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One in a Billion | Rise to the Summit
Tamijo wrote:
Great result at Valley of the Sun.
A young promising climber does struggle with bad weather and cobbles in northern classic’s style races, so not a bad start at all.

Thanks Smile

You are right about the last two races too. I wasn't expecting much from them either!
Tour de Normandie

Another first for me; this time the first one-week race of my professional career. It was off to France for the last race of the first quarter of the year. I was assigned a free role again. I took this race one stage at a time.

Stage 1 was an ITT and I was relishing the opportunity to put in another good performance. When I crossed the line, the display showed 9th. I slid all the way down to 39th by the end of the stage, although only 17 seconds off the leader's time.

Stage 2 was held on a glorious day and was won by Patrick Bevin in a bunch sprint.

I joined the breakaway on Stage 3. We were pulled back some distance before the finish line. I attacked on the last climb, but the sprint trains were too fast on the approach to the finish, and I finished in the pack. Eric Young won the stage.

Stage 4 saw me in the break once again. The peloton caught up to us on the first climb itself but not before I picked up my first KOM points on Tour. I attacked again and was part of a 5 man break. Once this break was caught, the early efforts took their toll. I finished 6 minutes behind the pack in a group of 4 riders, 3rd from the last!

Stage 5 was the hardest stage of the race. I did not join the break as I still hadn't recovered from the efforts of the past two stages. Finished safely in the pack as Michael van Staeyen took a sprint victory.

Stage 6 was a flat stage. Another first for me here but not one I'd want to remember. I fell with 40 km to go. The pain was intense and I finished dead last on the stage. I was lucky this wasn't a mountain stage or else there was a serious chance of finishing outside the time-limit.

Stage 7 was dreadful once again. The early exchanges saw Schlechter join the break. Things started going bad for us in the second half of the stage. I lost touch with the peloton with 45 km still to go. I soon realised that most of my teammates were in trouble too! The team dropped out of the top 10 in the classification. Bevin picked up his second stage of the race.

General Classification

1Maxime VantommeRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole18h08'24
2Yoeri HavikSEG Racing+ 4
3Patrick BevinAvanti Racing Team+ 5
4Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 8
5Julien DuvalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 15
6Michael Van StaeyenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 16
7Florian SenechalCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 24
8Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 25
9Guillaume BoivinOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
10Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3Ms.t.

11Vegard BuggeTeam Sparebanken Sør+ 27
12Nathan Van HooydonckBMC Development Team+ 31
13Martijn DegreveTeam 3M+ 34
14Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 38
15Thomas MosesJLT Condor+ 39
16Romain CombaudEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 2'29
17Taruia KrainerVendée U+ 2'43
18Tomáš BucháčekWhirlpool - Author+ 2'53
19Ivan StevicNankang - Dynatek+ 2'54
20Morgan KneiskyTeam Raleigh GACs.t.
21Vadim GaleyevVino 4-ever+ 2'55
22Fridtjof RøinasTeam Sparebanken Sør+ 2'56
23Alexandr ShushemoinVino 4-ever+ 2'57
24Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'04
25Cameron KarwowskiAvanti Racing Team+ 3'13
26Dieter BouvryRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
27Jenthe BiermansSEG Racing+ 3'15
28Anthony GiacoppoAvanti Racing Team+ 3'17
29Jérémy CornuVendée U+ 3'18
30Rudy KowalskiRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole+ 3'19
31Felix EnglishJLT Condor+ 3'20
32Scott ZwizanskiOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 3'21
33Taylor EisenhartBMC Development Teams.t.
34Alexey VoloshinVino 4-evers.t.
35Jesse KerrisonBMC Development Team+ 3'22
36Magnus Bak KlarisSEG Racings.t.
37Josef HosekWhirlpool - Author+ 3'23
38Charles Bradley HuffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 3'24
39Romain PillonRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
40Clément VenturiniCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'25
41Sjoerd KouwenhovenMetec - TKHs.t.
42Michael VingerlingTeam 3Ms.t.
43Johim AriesenMetec - TKH+ 3'26
44Alois KankovskyWhirlpool - Author+ 3'27
45Timothy DupontRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
46Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
47Rudy BarbierRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole+ 3'28
48Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
49Yevgeniy GidichVino 4-evers.t.
50Jimmy RaibaudEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
51Kristian HaugaardLeopard Development Team+ 3'30
52Tijmen EisingMetec - TKHs.t.
53Geert Van Der WeijstTeam 3M+ 3'32
54Jiri PolnickyWhirlpool - Authors.t.
55Alex PetersSEG Racing+ 3'35
56Alexis BodiotEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 3'36
57Pit SchlechterLeopard Development Teams.t.
58Floris GertsBMC Development Teams.t.
59Michael WoodsOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 6'01
60Matti ManninenTeam Raleigh GAC+ 6'17
61Luke Grivell-MellorJLT Condors.t.
62Luke MudgewayAvanti Racing Team+ 6'21
63Cees BolRabobank Development Team+ 6'23
64Zhi Hui JiangSEG Racing+ 6'37
65Fabio JakobsenSEG Racing+ 6'39
66Karol DomagalskiTeam Raleigh GAC+ 6'43
67Stepan AstafyevVino 4-ever+ 6'45
68Tom DavisonAvanti Racing Teams.t.
69Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Team+ 6'48
70Sieben WoutersRabobank Development Teams.t.
71Johan HemroulleBMC Development Team+ 6'49
72Herman DahlTeam Sparebanken Sørs.t.
73Graham BriggsJLT Condor+ 6'50
74Sea Keong LohSEG Racing+ 6'51
75Wouter LetenMetec - TKHs.t.
76Lennard HofstedeRabobank Development Team+ 6'52
77Evan OliphantTeam Raleigh GAC+ 6'54
78Carl Fredrik HagenTeam Sparebanken Sør+ 6'55
79Yann GuyotEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 6'56
80Dimitriy LukyanovVino 4-evers.t.
81Benoît SinnerEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 6'57
82Jarno GmelichMetec - TKHs.t.
83Marco KönigLeopard Development Team+ 6'58
84Stef KrulMetec - TKHs.t.
85Calvin BenekeTeam Raleigh GAC+ 6'59
86Anthony TurgisCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 7'01
87Laurent Vanden BakLeopard Development Team+ 7'07
88Romain GuyotVendée U+ 7'22
89Romain CardisVendée U+ 8'06
90Steve ChainelCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 8'08
91Lilian CalmejaneVendée U+ 8'15
92Jordan LevasseurEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 8'25
93Pavel CamrdaWhirlpool - Author+ 8'36
94Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Team+ 8'42
95Curtis WhiteOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 8'53
96Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 9'37
97Oscar RiesebeekMetec - TKH+ 10'04
98Jason ChristieAvanti Racing Team+ 10'19
99Nikita ZharovenNankang - Dynatek+ 10'23
100Joseph MosesJLT Condor+ 10'38
101Trond TrondsenTeam Sparebanken Sør+ 10'41
102Tyler WilliamsBMC Development Team+ 11'02
103Kevin SireauEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 11'05
104Rick GoereeMetec - TKH+ 11'10
105Jan KovarWhirlpool - Authors.t.
106Andrew HawdonTeam Raleigh GAC+ 11'12
107Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Team+ 11'15
108Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Team+ 11'24
109Bas TietemaBMC Development Team+ 12'17
110Scott LawAvanti Racing Team+ 12'51
111Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Team+ 13'01
112Michael CumingJLT Condor+ 13'03
113Andreas VangstadTeam Sparebanken Sør+ 13'21
114Julius van den BergSEG Racing+ 13'36
115Pierrick NaudOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 13'37
116Taras VoropayevVino 4-ever+ 13'56
117Mitchell CornelisseRabobank Development Team+ 14'10
118Sergey VlassenkoVino 4-ever+ 14'38
119Jovan ZekavicaNankang - Dynatek+ 14'40
120Milos NikcevicNankang - Dynatek+ 14'43
121David RivièreVendée U+ 14'59
122Lukas SpenglerBMC Development Team+ 15'12
123Jack SadlerTeam 3M+ 16'22
124Fabien GrellierVendée U+ 17'05
125Regan GoughAvanti Racing Team+ 18'25
126Dimitri PeyskensTeam 3M+ 18'26
127Aleksandar MiticNankang - Dynatek+ 18'36
128Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Team+ 18'58
129Gabor KazsaNankang - Dynatek+ 20'35
130Fabrice MelsTeam 3M+ 20'38
131Jaap De ManTeam 3M+ 21'22
132Richard LangJLT Condor+ 26'24
133Simon SellierVendée U+ 35'20

Points Classification

1Yoeri HavikSEG Racing101
2Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies101
3Patrick BevinAvanti Racing Team96
4Maxime VantommeRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole81
5Michael Van StaeyenCofidis, Solutions Crédits76

Mountain Classification

1Nikita ZharovenNankang - Dynatek16
2Alexey VoloshinVino 4-ever14
3Oscar RiesebeekMetec - TKH13
4Luke MudgewayAvanti Racing Team12
5Fridtjof RøinasTeam Sparebanken Sør10

Young Rider Classification

1 Yoeri HavikSEG Racings.t.18h08'28
2 Patrick BevinAvanti Racing Team2h43'14+ 1
3 Julien DuvalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.+ 11
4 Florian SenechalCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.+ 20
5 Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.+ 21

Team Classification

1Cofidis, Solutions Crédits54h26'16
2Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 2'22
3Team 3M+ 3'24
4Equipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 4'58
5JLT Condor+ 5'20

I don't think I've ever felt more relieved to see the back of a race. I think I need to slow down on the racing a little...
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Smile Learning the up's and down's of the road
Tamijo wrote:
Smile Learning the up's and down's of the road

Yeah learning the hard way seems like the only way at the moment Frown

I went into the month of April having considerably reduced the number of race-days from March. This was a conscious decision taken after heeding advice given by the team management. They had asked me to strike a balance between training and racing, as they felt I needed more training to start becoming competitive.

Circuit des Ardennes International

The first race in April took me and the team to Belgium. The race would be decided on the last stage, with the Stage 3 TTT also expected to have an impact. Alexander Krieger was the designated leader of the team while I was free to ride for myself.

Stage 1 immediately saw Krieger's chances of the stage win and the GC evaporate as he fell late on and lost nearly 6 minutes on the peloton! Konig and Olesen also suffered falls on the stage. I finished in the pack, having stayed out of trouble.

Stage 2 saw half the team lose contact with the peloton, including Krieger who was still feeling the effects of the crash on the previous stage. I finished in the pack in the bunch sprint won by Kenneth Vanbilsen.

Stage 3 was expected to be hugely decisive in the final outcome of the GC. We struggled and finished 17th, faster than just a couple of teams, and a few laggards from faster teams. That put paid to any GC hopes any of us were harbouring.

Stage 4 was the surprise. The 4 rider breakaway saw them outsmart the sprinters and, in the case of Nicholas Edet, claim stage victory and the GC! I lost contact with the pack, but managed to stay in the top 25 on the stage, finishing as the highest placed rider of Leopard in the GC.

