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One in a Billion | Rise to the Summit
@Aquarius: Yes, it is my first ever WT stage race win. It is also my first non-GT stage race win since 2021! Weird things happen Pfft

@Tamijo: Thanks Grin

Coming off the back of my first ever World Tour stage race win, I raring to go at the next race in the Basque Country.

Vuelta al Pais Vasco

I was looking forward to this race from the start of the season, as the profiles suited me excellently.

Stage 1


The lone break increased to five after the first climb. The climbs were deceptively hard on this stage and the peloton was down to just 69 riders after the third climb. One from the break was caught by now. Kwiatkowski got dropped on the fourth descent, which wasn't something anyone was expecting. Another breakaway rider was caught here and eventually all of them caught on the fifth climb. The peloton was down to 50, and the bunch sprint following the downhill section saw me just miss out on the stage win, and coming 2nd.


Stage 2 was supposed to be 'easier' but it wasn't without incident. Tigether with teammate Ligthart and also Loer, I got away from the pack on the fifth climb and eventually dropped Ligthart. We caught and passed the break, but were caught by the 99 man peloton with 2.5 km to go. I finished safely in the pack, with Mohoric sprinting to 5th, starting from a long way back. I moved down a spot in the GC, while Mohoric moved up to 4th.

The four man break lasted till the third climb on Stage 3, with about 40 km still to go. I won the KOM sprint on the fourth climb, moving to the front of the peloton in the final stages of the same. Adam Yates attacked on the climb to the finish, with 5 km remaining. I got away from the peloton in chase but left it a bit too late and couldn't catch Yates. I finished 2nd on the stage and moved up to 2nd in the GC behind Yates.

Stage 4


The peloton nearly halved in size on the first climb itself, chasing the eight man break. It halved in size agian on the second climb, leaving just 52 riders in it. Two from the rbeak were caught. Jeff New set a brutal pace for us up the third climb and I stuck to him like glue. Three more from the break were reeled in as the pack whittled down to 33 riders. I did still have four teammates in the group. Two more from the break were caught befroe the fourth climb, where New continued to push the tempo. Duteil took over with 15 km to go. New's effort had dropped all of Kwiatkowski, Moser, Polanc, Van der Poel and even our teammate Mohoric! The peloton was now down to 23 with only New and Duteil left to support me. The last rider from the break was caught with 10 km to go. All the stage favourites left in the front group were at the front with Duteil leading us on. I attacked with 3 km to go, with Yates and Dunbar chasing. Yates caught up with 1500 meters to go. I slowed down, and waited for the sprint, but he held on to my wheel throughout. I did get the better of him in the sprint and took the stage win!


Stage 5


This stage was expected to be tough, with so many climbs littered across the profile. And it was! The early break had six riders, while the peloton was already down to 78 riders after the second climb. Simon Yates, 4th in GC, was among those in trouble, but he recovered after the climb. One rider from the break was cuaght on the fourth climb, and two more caught on the fifth climb started. Mohoric and New were bossing it at the front, in a repeat ofthe previous stage. Riders from the break kept getting picked and all were caught on the seventh climb. The peloton was down to 36. Duteil, New and five others were caught up in a crash at the base of the eight climb, which left me short of helpers. I got away from the pack on the climb, seeing that the team would not be able to control the pack now. I was chased by Aru, Yatesx2, Dumoulin, Bosvelt and Wellens. Aru left the others behind and caught up to me on top of the eighth climb while Nairo Quintana and Oomen had joined th echasing group. Me and Aru were caught on the descent. Four riders - Aru, Wellens, Oomen and Dumoulin, attacked on the final climb. On top of the final climb, Aru was out ahead on his own, with Dumoulion the closest to him, with me down in the fourth group on the road with Simon Yates. We caught the group ahead of us before the finish, which was important and meant I did not lose time to Adam Yates, who was in the said group. Aru won from the impressive attack, while I finished 7th. New lost some time on this stage but still held on to his U25 jersey.

Stage 6


The reason catching up to the Adam Yates group was so important on the previous stage was because of this one. I knew I should be faster than him against the clock, but losing time on stage 7 would've meant him going out of reach. I still had 38 seconds to make up.

I was among the favourites for the stage win and started off well, going past the intermediate time check in second place. Yates was already down 33 seconds by this point and it was looking really good now. I stopped the clock just milliseconds down on the best time set by Dumoulin, meaning it was 2nd place on the stage. Now it was a wait to see how far down Yates would be. He came in a 1'16" off my time, which meant I had just picked up back-to-back wins in World Tour stage races!

