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One in a Billion | Rise to the Summit
Yes Murcia was good for me Smile

March and a bunch of un-important (from my perspective) races lined up. First a 3 day stage race in West Flanders, followed by a couple of one day races.

Driedaagse van West Vlaanderen

This is not a race where I have high hopes of achieving anything! I was chosen as helper and I tried to do that for most of the race. SHould be boring reading.

Stage 1 was a short ITT where I ended up 29 seconds off the leader's pace, classified as 24th.

Stage 2 and I was given the task of protecting Lammertink. I did the same for the duration of the stage and finished in the pack.

Stage 3, where I was protecting Lammertink again. A repeat of the previous stage. This time though Weslet Kreder managed a top 10 finish for us. Ryan Mullen, having won the stage 1 ITT, held on for the overall win too. I finished in 17th overall and 6th in the U25s, also an outcome of the good ITT.

General Classification

1Ryan MullenEtixx - Quick-step7h12'40
2Gaetan BilleVĂ©randas Willems+ 3
3Roger KlugeTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 4
4Tim WellensLotto Soudal+ 5
5Simon GeschkeTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 6
6Sean De BieLotto Soudal+ 11
7Guillaume Van KeirsbulckEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
8Ben KingTrek Factory Racing+ 13
9Dominique CornuVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 16
10Lars Ytting BakLotto Soudal+ 17

11Tim RodenburgCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
12Silvan DillierTrek Factory Racing+ 18
13Vegard BreenVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 19
14Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 21
15Tom StamsnijderTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
16Serghei TvetcovTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 24
17Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 29
18Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 31
19Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 33
20Caleb FairlyTrek Factory Racings.t.
21Frederik FrisonVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 36
22Meik HermanskiTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 37
23Silvio HerklotzTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 39
24Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
25Fabio SabatiniEtixx - Quick-step+ 41
26Tim DeclercqTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
27Jesper AsselmanMetec - TKH+ 42
28Magnus Bak KlarisSEG Racings.t.
29Zico WaeytensTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 43
30Sam OomenRabobank Development Teams.t.
31Jelle WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 45
32Daan MyngheerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
33Jenthe BiermansSEG Racing+ 46
34Joachim VanreytenVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
35Kevin PeetersLotto Soudal+ 48
36Alois KankovskyCibel+ 49
37Jens WallaysVĂ©randas Willems+ 50
38Eliot LietaerTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
39Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racing+ 51
40Benjamin VerraesCibels.t.
41Tom Van AsbroeckTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 52
42Luke KeoughTrek Factory Racings.t.
43Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 54
44Tom VeelersTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
45Sean DowneyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
46Floris De TierTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 55
47Heinrich HausslerTrek Factory Racing+ 56
48Gerry DruytsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 1'00
49Mirsamad PoorseyediTrek Factory Racings.t.
50Jan MaasRabobank Development Team+ 1'01
51Zhi Hui JiangSEG Racings.t.
52Iljo KeisseEtixx - Quick-step+ 1'02
53Tim MerlierTeam 3M+ 1'05
54Jordi van DingenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
55Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 1'07
56Louis VervaekeLotto Soudal+ 1'08
57Niels WytinckVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 1'10
58Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Team+ 1'13
59Tim De TroyerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
60Andreas SchillingerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1'15
61Floris GertsTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'18
62Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'19
63Maarten WynantsTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
64Michel KrederTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
65Wesley KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'20
66Louis VerhelstLotto Soudal+ 1'21
67Nikolas MaesLotto Soudal+ 1'22
68Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 1'33
69Andrea PeronMetec - TKH+ 1'43
70Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 1'58
71David DesmechtVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 2'23
72Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKH+ 2'27
73Elias Van BreussegemVĂ©randas Willems+ 2'31
74Dion BeukeboomParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 2'37
75Joshua EdmondsonAn Post - Chainreaction+ 2'50
76Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 2'53
77Laurent DidierTrek Factory Racing+ 2'55
78Joeri StallaertCibel+ 2'56
79Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelles+ 2'57
80Matthew BrammeierAn Post - Chainreaction+ 3'08
81Olivier PardiniWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 3'11
82Alistair SlaterAn Post - Chainreaction+ 3'15
83Yannick PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
84Maarten NeyensTeam 3Ms.t.
85Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willems+ 3'20
86Xandro MeurisseAn Post - Chainreaction+ 3'21
87Jeroen LeplaVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 3'40
88Sieben WoutersTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'08
89Bart De ClercqEtixx - Quick-step+ 4'17
90Roy CurversTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 4'30
91Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willems+ 4'40
92Markus EibeggerWallonie - Bruxelles+ 4'57
93Vincent BaestaensCibel+ 5'12
94Rob RuijghMetec - TKH+ 5'14
95Russell DowningAn Post - Chainreaction+ 5'15
96Kevin De JongheCibel+ 5'17
97Kevin CallebautCibel+ 5'34
98Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3M+ 5'45
99Edwig CammaertsVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 5'46
100Alexander MaesAn Post - Chainreaction+ 5'47
101Milan MentenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 5'52
102Jens AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 6'43
103Thomas DegandWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 6'44
104Jan DenuwelaereVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 6'47
105Sibrecht PietersVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 6'51
106Joey Van RheeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 6'52
107Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
108Sander HelvenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 6'53
109Jake TannerTeam 3M+ 6'56
110Emiel DolfsmaMetec - TKH+ 6'57
111Jack WilsonAn Post - Chainreaction+ 6'58
112Emiel PlanckaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 7'00
113Marco MinnaardParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
114Fabio PolazziVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 7'05
115RĂ©my MertzWallonie - Bruxelles+ 7'06
116Tim VanspeybroeckTeam 3Ms.t.
117Martin VelitsEtixx - Quick-step+ 7'08
118Joris BlokkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 7'11
119Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 7'14
120Sjors RoosenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
121Jordi TalenRabobank Development Team+ 7'39
122Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racing+ 7'53
123Antoine WarnierWallonie - Bruxelles+ 7'55
124Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 7'56
125Michael GoolaertsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 8'01
126Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelles+ 8'06
127Davy GunstSEG Racing+ 8'13
128Mischa Van der HeijdenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
129Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 8'20
130Stijn EnnekensWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 8'34
131Patrick Van Der DuinCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 8'58
132Tom VermeerSEG Racing+ 9'05
133Serge PauwelsLotto Soudal+ 10'11
134Jean-Albert CarnevaliWallonie - Bruxelles+ 10'13
135Patrick FacchiniWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 10'15
136Jeroen MeijersRabobank Development Teams.t.
137Wouter LetenMetec - TKH+ 10'20
138Larry WarbasseTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 10'25
139LoĂŻc PestiauxWallonie - Bruxelles+ 10'30
140Stef Van ZummerenVĂ©randas Willems+ 10'37
141David De la CruzEtixx - Quick-step+ 10'57
142José Agustín Martínez TorrénWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 11'07
143Massimo GraziatoParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 11'09
144Yannick EijssenWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 11'24
145Bert Van LerbergheTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 11'29
146Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Team+ 11'42
147Rob LeemansSEG Racing+ 13'26
148Arno Van Der ZwetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 13'35
149Emiel VermeulenTeam 3M+ 14'22
150Dimitri PeyskensTeam 3M+ 14'35
151Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Team+ 14'37
152Anastasio AniaEtixx - Quick-step+ 14'43
153Patrick Van LeeuwenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 15'36
154Rick GoereeMetec - TKH+ 15'45
155Jelle WolsinkMetec - TKH+ 16'19
156Matthias OngenaCibel+ 20'13
157David MontgomeryTeam 3M+ 38'33

Points Classification

1Zico WaeytensTeam Giant-Alpecin25
2Tom Van AsbroeckTeam LottoNL - Jumbo22
3Roger KlugeTeam Giant-Alpecin20
4Sean De BieLotto Soudal20
5Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racing19

Young Rider Classification

1Ryan MullenEtixx - Quick-step7h12'40
2Tim WellensLotto Soudal+ 5
3Sean De BieLotto Soudal+ 11
4Guillaume Van KeirsbulckEtixx - Quick-step+ 11
5Tim RodenburgCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 17

Team Classification

1Team Giant-Alpecin21h38'31
2Etixx - Quick-step+ 11
3Lotto Soudal+ 12
4Veranclassic - Ekoi+ 13
5VĂ©randas Willems+ 27

A better than expected result in the end in Flanders.

Classic Loire Atlantique

Picked as a helper again, I was looking after Calmejane (!!) in this race. This was a bit of a stinker for me, as I'd been outperforming my French teammate and fellow new recruit since the start of the season. I did my job as I was supposed to. A lot of our teammates suffered crashes. I was dropped by the lead group with 15 km to go. Calmejane too, could not keep up. Kristian Haugaard, a former teammate from Leopard, took the stage win for his new team. Kerkhof got our best result in 11th, while I finished 4 minutes down.

1Kristian HaugaardCULT Energy Pro Cycling4h49'28
2Edward TheunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
3Fabio SilvestreMTN-Qhubekas.t.
4Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
5Daniel MorenoTeam Skys.t.
6Reinardt Janse Van RensburgMTN-Qhubekas.t.
7Pierrick FédrigoBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
8Peter VelitsMTN-Qhubekas.t.
9Phil BauhausBora - Argon 18s.t.
10Rudy MolardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

11Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
12Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.
13Alex DowsettMovistar Teams.t.
14SĂ©rgio PardillaTeam Skys.t.
15Maxime VantommeRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
16Yauheni HutarovichBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
17Angelo TulikFDJs.t.
18Lasse Norman HansenMTN-Qhubekas.t.
19Björn LeukemansWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
20Peter KennaughTeam Skys.t.
21Dominik NerzBora - Argon 18s.t.
22Laurent PichonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
23Mads PedersenCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
24SĂ©bastien TurgotAg2r La Mondiales.t.
25SĂ©bastien MinardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
26Gad AzoulayFDJs.t.
27Alexis GougeardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
28Romain CardisAg2r La Mondiales.t.
29Shane ArchboldBora - Argon 18s.t.
30RĂŒdiger SeligBora - Argon 18s.t.
31Romain GuillemoisTeam Europcars.t.
32Daniel SchornBora - Argon 18s.t.
33Tim DeclercqTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
34Olivier Le GacFDJs.t.
35Thomas SprengersTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
36Marc SolerMovistar Teams.t.
37Blel KadriAg2r La Mondiales.t.
38Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
39Jonas AhlstrandCofidis, Solutions Crédits+ 1'48
40Pierre-Henri LecuisinierEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
41Frederique RobertWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
42Simone ConsonniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
43Sander HelvenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
44Matthew BuscheTeam Skys.t.
45Armindo FonsecaBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
46Ignatas KonovalovasTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
47Florian VachonCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
48Ben SwiftTeam Skys.t.
49Pierre-Luc PérichonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
50Florian GuillouBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
51Pierre-Roger LatourAg2r La Mondiales.t.
52Florian SenechalCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
53Bob JungelsTeam Skys.t.
54Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
55Martin MortensenCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
56Moreno De PauwTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
57Hayden RoulstonCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
58Gaël MalacarneTeam Europcars.t.
59Luis Ángel MatéTeam Skys.t.
60Thomas VaubourzeixVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
61Francis De GreefWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
62Antoine LavieuAg2r La Mondiales.t.
63Thomas DegandWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
64Marco MarcatoWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
65VĂ­ctor de la ParteMovistar Team+ 4'00
66Jonas PoulsenBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
67Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
68Anthony DelaplaceBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
69David BeldaMovistar Teams.t.
70Adriano MaloriMovistar Teams.t.
71Julius van den BergTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
72Zakkari DempsterBora - Argon 18s.t.
73Geoffrey SoupeCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
74Marcus BurghardtBora - Argon 18s.t.
75Rohan DennisTeam Skys.t.
76Alexis VuillermozTeam Europcars.t.
77Samuel DumoulinAg2r La Mondiales.t.
78Stephen CummingsMovistar Teams.t.
79Marko DĂ­azMovistar Teams.t.
80Anthony TurgisCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
81Julien El FaresTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
82Rudy KowalskiRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
83Benjamin GiraudTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
84Yonas TekesteMTN-Qhubekas.t.
85Leigh HowardMTN-Qhubekas.t.
86Kevin PauwelsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
87Cayetano SarmientoColombias.t.
88JĂ©rĂŽme CousinTeam Europcars.t.
89Cyril LemoineFDJs.t.
90Fabio DuarteColombias.t.
91Damien MonierFDJs.t.
92Justin JulesFDJs.t.
93Jimmy RaibaudEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
94Arman KamyshevVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
95Arthur van OverbergheTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
96JĂ©rĂŽme BaugniesWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
97Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
98Nicolas BaldoTeam Europcars.t.
99BenoĂźt VaugrenardFDJs.t.
100Evaldas SiskeviciusTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
101Edwin ÁvilaColombias.t.
102Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
103Yoann PaillotTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
104Fabrice JeandesbozTeam Europcars.t.
105Rasmus GuldhammerCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
106Nans PetersEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
107Tomasz SmoleƄVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
108Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
109Thomas BonninFDJs.t.
110Christian MagerCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
111Siarhei PapokWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
112Kévin LebretonEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
113Robbe CasierVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
114Rodolfo TorresMTN-Qhubekas.t.
115RĂ©my MertzWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
116Bryan AlaphilippeEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
117Milan MentenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
118Nicolas DougallMTN-Qhubekas.t.
119Jonathan ParedesColombias.t.
120Tom DevriendtWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
121Melvin RulliereVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
122LoĂŻc PestiauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
123Martial RomanVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
124Álex Cano ArdilaColombias.t.
125Manuel BellettiColombias.t.
126Charlie ArimontWallonie - Bruxelles+ 7'09
127Yannis YssaadEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
128Antoine WarnierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
129Steve ChainelCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
130Kenneth HansenRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole+ 8'05
131Alexis BodiotRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
132Jackson RodrĂ­guezRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
133Morgan LamoissonTeam Europcars.t.
134Rudy BarbierRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
135Serge BeaufortAuber 93+ 8'51
136Mathieu PergetAuber 93s.t.
137Anthony MaldonadoAuber 93s.t.
138Théo VimpereAuber 93s.t.
139Juan Sebastian MolanoColombias.t.
140Mischa Van der HeijdenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
141Michael CarbelCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
142Dirk FindersVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
143Benoßt SinnerEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
144Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
145Giovanni BernaudeauTeam Europcars.t.
146CĂ©sar BihelAuber 93s.t.
147Bruno ArmirailColombias.t.
148Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
149David MenutAuber 93s.t.
150Julien GuayAuber 93s.t.
151Linus GerdemannCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
152Antoine LeleuVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
153Guillaume LevarletAuber 93+ 12'54
154Fabien CanalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 13'44
155Simon SellierTeam Marseille 13 KTM+ 14'23

Cholet - Pays De Loire

Helper again. For Calmejane again! Had a bad later half of the race. Was dropped with still 30 km to go and never recovered. Finished 4 minutes down on the pack while Marc de Maar got 13th place for us. Jesus Herrada won after a surprise late attack.

1JesĂșs HerradaMovistar Team6h00'48
2Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 47
3Thomas VoecklerAg2r La Mondiales.t.
4Cyril GautierAg2r La Mondiales.t.
5Oscar GattoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
6Gerald CiolekMTN-Qhubekas.t.
7Phil BauhausBora - Argon 18s.t.
8Alexis GougeardAg2r La Mondiales.t.
9Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
10Tim De TroyerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.

11Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
12Alexandre PichotTeam Europcars.t.
13Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
14Elia FavilliBardiani CSFs.t.
15Mickaël DelageTeam Europcars.t.
16Guillaume ThevenotTeam Europcars.t.
17Rohan DennisTeam Skys.t.
18Matthew BuscheTeam Skys.t.
19Serghei TvetcovTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
20Peter KennaughTeam Skys.t.
21Andreas SchillingerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
22Enrico BarbinBardiani CSFs.t.
23Romain CardisAg2r La Mondiales.t.
24Valerio ContiBora - Argon 18s.t.
25Arnold JeannessonFDJs.t.
26Nicolas EdetFDJs.t.
27Nicolas BaldoTeam Europcars.t.
28Sven Erik BystrĂžmTeam Katushas.t.
29Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.
30Francesco GinanniAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
31Andrea ManfrediBardiani CSFs.t.
32Mikaël ChérelAg2r La Mondiales.t.
33Laurent PichonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
34Kenny De KeteleWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
35Dominik NerzBora - Argon 18s.t.
36Peter VelitsMTN-Qhubekas.t.
37JĂ©rĂŽme CoppelFDJs.t.
38Marco BenfattoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
39Romain FeilluBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
40Iuri FilosiWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
41Alessio TalianiAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
42Daniel TeklehaimanotMTN-Qhubekas.t.
43Benoit JarrierBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
44Lasse Norman HansenMTN-Qhubekas.t.
45Alex KirschLeopard Development Teams.t.
46Reinardt Janse Van RensburgMTN-Qhubekas.t.
47Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
48Emanuel BuchmannBora - Argon 18s.t.
49Simone SterbiniBardiani CSFs.t.
50Daniel MorenoTeam Skys.t.
51Leigh HowardMTN-Qhubekas.t.
52SĂ©rgio PardillaTeam Skys.t.
53Sergey LagutinTeam Katushas.t.
54Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
55Romain CombaudTeam Europcars.t.
56Boy Van PoppelTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
57Marcel WyssBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
58David LĂłpezTeam Skys.t.
59Damien GaudinAg2r La Mondiales.t.
60Sylvain ChavanelFDJs.t.
61Juan ChamorroBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
62Francisco José VentosoTeam Katushas.t.
63Anton VorobyevTeam Katushas.t.
64Marco BandieraAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
65Cristiano SalernoBora - Argon 18s.t.
66Matteo MontagutiAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
67Julien AntomarchiTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
68Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
69Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
70Anthony MaldonadoAuber 93s.t.
71Romain Le RouxEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
72Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
73Michel KrederTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
74William BonnetFDJs.t.
75Luis Ángel MatéTeam Skys.t.
76Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
77Steven TronetAuber 93s.t.
78Alex DowsettMovistar Teams.t.
79Christian KneesBora - Argon 18s.t.
80Luigi MilettaLeopard Development Teams.t.
81Yamato ShirotaFDJs.t.
82Brice FeilluTeam Europcars.t.
83Marco HallerTeam Katushas.t.
84Pierre-Roger LatourAg2r La Mondiales.t.
85Davide MalacarneBardiani CSFs.t.
86Shane ArchboldBora - Argon 18+ 3'32
87Stéphane PoulhiÚsCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
88Pierre-Henri LecuisinierEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
89Nicklas BĂžje PedersenLeopard Development Teams.t.
90Rubén FernåndezMovistar Teams.t.
91Alexander SerovTeam Katushas.t.
92Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
93JesĂșs HernĂĄndezMovistar Teams.t.
94Songezo JimMTN-Qhubekas.t.
95Reinier HonigTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
96Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'08
97Ben SwiftTeam Skys.t.
98Thomas DamuseauRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
99Grégoire TarrideTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
100James ShawBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
101Alexandre LemairEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
102Jean-Marc BideauBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
103Guillaume BlotEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
104Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
105Timothy DupontRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
106Evaldas SiskeviciusTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
107Olivier PardiniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
108Aurélien PasseronAuber 93s.t.
109Luca SterbiniBardiani CSFs.t.
110Magnus FaglumBardiani CSFs.t.
111Kévin LebretonEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
112Brian BulgacLeopard Development Teams.t.
113Alvaro CuadrosRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
114Mathieu PergetAuber 93s.t.
115Antoine LavieuAg2r La Mondiales.t.
116Francis De GreefWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
117Marcus BurghardtBora - Argon 18s.t.
118Théo VimpereAuber 93s.t.
119Justin JulesFDJ+ 5'12
120Mauro Abel RichezeCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
121Simone ConsonniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
122Alexander PorsevTeam Katushas.t.
123Ignatas KonovalovasTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
124Alberto NardinAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
125Clément Saint-MartinTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
126Gaël MalacarneTeam Europcars.t.
127Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
128Marc SolerMovistar Teams.t.
129Rudy MolardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
130Carl JermailAuber 93s.t.
131Yannick EijssenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
132Romain GuillemoisTeam Europcars.t.
133David BeldaMovistar Teams.t.
134Sylvain GeorgesCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
135Jimmy EngoulventCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
136Fabien CanalEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
137JĂ©rĂŽme BaugniesWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
138Steve ChainelCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
139Abel KenyeresAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
140Damien MonierFDJ+ 6'07
141Rodolfo TorresMTN-Qhubekas.t.
142Nans PetersEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 6'57
143Florian GuillouBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
144Simone AndreettaBardiani CSFs.t.
145Johnny HoogerlandTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
146Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
147Kenneth HansenRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
148Luc TurchiLeopard Development Teams.t.
149Alexis BodiotRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
150Julien GuayAuber 93+ 8'49
151VĂ­ctor de la ParteMovistar Team+ 9'56
152Benoßt SinnerEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terre+ 12'50
153Rudy BarbierRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropole+ 13'10
154Alexander SerebryakovTeam Katusha+ 15'45
155Simon SellierTeam Marseille 13 KTM+ 19'45

Like I already said before, nothing to see here...
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 25-09-2016 05:53
Sad to see that he is being a helper for Lilian, but at least it gives some experience and lesser pressure.

Yeah that sucked. But I still achieved better at van West Vlaanderen Wink

April couldn't have come sooner after a March not worth remembering. A total of 5 one day races lined in my schedule here. No stage races. This should be interesting!

