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One in a Billion | Rise to the Summit
Vuelta a Espana

Stages 18 - 21

Stage 18


The five man break was joined by another on the third climb. The peloton was down to less than hundred riders at this point. Adam Yates made his move 4 km from the top, with three others in tow. I had to take up the chasing myself as no one was willing to cooperate and my teammates had run out of steam. I was half a minute down at top and the gap kept increasing through the valley and the HC climb. I ended up in a lonely 4th place, losing two and a half minutes to Yates. My lead was gone and I was a minute in arrears now!

Stage 19


The first couple of climbs were uneventful besides the usual chasing the break. It was snowing on top of the third climb, with the peloton ever reducing. I made my move on the fourth climb with Alaphilippe and a couple others. At the top of the climb, we had a 20 second lead to the pack, with the break out of reach. We were reeled in on the descent and were back in the pack at the base of the MTF. 3 km from the top, I made another attack from a group consisting of Yates, Zakarin and a couple of others. Yates chased and caught up while Zakarin was dropped. I lost a further 12 seconds to Yates at the line.

GC after Stage 19

1Adam YatesSwissair71h52'29
2Abhishek SinhaDuvel+ 1'35
3Ilnur ZakarinSwissair+ 5'43
4Arnaud DuteilTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 9'26
5Alexander FoliforovTEAM Kodak+ 11'36
6Eduard BeltranTeam Europcar+ 15'28
7Peter SaganTinkoff-Saxo+ 17'29
8Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo+ 18'04
9Ian BoswellTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 19'25
10Mattia CattaneoTEAM Cepsa+ 21'34

Stage 20 was mostly flat with the sprinters expected to take the win. The break was caught 4 km from the line but the late atatck from Scott Ambrose and Alahilippe caught the sprinters off-guard. Alaphilippe finished 2nd while I finished with the pack.

Stage 21


It would take a major turnaround for this stage to affect the outcome of the GC. Although I knew that I was a better time-trialist than Yates, making up more than 90 seconds in this length of a course is not an easy task. Through the first intermediate, I was leading the time charts, while Yates was 40 seconds in arrears. I was 2nd by 6 seconds through the second intermediate, with Yates now excatly a minute down on me. I still needed to make up 35 seconds through the last section. Crossing the finish line, I beat the previous time set by Zakarin by mere milliseconds to go top of the standings. As Yates came through, all eyes were fixed on the display screens. He had lost a further 16 seconds, but not enough to lose the jersey. I lost the race by a mere 19 seconds!

General Classification

1Adam YatesSwissair76h36'23
2Abhishek SinhaDuvel+ 19
3Ilnur ZakarinSwissair+ 4'27
4Arnaud DuteilTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 10'29
5Alexander FoliforovTEAM Kodak+ 11'15
6Peter SaganTinkoff-Saxo+ 17'14
7Eduard BeltranTeam Europcar+ 17'26
8Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo+ 17'53
9Ian BoswellTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 20'35
10Mattia CattaneoTEAM Cepsa+ 22'22

