, ContinentalTour, U23Tour. Also a ranking out of all rankings combined will be made, the Prestige Ranking (PR Ranking). The WT ranking will decide on which team will relegate to CT. The best CT teams in the PR Ranking will move up. In the unlikely case that a development squad is among them, the spot will go to the next CT squad. How much points a rider will get for a certain positioning will be published before the season starts.

Riders Development

At the end of the season each rider will be have a certain number of points assigned. How much depends on their age, their current average, their number of race days and their PR ranking points. The manager of the rider can then assign a training plan out of a list deciding in which ratio the points will be added to the different stats.

Race Planning

You will have to choose in which races you want to take part. WT teams will naturally have to take part in any WT race, but also can apply for a certain number of CT races. CT teams can also apply for WT wildcards. Once each team is completed, I will make race planners available, in which you fill the season of your rider. Race clashes will be considered, but you will see in the file which races clash. Like in the mangame riders will have depending on their stats a different number of max race days and one day races will cost you two race days.


The transfer season will contain of three rounds of Free Agents buying. For that I will post a Excel spreadsheet containing a list of available Free Agents and their stats. You just put a number next to them, depending on what you are ready to pay for them. The highest bider will get the rider and will have to pay the wage offered. Transfers between teams will be made like an auction, I'll open a thread for that in the story games section.


Somewhere when coming to the end of the season I will post an excel file with regens, but their stats and potential will be displayed very imprecise. You then can spend money to scout a certain rider, making the information more precise.


If you have some money over you can spend it in research. You can make research on training methods for three different stats. The success of the research will be random. Depending on how successful it is you will be able to improve the stats for some of your riders.


For the first season every WT team will have the same budget and every CT team will have the same budget. WT teams with development squads will have an united budget. Every manager can then decide how to spend the budget. You can decide how big the portion is you will spend for scouting and what part you will use for transfers and research.


I will 3D simulate the NCs for the most important countries. For all the other countries I will use an algorithm to determine the national champions.

Even though this could all sound a little bit complicated and time consuming, it really isn't. Almost everything will be done via prepared excel sheets I'll give you and if you are occasionally too busy, I will happily help you.

However a detailed knowledge about how everything works isn't required yet, as you'll easily understand everything once there is the time.
Edited by Croatia14 on 20-07-2017 15:00
Teams 2018

Bunzl - CentricaTBCbrewers90
CarbonSports Cycling - LightweightCSCknockout
Italo - VentilairITLBikex
Grupo Argos - QualaGAQCroatia14
Allianz-BMW Cycling TeamABCjaxika
Liberty SegurosLYSShonak
Suntory Lucozade SportSLSDaveTwoBob
Filliers - Mora Pro Cycling TeamFMCOllfardh
Équipe Cycliste PeugeotPEUMarcovdw
SAP - BianchiSPBtrekbmc
Sugoi - XanterraSUXSelwink
TVM Cycling TeamTVMOzrocker
Team AlitaliaALImatt17br
Santos - EuskadiEUSjandal7
Ceramica Panaria - Autogrill - CipolliniPACkrisa
VisitUkraine p/b NemiroffVUKfjhoekie
Team Cymru WalesTCWsutty68
Lufthansa Racing TeamLRTAbhishekLFC
Sevilla Cycling TeamSEVjavibozada
Vegeta Cycling TeamVCTSSJ2Luigi
Credit Suisse Pro CyclingCREVali
CCC Sprandi PolkowiceCCCdominox
Wiggle presented by Boardman BikesWPBMartii_Scots01
Pedal Africa for QhubekaPAQthe_hoyle
Polestar Cyan ProCyclingPCCivaneurope
Spidertech - Argon18S18whitejersey
An PostPOSMacC
Vittel - Havas CommunicationsVIHYellow Jersey
Wilier TriestinaWITAquarius97
Bosch Cycling TeamBCTblackbox
Jeep Pro CyclingJEPReveille
Veranclassic - AGOVERNightrider78
The Balkan Cycling ProjectBCPDjordje96
Trek - SegafredoTSFaldrofj
Statoil Pro CyclingSPChillis91
Team WWEWWEjseadog1
Aviva Cycling TeamAVIRipley
Cool RunningsHOTThe Manx Missile