General Classification

1Abhishek SinhaEvonik20h46'28
2Adam YatesRed Bull+ 39
3Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 1'06
4Fabio AruSauber+ 1'11
5Tim WellensBonsucro+ 2'55
6Simon YatesSauber+ 3'18
7Sam OomenMTN-Qhubeka+ 3'53
8Eddie DunbarGatorade+ 4'27
9Nairo QuintanaFirefox+ 4'29
10Davide FormoloBonsucro+ 5'04

11Miguel Angel LopezRed Bull+ 6'55
12Alvaro CuadrosBonsucro+ 6'59
13Robert PowerSauber+ 8'31
14Matvei MamykinQantas+ 9'02
15Moreno MoserTEAM Cepsa+ 10'41
16Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 10'57
17Jan PolancWestpac+ 11'44
18Julian AlaphilippeGazprom+ 12'01
19Wilco KeldermanGazprom+ 13'38
20Gervais HardouinSauber+ 13'58
21Matej MohoricEvonik+ 14'15
22Arnaud DuteilEvonik+ 15'39
23Jeff NewEvonik+ 16'04
24Thibaut PinotGazprom+ 16'36
25Ezequiel GrandiGatorade+ 17'21
26Paul BosveltEvonik+ 18'46
27Simon RaffinMTN-Qhubeka+ 19'08
28Gregorio IbañezGazprom+ 19'59
29Victor LafayEvonik+ 20'37
30Valerio ContiRed Bull+ 20'46
31Sebastian HenaoQantas+ 21'13
32Tony GallopinGazprom+ 21'38
33Tejay Van GarderenBonsucro+ 22'00
34Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 23'27
35Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubeka+ 24'06
36Jay McCarthyRed Bull+ 24'19
37Lukas LöerSauber+ 25'34
38MichaƂ KwiatkowskiGazprom+ 26'09
39JesĂșs HerradaUbisoft+ 26'14
40Elden BoatengFirefox+ 27'23
41Grégory AmbroiseGazprom+ 28'11
42Tobias LudvigssonQantas+ 28'48
43Renato AgapitoRed Bull+ 29'25
44Remy JanotTeam Europcar+ 30'34
45Rafal PalikBonsucro+ 31'05
46Ruben GuerreiroTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 31'24
47Hector SaezSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 32'32
48Constantino CampuzanoLacoste+ 33'02
49Tony GarriguesQantas+ 33'22
50Brad MalkinsonRed Bull+ 33'54
51Goredema DabengwaQuilicot+ 35'59
52Esteban ChavesTEAM Cepsa+ 36'37
53Mikel IturriaUbisoft+ 37'21
54Tilegen MaidosGatorade+ 37'24
55Michael GoglMTN-Qhubeka+ 38'29
56Maximilian SchachmannWestpac+ 39'30
57Manuel SenniGatorade+ 39'41
58Rudi MilicWestpac+ 40'28
59Michael ValgrenFirefox+ 40'43
60Miles ScotsonTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 41'01
61Gerardo MoralQuilicot+ 41'15
62Anatoliy BudyakTEAM Cepsa+ 41'33
63Brett HeinIberdrola+ 42'19
64Petr VakočBoyaca+ 42'20
65Florian MaĂźtreTeam Europcar+ 42'40
66Juan ChamorroTEAM Cepsa+ 43'00
67Antwan TolhoekQantas+ 43'06
68Marco TecchioBoyaca+ 43'31
69Jens WallaysBonsucro+ 44'13
70Dayer QuintanaLacoste+ 44'57
71Marc SolerTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 48'16
72Carlos VeronaMTN-Qhubeka+ 48'53
73Cameron MeyerWestpac+ 49'55
74Jon Carlos CerezoTEAM Cepsa+ 50'06
75Pim LigthartEvonik+ 50'42
76James OramFirefox+ 50'46
77Gennadiy TatarinovSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 51'23
78José Agustín Martínez TorrénSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 51'30
79Daniel HoelgaardSauber+ 52'18
80Markus HoelgaardRed Bull+ 52'42
81Pello BilbaoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 53'17
82Mannase LaudTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 53'35
83Dave AddyTeam Europcar+ 55'02
84Thomas SprengersBoyaca+ 55'31
85Aleksandar ReebGatorade+ 55'36
86Toms SkujinsMTN-Qhubeka+ 56'03
87David PerQuilicot+ 56'07
88Gini TuranoQantas+ 57'13
89Mickael AmarBoyaca+ 57'47
90Joshua HuppertzBoyaca+ 59'30
91Ahmet ÖrkenTeam Europcar+ 59'32
92Arnau SoleTEAM Cepsa+ 59'53
93Nicolas DietrichLacoste+ 1h01'32
94Michael KolarTrek Factory Racing+ 1h01'37
95Stef KrulQantas+ 1h01'38
96William DerksEvonik+ 1h02'31
97Unai IntziarteTEAM Cepsa+ 1h03'50
98Otman HanounaMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h05'25
99Riccardo TitoGatorade+ 1h05'35
100Yannick PeetersTrek Factory Racing+ 1h05'37
101Jimmy RaibaudTeam Europcar+ 1h06'03
102Marco BarreroTrek Factory Racing+ 1h06'39
103Marcel AreggerTeam Europcar+ 1h07'30
104Yevgeniy GidichIberdrola+ 1h07'47
105Manuel Antunes AmaroIberdrola+ 1h07'57
106Maxime DanielLacoste+ 1h08'07
107MichaƂ PalutaFirefox+ 1h08'16
108Gert-Jan BosmanWestpac+ 1h08'23
109Felip FontechaIberdrola+ 1h08'25
110Enrique SanzSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h08'50
111Yoann PaillotBonsucro+ 1h08'51
112Thomas Nybo RiisIberdrola+ 1h09'35
113Nathan BrownBonsucro+ 1h09'42
114Pierrick NaudTrek Factory Racing+ 1h10'14
115Mathias KrigbaumTeam Europcar+ 1h10'17
116Jurgen van DiemenUbisoft+ 1h10'43
117Antoine DuchesneLacoste+ 1h10'51
118Roland ThalmannSauber+ 1h11'52
119Mario GonzĂĄlezTEAM Cepsa+ 1h13'28
120Shiki KuroedaMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h15'02
121Michael SchwarzmannFirefox+ 1h17'24
122Steve PiraUbisoft+ 1h17'25
123Florian MaillotTeam Europcar+ 1h18'33
124Edward HeinenUbisoft+ 1h19'36
125Samuel SalmerĂłnIberdrola+ 1h20'55
126Ricardo van DongenSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 1h21'10
127Joeri StallaertLacoste+ 1h21'15
128Jokin ReverteLacoste+ 1h22'12
129Michael CarbelQuilicot+ 1h23'12
130Etienne FabreUbisoft+ 1h25'31
131Giorgio FlamigniBoyaca+ 1h26'13
132Morais CandeiasIberdrola+ 1h28'01
133Julien VermoteQantas+ 1h31'05
134Andrew PardewIberdrola+ 1h34'04
135Rodolfo InfantinoBoyaca+ 1h36'30
136Leonel CoutinhoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h40'32
137Sam HappaertsTrek Factory Racing+ 1h41'02
138Walter SchrÀderFirefox+ 1h49'02


