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One in a Billion | Rise to the Summit
It is exactly 18 months from the last post that I wrote in this story. Over that period, I had given up on it and even deleted the original save-game by mistake. Very recently, I recovered the weekly save and got it back running from the point I left off earlier. I should have enough time on my hand now to get back to this Grin

So we're back folks! Coming up next, the Criterium Dauphine...
Welcome back!

Awesome to see you back Smile
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Glad to see you back!



Woohoo, awesome to see it back Grin
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Thanks for the nice welcome guys Smile

In what has felt like an eternity, I came back to racing in the first week of June following a six week break after completing the Ardennes. I have been building up some fitness and getting ready for the next couple of months, culminating with my challenge at the Tour.

Criterium Dauphine

Despite not being to get onto the podium in the Ardennes trilogy, I was quite pleased with my performance in those races. My season has gone brilliantly so far and I was hoping the long had not broken the momentum.

Stage 1 was a short Prologue wherein I was touted to be a Top 10 challenger. It was completely flat, which was to my advantage. I finished 10th, 33 seconds down on stage winner Dumoulin but I had gained time on all my GC rivals already.

Stage 2 was one for the fast men but it did have a difficult ending. Thoelen joined the break for us. I finished in the pack and ended up in 14th place in the uphill sprint. I moved up a place in the GC.

Stage 3


I was looking forward to stretching my legs a little in the second half of this stage. Thoelen once again joined the break for us but only survived till about midway. The break was caught on the fifth climb and I moved to the front of the pack. I picked up the maximum KOM points for leading the pack over the final KOM summit. Barguil and Vinvent attacked on top of the last climb but I led the chase and caught them on the downhill. I finished in the 30 man lead group and moved up to 3rd in the GC.

Stage 4


The peloton kept dropping riders over the numerous climbs dotting this stage till there were 51 left at the top of the penultimate climb. I still had two teammates with me. The break was caught at the start of the last climb. I attacked with 9 km to go. I was caught by six riders, including Quintana, Duteil and Janot, 3 kilometers later, at the top of the final climb. The seven of us finished together. I chose not to sprint and was happy to be in 7th. There was a 16 second gap to Dumoulin and more than a minute back to Kamna, who was 2nd before this stage. I moved up to 2nd in the GC as a result, just 17 seconds behind Dumoulin. I was also 2nd in the KOM standings.

Stage 5


The peloton was down to 59 riders already at the top of the first climb. It swelled a little on the descent but was down to 56 again 8 km from the summit of the second climb. Dumoulin was dropped a couple of kilometers later. Quintana and Gregorek got a gap on the downhill, which was nearly a minute at the bottom. The break survived the day. Behind them, I accelerated on the climb to the finish and almost caught up to them. I ended up losing 15 seconds to Quintana and Janot, and some to Barguil, both of whom who managed to catch and pass me in the closing kilometers. I fell two places in the GC, behind Quintana and Barguil.

Stage 6


The pack was down to 35, 3 minutes behind the break when we reached the intermediate sprint point. Bardet attacked at the start of the final climb. I maintained my steady pace and eventually distanced the pack with 17 km to go. Janot caught up to me with 10 km remaining. Janot attacked and caught up to Bardet. I was happy keeping my steady pace and was caught by Traino with 7 km left. I dropped Traino and caught Bardet at the summit of the climb. I caught Janot too on the descent with 1.5 km to go. I finished 4th on the stage behind Janot and a couple of breakaway riders. Quintana lost time which meant that I was now the GC leader, with Janot in 2nd, 12 seconds behind.

Stage 7



(Wearing the leader's jersey)

A big break of 15 riders got away on this stage. The peloton was down to 66 on top of the second HC climb. More attacks followed on the climb, but none of the favourites were showing their hands yet. The peloton was down to 29 riders on top of the next HC climb. Seven riders from the break were still out ahead. Seven riders attacked, all my GC rivals, and I was too late to react and latch on, and was now in trouble. With the help of my three remaining teammates, I made my way back to them. On the climb up Morzine, I was tiring and my rivals picked up on it, leaving me behind as they got a gap. Vincent proved to be the strongest, edging out Traino on the line. This meant I was still the leader of the GC but was now just 8 seconds ahead of Traino and 15 seconds ahead of Quintana going into the last stage.

Stage 8


Traino, trailing by just 8 seconds, is a much better time-trialist than I am. Despite the field being really close, six riders differentiated by less than a minute at the top of the GC, it was only Traino who worried me, provided I rode the stage to my potential.

I did ride the stage to my potential, finishing 4th, 32 seconds slower than Dumoulin. Traino beat me by a position, but more importantly, he beat me by 25 seconds, to win the GC by a mere 17 seconds!

General Classification

1Graham TrainoSauber26h15'45
2Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 17
3Nairo QuintanaFirefox+ 1'26
4Léo VincentUbisoft+ 1'43
5Gregorio IbañezGazprom+ 1'55
6Remy JanotTeam Europcar+ 2'24
7Warren BarguilBonsucro+ 2'28
8Gracjan GregorekWestpac+ 4'00
9Romain BardetGatorade+ 4'31
10Sébastien ReichenbachMTN-Qhubeka+ 6'37