Development Teams

Podravka Cycling TeamPRVSSJ2Luigi
Reizen Waes - Pinkpop Development TeamRWPOllfardh
Bora-Argon Developement TeamBADjaxika
Suntory OranginaSORDaveTwoBob
La FundaciónFUNShonak
Leopard - Evonik Youth ProjectLEOCroatia14
Pure Black RacingPBRjandal7
Team PrivatBankTPBfjhoekie
Centrica Cycling AcademyCENbrewers90
Air China U23ACDBikex
Silber DTSDTSelwink
Équipe Cycliste Développement CitroënCITMarcovdw
Polestar Cyan Junior TeamPCJivaneurope
Statoil Development TeamSDThillis91
Project AfricaPAFthe_hoyle

Edited by Croatia14 on 06-01-2018 12:48
Continue as normal please. Except WT this time Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne

Team: VisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff
3 letter Abbrevation: VUK
Nation: Ukraine
Secondary Nation(s): Russia, Kazakhstan
Previous Team: VisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff

DevTeam: Team Privatbank
3 letter Abbrevation: TPB
Nation: Ukraine
Secondary Nation(s): -
Previous Team: Team Privatbank

Now WT I guess, would 100% accept that.
Edited by fjhoekie on 02-08-2017 18:06
Manager of Nemiroff - ABBYY in the PCM.Daily Man-Game

jandal7 wrote:
Continue as normal please. Except WT this time Pfft

please put in the full application, even if you just copy it from last year Pfft
Team: Wiggle presented by Boardman Bikes
3 letter Abbrevation: WPB
Nation: Great Britain
Secondary Nation(s): Ireland
Previous Team: Schuh p/b Wiggle

CT only. If I can't manage to make a jersey/find a jerseymaker to make a jersey for me, then using the Wiggle shirt in the Daily EP is fine by me
Edited by Martii_Scots01 on 26-07-2017 22:29
Should we fill out the form if we want to continue exactly the same as last season? Because SAP - Bianchi will be the same next season. Smile


"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Croatia14 wrote:
jandal7 wrote:
Continue as normal please. Except WT this time Pfft

please put in the full application, even if you just copy it from last year Pfft

yeah but that was just me saying continue as normal please from the year before and I can't be bothered Pfft I'll do it in the morning Smile
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
23/01/18 - trekbmc said "All the best riders, Krasnopero, Bakario, Thor, Laporte, Fabio Carbonara"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [CT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK
The Carbon Throne

Team: Suntory Lucozade Sport
3 letter Abbrevation: SLS
Nation: France
Secondary Nation(s): Japan
Previous Team: Suntory Lucozade Sport

Dev Team: Suntory Orangina
3 letter Abbrevation: SOR
Nation: France
Previous Team: Suntory Orangina

P.S. Thanks Croatia for helping Bikex with the organising
P.P.S Same jersey as last year
Edited by DaveTwoBob on 30-07-2017 21:50
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Ad Bot
Posted on 19-08-2018 00:39
Bot Agent

Posts: Countless
Joined: 23.11.09

IP: None  
Team: CarbonSports Cycling - Lightweight
3 letter Abbrevation: CSC
Nation: GER
Secondary Nation(s): BEL, FRA, LUX, LAT, AUT
Previous Team: CarbonSports Cycling - Lightweight

Dev Team:

Team: TBA
3 letter Abbrevation: TBA
Nation: GER
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team: VW
Which pcm versions can be used for the jerseys?

