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One in a Billion | Rise to the Summit
Already like the team choice! Guess the no beer policy didn't last too long. Pfft



Good luck with the new season, GREAT START !
@Ripley: Thanks. Yes our squad is very good Smile

@Aquarius: You bet!

@Kiserlovski: When there is beer on the line, the wins will (hopefully) keep on coming Wink

@Tamijo: Thanks. Hopefully just the start of bigger things!
Couldn't have asked for a better start than that! Congratulations! Careful with the beer Smile
'Official' two beer policy from the team management Wink
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Posted on 14-06-2021 16:43
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The second month on the calendar brings about the second race on my schedule. I'm still on a high (Wink) following my GC win, only the second ever, in San Luis.

Tour of Oman
My second ever outing in this race. Our team was strong once again, with Barguil, Ulissi, Degenkolb, Craddock and Oliviera among the starters. Could we see a repeat? Let's find out...

Stage 1 was flat with two of our riders among the favourites. However, there would be no joy for them as they finished just outside the top 10. Gaviria won.

Stage 2 was again mostly flat with with a small climb before the finish. The early three break stayed away till just 9 km to go. At the decisive moment, I got boxed in the middle of the pack as a fourteen man group went away. Eleven of them were caught on the downhill. The three who stayed away included Barguil and the trio got half a minute over the pack. Barguil finished 3rd and also moved up to 3rd in the GC.

Stage 3 was another flat stage where a four rider break built up an eight minute lead. They were caught with a mere 7 km left and Gaviria won again.

Stage 4


This stage was touted to be the decider. I was one of the favourites for the stage win but I had promised Barguil to look after his GC position. After the effort he had piut in for me in San Luis, I owed him this much. The early break were kept on a short leash and were caught with 19 km to go. We set the pace in the approach to the climb to the finish with Ulissi, Degenkolb and Oliveira. I ensured that I kept Barguil out of the wind for as much as possible. At the base of the climb, with 6 km left, Gallopin and Barguil attacked. Formolo and Pinot followed and caught up to them. They were caught by Robert Power before the finish and the sprint was won by Pinot. Barguil finished 2nd and took the lead in the GC! I finished 8th on the stage and moved into 8th in the GC.

Stage 5


This stage was not supposed to cause too many problems for the peloton. As it turned out, the pack split behind the break on the first climb. 3 more riders attacked in the hope of joining up with the break. The lead group down to just forty five riders on the second climb. The break was now five riders strong. Barguil was dropped on this climb. Degenkolb, Ulissi and Craddock dropped back to pace him into the group as I tried desperately to slow down the peloton. By the top of the third climb, the lead group had sixteen riders and Barguil had just made his way back. Gallopin and Dunbar attacked immediately, followed by Bardet. I chased them with all my strength but could only catch Dunbar. Serry survived from the break to win the stage followed by Gallopin, who took the lead in the GC. Barguil and I finished in the larger group, nearly a minute behind. Barguil lost a place in the GC.

Stage 6 was flat but the sprinters were outfoxed by the early break. I tried to gain some seconds by attacking at the end, but it did not succeed. I did finish 7th in the sprint.

General Classification

1Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo21h02'32
2Warren BarguilDuvel+ 1'00
3Thibaut PinotTinkoff-Saxo+ 1'29
4Robert PowerIstanbul+ 1'35
5Merhawi KudusTEAM Kodak+ 2'24
6Eddie DunbarTEAM Kodak+ 2'43
7Abhishek SinhaDuvels.t.
8Dominik NerzTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 3'13
9Romain BardetHuawei+ 3'26
10Tejay Van GarderenTinkoff-Saxo+ 5'37