11Lennard KämnaTEAM Cepsa+ 6'54
12Geoffrey DuteilQuilicot+ 8'26
13Pierre-Roger LatourLacoste+ 10'13
14Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 10'23
15Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 10'39
16Alexis VuillermozSauber+ 11'12
17Arnaud DuteilEvonik+ 12'37
18Léonard IzardSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 12'44
19Massimo MogniGatorade+ 13'24
20Dusan RajovicWestpac+ 13'56
21Joseph DombrowskiQantas+ 14'59
22Tommy McCooshMTN-Qhubeka+ 15'30
23François BidardUbisoft+ 16'21
24Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 18'26
25Gérald CheryUbisoft+ 20'26
26Nariman VolokhPeugeot+ 21'12
27Jan HirtMTN-Qhubeka+ 21'51
28Alfredo BalloniGatorade+ 25'03
29Lilian CalmejaneSauber+ 25'56
30Ion IzagirreGazprom+ 26'04
31Hyeoung Min ChoeQantas+ 28'04
32Kahled ZitouniRed Bull+ 28'25
33Hugo PigeonLacoste+ 28'40
34Mathias Rask JeppessenFirefox+ 29'24
35Andy AtkinsonWestpac+ 30'19
36Peter KotulaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 30'48
37Daniel Felipe MartinezTEAM Cepsa+ 31'31
38Alexandre RoutierEvonik+ 32'33
39Roger RenardRMF+ 32'55
40Gerardo MoralQuilicot+ 33'21
41Malte HoersenEvonik+ 33'44
42Manuel SenniGatorade+ 34'47
43Hector SaezSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 36'24
44Alexis GuerinUbisoft+ 37'51
45Rémy RochasBonsucro+ 38'28
46Unai IntziarteTEAM Cepsa+ 41'01
47Lewis VenablesQuilicot+ 41'28
48Tony GarriguesQantas+ 42'47
49Marcus Faglum KarlssonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 43'36
50Rafał MajkaGatorade+ 45'03
51Serge BeaufortGazprom+ 49'47
52Juan Ángel GilQuilicot+ 50'48
53Andrea ManfrediWestpac+ 52'42
54Odd Christian EikingRMF+ 53'39
55Waldemar BakalarzRMF+ 56'35
56Santos BarberoTEAM Cepsa+ 57'11
57Geraint ThomasSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 57'37
58Yohann OliveRMF+ 1h01'08
59Yuri ChibrikovGazprom+ 1h01'28
60Maxime SibilleAlcatel+ 1h02'51
61Nick Van Der LijkeGatorade+ 1h05'11
62Grégoire ArnoldAlcatel+ 1h06'34
63Floris GertsEvonik+ 1h07'47
64Quentin JaureguiSauber+ 1h10'01
65Michael ValgrenFirefox+ 1h11'28
66Cyril GautierBonsucro+ 1h11'40
67Alexey LutsenkoGatorade+ 1h12'00
68Tobias LudvigssonQantas+ 1h12'19
69Rayane BouhanniBonsucro+ 1h13'58
70Afram IwuTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h14'20
71Yannick PeetersTrek Factory Racing+ 1h17'11
72Sergey KuzminTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h20'51
73Emilien ViennetRed Bull+ 1h21'18
74Giacomo PerettoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h21'51
75Fredrik LudvigssonGatorade+ 1h21'59
76Richard WeinzheimerTEAM Cepsa+ 1h23'56
77Luke DurbridgeMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h24'04
78Alton McArtherFirefox+ 1h25'30
79Iltjan NikaAlcatel+ 1h25'34
80Luca TaschinTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h25'55
81Trevor PraticòWestpac+ 1h26'00
82Paweł FranczakMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h26'12
83Francesc CanabalPeugeot+ 1h26'20
84Senne LeysenTrek Factory Racing+ 1h26'23
85Dieter BouvrySkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h26'37
86Bruno ArmirailUbisoft+ 1h27'19
87Rhida ThoelenEvonik+ 1h27'51
88Louis RohdeEvonik+ 1h28'50
89Ashot DuginUbisoft+ 1h29'22
90Antoine DuchesneLacoste+ 1h31'54
91Luke RoweSauber+ 1h33'04
92Idalécio Ferreira SousaGazprom+ 1h36'18
93Samuel SpokesWestpac+ 1h36'27
94Bertrand PradelTeam Europcar+ 1h39'22
95Maurizio DamianoPeugeot+ 1h40'13
96Simone SterbiniPeugeot+ 1h40'28
97Moja DabengwaTEAM Cepsa+ 1h40'45
98Terence DejeanTeam Europcar+ 1h40'50
99Pello BilbaoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h41'07
100Loïc VliegenGazprom+ 1h42'05
101Hervé ToutainTeam Europcar+ 1h42'59
102Florent DelfosseBonsucro+ 1h43'24
103Tobias KongstadFirefox+ 1h44'47
104Antonio DuboisLacoste+ 1h45'01
105Miguel BryonSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h45'08
106Tony LechevallierTrek Factory Racing+ 1h45'11
107Roger HoustonFirefox+ 1h45'25
108Eryk LatońSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h45'40
109Rubén PolsTrek Factory Racing+ 1h46'04
110Yoann PaillotBonsucro+ 1h46'42
111Jonas KochRed Bull+ 1h49'39
112Arnaud DemareBonsucro+ 1h50'10
113Thomas BergeretTrek Factory Racing+ 1h51'40
114Liam BertazzoAlcatel+ 1h51'43
115Julien VermoteQantas+ 1h52'38
116Yoeri HavikFirefox+ 1h54'17
117Jovan HamidovicSauber+ 1h54'37
118Aymeric CailleRMF+ 1h55'03
119Jens KeukeleireTrek Factory Racing+ 1h55'28
120Benoît CosnefroyLacoste+ 1h55'38
121Alexey KurbatovTeam Europcar+ 1h55'48
122Jon Andoni Martínez RuizTEAM Cepsa+ 1h57'08
123Giangesuino OngaroPeugeots.t.
124Christophe LaporteMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h57'31
125Lawrence NaesenUbisoft+ 1h57'43
126Nathan Van HooydonckFirefox+ 1h58'37
127Johannes WindischbauerSauber+ 1h58'50
128Yves LampaertBonsucro+ 2h00'47
129Arnauld CottonLacoste+ 2h01'31
130David GumowskiRMF+ 2h01'55
131Brent LuyckxTrek Factory Racing+ 2h02'17
132Jimmy RaibaudTeam Europcar+ 2h05'10
133Rudy BarbierQuilicot+ 2h07'35
134James ShawRed Bull+ 2h08'07
135Kirk WoodcockRed Bull+ 2h09'04
136Daniel LagierLacoste+ 2h09'44
137Alexey TsatevitchGazprom+ 2h09'47
138Jan DieterenEvonik+ 2h10'29
139Mamyr StashRMF+ 2h10'52
140George PymRed Bull+ 2h11'49
141Wouter WippertWestpac+ 2h13'20
142Yannick MartinezTeam Europcar+ 2h14'26
143Luc LoozenAlcatel+ 2h14'48
144Shiki KuroedaMTN-Qhubeka+ 2h15'41
145Michael CarbelQuilicot+ 2h15'51
146Justin OienTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h16'16
147Loïc ChetoutUbisoft+ 2h17'15
148Lee RichmondRed Bull+ 2h19'51
149Takeshi AokiLacoste+ 2h21'12
150Peio SeguroTEAM Cepsa+ 2h21'18
151Lionel TaminiauxTrek Factory Racing+ 2h22'12
152Jonathan DibbenRed Bull+ 2h29'54
153Borja LlorensPeugeot+ 2h32'20
154Robbie ArghittuWestpac+ 2h33'53
155Gabriele CampelloAlcatel+ 2h33'59
156Lucas GadayAlcatel+ 2h37'23
157Saare ZulaPeugeot+ 2h50'04

Points Classification

1Nairo QuintanaFirefox72
2Graham TrainoSauber64
3Warren BarguilBonsucro60
4Abhishek SinhaEvonik59
5Tom DumoulinGazprom52

KOM Classification

1Léonard IzardSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club124
2Gracjan GregorekWestpac94
3Santos BarberoTEAM Cepsa83
4Hugo PigeonLacoste68
5Nairo QuintanaFirefox66

Team Classification

2Gatorade+ 6'01
3Ubisoft+ 10'08
4Gazprom+ 11'54
5Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 14'39

No third consecutive stage race win, but I'm satisfied with my performance after the break. Some points of concern remain, especially with my inability to keep up with the best climbers on the toughest French climbs, as was the case on stage 7. This could well mean another disappointment at the Tour. But let's not get too deeply engrossed into the negatives at the moment. This great season continues and the Tour is less than a month away now. But before that, the National Championships are calling...
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Really a shame to lose out but just a really solid conservative ride for a guy who's been off for 6 weeks to do so well and beat guys like Quintana and so nearly win the GC. Good luck for NC and Le Tour!
24/02/21 - kandesbunzler said “I don't drink famous people."
22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Yes, some good signs regarding the riders that I beat. Didn't really attack either so I'm hoping there'll be more in the tank when the time comes to use it.
Like you were never gone. Just need to find that little bit extra to succeed in the mountains.

Yes those last 5 kilometers or so are turning out to be the toughest.
National Championships - ITT


I was a Top 5 favourite for the race. I started off among the last third of riders. I passed the finish line in 1st place, with a time of 39'6". However, faster riders started off later and I ended up in 4th. Paolo Roques pulled off an upset win, narrowly beating Dumoulin.