Points Classification

1Abhishek SinhaEvonik89
2Tom DumoulinGazprom77
3Fabio AruSauber59
4Adam YatesRed Bull55
5Tim WellensBonsucro51


KOM Classification

1Ezequiel GrandiGatorade39
2JesĂșs HerradaUbisoft35
3Abhishek SinhaEvonik27
4Marco TecchioBoyaca27
5Miles ScotsonTeam Cannondale - Garmin21

Team Classification

2Bonsucro+ 4'49
3Evonik+ 9'33
4Gazprom+ 12'34
5Red Bull+ 13'26

How good the team were in this race is evident from the clutch of finishers in the 20s, which was a big part in both my stage win and the final GC success. I even picked up the Points jersey and was 3rd in the KOM standings.
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A very well played yet aggressive race from you, and it resulted in another win, amazing GrinGrinGrin

Coming off the back of my first ever Grand Tour stage win

Que? Pfft
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jandal7 wrote:
A very well played yet aggressive race from you, and it resulted in another win, amazing GrinGrinGrin

Coming off the back of my first ever Grand Tour stage win

Que? Pfft

Thanks Grin Was always in control except for some time on the fifth stage when the attackers got away and I had to chase.

I have won multiple Grand Tour stage wins before! Was just in a hurry to write it and didn't proof-read what I wrote. Corrected now. Wonder why I was thinking about that ? Pfft
Good job, that was very well ridden! Smile
Also, I hope I can comment here, I am new to the site... Embarassed
Thanks Smile

Off course you can comment here. Welcome to the site Grin
Ok, good to know. I will be sure to follow the story then! Grin
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What a great season so far, winning those two races which are never easy to win. Tour-Vuelta double coming up? Smile

@Vostok: Thanks Smile

@Ripley: There's some time for the GTs and let's not get too carried away yet Pfft My early season form has crashed down at the Tour before!
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Amstel Gold Race

After a great start to the season, I head to Ardennes week high on confidence, in a trio of races which is slowly rising higher in my priority list.