11Arvid MelchiotSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 6'50
12Jay McCarthyHuawei+ 6'56
13Davide FormoloTinkoff-Saxo+ 7'13
14Pieter SerryUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 7'39
15Michael MatthewsOrica-GreenEDGE+ 7'42
16Lawson CraddockDuvel+ 7'47
17Mikel LandaTEAM Kodak+ 8'00
18Fernando GaviriaTEAM Cepsa+ 8'08
19Steven KruijswijkTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 11'25
20Giacomo NizzoloHuawei+ 12'25
21Matej MohoricDe Koninck+ 12'36
22Valerio ContiTEAM Kodaks.t.
23Miguel Angel BenitoTEAM Cepsa+ 12'39
24Caleb EwanDe Koninck+ 12'44
25Syarif HashimIstanbul+ 13'10
26Eduardo SepulvedaTEAM Kodak+ 13'16
27Kristijan DurasekTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 13'19
28Alexey LutsenkoTEAM Kodak+ 13'43
29Markus FreibergerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 13'55
30Silvio HerklotzTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 14'01
31Kenneth VanbilsenDe Koninck+ 14'12
32Hugh CarthyHuawei+ 14'37
33Odd Christian EikingSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 14'55
34Patrick BevinMTN-Qhubeka+ 14'57
35Diego UlissiDuvel+ 15'05
36Sonny ColbrelliHuaweis.t.
37Anastasio AniaTinkoff-Saxos.t.
38Alexander FoliforovTEAM Kodak+ 15'37
39Alton McArtherTEAM Kodak+ 15'41
40Jérémy MaisonLapierre+ 16'11
41Nelson OliveiraDuvel+ 16'16
42José RamellaHuawei+ 16'33
43Giovanni PedrettiIstanbul+ 16'38
44Magnus Cort NielsenTinkoff-Saxo+ 16'39
45Björn ThurauTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 16'56
46José Agustín Martínez TorrénTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 16'58
47Koen BouwmanTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 17'26
48Arnaud DemareLapierre+ 17'40
49Nacer BouhanniTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 17'42
50Diego RubioTEAM Cepsa+ 17'45
51Rafael VallsHuawei+ 17'47
52Pedro BrasSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 18'15
53Dylan TeunsDe Koninck+ 18'35
54Samir JabrayilovMTN-Qhubeka+ 18'37
55Rudy MolardLapierre+ 18'40
56Hugo VazKofola+ 19'21
57Taylor PhinneyMTN-Qhubeka+ 19'24
58Jens KeukeleireDe Konincks.t.
59Yves LampaertDe Konincks.t.
60Federico ZurloOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
61John DegenkolbDuvel+ 19'34
62Johan Le BonHuawei+ 19'51
63Alex KirschUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 20'14
64Franz NentwichOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
65Jarno GmelichKofolas.t.
66Barry MarkusTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 20'23
67Sjoerd BaxSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 20'38
68JesĂșs HerreroLapierres.t.
69Alessandro MazziSIDI+ 20'51
70Wouter WippertMTN-Qhubeka+ 21'04
71Edward TheunsDe Koninck+ 21'10
72Ryan MullenTEAM Cepsa+ 21'22
73Michael KolarSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 21'25
74Dzidoslaw GrodeckiMTN-Qhubekas.t.
75Thomas BergeretLapierre+ 21'35
76Jon Ander InsaustiTEAM Cepsas.t.
77Elmar ReindersCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 21'56
78Daniel HoelgaardMTN-Qhubeka+ 21'57
79Andrew DillAn Post - Chainreaction+ 22'17
80André LooijTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 22'20
81Frederik PlesnerIstanbul+ 22'31
82Lorenzo ManzinMTN-Qhubeka+ 23'20
83Corrado LampaSIDI+ 23'36
84Martin HunalKofola+ 23'54
85Jeffrey RomeroUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 23'55
86Joe EvansCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 23'56
87Harris QuispelUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 24'02
88Enrique SanzTinkoff-Saxo+ 24'08
89Luke KeoughIstanbuls.t.
90Michal VeselyKofola+ 24'10
91Dejan KokotTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 24'11
92Ivar SlikOrica-GreenEDGE+ 24'47
93Lars Van Der HaarTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 24'53
94Oczan HenrichsTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 25'21
95Anton VorobyevTinkoff-Saxo+ 25'25
96Antonio NibaliTEAM Cepsa+ 25'40
97Florian SenechalOrica-GreenEDGE+ 25'43
98Alexander GeuensDuvel+ 25'53
99Gert-Jan BosmanTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
100Andrew TennantAn Post - Chainreaction+ 26'14
101Brenton JonesOrica-GreenEDGE+ 26'15
102Mitchell Lovelock-FayOrica-GreenEDGE+ 26'16
103Louis RohdeCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 26'43
104Woldu MonzalTEAM Cepsa+ 27'08
105Adriano BrogiSIDI+ 27'48
106Nicola PolettiSIDI+ 27'52
107Michael MĂžrkĂžvCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 28'00
108Titte van LaerAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
109Olaf BuekensDe Koninck+ 28'56
110Aydar ZakarinAn Post - Chainreaction+ 29'01
111Stefan KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 29'12
112JoaquĂ­m DurantLapierres.t.
113Juan Jacob MĂșjikaTEAM Cepsa+ 29'42
114Harry TanfieldCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 29'53
115Etienne Van EmpelUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 30'01
116Yannis YssaadLapierre+ 30'08
117Moreno De PauwKofolas.t.
118Martin GrĂžnCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 30'14
119Araik StorozhukIstanbul+ 30'55
120Oscar GattoMTN-Qhubeka+ 30'57
121Maxime AnciauxSIDIs.t.
122Etienne TortelierLapierre+ 31'13
123Sam BassettiUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Teams.t.
124Lucas GadaySkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Clubs.t.
125Alessandro PettitiSIDI+ 31'33
126Robert BushUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 31'42
127Anders EgsvangCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 32'00
128Anthony MaldonadoDuvel+ 32'09
129Lee RichmondKofolas.t.
130Edmund BradburyAn Post - Chainreaction+ 32'56
131Jaap De ManUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team+ 33'13
132Karim BenachourSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 35'15
133Jordan StannusOrica-GreenEDGE+ 37'09
134Krister HagenAn Post - Chainreaction+ 37'18
135Pyotr ChereshKofola+ 38'20
136Fahd BrunswijkTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 39'39
137Ross BarracloughAn Post - Chainreaction+ 44'07
138Bobby SpenceAn Post - Chainreaction+ 45'24
139Aidis KruopisSIDI+ 45'34
140John Tune HĂžyerSIDI+ 46'15
141Alexandre GeniezIstanbul+ 59'50
142Andrejs MiholapCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 59'57
143Jiri ZapomelKofola+ 1h01'49

