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Course de Solidarnosc - Stage 4
The 4th and Final stage here in Poland. Still all 195 riders will ride the 231km from Tarnow to Katowice.

Immediately off the startline we get an attack. pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/vtb.png Van Zandbeek heads it with pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/kar.png Balloni, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/flc.png Clesen, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/ssc.png Changpod, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/afr.png Bester, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/ayu.png Laporte, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/avc.png Cruz, pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/ubs.png Jacobs and pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/mei.png Mutsumine. Slightly surprisingly the sprint teams are happy to let such a large move go without a fight.


The first IS, at Szczurowa, is just 26km in to the stage. Changpod claims it, ahead of Van Zandbeek and Mutsumine. Already the gap is out over 5'00, the peloton really taking it easy.

118km in is the Olkusz IS, won by Bester over Van Zandbeek and Jacobs.

The thrid IS, at Dabrowa Gornicza, is after 153km. Jacbos ahead of Mutsumine and Bester. The breaks gap has come down to 2'50 at this point, the peloton not risking anything late on.

In fact the break, as on all three previous days, is wrapped up around the 20km to go mark.

Just for fun, the KoM sprint comes with 19km to go. Sobota leads over, pulling for Netia. Carvalho and Figueiredo take 2nd and 3rd, and secure the Jersey win for Figueiredo.

Attention comes back to the sprint finish. Netia have controlled proceedings and have, again, just on ride ahead of Vantomme. Almost everyone else is lining up behind, except Porto trying to pull Avelino forwards who has Ahlstrand on him behind Itami.


2km and the Porto pull has killed Netia! Not for the first time Netia caught out with too few men. Itami is tagged to Avelino and surely has the best seat in the house!
Everyone else will have to burn a good burst of energy to get across to the Japanese wheel.


Well they get across under the Kite, but Avelino and Itami are only just winding up. Ahlstrand is nowhere near the front, a good finish from Lo Cicero or Vantomme could steal the race...


500m and Itami finally moves around Avelino. The Meiji rider saving every ounce of energy for the last lunge. Petit has speed against the barrier on the left but surely he can't overhaul Itami from here.



Kenji Itami! He holds on to win, although not as comfortably as it could have been. Kump weaves through into second somehow, whilst Petit claims third off his late punch.

Vantomme only gets 7th which won't beat Ahlstrand, who was only 12th just ahead of Lo Cicero. The trio of the race really faltering at the end. Ahlstrand will take the Points, Figueiredo the KoM, Barbero the U25 and SanCor the Team.

And as a fun side note, all 195 riders make it to the end of the race. And not a single one every hit the asphalt.