I was in a free role for the race with Bosvelt the designated leader. The break of the day had 5 riders. I was involved in a crash with 60 km to go, which brought down 15 riders in all. I recovered back to the pack. This was soon followed by me being caught on the wrong side of a split in the pack. I did get back to the peloton. With 20 km to go, the break had just over a minute's lead. The peloton was down to 39 riders. A breakaway rider was caught with 8 km to go, and another with 6 km to go. Wellens attacked from the pack and went in chase of the break. He caught two of them but Maitre took the win from the break as the pack left it too late. Duteil finished 5th, Mohoric 7th and Bosvelt was 9th for us. I lost out towards the end, running out of energy to hang with the front of the pack, after having spent energy unnecessarily earlier. I finished 24th.
La Fleche Wallone

I was in a free role again for the second part of Ardennes week. I was the defending champion in this race and was hoping to achieve something similar this time too. The team was quite similar to the one that started Amstel Gold Race and achieved three Top 10 results.

Two riders formed the break of the day. The peloton had a quiet day except for slowly reducing the gap to the break. Only 46 riders remained in the pack with 20 km to go. Kwiatkowski, Ania and Simon Yates attacked with 10 km to go. The break was caught 3 km later. I was in the next group chasing the three attackers with a minute's deficit. We tried our best but couldn't catch the riders out in front. I won the sprint for 4th, which was a very good result once again in this race. Bosvelt finished 8th to continue the team's fine results this week.

1MichaƂ KwiatkowskiGazprom4h50'15
2Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 45
3Simon YatesSauber+ 1'00
4Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 1'35
5Valerio ContiRed Bull+ 1'43
6Gracjan GregorekWestpacs.t.
7Nairo QuintanaFirefoxs.t.
8Paul BosveltEvoniks.t.
9Sam OomenMTN-Qhubekas.t.
10Mathieu van der PoelSauber+ 2'07