Points Classification

1Fernando GaviriaTEAM Cepsa88
2Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo65
3Arnaud DemareLapierre63
4Giacomo NizzoloHuawei46
5Wouter WippertMTN-Qhubeka44

Mountain Classification

1Warren BarguilDuvel18
2Pieter SerryUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team18
3Thibaut PinotTinkoff-Saxo16
4Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo10
5Davide FormoloTinkoff-Saxo10


Young Riders Classification

1Eddie DunbarTEAM Kodak21h05'15
2Abhishek SinhaDuvel+ 0
3Anastasio AniaTinkoff-Saxo+ 12'22
4Alton McArtherTEAM Kodak+ 12'58
5Giovanni PedrettiIstanbul+ 13'55

Team Classification

2TEAM Kodak+ 7'36
3Duvel+ 8'10
4Huawei+ 15'54
5Team Giant-Alpecin+ 24'22

One thing's for sure, Barguil is a much better domestique than I am! Stage 5 turned out to be our undoing as I wasn't able to sufficiently support my teammate in those last few kilometers. The minute lost on that stage was the difference between first and second place in the GC for my French teammate. He did pick up the KOM title, a consolation prize. I managed 7th place in the GC, which continues my good start to the season. The obverall performance from the team was quite good except for the failure of our sprint trains to be effective.
All in all a good race for the team, 2nd is always bittersweet but it beats 3rd dosent it.
Off course it does Grin

I hoped to continue my early season form with the first big race of the season. I would be leading the team in the Tirreno-Adriatico while Barguil and Alaphilippe led in Paris - Nice.

Tirreno - Adriatico

The management once again sent a strong team capable of competing for top honours to this race. Dumoulin, Uran and Ulissi were the leading names among my teammates. This would be my first ride alongside Uran, who would be my super-domestique! I'm starting to feel a little awkward with the caliber of support the team is providing me.

Stage 1 featured a few climbs on the profile. The early break had three riders. the peloton was down to less than a hundred riders after the fourth climb. The break had four minutes to us at this point. Two riders from the break were caught on the fifth climb before Dan Martin, Aru and another rider attacked. They were before the top of the climb. The solo break had a minute's lead as the pack was down to fifty. The break was cuaght at the base of the last climb. The peloton stabilized as a group of twenty on the climb with Dumoulin and Ulissi my only teammates. The group swelled in size on the descent and a reduced bunch sprint decided the stage. Dumoulin finished 10th.

Stage 2 was flat with Geuens one of the favourites. The early break were caught with over 10 km to go. Geuens managed 8th at the finish.

Stage 3


I was one of the favourites for the stage win here. The five man break was down to two one the first category climb. The peloton was down to fifty at the top of that climb, and caught the break going down. I attacked at the base of the climb to the finish. Others followed and we formed a select group of eleven riders 5 km from the finish. Nairo Quintana and Aru attacked with only me and Jungels chasing. The others were dropped. Jungels got away with Aru eventually while I caught up to Quintana. I finished 4th on the stage and moved up to 7th in the GC. I became the leader in U25s classification.

The alternation of mountains and flat stages continued on Stage 4. The six man break had a ten minute lead at a time but were reeled in eventually. The peloton was reduced to just sixty riders at the line, where Geuens took 5th while Degenkolb's lead-out rewarded him with 10th place.


(Wearing the U25s jersey)

Stage 5


Mogni joined the early break for us, along with six others. The pack split up after a couple of falls but came together before the second climb. The break split up into four groups on that same climb. Mogni led the field along with another rider. The peloton was down to forty riders on the third climb, with three riders in the break. Mogni was dropped from the head of the race with 20 km to go. Pinot attacked with 15 km to go. I followed Kwiatkowski's counter and we got a gap to the pack. The pack finally caught up to us with around 7 km to go but Pinot still had a gap. I attacked with 3 km to go with Jungels and Mohoric following. We got thirty seconds to Quintana and forty-five to Aru as the pack disintegrated behind us. I finished 4th once again, unable to get some bonus seconds. I moved up to 5th in the GC. Ulissi was forced to retire from the race after a late crash.

Stage 6


A total of ten climbs littered the landscape on this stage. Mogni joined the break once again and was engrossed in a battle with Wyss for the KOM. The pack split on the fifth climb. On the category 2 climb, the pack split again, with the number reduced to around seventy in the peloton. Mogni got the KOM lead after reaching the top of the seventh climb. The break now had two and a half minutes over us with 60 km to go. Mogni was caught on the ninth climb. The peloton was now fifty riders strong. Zardini was the lone surviving break at this point, still holding a two minute lead. He was finally caught with 12 km to go. When the decisive attack came from seven riders, I found myself too far back in the pack to respond in time. I chased but it wasn't useful. I finished 10th on the stage, in the fourth group on the road and slipped to 8th in the GC.

The ITT on Stage 7 was a final chance to improve. Dumoulin started out as top favourite but burned himself out too early. I couldn't do very well either, managing 34th more than a minute down on the stage winner.