GP Miguel Indurain


Back to Spain, which was fast becoming my lucky country in terms of results. I was chosen to lead the team in the race. However, I was struggling for fitness for a couple of days prior to the race. I managed to stay with the pack before attacking with about 15 km to go. I got away with a handful of others but couldn't hang on to the group. I got caught by the next groups coming up, just holding on to a top 20 spot. In a weird twist of events, Calmejane finished higher up, in our little personal battle.

1Adam YatesOrica-GreenEDGE4h51'59
2Beñat IntxaustiTeam Katusha+ 19
3Igor AntĂłnOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
4Robert KiserlovskiTinkoff-Saxo+ 35
5Giovanni ViscontiMovistar Team+ 51
6Jan BartaBora - Argon 18s.t.
7Gorka IzagirreTinkoff-Saxo+ 1'40
8Fabio FellineLotto Soudal+ 1'48
9André CardosoTeam Cannondale - Garmin+ 2'22
10Edoardo ZardiniTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.

11Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katusha+ 2'53
12Cameron MeyerTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
13Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
14Kanstantsin SiutsouTinkoff-Saxo+ 3'08
15Thomas De GendtLotto Soudals.t.
16Dayer QuintanaTinkoff-Saxos.t.
17Mikel NieveMovistar Teams.t.
18Pello BilbaoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
19Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
20Michele ScarponiTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
21Michael RogersTinkoff-Saxos.t.
22Valerio ContiBora - Argon 18s.t.
23Arnau SoleBurgos - BHs.t.
24JesĂșs HernĂĄndezMovistar Team+ 3'51
25Delio FernĂĄndezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
26JesĂșs Del PinoBurgos - BH+ 4'05
27Adam HansenLotto Soudal+ 4'13
28Marc GoosTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
29Garikoitz BravoMurias Taldea+ 4'30
30Alberto LosadaTeam Katusha+ 4'38
31Heiner ParraCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
32Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
33Mischa Van der HeijdenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
34José MendesBora - Argon 18s.t.
35George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
36VĂ­ctor de la ParteMovistar Teams.t.
37Sergey LagutinTeam Katushas.t.
38Dries Van GestelLotto Soudals.t.
39Martijn KeizerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
40Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
41Nathan BrownTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
42Jay McCarthyOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
43Damiano CunegoTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
44Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
45Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
46Antonio MolinaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
47Rafael VallsMovistar Teams.t.
48Serge PauwelsLotto Soudals.t.
49Kristoffer SkjerpingTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
50Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
51Rubén FernåndezMovistar Teams.t.
52Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
53Marko DĂ­azMovistar Teams.t.
54Francisco José VentosoTeam Katushas.t.
55Beñat TxoperenaMurias Taldeas.t.
56Esteban ChavesOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
57Pieter WeeningOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
58Aleksejs SaramotinsOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
59Joseph DombrowskiTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
60François BidardBurgos - BHs.t.
61Mikel BizkarraMurias Taldeas.t.
62Marc SolerMovistar Teams.t.
63Louis VervaekeLotto Soudals.t.
64Hugh CarthyCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
65Chris Anker SĂžrensenTinkoff-Saxos.t.
66Johnny HoogerlandTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 5'44
67Ricardo VilelaTeam Tavira+ 6'20
68Pavel BruttTinkoff-Saxos.t.
69Fernando GrijalbaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
70Andreas SchillingerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
71Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
72Caleb EwanOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
73Luke DurbridgeOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
74Jasper De BuystLotto Soudals.t.
75Serghei TvetcovTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
76Alexander SerebryakovTeam Katusha+ 7'46
77Edgar PintoTeam Tavira+ 8'28
78Cristiano SalernoBora - Argon 18s.t.
79Hugo VazLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
80Igor MerinoBurgos - BHs.t.
81Unai IntziarteMurias Taldeas.t.
82Enrique SanzTeam Katusha+ 10'07
83Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
84Jon Ander InsaustiMurias Taldea+ 10'22
85Ulf HausweilerBora - Argon 18+ 10'57
86Frederico FigueiredoLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
87Manuel CardosoTeam Tavira+ 11'12
88Zakkari DempsterBora - Argon 18+ 11'36
89Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 13'17
90Frederik BackaertLotto Soudals.t.
91Mats BoeveTeam Taviras.t.
92Michael SchwarzmannBora - Argon 18+ 13'38
93SĂ©rgio SousaLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 14'18
94Joao PereiraTeam Taviras.t.
95Ander ArranzBurgos - BH+ 14'35
96Óscar PujolBurgos - BH+ 14'56
97Alexander SerovTeam Katushas.t.
98Álvaro RobredoBurgos - BH+ 15'28
99Unai LevaMurias Taldeas.t.
100Elia ValenteTeam Tavira+ 16'30
101Daniel BorrĂĄsTeam Taviras.t.
102Marcus BurghardtBora - Argon 18s.t.
103Mario CostaLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
104Rafael ReisTeam Taviras.t.
105Ivan BassoTinkoff-Saxos.t.
106Leonel CoutinhoLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
107Joon SeoLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
108Ghislain ThebaultBurgos - BH+ 23'52

Vuelta Ciclista a la Rioja

Free role in what turned to be a sprinter's race. It was an uneventful race for the most part. I had a minor fall with 10 km to go but made it back to the peloton. I tried to attack soon after too. I stayed away for a few kms, but was caught with 3 km to go. I finally finished in the pack. Pim Ligthart surprised the favourites with a late attack, followed by Bert De Backer. They took 1st and 2nd places respectively. I finished mid-pack with Calmejane getting another top 15 finish.

1Pim LigthartLotto Soudal3h37'13
2Bert De BackerTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 28
3Kenny DehaesLotto Soudal+ 48
4Mitchell DockerTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
5Iljo KeisseEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
6Yannick MartinezIAM Cyclings.t.
7Caleb EwanOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
8Cameron MeyerTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
9Carlos VeronaEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
10Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.

11Ramunas NavardauskasTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
12Pascal AckermannLotto Soudals.t.
13PaweƂ BernasActiveJet Teams.t.
14Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
15Matthias BrÀndleIAM Cyclings.t.
16Fernando GaviriaTinkoff-Saxos.t.
17Jacopo GuarnieriTeam Katushas.t.
18Fabio FellineLotto Soudals.t.
19Moreno MoserTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
20Meik HermanskiTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
21Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
22Gerald CiolekMTN-Qhubekas.t.
23Lars Ytting BakLotto Soudals.t.
24Rubén ZepuntkeTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
25Manuel BellettiColombias.t.
26André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
27Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
28Reinardt Janse Van RensburgMTN-Qhubekas.t.
29Gianni MeersmanEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
30Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
31Roy CurversTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
32Tosh Van der SandeCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
33Fabio SabatiniEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
34Marc GoosTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
35JesĂșs HernĂĄndezMovistar Teams.t.
36Lasse Norman HansenMTN-Qhubekas.t.
37Gennadiy TatarinovTeam Katushas.t.
38Fabio SilvestreMTN-Qhubekas.t.
39Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
40Beñat IntxaustiTeam Katushas.t.
41Andreas SchillingerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
42Jan GhyselinckLotto Soudals.t.
43Maxime VantommeRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
44Chad HagaTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
45Kristijan DurasekRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
46Vyacheslav KuznetsovTeam Katushas.t.
47Johann Van ZylMTN-Qhubekas.t.
48Rudy BarbierRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
49PaweƂ FranczakActiveJet Teams.t.
50Jon Ander InsaustiMurias Taldeas.t.
51Stef ClementTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
52Maarten WynantsTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
53Etienne Van EmpelTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
54Silvio HerklotzTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
55Ɓukasz WiƛniowskiEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
56Marc SolerMovistar Teams.t.
57Martijn KeizerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
58Fredrik LudvigssonTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
59Timo RoosenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
60Garikoitz BravoMurias Taldeas.t.
61Cheng JiTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
62Alberto LosadaTeam Katushas.t.
63Rafael VallsMovistar Teams.t.
64Frederik BackaertLotto Soudals.t.
65Kenny ElissondeTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
66Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
67Fernando GrijalbaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
68Mikel NieveMovistar Teams.t.
69Vicente ReynĂšsMovistar Teams.t.
70Pello BilbaoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
71Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
72Kamil GradekActiveJet Teams.t.
73Rubén FernåndezMovistar Teams.t.
74Brayan RamĂ­rezColombias.t.
75Janier AcevedoColombias.t.
76Simon ClarkeOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
77Yonas TekesteMTN-Qhubekas.t.
78Nikolai TrusovTinkoff-Saxos.t.
79Denis GalimzyanovTinkoff-Saxos.t.
80Dominique RollinLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
81Jay ThomsonMTN-Qhubekas.t.
82Robert BushMurias Taldeas.t.
83Arkaitz DurĂĄnEfapels.t.
84Imanol ErvitiTinkoff-Saxos.t.
85Steele Von HoffOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
86Bernardo ColexActiveJet Teams.t.
87Igor AntĂłnOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
88JesĂșs EzquerraActiveJet Teams.t.
89Ryan MullenEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
90SĂ©rgio SousaLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
91Anastasio AniaEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
92Daniel JaramilloColombias.t.
93Ibai SalasBurgos - BHs.t.
94José Luis RoldånBurgos - BHs.t.
95Songezo JimMTN-Qhubekas.t.
96Daniel FreitasLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
97Alexander SerebryakovTeam Katushas.t.
98Óscar GonzálezEfapels.t.
99Marcel AreggerIAM Cyclings.t.
100Fabio DuarteColombias.t.
101VĂ­ctor MartĂ­nBurgos - BHs.t.
102Jorge Camilo CastiblancoColombias.t.
103David BeldaMovistar Teams.t.
104Hugo VazLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
105Bruno SanchoEfapels.t.
106Marcin BiaƂobƂockiActiveJet Teams.t.
107Unai ArranzBurgos - BHs.t.
108Aritz BagĂŒesMurias Taldeas.t.
109Diego LeĂłn CuervoBurgos - BHs.t.
110Eduardo EstradaColombias.t.
111Sjoerd Van GinnekenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
112Rafael SilvaEfapels.t.
113Klemen StimulakActiveJet Teams.t.
114Joon SeoLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 3'15
115Óscar PujolBurgos - BHs.t.
116Mikel BizkarraMurias Taldeas.t.
117Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
118Pedro PaulinhoEfapels.t.
119Manuele BoaroOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
120Álvaro RobredoBurgos - BHs.t.
121David RodriguesEfapels.t.
122Carlos Mario RamĂ­rezColombias.t.
123Stanislaw DianzenzaActiveJet Team+ 3'59
124Valerio AgnoliTinkoff-Saxo+ 4'46
125Campbell FlakemoreOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
126Matti BreschelTinkoff-Saxos.t.
127Daryl ImpeyOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
128Nelson OliveiraTinkoff-Saxos.t.
129Jarlinson PantanoIAM Cyclings.t.
130Francisco José VentosoTeam Katushas.t.
131Enrique SanzTeam Katushas.t.
132Sebastian HenaoIAM Cyclings.t.
133Jordi SimĂłnCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
134Filippo FortinCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
135Daniel McLayRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
136Paolo TiralongoTinkoff-Saxos.t.
137Ricardo GarcĂ­aIAM Cyclings.t.
138Chris HornerTeam Cannondale - Garmins.t.
139Alvaro CuadrosRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
140Onur BalkanCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
141Damien HowsonOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
142Delio FernĂĄndezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
143Heiner ParraCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
144Jackson RodrĂ­guezRoubaix Lille MĂ©tropoles.t.
145Alexander FoliforovIAM Cyclings.t.
146JĂ©rĂŽme FrancoisIAM Cyclings.t.
147Unai LevaMurias Taldeas.t.
148Mario CostaLA Aluminios - Antarte+ 5'36
149Serge PauwelsLotto Soudal+ 9'17
150Juan José IturraspeBurgos - BH+ 10'26

Klasika Primavera

I was leading the team here. I tried my hand at an attack on the first big climb of the day, with 50 km to go. I was caught 10 km later. The second climb came about with 30 km of racing left. The attack on the first climb took its toll and I dropped out of the peloton, eventually finishing 11 minutes (!!) down on winner Zakarin. Maurits Lammertink got home in 5th place, while the team got 4th in the classification. This was a cause for celebration for all of us and we did that later that day. One of the best races for us as a team all year.