11Ian BoswellRed Bulls.t.
12Arnaud DuteilEvoniks.t.
13Tim WellensBonsucro+ 2'22
14Jay McCarthyRed Bulls.t.
15Matej MohoricEvoniks.t.
16Julian AlaphilippeGazproms.t.
17Daniel MartinWestpac+ 3'18
18Odd Christian EikingRMFs.t.
19Miguel Angel LopezRed Bull+ 4'04
20Tom DumoulinGazprom+ 4'12
21Arvydas KartchemarskasTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
22SĂ©bastien ReichenbachMTN-Qhubekas.t.
23Kenny ElissondeWestpac+ 4'26
24Albano PlateroWestpacs.t.
25Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubekas.t.
26Michael GoglMTN-Qhubekas.t.
27Zico WaeytensMTN-Qhubekas.t.
28Mathias Rask JeppessenFirefox+ 5'18
29Mads TheodorsenMTN-Qhubekas.t.
30Michael ValgrenFirefoxs.t.
31Michael PeterSaubers.t.
32James OramFirefoxs.t.
33Ulf HausweilerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
34Dayer QuintanaLacostes.t.
35Edward DiazBoyacas.t.
36Petr VakočBoyacas.t.
37Sebastian HenaoQantass.t.
38MichaƂ PalutaFirefoxs.t.
39Maxime Le LavandierTeam Europcars.t.
40Steff CrasFirefox+ 6'11
41Bernardo PedoneGazproms.t.
42Vladislav GorbunovMTN-Qhubekas.t.
43Diego OchoaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
44Emilien ViennetRed Bull+ 6'34
45Erik BaskaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
46Rafal PalikBonsucro+ 7'24
47Emanuel BuchmannRMFs.t.
48Oreste ScottaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
49Aleksandar ReebGatorades.t.
50Sean De BieVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
51Rudi MilicWestpacs.t.
52Jacques MevelWestpacs.t.
53Dries Van GestelSauber+ 7'57
54Jelle MannaertsFirefoxs.t.
55Elden BoatengFirefoxs.t.
56Koen BouwmanRMFs.t.
57Romain BardetGatorades.t.
58Bat BatkhuyagTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
59Pieter KaraaliTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
60Goredema DabengwaQuilicots.t.
61Brad MalkinsonRed Bulls.t.
62Remy JanotTeam Europcars.t.
63Lewis VenablesQuilicots.t.
64Kevin LedanoisSaubers.t.
65Gijs De BerlangerSaubers.t.
66Benjamin BrkicRMFs.t.
67Hervé ToutainTeam Europcars.t.
68Jeff NewEvoniks.t.
69Floris De TierBonsucros.t.
70Marko DĂ­azSaubers.t.
71Alexander KampIberdrolas.t.
72Tejay Van GarderenBonsucros.t.
73SĂ©rgio HenaoSaubers.t.
74Constantino CampuzanoLacostes.t.
75Jeffrey PerrinTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
76Heiner ParraSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
77Thomas SprengersBoyacas.t.
78André LooijPhilips+ 9'04
79Joshua EdmondsonRed Bulls.t.
80Christian QuerterTrek Factory Racings.t.
81Jhonatan RestrepoQantass.t.
82LoĂŻc BouchereauRMFs.t.
83Arie SantlWestpacs.t.
84Matvei MamykinQantass.t.
85Gijs Van HoeckeBonsucros.t.
86Joseph DombrowskiQantass.t.
87Ion IzagirreGazproms.t.
88Pierre-Roger LatourLacostes.t.
89Alexandre RoutierEvoniks.t.
90Simone PetilliGatorades.t.
91Warren BarguilBonsucros.t.
92José Agustín Martínez TorrénSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
93Fredrik GaltaPhilipss.t.
94Filadelfio SorianoGatorades.t.
95Sultan OyenusiRMFs.t.
96David PerQuilicots.t.
97Louis VervaekeTrek Factory Racings.t.
98Gennadiy TatarinovSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
99Alvaro CuadrosBonsucros.t.
100RafaƂ MajkaGatorades.t.
101Edward RavasiGatorades.t.
102Sandros MatherVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
103Darren HeightonRed Bulls.t.
104Kiante ChogeBoyacas.t.
105Thibaut PinotGazproms.t.
106Ilnur ZakarinGazproms.t.
107Jasper OckeloenPhilipss.t.
108Joseph FurerBoyacas.t.
109Leonardo PajueloBoyacas.t.
110Vince HarrodLacostes.t.
111Serghei TvetcovTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
112Edmeo MenghiniTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
113Sven-Jörg AustEvoniks.t.
114Dave AddyTeam Europcars.t.
115Konrad PisterEvoniks.t.
116Woldu MonzalMTN-Qhubekas.t.
117Terence SaliouTeam Europcars.t.
118LĂ©o VincentUbisofts.t.
119Tim De TroyerUbisofts.t.
120Rubén FernåndezIberdrolas.t.
121Michael HĂŒmbertIberdrolas.t.
122Juan Ángel GilQuilicots.t.
123Peter KotulaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
124Jimmy Turgis3Ms.t.
125Kenneth Van RooyBoyacas.t.
126Sander HelvenBelfiuss.t.
127Manuel Antunes AmaroIberdrolas.t.
128LĂ©onard IzardSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
129Torben Mark OceipaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 10'47
130Rob Leemans3Ms.t.
131Thijs van BeusichemPhilipss.t.
132Wilco KeldermanGazproms.t.
133Argiro OspinaBelfiuss.t.
134Enrico BattaglinBonsucros.t.
135Tony Van LandeghemRMFs.t.
136Thierrry BerthaultTeam Europcars.t.
137Thomas BonninTeam Europcars.t.
138Rudy BarbierQuilicots.t.
139Thomas Nybo RiisIberdrolas.t.
140Joeri StallaertLacostes.t.
141EstefĂąnio LinoVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
142Hyeoung Min ChoeQantass.t.
143Roman KreuzigerIberdrolas.t.
144Ricardo CanabalBoyacas.t.
145Maarten QueeckersTrek Factory Racings.t.
146Guillaume MartinLacostes.t.
147Charly WickliffTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
148Luca SterbiniGatorades.t.
149Tom WirtgenVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
150Jelle Donders3Ms.t.
151Kevin van StaeyenTrek Factory Racings.t.
152Gaëtan PonsTrek Factory Racings.t.
153BjĂžrn Tore Nielsen Hoem3Ms.t.
154Burkhardt GraceTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
155Gerardo MoralQuilicots.t.
156Yannick PeetersTrek Factory Racings.t.
157Adolfo GarfagniniTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
158Milan MentenLacostes.t.
159Anthony VandrepottePhilipss.t.
160Finn E. RosenkildeUbisofts.t.
161Tony GarriguesQantass.t.
162Lars Ø. DalstedBelfiuss.t.
163Daming LinVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
164Riccardo TitoGatorades.t.
165Fabio JakobsenPhilipss.t.
166Gurhan VolkanQantass.t.
167Andreas Trpisovsky3Ms.t.
168Oczan HenrichsPhilipss.t.
169Leonel CoutinhoTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
170Steff HermansUbisofts.t.
171Wynton FallonWestpacs.t.
172Hugo Van HeusdenPhilipss.t.
173Dennis CoenenRMFs.t.
174Louis DemontTeam Europcar+ 13'10
175Karim HensenBelfiuss.t.
176Thomas Croonen3Ms.t.
177Luca TaschinTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
178Mert ÇelikQuilicots.t.
179Federico Pozzetto3Ms.t.
180Jeremy LorantVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
181Brecht WachelVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
182Oliver GonzĂĄlez AlbiolBelfiuss.t.
183Edward HeinenUbisofts.t.
184Jeroen GoelevenBelfiuss.t.
185Florian VernayUbisoft+ 14'33
186Joren SegersBelfiuss.t.
187Kevin De JongheBelfiuss.t.
188Nicolas MertzLacostes.t.
189Sam HappaertsTrek Factory Racings.t.
190Massimo Davidts3Ms.t.
191Pello BilbaoTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
192Charlie ArimontUbisofts.t.
193Rudy DasovicIberdrola+ 15'26
194Geoffrey DuteilQuilicots.t.
195Phillippe PeroneTrek Factory Racings.t.
196Betserai MpofuVĂ©randas Willems+ 18'20
197Denis ShulgaQantas+ 19'14
198David De la CruzIberdrolas.t.