General Classification

1Thibaut PinotTinkoff-Saxo29h21'45
2Fabio AruHuawei+ 33
3Bob JungelsTinkoff-Saxo+ 39
4Nairo QuintanaDe Konincks.t.
5MichaƂ KwiatkowskiOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1'31
6Wilco KeldermanTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 2'01
7Louis MeintjesSwissair+ 2'59
8Abhishek SinhaDuvel+ 3'18
9Fabio FellineAlcatel+ 3'39
10Moreno MoserAg2r La Mondiale+ 3'42

11Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo+ 3'46
12Andrey AmadorMTN-Qhubeka+ 5'49
13Mathieu van der PoelTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 6'05
14Bauke MollemaTinkoff-Saxo+ 6'33
15Geraint ThomasHuawei+ 8'30
16Tom DumoulinDuvel+ 9'44
17Matej MohoricDe Koninck+ 10'06
18Tanel KangertIberdrola+ 11'04
19Mattia CattaneoTEAM Cepsa+ 11'23
20Caleb EwanDe Koninck+ 11'32
21Tejay Van GarderenTinkoff-Saxo+ 12'58
22Steven KruijswijkTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 13'24
23Alexey LutsenkoTEAM Kodak+ 13'54
24José RamellaHuawei+ 14'13
25Petr VakočTinkoff-Saxo+ 16'42
26Graham TrainoRoth - Skoda+ 18'02
27Bryan CoquardTeam Europcar+ 19'05
28Chris FroomeTinkoff-Saxo+ 19'13
29Nacer BouhanniTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 20'31
30Tim WellensDe Koninck+ 20'46
31Edoardo ZardiniTEAM Kodak+ 22'34
32Rohan DennisHuawei+ 22'47
33Rui CostaAg2r La Mondiale+ 23'09
34Rubén FernåndezTEAM Cepsa+ 24'50
35Patrick MĂŒllerRoth - Skoda+ 26'12
36Davide CimolaiTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 26'32
37Rigoberto UrĂĄnDuvel+ 26'39
38Sam BennettOrica-GreenEDGE+ 27'16
39Davide BalleriniHuawei+ 28'02
40Riccardo ZoidlCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 28'04
41Luca ChiricoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 28'46
42Sindre LunkeSwissair+ 28'51
43Lars Van Der HaarTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 30'00
44Massimo MogniDuvel+ 30'38
45Jasper StuyvenDe Koninck+ 31'02
46Philip O'DonnellSwissair+ 31'06
47Diego OchoaIberdrola+ 31'15
48Simon RaffinAg2r La Mondiale+ 31'47
49Matteo TrentinHuawei+ 32'11
50Marcel WyssNike+ 32'19
51Danny Van PoppelOrica-GreenEDGE+ 32'20
52François BidardDrapac Professional Cycling+ 33'10
53Rubén ZepuntkeTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 33'14
54John DegenkolbDuvel+ 33'28
55Taylor PhinneyMTN-Qhubeka+ 34'46
56Anthony MaldonadoDuvel+ 36'49
57Dylan GroenewegenMTN-Qhubeka+ 37'02
58Gennadiy TatarinovSwissair+ 37'22
59Stefan KĂŒngMTN-Qhubeka+ 38'24
60Alex PetersMTN-Qhubeka+ 38'32
61Arthur VichotAg2r La Mondiale+ 38'36
62Gini TuranoOrica-GreenEDGE+ 38'39
63Patrick BosmanAlcatel+ 39'09
64Moreno HoflandTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 39'41
65Alexander GeuensDuvel+ 40'53
66Dan DowneySwissair+ 42'00
67Rudy KowalskiTeam Europcar+ 42'07
68Daniel OssTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 42'25
69Flavio SoteraTeam Europcar+ 42'58
70Pio ScarpatoTEAM Kodak+ 43'43
71Giacomo NizzoloHuawei+ 44'05
72Arnaud CourteilleAg2r La Mondiale+ 44'40
73Joey RosskopfNike+ 44'54
74Jordi van DingenenDe Koninck+ 46'04
75Lorenzo RotaTEAM Kodak+ 46'06
76Kim MagnussonMartini+ 46'25
77Anatoliy BudyakDrapac Professional Cycling+ 46'45
78Florian MaĂźtreTeam Europcar+ 46'48
79Stanislaw DianzenzaAlcatel+ 47'24
80Patrick GretschDrapac Professional Cycling+ 47'35
81David ColleSwissair+ 47'41
82Sebastian LanderCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 47'46
83Michael GoolaertsNike+ 47'47
84Pim LigthartOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
85Matteo BusatoMartini+ 47'51
86Yoann BagotAg2r La Mondiale+ 47'54
87Donny SchrijversTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 47'57
88Francesco LascaAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 48'26
89José GonçalvesIberdrola+ 48'42
90Luke RoweHuawei+ 48'52
91Bernard ThielDrapac Professional Cycling+ 49'09
92Marcel AreggerNike+ 49'24
93Florian SenechalOrica-GreenEDGE+ 49'47
94Andrea ZordanAg2r La Mondiale+ 50'05
95Clément VenturiniCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 50'25
96Alfredo BalloniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 50'49