1Kenji ItamiMeiji - JR East4h54'50
2Marko KumpHugo Bosss.t.
3Adrien PetitAyubowan!s.t.
4Danilo KupfernagelKarcher-Adiras.t.
5Romain VanderbiestVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
6Nacer BouhanniEuskaltels.t.
7Maxime VantommeNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
8Kobe VanoverscheldeBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
9√ďscar AvelinoPorto - Prios.t.
10Davide AppollonioVontobels.t.
11√ďscar GueraoColdeportess.t.
12Jonas AhlstrandSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
13Ivano Lo CiceroValio - DeLavals.t.
14Jaime Alberto Casta√ĪedaFlores - Ceitecs.t.
15Daniele RattoGenerali - AXAs.t.
16Ra√ļl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
17Nolan HoffmanTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
18Lionel CoutinhoPorto - Prios.t.
19Martin ReimerSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
20Pawel BernasNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
21Morten ReckwegNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
22Ho-Ting KwokMeiji - JR Easts.t.
23Francisco VentosoHugo Bosss.t.
24Michael MatthewsCompal - Meridas.t.
25Taylor TollesonHugo Bosss.t.
26Yanjanani SakalaTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
27Roy JansHugo Bosss.t.
28Troels VintherValio - DeLavals.t.
29Jack BauerCompal - Meridas.t.
30Boy Van PoppelSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
31Theo ReinhardtTeam UBSs.t.
32Nikolas MaesArrineras.t.
33Anthony LavoineArrineras.t.
34Matti BreschelValio - DeLavals.t.
35Thomas Vedel KvistSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
36Marcin BialoblockiArrineras.t.
37Alexandr NepomnyachsniyShimano - Siam Cements.t.
38Romeo QuicibalHugo Bosss.t.
39Christopher SuttonCompal - Meridas.t.
40Wenlong ZhangIndosat - ANZs.t.
41Maximiliano RichezeSanCors.t.
42Everson CamiloFlores - Ceitecs.t.
43William FordFlores - Ceitecs.t.
44Dominique CornuEuskaltels.t.
45Noam CohenArrineras.t.
46Sam HarrisonBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
47Adam Petrie-ArmstrongBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
48Juraj SaganArrineras.t.
49Danilo WyssTeam UBSs.t.
50Dietmar Mehr-WenigeFlores - Ceitecs.t.
51Samuel CaldeiraPorto - Prios.t.
52Edward TheunsGenerali - AXAs.t.
53Rafa√Ę ChtiouiTeam UBSs.t.
54Enrico FranzoiShimano - Siam Cements.t.
55Fabien TaillefourGenerali - AXAs.t.
56Oleksandr PolivodaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
57Kristian SobotaNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
58Robert SweetingIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
59Maciej UlanowskiVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
60Asbj√łrn Kragh AndersenIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
61Alexandre AulasIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
62Ruslan TleubayevCompal - Meridas.t.
63Frederico FigueiredoPorto - Prios.t.
64Jean-Lou PaianiIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
65Peter HawkinsBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
66Antonio CarvalhoPorto - Prios.t.
67Emerson SantosFlores - Ceitecs.t.
68Jonathan BellisAyubowan!s.t.
69Jon AberasturiHugo Bosss.t.
70Nazir JaserEuskaltels.t.
71Juan Pablo ForeroColdeportess.t.
72Sung Baek ParkCompal - Meridas.t.
73Rafael AndriatoSanCors.t.
74Manuel BellettiGenerali - AXAs.t.
75Chan Jae JangCompal - Meridas.t.
76Francisco Anton MartinEuskaltels.t.
77Tom DumoulinTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
78Denis KostyukControl Teams.t.
79Sebastian TolosaSanCors.t.
80Marvin Orlando AngaritaColdeportess.t.
81Ahmad Haidar AnuawarShimano - Siam Cements.t.
82Kamil ZielinskiArrineras.t.
83Paride GrilloTeam UBSs.t.
84Blaise SonneryIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
85Phucong Sai-UdomsinShimano - Siam Cements.t.
86Phan Age HaugardSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
87Carlos BarberoHugo Bosss.t.
88William Germán Rodríguez ParraColdeportess.t.
89Filipe CardosoAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
90Oleksandr PrevarVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
91Kamil GradekBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
92Ciaran CassidyIndosat - ANZs.t.
93Shiki KuroedaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
94Isaac SpeirsBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
95Juan MoraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
96Clément LhotellerieIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
97Kévin RezaEuskaltels.t.