General Classification

1Nicolas EdetCofidis, Solutions Crédits13h01'29
2Eduardo SepulvedaBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 3
3Phillip GaimonOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 41
4Armindo FonsecaBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 48
5Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 54
6Brice FeilluBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
7Pierrick FédrigoBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
8Jochem HoekstraCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 1'02
9Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'08
10Rob RuijghVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 1'09

11Jordan SarrouChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 1'10
12Quentin PacherEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 1'13
13Yoann BarbasEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
14Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'21
15Maxime AnciauxWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'22
16Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'30
17Bjorn SelanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 1'34
18Ricardo MestreTeam Tavira+ 1'44
19Jiri PolnickyWhirlpool - Author+ 1'46
20Francesco RedaTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 2'01
21Daniel SilvaRadio Popular - Boavista+ 2'52
22CĂ©sar FonteRadio Popular - Boavistas.t.
23VergĂ­lio SantosRadio Popular - Boavistas.t.
24Rui SousaRadio Popular - Boavistas.t.
25Jonas AhlstrandCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'00
26Clément VenturiniCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'01
27Anthony DelaplaceBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 3'02
28Romain ZingleCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'03
29Kevin PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 3'15
30Tim MerlierVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
30Nico DenzChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
31Loïc ChetoutCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'21
32Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelles+ 3'28
33Thomas VaubourzeixVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 3'46
34Julien Van Den BrandeVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
35Robbe CasierVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 3'50
36Joao BentaLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 4'13
37Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Team+ 4'15
38Florian GuillouBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 4'21
39Anatoliy SosnitskiyAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 4'23
40Paweł CieślikWhirlpool - Author+ 4'39
41David LivramentoTeam Tavira+ 5'19
42Samuel MagalhaesRadio Popular - Boavista+ 5'30
43SĂ©bastien RosselerVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
44Tim AriesenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 5'46
45Victor LafayChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 5'54
46Johan CoenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 5'55
47Martin HunalWhirlpool - Author+ 6'17
48Fabien CanalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 6'54
49Julien RouxChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 7'08
50Sjors RoosenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 7'13
51Loïc BouchereauVendée U+ 7'16
52Rob PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 7'20
53Joao PereiraTeam Tavira+ 7'25
54Gaëtan PonsWallonie - Bruxelles+ 7'33
55Marco TizzaTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 7'42
56Vicente GarcĂ­a de MateosLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 7'56
57Patrick Van Der DuinCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 8'17
58Victor ManakovLeopard Development Team+ 8'20
59Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willems+ 9'06
60Melvin RulliereVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 9'10
61Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems+ 9'12
62Daan MyngheerVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
63Kai ReusVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
64Maxime CamBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 9'37
65Serge de WortelaerVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 9'57
66Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Team+ 10'02
67Etienne FabreChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 10'03
68Michael Van StaeyenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 10'23
69Mauro SantambrogioAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 10'34
70Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 10'56
71Jérémy CornuVendée U+ 10'57
72Curtis WhiteOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 11'03
73Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 11'36
74Alessandro PettitiTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 11'47
75Manuel TodaroTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
76Ricardo ValeRadio Popular - Boavista+ 12'04
77Chris ClementsOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 12'06
78Benoît CosnefroyChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 12'15
79Etienne TortelierEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 12'17
80Benoît SinnerEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 12'18
81Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
82Romain GuyotVendée U+ 12'24
83François BidardChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 12'38
84Daniel McLayBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 12'54
85Adriaan JanssenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
86Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Team+ 13'02
87Dominique CornuVĂ©randas Willems+ 13'57
88Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 14'28
89Cameron DodgeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 14'30
90Bryan AlaphilippeEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 14'33
91Mirko TortaTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 14'36
92Thomas SoladayOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
93Kurt GeysenVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 14'37
94Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelles+ 15'47
95Marco KönigLeopard Development Team+ 16'01
96Henrique CasimiroTeam Tavira+ 16'13
97Daniel MestreTeam Tavira+ 16'34
98Twan Van Den BrandCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 16'46
99Florian MaîtreVendée U+ 17'28
100David CherbonnetEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 17'43
101Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Team+ 17'50
102Davide ViganòTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 19'10
103Romain CardisVendée U+ 19'32
104Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 19'40
105Dominic MestreLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 19'48
106David DvorskyWhirlpool - Author+ 20'01
107JĂ©rĂ´me KerfVĂ©randas Willems+ 20'04
108Lucas DestangVendée U+ 20'19
109Uri MartinsAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 20'31
110Tomas KalojirosWhirlpool - Author+ 20'44
111Thomas WertzWallonie - Bruxelles+ 20'56
112Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willems+ 21'00
113Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelles+ 21'02
114Alphonse VermoteVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 21'12
115Julien GonnetEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 22'23
116Dirk FindersVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 22'47
117Simon SellierVendée U+ 22'53
118Rostyslav ZhukovskyyAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 23'17
119Mitchell HokeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 24'51
120Micael IsidoroLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 26'07
121Eugenio BaniAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 26'14
122Jan KovarWhirlpool - Author+ 26'33
123Andre EvangelistaLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 27'00
124Markiyan MikhenkoAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 28'11
125Rafael ReisTeam Tavira+ 28'13
126Thomas De TrochVĂ©randas Willems+ 31'39
127Iuri JorgeLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 33'02
128David RivièreVendée U+ 35'17

Points Classification

1Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles53
2Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Crédits42
3Armindo FonsecaBretagne - Séché Environnement37
4Nicolas EdetCofidis, Solutions Crédits34
5Eric YoungOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies29

Mountain Classification

1Loïc BouchereauVendée U90
2Cameron DodgeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies86
3Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willems46
4Etienne TortelierEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre30
5Eduardo SepulvedaBretagne - Séché Environnement28

Young Rider Classification

1Eduardo SepulvedaBretagne - Séché Environnement13h01'32
2Kenneth VanbilsenCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 51
3Jochem HoekstraCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 59
4Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'05
5Jordan SarrouChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 1'07

Team Classification

1Bretagne - Séché Environnement37h52'42
2Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies+ 40
3Wallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'15
4Cofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 2'09
5Vastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 5'14

GP de Denain

It was back to France for this race. I was given a free role again. The race started off badly as I lost contact with the peloton just 20 km in. I somehow managed to claw my way back to the pack. I spent the race protecting Krieger as much as I could, not having enough energy to try anything of my own. The race was unsuccesful for us as Krieger was in a bad starting position for the leadout and could only manage 21st. Fabio Felline won the slightly uphill bunch sprint. I finished in the peloton, way down in 66th place.

1Fabio FellineTrek Factory Racing4h38'29
2Edward TheunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
3Leigh HowardOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
4Adrien PetitCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5Sonny ColbrelliBardiani CSFs.t.
6Marc SarreauFDJs.t.
7Jonas Van GenechtenIAM Cyclings.t.
8Boy Van PoppelTrek Factory Racings.t.
9Simon GeschkeTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
10Christophe RiblonAg2r La Mondiales.t.

11Ramon SinkeldamTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
12Luke RoweTeam Skys.t.
13Roy CurversTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
14Jelle WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
15Moreno De PauwTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
16Andrew FennTeam Skys.t.
17Thierry HupondTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
18Rudy BarbierRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
19Jan BakelantsAg2r La Mondiales.t.
20Bob JungelsTrek Factory Racings.t.
21Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
22Loïc ChetoutCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
23Laurent PichonFDJs.t.
24Hayden RoulstonTrek Factory Racings.t.
25Enrico BarbinBardiani CSFs.t.
26Brett LancasterOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
27Marcel AreggerIAM Cyclings.t.
28JĂ©rĂ´me CousinTeam Europcars.t.
29Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
30Lars Petter NordhaugTeam Skys.t.
31Aleksejs SaramotinsIAM Cyclings.t.
32Anthony RouxFDJs.t.
33Murilo FischerFDJs.t.
34Stijn DevolderTrek Factory Racings.t.
35Thomas SprengersTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
36Johan Le BonFDJs.t.
37Pieter VanspeybrouckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
38Nicola RuffoniBardiani CSFs.t.
39Ian BoswellTeam Skys.t.
40Kevin RezaFDJs.t.
41Enrico BattaglinBardiani CSFs.t.
42Jimmy EngoulventTeam Europcars.t.
43Alexis GougeardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
44Guillaume ThevenotTeam Europcars.t.
45Romain FeilluBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
46Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcars.t.
47Victor ManakovLeopard Development Teams.t.
48Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
49Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racings.t.
50Andreas SchillingerBora - Argon 18s.t.
51Jens KeukeleireOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
52Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
53Matthias PlarreLeopard Development Teams.t.
54Cesare BenedettiBora - Argon 18s.t.
55Warren BarguilTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
56Vasil KiryienkaTeam Skys.t.
57Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
58Romain GuillemoisTeam Europcars.t.
59Florian VachonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
60Marco KönigLeopard Development Teams.t.
61Zakkari DempsterBora - Argon 18s.t.
62Laurent Vanden BakLeopard Development Teams.t.
63Christian MeierOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
64Johannes FröhlingerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
65Philip DeignanTeam Skys.t.
66Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
67Yannick MartinezTeam Europcars.t.
68Maxime CamBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
69Alexandre PichotTeam Europcars.t.
70Benjamin GiraudTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
71Lloyd MondoryAg2r La Mondiales.t.
72Michael SchwarzmannBora - Argon 18s.t.
73Yaroslav PopovychTrek Factory Racings.t.
74Samuel DumoulinAg2r La Mondiales.t.
75Arthur VichotFDJs.t.
76Thomas DegandIAM Cyclings.t.
77Koen De KortTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
78Lorenzo ManzinFDJs.t.
79Scott ThwaitesBora - Argon 18s.t.
80Shane ArchboldBora - Argon 18s.t.
81Pierre-Luc PérichonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
82Arnaud GérardBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
83Jens WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
84Jonas AhlstrandCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
85Florian SenechalCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
86Steven TronetAuber 93s.t.
87Dominik NerzBora - Argon 18s.t.
88Julien BĂ©rardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
89Florian GuillouBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
90Nicola BoemBardiani CSFs.t.
91Benoit JarrierBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
92Stef ClementIAM Cyclings.t.
93Eugenio AlafaciTrek Factory Racings.t.
94Ignatas KonovalovasTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
95Yohann GèneTeam Europcars.t.
96Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
97Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
98Kevyn IstaWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
99SĂ©bastien MinardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
100Baptiste PlanckaertRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
101Vicente ReynèsIAM Cyclings.t.
102Gediminas BagdonasAg2r La Mondiales.t.
103Julien El FaresTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
104Julien DuvalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
105Nikias ArndtTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
106Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
107Romain HardyCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
108Flavien DassonvilleAuber 93s.t.
109Paolo SimionBardiani CSFs.t.
110JĂ©rĂ´me PineauIAM Cyclings.t.
111Caleb EwanOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
112Ralf MatzkaBora - Argon 18s.t.
113Sam BewleyOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
114Magnus Cort NielsenOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
115Alexis BodiotEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
116Yoann PaillotTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
117Sondre Holst EngerIAM Cyclings.t.
118Andrea PiecheleBardiani CSFs.t.
119David MenutAuber 93s.t.
120Mathew HaymanOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
121Guillaume LevarletAuber 93s.t.
122Julien AntomarchiRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
123Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
124Jeremy LeveauRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
125Kai ReusVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
126Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
127Christophe PremontVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
128RĂ©my di GregorioTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
129Luca ChiricoBardiani CSFs.t.
130Cyril LemoineCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
131Christian KneesTeam Skys.t.
132Quentin PacherEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
133Grégory HabeauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
134Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
135Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
136JerĂ´me GilbertVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
137Thomas DamuseauRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
138Timothy DupontRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
139Victor CampenaertsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
140Julien LoubetTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
141Gaëtan PonsWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
142Christopher SuttonTeam Skys.t.
143Théo VimpereAuber 93s.t.
144Fabien CanalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
145Benoît SinnerEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 3'18
146Bruno ArmirailEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
147Jordan LevasseurEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 3'40
148David CherbonnetEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
149Matthieu BouloBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
150Pierre GouaultAuber 93+ 5'11
151JĂ©rĂ´me KerfVĂ©randas Willems+ 6'15
152Thomas De TrochVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
153Stef Van ZummerenVĂ©randas Willems+ 7'13
154Thomas WertzWallonie - Bruxelles+ 9'36

Zuid Oost Drenthe Classic

This was my first race in my new adopted home country of Netherlands. I was assigned as the helper to Jan Dieteren. The race had cobbles and it was raining! I took up the pace-making also on this stage, as Manokov alternatively protected Dieteren. The result was slightly better than the last race but we still failed to score a top 10. Roompot got a 1-2 with Raymond Kreder and Ivar Slik while Dieteren finished 13th, our best. I repeated my 66th place finish! The team finished 5th in its classification, the best yet this season.

1Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton3h55'01
2Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
3Kevin PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
4Johim AriesenMetec - TKHs.t.
5Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
6Alex PetersSEG Racings.t.
7Tijmen EisingMetec - TKHs.t.
8Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
9Dylan GroenewegenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
10Yoeri HavikSEG Racings.t.

11Alberto CecchinRoth - Skodas.t.
12Geert Van Der WeijstTeam 3Ms.t.
13Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
14Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
15Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
16Taco Van Der HoornCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
17Victor ManakovLeopard Development Teams.t.
18Joey Van RheeCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
19Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
20Remco Te BrakeMetec - TKHs.t.
21Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
22Rick van BredaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
23Julius van den BergSEG Racings.t.
24Jan MaasRabobank Development Teams.t.
25Alessandro MazziNankang - Dynateks.t.
26André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
27Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
28Ryan MullenAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
29Jurgen van DiemenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
30Niels GoereeMetec - TKHs.t.
31Alfredo BalloniNankang - Dynateks.t.
32Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
33Dex GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
34Nikita ZharovenNankang - Dynateks.t.
35Jordi van DingenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
36Tim AriesenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
37Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
38Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racings.t.
39Rob RuijghVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
40Gerry DruytsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
41Rick OttemaColba - Superano Hams.t.
42Cees BolRabobank Development Teams.t.
43Dusan KalabaNankang - Dynateks.t.
44Ivan StevicNankang - Dynateks.t.
45Stef KrulMetec - TKHs.t.
46Michel KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
47Timothy StevensVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
48Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
49Rick GoereeMetec - TKHs.t.
50Gorik GardeynVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
51Daan MeijersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
52Elias Van BreussegemVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
53Jens AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
54Jaap KooijmanParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
55Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
56Benjamin VerraesCibels.t.
57Xandro MeurisseAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
58Robert-Jon McCarthySEG Racings.t.
59Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
60Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
61Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
62Kevin De JongheCibels.t.
63Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
64Bram NoltenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
65JerĂ´me GilbertVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
66Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
67Alexander CoolsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
68Daan MyngheerVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
69Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
70Martial RomanVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
71Edwig CammaertsVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
72Jeroen MeijersRabobank Development Teams.t.
73Sean DowneyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
74Koen BouwmanSEG Racings.t.
75SĂ©bastien DelfosseWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
76Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
77Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
78Mitchell CornelisseRabobank Development Teams.t.
79Zhi Hui JiangSEG Racings.t.
80Giacomo TomioRoth - Skodas.t.
81Twan Van Den BrandCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
82Kevin ClaeysColba - Superano Hams.t.
83Aaron GateAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
84Jelle MannaertsColba - Superano Hams.t.
85Pit SchlechterLeopard Development Teams.t.
86Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3Ms.t.
87Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Teams.t.
88Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
89Stephan BakkerCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
90Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
91Lukas JuanRoth - Skodas.t.
92Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
93Davy GunstSEG Racings.t.
94Alphonse VermoteVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
95Temesgen TeklehaimanotRoth - Skodas.t.
96Jelle DondersColba - Superano Hams.t.
97Conor DunneAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
98Alexander MaesAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
99Sieben WoutersRabobank Development Teams.t.
100Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
101Fabrice MelsTeam 3Ms.t.
102Bryan VerdoolaegheColba - Superano Hams.t.
103Tim VanspeybroeckTeam 3Ms.t.
104Kevin CallebautCibels.t.
105Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKHs.t.
106Jack WilsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
107Patrick Van Der DuinCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 3'31
108Lennard HofstedeRabobank Development Teams.t.
109Aron KremerColba - Superano Hams.t.
110Melvin RulliereVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
111Gabor KazsaNankang - Dynateks.t.
112Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
113Jeroen GoelevenColba - Superano Hams.t.
114Matthias PlarreLeopard Development Team+ 4'08
115Francesco Van CoppernolleVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
116Roland ThalmannRoth - Skoda+ 4'40
117Adriaan JanssenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
118Thomas OngenaCibel+ 5'32
119JĂ©rĂ´me KerfVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
120Glenn RottyCibels.t.
121Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
122Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
123Allessio BotturaRoth - Skodas.t.
124Kenny GoossensCibels.t.
125Thomas WertzWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
126David DesmechtVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
127Jens GeerinckCibels.t.
128Connor McConveyTeam 3Ms.t.
129Jordan StannusAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
130Stef Van ZummerenVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
131Jack SadlerTeam 3Ms.t.
132Emiel VermeulenTeam 3Ms.t.
133Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Teams.t.
134Miloš BorisavljevicRoth - Skoda+ 9'10
135Ricardo CreelRoth - Skodas.t.
136Jori van SteenberghenCibels.t.
137Nick Van Der MeerColba - Superano Hams.t.
138Tim RodenburgCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
139Dimitri PeyskensTeam 3Ms.t.
140Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willems+ 10'44
141Antoine WarnierWallonie - Bruxelles+ 13'02

The races in April were not quite successful either. However, I was now handling it a little better. I was concentrating more on my improvement through training, which made the disappointing results (more so from the team perspective) easier to put into context.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 03-09-2016 07:21
Just starting out, things will change, just keep the hard work up Wink
Tamijo wrote:
Just starting out, things will change, just keep the hard work up Wink

Just being young and restless at the moment Pfft
Great writing and reporting so far, and what a great result in the very first professional race. I generally love seeing athletes from all corners of the world and an Indian professional cyclist was long overdue. It just happened in real life (Naveen John), now it's also happening in PCM.
Ripley wrote:
Great writing and reporting so far, and what a great result in the very first professional race. I generally love seeing athletes from all corners of the world and an Indian professional cyclist was long overdue. It just happened in real life (Naveen John), now it's also happening in PCM.

Thanks for the words of appreciation. I'm glad you like it Smile

Yes, Naveen John's story is inspirational. I hope he can succeed in his other goal of training other cyclists to become pros (which he also used to do before he moved to Australia). From what I've read, he's trying to get funds to get his own academy on track, which would be a huge boost for Indian cycling. Right now, track cycling does have some representation internationally, but not so much for road cycling.

If you are interested, you can check out Deborah Herold, who went as high as number 4 in the world in the 500m TT last year and the rise of the Indian Junior Men's team to World Number 1 ranking just this June. I'd love to see someone make it to UCI tours soon Smile

La Fleche Ardennaise

May started off with this one day classic. I was given a free role and I duly tried to pull away from the pack. After being chased down a couple of times, I finally got away with 125 km to go. I joined up with the breakaway and stayed away till 15 km to go. A couple of my teammates had a bad day. Olesen fell twice, but continued. Pit Schlechter had to retire following a crash.
After the break was caught, the race broke up into a number of small groups of riders. I was in one of the leading groups, but only managed 32nd place, which wsa the best finish for us. Marco Marcato won for Wanty - Groupe Gobert.

1Marco MarcatoWanty - Groupe Gobert4h26'58
2Pieter JacobsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
3Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
4Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
5Floris De TierTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
6Joshua EdmondsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
7Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
8Marco MinnaardWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
9Alex PetersSEG Racing+ 39
10Koen BouwmanSEG Racing+ 52

11SĂ©bastien DelfosseWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'27
12Lander SeynaeveWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
13Rob RuijghVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
14Matthijs EversdijkCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 2'13
15Jean-Albert CarnevaliLotto U23s.t.
16Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
17Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKH+ 2'43
18Sea Keong LohSEG Racings.t.
19Sean DowneyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
20Laurens De PlusLotto U23s.t.
21Kai ReusVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
22Simone AntoniniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
23Jurgen van DiemenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
24Ike GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
25Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
26Steven LammertinkSEG Racings.t.
27Frederik BackaertWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
28Christophe PremontVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
29Rob LeemansSEG Racings.t.
30Jarno GmelichMetec - TKHs.t.
31Grégory HabeauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
32Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
33Kevin PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
34Arthur van OverbergheTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
35Sander CordeelVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
36Timothy StevensVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
37Elias Van BreussegemVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
38Olivier NaesenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 4'30
39Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
40Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
41Rick OttemaColba - Superano Hams.t.
42Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racing+ 4'54
43Stef KrulMetec - TKHs.t.
44Victor ManakovLeopard Development Teams.t.
45Yannick PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
46Oscar RiesebeekMetec - TKHs.t.
47Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
48Martijn BuddingRabobank Development Teams.t.
49Gerry DruytsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
50Dex GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
51Remco Te BrakeMetec - TKHs.t.
52Davy GunstSEG Racings.t.
53Boris DronWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
54Benjamin VerraesCibels.t.
55Merijn KorevaarRabobank Development Teams.t.
56Robert-Jon McCarthySEG Racing+ 5'31
57Alistair SlaterAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
58Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
59James VanlandschootWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
60Jimmy JanssensTeam 3Ms.t.
61Steff HermansLotto U23s.t.
62Preben Van HeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
63Wouter LetenMetec - TKHs.t.
64Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
65Stan GodrieRabobank Development Teams.t.
66Jens WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
67Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
68Senne LeysenLotto U23s.t.
69Kevin PanhuyzenTeam 3Ms.t.
70Kevin Van MelsenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
71Glenn Van de MaeleColba - Superano Hams.t.
72Jens GeerinckCibels.t.
73Alphonse VermoteVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 6'24
74Jack WilsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
75Jaap KooijmanParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
76Sam LennertzVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
77Jordi TalenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
78Dennis BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 6'43
79Kevin SuarezColba - Superano Ham+ 7'21
80Kenny GoossensCibels.t.
81Jordan StannusAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
82Piotr HavikRabobank Development Teams.t.
83Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
84Antoine WarnierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
85Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
86Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Teams.t.
87Johim AriesenMetec - TKHs.t.
88Joachim VanreytenLotto U23s.t.
89Stefan PoutsmaCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
90JĂ©rĂ´me KerfVĂ©randas Willems+ 8'13
91Jens VandenbogaerdeAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
92Bjorn de DeckerCibel+ 8'52
93Julien Van Den BrandeVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
94Vinnie BraetColba - Superano Hams.t.
95Jeroen GoelevenColba - Superano Hams.t.
96Rick van BredaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
97Melvin RulliereVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
98Serge de WortelaerVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
99Francesco Van CoppernolleVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
100David DesmechtVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
101Jake TannerTeam 3Ms.t.
102Egidijus JuodvalkisColba - Superano Hams.t.
103Gorik GardeynVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
104Emiel WastynVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
105Kenny De KeteleTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
106Alexander MaesAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
107Marco KönigLeopard Development Teams.t.
108Jeroen MeijersRabobank Development Teams.t.
109Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
110Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
111Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
112Aron KremerColba - Superano Hams.t.
113Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
114Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
115Eoin McCarthyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
116Thijs van BeusichemParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
117Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Teams.t.
118Matthias OngenaCibel+ 10'13
119Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
120Elliott PorterTeam 3M+ 10'37
121Quincy VensColba - Superano Hams.t.
122Connor McConveyTeam 3Ms.t.
123Timon Van ReekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
124Mitchell CornelisseRabobank Development Teams.t.
125Kevin De JongheCibels.t.
126Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
127Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Teams.t.
128Michael GoolaertsLotto U23s.t.
129Patrick Van Der DuinCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
130Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willems+ 11'11
131Niels De RoozeVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 12'17
132Niels van DorsselaerCibels.t.
133Tijmen EisingMetec - TKHs.t.
134Dieter VerwilstLotto U23s.t.
135Jaap De ManTeam 3M+ 13'00
136Joey Van RheeCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
137Steff CrasLotto U23+ 14'36
138Christophe SleursTeam 3Ms.t.
139Guy SmetCibels.t.
140Gertjan De VosTeam 3Ms.t.
141Stephan BakkerCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
142Jenning HuizengaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 14'55
143Dion BeukeboomParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 15'10