1Ilnur ZakarinTeam Katusha4h01'23
2Beñat IntxaustiTeam Katusha+ 50
3Pello BilbaoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2'02
4Rafael VallsMovistar Team+ 3'38
5Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
6JesĂșs HerradaMovistar Teams.t.
7Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
8JesĂșs Del PinoBurgos - BHs.t.
9Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.
10Janier AcevedoColombia+ 5'02

11Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 5'52
12PrzemysƂaw NiemiecLampre-Meridas.t.
13Rein TaaramÀeW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
14Arnau SoleBurgos - BHs.t.
15Gennadiy TatarinovTeam Katushas.t.
16Haritz OrbeMurias Taldeas.t.
17Pieter JacobsLotto Soudals.t.
18Garikoitz BravoMurias Taldeas.t.
19Pedro BrasEfapels.t.
20Adriano MaloriMovistar Teams.t.
21Arkaitz DurĂĄnEfapels.t.
22Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
23Thomas De GendtLotto Soudals.t.
24Fabio TaborreLampre-Meridas.t.
25Ángel MadrazoMovistar Teams.t.
26Ilya KoshevoyLampre-Meridas.t.
27Daniele Dall'OsteColombias.t.
28Óscar GonzálezEfapels.t.
29Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katushas.t.
30Joaquim SilvaW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
31Gianfranco ZilioliLampre-Meridas.t.
32Daniel Felipe MartinezColombias.t.
33JesĂșs HernĂĄndezMovistar Teams.t.
34Tiago MachadoTeam Katushas.t.
35José Vicente ToribioCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
36Jordi SimĂłnCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
37Rubén FernåndezMovistar Teams.t.
38Fabio DuarteColombias.t.
39Serge PauwelsLotto Soudals.t.
40Delio FernĂĄndezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
41Miguel MĂ­nguezMurias Taldeas.t.
42David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
43Cayetano SarmientoColombia+ 7'32
44Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
45Kenny DehaesLotto Soudals.t.
46Brayan RamĂ­rezColombias.t.
47Marko DĂ­azMovistar Teams.t.
48SĂ©rgio GodoyW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
49Darwin PantojaColombias.t.
50Giampaolo CarusoTeam Katushas.t.
51Hector SaezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
52Luka PibernikLampre-Merida+ 9'23
53SĂ©rgio SousaLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
54Lars Ytting BakLotto Soudals.t.
55Jasper De BuystLotto Soudals.t.
56George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
57Louis VervaekeLotto Soudals.t.
58Kristian SbaragliLampre-Meridas.t.
59Mikel BizkarraMurias Taldeas.t.
60Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
61Edgar PintoTeam Taviras.t.
62Vyacheslav KuznetsovTeam Katushas.t.
63Martijn KeizerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
64Hugh CarthyCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
65Manuel Antunes AmaroLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
66Frederik BackaertLotto Soudals.t.
67Eduard VorganovTeam Katusha+ 10'36
68Beñat TxoperenaMurias Taldea+ 11'14
69Antonino ParrinelloLampre-Meridas.t.
70Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
71Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
72Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
73JĂłni BrandĂŁoEfapels.t.
74José Luis RoldånBurgos - BHs.t.
75Hugo VazLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
76AntĂłnio CarvalhoW52 - Quinta da Lixa+ 11'46
77RaĂșl AlarcĂłnW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
78Julius van den BergTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
79Juan Sebastian MolanoColombia+ 12'48
80Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
81Juan Ignacio PerezW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
82Joao PereiraTeam Taviras.t.
83Rui VinhasW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
84Anatoliy PakhtusovW52 - Quinta da Lixas.t.
85Ander ArranzBurgos - BHs.t.
86Óscar PujolBurgos - BH+ 14'01
87André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
88Dominique RollinLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
89Ricardo VilelaTeam Taviras.t.
90Unai ArranzBurgos - BHs.t.
91David RodriguesEfapels.t.
92Jon AberasturiMurias Taldeas.t.
93Sjoerd Van GinnekenTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 15'25
94Tom StamsnijderTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
95Ricardo MestreTeam Taviras.t.
96Diogo SantosEfapels.t.
97Timo RoosenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
98Mats BoeveTeam Tavira+ 15'58
99Simone CampagnaroLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
100Daniel FreitasLA Aluminios - Antartes.t.
101Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos - BH+ 16'49
102FĂĄbio RodriguesTeam Tavira+ 17'46
103Tiziano Dall'AntoniaLampre-Merida+ 18'09
104Elia ValenteTeam Tavira+ 20'56
105Juan José IturraspeBurgos - BHs.t.
106Daniel BorrĂĄsTeam Tavira+ 21'21

Tour du Finistere

A comparatively weaker field and also a weaker team for us. Although, meant to be the leader, I thought it'd be best if I joined the early break. The three of us (with Baldo and Stamsnijder) got to 7'30" ahead of the peloton at the most. I attacked them with 70 km to go to get away. I was caught. I attacked again with 30 km left and this time got a 90 second advantage. I was caught again not long after. Eventually, with just 15 km to go, all three of us were caught by the peloton. I had no strength left and stayed in the pack. The attacks started and Gasparotto proved too strong for others.

1Enrico GasparottoWanty - Groupe Gobert4h04'31
2Giovanni ViscontiMovistar Team+ 46
3Arthur VichotTeam Europcars.t.
4Alexis VuillermozTeam Europcars.t.
5Lars Petter NordhaugIAM Cyclings.t.
6SĂ©bastien ReichenbachIAM Cycling+ 1'08
7Peter VelitsMTN-Qhubeka+ 1'24
8Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
9Gianluca BrambillaLampre-Meridas.t.
10Rudy MolardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.

11Adrien NiyonshutiMTN-Qhubeka+ 1'59
12Tom StamsnijderTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 2'14
13Emilien ViennetAg2r La Mondiale+ 2'29
14Egoitz GarcĂ­aMovistar Teams.t.
15Thomas VoecklerAg2r La Mondiales.t.
16Reinardt Janse Van RensburgMTN-Qhubekas.t.
17Sylvain ChavanelFDJs.t.
18Stephen CummingsMovistar Teams.t.
19Antoine LavieuAg2r La Mondiales.t.
20Davide VillellaMovistar Teams.t.
21Julien SimonCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
22Jan HirtMTN-Qhubekas.t.
23Winner AnaconaMovistar Teams.t.
24Pierre-Roger LatourAg2r La Mondiales.t.
25Yannick EijssenWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
26Nicolas EdetFDJs.t.
27Mattia CattaneoLampre-Meridas.t.
28Stefano AgostiniLampre-Meridas.t.
29Fabio TaborreLampre-Meridas.t.
30Matteo BusatoLampre-Meridas.t.
31Gianfranco ZilioliLampre-Meridas.t.
32Reinier HonigTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
33Brice FeilluTeam Europcars.t.
34Johnny HoogerlandTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
35David BeldaMovistar Teams.t.
36Jacques Janse Van RensburgMTN-Qhubekas.t.
37Jimmy TurgisAg2r La Mondiales.t.
38Romain HardyCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
39Danail PetrovMTN-Qhubekas.t.
40Yoann BagotAg2r La Mondiales.t.
41Mikaël ChérelAg2r La Mondiales.t.
42Steve MorabitoFDJs.t.
43VĂ­ctor de la ParteMovistar Teams.t.
44Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
45PaweƂ PoljaƄskiLampre-Meridas.t.
46Ilya KoshevoyLampre-Meridas.t.
47Floris GertsTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
48Johann Van ZylMTN-Qhubekas.t.
49Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
50Marko DĂ­azMovistar Teams.t.
51Sebastian HenaoIAM Cyclings.t.
52Fabian WegmannCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
53Arnold JeannessonFDJs.t.
54Romain SicardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
55Aurélien Paret-PeintreAg2r La Mondiales.t.
56Thomas DegandWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
57Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
58Guillaume LevarletAuber 93s.t.
59Stéphane RossettoCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
60Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcars.t.
61Julien El FaresTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
62Serghei TvetcovTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
63Francis De GreefWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
64Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
65Anthony DelaplaceBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
66Quentin PacherEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
67Sieben WoutersTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
68Juan ChamorroBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
69Anthony MaldonadoAuber 93s.t.
70Marc GoosTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
71Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
72Clement PenvenTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
73Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
74Laurent PichonBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
75Jonathan FumeauxIAM Cyclings.t.
76Linus GerdemannCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
77Mads PedersenCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
78BenoĂźt VaugrenardFDJs.t.
79Markus EibeggerWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
80Yannick MartinezIAM Cyclings.t.
81Rasmus GuldhammerCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
82Adrien PetitCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
83Julien BĂ©rardFDJs.t.
84Gaël MalacarneTeam Europcars.t.
85Brian BulgacLeopard Development Teams.t.
86Troels Ronning VintherCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
87George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
88Dan CravenTeam Europcars.t.
89Jacques MevelCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
90JĂ©rĂŽme FrancoisIAM Cyclings.t.
91Riccardo DonatoLeopard Development Teams.t.
92Christian MagerCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
93Evaldas SiskeviciusTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
94Clément ChevrierIAM Cyclings.t.
95Serge BeaufortAuber 93s.t.
96Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
97Mathias Rask JeppessenCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
98Steven TronetAuber 93s.t.
99Benoit JarrierBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
100Benjamin GiraudTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
101Matthieu BouloTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
102Mateusz NowakCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
103Byron GuamaVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
104Simone AntoniniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
105Théo VimpereAuber 93s.t.
106Simone ConsonniWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
107Olivier Le GacFDJs.t.
108Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
109Matt CronshawVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
110José Agustín Martínez TorrénWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
111Amaël MoinardCofidis, Solutions Créditss.t.
112Kai ReusVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
113Arman KamyshevVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
114Marek RutkiewiczIAM Cyclings.t.
115Jay ThomsonMTN-Qhubekas.t.
116Luigi MilettaLeopard Development Teams.t.
117Nicolas BaldoTeam Europcars.t.
118Daniil FominykhLeopard Development Teams.t.
119Oleksandr KvachukVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
120Lander SeynaeveWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
121LĂ©o VincentFDJs.t.
122Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
123Antoine DuchesneTeam Europcars.t.
124Yoann PaillotTeam Marseille 13 KTMs.t.
125Maxime RenaultAuber 93s.t.
126Nans PetersEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
127Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
128Sibrecht PietersVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
129Guillaume BlotEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
130Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
131Maxim PokidovVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
132Kévin LebretonEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
133David CherbonnetEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
134Florian GuillouBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
135Pierre GouaultAuber 93s.t.
136Jimmy RaibaudEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
137Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
138Etienne TortelierEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
139Jean-Albert CarnevaliWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
140Sébastien HarbonnierEquipe Cycliste de l'Armée de Terres.t.
141Dominique CornuVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
142Alex KirschLeopard Development Teams.t.
143Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
144Melvin RulliereVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 5'20
145LoĂŻc PestiauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
146Nicklas BĂžje PedersenLeopard Development Teams.t.
147Romain FeilluBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
148Jonas PoulsenBretagne - Séché Environnement+ 5'55
149Alexander GottfriedVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
150Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
151Siarhei PapokWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
152David DesmechtVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
153Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Team+ 7'27
154Dirk FindersVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
155Emil WangBretagne - Séché Environnements.t.
156Lionel TaminiauxVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
157Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelles+ 8'04
158Carl JermailAuber 93+ 9'08