11Gervais HardouinDuvel+ 23'12
12Sebastian HenaoHuawei+ 23'42
13Diego UlissiDuvel+ 27'27
14Julian ArredondoSwissair+ 28'06
15Maxime Le LavandierTeam Europcar+ 29'28
16RafaƂ MajkaTEAM Cepsa+ 29'57
17Peter KennaughHuawei+ 31'41
18Jacques Janse Van RensburgCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 31'53
19Chris FroomeTinkoff-Saxo+ 32'03
20Julian AlaphilippeDuvel+ 32'12
21Diego RosaTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 32'32
22Tim WellensDe Koninck+ 35'06
23Alexis VuillermozTinkoff-Saxo+ 36'41
24Anastasio AniaTinkoff-Saxo+ 38'42
25Rubén FernåndezTEAM Cepsa+ 39'51
26Clement PenvenTeam Europcar+ 44'31
27Lachlan MortonDrapac Professional Cycling+ 45'05
28Tilegen MaidosTEAM Kodak+ 49'34
29Hector SaezTeam Katusha+ 49'53
30Kenichi KondoOrica-GreenEDGE+ 50'13
31Roman KreuzigerIberdrola+ 50'15
32David De la CruzHuawei+ 50'41
33Bernard ThielDrapac Professional Cycling+ 56'15
34Gorka IzagirreAg2r La Mondiale+ 59'18
35Jay McCarthyHuawei+ 1h01'28
36Kristijan DurasekTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1h02'32
37Jonathan CastroviejoHuawei+ 1h04'36
38José Agustín Martínez TorrénTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1h04'47
39David RodriguesIberdrola+ 1h05'32
40Matej MohoricDe Koninck+ 1h05'56
41Anatoliy BudyakDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h07'00
42Emanuel BuchmannTeam Europcar+ 1h07'36
43Simone PetilliTEAM Kodak+ 1h09'44
44Thomas BonninAlcatel+ 1h19'53
45Cyril GautierTeam Europcar+ 1h24'45
46Moreno MoserAg2r La Mondiale+ 1h25'36
47Mathieu van der PoelTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h26'37
48Gurhan VolkanAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h27'15
49Dario CataldoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h31'10
50Dirk Jan RijsbergenTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h32'27
51Kiante ChogeNike+ 1h32'31
52Ander ArranzIberdrola+ 1h34'29
53Alex CarmichaelNike+ 1h36'42
54Enea CambianicaNike+ 1h37'12
55Carlos BarberoTinkoff-Saxo+ 1h39'09
56Eugenio Moreno RosilloTeam Katusha+ 1h41'53
57José GonçalvesIberdrola+ 1h42'34
58Jack HaigOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h45'01
59Eduardo FerrariIberdrola+ 1h45'19
60Magnus Cort NielsenTinkoff-Saxo+ 1h50'34
61Valerio ContiTEAM Kodak+ 1h51'43
62Sonny ColbrelliHuawei+ 1h52'47
63Alfredo BalloniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h53'11
64Diego RubioTEAM Cepsa+ 1h54'08
65Luca SterbiniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h54'14
66Nathan BrownDuvel+ 1h54'38
67Pierre GouaultAlcatel+ 1h55'13
68JesĂșs HerradaTEAM Cepsa+ 1h56'30
69Matthias BrÀndleDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h58'27
70Óscar GonzálezIberdrola+ 1h59'24
71JesĂșs Del PinoIberdrola+ 2h01'03
72Gad AzoulayTeam Europcar+ 2h02'32
73Carter JonesNike+ 2h02'45
74Matteo TrentinHuawei+ 2h03'47
75Lukas LöerTinkoff-Saxo+ 2h04'04
76Luka PibernikSwissair+ 2h04'36
77Elia FavilliTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h06'11
78Floris GertsTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2h08'35
79Michael HepburnTEAM Kodak+ 2h09'54
80Marcos GarcĂ­aTeam Katusha+ 2h11'29
81Axel DomontAg2r La Mondiale+ 2h11'41
82Scott AmbroseTinkoff-Saxo+ 2h17'30
83Nelson OliveiraDuvel+ 2h18'09
84Gustav HoogSwissair+ 2h19'50
85Michael MatthewsOrica-GreenEDGE+ 2h22'56
86Silvan DillierNike+ 2h25'21
87Genaro CañadasIberdrola+ 2h25'25
88Clément Saint-MartinAlcatel+ 2h25'30
89Maximilian SchachmannAg2r La Mondiale+ 2h28'29
90Salvatore PuccioTEAM Kodak+ 2h29'12
91Leigh HowardOrica-GreenEDGE+ 2h33'26
92Philip O'DonnellSwissair+ 2h34'01
93Lars Van Der HaarTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 2h39'12
94Luca ChiricoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 2h40'29
95Adriano MaloriTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h40'44
96Johan Le BonHuawei+ 2h41'16
97Koen BouwmanTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2h42'56
98Arnaud DemareLapierre+ 2h43'53
99Nacer BouhanniTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 2h45'02
100Rudy MolardLapierre+ 2h47'31
101Andrew FennHuawei+ 2h48'32
102Bryan CoquardTeam Europcar+ 2h50'14
103Antonio DuboisAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 2h50'46
104Emilien ViennetAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 2h52'35
105Jan DieterenCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 2h54'14
106Stanislau BazhkouAlcatel+ 2h57'09
107Yoann PaillotTeam Europcar+ 2h57'50
108Mario GonzĂĄlezTEAM Cepsa+ 2h58'24
109Nikias ArndtTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 3h00'31
110Ryan MullenTEAM Cepsa+ 3h02'42
111Fredrik LudvigssonCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 3h05'17
112Zico WaeytensDe Koninck+ 3h06'37
113Julien RouxLapierre+ 3h06'52
114Anthony RouxAg2r La Mondiale+ 3h09'39
115Manuele BoaroTEAM Kodak+ 3h09'40
116Danny Van PoppelOrica-GreenEDGE+ 3h11'13
117Constantino CampuzanoTeam Katusha+ 3h11'58
118Victor CampenaertsDuvel+ 3h12'52
119Simone AntoniniAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 3h15'08
120Jasper StuyvenDe Koninck+ 3h15'42
121MichaƂ PalutaMTN-Qhubeka+ 3h16'26
122Ildar ArslanovTeam Katusha+ 3h16'57
123Christophe LaporteSwissair+ 3h17'59
124Marco HallerMTN-Qhubeka+ 3h23'20
125Sean De BieDe Koninck+ 3h25'50
126Edward TheunsDe Koninck+ 3h26'22
127Juan José LobatoTeam Katusha+ 3h27'03
128Ɓukasz WiƛniowskiCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 3h29'44
129Kenneth VanbilsenDe Koninck+ 3h30'53
130Fabrizio GadauTeam Katusha+ 3h32'16
131Jasper De BuystDe Koninck+ 3h36'10
132Nils PolittDrapac Professional Cycling+ 3h36'46
133Lucas DestangAg2r La Mondiale+ 3h40'39
134Onur BalkanAlcatel+ 3h41'30
135Elia VivianiOrica-GreenEDGE+ 3h42'10
136Alex ClementsDrapac Professional Cycling+ 3h46'02
137Logan OwenMTN-Qhubeka+ 3h46'10
138Patryk KomisarekCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 3h48'34
139Yoeri HavikTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3h53'25
140Chande DangerTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 3h54'12
141Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3h54'49
142Olaf BuekensDe Koninck+ 3h58'24
143Andrea GuardiniTEAM Cepsa+ 4h02'17
144Carlo BrugnottoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 4h05'42
145Jeremy LeveauLapierre+ 4h11'09
146Alexander KriegerTEAM Cepsa+ 4h14'25
147Paul OurselinAlcatel+ 4h18'03
148Giorgio GiacomazzoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 4h18'38
149Julius van den BergAlcatel+ 4h20'23
150Rico ReekersTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4h48'41
151Alexis BodiotAlcatel+ 4h56'46