98Hossein NateghiIndosat - ANZs.t.
99Ian RichardsonIndosat - ANZs.t.
100Bruno SantosKarcher-Adiras.t.
101Martin KohlerVontobels.t.
102Fabrice JeandesboszGenerali - AXAs.t.
103Eduardo SepulvedaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
104Bartlomiej MatysiakArrineras.t.
105Basilio Ramos TiconaFlores - Ceitecs.t.
106Johannes FrohlingerKarcher-Adiras.t.
107Carlos Henrique CancellaraColdeportess.t.
108Mauricio Guillermo FrazerSanCors.t.
109Enrique SanzEuskaltels.t.
110Julien TaramarcazVontobels.t.
111Yauheni HutarovichVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
112Segundo NavarreteHugo Bosss.t.
113Nic HamiltonBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
114Rodrigo NascimentoPorto - Prios.t.
115Lucas Sebastian HaedoSanCors.t.
116Lawson CraddockAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
117Silvan DillierTeam UBSs.t.
118Edison BravoColdeportess.t.
119Lluis MasPorto - Prios.t.
120Félix Emilio BesadaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
121Martin WeissVontobels.t.
122Kedir SeidCompal - Meridas.t.
123Andrea Dal ColVontobels.t.
124Sameera ChatarungaAyubowan!+ 3'21
125Lucas Manuel GadaySanCors.t.
126Yousef Mirza BanihammadIndosat - ANZs.t.
127Jaoa CostaPorto - Prios.t.
128David BartlKarcher-Adiras.t.
129Sho HatsuyamaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
130Jose MojicaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
131Jean Bosco NsengimanaTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
132Bambang SuryadiShimano - Siam Cements.t.
133Yamato ShirotaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
134Giorgi NareklishviliArrineras.t.
135Ryan GibbonsTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
136Pieter JacobsTeam UBSs.t.
137David ClaereboutIndosat - ANZs.t.
138Genki YamamotoMeiji - JR Easts.t.
139Kevin LedanoisGenerali - AXAs.t.
140Hayato YoshidaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
141Jakub SkalaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
142Alejandro DuranSanCors.t.
143Micael IsidoroControl Teams.t.
144Torkil VeyheNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
145Morne Van NiekerkTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
146Patrick LaneVontobels.t.
147Parno ParnoIndosat - ANZs.t.
148Blake CaldwellTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
149Delio FernandezEuskaltel+ 4'09
150Daniel Eduardo SilvaKarcher-Adiras.t.
151Alexander KampSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
152Sean McKennaBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
153Marcus Faglum KarlssonSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
154Mustafa CarsiIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
155Roland ThalmannVontobels.t.
156Tormod JacobsenSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
157Shaun Nick BesterTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
158Alfredo BalloniKarcher-Adiras.t.
159Freddy CruzAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
160Dylan PageTeam UBSs.t.
161Krzysztof MarchewkaGenerali - AXAs.t.
162André CardosoKarcher-Adiras.t.
163Pawel FranczakNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
164Christophe LaporteAyubowan!s.t.
165Nick ClesenFlores - Ceitecs.t.
166Juan José HaedoSanCors.t.
167Kritsada ChangpadShimano - Siam Cements.t.
168Wataru MutsumineMeiji - JR Easts.t.
169Madushanka PereraAyubowan!s.t.
170Ronan Van ZandbeekVontobels.t.
171Nihal SilvaAyubowan!s.t.
172Ricardo VilelaKarcher-Adiras.t.
173Sachin DulanjanaAyubowan!s.t.
174Adrian NituVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
175Rodolfo Torres AgudeloColdeportess.t.
176Amith Udaya KumaraAyubowan!+ 5'59
177Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltels.t.
178Amir KolahdouzShimano - Siam Cements.t.
179Stylianos FarantakisCompal - Meridas.t.
180Lukas SpenglerTeam UBSs.t.
181Christos LoizouIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
182Mariusz GilNetia - Norske Skog+ 6'37
183Roope NurmiValio - DeLavals.t.
184Otavio BulgarelliFlores - Ceitecs.t.
185Risto AaltioValio - DeLaval+ 9'22
186Chun Wing LeungShimano - Siam Cements.t.
187Emils LiepinsValio - DeLavals.t.
188Adam PierzgaNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
189Heiner Rodrigo Parra BustamenteColdeportess.t.
190Matti ManninenValio - DeLavals.t.
191Thomas BoudatGenerali - AXAs.t.
192Krists NeilandsValio - DeLavals.t.
193Zouzou AndriafenomananiainaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
194Juan Pablo WilchesControl Teams.t.
195Jude LibertIndosat - ANZ+ 10'23