Zuid Oost Drenthe Classic

A race with a couple of low difficulty cobbled sections. I was assigned to protect Lammertink, who was one of the favourites for the stage win. The cobbles failed to break up the pack. I tried my luck with 10 km to go, probably the first occasion where I strayed from team orders. It didn't work though as the pack closed the gap immediately. I dropped back to the middle of the pack as Lammertink was put into a good position by our teammates. Antoine Demoitie (RIP) took the win in the sprint, while Lammertink finished 5th. Brian Van Goethem made it two top 10 finishes, while De Maar got 11th.

1Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles3h49'48
2Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
3Yoeri HavikSEG Racings.t.
4Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Teams.t.
5Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
6Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
7Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
8Johannes WindischbauerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
9Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
10Alex PetersSEG Racings.t.

11Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
12Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
13Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
14Gerry DruytsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
15Joeri StallaertCibels.t.
16Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
17Jochem HoekstraMetec - TKHs.t.
18Jan MaasRabobank Development Teams.t.
19Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
20Matthew BrammeierAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
21René HooghiemsterSEG Racings.t.
22Martijn VerschoorCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
23Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
24Vegard BreenVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
25Fabio JakobsenSEG Racings.t.
26Emiel DolfsmaMetec - TKHs.t.
27Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
28Sean DowneyAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
29Marcel MeisenTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
30Joey Van RheeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
31Matt CronshawVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
32Marco KönigLeopard Development Teams.t.
33Arno Van Der ZwetCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
34Xandro MeurisseAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
35Joshua EdmondsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
36Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
37Tim MerlierTeam 3Ms.t.
38Tom VermeerSEG Racings.t.
39Rob RuijghMetec - TKHs.t.
40Sjoerd Van GinnekenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
41Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
42Cees BolRabobank Development Teams.t.
43Jaap De ManTeam 3Ms.t.
44Thomas VaubourzeixVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
45Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
46Wouter LetenMetec - TKHs.t.
47Sjoerd KouwenhovenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
48Tomasz SmoleƄVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
49Dirk FindersVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
50Gaëtan PonsWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
51Arman KamyshevVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
52Marco MinnaardParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
53Gino VierhoutenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
54Steven LammertinkSEG Racings.t.
55Dex GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
56Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
57Martijn TusveldRabobank Development Teams.t.
58Nick Van Der MeerColruyts.t.
59Jelle WolsinkMetec - TKHs.t.
60Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Teams.t.
61Bram De KortCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
62Mitchell CornelisseRabobank Development Teams.t.
63Reinier HonigTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
64Lennard HofstedeRabobank Development Teams.t.
65Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
66James JuddParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
67Glenn KemperMetec - TKHs.t.
68Andrea PeronMetec - TKHs.t.
69Patrick OlesenLeopard Development Teams.t.
70Christoph PfingstenTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
71Oleksandr KvachukVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
72Kai ReusVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
73Libero ZinnariCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
74Alistair SlaterAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
75Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3Ms.t.
76Milan VeltmanMetec - TKHs.t.
77Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
78Christophe PremontVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
79Charlie ArimontWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
80Kevin CallebautCibels.t.
81Jordi TalenRabobank Development Teams.t.
82Conor DunneAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
83Aron KremerColruyts.t.
84Rick OttemaColruyts.t.
85Jelle MannaertsColruyts.t.
86Sibrecht PietersVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
87Jelle DondersColruyts.t.
88Paulius SiskeviciusAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
89Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
90Michel KochTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
91Vinnie BraetColruyts.t.
92Kevin PanhuyzenTeam 3Ms.t.
93Brian BulgacLeopard Development Teams.t.
94Grégory HabeauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
95Yannick PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
96Vincent BaestaensCibels.t.
97Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
98Fabrice MelsTeam 3Ms.t.
99Daniil FominykhLeopard Development Teams.t.
100Glenn RottyCibel+ 2'23
101Luc TurchiLeopard Development Teams.t.
102Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 2'46
103Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
104Johnny HoogerlandTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
105Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3Ms.t.
106Joachim VanreytenVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
107Jack WilsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
108Jenthe BiermansSEG Racings.t.
109Rick van BredaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
110Andreas HoferTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
111Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
112Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
113Jordi van DingenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
114Dennis CoenenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
115Walt de WinterVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
116Theo ReinhardtTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
117Joshua HuppertzTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
118Rico ReekersSEG Racings.t.
119Markus EibeggerWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
120Stan WijkelParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
121Patrick Van LeeuwenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
122Byron GuamaVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
123Michael GoolaertsVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
124Frederik DombrowskiTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
125Daniel PaulusTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
126Michael KucherTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
127Alpha TahyaTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
128Christoph SpringerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
129Kevin Van MelsenVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
130Lukas MeilerTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
131Martin SchöffmannTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
132Matthias van MechelenCibels.t.
133Luka SprajcTeam Kuota - Lottos.t.
134Jack SadlerTeam 3Ms.t.
135Andreas WalzelTeam Vorarlbergs.t.
136Lionel TaminiauxVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
137Matthias OngenaCibels.t.
138Johan Van HoogtenColruyts.t.
139Julien KaiseVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
140Kenneth Van CompernolleColruyts.t.
141Seppe Van BuytenCibel+ 6'54
142Sten Van GuchtVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
143Justin HoyCibel+ 8'59
144Kenny Van EyndeTeam 3M+ 9'39

Well, April didn't turn out as good I thought she would. Neither did this month, unfortunately Wink

A decent result in GP Miguel Indurain, but not much joy elsewhere for me. The team had two very good races in Primavera and Drenthe. I'm glad I could help out. May has three stage races lined up, so that will be a different challenge again. Let's see where my constant improvements take me.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 25-09-2016 05:52

A hectic schedule awaited me in May, as I slowed down on training a bit to put more race days into the system. First up it was back to the Netherlands for Olympia's Tour.

Royal Smilde Olympia's Tor

I was picked to lead the team in this 7 stage race. Two ITTs on stages 1 and 6 gave me hope for a good finish.

I was one of the favourites for the Stage 1 ITT. I put in a good run to finish in 12th place, 14 seconds down on stage winner, youngster Rafal Palik.

Stage 2 was a sprinter's paradise and I stayed invisible throughout, well protected by the team. It turned out to be an excellent stage for the team with Looij claiming 2nd place, Theo Bos 3rd and Raymond Kreder 10th!

Stage 3 was almost a carbon copy of stage 2 but this time we went one better. Looij took the win, with Bos 5th and Kreder 9th.

Stage 4 and I planned an attack here overnight. However, due to poor positioning at the start, the break was a long way ahead by the time I reached the front of the peloton. I had hoped to pick up the KOM points available on this stage. That wasn't to be. The break was caught before the end but a late attack by Ben Grenda got him the stage win. Looij was impressive again, finishing 3rd. The team was 2nd at this stage in the classification.

Stage 5 was another flat stage. It had a slightly uphill finish, so I knew I would be in contention at the end. However, at the end, I did not have the kick needed to challenge for the win and managed 15th place. Ivar Slik got 6th place to continue Roompot's good race.

Stage 6 was the other ITT and I was one the favourites again. I had a very poor run, finishing 44th, 52 seconds down on winner Palik again. This was not going to plan for me.

Stage 7 I joined the break, trying to get some back on this last stage. W got a lead of 7 and a half minutes at the most. I was also going after the KOM points, with top spot up for grabs here. I wasn't strong enough in the climbs and settled for 3rd place in the KOM standings. Behind us the lead group was down to just 10 riders, and they were 3 and a half minutes behind us with 45 km to go. At 15 km, the 9 man chase group was 1 and a half minutes behind. Hard as I tried to stay ahead, I was caught by the peloton with 2 km to go. The race was won from the break though, with Remco de Brake, having energy left not having contested for the KOM points winning the sprint among the surviving breakaway riders. I finished with the chasing group, making up a few places in the GC in the process. Looij once again got a top 10 finish.