Points Classification

1Peter SaganTinkoff-Saxo0198
2Ilnur ZakarinSwissair20195
3Adam YatesSwissair0161
4Abhishek SinhaDuvel25153
5Arnaud DuteilTeam Giant-Alpecin0103


Mountain Classification

1Ian BoswellTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton078
2Adam YatesSwissair068
3Eduard BeltranTeam Europcar055
4RafaƂ MajkaTEAM Cepsa043
5Dirk Jan RijsbergenTeam Giant-Alpecin041


Young Riders Classification

1Abhishek SinhaDuvel76h36'42
2Gervais HardouinDuvel+ 22'53
3Anastasio AniaTinkoff-Saxo+ 38'23
4Kenichi KondoOrica-GreenEDGE+ 49'54
5Bernard ThielDrapac Professional Cycling+ 55'56


Team Classification

2Duvel+ 7'16
3Tinkoff-Saxo+ 10'51
4Team Europcar+ 36'24
5TEAM Kodak+ 37'03


My ever GT stage win came with a bitter-sweet feeling. Two stages in the Red Jersey makes one greedy, and I hated losing it on stage 18. My efforts were not enough to hold on to my lead, as Yates utilized his better climbing skills to distance me on that stage. My superior TT skills were not enough to make up the deficit. What more can I say, I did my best, but it was just short in the end. Another big thank you to my teammates for their effort. Another U25 jersey secured in the Vuelta.