Great result in Fleche, which is quickly turning to be one of Sinha's favourites races with his latest results there Grin
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Kwiatkowski Rolling Eyes
Former Sky-rider... No, I am just kidding Smile
4th is also a very nice result! Grin
@Aquarius: Following in the footsteps of Val... No, too much pressure! This race is fun though Wink

@Vostok: Thanks. It is. And Sky-bots continue to dominate unfortunately Frown
Suprem Pais Vasco (a late) congratulations on that and fine race in La Fleche too.
Thanks Grin Really enjoyed those myself!
Liege - Bastogne - Liege


The culmination of Ardennes week and a race where I've done well a couple of times but have never been able to fight for the win. I head into this race with a good result in La Fleche under my belt and hoping to put in a good show.

Bosvelt remained the team's chosen puncher leader as I was given a free role again. The first nine man break didn't last long. Eventually it was seven riders who got away including Gregaard for us. Four off them were caught, including Gregaard. The pack split up with 115 km to go, with Conti being caught up on the wrong side of it for us. He and the rest of the grupetto did make it back. There was a major split with 70 km to go. M>A. Lopez, McCarthy, Dumoulin, Sagan and Ion Izagirre were the big names caught up on the wrong side of it. They did eventually make it back.

One rider from the break was caught with 55 km to go, with the rest caught with 37 km left. Duteil and Bosvelt attacked with 35 km to go, followed by seven others - Parra, Oomen, Van der Poel, Nairo Quintana, Ania, Kondo and Ion Izagirre. I found myself still in the third group on the road with 20 km to go, with not much change in the situation of the riders ahead of me. In the mean time, Mohoric had made his way to the second larger group chasing the two leaders. Bosvelt and Duteil were still in the front group. It was looking unlikely that I would be able to make to a stab at the win now.

I caught up to Mohoric with 9 km remaining, while the group he was in earlier had broken up into smaller groups. It was Duteil who was still in the front group, with Bosvelt dropping down to the group just in front of me on the road. I made my way past half a dozen riders or so in the final couple of kilometers, having paced myself better. I got into the top 10, with a 9th place finish. Duteil finished 2nd, losing out in the sprint to Ania. Bosvelt finished 8th, just ahead of me on the road. This was a great outing for the team with Mohoric also claiming 13th. In fact, the whole Ardennes campaign has been a big success!

1Anastasio AniaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club6h11'18
2Arnaud DuteilEvoniks.t.
3Mathieu van der PoelSaubers.t.
4Sam OomenMTN-Qhubeka+ 50
5Tim WellensBonsucro+ 1'11
6MichaƂ KwiatkowskiGazproms.t.
7Julian AlaphilippeGazprom+ 2'02
8Paul BosveltEvonik+ 2'18
9Abhishek SinhaEvonik+ 3'02
10Nairo QuintanaFirefox+ 3'23