1Paolo RoquesTEAM Cepsa38'01
2Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 13
3Ivar SlikRMF+ 1'02
4Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 1'05
5Jasper LindenberghEvonik+ 1'06
6Steven LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'12
7Cees BolCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 1'16
8Tim RodenburgTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'19
9Sjoerd BaxSEG Racing+ 1'21
10Sieben WoutersPhilips+ 1'23

11Dylan van BaarleSauber+ 1'36
12Sam OomenMTN-Qhubeka+ 1'48
13Niels GoereeRaleigh Gac+ 1'58
14Jan Willem van LanenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 1'59
15Jesper SchipperLa Bota+ 2'02
16Marco KoppelSEG Racing+ 2'04
17Gert-Jan TahyaPhilips+ 2'05
18Rick OttemaSEG Racing+ 2'08
19Steven KruijswijkTEAM Cepsa+ 2'09
20Carlos GenesteDe Jonge Renner+ 2'13
21Wilco KeldermanGazprom+ 2'16
22Jochem HoekstraSEG Racing+ 2'18
23Milan VeltmanPhilips+ 2'28
24Reinder van VughtHidro Santa Cruz+ 2'32
25William DerksEvonik+ 2'33
26Koen BouwmanRMF+ 2'34
27Jelle HernandezWilly Naessens+ 2'36
28Carel WesterveldParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 2'37
29Dean Van StaaLa Bota+ 2'41
30Adriaan JanssenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
31Stephan BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 2'45
32Eugene ScholtenPhilips+ 2'46
33Stef LarossiLa Bota+ 2'47
34Yoeri HavikFirefoxs.t.
35Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 2'48
36Fabio JakobsenPhilips+ 2'49
37Simon SchramLa Bota+ 2'51
38Donny Den BakkerSEG Racings.t.
39Brian Van GoethemTEAM ASN Banks.t.
40Bas KrauwelMartinis.t.
41Sef VullingsGazprom+ 2'52
42Alje JoordensParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
43Sherjill BuikemaTEAM ASN Bank+ 2'54
44Robin AandewielMartinis.t.
45Mischa Van der HeijdenTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2'56
46Taco Van Der HoornUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 2'57
47Mats BoeveRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
48Joris NieuwenhuisRMF+ 2'58
49Lennart Van Der KruisTEAM ASN Bank+ 3'00
50Eugene KemperTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3'01
51Julius van den BergPhilips+ 3'03
52Regillio BorojevicPhilipss.t.
53Elden BoatengFirefoxs.t.
54Darl WesterveldParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 3'04
55Floris GertsEvoniks.t.
56Paul MeyeSEG Racing+ 3'06
57Theo Ten HagDe Jonge Renners.t.
58Mitchell CornelisseNABs.t.
59Riemer LeemansHidro Santa Cruz+ 3'07
60Jesper AsselmanPhilipss.t.
61Etienne Van EmpelWilly Naessenss.t.
62Stef KrulQantass.t.
63Wessel SchultingTEAM ASN Bank+ 3'10
64Lars Van Der HaarFirefoxs.t.
65Joris BlokkerMartini+ 3'11
66Antwan TolhoekQantas+ 3'12
67Randy HofmanDe Jonge Renners.t.
68Alpha TahyaDe Jonge Renners.t.
69Olaf KruyntjensRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 3'13
70Bobby ReizigerRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 3'17
71Wesley KrederRMFs.t.
72Ron AalbersMartini+ 3'18
73Chris CorneliaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 3'19
74Arthur BruurmijnNoordleases.t.
75Ernest FerrierWilly Naessenss.t.
76Timon Van ReekTEAM ASN Bank+ 3'20
77Bas TietemaEvoniks.t.
78Willem PletTEAM ASN Bank+ 3'24
79Bert-Jan LindemanTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3'25
80Gijsbert ScholMartinis.t.
81Aldo OoijerTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3'26
82Oscar TuinstraParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
83Melvin BoskampSEG Racings.t.
84Rudy LaamersTEAM ASN Banks.t.
85Pieter KaraaliTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3'28
86Danny Van PoppelEvonik+ 3'30
87Revy LopezHidro Santa Cruz+ 3'31
88Matthijs EversdijkRaleigh Gac+ 3'32
89Davy KoormanWilly Naessens+ 3'33
90Dolf BerghahnUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 3'34
91Misha Van De MijeRed Bull+ 3'35
92Frans RongenNoordlease+ 3'38
93Wouter HaanCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
94Han MonkouNoordleases.t.
95Sjoerd Van GinnekenCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 3'40
96Martijn BuddingQantas+ 3'41
97Paul BosveltEvoniks.t.
98Marc GoosWilly Naessens+ 3'44
99Jeroen MeijersWilly Naessens+ 3'46
100Jaap De JongDe Jonge Renners.t.
101Jarno GmelichDe Jonge Renner+ 3'49
102Dirk Jan RijsbergenRaleigh Gacs.t.
103Hartthijs De VriesSEG Racings.t.
104Frank KaremakerNAB+ 3'51
105Daan MeijersWilly Naessens+ 4'00
106Jelle WolsinkMartinis.t.
107Gino VierhoutenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 4'02
108Kizito van DamNoordlease+ 4'06
109Daniel GaljéNAB+ 4'07
110Donny SchrijversTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'11
111Fabien PoortvlietLa Bota+ 4'14
112Maurits LammertinkCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 4'22
113Aldo AsmusTEAM ASN Bank+ 4'25
114Johim AriesenLa Bota+ 4'27
115Ernie SmuldersLa Bota+ 4'33
116Ilja SantingLa Bota+ 4'35
117Jan MaasEvonik+ 4'38
118Jeff VermeulenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 5'06

National Championships - Road Race


The Road Race was mostly flat but there were some undulations could provide me an opportunity to try to surprise the sprinters. Teammate Danny Van Poppel started as the top favourite.

The breakaway was caught with 6 kilometers to go. I was safe in the pack throughout. Dumooulin attacked with 5 km left, and 11 riders followed. However, they were all reeled in before the finish. I was too far back when the attacks happened and missed the move, and my chance to go for the win. The race ended in a bunch sprint, which was won by Danny Van Poppel. I finished 25th.

1Danny Van PoppelEvonik5h24'16
2André LooijPhilipss.t.
3Sam OomenMTN-Qhubekas.t.
4Mathieu van der PoelSaubers.t.
5Yoeri HavikFirefoxs.t.
6Jan MaasEvoniks.t.
7Sef VullingsGazproms.t.
8Niels GoereeRaleigh Gacs.t.
9Fabio JakobsenPhilipss.t.
10Dylan van BaarleSaubers.t.