General Classification
1Jonas AhlstrandSpotify - Haglöfs18h49'15
2Maxime VantommeNetia - Norske Skog+ 16
3Ivano Lo CiceroValio - DeLaval+ 18
4Adrien PetitAyubowan!+ 21
5Marko KumpHugo Boss+ 22
6Kenji ItamiMeiji - JR East+ 25
7Danilo KupfernagelKarcher-Adira+ 27
8Romain VanderbiestVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff+ 31
9Davide AppollonioVontobel+ 41
10Nacer BouhanniEuskaltel+ 45
11Jaime Alberto Casta√ĪedaFlores - Ceitec+ 47
12Kobe VanoverscheldeBanc na h√Čireann+ 48
13√ďscar AvelinoPorto - Prio+ 49
14Phucong Sai-UdomsinShimano - Siam Cement+ 53
15Carlos BarberoHugo Boss+ 56
16Anthony LavoineArrinera+ 1'00
17Jean-Lou PaianiIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
18Everson CamiloFlores - Ceitecs.t.
19√ďscar GueraoColdeportes+ 1'01
20Nolan HoffmanTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
21Daniele RattoGenerali - AXAs.t.
22Ra√ļl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
23Troels VintherValio - DeLavals.t.
24Ho-Ting KwokMeiji - JR Easts.t.
25Taylor TollesonHugo Bosss.t.
26Michael MatthewsCompal - Meridas.t.
27Martin ReimerSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
28Morten ReckwegNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
29Yanjanani SakalaTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
30Roy JansHugo Bosss.t.
31Matti BreschelValio - DeLavals.t.
32Nikolas MaesArrineras.t.
33Marcin BialoblockiArrineras.t.
34Thomas Vedel KvistSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
35Christopher SuttonCompal - Meridas.t.
36Kristian SobotaNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
37Boy Van PoppelSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
38Jack BauerCompal - Meridas.t.
39Noam CohenArrineras.t.
40Alexandr NepomnyachsniyShimano - Siam Cements.t.
41Jonathan BellisAyubowan!s.t.
42Pawel BernasNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
43Theo ReinhardtTeam UBSs.t.
44William FordFlores - Ceitecs.t.
45Romeo QuicibalHugo Bosss.t.
46Dominique CornuEuskaltels.t.
47Wenlong ZhangIndosat - ANZs.t.
48Adam Petrie-ArmstrongBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
49Juraj SaganArrineras.t.
50Robert SweetingIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
51Edward TheunsGenerali - AXAs.t.
52Francisco VentosoHugo Bosss.t.
53Ruslan TleubayevCompal - Meridas.t.
54Danilo WyssTeam UBSs.t.
55Maximiliano RichezeSanCors.t.
56Dietmar Mehr-WenigeFlores - Ceitecs.t.
57Marvin Orlando AngaritaColdeportess.t.
58Alexandre AulasIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
59Enrico FranzoiShimano - Siam Cements.t.
60Fabien TaillefourGenerali - AXAs.t.
61Sung Baek ParkCompal - Meridas.t.
62Juan Pablo ForeroColdeportess.t.
63Rafa√Ę ChtiouiTeam UBSs.t.
64Asbj√łrn Kragh AndersenIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
65Rafael AndriatoSanCors.t.
66Chan Jae JangCompal - Meridas.t.
67Manuel BellettiGenerali - AXAs.t.
68Kamil ZielinskiArrineras.t.
69Ahmad Haidar AnuawarShimano - Siam Cements.t.
70Sebastian TolosaSanCors.t.
71Bartlomiej MatysiakArrineras.t.
72Tom DumoulinTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
73Paride GrilloTeam UBSs.t.
74Lionel CoutinhoPorto - Prios.t.
75William Germán Rodríguez ParraColdeportess.t.
76Hossein NateghiIndosat - ANZs.t.
77Fabrice JeandesboszGenerali - AXAs.t.
78Francisco Anton MartinEuskaltels.t.
79Nazir JaserEuskaltels.t.
80Clément LhotellerieIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
81Maciej UlanowskiVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
82Blaise SonneryIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
83Sam HarrisonBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
84Mauricio Guillermo FrazerSanCors.t.
85Carlos Henrique CancellaraColdeportess.t.
86Ian RichardsonIndosat - ANZs.t.
87Jon AberasturiHugo Bosss.t.
88Emerson SantosFlores - Ceitecs.t.
89Samuel CaldeiraPorto - Prios.t.
90Silvan DillierTeam UBSs.t.
91Lucas Sebastian HaedoSanCors.t.
92Oleksandr PolivodaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
93Denis KostyukControl Teams.t.
94Yauheni HutarovichVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
95Kedir SeidCompal - Meridas.t.
96Isaac SpeirsBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
97Ciaran CassidyIndosat - ANZs.t.
98Peter HawkinsBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
99Edison BravoColdeportess.t.