11Simon YatesSauber+ 4'21
12Albano PlateroWestpacs.t.
13Matej MohoricEvonik+ 4'37
14Odd Christian EikingRMFs.t.
15Ion IzagirreGazproms.t.
16Miguel Angel LopezRed Bulls.t.
17Heiner ParraSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
18Jan PolancWestpac+ 5'59
19Kenny ElissondeWestpacs.t.
20Mattia CattaneoBonsucros.t.
21Kenichi KondoSaubers.t.
22Warren BarguilBonsucro+ 7'02
23Robert PowerSauber+ 7'09
24Carlos RibeiroRMFs.t.
25José Agustín Martínez TorrénSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
26LĂ©o VincentUbisofts.t.
27Tom DumoulinGazproms.t.
28Alexander FoliforovPhilipss.t.
29Michael ValgrenFirefoxs.t.
30Pierre-Roger LatourLacostes.t.
31Eduard BeltranUbisofts.t.
32Matvei MamykinQantass.t.
33Mikel LandaGazprom+ 7'33
34Romain BardetGatorades.t.
35Jacques MevelWestpacs.t.
36LoĂŻc BouchereauRMFs.t.
37SĂ©bastien ReichenbachMTN-Qhubeka+ 8'00
38Brett HeinIberdrolas.t.
39Michael GoglMTN-Qhubeka+ 9'00
40Carlos VeronaMTN-Qhubekas.t.
41Edward RavasiGatorades.t.
42Juan ChamorroTEAM Cepsas.t.
43Manuel Antunes AmaroIberdrolas.t.
44Antoine LavieuUbisoft+ 9'12
45Rafaël Le BretonBonsucro+ 10'35
46Takero TerasakiRaleigh Gac+ 10'54
47Gijs De BerlangerSaubers.t.
48Dylan TeunsFirefoxs.t.
49Sebastian HenaoQantass.t.
50SĂ©bastien EngelUbisofts.t.
51Jordi van DingenenRaleigh Gacs.t.
52Wilco KeldermanGazproms.t.
53Steff HermansUbisofts.t.
54Jonas GregaardEvoniks.t.
55Jan HirtMTN-Qhubeka+ 12'10
56Alvaro CuadrosBonsucros.t.
57Pavel TalipovMTN-Qhubekas.t.
58Sven-Jörg AustEvoniks.t.
59Massimo MogniGatorade+ 13'11
60Ulf HausweilerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
61Steff CrasFirefoxs.t.
62Moreno MoserTEAM Cepsas.t.
63Eduardo SepulvedaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
64Terence SaliouTeam Europcars.t.
65Baptiste BerangerQuilicots.t.
66Avelino BraguĂȘsTeam Europcars.t.
67Peter SaganGazproms.t.
68Lorenzo RotaGatorade+ 14'30
69Valerio ContiRed Bulls.t.
70Tejay Van GarderenBonsucros.t.
71Peter KotulaSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
72Larry WarbasseEvoniks.t.
73Lukas PöstlbergerFirefoxs.t.
74Dries Van GestelSauber+ 15'23
75Marcus Faglum KarlssonTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
76Lachlan MortonRed Bulls.t.
77Fabio TuziTEAM Cepsas.t.
78Daniel MartinWestpacs.t.
79Koen BouwmanRMFs.t.
80Christian LivieriGatorades.t.
81Laurens De PlusSaubers.t.
82Rudi MilicWestpacs.t.
83Manuel SenniGatorades.t.
84Edoardo ZardiniTEAM Cepsas.t.
85Gerd MĂžlvadgaardEvoniks.t.
86Floris De TierBonsucros.t.
87Remy JanotTeam Europcars.t.
88Louis VervaekeTrek Factory Racings.t.
89LĂ©onard IzardSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 16'34
90Thomas Croonen3Ms.t.
91Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubeka+ 17'06
92William BartaFirefoxs.t.
93Chris MortierPhilipss.t.
94Nelso PoliniMTN-Qhubeka+ 17'42
95Tilegen MaidosGatorades.t.
96Christian QuerterTrek Factory Racings.t.
97Dieter BouvrySkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
98Gini TuranoQantass.t.
99Ian BoswellRed Bulls.t.
100Constantino CampuzanoLacostes.t.
101Sultan OyenusiRMFs.t.
102Onur BalkanWestpacs.t.
103Antoine AzemaRaleigh Gacs.t.
104Jay McCarthyRed Bulls.t.
105Edmeo MenghiniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 18'51
106Clark BrownRed Bulls.t.
107Markus FreibergerTeam Europcars.t.
108Andy AtkinsonWestpacs.t.
109Miroslav SkokolRMFs.t.
110Goredema DabengwaQuilicots.t.
111GĂ©rald CheryUbisofts.t.
112Finn E. RosenkildeUbisoft+ 19'11
113Michael HĂŒmbertIberdrolas.t.
114Syarif HashimTeam Europcar+ 20'14
115Richard WeinzheimerTEAM Cepsas.t.