Ronde l'Isard

The first junior category race of my career. I was assigned as the leader of Leopard Dev, which was a prestigious moment for me once again. I was targeting a high finish here, and this was a perfect chance to better my best finish in a pro race.

Stage 1 saw me stick to the pack for the most part before attacking 35 km from the finish. I was caught before the finish but I still had enough energy to mix it up at the front in the reduced bunch sprint. I finished 7th, my best stage result till date. I must thank and appreciate Olesen here, for the excellent protection he provided once I was caught following the attack.

Stage 2 saw Olesen join the break. They didn't survive till the end. I rode the approach to the uphill finish on a high gear but could not muster an attack. I finished 4th, again bettering my nest stage finish.

Stage 3 was uneventful for me till the last climb where I placed an attack. Two riders followed the attack but the three of us could not hold on. We were caught just befoer the line. However, I still managed to sprint to 8th place.

Stage 4 was very difficult of most riders. I lost touch early but made up some ground. However, the lead group was still some way ahead as I reached the second climb. I couldn't make any more headway and finished in the third group on the road, in 12th place and 8 minutes behind the stage winner. I was extremely pleasantly surprised to find myself at 5th in the GC once the classifications came in! I also finished 7th in the Points classification.

General Classification

1Gregor MĂĽhlbergerTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels14h51'09
2Laurens De PlusLotto U23+ 5'20
3Alexey VermeulenBMC Development Team+ 9'38
4Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 9'48
5Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Team+ 10'25
6Jack HaigJayco - AIS U23 National Team+ 10'38
7Oleg ZemlyakovVino 4-ever+ 12'05
8Robert PowerJayco - AIS U23 National Team+ 12'26
9Fabio TuziMG.Kvis - Vega+ 14'33
10Loïc BouchereauVendée U+ 14'43

11Felix GroĂźschartnerTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels+ 17'17
12Tilegen MaidosVino 4-ever+ 18'29
13Valentin BaillifardBMC Development Team+ 18'43
14Matteo OcchialiniMG.Kvis - Vega+ 19'34
15Matvei MamykinItera-Katusha+ 19'57
16Alvaro CuadrosAWT GreenWay+ 21'15
17Lukas ZellerTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels+ 21'33
18Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Team+ 22'22
19Hugo PigeonChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 22'58
20Rayane BouhanniAWT GreenWay+ 23'35
21Steff CrasLotto U23+ 23'51
22Rémy RochasChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 24'48
23Steff HermansLotto U23+ 25'41
24Emiliano FaietaMG.Kvis - Vega+ 25'51
25Nico DenzChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 26'41
26Benjamin BrkicTirol Cycling Team+ 27'48
27Maximilian SchachmannAWT GreenWay+ 28'16
28Michael GoglTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels+ 28'38
29Andrea TomassiniMG.Kvis - Vega+ 28'52
30Marlon GaillardVendée U+ 29'03
31Alessio LanzanoMG.Kvis - Vega+ 29'23
32Mads RahbekTeam TREFOR - Blue Waters.t.
33Denis ZhuykovItera-Katusha+ 29'50
34Jesse KerrisonBMC Development Team+ 29'58
35Diego OchoaMovistar Team (COL)+ 30'22
36Patrick BosmanTirol Cycling Team+ 31'25
37Théry SchirBMC Development Team+ 31'57
38Alexander GeuensLotto U23+ 32'21
39Fabien GrellierVendée U+ 32'41
40Jonas GregaardTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 32'58
41Raffaele RadiceMG.Kvis - Vega+ 33'30
42Romain GuyotVendée U+ 33'48
43Alexander WachterTirol Cycling Team+ 33'52
44Daniel BiedermannTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels+ 34'01
45Andrey LukoninItera-Katusha+ 34'13
46Sebastian SchönbergerTirol Cycling Team+ 34'14
47Erik BaskaAWT GreenWay+ 34'32
48Kévin LebretonEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 35'22
49Kilian FrankinyBMC Development Team+ 35'36
50Yuber ConterasMovistar Team (COL)+ 35'48
51Benoît CosnefroyChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 35'53
52Tyler WilliamsBMC Development Team+ 37'08
53Bruno ArmirailEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 37'39
54Florian SchipflingerTirol Cycling Team+ 37'51
55Kevin DeltombeLotto U23+ 37'55
56Freddy OvettChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 38'22
57Patric SchultusTirol Cycling Team+ 39'39
58Danil NemykinItera-Katusha+ 39'52
59Roller DiagamaMovistar Team (COL)+ 39'58
60Dimitriy LukyanovVino 4-ever+ 40'36
61Søren Kragh AndersenTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 40'40
62Antoine LeplingardVendée U+ 40'47
63Mateusz DubienieckiMG.Kvis - Vega+ 41'04
64Yevgeniy GidichVino 4-ever+ 41'29
65Tom BohliBMC Development Team+ 42'19
66Jan DieterenLeopard Development Team+ 42'28
67Paul OurselinVendée U+ 42'34
68Bas TietemaBMC Development Team+ 43'51
69Markus FreibergerTirol Cycling Team+ 44'03
70Alexey VoloshinVino 4-ever+ 44'31
71Jaap De JongChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
72Vitaliy ZverevVino 4-ever+ 45'11
73Lucas DestangVendée U+ 45'31
74Fabian MorianzTirol Cycling Team+ 45'40
75Johannes SchinnagelTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels+ 46'00
76Marco KönigLeopard Development Teams.t.
77Mathias Van GompelLotto U23+ 47'00
78Marcel HuberTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels+ 48'04
79Sergey VlassenkoVino 4-ever+ 48'29
80Joachim VanreytenLotto U23+ 48'55
81Victor TournierouxChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 49'28
82Andreas HyldgaardTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 49'39
83Florian MaîtreVendée U+ 50'32
84Matteo MontiMG.Kvis - Vega+ 51'28
85Harry CarpenterJayco - AIS U23 National Team+ 51'43
86Sergey RozinItera-Katusha+ 52'54
87Denis BorovikItera-Katusha+ 53'23
88Emil VinjeboTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 55'01
89Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Team+ 55'40
90Ivan LutsenkoItera-Katusha+ 56'42
91Vladislav FilipovichVino 4-ever+ 57'19
92Anders HardahlTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 59'44
93Hayden McCormickLotto U23+ 1h00'01
94Bryan AlaphilippeEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 1h00'23
95Luc TurchiLeopard Development Team+ 1h01'35
96Jordan LevasseurEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 1h01'39
97Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Team+ 1h04'03
98Benjamin ThomasEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 1h04'25
99Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Team+ 1h04'46
100Miles ScotsonJayco - AIS U23 National Team+ 1h07'23

Points Classification

1Gregor MĂĽhlbergerTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels78
2Laurens De PlusLotto U2351
3Alexey VermeulenBMC Development Team48
4Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formation45
5Oleg ZemlyakovVino 4-ever38

Mountain Classification

1Gregor MĂĽhlbergerTeam Felbermayr Simplon Wels56
2Alexander WachterTirol Cycling Team37
3Laurens De PlusLotto U2335
4Loïc BouchereauVendée U34
5Oleg ZemlyakovVino 4-ever33

Team Classification

1Team Felbermayr Simplon Wels45h11'59
2Lotto U23+ 10'41
3MG.Kvis - Vega+ 15'41
4Chambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 15'53
5BMC Development Team+ 20'07

GP Plumelec Morbihan

I attacked and joined the breakaway after 30 km of racing. The peloton witnessed numerous crashes in the middle section of the race. I was caught by the pack with 20 km to go. All of the breakaway was caught with 8 km remaining. I was dropped on the run in to the finish. Krieger was the only rider from Leopard Dev to stay with the front group. However, the finish did not suit the pure sprinters and Krieger managed 26th place. Dario Cataldo attacked late without counter and took the win. I finished 2 minutes down.

1Dario CataldoAstana Pro Team4h12'57
2Cyril GautierTeam Europcar+ 9
3Anthony GeslinFDJs.t.
4Egor SilinTeam Katushas.t.
5Arthur VichotFDJs.t.
6Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katushas.t.
7Eduardo SepulvedaBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
8SĂ©bastien ReichenbachIAM Cyclings.t.
9Kevin LedanoisBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
10Gorka IzagirreMovistar Teams.t.