97Marcel HeitzAlcatel+ 51'28
98Laurens De VreeseTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 51'31
99Daniel EatonNike+ 52'13
100Alexander KriegerTEAM Cepsa+ 52'53
101Omar BertazzoTEAM Cepsa+ 53'04
102Alton McArtherTEAM Kodak+ 53'07
103Adriano MaloriTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 53'49
104Phil BauhausMTN-Qhubeka+ 54'26
105Luca WackermannTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 54'42
106Josh BerryMartini+ 54'52
107Patrick FacchiniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 54'57
108Jasper BovenhuisTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 55'01
109Andy AtkinsonDrapac Professional Cycling+ 55'05
110Giangesuino OngaroTeam Europcar+ 55'24
111Eduard-Michael GrosuTeam Europcar+ 55'28
112Angelo TulikAlcatel+ 55'40
113Jonas BokelohSwissair+ 55'54
114Amauri CapiotIberdrola+ 56'21
115Fredrik LudvigssonCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 57'26
116Dylan van BaarleTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 57'41
117Adrian TekliƄskiCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 57'57
118David RodriguesIberdrola+ 58'04
119Lars BoomIberdrola+ 58'19
120Manuele BoaroTEAM Kodak+ 1h00'12
121Chad HagaNike+ 1h00'22
122Jeremy LorantMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h00'46
123Stig BroeckxDe Koninck+ 1h01'32
124Davide AppollonioTeam Europcar+ 1h02'04
125Gertjan De VosNike+ 1h02'30
126Matteo MalucelliTEAM Cepsa+ 1h02'59
127Aser EstévezIberdrola+ 1h03'11
128Raffaele RadiceCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h03'13
129Jakob RatheAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h03'15
130Moreno GiampaoloAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h03'54
131Gabriele PizzaballaMartini+ 1h04'32
132Antonio NibaliTEAM Cepsa+ 1h05'29
133Davide MartinelliTEAM Kodak+ 1h05'36
134Miguel MĂ­nguezDrapac Professional Cyclings.t.
135Valerio AgnoliMartini+ 1h06'32
136Oscar GattoMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h06'49
137Romeo PisciottaTEAM Cepsa+ 1h07'04
138Adrian KurekCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h07'22
139Arvid De KleijnOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h08'15
140Johannes WindischbauerRoth - Skoda+ 1h10'07
141Ángel MadrazoIberdrola+ 1h10'55
142Emanuel BuchmannTeam Europcar+ 1h11'04
143Luka MezgecRoth - Skoda+ 1h13'21
144Idalécio Ferreira SousaSwissair+ 1h13'48
145August JensenRoth - Skoda+ 1h14'26
146Marc GoosTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1h15'26
147Jan DieterenCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h19'15
148David CherbonnetAlcatel+ 1h19'56
149Simone SterbiniAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h20'07
150Jens DebusschereDe Koninck+ 1h21'46
151Brenton JonesOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h21'48
152Giampierto Di StasioDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h24'52
153Nino HonighRoth - Skoda+ 1h25'25
154Mark CavendishTinkoff-Saxo+ 1h27'29
155Jurgen van DiemenTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1h28'34
156Jempy DruckerMartini+ 1h31'00
157Innocenzo RossignoliMartini+ 1h32'45
158Matteo PelucchiAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h32'59
159Victor AlvesAlcatel+ 1h33'34
160Andrea GuardiniTEAM Cepsa+ 1h33'53
161Julio ÁlvarezTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1h34'22
162MilĂĄn BirĂłDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h35'51
163Nordin KrijgsmanTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h36'55
164Liborio MaschiovecchioMartini+ 1h37'29
165Giovanni CarboniTEAM Kodak+ 1h39'57
166Jacopo GuarnieriAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h40'26
167Giorgio GiacomazzoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 1h44'47
168Juan Sebastian MolanoRoth - Skoda+ 1h46'25
169Dimitri GuerreAlcatel+ 1h49'45
170Niki TerpstraTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1h58'52
171Ludovico PerlottoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2h03'34
172AĂ­rton PavĂŁoRoth - Skoda+ 2h10'11