11Tom DumoulinGazproms.t.
12Stefan KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
13Wilco KeldermanGazprom+ 1'03
14Ricky TimmerEvoniks.t.
15Koen BouwmanRMFs.t.
16Wesley KrederRMFs.t.
17Jochem HoekstraSEG Racings.t.
18Taco Van Der HoornUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
19Pim LigthartEvoniks.t.
20Cees BolCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
21Bert-Jan LindemanTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
22Sjoerd Van GinnekenCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
23Steven LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
24Stef LarossiLa Botas.t.
25Abhishek SinhaEvoniks.t.
26Oczan HenrichsPhilipss.t.
27Elden BoatengFirefoxs.t.
28Floris GertsEvoniks.t.
29Tim RodenburgTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
30Joris BlokkerMartinis.t.
31Mitchell CornelisseNABs.t.
32Ivar SlikRMFs.t.
33William DerksEvoniks.t.
34Sjoerd BaxSEG Racings.t.
35Lars Van Der HaarFirefoxs.t.
36Tim KerkhofEvoniks.t.
37Misha Van De MijeRed Bulls.t.
38Brian Van GoethemTEAM ASN Banks.t.
39Eugene ScholtenPhilipss.t.
40Alpha TahyaDe Jonge Renners.t.
41Etienne Van EmpelWilly Naessenss.t.
42Revy AmhaouchPhilipss.t.
43Ron AalbersMartinis.t.
44Sieben WoutersPhilipss.t.
45Regillio BorojevicPhilipss.t.
46Timon Van ReekTEAM ASN Banks.t.
47Simon SchramLa Botas.t.
48Michael VingerlingTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
49Joris NieuwenhuisRMF+ 2'34
50Revy LopezHidro Santa Cruzs.t.
51Max EijkelkampSEG Racings.t.
52Julius van den BergPhilipss.t.
53Stef KrulQantass.t.
54Eugene KemperTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
55Hartthijs De VriesSEG Racings.t.
56Antwan TolhoekQantass.t.
57Lennart Van Der KruisTEAM ASN Banks.t.
58Frank KaremakerNABs.t.
59Aldo AsmusTEAM ASN Banks.t.
60Dolf BerghahnUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
61Marco KoppelSEG Racings.t.
62Matthijs EversdijkRaleigh Gacs.t.
63Wilco GoudswaardSEG Racings.t.
64Wouter HaanCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
65Paul MeyeSEG Racings.t.
66Alpha van de BergTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
67Chris CorneliaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
68Mischa Van der HeijdenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
69Huib BakParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
70Jesper SchipperLa Botas.t.
71Kizito van DamNoordleases.t.
72Jelle HernandezWilly Naessens+ 3'44
73Bobby ReizigerRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
74Han MonkouNoordleases.t.
75Jeroen MeijersWilly Naessenss.t.
76Mats BoeveRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
77Frans RongenNoordleases.t.
78Jaap De JongDe Jonge Renners.t.
79Theo Ten HagDe Jonge Renners.t.
80Ernest FerrierWilly Naessenss.t.
81Randy HofmanDe Jonge Renners.t.
82Paolo RoquesTEAM Cepsas.t.
83Dean Van StaaLa Botas.t.
84Wladimir DrentSEG Racings.t.
85Bas KrauwelMartinis.t.
86Wessel SchultingTEAM ASN Banks.t.
87Willem PletTEAM ASN Banks.t.
88Jelle WolsinkMartinis.t.
89Daan MeijersWilly Naessenss.t.
90Maurits LammertinkCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
91Carlos GenesteDe Jonge Renners.t.
92Adriaan JanssenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
93Rudy LaamersTEAM ASN Banks.t.
94Steven KruijswijkTEAM Cepsas.t.
95Arthur BruurmijnNoordleases.t.
96Martijn BuddingQantass.t.
97Davy KoormanWilly Naessens+ 4'47
98Darl WesterveldParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 6'00
99Olaf KruyntjensRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
100Robin AandewielMartinis.t.
101Dirk Jan RijsbergenRaleigh Gacs.t.
102Coen VermeltfoortParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
103Gino VierhoutenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 8'29
104Sherjill BuikemaTEAM ASN Banks.t.
105Daniel GaljéNABs.t.
106Stephan BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
107Marc GoosWilly Naessenss.t.
108Dex GroenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
109Gijsbert ScholMartini+ 9'44
110Jarno GmelichDe Jonge Renners.t.
111Johim AriesenLa Botas.t.
112Riemer LeemansHidro Santa Cruzs.t.
113Reinder van VughtHidro Santa Cruzs.t.
114Ilja SantingLa Bota+ 12'09
115Lucien HuizingaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 13'10
116Fabien PoortvlietLa Botas.t.
117Jeff VermeulenUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
118Ernie SmuldersLa Bota+ 14'06

Solid racing Smile
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@Croatia: I agree. That was a good warm-up for the big event coming up in a week.
Tour de France

The biggest of the calendar, and an event which has not been too kind to me over the years. I start this race this season, having probably have the best first half of the season in my career.

Stage 1 - 5

Stage 1 was a flat TTT. Our team wasn't the strongest in this. We ended up in 9th, 1'6" behind winners Gazprom. Among the GC contenders,, I lost time to Ibanez, Ambroise, Traino, Aru and Simon Yates. I gained time on the rest. Dumoulin led the GC.

Stage 2


What was supposed to be an easy stage, turned into a very difficult finish. The pace was very high in the closing stages, chasing the break. This led to a split with 12 km to go and I missed the front of the pack. I ended up losing almost a minute on the front of the pack, falling more than 2 minutes behind some of my GC rivals. Lampaert survived from the break and took the GC lead.

Stage 3 was flat. There were beautiful dirt roads in the closing stages, which I enjoyed riding on very much. 83 riders finished together.

Stage 4 was more of the same, but flatter. Van Poppel finished 5th. There were splits in the pack towards the finish again.

Stage 5 was absolutely flat. Van Poppel finished 3rd for us and I stayed safe.

GC after Stage 5

1Yves LampaertBonsucro16h16'58
2Michał KwiatkowskiGazprom+ 1'24
3Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 2'13
4Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 2'26
5Robert PowerSauber+ 2'42
6Simon YatesSaubers.t.
7Sam OomenMTN-Qhubeka+ 2'44
8Julian AlaphilippeGazprom+ 2'48
9Sebastian HenaoQantas+ 2'49
10Gregorio IbañezGazprom+ 2'55