If anyone is interested in joining the game but has questions or is unsure about it just pm me and I can answer most of them Wink

A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Team: Équipe Cycliste Peugeot
3 letter Abbrevation: PEU
Nation: France
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team: Team Peugeot

Jersey: (same as last year)

And we will start with a development team as well

Team: Équipe Cycliste Développement Citroën
3 letter Abbrevation: CIT
Nation: France
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team: -


Manager of Minions in MG and Peugeot in ICL
Team: Sugoi-Xanterra
3 letter Abbrevation: SUX
Nation: CAN
Secondary Nation(s): USA
Previous Team: Sugoi-Xanterra (2017)


I'll post my DT soon as well, may go for a new jersey there
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/npn.png[PCT] Novatek-Panarmenian.net
[ICL] Sugoi-Xanterra & Canada Dry Dev Team
Stages (Requests closed)


'If you want to try a coup d'état in Belgium, do it today, because everyone in Belgium is watching Tom Boonen'
Maarten Ducrot at 2017 Paris-Roubaix
Team: Polestar Cyan ProCycling
3 letter Abbrevation: PCC
Nation: SWE
Secondary Nation(s): -
Previous Team: -

And the team would have their own dvelopment arm

Team: Polestar Cyan Junior Team
3 letter Abbrevation: PCJ
Nation: SWE
Secondary Nation(s): -
Previous Team: -

Team kit would be revealed later
And again my favourite part of ICL will take place while I'm on vacation Pfft.

Team: CCC Sprandi Polkowice
3 letter Abbrevation: CCC
Nation: Poland
Secondary Nation(s): Italy
Previous Team: CCC Sprandi Polkowice
Shirt: (same as last year and so on)

ICL wouldn't be very good without the champions now would it?*

Team: Bunzl - Centrica
3 letter Abbrevation: TBC
Nation: GBR
Secondary Nation(s): USA, AUS, NZL, IRL
Previous Team: We are OG

Jersey: Same as ever

Team: Centrica Cycling Academy
3 letter Abbreviation: CEN
Nation: GBR
Previous Team: Same

Jersey: Same as last season

*Just let me milk it for a couple more months, still can't believe it myself! Pfft
Manager of Bunzl - Centrica
ICL's World Tour Champions and Talented Bottlers

Team: Vegeta Cycling Team
3 letter Abbrevation: VCT
Nation: Croatia
Secondary Nation(s): Hungary, Austria
Previous Team: Vegeta Cycling Team

Team: Podravka Cycling Team
3 letter Abbrevation: PRV
Nation: Hungary
Secondary Nation(s): Croatia
Previous Team: Podravka Development Team

edit: changed dev team 3 letter abb
Team: Allianz-BMW Cycling Team
3 letter Abbrevation:ABC
Secondary Nation(s):BEL,FRA
Previous Team: Allianz-BMW Cycling Team


Team: Bora-Argon Developement Team
3 letter Abbrevation:BAD
Secondary Nation(s):
Previous Team:Bora-Argon

Breaking the hiatus just for this Smile

Team: Pedal Africa for Qhubeka
3 letter Abbrevation: PAQ
Nation: South Africa
Secondary Nation(s): Algeria, Morocco, Eritrea
Previous Team: Pedal Africa
.: Manager of :.
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2018/Micro/mg18_gcn.png GCN ProTeam [MG] pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2018/Micro/mg18_gcn.png
.: My Awards :.
Team: Team Alitalia
Nation: ITA
Secondary Nation(s): FRA, BEL
Previous Team: Team Alitalia

Jersey: same as usual
Manager of pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png Generali - EDF pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png

Team: Grupo Argos - Quala
3 letter Abbrevation: GAQ
Nation: COL
Secondary Nation(s): VEN, MEX, ECU, PAN, CRC
Previous Team: Leopard - Evonik Pro Cycling

jersey coming soon

dev team:

Team: Leopard - Evonik Youth Project
3 letter Abbrevation: LEO
Nation: NED
Previous Team: Blue Water Youth Project

Last years main team jersey
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