@Ripley: Hopefully you weren't holding your breath too hard Sad
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 02-10-2017 04:20
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

So close!
Exhale! Let's focus on the positives, two GT podiums in a row, 3rd, 2nd... we know what comes next. Smile Have to hand it to Yates, ballsy move attacking so early on stage 18.
Always hard with 2nd but a great tour anyway

If you're interested in weird music:
Oh damn it. Yates wrecking the big dreams with a brave plan and perfect execution on stage 18. But I feel, as he goes stronger and stronger, that we don't have to wait for a GT win that much longer.

2015 The golden Season of Adria Mobil with Per, Novak, Kump and Roglic
7.7.2018 Primoz Roglic riding his first Tour as a GC contender
11.7.2018 Croatia 2:1 England

@Aquarius: Where is the crying emoji when you need it?

@Raziz: As close as it gets without winning it?

@Ripley: One incredible move from Yates turned the tide! That next step is what will drive me on! Hopefully the series continues in the next GT Wink

@Tamijo: Yes bittersweet indeed. Best ever result in a GT, but losing out by a handful of seconds is very disheartening.

@Croatia: Gotta hand it to Yates, he did what he had to do to fend me off. A lesson learnt to always pay attention. The GT wait continues but I'm surely getting closer.
Private and Confidential
Date: 5 days after the Vuelta ended

Picking up the phone. "Hello."
"It's here", says a voice on the line.
"Who is this?"
"Can't recognize your own uncle, eh?"
"What happened to your phone? Where are you calling from?"
"I lost it. This is my new phone and number. You would've known had you called once in a while?"
"I've been racing."
"I'm aware. Congrats kid, you made it big."
"Thank you."
"That's the most emotion I've heard from you since you got here."
"You were saying something about 'It' being there", I said, trying to change the subject. "What were you talking about?"
"A letter with your name and the Dutch government stamp on it. It says 'Private and Confidential' on the envelope. I guess it's time to find out your loyalties now."
"I'll be over tomorrow. Don't open it."
"Have I ever opened your mail, kid?"
"I know you haven't. Sorry about that."
"What's wrong kid? You seem distracted."
"I don't know how to feel about this."
"Well you will find out for sure when you read this letter. It just might all be a waste of time anyway."
"You're right. I'll be over tomorrow. See you then."
"Bye kid."

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Yates perfect in those last few days, a shame for you though SadSadSad Interesting development with that letter from the government oO
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Psst, CT teams. Over here...
For me it's obvious that the letter is whether or not your Dutch citizens applications has been accepted or not
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The World Championships went well for Duvel. Dumoulin is the new Time Trial World Champion while Alaphilippe picked up the Silver Medal in the Road Race. Ulissi narrowly missed out on the Bronze, finishing in 4th place.


I had only one race on my calendar in October and it was the legendary Il Lombardia. It seems a long time ago that I had picked up my first major win here, back in 2018. Since then, I had progressively gone backwards, 9th a year later and 16th last year. How would I do this year?

Il Lombardia


Alaphilippe was the bookies' top favourite to win here while the team gave me a free role. I wasn't in the best shape with the accumulated fatigue from the season, but I was determined to give it a go. Though the 3 man break were allowed to build up a nine minute lead, they started getting caught with more than 60 km still to go! The remaining breakaway riders were caught at the base of the second last climb. A group of 14 riders went away on that same climb. Another rider made the jump from peloton to lead group halfway through the climb. As has become customary for me over the past couple of years, I missed this break and was in the peloton at the top of the climb. Incredible, despite the strength of the attacking group, they were all caught on the descent. The next attack did prove decisive. 11 riders, including Dumoulin, got away, while I found myself in no man's land, in the second group on the road, with just three others, and with not enough firepower to get back. I finished in 17th place, as our group was caught by the next. Adam Yates pulled away in the closing meters to take the win, to cap off an incredible season. Dumoulin, our best, was 9th.
Ya Ya that all fine :lol:, but what about the LETTER ?? Shock

If you're interested in weird music:
The story so far...