General Classification

1Jelle WolsinkMetec - TKH19h21'21
2Sean DowneyAn Post - Chainreaction+ 5
3Melvin Van ZijlTeam 3M+ 7
4Christophe PremontVĂ©randas Willems+ 8
5Matt CronshawVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 22
6Cees BolRabobank Development Team+ 34
7Dominique CornuVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 40
8Jochem HoekstraMetec - TKH+ 50
9Greg HendersonAvanti Racing Team+ 51
10Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems+ 52

11Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 55
12Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 58
13Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 1'02
14Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Team+ 1'05
15Jan MaasRabobank Development Team+ 1'10
16Kevin De JongheCibel+ 1'11
17Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'14
18Arman KamyshevVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 1'17
19Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'21
20Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'23
21Ike GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 1'24
22Samuel SpokesAvanti Racing Team+ 1'27
23Vegard BreenVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 1'29
24Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelles+ 1'30
25Andreas StauffTeam Vorarlberg+ 1'31
26Andris SmirnovsCibel+ 1'32
27Taylor GunmanAvanti Racing Team+ 1'36
28Jenthe BiermansSEG Racing+ 1'42
29Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Team+ 1'56
30André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2'13
31Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 2'31
32Rafal PalikSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 3'14
33Ben GrendaAvanti Racing Team+ 3'43
34Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKH+ 3'47
35Remco Te BrakeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 3'49
36Daniel PaulusTeam Vorarlberg+ 4'11
37Dennis BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 4'17
38Vitaliy PopkovSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 4'19
39Sjoerd KouwenhovenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 4'21
40Soufiane HaddiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 4'22
41Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 4'25
42Marco ZanottiParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 4'31
43Michael VingerlingMetec - TKHs.t.
44Joeri StallaertCibel+ 4'39
45Julius van den BergTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'40
46Jonathan DufrasneWallonie - Bruxelles+ 4'45
47Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 4'47
48Wim StroetingaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 4'52
49Marco MinnaardParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 4'59
50Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 5'04
51Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 5'17
52Nino HonighRabobank Development Team+ 5'23
53Andreas HoferTeam Vorarlberg+ 5'57
54Tom WirtgenAvanti Racing Team+ 6'02
55Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racing+ 6'21
56Andrew TennantVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 6'36
57Conor DunneAn Post - Chainreaction+ 6'42
58Mitchell CornelisseRabobank Development Team+ 6'46
59Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelles+ 6'51
60Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 6'53
61Jarno GmelichMetec - TKHs.t.
62RĂ©my MertzWallonie - Bruxelles+ 7'04
63Gerry DruytsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 7'10
64Eoin McCarthyAn Post - Chainreaction+ 7'13
65Frederik FrisonVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 7'37
66Paidi O'BrienAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
67Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 7'41
68Timon Van ReekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 7'44
69Joachim VanreytenVĂ©randas Willems+ 8'00
70Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 8'10
71Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
72Jack WilsonAn Post - Chainreactions.t.
73Khalid IbrahimSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 8'16
74Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3M+ 8'17
75Aron KremerColruyt+ 8'19
76Stan WijkelParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 8'20
77Vinnie BraetColruyts.t.
78Joren TouquetVĂ©randas Willems+ 8'21
79Vincent De BoeckColruyt+ 8'24
80Jelle MannaertsColruyt+ 8'27
81Christoph SpringerTeam Vorarlberg+ 8'44
82Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3M+ 9'36
83Alois KankovskyCibel+ 9'50
84Tim AriesenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 9'52
85Stephan BakkerCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 10'15
86Jesper AsselmanMetec - TKH+ 11'06
87Clément KoretzkyTeam Vorarlberg+ 11'12
88Rick OttemaColruyt+ 11'16
89Martin HebikSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 12'08
90Tom VermeerSEG Racing+ 12'10
91Feritcam SamliSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 12'21
92Benjamin VerraesCibels.t.
93Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Team+ 12'25
94SĂ©bastien DelfosseWallonie - Bruxelles+ 12'29
95Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 12'33
96Wouter MolParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 12'35
97Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelles+ 12'37
98Joris BlokkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 12'46
99Rick GoereeMetec - TKHs.t.
100Robbe CasierVeranclassic - Ekoi+ 12'59
101Elliott PorterTeam 3M+ 13'03
102Timothy StevensVastgoedservice - Golden Palaces.t.
103Manuel SchreiberTeam Vorarlberg+ 14'46
104Jake TannerTeam 3M+ 15'22
105Logan HutchingsAvanti Racing Team+ 15'40
106Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 16'01
107Russell DowningAn Post - Chainreaction+ 16'03
108Nick Van Der MeerColruyt+ 16'06
109Hamish SchreursAvanti Racing Team+ 16'23
110Joeri AdamsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 16'25
111René HooghiemsterSEG Racing+ 16'31
112Kenny Van EyndeTeam 3M+ 16'34
113Daniel WhitehouseAvanti Racing Team+ 16'39
114Adriaan JanssenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 17'11
115Yannick PeetersVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 17'17
116Michael GoolaertsVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 17'32
117LoĂŻc PestiauxWallonie - Bruxelles+ 17'35
118Michael SchweizerTeam Vorarlberg+ 19'21
119Lionel TaminiauxVĂ©randas Willems+ 20'10
120Patrick Van Der DuinCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 20'57
121Glenn RottyCibel+ 20'58
122Arvid De KleijnCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 20'59
123Tim VanspeybroeckTeam 3M+ 21'11
124Rico ReekersSEG Racing+ 21'36
125Kenneth Van CompernolleColruyts.t.
126Christoph SchweizerSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 22'20
127Shambih Khaled AliSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 22'52
128Stefan KrederMetec - TKH+ 23'05
129Ricardo van DongenSEG Racing+ 24'25
130Matthew BrammeierAn Post - Chainreaction+ 24'26
131Vincent BaestaensCibel+ 24'48
132Oleksandr KvachukVĂ©randas Willems+ 25'48
133Yoeri HavikSEG Racing+ 26'47
134Glenn Van de MaeleColruyt+ 28'48
135Fabio JakobsenSEG Racing+ 29'42
136Filip EidsheimVastgoedservice - Golden Palace+ 34'18

Points Classification

1Greg HendersonAvanti Racing Team80
2Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles74
3André LooijTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton67
4Wout van AertVastgoedservice - Golden Palace43
5Andris SmirnovsCibel42

Mountain Classification

1Remco Te BrakeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team31
2Daniel PaulusTeam Vorarlberg16
3Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton8
4Timon Van ReekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke6
5Melvin Van ZijlTeam 3M6

Young Rider Classification

1Jelle WolsinkMetec - TKH19h21'21
2Melvin Van ZijlTeam 3M+ 7
3Cees BolRabobank Development Team+ 34
4Jochem HoekstraMetec - TKH+ 50
5Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 1'02

Team Classification

1Metec - TKH58h05'12
2Veranclassic - Ekoi+ 31
3Team Vorarlberg+ 35
4Avanti Racing Team+ 1'12
5Rabobank Development Team+ 1'40

It was a good race for us in terms of stage performances. My result in the GC was below par, boosted a little by getting into the break on the last stage. As a team, we managed to get 3rd in both the Points and the KOM classifications, via Looij and myself respectively. De Maar finished 11th in the GC. If only my ride in the second ITT would've been a little better...

Two more races coming up in May, both short stage races. See you then.
All in all an ok race for the team
Who cares about the results, a team captain at the age of 20 is impressive enough.
@Tamijo: Yeah the team did very well. Looij and De Maar were in very good form throughout!
@Ripley: Absolutely right. Concentrating more on getting better. The team leadership is a confidence boost for sure Smile

World Ports Classic

The two stage sprinter only stage race. I was making up the numbers and my only task was to help keep the sprinters on our team of trouble.

I stayed with Bos for the majority of Stage 1 before the sprint train of Hoogerland and Van Den Berg took over. Bos finished 4th to give us a good result.

Stage 2 was more of the same except that at the end our train failed. Bos managed a 16th place finished. He ended up 10th in the GC. I was mostly invisible on this stage.

General Classification

1Yoeri HavikSEG Racing7h58'23
2Frederique RobertWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 4
3Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Team+ 8
4Kris BoeckmansLotto Soudals.t.
5Martijn VerschoorCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
6Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
7Moreno HoflandTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 10
8Steven LammertinkSEG Racings.t.
9Stijn EnnekensWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
10Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 12

11Luka MezgecTrek Factory Racing+ 14
12Zico WaeytensTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
13Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
14Edward TheunsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
15Nikias ArndtTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
16Fabian CancellaraTrek Factory Racings.t.
17Silvio HerklotzTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
18Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
19Marc GoosTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
20Paul MartensTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
21Jelle WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
22Tim De TroyerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
23Tom Van AsbroeckTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
24Victor ManakovLeopard Development Teams.t.
25Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
26Peter StetinaTrek Factory Racings.t.
27Koen De KortTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
28Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
29Meik HermanskiTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
30Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
31Julius van den BergTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
32Michel KrederTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
33Johnny HoogerlandTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
34Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
35Petr VakočEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
36Albert TimmerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
37Sander HelvenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
38Jesper AsselmanMetec - TKHs.t.
39Marco MinnaardParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
40Emiel DolfsmaMetec - TKHs.t.
41Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
42Magnus Bak KlarisSEG Racings.t.
43Gijs Van HoeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
44Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
45Jef Van MeirhaegheTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
46Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Teams.t.
47Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
48Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
49Berden De VriesTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
50Remco Te BrakeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
51Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
52Riccardo ZoidlTrek Factory Racings.t.
53Baptiste PlanckaertTrek Factory Racings.t.
54Roy CurversTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
55Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
56Jaap De ManTeam 3Ms.t.
57Robbert De GreefCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
58Marco KönigLeopard Development Teams.t.
59Sjoerd Van GinnekenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
60Libero ZinnariCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
61Reinier HonigTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
62Jasper De BuystLotto Soudals.t.
63Brian BulgacLeopard Development Teams.t.
64Martijn DegreveTeam 3Ms.t.
65Sean De BieLotto Soudals.t.
66Daan MeijersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
67Markel IrizarTrek Factory Racings.t.
68Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
69JĂŒrgen RoelandtsLotto Soudals.t.
70Pascal AckermannLotto Soudals.t.
71Joeri StallaertCibels.t.
72Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3Ms.t.
73Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
74Tom DevriendtWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
75Melvin Van ZijlTeam 3Ms.t.
76Ricardo van DongenSEG Racings.t.
77Thomas De GendtLotto Soudals.t.
78Maximilian SchachmannEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
79Dries De BondtCibels.t.
80Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
81Merijn KorevaarRabobank Development Teams.t.
82Stef KrulMetec - TKHs.t.
83Stefan KrederMetec - TKHs.t.
84David De la CruzEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
85Jens DebusschereLotto Soudals.t.
86Davide PacchiardoCibels.t.
87JĂ©rĂŽme BaugniesWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
88Tom VermeerSEG Racings.t.
89Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
90Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Teams.t.
91Markus EibeggerWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
92Jens GeerinckCibels.t.
93Joeri CalleeuwVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
94Caleb FairlyTrek Factory Racings.t.
95Fabio JakobsenSEG Racings.t.
96Rico ReekersSEG Racings.t.
97Mirsamad PoorseyediTrek Factory Racings.t.
98Tim MerlierTeam 3Ms.t.
99Elliott PorterTeam 3Ms.t.
100Stephan BakkerCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
101Jasper HamelinkMetec - TKHs.t.
102Jens WallaysVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
103Daniil FominykhLeopard Development Teams.t.
104Wouter MolParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
105Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Teams.t.
106Nathan Van HooydonckLotto Soudals.t.
107LoĂŻc PestiauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
108Hartthijs De VriesRabobank Development Teams.t.
109Jordi TalenRabobank Development Teams.t.
110Jelle WolsinkMetec - TKHs.t.
111Glenn Van de MaeleColruyts.t.
112Carlos VeronaEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
113Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
114Christian PatronCibels.t.
115Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
116Antwan TolhoekRabobank Development Teams.t.
117Milan VeltmanMetec - TKHs.t.
118Lander SeynaeveWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
119Rick OttemaColruyts.t.
120Bram NoltenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
121Kenny De KeteleWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
122Daan MyngheerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
123Thijs van BeusichemParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
124Stef Van ZummerenVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
125Elias Van BreussegemVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
126Glenn KemperMetec - TKH+ 3'50
127Christophe LaporteEtixx - Quick-step+ 3'55
128Grégory HabeauxWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
129Edward MaatmanCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
130Stein Van CouterColruyts.t.
131Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 4'15
132Alex PetersSEG Racings.t.
133Ryan MullenEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
134Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'34
135Aron KremerColruyts.t.
136Rick van BredaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
137Matthias OngenaCibels.t.
138Geert Van Der WeijstTeam 3M+ 5'12
139Kevin PauwelsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
140Anastasio AniaEtixx - Quick-step+ 5'55
141Martin VelitsEtixx - Quick-step+ 9'12
142Dimitri ClaeysVĂ©randas Willems+ 9'32
143Tim RodenburgCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 10'42
144Nick Van Der MeerColruyt+ 10'53
145Charlie ArimontWallonie - Bruxelles+ 11'09
146Twan Van Den BrandCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
147Alexander GottfriedVĂ©randas Willemss.t.
148Hans-GĂŒnter LapingRabobank Development Teams.t.
149Timon Van ReekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
150Bryan VerdoolaegheColruyts.t.
151Seppe Van BuytenCibel+ 14'02
152Kenneth Van CompernolleColruyt+ 14'50
153Johan Van HoogtenColruyt+ 15'22
154Justin HoyCibel+ 16'20
155Christophe PremontVĂ©randas Willems+ 16'50