100Filipe CardosoAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
101Basilio Ramos TiconaFlores - Ceitecs.t.
102Juan MoraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
103Eduardo SepulvedaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
104Bruno SantosKarcher-Adiras.t.
105Lawson CraddockAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
106Lluis MasPorto - Prios.t.
107Johannes FrohlingerKarcher-Adiras.t.
108Pieter JacobsTeam UBS+ 4'19
109Jean Bosco NsengimanaTeam Telkom for Africa+ 4'22
110Ryan GibbonsTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
111Torkil VeyheNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
112Yamato ShirotaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
113Bambang SuryadiShimano - Siam Cements.t.
114Kevin LedanoisGenerali - AXAs.t.
115Morne Van NiekerkTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
116Lucas Manuel GadaySanCors.t.
117Blake CaldwellTeam Telkom for Africas.t.
118Yousef Mirza BanihammadIndosat - ANZs.t.
119Micael IsidoroControl Teams.t.
120Alejandro DuranSanCors.t.
121David ClaereboutIndosat - ANZs.t.
122Jose MojicaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
123Parno ParnoIndosat - ANZs.t.
124Patrick LaneVontobels.t.
125Dylan PageTeam UBS+ 5'04
126Shaun Nick BesterTeam Telkom for Africa+ 5'05
127Ronan Van ZandbeekVontobel+ 5'06
128Kritsada ChangpadShimano - Siam Cement+ 5'07
129Freddy CruzAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo+ 5'08
130Wataru MutsumineMeiji - JR Easts.t.
131Nick ClesenFlores - Ceitec+ 5'09
132Pawel FranczakNetia - Norske Skog+ 5'10
133Krzysztof MarchewkaGenerali - AXAs.t.
134Rodolfo Torres AgudeloColdeportess.t.
135Mustafa CarsiIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
136Juan José HaedoSanCors.t.
137Madushanka PereraAyubowan!s.t.
138Phan Age HaugardSpotify - Haglöfs+ 5'26
139Enrique SanzEuskaltels.t.
140Shiki KuroedaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
141Antonio CarvalhoPorto - Prios.t.
142Kévin RezaEuskaltels.t.
143Martin KohlerVontobels.t.
144Oleksandr PrevarVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
145Segundo NavarreteHugo Bosss.t.
146Julien TaramarcazVontobels.t.
147Kamil GradekBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
148Nic HamiltonBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
149Martin WeissVontobels.t.
150Félix Emilio BesadaAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismos.t.
151Andrea Dal ColVontobels.t.
152Rodrigo NascimentoPorto - Prios.t.
153Amir KolahdouzShimano - Siam Cement+ 6'57
154Stylianos FarantakisCompal - Merida+ 7'00
155Lukas SpenglerTeam UBSs.t.
156Christos LoizouIn-n-Out p/b Carrefours.t.
157Mariusz GilNetia - Norske Skog+ 7'38
158Roope NurmiValio - DeLavals.t.
159Giorgi NareklishviliArrinera+ 8'47
160Hayato YoshidaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
161Genki YamamotoMeiji - JR Easts.t.
162Sho HatsuyamaMeiji - JR Easts.t.
163Sameera ChatarungaAyubowan!s.t.
164Jakub SkalaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
165David BartlKarcher-Adiras.t.
166Delio FernandezEuskaltel+ 9'35
167Christophe LaporteAyubowan!s.t.
168Sean McKennaBanc na h√Čireanns.t.
169Alfredo BalloniKarcher-Adiras.t.
170Roland ThalmannVontobels.t.
171Daniel Eduardo SilvaKarcher-Adiras.t.
172Sachin DulanjanaAyubowan!s.t.
173André CardosoKarcher-Adiras.t.
174Ricardo VilelaKarcher-Adiras.t.
175Nihal SilvaAyubowan!s.t.
176Adrian NituVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.
177Matti ManninenValio - DeLaval+ 10'23
178Adam PierzgaNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
179Heiner Rodrigo Parra BustamenteColdeportess.t.
180Emils LiepinsValio - DeLavals.t.
181Juan Pablo WilchesControl Teams.t.
182Risto AaltioValio - DeLavals.t.
183Thomas BoudatGenerali - AXAs.t.
184Chun Wing LeungShimano - Siam Cements.t.
185Krists NeilandsValio - DeLavals.t.
186Frederico FigueiredoPorto - Prio+ 10'30
187Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel+ 11'25
188Marcus Faglum KarlssonSpotify - Haglöfs+ 13'24
189Alexander KampSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
190Tormod JacobsenSpotify - Haglöfss.t.
191Otavio BulgarelliFlores - Ceitec+ 13'52
192Jaoa CostaPorto - Prios.t.
193Amith Udaya KumaraAyubowan!+ 16'30
194Jude LibertIndosat - ANZ+ 18'49
195Zouzou AndriafenomananiainaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff+ 21'47