11Grégory AmbroiseGazproms.t.
12Wilco KeldermanGazproms.t.
13Graham TrainoSauber+ 2'56
14Peter SaganGazprom+ 3'18
15Bob JungelsWestpacs.t.
16Fabio AruSauber+ 3'24
17Warren BarguilBonsucro+ 3'26
18Tim WellensBonsucro+ 3'32
19Alvaro CuadrosBonsucros.t.
20Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubeka+ 3'42
21Benjamin ZimmermannFirefox+ 3'43
22Florian SenechalWestpac+ 3'46
23Lukas LöerSauber+ 3'50
24Arnaud DuteilEvonik+ 3'53
25Miguel Angel LopezRed Bull+ 3'56
26Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 4'01
27Nikias ArndtEvoniks.t.
28Paul BosveltEvoniks.t.
29Remy JanotTeam Europcar+ 4'05
30Avelino BraguêsTeam Europcars.t.
31Léo VincentUbisoft+ 4'08
32Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 4'11
33Eduardo SepulvedaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
34Jan PolancWestpac+ 4'12
35Rick ZabelFirefox+ 4'25
36Nairo QuintanaFirefoxs.t.
37Laurens De VreeseFirefoxs.t.
38Jay McCarthyRed Bull+ 4'38
39Valerio ContiRed Bulls.t.
40Inaxio ArcegaRed Bull+ 4'46
41Danny Van PoppelEvonik+ 4'53
42Louis VervaekeTrek Factory Racing+ 4'58
43Rafal PalikBonsucro+ 5'06
44Michael MatthewsQantas+ 5'10
45Artem NychPeugeot+ 5'18
46Luka PibernikMTN-Qhubeka+ 5'21
47Tiesj BenootGazprom+ 5'22
48Jens GeerinckTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 5'25
49Wout van AertSauber+ 5'26
50Jasper StuyvenBonsucro+ 5'31
51Jeff NewEvonik+ 5'35
52Michael ValgrenFirefox+ 5'59
53Phil BauhausEvonik+ 6'04
54Fernando GaviriaSauber+ 6'06
55Dusan RajovicWestpac+ 6'12
56Alton McArtherFirefox+ 6'27
57Arnaud DemareBonsucro+ 6'34
58Julien Van Den BrandeFirefox+ 6'36
59Nawaf AlbalooshiFirefox+ 6'39
60Joachim VanreytenTrek Factory Racing+ 6'53
61Marcus BohlaRed Bull+ 6'54
62Alexander GeuensTEAM Cepsa+ 7'00
63Niccolo BonifazioGazprom+ 7'01
64Davide FormoloBonsucro+ 7'04
65Jenthe BiermansFirefox+ 7'05
66Anthony MaldonadoMTN-Qhubeka+ 7'06
67Peio SeguroTEAM Cepsa+ 7'15
68Luc LoozenAlcatel+ 7'17
69Marc SarreauTeam Europcar+ 7'32
70Alexander KriegerMTN-Qhubeka+ 7'39
71Aurélio BrásSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 7'42
72Tobias LudvigssonQantas+ 7'51
73Magnus Bak KlarisMTN-Qhubeka+ 8'02
74Andreas LeskaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 8'03
75Gracjan GregorekWestpac+ 8'06
76Jacques MevelWestpacs.t.
77Nick Van Der LijkeGatorade+ 8'14
78Alexey LutsenkoGatorades.t.
79Nacer BouhanniSauber+ 8'15
80Ricky TimmerEvoniks.t.
81Matej MohoricEvonik+ 8'21
82Ahmet ÖrkenTeam Europcar+ 8'32
83Romain CardisMTN-Qhubeka+ 8'41
84Michael CarbelQuilicot+ 9'05
85David MenutTeam Europcar+ 9'14
86Michael KolarTrek Factory Racing+ 9'18
87Sondre Holst EngerTrek Factory Racings.t.
88Oliver KarjalainenQantas+ 9'25
89Jordi van DingenenRaleigh Gac+ 9'43
90Daniel MartinWestpac+ 9'45
91Marcus Faglum KarlssonTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
92Johan Le BonTeam Europcar+ 9'48
93Fredrik LudvigssonGatorades.t.
94Romain BardetGatorades.t.
95Pio ScarpatoGatorades.t.
96Simone PetilliGatorade+ 9'49
97Ankoma OdiliTeam Europcar+ 9'59
98Anatoliy BudyakTEAM Cepsa+ 10'12
99Justin OienTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 10'30
100Thomas BoudatUbisofts.t.
101Jesús HerradaUbisofts.t.
102Tao Geoghegan HartRed Bull+ 10'32
103Toine KolijnLacoste+ 10'37
104Pierre-Roger LatourLacostes.t.
105Fabio JakobsenPhilips+ 10'38
106Burkhardt GraceTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 10'48
107Christian QuerterTrek Factory Racing+ 10'52
108Juan Sebastian MolanoAlcatel+ 10'55
109Jelle WallaysTrek Factory Racing+ 10'57
110Eurico SemeanoRed Bull+ 11'00
111Charly WickliffTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 11'03
112Stanislau BazhkouLacoste+ 11'12
113Gad AzoulayPeugeots.t.
114Jan-Harm van den BrakenSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 11'17
115Maarten Van TrijpUbisoft+ 11'40
116Rudy BarbierQuilicots.t.
117Eryk LatońSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 12'10
118Tim De TroyerUbisoft+ 12'22
119Gini TuranoQantas+ 12'32
120Miguel BryonSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 12'45
121Jurgen van DiemenUbisoft+ 12'48
122Stefan KüngWestpac+ 13'27
123Luke KeoughTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
124Hyeoung Min ChoeQantas+ 13'50
125Tejay Van GarderenBonsucro+ 13'51
126Otman HanounaMTN-Qhubeka+ 14'01
127Simon RaffinMTN-Qhubekas.t.
128Romain GuyotTeam Europcar+ 14'02
129Takeshi AokiLacostes.t.
130Jon Andoni Martínez RuizTEAM Cepsa+ 14'07
131Alex PetersGatorade+ 15'00
132Dayer QuintanaLacoste+ 15'02
133Chris MortierPhilips+ 15'03
134David PerQuilicot+ 15'04
135Reinardt Janse Van RensburgRaleigh Gac+ 15'12
136Samir JabrayilovPeugeot+ 15'16
137Francois LecarpentierAlcatel+ 15'20
138Denis ShulgaQantas+ 16'03
139Juri VoronetskiRaleigh Gac+ 16'16
140Thomas BergeretTrek Factory Racing+ 16'32
141Alex KirschQuilicot+ 16'33
142Arvin de GuzmánRed Bull+ 16'42
143Ulf HausweilerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 16'43
144Bryan AlaphilippeQuilicot+ 16'47
145Antoine AzemaRaleigh Gac+ 16'55
146David ColleAlcatel+ 17'08
147Gurhan VolkanQantas+ 17'23
148Jure CelofigaUbisoft+ 17'32
149Ersilio OliverioGatorades.t.
150Sergey OmelianovitchQuilicot+ 18'05
151Miles ScotsonTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
152Mario GonzálezTEAM Cepsa+ 18'40
153Klaus-Willi TammenPhilips+ 18'53
154Geoffrey DuteilQuilicot+ 18'54
155Antonio DuboisLacoste+ 18'57
156Emilien DevauxAlcatel+ 19'10
157Mannase LaudTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 19'14
158John BakerTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 19'18
159Maarten QueeckersTrek Factory Racing+ 19'23
160Adamas AkhmadullinPeugeot+ 19'32
161Herminio UrzelaiRaleigh Gac+ 19'37
162Jakob RathePeugeot+ 19'39
163Magnus FaglumTEAM Cepsa+ 19'45
164Sieben WoutersPhilips+ 20'11
165Eugene ScholtenPhilipss.t.
166Goredema DabengwaQuilicot+ 20'12
167Jefferson ReáteguiAlcatel+ 20'36
168Kenny ElissondeWestpac+ 20'58
169Revy AmhaouchPhilips+ 21'10
170Oczan HenrichsPhilips+ 22'16
171Federico ZurloGatorade+ 22'22
172Georges NijhuisTeam Europcar+ 22'45
173Richard WeinzheimerTEAM Cepsa+ 22'58
174Antoine LavieuUbisoft+ 23'20
175Fredrik GaltaPhilips+ 23'48
176Fariji TaharRaleigh Gac+ 24'07
177Nicolas DietrichLacoste+ 24'17
178Nans PetersLacoste+ 24'27
179Nino HonighPhilips+ 26'08
180Davide PlebaniPeugeot+ 26'12
181Harry TanfieldRaleigh Gac+ 27'03
182Jon Remigio Díaz de OlartePeugeot+ 27'05
183Steven KruijswijkTEAM Cepsa+ 27'23
184Rico ReekersQuilicot+ 27'37
185Alexandre GeniezAlcatel+ 27'50
186Constantino CampuzanoLacoste+ 28'52
187Alfonso FiorenzaTEAM Cepsa+ 29'11
188Grégoire ArnoldAlcatel+ 29'12
189Andrew TalanskySkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 30'16
190Maxime SibilleAlcatel+ 31'08
191Allessio BotturaPeugeot+ 31'29
192Eduard BeltranUbisoft+ 31'46
193Sacha MascialeRaleigh Gac+ 32'07
194Sohol OppligerTrek Factory Racing+ 32'17
195Giangesuino OngaroPeugeot+ 32'34
196Renato AgapitoRed Bull+ 34'51
197Matvei MamykinQantas+ 36'21
198Dirk Jan RijsbergenRaleigh Gac+ 48'14

Tour de France

Stage 6 - 10

Stage 6 was a long, flat ITT covering 55+ kilometers. This stage did not suit my strengths, and I ended up losing nearly 4 minutes to stage winner Ibanez, who also took the GC lead. I was 22nd in the GC after this stage, 4'49" down!

Stage 7 was another flat stage. Mohoric joined the break but they were caught. I stayed safe and Van Poppel finished 10th.

Stage 8


The first mountain stage of the race, and I wasn't even among the top 10 stage favourites. Nevertheless, it wasn't a time to dwell on the chances. The break were caught on the sixth climb and Quintana made the first move on the eighth. There was a split in the pack and I was in the group behind Quintana, consisting of fourteen riders. Quintana was caught at the start of the last climb, with 13 riders now remaining in my group. Nairo attacked again, with Yates and Formolo chasing. This led to the group being split and I found myself riding with Lopez, Vincent and Janot. Traino would eventually catch up to us, followed by a few more riders. Ibanez was dropped, and losing time and his jersey! Jungles, Traino and Oomen got away. I lost more than minutes to Yates, the stage winner. I caught up to Jungels before the finish. I fiinished 8th on the stage and moved up to 10th in GC, but was now more than 5 minutes in arrears.

Stage 9


Duteil joined the break. The peloton was down to 39 riders on top of the seventh climb. Quintana atatcked on top of the 10th climb. The break were gone, more than 8 minutes ahead and sure to win the stage. I was dropped by the lead group on the final climb. I finished 9th on the stage, losing more time. I did climb a position in the GC.