Points Classification

1Bryan CoquardTeam Europcar30
2Fabio AruHuawei29
3Bob JungelsTinkoff-Saxo27
4Thibaut PinotTinkoff-Saxo26
5Caleb EwanDe Koninck25

Mountain Classification

1Massimo MogniDuvel38
2Marcel WyssNike33
3Bernard ThielDrapac Professional Cycling20
4Matteo BusatoMartini17
5Clément VenturiniCCC Sprandi Polkowice15

Young Riders Classification

1Abhishek SinhaDuvel29h25'03
2Graham TrainoRoth - Skoda+ 14'44
3Patrick MĂŒllerRoth - Skoda+ 22'54
4Philip O'DonnellSwissair+ 27'48
5Simon RaffinAg2r La Mondiale+ 28'29


Team Classification

2De Koninck+ 15'04
3Huawei+ 15'51
4Duvel+ 17'15
5Team Giant-Alpecin+ 34'26

Bad positioning on Stage 6 cost me the chance of a top 5 in this race, and maybe even a shot at the podium. It wasn't a bad race for me overall as I did quite well on the other two mountain stages. The ITT was a bit of a disappointment, but I was too tired from my efforts earlier in the week. The U25s win is something I'm used to by now and I secured that here too. On to the next race then.

The good news from Paris - Nice is that Alaphilippe finished 2nd in the GC!
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 27-08-2017 06:46
Not the best race, was looking good mid way, but lost a bit too muck on the last few stages. Good new with Alap in Paris Nice.
Disappointing result in the end, taking into account how things went down. You simply don't stop learning at the top level. Wink



T-A can be the most difficult race of the year, lots of strong riders, everybody's still fresh... 8th isn't a bad result.
Slowing down a bit, but maybe is better if you want to be at 100% for Giro
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

@Tamijo: I thought I had it till before the last mountain stage. That's where it went downhill, literally!

@Kiserlovski: No we don't, and I hope I don't stop learning for my own good.

@Ripley: It could have been better though...

@Aquarius: Yeah, I hope that works out!
I wouldn't be too disappointed though. You won another jersey in a very difficult race and only one stage messed up a top 5 finish for you. Good job!
@Ollie: Yeah the jersey win was good but there's always a disappointment associated with dropping down the GC.

A correction to the earlier reply to Aquarius, I'm not going to the Giro this season. The Tour-Vuelta combo for me this year.
AbhishekLFC wrote:
@Ollie: Yeah the jersey win was good but there's always a disappointment associated with dropping down the GC.

A correction to the earlier reply to Aquarius, I'm not going to the Giro this season. The Tour-Vuelta combo for me this year.

Yeah, that was a bold statement by me, as you didn't reveal this season calendar Wink
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix


My run of a single race every month continues in April. I'm off to Spain for the first time this year in the next race. My early season is incomplete without racing in my favourite country.

Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco

The team management did not hold back with the startlist! Alaphilippe, Barguil, Dumoulin and Uran were all in the team. Not to mention Craddock and Van Avermaet! I hoped that this was more as a prep for the Tour than the Giro. No word on either startlist yet. Except the last ITT stage, all stages had a lot of climbs.

Stage 1


The early seven man break survived the first climb but was down to four after the descent. Uran and Hardouin both fell in a multi-rider crash. Both were dropped from the peloton, but while Uran continued, Hardouin had to retire because of injuries. The peloton was down to just twenty riders following the second climb. Good news for us was that we still had four riders there. The break was caught on the third climb, with 45 km left. There were no attacks of consequence till the base of the last climb. I attacked with 3 km left, 1.5 km from the top of the last climb. I had 15 seconds to the chasing group of six riders at the top. I held my lead through the descent and crossed the line 1st! My first stage win of the season. I led in all calssifications following this stage.



Stage 2 saw all of our riders assigned free roles.


(Here I am with the yellow jersey)

The strong three man early break was joined by another on the first climb. The peloton was reduced to seventy riders on the fourth climb while the break was down to two. The peloton was further reduced to fifty on the next climb, Dumoulin also dropped here. Amador was the lone surviving break. The ever reducing peloton were a minute behind Amador on the sixt climb. Amador was finally caught with 12 km to go. With 8 km left, Dan Martin and Kwiatkowski attacked. There were a few who could follow and a six man group reached the finish together. I lost a minute to them, finishing in 7th on the stage in the next group and moving down to 6th in the GC. Alaphilippe was the next best teammate, finishing 12th, more than two minutes down.

Stage 3 and more climbing later, I found myself in a sixty rider peloton after the forst climb. Four riders broke from the pack but three were caught soon. Wellens was the lone break who built up a two minute gap. Pinot was dropped a long way back on the first climb itself but he slowly made his way back. The seventy rider peloton caught Wellens with 30 km to go. Incredibly, Wellens attacked again. I went away from the pack on a high gear with Aru in tow. We were joined by Kwiatkowski and Oomen. On top of the last climb, Aru was out ahead by a minute to my group of six. I attacked again but it wasn't successful this time. I settled for 7th at the finish, while Aru won. I moved up to 4th in the GC.

Stage 4 was flat for the first half and crazy in the second. The early break saw some strong riders join in with Pinot, Amador and Craddock to name a few. The peloton was down to fifty riders on the second climb. Pinot, dropped from the break, was back in the pack. A group of GC contenders went away from the pack. I missed the move and had to chase with Dumoulin and Craddock, who we caught up to. Barguil was in the group out ahead initially, but he too was dropped. I could not make it back and lost a lot of time, almost six minutes! Amazingly, I just lost two places in the GC.

The break on Stage 5 included Dunabr, Amador and Betancur join. We picked up the pace on third climb to put some pressure on our rivals. The peloton reduced in size to about thirty five riders. Kwiatkowski was the only significant casualty from the exercise. The peloton was back to sixty riders strong on the next climb with a five man break still out ahead. With 2 km to go, Kwiatkowski, who had recovered launched a late attack, with Gallopin following. The Pole was caught but the Frenchman leapfrogged the break in the final kilometer to take the win and 30 seconds to the pack. I stayed safe, finished in the larger group and held on my GC position.

Stage 6


I have become quite good at tackling hilly ITTs and this one was right down my alley. I reached the first intermediate 20 seconds ahead on Van Garderen, who had set the fastest till then. I lost a few seconds in the second sector but still managed to cross the line nine seconds better than the American.