Points Classification

1Yoeri HavikSEG Racing45
2Moreno HoflandTeam LottoNL - Jumbo38
3Frederique RobertWanty - Groupe Gobert38
4Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Team37
5Luka MezgecTrek Factory Racing29

Young Rider Classification

1Yoeri HavikSEG Racing7h58'23
2Alexander KriegerLeopard Development Team+ 8
3Moreno HoflandTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 10
4Steven LammertinkSEG Racing+ 10
5Zico WaeytensTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 14

Team Classification

2VĂ©randas Willems+ 0
3Cibel+ 0
4Rabobank Development Team+ 0
5Etixx - Quick-step+ 0

Tour de Fjords

This was a longer race which offered a little more for my riding style. Selected as leader again, I was one of just 84 riders starting this race.

Stage 1 was a flat stage and I stayed out of trouble. Barry Markus got a top 10 finish with 7th place.

Stage 2 was much of the same with Markus getting 5th place this time.

Stage 3 was expected to be a good stage for me. I took a chance on the final climb of the day. It worked in splitting up the pack, but 26 other riders also formed the lead group. My chance for the win evaporated. Michael Valgren surprised us all as he sped away in the final kilometres to take the solo win. My group finished together about half a minute behind.

Stage 4 was another stage with a favourable profile for me. Again, I tried an attack on the final climb. I got a gap of a handful of seconds over the lead group, which was about half the size of the field. However, soon they caught up to me. My effort caught up with my legs as well and I lost touch with the lead group. I finished a minute down and that put paid to my hopes of a high finish. Mads Pedersen won the sprint in the reduced bunch.

I joined the breakaway on Stage 5 with hopes of staying away. We got to a 7 minute but the peloton sped just then. We were caight with 7 km to go. Just like the previous stage, I did not have much left in the tank, and fell out of the peloton once again. Barry Markus finished 7th on the stage.

General Classification

1Michael ValgrenTinkoff-Saxo20h31'26
2Magnus Cort NielsenOrica-GreenEDGE+ 13
3Arnaud DemareFDJ+ 21
4Mads PedersenCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 25
5Daniel HoelgaardTeam Joker+ 29
6Daryl ImpeyOrica-GreenEDGE+ 39
7Alexey TsatevitchTinkoff-Saxos.t.
8Lorenzo ManzinFDJs.t.
9Andrea ZordanAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
10Daniele BennatiTinkoff-Saxos.t.

11Yukiya ArashiroTeam Europcars.t.
12Martin MortensenCULT Energy Pro Cyclings.t.
13Jhonatan RestrepoColombias.t.
14Daniel KlemmeTeam Tre Berg - Bianchis.t.
15Steele Von HoffOrica-GreenEDGEs.t.
16Andreas VangstadTeam Sparebanken SĂžrs.t.
17Kristjan KorenRiwal Platform Cycling Teams.t.
18Vegard BuggeTeam Sparebanken SĂžrs.t.
19Justin JulesFDJ+ 1'39
20Truls KorsaethTeam Jokers.t.
21Edwin ÁvilaColombia+ 2'27
22Oscar LandaTeam Coop - Øster Huss.t.
23Marc SarreauFDJ+ 2'38
24Damien HowsonOrica-GreenEDGE+ 3'03
25Trond TrondsenTeam Sparebanken SĂžr+ 3'10
26Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 3'21
27Gediminas BagdonasTeam Tre Berg - Bianchi+ 3'27
28Marco BandieraAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
29Kevin RezaFDJ+ 3'33
30Markus HoelgaardTeam Coop - Øster Huss.t.
31Fridtjof RĂžinasTeam Sparebanken SĂžrs.t.
32Antoine DuchesneTeam Europcars.t.
33Magnus BÞrresenTeam Coop - Øster Huss.t.
34Gaël MalacarneTeam Europcars.t.
35Dan CravenTeam Europcars.t.
36Tormod JacobsenTeam Coop - Øster Huss.t.
37Juan Sebastian MolanoColombias.t.
38Sebastian LanderTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 4'03
39Jingbiao ZhaoOrica-GreenEDGE+ 4'04
40Matti BreschelTinkoff-Saxo+ 4'07
41Barry MarkusTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'13
42Willy WillwohlTinkoff-Saxos.t.
43Joel ZangerleCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 4'28
44Alexander Faglum KarlssonTeam Tre Berg - Bianchi+ 4'33
45Martin GrĂžnRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 4'34
46Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 4'37
47Francesco GinanniAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 5'15
48Morgan LamoissonTeam Europcar+ 5'23
49Frederik PlesnerTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 5'44
50Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 6'13
51Carlos GimenezAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermecs.t.
52Campbell FlakemoreOrica-GreenEDGE+ 6'22
53August JensenTeam Joker+ 6'28
54Kristian DyrnesTeam Coop - Øster Hus+ 6'58
55Sebastian BalckTeam Tre Berg - Bianchi+ 7'03
56Patrick ClausenTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 7'13
57Niklas GustavssonTeam Tre Berg - Bianchi+ 8'01
58Eduardo EstradaColombia+ 8'02
59Emil VinjeboTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 8'48
60Tobias KongstadRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 9'42
61Sam BewleyTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 10'23
62Tony HurelTeam Europcar+ 10'33
63Thomas LarsenTeam Sparebanken SĂžr+ 10'58
64Herman DahlTeam Sparebanken SĂžr+ 11'41
65Rasmus QuaadeCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 12'33
66Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 12'37
67SĂ©bastien ChavanelFDJ+ 12'44
68Troels Ronning VintherCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 13'32
69BjĂžrn Tore Nielsen HoemTeam Joker+ 13'47
70Emil HalvorsenRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 13'54
71Anders HardahlTeam TREFOR - Blue Water+ 14'22
72Hayden RoulstonCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 14'26
73Nicola Dal SantoAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 16'14
74Brayan RamĂ­rezColombia+ 17'52
75Francesco ChicchiAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec+ 19'49
76Casper PedersenRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 20'43
77Carlos Mario RamĂ­rezColombia+ 21'40
78Krister HagenTeam Coop - Øster Hus+ 24'59
79Peter MathiesenTeam Joker+ 26'37
80Sieben WoutersTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 30'40
81Thierry KoobTeam Tre Berg - Bianchi+ 37'27
82Anders SkaarsethTeam Joker+ 39'00
83Artur DetkoRiwal Platform Cycling Team+ 43'58

Points Classification

1Magnus Cort NielsenOrica-GreenEDGE78
2Mads PedersenCULT Energy Pro Cycling66
3Arnaud DemareFDJ66
4Daniel HoelgaardTeam Joker48
5Sebastian LanderTeam TREFOR - Blue Water39

Mountain Classification

1Marco BandieraAndroni Giocattoli - Sidermec35
2Tony HurelTeam Europcar21
3Patrick ClausenTeam TREFOR - Blue Water10
4Herman DahlTeam Sparebanken SĂžr10
5BjĂžrn Tore Nielsen HoemTeam Joker8

Young Riders Classification

1Michael ValgrenTinkoff-Saxo20h31'26
2Magnus Cort NielsenOrica-GreenEDGE+ 13
3Arnaud DemareFDJ+ 21
4Mads PedersenCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 25
5Daniel HoelgaardTeam Joker+ 29

Team Classification

2Orica-GreenEDGE+ 29
3Team Sparebanken SĂžr+ 1'29
4FDJ+ 1'29
5Team Europcar+ 4'17

And yet somehow I was still the highest finisher in the team at Fjords!
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 30-09-2016 17:41

With the summer now in full flow, cycling got hot! Conditions wise yes, but result wise? Let's see how I got on...

Ronde van Zealand

I was assigned to help Lammertink navigate this race safely. Almost nothing happened throughout the race, besides the usual breakaway forming and then being caught by the pack. Some way before the end, it became painfully clear that Lammertink was not in a condition to go for the win. He would hang on to the peloton in the bunch sprint, but only as a spectator. He passed on the message to me in the final kilometres to start riding my own race now. The finish wasn't too bad for me, but the mini flat at the end put paid to my chances. Michel Kreder won the sprint. Van Ginneken was a surprise 8th place finisher for us. I did considerably well to finish 20th.

1Michel KrederTeam LottoNL - Jumbo4h15'50
2Elmar ReindersCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
3George PreidlerTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
4Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racings.t.
5Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
6Pieter SerryEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
7Nathan Van HooydonckLotto Soudals.t.
8Sjoerd Van GinnekenTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
9Tim De TroyerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
10Pim LigthartLotto Soudals.t.