Stage 10


The first action in the pack was Ania's attack on the descent of the seventh climb. He was caught on the next climb. The break was caught on the last climb. I attacked with 6 kilometers to go to the top of the summit of the final climb. I was caught 2 kilometers later. I tried attacking again but to no avail. 29 riders finished together at the line, and I finished 7th in the sprint. I remained in 9th place in the GC.

GC after Stage 10

1Simon YatesSauber38h15'48
2Graham TrainoSauber+ 20
3Robert PowerSauber+ 1'48
4Bob JungelsWestpac+ 2'14
5Gregorio IbañezGazprom+ 2'33
6Sam OomenMTN-Qhubeka+ 4'12
7Nairo QuintanaFirefox+ 4'54
8Warren BarguilBonsucro+ 6'44
9Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 6'51
10Grégory AmbroiseGazprom+ 9'12

11Michał KwiatkowskiGazprom+ 9'49
12Miguel Angel LopezRed Bull+ 12'35
13Arnaud DuteilEvonik+ 12'51
14Davide FormoloBonsucro+ 13'12
15Remy JanotTeam Europcar+ 13'31
16Sebastian HenaoQantas+ 15'44
17Fabio AruSauber+ 17'42
18Julian AlaphilippeGazprom+ 18'02
19Avelino BraguêsTeam Europcar+ 20'56
20Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 21'00
21Eduardo SepulvedaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 21'30
22Dusan RajovicWestpac+ 21'44
23Tim WellensBonsucro+ 21'47
24Léo VincentUbisoft+ 22'21
25Louis VervaekeTrek Factory Racing+ 22'37
26Wilco KeldermanGazprom+ 23'55
27Tiesj BenootGazprom+ 25'13
28Tao Geoghegan HartRed Bull+ 26'38
29Burkhardt GraceTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 26'50
30Simon RaffinMTN-Qhubeka+ 27'13
31Alvaro CuadrosBonsucro+ 28'20
32Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 29'17
33Jeff NewEvonik+ 30'07
34Jay McCarthyRed Bull+ 32'46
35Simone PetilliGatorade+ 33'46
36Jan PolancWestpac+ 35'04
37Arvin de GuzmánRed Bull+ 35'35
38Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 36'09
39Anatoliy BudyakTEAM Cepsa+ 36'36
40Jesús HerradaUbisoft+ 38'01
41Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubeka+ 38'07
42Pierre-Roger LatourLacoste+ 38'19
43Peter SaganGazprom+ 39'16
44Paul BosveltEvonik+ 39'41
45Christian QuerterTrek Factory Racing+ 40'04
46Rafal PalikBonsucro+ 40'18
47Kenny ElissondeWestpac+ 41'12
48Gini TuranoQantas+ 43'00
49Lukas LöerSauber+ 43'25
50Antoine LavieuUbisoft+ 43'58
51Oliver KarjalainenQantas+ 46'05
52Wout van AertSauber+ 49'25
53Gracjan GregorekWestpac+ 50'01
54David ColleAlcatel+ 50'48
55Gurhan VolkanQantas+ 50'57
56Benjamin ZimmermannFirefox+ 51'17
57Ulf HausweilerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 51'38
58Romain BardetGatorade+ 51'56
59Dayer QuintanaLacoste+ 52'04
60Hyeoung Min ChoeQantas+ 54'26
61Denis ShulgaQantas+ 55'02
62Ankoma OdiliTeam Europcar+ 55'34
63Tobias LudvigssonQantas+ 55'35
64Francois LecarpentierAlcatel+ 55'52
65Tejay Van GarderenBonsucro+ 56'27
66Klaus-Willi TammenPhilips+ 57'08
67Geoffrey DuteilQuilicot+ 58'35
68Luka PibernikMTN-Qhubeka+ 59'10
69Alexey LutsenkoGatorade+ 59'38
70David PerQuilicot+ 59'54
71Daniel MartinWestpac+ 59'55
72Matej MohoricEvonik+ 1h00'18
73Marcus Faglum KarlssonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h01'20
74Thomas BoudatUbisoft+ 1h01'50
75Andreas LeskaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h02'16
76Matvei MamykinQantas+ 1h02'40
77Valerio ContiRed Bull+ 1h03'14
78Chris MortierPhilips+ 1h03'47
79Andrew TalanskySkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
80Nikias ArndtEvonik+ 1h05'29
81Magnus Bak KlarisMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h06'40
82Artem NychPeugeot+ 1h08'48
83Jacques MevelWestpac+ 1h09'42
84Fernando GaviriaSauber+ 1h10'51
85Nick Van Der LijkeGatorade+ 1h11'00
86Jure CelofigaUbisoft+ 1h13'02
87Renato AgapitoRed Bull+ 1h13'20
88Danny Van PoppelEvonik+ 1h13'33
89Pio ScarpatoGatorade+ 1h13'55
90Arnaud DemareBonsucro+ 1h14'32
91Fredrik LudvigssonGatorade+ 1h15'26
92Fredrik GaltaPhilips+ 1h15'38
93Dirk Jan RijsbergenRaleigh Gac+ 1h16'06
94Laurens De VreeseFirefox+ 1h17'06
95Romain GuyotTeam Europcar+ 1h17'56
96Yves LampaertBonsucro+ 1h18'05
97Goredema DabengwaQuilicot+ 1h18'16
98Alexandre GeniezAlcatel+ 1h18'27
99Anthony MaldonadoMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h18'36
100Michael MatthewsQantas+ 1h18'53
101Rick ZabelFirefox+ 1h19'21
102Marc SarreauTeam Europcar+ 1h19'59
103Emilien DevauxAlcatel+ 1h20'17
104Michael KolarTrek Factory Racing+ 1h20'19
105Alexander GeuensTEAM Cepsa+ 1h20'23
106Gad AzoulayPeugeots.t.
107Toine KolijnLacoste+ 1h20'50
108Otman HanounaMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h21'46
109Alton McArtherFirefox+ 1h22'19
110Charly WickliffTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h22'21
111Jordi van DingenenRaleigh Gac+ 1h22'41
112Nacer BouhanniSauber+ 1h22'55
113Constantino CampuzanoLacoste+ 1h23'40
114Georges NijhuisTeam Europcar+ 1h24'23
115Grégoire ArnoldAlcatel+ 1h25'02
116Phil BauhausEvonik+ 1h25'03
117Miles ScotsonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h25'08
118Jasper StuyvenBonsucros.t.
119Alexander KriegerMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h26'18
120Samir JabrayilovPeugeots.t.
121Romain CardisMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h26'25
122Inaxio ArcegaRed Bull+ 1h26'44
123Davide PlebaniPeugeot+ 1h27'40
124Florian SenechalWestpac+ 1h28'04
125Antoine AzemaRaleigh Gac+ 1h28'17
126Michael ValgrenFirefox+ 1h28'53
127Reinardt Janse Van RensburgRaleigh Gac+ 1h29'21
128Sohol OppligerTrek Factory Racing+ 1h29'26
129Mannase LaudTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h30'09
130Alex PetersGatorade+ 1h33'44
131Stefan KüngWestpac+ 1h34'04
132Ricky TimmerEvonik+ 1h34'16
133Maxime SibilleAlcatel+ 1h34'32
134Maarten QueeckersTrek Factory Racing+ 1h34'52
135Michael CarbelQuilicot+ 1h35'50
136Jurgen van DiemenUbisoft+ 1h36'46
137Niccolo BonifazioGazprom+ 1h36'49
138Jon Andoni Martínez RuizTEAM Cepsa+ 1h37'16
139Jenthe BiermansFirefox+ 1h37'44
140David MenutTeam Europcar+ 1h37'57
141Julien Van Den BrandeFirefox+ 1h38'04
142Eryk LatońSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h38'15
143Thomas BergeretTrek Factory Racing+ 1h38'18
144Aurélio BrásSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h38'39
145Jan-Harm van den BrakenSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h38'45
146Mario GonzálezTEAM Cepsa+ 1h39'32
147Stanislau BazhkouLacoste+ 1h39'42
148Nawaf AlbalooshiFirefox+ 1h39'54
149Harry TanfieldRaleigh Gac+ 1h40'11
150Fabio JakobsenPhilips+ 1h40'34
151Jelle WallaysTrek Factory Racing+ 1h40'41
152Steven KruijswijkTEAM Cepsa+ 1h41'33
153Alex KirschQuilicot+ 1h41'48
154Ahmet ÖrkenTeam Europcar+ 1h42'03
155Tim De TroyerUbisoft+ 1h42'40
156Maarten Van TrijpUbisoft+ 1h43'00
157John BakerTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h43'11
158Oczan HenrichsPhilips+ 1h43'58
159Eurico SemeanoRed Bull+ 1h44'39
160Allessio BotturaPeugeot+ 1h44'49
161Herminio UrzelaiRaleigh Gac+ 1h45'44
162Rudy BarbierQuilicot+ 1h46'24
163Jens GeerinckTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h47'58
164Luke KeoughTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h47'59
165Sondre Holst EngerTrek Factory Racing+ 1h48'55
166Luc LoozenAlcatel+ 1h49'43
167Johan Le BonTeam Europcar+ 1h49'51
168Sergey OmelianovitchQuilicot+ 1h50'53
169Marcus BohlaRed Bull+ 1h51'19
170Juan Sebastian MolanoAlcatel+ 1h51'26
171Jon Remigio Díaz de OlartePeugeot+ 1h51'33
172Miguel BryonSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h51'59
173Antonio DuboisLacoste+ 1h52'11
174Magnus FaglumTEAM Cepsa+ 1h52'23
175Jakob RathePeugeot+ 1h52'56
176Juri VoronetskiRaleigh Gac+ 1h53'45
177Adamas AkhmadullinPeugeot+ 1h55'34
178Federico ZurloGatorade+ 1h56'41
179Justin OienTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h57'19
180Nans PetersLacoste+ 1h57'54
181Fariji TaharRaleigh Gac+ 1h59'49
182Alfonso FiorenzaTEAM Cepsa+ 2h01'11
183Richard WeinzheimerTEAM Cepsa+ 2h01'15
184Giangesuino OngaroPeugeot+ 2h01'43
185Eugene ScholtenPhilips+ 2h02'11
186Jefferson ReáteguiAlcatel+ 2h02'17
187Sieben WoutersPhilips+ 2h04'23
188Nicolas DietrichLacoste+ 2h05'26
189Nino HonighPhilips+ 2h10'07
190Sacha MascialeRaleigh Gac+ 2h17'22
191Ersilio OliverioGatorade+ 2h18'47
192Rico ReekersQuilicot+ 2h33'00