1Jonas AhlstrandSpotify - Haglöfs69
2Maxime VantommeNetia - Norske Skog55
3Ivano Lo CiceroValio - DeLaval51
4Marko KumpHugo Boss50
5Adrien PetitAyubowan!48
6Kenji ItamiMeiji - JR East48
7Danilo KupfernagelKarcher-Adira45
8Romain VanderbiestVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff42
9Davide AppollonioVontobel32
10Nacer BouhanniEuskaltel30
11Jaime Alberto Casta√ĪedaFlores - Ceitec25
12√ďscar AvelinoPorto - Prio25
13Kobe VanoverscheldeBanc na h√Čireann25
14Phucong Sai-UdomsinShimano - Siam Cement16
15Dylan PageTeam UBS12
16Carlos BarberoHugo Boss10
17√ďscar GueraoColdeportes10
18Shaun Nick BesterTeam Telkom for Africa10
19Ronan Van ZandbeekVontobel8
20Amir KolahdouzShimano - Siam Cement6
21Anthony LavoineArrinera6
22Pieter JacobsTeam UBS6
23Kritsada ChangpadShimano - Siam Cement6
24Ra√ļl Granjel CabreraAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo5
25Freddy CruzAeropostal Venezuela Ciclismo4
26Wataru MutsumineMeiji - JR East4
27Otavio BulgarelliFlores - Ceitec4
28Jean-Lou PaianiIn-n-Out p/b Carrefour2
29Everson CamiloFlores - Ceitec2
30Nick ClesenFlores - Ceitec2
31Frederico FigueiredoPorto - Prio2
32Zouzou AndriafenomananiainaVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff2
33Daniele RattoGenerali - AXA1
34Matti BreschelValio - DeLaval1

King of the Mountains
1Frederico FigueiredoPorto - Prio8
2Antonio CarvalhoPorto - Prio6
3Phucong Sai-UdomsinShimano - Siam Cement4
4Kristian SobotaNetia - Norske Skog4
5Jean-Lou PaianiIn-n-Out p/b Carrefour2

1Carlos BarberoHugo Boss18h50'11 (1)
2Romeo QuicibalHugo Boss+ 5 (2)
3Edward TheunsGenerali - AXA+ 5 (3)
4Asbj√łrn Kragh AndersenIn-n-Out p/b Carrefour+ 5 (4)
5Lionel CoutinhoPorto - Prio+ 5 (5)
6Sam HarrisonBanc na h√Čireann+ 5 (6)
7Carlos Henrique CancellaraColdeportes+ 5 (7)
8Emerson SantosFlores - Ceitec+ 5 (8)
9Kedir SeidCompal - Merida+ 5 (9)
10Edison BravoColdeportes+ 5 (10)

1SanCor56h30'48 (1)
2Indosat - ANZ+ 0 (2)
3Compal - Merida+ 0 (3)

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