Date: December, 2020
Going back in time...

"I didn't know you followed cycling!", I asked my uncle.

I was spending the first couple of weeks of the off-season in Amsterdam, at my uncle's house, my home away from home. My family had come down for a week but they were safely back home the day before. I had just got back from Haarlem, having spent the day there. Off course I'd cycled there and back. I missed the sport too much on vacation.

Not receiving a reply, I went to take a closer look and saw that my uncle had dozed off. I woke him up gently, careful not to startle him.

"You're back early!", he exclaimed. "I thought you were coming back tomorrow."

"I got bored", I said.

"Get yourself a girlfriend."

"Not again." I rolled my eyes in mock disgust but he wasn't looking.

"Which race is this?", I asked.

"The World Championships."

"There could only ever have been one winner this year", I said. "The route was almost tailor-made for Sagan."

"A great race makes a great rider, not the other way round", he replied.

"Have you been playing PCM?" I asked, almost incredulous.

"Funny what retirement will do to you."

I couldn't think of a response. Seeing my predicament, he changed the subject.

"Don't you want to be World Champion?", he asked.

"I won't be eligible. India is not among the top 50 nations in cycling rankings, and will probably never be during my career."

"You don't live there anymore."

"But I'm still a citizen."

"That is not something that can't be changed."

"What are you suggesting? That I take up citizenship here? How can I do that?"

"Why not? I've done it. A lot of people do it."

"It's not that simple."

"Off-course it is. When was the last time you represented your country?"

I had no response.

"Just as I thought. And they won't be sending in your application till you start participating for the national team. As I think that is out of the question given your current commitments, I'd suggest you keep your sentiments to one side and think about what I'm saying. I've followed more of your races than you think, and for longer than I've cared to tell you. You are just as good as any of the riders who represent this country."

"But will I be selected even if I do make the switch?", still digesting what my uncle was implying with his last statement.

"You'll never know if you don't try!"

"I don't know. I don't feel this is the right thing to do."

"Think about it. That's all I'm telling you."

I felt like this was something that I'd probably never consider seriously. After all, I was proud to be the first cyclist from my country to ride for a UCI Tour cycling team.

Just as the thought of dismissing this conversation crossed my mind, Sagan raised his arms in victory as he became the new World Champion. My uncle looked at me with a questioning smile. I couldn't help but feel a pang of hopelessness that I'd never be eligible for a World Championship.

Date: 16th May, 2022
"How did it go?" It was my uncle on the phone.
"As good as I could have hoped for", I replied.
"I didn't think you'd go through with it", he responded.
"I had my doubts. I'm still not sure I want to do this, to be perfectly honest with you."
"Well kid, it's too late for that now. Take my advice, this is best for your career. I saw it in your eyes kiddo, you want this. Even though you don't say it out loud."
"You know everything I guess." We shared a laugh.
"Gotta go now. I fly off to for the Tour altitude training tomorrow."
"Sure kid. See you when I see you."
"That might not be for some time yet."
"Take care of yourself. You know I'll be rooting for you."
"I know. Bye."
"Goodbye. Happy landing."

Date: September, 2022
Picking up the phone. "Hello."
"It's here", says a voice on the line.
"Who is this?"
"Can't recognize your own uncle, eh?"
"What happened to your phone? Where are you calling from?"
"I lost it. This is my new phone and number. You would've known had you called once in a while?"
"I've been racing."
"I'm aware. Congrats kid, you made it big."
"Thank you."
"That's the most emotion I've heard from you since you got here."
"You were saying something about 'It' being there", I said, trying to change the subject. "What were you talking about?"
"A letter with your name and the Dutch government stamp on it. It says 'Private and Confidential' on the envelope. I guess it's time to find out your loyalties now."
"I'll be over tomorrow. Don't open it."
"Have I ever opened your mail, kid?"
"I know you haven't. Sorry about that."
"What's wrong kid? You seem distracted."
"I don't know how to feel about this."
"Well you will find out for sure when you read this letter. It just might all be a waste of time anyway."
"You're right. I'll be over tomorrow. See you then."
"Bye kid."