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Tour de France

Stage 11 - 15

Stage 11


Timmer joined the break on this stage, which came after the first rest day. The break were caught on the second climb. Quintana, Barguil and Duteil attacked near at the start of the final climb. They were caught with 12 km to go. The peloton had 23 riders at this point. This number was reduced to just 9 with 8 km to go. Quintana, Ibanez, Yates and Jungels attacked 2 km later but were brought back. Quintana attacked again, this time followed by Ibanez and Vervaeke. They were followed by Yates, Barguil and Jungels. I didn't counter but maintained my own pace going up the slope. I caught up to all except Quintana and Barguil with 3 km to go. At the summit of HC climb, Quintana was 18 seconds ahead, and I was riding with Barguil, Ibanez and Yates, the latter duo having caught up after I caught Barguil. Quintana was caught on the downhill. I finished 4th in the sprint in the six rider group. I moved up to 7th in the GC and 6th in the KOM standings.

Stage 12


The peloton was down to 32 on top of the sixth climb. I had New and Duteil still in support. 11 of the favourites went away mid-way up the climb to the finis. I once again didn't respond immediately but kept my own pace. I kept catching them in the final kilometers and only four were still ahead with 2 km to go. That's how it ended as I finished 5th on the stage, moving up to 4th in the KOM standings.

Stage 13 was a reprieve from the climbing. I stayed safe in the pack throughout.

The break were caught with 15 km to go on Stage 14, which ended in a HTF. Three riders attacked on the climb to the finish. I couldn't get into a good position and satisfied myself with finishing in the peloton. We moved up to 4th in the Team Standings, after some splits towards the end.

Stage 15 was another flat stage. Van Poppel finished 10th for us.

GC after Stage 15

1Simon YatesSauber60h50'13
2Gregorio IbañezGazprom+ 4'54
3Bob JungelsWestpac+ 5'42
4Graham TrainoSauber+ 6'46
5Nairo QuintanaFirefox+ 7'28
6Robert PowerSauber+ 9'35
7Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 9'43
8Warren BarguilBonsucro+ 10'29
9Sam OomenMTN-Qhubeka+ 11'59
10Grégory AmbroiseGazprom+ 15'23