11Yury TrofimovTeam Katushas.t.
12Jonathan HivertBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
13Valerio AgnoliAstana Pro Teams.t.
14Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.
15Mikaël ChérelAg2r La Mondiales.t.
16Daniel NavarroCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
17Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
18Matthew BuscheTrek Factory Racings.t.
19Romain HardyCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
20Fabrice JeandesbozTeam Europcars.t.
21Cyril LemoineCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
22Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
23Ben GastauerAg2r La Mondiales.t.
24Yoann BagotCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
25Maxime VantommeRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
26Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
27Quentin PacherEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
28Rubén FernándezMovistar Teams.t.
29José Joaquín RojasMovistar Teams.t.
30Pim LigthartLotto Soudals.t.
31Pierre-Roger LatourAg2r La Mondiales.t.
32Nicolas EdetCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
33Luis León SánchezAstana Pro Teams.t.
34Roy JansWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
35Matej MohoricTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1'09
36Julien LoubetTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
37Mickaël DelageFDJs.t.
38Aleksejs SaramotinsIAM Cyclings.t.
39Marco MinnaardWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 1'25
40Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Team+ 1'38
41Steve MorabitoFDJs.t.
42Eduard PradesCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
43Julien BĂ©rardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
44Yannick MartinezTeam Europcars.t.
45Marco ColedanTrek Factory Racings.t.
46Loïc ChetoutCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
47Matthias BrändleIAM Cyclings.t.
48Julien El FaresTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
49Maxim BelkovTeam Katushas.t.
50Thomas DamuseauRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
51Jonathan FumeauxIAM Cyclings.t.
52Vegard BreenLotto Soudals.t.
53Tom DanielsonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2'16
54Jimmy TurgisRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
55Blel KadriAg2r La Mondiales.t.
56Davide MalacarneAstana Pro Teams.t.
57Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
58José GonçalvesCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
59Anthony TurgisCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 3'13
60Dennis VanendertLotto Soudals.t.
61Arnaud CourteilleFDJs.t.
62Pavel KochetkovTeam Katushas.t.
63Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Teams.t.
64Romain CombaudEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
65Matthieu BouloBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
66Yaroslav PopovychTrek Factory Racings.t.
67Rudy KowalskiRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
68Arman KamyshevAstana Pro Teams.t.
69Alessandro VanottiAstana Pro Teams.t.
70Dimitry KozontchukTeam Katusha+ 5'08
71Justin JulesVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
72Sergey LagutinTeam Katushas.t.
73Ben KingTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
74Alexander PorsevTeam Katushas.t.
75Yohann GèneTeam Europcars.t.
76Romain SicardTeam Europcars.t.
77Clement PenvenTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
78Dayer QuintanaMovistar Teams.t.
79Pablo LastrasMovistar Teams.t.
80Hubert DupontAg2r La Mondiales.t.
81Romain Le RouxEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
82Kristian HaugaardLeopard Development Teams.t.
83Perrig QuemeneurTeam Europcars.t.
84RĂ©my di GregorioTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
85Matthias PlarreLeopard Development Teams.t.
86Vicente ReynèsIAM Cyclings.t.
87Anthony MaldonadoAuber 93s.t.
88Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
89Yoann BarbasEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 5'52
90Anthony RouxFDJ+ 6'49
91Grégoire TarrideTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
92Fabio SilvestreTrek Factory Racings.t.
93Frédéric BrunBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
94Gorik GardeynVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
95David MenutAuber 93s.t.
96Louis VervaekeLotto Soudals.t.
97Danilo NapolitanoWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
98Boris DronWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
99Alberto BettiolTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
100Kevin Van MelsenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
101Lander SeynaeveWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 8'03
102Yann GuyotEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
103Bruno ArmirailEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
104Romain PillonRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
105Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
106Frederik VeuchelenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
107Simone AntoniniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
108Rory SutherlandMovistar Teams.t.
109Alan MarangoniTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
110Jérôme MainardEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
111Thomas VaubourzeixVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
112Larry WarbasseIAM Cyclings.t.
113Maxime CamBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
114Clément ChevrierIAM Cyclings.t.
115Fumiyuki BeppuTrek Factory Racings.t.
116Pello BilbaoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 9'48
117Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcars.t.
118Axel DomontAg2r La Mondiales.t.
119Dirk FindersVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 10'38
120Kevin RezaFDJs.t.
121Edward KingTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
122Nathan BrownTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
123Ricardo VilelaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
124David CherbonnetEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
125Gert DockxLotto Soudals.t.
126CĂ©sar BihelAuber 93s.t.
127Victor ManakovLeopard Development Teams.t.
128Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Team+ 12'58
129Johan Le BonFDJs.t.
130Sondre Holst EngerIAM Cyclings.t.
131Patrick GretschAg2r La Mondiales.t.
132Jack BauerTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
133Guillaume LevarletAuber 93s.t.
134Luc TurchiLeopard Development Teams.t.
135Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 13'55
136Jeremy LeveauRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole+ 14'31
137Pierre GouaultAuber 93s.t.
138Martial RomanVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 15'53
139Julien GuayAuber 93s.t.
140Francesco Van CoppernolleVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
141Yu TakenouchiVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
142Hugh CarthyCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
143David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
144Giovanni BernaudeauTeam Europcars.t.
145Greg HendersonLotto Soudal+ 19'04

Paris - Roubaix Espoirs

Another junior category race ended off my schedule in May. The parcours had cobbles as is customary on this route. The first half of the race was uneventful. The cobbles saw a lot of riders taking painful tumbles. Perhaps thier inexperience in bike handling on such terrain was in evidence. I too was not very good at it but I managed to stay upright. Lukas Spengler rode a lonely race at the front and took victory by a margin of well over 4 minutes. I was in the chasing group and finished a creditable (not so unlucky) 13th.

1Lukas SpenglerBMC Development Team4h44'25
2Stepan AstafyevVino 4-ever+ 4'30
3Luke Grivell-MellorJLT Condors.t.
4Senne LeysenLotto U23s.t.
5Nathan Van HooydonckBMC Development Teams.t.
6Joseph MosesJLT Condors.t.
7Alexander EdmondsonJayco - AIS U23 National Teams.t.
8Rayane BouhanniAWT GreenWays.t.
9Etienne FabreChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
10Tyler WilliamsBMC Development Teams.t.

11Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3Ms.t.
12Harry TanfieldJLT Condors.t.
13Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
14Alex ClementsJayco - AIS U23 National Teams.t.
15Kenneth Van RooyLotto U23s.t.
16Jack HaigJayco - AIS U23 National Teams.t.
17Jan DieterenLeopard Development Team+ 5'48
18Fabien GrellierVendée Us.t.
19Steff HermansLotto U23s.t.
20Alvaro CuadrosAWT GreenWays.t.
21Lucas DestangVendée U+ 7'04
22Dries Van GestelLotto U23s.t.
23Hugo PigeonChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
24Martijn DegreveTeam 3Ms.t.
25Andrey LukoninItera-Katushas.t.
26Edward LaverackJLT Condors.t.
27Danil NemykinItera-Katushas.t.
28Lorenzo RotaTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
29Geoffrey CurranAxeon Cycling Teams.t.
30Steff CrasLotto U23s.t.
31Giovanni CarboniTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
32Benoît CosnefroyChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
33Marco KönigLeopard Development Team+ 9'34
34Mattia FrapportiTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
35Alexander GeuensLotto U23s.t.
36Théry SchirBMC Development Team+ 10'34
37Simon SellierVendée Us.t.
38Rubén PolsLotto U23s.t.
39Romain GuyotVendée Us.t.
40Antoine LeplingardVendée Us.t.
41Stefano NardelliTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
42Jesse KerrisonBMC Development Teams.t.
43Harry CarpenterJayco - AIS U23 National Teams.t.
44Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Teams.t.
45Nans PetersChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
46Davide PlebaniTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
47Hayden McCormickLotto U23s.t.
48James OramAxeon Cycling Teams.t.
49Victor LafayChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
50Dante CarpenterJLT Condors.t.
51Kevin PanhuyzenTeam 3Ms.t.
52Marlon GaillardVendée Us.t.
53Sebastian TrilliniTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigiani+ 11'40
54Jack SadlerTeam 3Ms.t.
55Jaap De ManTeam 3Ms.t.
56Maximilian SchachmannAWT GreenWays.t.
57Bryan AlaphilippeEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
58Denis ZhuykovItera-Katushas.t.
59David McCarthyJLT Condors.t.
60Mattia VielChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
61Benjamin JasserandChambéry Cyclisme Formations.t.
62Nemanja AmbrusNankang - Dynateks.t.
63Alexey VermeulenBMC Development Teams.t.
64Matvei MamykinItera-Katushas.t.
65Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Teams.t.
66Florian MaîtreVendée Us.t.
67Marko DanilovicNankang - Dynatek+ 14'40
68Aleksandar MiticNankang - Dynateks.t.
69Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
70Jan BrockhoffAWT GreenWays.t.
71Lucas GadayTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigianis.t.
72Bruno ArmirailEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
73Roller DiagamaMovistar Team (COL)s.t.
74Luka KoturNankang - Dynateks.t.
75Benjamin ThomasEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
76Aurélien Paret-PeintreChambéry Cyclisme Formation+ 16'22
77Luc TurchiLeopard Development Teams.t.
78Giovanni PedrettiTeam Unieuro Wilier Trevigiani+ 16'55
79Sergey RozinItera-Katusha+ 18'15
80Tilegen MaidosVino 4-ever+ 19'18
81Christopher PuttAxeon Cycling Team+ 19'49
82Loïc BouchereauVendée Us.t.

Personally, I think the Paris - Roubaix Espoirs has been my best ride so far inspite of the fact that it's not my highest finish. This race required an attritional ride to stay in touch with the front and I managed that. And I'm very happy with that!
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 03-09-2016 07:22
A great month, with some impressive rides.
Have been feeling a lot more settled of late Smile

Half the first season is gone and it has been a decent showing so far. I would like to have been towards the front a little bit more, but I've realised that the learning curve is steep on the Tour.

June brings with it four races, one stage race in the Netherlands and three one day classics. The first two were rounds 7 and 8 of the Pearl Izumi Series. Sorry, but I don't have the timing records of those races. Here's the debrief.

Pearl Izumi Series Round 7

I was assigned with protecting Krieger who was one of the top favourites for the stage. I managed to keep him out of trouble in a quiet race. With the absence of a sprint train of ours he took a tow with another train and finished 3rd. A successful race for us.

Pearl Izumi Series Round 8

I played a similar role to the last race, protecting Krieger till the end. This time however, he not did get a good tow and finished outside the top 10.


This race saw me assigned as a helper to Manokov and Krieger. Our team was quite weak and so were not expected to be competitive here.

The Stage 1 ITT saw me cross the line in 15th place. After everyone had finished, my position was 57th, 30 seconds behind winner Monfort.

Stage 2 was a sprinters stage where I protected Krieger. I finished in the pack but Krieger only managed 19th. Jarl Salomein won the sprint.

Stage 3 was another stage I spent protecting Krieger. This time he did marginally better at the finish, coming home in 13th place as I barely managed to hold on to the tail of the peloton.

Stage 4 and I was not 100%. Having been unwell overnight I struggled on this stage. I was caught in a split halfway through, as I had been riding at the back, unable to push forward. I lost almost 8 minutes on this stage. Sadly, my teammates did not fare much better, most finishing further behind.

Stage 5 saw Manokov heading into the break in hopes of a stage win. He was so far behind in the GC by now, the pack were not worried. I protected Krieger for the flat finish but he eventually failed to deliver. The break was caught very late as Massimo Graziato took home the stage win.