(Riding the ITT)

It ended as such, after everyone had finished. I'd won again! But it wasn't enough to make up any places in the GC.

General Classification

1Fabio AruHuawei21h15'41
2Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo+ 2'49
3Louis MeintjesSwissair+ 3'01
4Adam YatesSwissair+ 4'59
5Sam OomenTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 5'41
6Abhishek SinhaDuvel+ 6'10
7Nairo QuintanaDe Koninck+ 8'10
8Alexis VuillermozTinkoff-Saxo+ 10'46
9Daniel MartinLiqui Moly+ 11'09
10Tejay Van GarderenTinkoff-Saxos.t.

11Ion IzagirreTEAM Cepsa+ 11'45
12Eddie DunbarTEAM Kodak+ 15'06
13Bob JungelsTinkoff-Saxo+ 17'16
14Andrey AmadorMTN-Qhubeka+ 18'39
15Mathieu van der PoelTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 18'48
16Valerio ContiTEAM Kodak+ 19'01
17Tim WellensDe Koninck+ 19'26
18Gregorio IbañezTEAM Kodak+ 20'51
19Warren BarguilDuvel+ 20'54
20Graham TrainoRoth - Skoda+ 21'57
21Jan PolancMTN-Qhubeka+ 22'35
22Julian AlaphilippeDuvel+ 23'02
23Merhawi KudusTEAM Kodak+ 24'34
24Rohan DennisHuawei+ 24'42
25Rui CostaAg2r La Mondiale+ 25'16
26Jay McCarthyHuawei+ 25'45
27Davide VillellaSwissair+ 26'39
28Lawson CraddockDuvel+ 28'09
29Carlos BetancurDe Koninck+ 28'15
30Sebastian HenaoHuawei+ 28'24
31SĂ©rgio HenaoOrica-GreenEDGE+ 28'32
32Gennadiy TatarinovSwissair+ 29'08
33Tom DumoulinDuvel+ 30'34
34Eduardo SepulvedaTEAM Kodak+ 31'11
35MichaƂ KwiatkowskiOrica-GreenEDGE+ 32'41
36Anatoliy BudyakDrapac Professional Cycling+ 34'42
37Moreno MoserAg2r La Mondiale+ 35'02
38Anastasio AniaTinkoff-Saxo+ 35'33
39Tanel KangertIberdrola+ 38'41
40François BidardDrapac Professional Cycling+ 39'59
41Tao Geoghegan HartHuawei+ 41'03
42Alexander FoliforovTEAM Kodak+ 41'18
43Julian ArredondoSwissair+ 42'09
44Jordi SimĂłnDrapac Professional Cycling+ 45'21
45Matej MohoricDe Koninck+ 46'29
46Silvio HerklotzTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 49'29
47Clement PenvenTeam Europcar+ 50'59
48Petr VakočTinkoff-Saxo+ 51'39
49Bauke MollemaTinkoff-Saxo+ 53'06
50Michael MatthewsOrica-GreenEDGE+ 53'27
51Jonathan CastroviejoHuawei+ 54'49
52Diego RosaTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 55'56
53Vincenzo NibaliTEAM Kodak+ 56'38
54Lukas PöstlbergerOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h00'19
55JesĂșs HerradaTEAM Cepsa+ 1h00'32
56Thomas BoudatCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h00'39
57Lachlan MortonDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h00'55
58Simon SpilakCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h01'54
59Kenichi KondoOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h02'42
60William BartaNike+ 1h03'44
61Alex PetersMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h03'47
62Garikoitz BravoIberdrola+ 1h04'13
63Brian BulgacTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h05'45
64Arnaud CourteilleAg2r La Mondiale+ 1h05'48
65Miles ScotsonOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h06'00
66Elia FavilliTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h06'19
67Miguel MĂ­nguezDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h07'20
68Pierre-Luc PĂ©richonCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h08'00
69Santos BarberoTEAM Cepsa+ 1h08'05
70Christian MagerLiqui Moly+ 1h08'50
71Eduard BeltranTeam Europcar+ 1h09'18
72Ander ArranzIberdrola+ 1h09'42
73Tilegen MaidosTEAM Kodak+ 1h09'51
74Mario GonzĂĄlezTEAM Cepsa+ 1h10'05
75Dirk Jan RijsbergenTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h10'10
76Arnau SoleTEAM Cepsa+ 1h11'17
77Alexis GuerinCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h14'11
78Christopher Juul-JensenIberdrola+ 1h14'21
79Gustav HoogSwissair+ 1h14'24
80JesĂșs EzquerraIberdrola+ 1h14'31
81Allessio BotturaTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h14'33
82Rubén ZepuntkeTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h19'22
83Greg Van AvermaetDuvel+ 1h19'41
84Sidio MezziniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h20'02
85Alexander KriegerTEAM Cepsa+ 1h20'42
86Maximilian WerdaLiqui Moly+ 1h20'48
87Juan Carlos Orueta IbarrolaIberdrola+ 1h21'02
88Jens GeerinckDe Koninck+ 1h21'19
89Antoine DuchesneRoth - Skoda+ 1h21'52
90Barry MarkusTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h22'23
91Manuel SenniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h22'39
92Alessio LanzanoLiqui Moly+ 1h22'40
93Aldin CarlmanDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h23'03
94Luca SterbiniTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h23'44
95Leigh HowardOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h23'48
96Flavien DassonvilleTeam Europcar+ 1h24'06
97Patryk KomisarekCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h24'15
98Romain GuyotTeam Europcar+ 1h24'34
99Logan OwenMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h26'01
100Oreste ScottaTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h26'09
101Joey RosskopfNike+ 1h28'08
102Andreas VangstadIberdrola+ 1h28'15
103Joshua HuppertzLiqui Moly+ 1h28'32
104Ahmet ÖrkenAlcatel+ 1h28'45
105Andrew FennHuawei+ 1h29'18
106Thibaut PinotTinkoff-Saxo+ 1h29'36
107Jasper FrahmLiqui Moly+ 1h30'08
108David LefortCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h30'28
109Armindo FonsecaTeam Europcar+ 1h30'52
110Thomas MosesIberdrola+ 1h33'13
111Damien HowsonHuawei+ 1h33'19
112Kamil GradekDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h34'30
113Robert-Jon McCarthyDrapac Professional Cycling+ 1h34'44
114Arvid De KleijnOrica-GreenEDGE+ 1h36'03
115Gorka IzagirreAg2r La Mondiale+ 1h38'51
116Inaxio ArcegaTEAM Cepsa+ 1h39'09
117Michael Van StaeyenDe Koninck+ 1h40'14
118Ramon SinkeldamTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 1h40'43
119Daniel SchornLiqui Moly+ 1h40'56
120Wouter WippertMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h42'04
121Johannes WindischbauerRoth - Skoda+ 1h45'20
122Marcel AreggerNike+ 1h47'26
123Ji Ming JungRoth - Skoda+ 1h49'38
124David MenutAg2r La Mondiale+ 1h49'58
125Jan DieterenCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 1h50'33
126Maxime DanielAg2r La Mondiale+ 1h50'46
127Onur BalkanAlcatel+ 1h53'04
128Christian KochLiqui Moly+ 1h53'14
129Hervé BrangerAlcatel+ 1h54'41
130André GreipelMTN-Qhubeka+ 1h54'56
131Steff HermansNike+ 1h56'38
132LĂ©onard QuentinSwissair+ 1h56'45
133Thomas GibbonsTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 1h57'56
134Jens WallaysDe Koninck+ 1h59'18
135José HerradaTEAM Cepsa+ 2h01'48
136Clément VenturiniCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 2h04'07
137Oscar GattoMTN-Qhubeka+ 2h04'16
138Juan Sebastian MolanoRoth - Skoda+ 2h07'18
139Grégoire CazesAlcatel+ 2h11'33
140Jimmy RaibaudAg2r La Mondiale+ 2h11'52
141Benoit FoketNike+ 2h12'21
142Aurélien ConteAg2r La Mondiale+ 2h15'26
143Lawrence NaesenAlcatel+ 2h16'51
144Taoufik BenzartiDe Koninck+ 2h17'00
145Rigoberto UrĂĄnDuvel+ 2h21'37
146Nino HonighRoth - Skoda+ 2h23'07
147AĂ­rton PavĂŁoRoth - Skoda+ 2h27'27
148Dimitri GuerreAlcatel+ 2h40'38
149Enea CambianicaNike+ 2h46'26
150Ashot DuginTeam Europcar+ 2h50'54
151Kenneth Van CompernolleNike+ 3h01'19