Back to the present...

I Pledge a New Allegiance
Date: 2nd week of October

"Here he is, my newest fellow citizen."
"Stop it please."
"Just pulling your leg, kid. Congratulations!"
"Thank you...I guess."
"Cheer up kid. You get to beat Peter Sagan at the World Championships starting next year."
"There is no guarantee that the Federation will even pick me."
"They'll pick you, alright. You're that good."
"There are enough good riders out there. Besides, I don't belong here."
"Now that's where you are wrong. Last time I checked, you were tearing up the slopes as a professional rider, for what, seven years now. If you didn't belong here, you would've been back home a long time ago. You've earned this."
"That still doesn't guarantee anything."
"Well, nothing guarantees anything. There's no guarantee that you'll not lose your mojo tomorrow and never win another bike race. You'll just have to stick to it."

Neither of us spoke for quite some time. My uncle's words about losing my mojo kept ringing in my years. That would be the worst nightmare scenario. Giving up citizenship of my home country was difficult, as we don't have dual-citizenship policies back home. This was a step I had to take if I ever wanted to become World Champion. Seeing Sagan raise his arms after winning it in 2019 really did make me greedy. There's no turning back now without giving up cycling for good...

"Time for lunch, kid. You're still eating human food I hope?"
"Yeah I'm coming..."

Apologies to Jandal, Aquarius and Tamijo for not replying to your comments. Didn't want to give anything away. Although I think the plot was quite obvious Pfft. This little twist has been coming for some time now.

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 17-05-2018 06:29
2021 Season Recap

My best ever season. Duvel propelled me to cycling stardom. Two podiums in two GTs can that for you! To add to that I finished inside the top 10 in all but one race all year, I won two races overall and I was so so close to winning my first GT! Eight individual classification wins to add to that tally too.

2021 will always be the year which made me a star. 2021 is also the year I gave up my roots in pursuit of a more glorious career. I hope I can justify that decision when I finally decide to hang up my saddle...

World Tour Rankings CQ Rankings
Me 6th - 436 points 7th - 2164 points
Duvel 5th - 1041 points 4th - 7988 points

Tour de San Luis GC and One Stage
Volta al Pais Vasco Two Stages
Tour de l'Ain GC and Two Stages
Vuelta a Espana One Stage

For me it was obvious that you were following that path when I solved your problema about not being able to ride for national team after changing nationality Pfft

But yeah, it's a risky move to abandon your roots to have the chance to ride Worlds.

And don't worry for not answering us. For me it was logical, as anything you would have said was a lead
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Manager of [ICL] Wilier Triestina

Drats, I should've been more discreet Pfft
Great season !

Not replying to our comments to keep up suspense, is fine no worries.

If you're interested in weird music:
Thanks Tamijo Smile


Having signed a two year extension with Duvel at the end of last season, I go into 2022 very secured about my position in the team. The management asked me to try out all three GTs in a year, but I refused to do so. I did change my GT schedule though. I go to the Giro and the Tour this time. The Vuelta will be a miss.

Rider Presentation


I have improved in TTs and energy stats over the past season. My climbing skills have now reached their peak and I'll have to rely on other strengths to pull me to the top.

Team Presentation


The big change in the team is the transfer out of Alaphilippe and the acquisition of Ania. Like-for-like mostly. Degenkolb is another departee, while Mollema joins. The overall strength remains similar, but we have lost some depth in the sprints.
Still, an excellent team. Bosvelt is just 22 years old. It's pretty strange seeing you with that little Dutch flag by your name, it'll take some time to get used to it. Skipping the easier Vuelta and going all in with a Giro/TdF double - good luck!
Giro/TdF double might be very hard to do, but I'm looking forward to it. Team is indeed looking excellent. Good luck!
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How do I get through?
How do I get through?
PCM06: Beautiful screenshots
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