General Classification

1Maxime MonfortLotto Soudal17h01'31
2Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1
3Bob JungelsTrek Factory Racing+ 8
4Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 11
5Tim WellensLotto Soudal+ 14
6Marco MarcatoWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 15
7Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willems+ 16
8Zdenek StybarEtixx - Quick-step+ 18
9Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racings.t.
10Bart De ClercqLotto Soudal+ 22

11Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
12Tom BoonenEtixx - Quick-step+ 23
13Warren BarguilTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
14Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 26
15Michel KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 30
16Pim LigthartLotto Soudals.t.
17Matteo TrentinEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
18Sander ArmeeLotto Soudal+ 31
19Michał GołaśEtixx - Quick-step+ 34
20Björn LeukemansWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 49
21Fabio SilvestreTrek Factory Racing+ 2'03
22Dylan GroenewegenTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2'30
23Steven LammertinkSEG Racing+ 2'32
24Huub DuynTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2'36
25Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems+ 2'37
26Grégory RastTrek Factory Racing+ 4'22
27Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
28Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 4'25
29Sam OomenRabobank Development Team+ 4'29
30Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racing+ 4'30
31Boy Van PoppelTrek Factory Racing+ 4'31
32Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 4'33
33Yves LampaertEtixx - Quick-step+ 4'41
34Daan OlivierTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 4'45
35Fränk SchleckTrek Factory Racing+ 4'47
36JĂ©rĂ´me BaugniesWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 5'10
37Julien VermoteEtixx - Quick-step+ 5'13
38Guillaume Van KeirsbulckEtixx - Quick-step+ 5'16
39Wesley KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 5'25
40Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 5'26
41Sean De BieLotto Soudal+ 5'28
42Stig BroeckxLotto Soudal+ 5'29
43Maarten WynantsTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 5'31
44Tim De TroyerWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 5'32
45Bert De BackerTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 5'35
46Moreno De PauwTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 5'36
47James VanlandschootWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 5'47
48Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 7'43
49Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 7'47
50Dominique CornuVĂ©randas Willems+ 8'11
51Massimo GraziatoParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 8'15
52Lennard HofstedeRabobank Development Team+ 8'16
53Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Teams.t.
54Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 8'17
55Albert TimmerTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 8'18
56Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKH+ 8'21
57Yoeri HavikSEG Racing+ 8'23
58Tom LeezerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 8'25
59Olivier PardiniVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
60Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 8'26
61Gert DockxLotto Soudal+ 8'27
62Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
63Tijmen EisingMetec - TKHs.t.
64Boris DronWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 8'28
65Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 8'31
66Pieter VanspeybrouckTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
67Sjoerd KouwenhovenMetec - TKHs.t.
68Jimmy JanssensTeam 3M+ 8'32
69Geert Van Der WeijstTeam 3M+ 8'33
70Dimitri PeyskensTeam 3Ms.t.
71Stefan PoutsmaCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
72Kai ReusVĂ©randas Willems+ 8'34
73Ricardo van DongenSEG Racing+ 8'36
74Michael VingerlingTeam 3Ms.t.
75Tom DevriendtWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 8'38
76Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Team+ 8'39
77Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
78Matthijs EversdijkCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
79Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 8'41
80Jelle MannaertsColba - Superano Ham+ 8'45
81Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Team+ 8'46
82Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 9'52
83Laurent DidierTrek Factory Racing+ 9'56
84George PreidlerTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 9'57
85Matthias PlarreLeopard Development Team+ 10'13
86Marco MinnaardWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 10'44
87Aron KremerColba - Superano Ham+ 10'46
88Kevin SuarezColba - Superano Ham+ 10'59
89Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 11'41
90Stef Van ZummerenVĂ©randas Willems+ 11'54
91Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willems+ 11'58
92Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 12'04
93Tom StamsnijderTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 12'37
94Jesse SergentTrek Factory Racing+ 12'39
95Gijs Van HoeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 12'47
96Rick FlensTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 12'50
97Floris De TierTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
98Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Team+ 13'00
99Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 13'10
100Koen BouwmanSEG Racing+ 13'12
101André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 13'17
102Roy CurversTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 13'45
103Rick OttemaColba - Superano Ham+ 15'52
104Dennis BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 15'55
105Daan MeijersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 16'01
106Pit SchlechterLeopard Development Team+ 16'12
107Victor ManakovLeopard Development Team+ 16'29
108Jarno GmelichMetec - TKH+ 16'43
109Milan VeltmanMetec - TKH+ 17'20
110Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
111Piotr HavikRabobank Development Team+ 17'22
112Joey Van RheeCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 17'25
113Gertjan De VosTeam 3M+ 17'27
114Rob LeemansSEG Racing+ 17'35
115Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 17'58
116Stefan KrederMetec - TKH+ 18'08
117Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willems+ 18'10
118Thijs van BeusichemParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 18'13
119Nick Van Der MeerColba - Superano Ham+ 19'19
120Davy GunstSEG Racing+ 19'27
121Kenny De KeteleTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 19'38
122Jelle DondersColba - Superano Ham+ 19'42
123Luc TurchiLeopard Development Team+ 19'50
124Jeroen GoelevenColba - Superano Ham+ 20'28
125Sander HelvenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 21'31
126Taco Van Der HoornCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 21'52
127Wouter MolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 23'00
128Jake TannerTeam 3M+ 23'10
129Fabio JakobsenSEG Racing+ 24'50
130Patrick Van LeeuwenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 26'52
131Antwan TolhoekRabobank Development Team+ 27'00
132Nino HonighRabobank Development Team+ 27'44
133Cees BolRabobank Development Team+ 28'23
134Jim van den BergParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 30'26
135Jelle WolsinkMetec - TKH+ 34'12
136Bryan VerdoolaegheColba - Superano Ham+ 34'19
137Christophe SleursTeam 3M+ 35'01
138Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 39'00
139Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 39'08
140Stijn SteelsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 42'06
141Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 45'36
142Rick GoereeMetec - TKH+ 48'13

Points Classification

1Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbo69
2Marco MarcatoWanty - Groupe Gobert64
3Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise55
4Maxime MonfortLotto Soudal45
5Boy Van PoppelTrek Factory Racing44

Mountain Classification

1Yves LampaertEtixx - Quick-step30
2Jarno GmelichMetec - TKH26
3Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems22
4Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team12
5Moreno De PauwTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise11

Young Rider Classification

1 Bob Jungels Trek Factory Racing 17h01'39
2 Tim Wellens Lotto Soudal + 6
3 Jasper Stuyven Trek Factory Racing + 10
4 Warren Barguil Team Giant-Alpecin + 15
5 Maurits Lammertink Team Roompot-Oranje Peloton + 18

Team Classification

1Trek Factory Racing51h04'59
2Lotto Soudal+ 10
3Etixx - Quick-step+ 21
4Team Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3'03
5Team Giant-Alpecin+ 4'40

Somehow, despite all that suffering, I finished as the best place rider on the team. My teammates really had a horrible race and we were all only looking forward to the next race.

Halle - Ingooigem

I had a free role in this race as Krieger went chasing a sprint victory. I stayed within the peloton as I felt there was a good chance of a late attack. Alas, that wasn't to be as all late attacks were foiled by the sprinter's teams. The breakaway didn't survive and Kenny Dehaes won the bunch sprint from Van Asbroeck and Veelers. Krieger finished in 11th while I finished in the middle of the pack.

1Kenny DehaesLotto Soudal3h39'24
2Tom Van AsbroeckTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
3Tom VeelersTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
4Edward TheunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
5André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
6Dennis Van WindenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
7Tiesj BenootLotto Soudals.t.
8Fabio FellineTrek Factory Racings.t.
9Dylan GroenewegenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
10Rick ZabelBMC Racing Teams.t.

11Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
12Grégory RastTrek Factory Racings.t.
13Matteo TrentinEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
14Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racings.t.
15Maxime MonfortLotto Soudals.t.
16Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
17Taylor PhinneyBMC Racing Teams.t.
18Jesse SergentTrek Factory Racings.t.
19Gert DockxLotto Soudals.t.
20Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
21Klaas LodewyckBMC Racing Teams.t.
22Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
23Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
24Stefan KĂĽngBMC Racing Teams.t.
25Gerry DruytsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
26Danilo WyssBMC Racing Teams.t.
27Guillaume Van KeirsbulckEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
28Tom LeezerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
29Petr VakoÄŤEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
30Stig BroeckxLotto Soudals.t.
31Dennis VanendertLotto Soudals.t.
32Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
33Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
34Michael SchärBMC Racing Teams.t.
35Michel KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
36Pim LigthartLotto Soudals.t.
37Gert SteegmansTrek Factory Racings.t.
38Fabio SabatiniEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
39Frederique RobertWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
40Edwig CammaertsVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
41LoĂŻc VliegenBMC Racing Teams.t.
42Gianluca BrambillaEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
43Aidis KruopisAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
44Ryan MullenAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
45Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
46Brent BookwalterBMC Racing Teams.t.
47Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3Ms.t.
48Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
49Kevin ClaeysColba - Superano Hams.t.
50Laurent Vanden BakLeopard Development Teams.t.
51Jelle WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
52Jef Van MeirhaegheTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
53Michał GołaśEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
54Tim De TroyerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
55Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Teams.t.
56Joeri StallaertCibels.t.
57SĂ©bastien RosselerVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
58Kevin HulsmansVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
59Nikias ArndtTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
60Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
61Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
62Frederik VeuchelenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
63Koen De KortTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
64Roy JansWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
65Olivier PardiniVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
66Justin JulesVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
67Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
68Calvin WatsonTrek Factory Racings.t.
69Albert TimmerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
70Jos Van EmdenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
71Tom StamsnijderTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
72Daan MyngheerVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
73Massimo GraziatoParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
74Ramon SinkeldamTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
75JĂ©rĂ´me BaugniesWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
76Benjamin VerraesCibels.t.
77Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
78Lars Van Der HaarTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
79Simone AntoniniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
80Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
81Dion BeukeboomParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
82Gijs Van HoeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
83Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
84Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
85Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
86Marco KönigLeopard Development Teams.t.
87Tim MerlierVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
88Bert Van LerbergheTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
89Geert Van Der WeijstTeam 3Ms.t.
90Niels van DorsselaerCibels.t.
91James VanlandschootWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
92Paulius SiskeviciusAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
93Cees BolRabobank Development Teams.t.
94Niels De RoozeVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
95Emiel WastynVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
96Francesco Van CoppernolleVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
97Stijn SteelsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
98Thomas Van OpstalColba - Superano Hams.t.
99Kevin PanhuyzenTeam 3Ms.t.
100Lennard HofstedeRabobank Development Teams.t.
101Tim RodenburgCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
102Alexander CoolsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
103Dennis BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
104Jens AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
105Aaron GateAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
106Alistair SlaterAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
107Connor McConveyTeam 3Ms.t.
108Eliot LietaerTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
109Mirko SelvaggiWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
110Sieben WoutersRabobank Development Teams.t.
111Emiel VermeulenTeam 3Ms.t.
112Sam OomenRabobank Development Teams.t.
113Jelle DondersColba - Superano Hams.t.
114Patrick Van LeeuwenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
115Xandro MeurisseAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
116Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
117Jaap KooijmanParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 3'37
118Arvid De KleijnCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
119Jeroen GoelevenColba - Superano Hams.t.
120Sam LennertzVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
121Bryan VerdoolaegheColba - Superano Hams.t.
122Nino HonighRabobank Development Teams.t.
123Nick Van Der MeerColba - Superano Hams.t.
124Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Teams.t.
125Joeri AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 4'08
126Stephan BakkerCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
127Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
128Johannes FröhlingerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
129Adriaan JanssenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
130Pieter SerryEtixx - Quick-step+ 5'39
131Lawrence NaesenCibels.t.
132Vinnie BraetColba - Superano Hams.t.
133Twan BrusselmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
134Matthias OngenaCibels.t.
135Bram NoltenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
136Kevin CallebautCibels.t.
137Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
138Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
139Jesper AsselmanTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
140Thomas GibbonsCibels.t.
141Kenneth Van CompernolleColba - Superano Hams.t.
142Christophe SleursTeam 3Ms.t.
143Guy SmetCibels.t.
144Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
145James JuddParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
146Fumiyuki BeppuTrek Factory Racings.t.
147Sean De BieLotto Soudals.t.
148Thomas VaubourzeixVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
149Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
150Julien VermoteEtixx - Quick-step+ 8'20
151Riccardo ZoidlTrek Factory Racings.t.
152Jens VandenbogaerdeAn Post - Chainreaction+ 10'10
153Elias Van BreussegemVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
154Jaap De ManTeam 3Ms.t.
155Fabrice MelsTeam 3Ms.t.
156Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
157Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
158Alexander MaesAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
159JerĂ´me GilbertVĂ©randas Willemss.t.