11Michał KwiatkowskiGazprom+ 20'04
12Davide FormoloBonsucro+ 20'28
13Miguel Angel LopezRed Bull+ 22'15
14Arnaud DuteilEvonik+ 23'35
15Julian AlaphilippeGazprom+ 27'54
16Sebastian HenaoQantas+ 28'00
17Eduardo SepulvedaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 28'02
18Avelino BraguêsTeam Europcar+ 31'06
19Louis VervaekeTrek Factory Racing+ 32'46
20Remy JanotTeam Europcar+ 33'55
21Léo VincentUbisoft+ 35'09
22Tiesj BenootGazprom+ 36'24
23Tao Geoghegan HartRed Bull+ 38'24
24Fabio AruSauber+ 38'49
25Burkhardt GraceTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 40'33
26Simon RaffinMTN-Qhubeka+ 42'47
27Wilco KeldermanGazprom+ 46'26
28Arvin de GuzmánRed Bull+ 47'25
29Dusan RajovicWestpac+ 49'13
30Jeff NewEvonik+ 49'56
31Tim WellensBonsucro+ 53'44
32Kenny ElissondeWestpac+ 54'00
33Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 55'41
34Anatoliy BudyakTEAM Cepsa+ 55'43
35Alvaro CuadrosBonsucro+ 56'54
36Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 59'27
37Gini TuranoQantas+ 1h01'53
38Matvei MamykinQantas+ 1h03'42
39Simone PetilliGatorade+ 1h05'51
40Jan PolancWestpac+ 1h06'59
41David ColleAlcatel+ 1h09'35
42Christian QuerterTrek Factory Racing+ 1h10'55
43Pierre-Roger LatourLacoste+ 1h11'03
44Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 1h11'20
45Antoine LavieuUbisoft+ 1h11'36
46Jay McCarthyRed Bull+ 1h14'14
47Peter SaganGazprom+ 1h16'09
48Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h18'37
49Rafal PalikBonsucro+ 1h25'51
50Jesús HerradaUbisoft+ 1h27'44
51Romain BardetGatorade+ 1h28'22
52Andrew TalanskySkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h29'48
53Hyeoung Min ChoeQantas+ 1h30'15
54Gurhan VolkanQantas+ 1h30'42
55Paul BosveltEvonik+ 1h31'57
56Marcus Faglum KarlssonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h32'53
57Gracjan GregorekWestpac+ 1h33'06
58Klaus-Willi TammenPhilips+ 1h33'46
59Tejay Van GarderenBonsucro+ 1h34'09
60Geoffrey DuteilQuilicot+ 1h34'46
61Dirk Jan RijsbergenRaleigh Gacs.t.
62Renato AgapitoRed Bull+ 1h36'06
63Dayer QuintanaLacoste+ 1h36'25
64Oliver KarjalainenQantas+ 1h36'34
65Francois LecarpentierAlcatel+ 1h36'56
66David PerQuilicot+ 1h38'30
67Denis ShulgaQantas+ 1h38'38
68Lukas LöerSauber+ 1h42'25
69Chris MortierPhilips+ 1h45'20
70Ankoma OdiliTeam Europcar+ 1h46'10
71Ulf HausweilerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h46'21
72Matej MohoricEvonik+ 1h47'45
73Valerio ContiRed Bull+ 1h48'17
74Tobias LudvigssonQantas+ 1h48'39
75Wout van AertSauber+ 1h51'07
76Benjamin ZimmermannFirefox+ 1h51'41
77Alexey LutsenkoGatorade+ 1h52'20
78Daniel MartinWestpacs.t.
79Luka PibernikMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h53'36
80Nick Van Der LijkeGatorade+ 1h57'54
81Grégoire ArnoldAlcatel+ 2h01'59
82Sohol OppligerTrek Factory Racing+ 2h04'52
83Alexandre GeniezAlcatel+ 2h05'58
84Andreas LeskaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 2h10'09
85Goredema DabengwaQuilicot+ 2h10'12
86Thomas BoudatUbisoft+ 2h10'42
87Otman HanounaMTN-Qhubeka+ 2h13'37
88Emilien DevauxAlcatel+ 2h14'27
89Pio ScarpatoGatorade+ 2h15'45
90Fredrik GaltaPhilips+ 2h16'18
91Danny Van PoppelEvonik+ 2h21'04
92Nikias ArndtEvonik+ 2h22'36
93Fredrik LudvigssonGatorade+ 2h24'53
94Jacques MevelWestpac+ 2h24'57
95Constantino CampuzanoLacoste+ 2h25'04
96Samir JabrayilovPeugeot+ 2h26'31
97Artem NychPeugeot+ 2h26'33
98Jure CelofigaUbisoft+ 2h26'40
99Gad AzoulayPeugeot+ 2h27'00
100Magnus Bak KlarisMTN-Qhubeka+ 2h27'36
101Stanislau BazhkouLacoste+ 2h27'45
102Maxime SibilleAlcatel+ 2h27'51
103Fernando GaviriaSauber+ 2h27'58
104Davide PlebaniPeugeot+ 2h30'36
105Michael MatthewsQantas+ 2h32'05
106Steven KruijswijkTEAM Cepsa+ 2h35'57
107Mannase LaudTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h36'26
108Romain GuyotTeam Europcar+ 2h38'10
109Arnaud DemareBonsucro+ 2h38'21
110Romain CardisMTN-Qhubeka+ 2h38'26
111Jon Remigio Díaz de OlartePeugeot+ 2h39'15
112Toine KolijnLacoste+ 2h40'09
113Alexander GeuensTEAM Cepsa+ 2h40'24
114Charly WickliffTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h42'00
115Anthony MaldonadoMTN-Qhubeka+ 2h43'08
116Miles ScotsonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h46'42
117Antoine AzemaRaleigh Gac+ 2h46'44
118Georges NijhuisTeam Europcar+ 2h48'23
119Yves LampaertBonsucro+ 2h49'05
120Alton McArtherFirefox+ 2h49'57
121Inaxio ArcegaRed Bull+ 2h50'24
122Michael KolarTrek Factory Racing+ 2h50'32
123Jordi van DingenenRaleigh Gac+ 2h50'53
124Jasper StuyvenBonsucro+ 2h51'39
125Mario GonzálezTEAM Cepsa+ 2h51'41
126Nacer BouhanniSauber+ 2h53'08
127Jenthe BiermansFirefox+ 2h54'46
128Jelle WallaysTrek Factory Racings.t.
129Reinardt Janse Van RensburgRaleigh Gac+ 2h56'08
130Laurens De VreeseFirefox+ 2h56'12
131Rick ZabelFirefox+ 2h57'38
132Harry TanfieldRaleigh Gac+ 2h57'56
133Stefan KüngWestpac+ 3h01'02
134Allessio BotturaPeugeot+ 3h01'21
135Alexander KriegerMTN-Qhubeka+ 3h02'09
136Alex PetersGatorade+ 3h03'02
137Marc SarreauTeam Europcar+ 3h03'06
138Florian SenechalWestpac+ 3h03'55
139Julien Van Den BrandeFirefox+ 3h04'56
140Michael CarbelQuilicot+ 3h05'58
141Phil BauhausEvonik+ 3h06'10
142Michael ValgrenFirefox+ 3h06'20
143Miguel BryonSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 3h08'38
144Ricky TimmerEvonik+ 3h09'19
145Thomas BergeretTrek Factory Racing+ 3h09'45
146Fabio JakobsenPhilips+ 3h09'50
147Oczan HenrichsPhilips+ 3h10'01
148Eryk LatońSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 3h10'40
149Eurico SemeanoRed Bull+ 3h12'40
150Herminio UrzelaiRaleigh Gac+ 3h13'22
151Niccolo BonifazioGazprom+ 3h14'33
152Magnus FaglumTEAM Cepsa+ 3h14'46
153Antonio DuboisLacoste+ 3h15'51
154Nawaf AlbalooshiFirefox+ 3h16'00
155Maarten QueeckersTrek Factory Racing+ 3h17'46
156Jurgen van DiemenUbisoft+ 3h17'58
157Sondre Holst EngerTrek Factory Racing+ 3h19'05
158David MenutTeam Europcar+ 3h19'15
159Ahmet ÖrkenTeam Europcar+ 3h22'03
160Aurélio BrásSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 3h22'19
161Tim De TroyerUbisoft+ 3h22'27
162Giangesuino OngaroPeugeot+ 3h24'08
163Jon Andoni Martínez RuizTEAM Cepsa+ 3h24'19
164Sergey OmelianovitchQuilicot+ 3h25'02
165Alex KirschQuilicot+ 3h25'46
166Jens GeerinckTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 3h25'57
167Nans PetersLacoste+ 3h26'24
168John BakerTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 3h26'51
169Jakob RathePeugeot+ 3h31'21
170Jefferson ReáteguiAlcatel+ 3h32'25
171Maarten Van TrijpUbisoft+ 3h32'58
172Alfonso FiorenzaTEAM Cepsa+ 3h34'08
173Justin OienTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 3h34'57
174Fariji TaharRaleigh Gac+ 3h35'07
175Juri VoronetskiRaleigh Gac+ 3h37'25
176Johan Le BonTeam Europcar+ 3h37'40
177Adamas AkhmadullinPeugeot+ 3h39'14
178Rudy BarbierQuilicot+ 3h40'13
179Luc LoozenAlcatel+ 3h40'24
180Luke KeoughTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 3h41'48
181Marcus BohlaRed Bull+ 3h41'51
182Juan Sebastian MolanoAlcatel+ 3h43'11
183Richard WeinzheimerTEAM Cepsa+ 3h50'08
184Eugene ScholtenPhilips+ 3h51'51
185Sacha MascialeRaleigh Gac+ 3h51'53
186Federico ZurloGatorade+ 3h52'40
187Nino HonighPhilips+ 3h55'57
188Nicolas DietrichLacoste+ 3h57'11
189Sieben WoutersPhilips+ 4h00'52
190Ersilio OliverioGatorade+ 4h20'57
191Rico ReekersQuilicot+ 4h31'56

Not looking like your best Tour so far and the time gaps are pretty large. Impressive lead for Simon Yates.

@Ripley: I agree, it's not looking too good at the moment. Same old problems I guess.

Contract Renewal

The second rest day brought some good news. I sat down with the management and penned a contract extension for another 2 years at Evonik. The team have treated me well, and it seems to be a very good fit for me. This decision was a very easy one at the end. A couple of other teams were interested, but the thought of leaving didn't cross my mind.

With this part sorted out, it was time to get back to concentrating on the final week of the Tour, and look to improve, if possible.
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