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Sprint bug
Ok guys.. Where can i complain about the sprint in PCM17?.. I'm playing Pro Cyclist mode with a sprinter guy on exteme difficulty, but halfway into the season i've only managed 2 stage wins (both from breakaways) with my sprinter at 70 FL, 74 SP and 71 ACC..

In breakaways it looks like sprints are quite reallistic and the best sprinter mostly wins, but in mass sprints it's the opposite.. In my last race i got outsprinted by a 60(!) sprinter after still having almost full bars and coming from a great position to overtake...
I've added the replay files here so you guys can take a look as well.. It's driving me really crazy, taking all the fun out of a sprint Pro... I don't mind losing sprints from better guys, but this is just ridiculous!

Had to make 2 rar-files or else the file would be to big.
Masterblaster01 attached the following files:
replay_29-6-13h50_t2_bretagne_4.rar [4.79MB / 36 Downloads]
replay_3.rar [1.19MB / 29 Downloads]

I have had the same problem over the full career so far. And I am just back to normal difficulty.
The sprint stats don't really make a difference. Wind and stuff like that has a much bigger input. Sometimes, I can start from 2km and I still have some red bar left and sometimes, 1km is already too far. They just need to make the sprint stat more important. I think that it just doesn't have a big impact anymore.

i.imgur.com/QVcJ138.pngManager of Löbauer Stadtwerke - Etixxi.imgur.com/QVcJ138.png

I'm just really confused that i manage to get better results in mass sprints with my climber Pro than i am with my sprinter pro who had better FL, SPR, ACC stats.. (don't know what the other backup stats for sprints are?)
cyanide know about this
its being fixed
Yeah i know that but i was wondering where i could send them the replay, more replay material is always better aint it..
in the cyanide forum

they will appreciate it
Coudn't find a topic, but i can't read any French and the automatic translation isn't helping really..

But i found the "Known issues list" and the sprints are not mentioned there...

So i just made a new topic, hoping for a respons.
Yeah, my nickname = IcedGast Pfft
I'm trying now in the TDF with the latest patch. But god damn it is hard as f...
Even on normal I can hardly get anywhere near with Groenewegen. Best I've done is 12th..
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I feel like it's the other way around for me,winning mass sprints with way lower sprint stat then favorites.I haven't lost a sprint for a while now & I'm not even a sprinter.
Did you guys also notice how speed drops a lot in turns now,makes acceleration double important when there a turn in last km's.and yes makes trains less effective because of it.
Also wind-slipstream changes makes the one up front at an disadvantage in opposition to only the second one in front,makes for bunchsprint on a line every time.

Here's what I do : even with 3 crappy guys you can make a successful train:
get in front with the effort arrow for everyone i explained somewhere here,but after go infinite relay ,when front rider is used up ,they can "accidentally" bump into other train if any and hook em on the back of the train.This makes us nice in front,with fast sprinters some bit behind us.If you pass a caught breakaway you might even get away from the pack.
Now comes the big thing ,don't sprint with train(would be a disaster with my guys). Instead I use my last leadout as a protector again,go @2.5 95%,@2 99% @1.4 (depending) sprint.
What does it do? First the bunch tends to only start sprinting if you start sprinting,because they are following you(they don't have own train & you go fast enough). If you go effort 99 first,you only need to go 1 more % to get to max speed(sprint).Guess you could use steering to avoid people sprinting passed you in last bit,but I haven't had the need,they aren't catching me. Having a protector helps get more speed,you aren't catching all headwind & aren't using his crappy stats to determine speed.
Even when i have no teammates to help, this tends to work for me,might not work for everyone tough as I have played only 1 char so far.(my character has high flat).
edit: quote some dev
We made some tweaks in to make weak riders sprint slower

sprinting 4 bicycle lengths away from demare,gaviria,bonefacio,kristoff,sagan & the rest: (my spr=74)
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