A month of disappointing results in June but these races were not my forte. I am waiting for more opportunities to make a mark on the Tour. In the meantime, training was of utmost importance.
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Young rider working for the team, earning his monthly salery Grin
Can't always hog the limelight, can I? Wink

I read the headlines of the Tour de France getting underway in the first weekend of July. I made a note to keep improving enough to feature on that start list very soon. I kept that thought locked up tight!

As for the racing this month, first up, we were off to Portugal...

GP Torres Vedras - Trofeu Joaquim Agostinho

I was assigned the leader of the team in this race. With a weak starting line-up, I was expecting a high finish for myself in the GC.

Stage 1 was a short ITT where I wasted a golden opportunity to take the lead. I rode most of the stage well within myself, not realising how short the stage really was. The late effort did not get me the top 5 finish I was hoping for. I finished only 9 seconds off the pace, but down in 12th place.

Stage 2 was a flat stage with some undulations at the end. These proved too much for the sprinters as the GC candidates mostly fought it out for top stage honours. I finished 6th in the sprint and moved up to 8th in the GC.

Stage 3 had 9 climbs in a gruelling up and down stage. The peloton split up three times till the sixth climb. Having come back together the first couple of instances, only a 26 rider group remained after the 6th climb with a 3 man break still out ahead. I was able to ride away from the pack on the seventh climb and caught up to the breakaway. However, the GC candidates were watchful and eventually made their way back to me. I finished in 13th place, falling out of the top 10 again.

Stage 4 saw an early pack split. The latter group never made it back. The breakaway was caught with 10 km to go by the leading group of 12 riders. I was in that group till this time but fell away in the final couple of kilometres, losing 3 minutes to stage winner Gregory Brenes.

General Classification

1Marcos GarcĂ­aLouletano - Ray Just Energy11h15'10
2Gregory BrenesJamis - Hagens Berman+ 27
3Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 2'31
4Daniel SilvaRadio Popular - Boavista+ 2'48
5Sam OomenRabobank Development Team+ 3'02
6JĂłni BrandĂŁoEfapel+ 3'24
7Manuel Antunes AmaroLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 3'25
8Ricardo MestreTeam Tavira+ 3'38
9Arkaitz DuránEfapel+ 4'01
10Gustavo CĂ©sar VelosoW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 4'11

11Hugo SabidoLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 4'26
12Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willems+ 4'58
13HĂ©lder OliveiraW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 5'05
14Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Team+ 5'47
15Tommy NankervisTeam Budget Forklifts+ 5'56
16Delio FernándezW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 8'44
17Jack BobridgeTeam Budget Forklifts+ 9'31
18Olivier PardiniVĂ©randas Willems+ 9'57
19Marco TizzaTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 10'06
20Pedro PaulinhoLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 11'08
21David RodriguesRadio Popular - Boavista+ 11'19
22Rafael ReisTeam Tavira+ 12'37
23AntĂłnio CarvalhoW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 12'52
24Hernani BrocoLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 12'57
25Alejandro MarqueEfapel+ 13'00
26Joeri AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 13'06
27Daniel JaramilloJamis - Hagens Berman+ 13'19
28Alberto GallegoRadio Popular - Boavista+ 13'43
29Andzs FlaksisHincapie Racing Team+ 14'03
30Thomas VaubourzeixVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 14'08
31Rob RuijghVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 14'19
32Brendan CantyTeam Budget Forklifts+ 14'20
33Hugo SanchoLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 14'37
34Daan MyngheerVĂ©randas Willems+ 15'04
35Bruno SilvaLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 15'19
36Joseph SchmalzHincapie Racing Team+ 15'43
37Massimo GraziatoParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 15'45
38Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems+ 16'05
39CĂ©sar FonteRadio Popular - Boavista+ 16'52
40Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Team+ 16'54
41Kevin PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 17'09
42VergĂ­lio SantosRadio Popular - Boavista+ 17'16
43Samuel CaldeiraW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
44Kristian HaugaardLeopard Development Team+ 17'17
45Robbie SquireHincapie Racing Team+ 17'30
46Pit SchlechterLeopard Development Team+ 17'32
47Timothy StevensVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 17'43
48Dominic MestreLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 18'13
49SĂ©bastien RosselerVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 18'15
50Joseph LewisHincapie Racing Team+ 18'30
51Emiel WastynVĂ©randas Willems+ 18'31
52Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 19'12
53David WilliamsJamis - Hagens Berman+ 19'23
54Franz SchiewerLKT-Team-Brandenburg+ 19'25
55Patrick Van LeeuwenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 19'28
56Johan CoenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 19'30
57Matteo SpreaficoTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 19'31
58Daniel BarryTeam Budget Forklifts+ 19'32
59Francisco CostaLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 20'13
60Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willems+ 20'16
61Maurizio DamianoTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 20'18
62Kevin HulsmansVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 20'43
63Jan MaasRabobank Development Team+ 20'49
64Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Team+ 20'53
65Giacomo PerettoTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 21'03
66Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Team+ 21'07
67Christian KochLKT-Team-Brandenburg+ 21'50
68Dion BeukeboomParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 21'57
69Westley GoughTeam Budget Forklifts+ 22'00
70Nathan WilsonJamis - Hagens Berman+ 22'35
71Angel SánchezW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 22'40
72Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 22'45
73Alessandro PettitiTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 23'02
74Stefan PoutsmaCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 23'03
75Francesco Van CoppernolleVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 23'06
76Twan BrusselmanCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 23'13
77Tim MerlierVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 23'15
78Fábio RodriguesTeam Tavira+ 23'17
79Laurent Vanden BakLeopard Development Team+ 23'38
80Jack AndersonTeam Budget Forklifts+ 23'47
81Walter TrilliniJamis - Hagens Berman+ 23'52
82Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Team+ 24'07
83Julien Van Den BrandeVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 24'15
84Nino HonighRabobank Development Team+ 24'20
85Mac BrennanHincapie Racing Team+ 24'29
86Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 24'30
87Davide ViganòTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 24'50
88Piotr HavikRabobank Development Team+ 24'59
89Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Team+ 25'00
90Ricardo ValeRadio Popular - Boavista+ 25'08
91HĂ©lder FerreiraEfapel+ 25'18
92JoĂŁo Pedro RodriguesTeam Tavira+ 25'47
93Matthias PlarreLeopard Development Team+ 26'06
94Stephen LeeceJamis - Hagens Berman+ 26'18
95Myron SimpsonTeam Budget Forklifts+ 26'30
96Melvin RulliereVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 26'35
97Dries De BondtVĂ©randas Willems+ 26'39
98Peter SchultingParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 26'44
99Elias Van BreussegemVĂ©randas Willems+ 27'21
100Glenn O'SheaTeam Budget Forklifts+ 27'29
101Gualter CarvalhoW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 27'55
102Yu TakenouchiVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 28'16
103Luis Filipe FernandesW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 28'17
104Miguel BryonHincapie Racing Team+ 28'24
105Andre EvangelistaLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 28'43
106Rafael SilvaEfapels.t.
107Cees BolRabobank Development Team+ 29'10
108Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 29'52
109Sieben WoutersRabobank Development Team+ 29'55
110Marcel FranzLKT-Team-Brandenburg+ 30'07
111Tim ReskeLKT-Team-Brandenburg+ 30'11
112James JuddParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 30'24
113David DesmechtVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 30'34
114Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 31'57
115Leon RohdeLKT-Team-Brandenburg+ 33'27
116Tim AriesenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 33'38
117Rui RodriguesLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 33'57
118Henrique CasimiroTeam Tavira+ 34'55
119Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 35'44
120Micael IsidoroLouletano - Ray Just Energy+ 36'07
121Robert KesslerLKT-Team-Brandenburg+ 36'34
122Stephan BakkerCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 36'44
123Bram NoltenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 37'33

Points Classification

1Marcos GarcĂ­aLouletano - Ray Just Energy70
2Gregory BrenesJamis - Hagens Berman59
3Daniel SilvaRadio Popular - Boavista49
4Tommy NankervisTeam Budget Forklifts40
5Ricardo MestreTeam Tavira32

Mountain Classification

1Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Piels30
2Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems28
3Tommy NankervisTeam Budget Forklifts18
4Daniel BarryTeam Budget Forklifts16
5Marcos GarcĂ­aLouletano - Ray Just Energy14

Young Rider Classification

1Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palace11h17'41
2Sam OomenRabobank Development Team+ 31
3Manuel Antunes AmaroLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 54
4Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Team+ 3'16
5Marco TizzaTeam Idea 2010 ASD+ 7'35

Team Classification

1W52 - Quinta da Lixa34h03'24
2Efapel+ 2'06
3Louletano - Ray Just Energy+ 5'15
4Radio Popular - Boavista+ 6'16
5LA Aluminios - Antarte+ 6'24

The 4th place in the U25s was not a satisfactory result in this race as I was expecting a top 5 finish. I had a bad time in the last stage and that put paid to my chances.

GP Cerami

This race was a cobbled one-day race. I was assigned as a helper but not assigned to any rider in particular. The brief was to stay at the front of the race as far as possible and help out whichever teammate was having a good day. Unfortunately, most of my teammates were dropped on the first of two big cobbled sections. Luyckx and I held on to the front group till the second cobbled section when we were both dropped. I finished in the second group on the road, down in 53rd place. Antoine Demoitte (RIP) won the reduced bunch sprint.

1Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles4h40'03
2Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racings.t.
3Joeri StallaertCibels.t.
4Gijs Van HoeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
5Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
6Marco MarcatoWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
7Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
8Thomas De GendtLotto Soudals.t.
9Bert De BackerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
10Preben Van HeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.

