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Lisbon Classic Discussion

I don't have time to check the rankings of past years but we can't be doing too well in terms of where a team has finished in a year they won a GT.
alexkr00 wrote:

I don't have time to check the rankings of past years but we can't be doing too well in terms of where a team has finished in a year they won a GT.

Santander (2013) and Cafe de Colombia (2012, 2011) both finished 15th in years that they won a GT. I only went as far back as 2009 though Wink
jph27 wrote:
alexkr00 wrote:

I don't have time to check the rankings of past years but we can't be doing too well in terms of where a team has finished in a year they won a GT.

Santander (2013) and Cafe de Colombia (2012, 2011) both finished 15th in years that they won a GT. I only went as far back as 2009 though Wink


Doesn't sound that bad now although 2013 feels like a life time ago Smile
5 riders in the Top 30 is good, no rider in the Top 10 is less good...
Looks like bad positioning from Ciolek again, I feel like he's consistently the worst treated 83 sprinter by the AI (maybe ember would disagree).
Congrats Festina for really sealing it now Smile

With nearly 400 points to 11th place, it at least looks like we've reached our sponsor goal now. Everything between 3rd and 10th will be really really tight in the end though, that will provide a lot of excitement in the last two races.

I can see Aker finishing as high as second if EBH finally performs, then Becherovka should save their podium spot, Tinkoff will make a late bid for a Top 5 together with Evonik and hopefully ourselves.

We'll have contenders for every single stage left this season, with Ciolek going to Tasmania as well as Sütterlin, Kelderman obviously targeting both races, and our full climbing squad of Nerz, Arndt, Bongiorno and Herklotz going to Lombardia too in case the mountain ratio plays a role.

We should be able to challenge Vesuvio who are 87 points up if Kelderman can slightly set himself apart from Gastauer and Ciolek adds some sprint points.
Just FIVE points down on Evonik look doable if we factor in Skujins' horrible TTing and their lack of depth, plus Van Stayen not attending Tasmania.
39 points lead to Aker seem impossible to hold, and I actually wouldn't want that since they deserve good Eddy performances.
53 points to Aegon could suffice if everything goes normal, but when did it ever?
126 points to eBuddy are enough considering Gesink is done.
189 points to Tinkoff will be tough if Trofitruffle unleashes his power.
327 points to BPost cannot be made up by Claeys, I refuse to believe that.

So my projections give us a final spot between 5th and 8th. I'd gladly take that.
Go out there boys and get it!
Van ZylSad literally going to be such an awesome domestique next year on every terrain and a couple of km less and he would of kept us up for another season instead I'm still sweating for every race
It's curious to see Lisbon turning out to be SotD's heaven. Surprising result which could very well be the decisive moment of this season. Congrats!

Definitely a good result for us with Avelino in 13th. There was not much for us to expect from this race, but it's always great to have a go at it in the top flight.

Thanks for the report jph!
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/duo.png Duolingo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/duo.png
Congrats SotD. There you have your race victory Grin

I'm also overjoyed. Great podium and Dzamastagic also in a great position - I like it.

The fight for the top 5 is so close. I might have climbed a fair bit but with Skujins hate for TTs every final position from 4th to 9th looks possible and I guess that we will have to go 6 for 6 (= 6 monuments with 6 podium finishes ) to have a shot at a top 5 and even that might not be enough.
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

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Nothing, just a lot of riders in the bottom part of the results.
Manager of Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff in the PCM.Daily Man-Game
Great to see our team very active during whole race. This is the right way how to battle against relegation! 3rd place is OKish result in such tough competition.

Thanks jph27 for the report!
Manager of Iberia - Team Degenkolb in Man-Game

Congrats SotD! Finally a big win for you!
Manager of Moser - Sygic
Ouch, we hardly scored here and Jayco'z did great. This is going to be a very close race to the finish line between them, Movistar and us.

Congrats SotD and thanks for reporting jph!
Decent again from Guarnieri, but had hoped for better. A bit closer to Kenya in the rankings after this, hopefully we can manage to avoid being last in the coming races.

Amazing win for Tzortzakis. Congrats SotD! That really should seal the overall win.
Okay, guys. First of all, a big sorry for a long abscence. Will explain myself in another thread and at another time. Probably will never be the same active tsmoha like before, but I never planned to completely leave pcmdaily.com! So I will try being more active again.

Definitely have to catch up and surely need to check the rankings properly. Finding Oz where I expected us to be after some unlucky races from our key riders. Bobridge seemed to fail in Germany, but Goss finally snatched a stage. Morton did well in Liechtenstein, which came by my surprise. TTT was a nice result and so was Lisbon! Some well needed points after some low key results in especially ToNE and Germany.

This will be an exciting fight against relegation.. can't say I'm happy about it Smile
Good to see you again tsmoha! Grin
Very quiet race for us. Congrats SotD on the victory.
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