116RafaƂ MajkaGatorades.t.
117Burkhardt GraceTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
118Thijs van BeusichemPhilipss.t.
119Allan Ravn ThorningerRaleigh Gacs.t.
120Florent DelfosseBonsucros.t.
121Joseph DombrowskiQantas+ 20'42
122Kokayi ChatarRed Bulls.t.
123Philip O'DonnellSauber+ 21'00
124Hervé ToutainTeam Europcars.t.
125Tony GarriguesQantass.t.
126Ander ArranzIberdrolas.t.
127Oleg ZemlyakovRMFs.t.
128Lawson CraddockRed Bulls.t.
129Sean De BieVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
130Arnau SoleTEAM Cepsas.t.
131Juan Manuel PuntasIberdrolas.t.
132David PerQuilicot+ 22'55
133Thomas Nybo RiisIberdrolas.t.
134Claude LafargueLacostes.t.
135Romeo PisciottaTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
136Elden BoatengFirefox+ 23'22
137Dirk Jan RijsbergenRaleigh Gac+ 23'38
138Rostyslav ZhukovskyyTeam Europcars.t.
139Lieven GeurtsTrek Factory Racing+ 24'12
140Denis ShulgaQantass.t.
141Davide PacchiardoTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
142Gert-Jan TahyaPhilips+ 24'48
143Robbe CasierBelfius+ 25'54
144Hugo Van HeusdenPhilipss.t.
145Mikel BizkarraTEAM Cepsas.t.
146Louis DemontTeam Europcars.t.
147Argiro OspinaBelfiuss.t.
148Genaro CañadasIberdrolas.t.
149Kristian Gogorzena3Ms.t.
150Regillio BorojevicPhilipss.t.
151EstefĂąnio LinoVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
152Gerardo MoralQuilicots.t.
153Oliver GonzĂĄlez AlbiolBelfiuss.t.
154Mikael SalonenQantass.t.
155John BakerTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 26'23
156Abel KenyeresVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
157Arthur PerrierLacostes.t.
158Alexis GuerinUbisofts.t.
159Thomas HooglandPhilipss.t.
160Ravil SinyaevVĂ©randas Willems+ 26'59
161Milan MentenLacostes.t.
162Joeri StallaertLacoste+ 27'41
163Andreas Trpisovsky3Ms.t.
164RĂ©my MertzRMF+ 27'58
165Beñat TxoperenaTEAM Cepsas.t.
166Michael CarbelQuilicots.t.
167Tibor KozakRaleigh Gacs.t.
168Sander HelvenBelfiuss.t.
169Hugo Houle3M+ 28'22
170Gerry DruytsRaleigh Gac+ 28'30
171Glenn Van de MaeleBelfius+ 28'56
172Anthony VandrepottePhilipss.t.
173Jeremy LorantVĂ©randas Willems+ 30'06
174Brecht WachelVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
175Yannick PeetersTrek Factory Racings.t.
176Geoffrey DuteilQuilicots.t.
177Antonio BickelTrek Factory Racings.t.
178Anders EgsvangRaleigh Gacs.t.
179Nikolay Zhurkin3M+ 32'05
180Adolfo GarfagniniTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
181Phillippe PeroneTrek Factory Racings.t.
182Karim HensenBelfius+ 32'50
183Joren SegersBelfiuss.t.
184Nicolas MertzLacoste+ 33'40
185Betserai MpofuVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
186Vinnie BraetBelfius+ 34'04
187Gert Aimont3Ms.t.
188Emiel VermeulenLacostes.t.
189Leonel CoutinhoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 34'59
190Louis ConvensQantass.t.
191Yaroslav ParhomencoQuilicot+ 35'54
192Massimo Davidts3Ms.t.
193Federico Pozzetto3M+ 36'57
194Thibaut PinotGazprom+ 38'03
195David De la CruzIberdrolas.t.
196Franklin SixTrek Factory Racing+ 38'56
197Lionel TaminiauxTrek Factory Racing+ 39'18

Well, a Top10 for you isn't a bad result, given that it's your first time in LBL Top10.

Impressive performance for the team, though lacking that win that could have made it perfect
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

A great result with 3 rider in top 10
@Aquarius: Yes getting the win would've been the perfect finish to the week! Quite happy with my own performance too.

@Tamijo: Yeah great consistency from everyone.
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