Points Classification

1Tony GallopinTinkoff-Saxo76
2Fabio AruHuawei73
3Abhishek SinhaDuvel63
4Louis MeintjesSwissair63
5Sam OomenTeam Giant-Alpecin57

Mountain Classification

1Andrey AmadorMTN-Qhubeka94
2Eddie DunbarTEAM Kodak46
3Tim WellensDe Koninck20
4Louis MeintjesSwissair15
5Fabio AruHuawei14

Young Riders Classification

1Abhishek SinhaDuvel21h21'51
2Eddie DunbarTEAM Kodak+ 8'56
3Gregorio IbañezTEAM Kodak+ 14'41
4Graham TrainoRoth - Skoda+ 15'47
5Anastasio AniaTinkoff-Saxo+ 29'23

Team Classification

2Swissair+ 8'43
3Duvel+ 19'27
4TEAM Kodak+ 27'11
5Huawei+ 31'30

Two stage wins and the U25 jersey, not a bad return from the week in the Basque country. Another case of 'one bad stage' too unfortunately. My gap to the top of the standings is just slightly more than what I lost on stage 4. I have to work on my consistency and learn how to grind out results even when I'm not at my best. The solid start to 2021 continues but it could've been so much better already. I'm off racing for a couple of months but it's not a complete holiday for me. In addition to training, there is a sensitive issue that I need to take care of. Not sure how that will turn out at the moment. See you in June.
Wow! 2 stage wins! Sinha is killer mode. Again a bad day preventing you from a mucn better GC. That's something he needs to stop if he wants to fight for a GT
Manager of [MG] Repsol - Netflix

Great race with two stage wins.
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Great win for Langeveld
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