11Iljo KeisseEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
12Olivier NaesenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
13Nikolas MaesEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
14Niels De RoozeVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
15Grégory RastTrek Factory Racings.t.
16Stijn DevolderTrek Factory Racings.t.
17Magnus Bak KlarisSEG Racings.t.
18Gert SteegmansTrek Factory Racing+ 2'12
19Warren BarguilTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
20Boris ValléeLotto Soudals.t.
21Tim DeclercqTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
22Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
23Kevyn IstaWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
24Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
25David De la CruzEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
26Frederik VeuchelenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
27Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
28Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
29Stig BroeckxLotto Soudals.t.
30Michał GołaśEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
31Jordi van DingenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
32Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
33Edwig CammaertsVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
34Fabio SabatiniEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
35Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
36Olivier PardiniVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
37Michel KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
38Sean De BieLotto Soudals.t.
39Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
40Fabio SilvestreTrek Factory Racings.t.
41Boy Van PoppelTrek Factory Racings.t.
42Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
43Kevin PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
44Marcel SiebergLotto Soudals.t.
45Johnny HoogerlandTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
46Albert TimmerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
47Lars Van Der HaarTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
48Guillaume Van KeirsbulckEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
49Victor CampenaertsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
50Jesper AsselmanTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
51Kevin De WeertTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
52Dennis VanendertLotto Soudals.t.
53Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
54Johannes FröhlingerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
55Kevin HulsmansVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
56Daan MyngheerVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
57Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3M+ 4'08
58Egidijus JuodvalkisColba - Superano Hams.t.
59Tosh Van der SandeLotto Soudals.t.
60Dennis Van WindenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
61Aidis KruopisAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
62Christophe PremontVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
63Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
64Carter JonesTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
65Jonas RickaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
66Tom DevriendtWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
67Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Teams.t.
68Otto VergaerdeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
69Marco ColedanTrek Factory Racings.t.
70Julien VermoteEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
71SĂ©bastien RosselerVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
72Gert DockxLotto Soudals.t.
73Simone AntoniniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
74Roy CurversTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
75Etienne Van EmpelTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
76Moreno De PauwTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
77Danilo NapolitanoWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
78Maxime BouetEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
79Cheng JiTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
80Lander SeynaeveWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
81Laurent DidierTrek Factory Racing+ 4'54
82Xandro MeurisseAn Post - Chainreaction+ 5'19
83Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
84Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
85Jenthe BiermansSEG Racings.t.
86Maxime AnciauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
87Kevin ClaeysColba - Superano Hams.t.
88James VanlandschootWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
89Jens GeerinckCibels.t.
90Grégory HabeauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
91Tim MerlierVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
92Kristian HaugaardLeopard Development Teams.t.
93Yannick EijssenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
94Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
95Jimmy JanssensTeam 3Ms.t.
96Matthias PlarreLeopard Development Teams.t.
97Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Teams.t.
98Jochem HoekstraCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
99Jelle MannaertsColba - Superano Hams.t.
100Jens AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
101André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
102Sean DowneyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
103Yoeri HavikSEG Racings.t.
104Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
105Thomas WertzWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
106Christophe SleursTeam 3Ms.t.
107Alex PetersSEG Racings.t.
108Jens VandenbogaerdeAn Post - Chainreaction+ 6'52
109Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
110Niels van DorsselaerCibels.t.
111Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
112Ricardo van DongenSEG Racings.t.
113Kevin De JongheCibels.t.
114Kurt GeysenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
115Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
116Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
117Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
118Conor DunneAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
119Robbe CasierVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 8'03
120Dion BeukeboomParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
121Alexander MaesAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
122Jelle DondersColba - Superano Hams.t.
123Rick OttemaColba - Superano Hams.t.
124Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
125Fabrice MelsTeam 3Ms.t.
126George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
127Dries De BondtVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
128Bjorn de DeckerCibels.t.
129Kevin CallebautCibels.t.
130Lawrence NaesenCibels.t.
131Quincy VensColba - Superano Hams.t.
132Stefan PoutsmaCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
133Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
134Aron KremerColba - Superano Hams.t.
135Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
136Joey Van RheeCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
137Emiel VermeulenTeam 3Ms.t.
138Jaap De ManTeam 3M+ 9'32
139Twan BrusselmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
140Julien Van Den BrandeVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
141Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
142Zhi Hui JiangSEG Racings.t.
143Jack WilsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
144Francesco Van CoppernolleVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
145Rob LeemansSEG Racings.t.
146Jim van den BergParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
147Thomas De TrochVĂ©randas Willems+ 11'08
148Martial RomanVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
149Jan DenuwelaereVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
150Bram NoltenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 12'25
151Eoin McCarthyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
152Vincent De BoeckColba - Superano Hams.t.
153Joris BlokkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
154Sea Keong LohSEG Racings.t.
155Jenning HuizengaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
156Laurent Vanden BakLeopard Development Teams.t.
157Guy SmetCibels.t.
158Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3Ms.t.

Central European Tour

Another one day race saw me riding my own race throughout. I sat at the front of the pack and chased down the remnants of the break with 35 km remaining. I attacked with 35 km to go. My lead lasted 10 km as I was caught by the peloton with 25 km to go. I was then duly dropped with 15 km to go. A couple of teammates finished in the top 20 which pushed our team to 4th in the standings. Baptiste Planckaert won by half a minute after a late attack. I finished in 101st place.

1Baptiste PlanckaertRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole2h38'06
2Mattia GavazziAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 30
3Maxime VantommeRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
4Travis MccabeTeam Smartstops.t.
5Guillaume BoivinOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
6Mansoor Ali ThaniSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
7Rudy BarbierRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
8Steele Von HoffNFTOs.t.
9Tommy NankervisTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
10Alberto CecchinRoth - Skodas.t.

11Michele ScartezziniMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
12Jenthe BiermansSEG Racings.t.
13Jonas Aaen JørgensenRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
14Michael WoodsOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
15Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
16Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
17Rudy KowalskiRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
18Kristian HaugaardLeopard Development Teams.t.
19Kasper KlostergaardRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
20Julien AntomarchiRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
21Andreas GyllingRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
22Andrea PaliniSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
23Tom WirtgenLeopard Development Teams.t.
24Dieter BouvryRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
25Brendan CantyTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
26Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
27Daan MeijersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
28Michael TorcklerTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
29Evan HuffmanTeam Smartstops.t.
30Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
31Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
32Mohammed Al MurawwiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
33Will RoutleyOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
34Magnus Bak KlarisSEG Racing+ 1'35
35Pit SchlechterLeopard Development Teams.t.
36Pierrick NaudOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
37Charles Bradley HuffOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
38Josh BerryTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
39Jack AndersonTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
40Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3Ms.t.
41Sultan Hassan AlhammadiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
42Julian KyerTeam Smartstops.t.
43Pavel CamrdaWhirlpool - Authors.t.
44Kristofer DahlTeam Smartstop+ 2'48
45Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Teams.t.
46Willy WillwohlLKT-Team-Brandenburgs.t.
47Marco TizzaTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
48Luca CappelliTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
49Soufiane HaddiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
50Casper PedersenRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
51Martijn DegreveTeam 3Ms.t.
52Andrea PasqualonRoth - Skodas.t.
53Kasper Linde JørgensenRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
54Mads ChristensenRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
55Josef HosekWhirlpool - Authors.t.
56Matteo MalucelliTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
57Michele GazzaraMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
58Edgar PintoSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
59Yoeri HavikSEG Racings.t.
60Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racings.t.
61Roman ShevchukAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
62Daniel BarryTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
63Martin HunalWhirlpool - Authors.t.
64Paweł CieślikWhirlpool - Authors.t.
65Moreno GiampaoloMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
66Eugenio BaniAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
67Rasmus MygindRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
68Jesper MørkøvRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
69Raffaele RadiceMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
70Robert PartridgeNFTOs.t.
71Ahmed AlbalooshiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
72Eric MarcotteTeam Smartstops.t.
73Giacomo TomioRoth - Skodas.t.
74Nico BrĂĽnggerRoth - Skodas.t.
75Jimmy JanssensTeam 3Ms.t.
76Tom ZirbelOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
77Samuel WilliamsONE Pro Cyclings.t.
78Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
79James Lowsley-WilliamsNFTOs.t.
80Laurent Vanden BakLeopard Development Teams.t.
81Myron SimpsonTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
82Shane KlineTeam Smartstop+ 4'02
83Jure KocjanTeam Smartstops.t.
84Robert-Jon McCarthySEG Racings.t.
85Gian Marco Di FrancescoMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
86Marcin BiałobłockiONE Pro Cyclings.t.
87Andrea TomassiniMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
88Sam WitmitzTeam Budget Forkliftss.t.
89Chris OpieONE Pro Cyclings.t.
90Marc HesterONE Pro Cyclings.t.
91Christophe SleursTeam 3Ms.t.
92Steven LammertinkSEG Racings.t.
93Michael BrescianiRoth - Skodas.t.
94Hugh WilsonNFTOs.t.
95James LewisNFTOs.t.
96Yanto BarkerONE Pro Cyclings.t.
97Wouter MolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
98Zachary BellTeam Smartstops.t.
99Lukas JuanRoth - Skodas.t.
100Maurizio DamianoTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
101Abhishek SinhaLeopard Development Teams.t.
102Jonas BokelohSEG Racings.t.
103Ricardo van DongenSEG Racings.t.
104George AtkinsONE Pro Cyclings.t.
105Shambih Khaled AliSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
106Martin ReimerLKT-Team-Brandenburgs.t.
107Marcel FranzLKT-Team-Brandenburgs.t.
108Fabio TuziMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
109Tom BarrasNFTOs.t.
110Jack SadlerTeam 3Ms.t.
111Elliott PorterTeam 3Ms.t.
112Carl SoballaLKT-Team-Brandenburgs.t.
113Dale ApplebyNFTOs.t.
114Jake TannerTeam 3Ms.t.
115Emiliano FaietaMG.Kvis - Vegas.t.
116Alessandro MarianiTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
117Tomas KalojirosWhirlpool - Authors.t.
118Louis RohdeLKT-Team-Brandenburgs.t.
119Manuel TodaroTeam Idea 2010 ASDs.t.
120Jordi TalenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
121Volodimir FredyukAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
122Gertjan De VosTeam 3Ms.t.
123Temesgen TeklehaimanotRoth - Skodas.t.
124Joe WiltshireNFTOs.t.
125Allessio BotturaRoth - Skodas.t.
126Logan LoaderAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
127Jan KovarWhirlpool - Authors.t.
128Volodymyr KogutAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
129Gino VierhoutenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
130Cameron DodgeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
131Rino ZampilliAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
132Chris ClementsOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategiess.t.
133Markiyan MikhenkoAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
134Robert KesslerLKT-Team-Brandenburgs.t.

Budhapest GP

The race in Budhapest was meant for the sprinters, with a couple of small climbs. I was assigned with protecting Haugaard. The role did not last very long as Haugaard dropped out of the peloton quite early. I started riding for myself. I kept pace with the front of the race for the entire time. I saw my teammates form the perfect sprint train for Krieger. I swerved to get out of the way of the sprint trains just as the peloton turned in for the final turn. And then...
A cliffhanger. That looks great
and then.......Frown
Starting Out as Pro - Injury!!

Tamijo guessed it...

Bang I went into the barriers, as the peloton came charging past. The first impact didn't feel too bad and I managed to somehow stay upright but the worst was yet to come. I got hit by a couple of riders who couldn't avoid me in time. This set into motion a fall involving close to a dozen riders. I had no idea how many. Burning pain shot up from my left leg as I lay there in a tangle of bodies and damaged bikes. The team medics were on the scene in a flash. After an initial assessment, I could tell from their expressions that it was a bad injury. I faintly saw some of the less affected riders get back on their bikes and ride away to the finish. I could barely muster the strength to move!

I was helped on to the ambulance. Luckily, we were near the city and the ride to the hospital was a short one. Being a limb injury, I was conscious the whole time and in excruciating pain. After administering a lot of painkillers and performing the required tests, the resident specialist confirmed what the medics were fearing - Patelar Tendon Tear in the left leg! Out of action for minimum of 2 months!

Race Update: Alexander Krieger 3rd, Leopard Dev 1st!

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 16-09-2016 03:47
Ouch! Sadly, that's part of cycling. Possibly the end of the season for you.
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