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2017DB: Stage Requests
Hello everyone,

Like every year, we are preparing a new database with updated race calendar, teams and rosters for you. In order to make it as complete as possible, we need some help with creating certain races though. Some of them are new in the calendar, others just have no variant made despite being around for longer.

Below, you can find a list of the races we need, sorted by race category and divided according to priority we give them.

If you want to make a race, please announce it beforehand in this thread. Before ''claiming'' a race, check out the table below to make sure that no one else is already taking care of it. Some of the routes have been traced and have a gpx file ready to make it easier for you. Download links will also be added when available.

Highest priority

2.UWTTour of Guangxilink
2.HCArctic Race of Norway (No DEM)
2.HCTour of Hainan (No DEM)
2.HCTour of Qinghai Lake
2.HCLe Tour de Langkawi
2.HCTour of Colorado
2.1Tour d'Azerbaïdjan (No DEM)link
2.1Tour des Fjords
1.1Nuovo Giro della Campania
1.1Ride Bruges (Bruges Cycling Classic)link
1.1Memorial Rik Van Steenbergen

Medium priority

2.HCTour of the AlpsHijoDelDiablo
2.1Tour of Taihu Lakelink
2.1Szlakiem Walk Majora Hubalalink
2.1Tour de Korea (No DEM)link
2.1Tour du Poitou CharentesFlo76
2.2Circuit des Ardennes International
2.2Tour du Loir et Cher E Provost
2.2Ronde de l'Oiselink
1.2Ronde van Overijssel
1.2Circuit de Wallonielink
1.2Grand Prix of Boise
1.2Hansa Bygg Kalmar Grand Prix Road Race
1.2Classica da Arrabida - Cylin'Portugaltrekbmc

Lowest priority

2.1Tour of Thailand
2.1Tour of Fuzhou
2.2Baltyk - Karkonosze Tour
2.2Course Cycliste de Solidarnosc
2.2Tour of Malopolska
2.2Dookola Mazowsza
2.2Tour du Maroc
2.2Cycling Tour Of Szeklerland
2.2Tour de Hongrie
2.2Tour of Ukraine
1.2Gran Premio de San Josélink
1.2Tour de Ribas
1.2Grand Prix Lviv
1.2Odessa Grand Prix
1.2Memorial Henryka Lasaka
1.2Memorial Andrzeja Trochanowskiego
1.2Szlakiem Wielkich Jezior
1.2Tour of Aktau
1.2Tour of Astana
1.2Tour of Shymkent
1.2Grand Prix Minsk

Already made

1.2Antwerpse Havenpijlskiplink
2.2Cascade Cycling ClassicMargh Norwaylink
1.2Classica Aldeias do Xisto - Cylin'Portugaltrekbmclink
1.2Giro del Medio Brentatrekbmclink
1.1GP Isbergues Pas-de-Calaisskiplink
1.1GP Jef ScherensSelwinklink
1.1Grote Prijs Jean-Pierre MonseréMargh Norwaylink
1.2Grote Prijs Marcel KintWingslink
1.2Grote Prijs Stad Sint-Niklaasskiplink
1.2International Rhodes Grand Prixskiplink
2.2International Tour of Rhodesskiplink
1.2Kernen Omloop Echt-Susterenskiplink
2.1La Tropicale Amissa BongoFlo76link
2.2Le Triptyque des Monts et ChâteauxSelwinklink
1.2Memorial Romana Sieminskiegoskiplink
1.1New Energy TourSelwinklink
1.2Puchar Ministra Obrony Narodowejskiplink
1.2Puchar Uzdrowisk Karpackichskiplink
2.1Sharjah International Cycling TourWingslink
2.2Tour de Serbiaemre99link
2.1Tour de TaiwanTogolink
2.2Tour du Jura Cyclistetotolink
2.1Tour of Iran (Azarbaijan)skiplink
2.2Tour of the Gilatrekbmclink
1.1UAE CupTogolink
2.1Volta ao AlentejoSelwinklink
2.1Vuelta Ciclista a la Provincia de San JuanSelwinklink

When posting your stage, please post not only the stage files, but also the ZCTS file. Should we run into problems again for some later version, the stage can then be easily converted. Upload location can be at Stage Database or a (reasonable) external host (Mediafire, Dropbox, etc.).

Thanks in advance for your help,

Edited by togo95 on 11-06-2017 17:54
Grote Prijs Stad Sint-Niklaas

skip attached the following image:
Hello, this is Wings from LG-PCMF
Since we will be working together to get a maximum of races done, here is a spreadsheet so we dont get two people to do the same thing. Dont forget to put your name next to races you want to do and fill in green when done Smile
Margh Norway
Will make the Cascade Cycling Classic.

Wings wrote:
...Dont forget to put your name next to races you want to do and fill in green when done Smile

Sorry, don't have/will create a google account to add to the spreadsheet.
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Kint GP is nearly done, I should publish it tomorrow
Here is the Kint GP

Grote Prijs Marcel Kint 2016


Screens :


Lovely, thanks a lot! Smile
Next up should be Sharjah Tour
That's my man Wings.
Loved Marcel Kint, AND especially since it's not singled out to be played ONLY on pcm16.

That's a bonus for players still "struggling" with older PCM versions.

Lets hope you make this Sharjah NOT in pcm16 then. Rolling Eyes

Thanks mate

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"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
Thanks clamel. And no, I do not plan to do any Stages on PCM16, my old PCM14 still works, and the renders are good on it, so...Smile
As promised here is the Sharjah Tour. Unfortunately I ran into many problems while modeling it, including the question of what IBs to use, as there were none matching. I chose to leave most of the stages blank, with only desert (not too far from reality anyways)and the fact that they often use the same road for the same stage up and down etc... Anyways here it is (I used Dubai Tour to put it in my game). I promise the next race will bemore lively.


You might try the nice (huge) IB pack made on LeGruppetto website.
It has a lot of very nice Arabian houses and stuff that could light up this barren race. Easy enough to include the arabian parts in any of the present folders for IBs.
If it's not in those "modern" big cities it's a little hard to get the correct feelings with the standard IBs we got.

Looking forward to test it out ....

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
Hello guys. There is 6 stages from the last Tour de Serbia. I don't have STRAVA premium account so i can't download gpx files. If someone of creators can upload this race in next PCM i will be very grateful.

1. Stage: https://www.strav.../608957899
2. Stage: https://www.strav.../610444045
3. Stage: https://www.strav.../610979498
4. Stage: https://www.strav.../614951068
5. Stage: https://www.strav.../614952009
6. Stage: https://www.strav.../614952081
International Tour of Rhodes + International Rhodes Grand Prix


Awesome skip, thank you very much Wink
I'll work on GP Jef Scherens. I have an exam next Tuesday, so it may take a couple of days.
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Stages (Requests closed)


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Claiming Tour of the Gila Smile


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I will made "Antwerpse Havenpijl"
Antwerpse Havenpijl
I will made Memorial Romana Sieminskiego
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