11Jan DieterenLeopard Development Teams.t.
12Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
13Stig BroeckxLotto Soudals.t.
14Danilo WyssTrek Factory Racings.t.
15Sam OomenRabobank Development Teams.t.
16Tom Van AsbroeckTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
17Gianni MeersmanEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
18Johan Le BonTrek Factory Racings.t.
19Jelle WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
20Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
21Jochem HoekstraMetec - TKHs.t.
22Pieter JacobsLotto Soudals.t.
23Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
24Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
25Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
26Boy Van PoppelTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
27Magnus Bak KlarisSEG Racings.t.
28Jesper AsselmanMetec - TKHs.t.
29Vegard BreenVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
30Floris GertsTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
31Julius van den BergTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
32Heinrich HausslerTrek Factory Racings.t.
33Riccardo ZoidlTrek Factory Racings.t.
34Roger KlugeTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
35Meik HermanskiTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
36Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
37Jasper De BuystLotto Soudals.t.
38Edwig CammaertsVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
39Andrea PeronMetec - TKHs.t.
40Geert Van Der WeijstTeam 3Ms.t.
41Martijn VerschoorCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
42Aron KremerColruyts.t.
43Pascal AckermannLotto Soudals.t.
44Jenthe BiermansSEG Racings.t.
45Timo RoosenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
46Sjoerd KouwenhovenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
47Fabio SabatiniEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
48Stef ClementTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
49Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
50Otto VergaerdeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
51Emiel DolfsmaMetec - TKHs.t.
52Tom VermeerSEG Racings.t.
53Sander HelvenTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
54Maxime BouetEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
55Kevin De JongheCibels.t.
56Siarhei PapokWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
57Joris BlokkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
58Mike TerpstraTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
59Berden De VriesTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
60Nicolas VereeckenTeam 3Ms.t.
61Bram De KortCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
62Maxime MonfortEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
63Rob RuijghMetec - TKHs.t.
64Frederik BackaertLotto Soudals.t.
65Adam HansenLotto Soudals.t.
66Boris ValléeTrek Factory Racings.t.
67Jos Van EmdenTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
68Caleb FairlyTrek Factory Racings.t.
69Daan MyngheerWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
70Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
71Kenny De KeteleWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
72Dex GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 3'20
73Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
74Victor ManakovLeopard Development Teams.t.
75Reinier HonigTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
76Kevin ClaeysColruyts.t.
77René HooghiemsterSEG Racings.t.
78Boris DronWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
79Edward MaatmanCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
80Daniil FominykhLeopard Development Team+ 4'21
81Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
82Kenny ElissondeTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 5'02
83Julien VermoteEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
84Petr VakočEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
85Ramon SinkeldamTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
86Brian BulgacLeopard Development Teams.t.
87Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Teams.t.
88Francis De GreefWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
89Alex KirschLeopard Development Teams.t.
90Ɓukasz WiƛniowskiEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
91Guillaume BonnafondTrek Factory Racings.t.
92Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
93Arman KamyshevVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
94Yoeri HavikSEG Racings.t.
95Cees BolRabobank Development Teams.t.
96Alex RasmussenLeopard Development Teams.t.
97Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
98Robbe CasierVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
99Remco Te BrakeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
100Stef KrulMetec - TKHs.t.
101Larry WarbasseTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
102Andris SmirnovsCibels.t.
103Benjamin VerraesCibels.t.
104Dennis BakkerParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
105Martijn DegreveTeam 3Ms.t.
106Jarno GmelichMetec - TKHs.t.
107Jaap De ManTeam 3Ms.t.
108Moreno De PauwTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
109Gert DockxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
110Ricardo van DongenSEG Racings.t.
111Davide PacchiardoCibels.t.
112Wim StroetingaParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
113Arvid De KleijnCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
114Tom DevriendtWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
115Jean-Albert CarnevaliWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
116Tim AriesenCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
117Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Teams.t.
118Kevin CallebautCibels.t.
119Hans-GĂŒnter LapingRabobank Development Teams.t.
120Rick OttemaColruyts.t.
121Sibrecht PietersVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
122Elliott PorterTeam 3Ms.t.
123Rob LeemansSEG Racings.t.
124Amauri CapiotTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
125Kevin FeiereisenLeopard Development Teams.t.
126Stan WijkelParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
127Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Teams.t.
128Davy GunstSEG Racings.t.
129Dries De BondtCibels.t.
130Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
131Timon Van ReekCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
132Nick Van Der MeerColruyts.t.
133Peter SchultingParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
134Dylan Van ZijlTeam 3Ms.t.
135Antwan TolhoekRabobank Development Teams.t.
136Jonas RickaertTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
137Wouter MolParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
138Matthias van MechelenCibels.t.
139Charlie ArimontWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
140Jeroen GoelevenColruyts.t.
141Tomasz SmoleƄVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
142Bryan VerdoolaegheColruyts.t.
143David DesmechtVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
144Laurens De PlusTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
145Jelle MannaertsColruyt+ 7'32
146Tim VanspeybroeckTeam 3Ms.t.
147Dion BeukeboomParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
148Lander SeynaeveWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
149Libero ZinnariCyclingteam Jo Pielss.t.
150Milan VeltmanMetec - TKH+ 8'58
151Gaëtan PonsWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
152Antoine WarnierWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
153Jeroen MeijersRabobank Development Team+ 10'46
154Marco MarcatoWanty - Groupe Goberts.t.
155Vincent De BoeckColruyts.t.
156Robin StenuitVeranclassic - Ekois.t.
157Fabrice MelsTeam 3M+ 11'32
158Batkhuyag BatzorigCibels.t.
159Luc TurchiLeopard Development Team+ 14'46

Ster ZLM Tour

Back home (ah well, adopted home) for the other race in June. The race was a mix of stages favouring the sprinters as well as hilly profiles. The ITT on stage 1 would suit me well too.

The Stage 1 ITT saw me finish just 16 seconds off the best time, although down in 26th place. I was the best performer for Roompot.

Stage 2 favoured the sprinters but I was helping Lammertink stay out of trouble. An uneventful stage was followed by a podium for us as a result of Barry Markus's 3rd place finish.

Stage 3 was the first of two consecutive hilly stages. I did my job of protecting Lammertink but we failed to get a good result here, although sticking with the lead group.

Stage 4 was another hilly stage. I stuck to Lammertink like glue till the end, with both of us finishing with the lead group, the only ones for the team. A late attack saw three riders pick up 18 seconds over the pack. Jasper Bovenhuis won. The result here pushed me up to 9th in the GC.

Stage 5 was another stage for the sprinters. This meant that I had to just stay out of trouble to secure a top 10 finish. I managed to do just that while Markus got a 7th place. I got onto the podium in the U25s with 3rd place there, while holding on to the 9th place in the GC.

General Classification

1Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbo17h27'13
2Danny Van PoppelTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 5
3Tom Van AsbroeckTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 14
4Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racing+ 20
5Julien VermoteEtixx - Quick-steps.t.
6Jelle WallaysTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 21
7Caleb FairlyTrek Factory Racing+ 22
8Markus EibeggerWallonie - Bruxelles+ 23
9Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 24
10George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 25

11Huub DuynTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
12Fabio SabatiniEtixx - Quick-step+ 26
13Petr VakočEtixx - Quick-step+ 27
14Enrico GasparottoWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 28
15Gijs Van HoeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 30
16Olivier ChevalierWallonie - Bruxelles+ 31
17Tom VeelersTeam Giant-Alpecins.t.
18Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 32
19Eliot LietaerTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
20Floris De TierTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloises.t.
21Tim DeclercqTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 33
22Jasper OckeloenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
23Tiesj BenootLotto Soudal+ 34
24Maurits LammertinkTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
25Kenneth VanbilsenEtixx - Quick-step+ 36
26Zico WaeytensTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 40
27Ramon SinkeldamTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 50
28Björn LeukemansWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 52
29Kristof VandewalleEtixx - Quick-step+ 1'16
30Guillaume Van KeirsbulckEtixx - Quick-step+ 1'17
31Yoeri HavikSEG Racing+ 1'26
32Mike TeunissenTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1'27
33Jesper AsselmanMetec - TKH+ 1'32
34Yannick EijssenWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 1'36
35Nathan Van HooydonckLotto Soudal+ 1'38
36Iuri FilosiWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 1'49
37Patrick FacchiniWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 1'56
38Martin VelitsEtixx - Quick-step+ 2'12
39Simone ConsonniWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 2'13
40Daniil FominykhLeopard Development Team+ 2'17
41Barry MarkusTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2'18
42Brian BulgacLeopard Development Teams.t.
43Riccardo ZoidlTrek Factory Racing+ 2'23
44Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 2'27
45Boris ValléeTrek Factory Racing+ 2'30
46Gert DockxTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 2'32
47Tom VermeerSEG Racing+ 2'35
48Kenny DehaesLotto Soudals.t.
49RĂ©my MertzWallonie - Bruxelless.t.
50Jonas Van GenechtenLotto Soudal+ 2'36
51Jarl SalomeinTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 2'37
52Tom DerniesWallonie - Bruxelles+ 3'35
53Johan Le BonTrek Factory Racing+ 3'59
54Heinrich HausslerTrek Factory Racing+ 4'03
55Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Team+ 4'10
56Berden De VriesTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 4'58
57Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelles+ 5'03
58Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racing+ 5'23
59Jan MaasRabobank Development Team+ 5'28
60Victor CampenaertsTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 5'40
61Koen BouwmanSEG Racing+ 5'44
62Ludwig De WinterWallonie - Bruxelles+ 5'48
63Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 5'50
64Emiel DolfsmaMetec - TKH+ 5'58
65Thomas DegandWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 6'01
66Tim KerkhofTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 6'28
67Rob RuijghMetec - TKH+ 6'47
68Ryan MullenEtixx - Quick-step+ 7'06
69Alex RasmussenLeopard Development Team+ 7'39
70Boy Van PoppelTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 7'46
71Jetse BolCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijkes.t.
72Antoine DemoitieWallonie - Bruxelles+ 7'49
73Pascal AckermannLotto Soudal+ 7'51
74Martijn VerschoorCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 7'52
75Wesley KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 7'57
76Louis VerhelstLotto Soudals.t.
77Antwan TolhoekRabobank Development Team+ 8'02
78Reinier HonigTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 8'11
79Stijn EnnekensWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 8'13
80Benjamin VerraesCibel+ 8'47
81Nikolas MaesLotto Soudal+ 8'55
82Laurent DidierTrek Factory Racings.t.
83Laurens Ten DamTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 9'00
84Dex GroenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 9'07
85Peter LenderinkRabobank Development Team+ 9'19
86Luigi MilettaLeopard Development Team+ 10'45
87Maarten Van TrijpRabobank Development Team+ 11'06
88Tim RodenburgCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 11'19
89Steven LammertinkSEG Racing+ 11'25
90Peter KoningTeam Giant-Alpecin+ 11'33
91Ricardo van DongenSEG Racing+ 11'34
92Joey Van RheeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Teams.t.
93Aron KremerColruyt+ 11'36
94Kevin ClaeysColruyt+ 11'40
95Kenny GoossensCibel+ 11'44
96Victor ManakovLeopard Development Team+ 11'57
97Patrick Van LeeuwenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 12'11
98Arno Van Der ZwetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 12'29
99Gert-Jan BosmanCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 12'43
100Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 12'45
101Brian Van GoethemTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 12'51
102Adriaan JanssenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 14'01
103Lennard HofstedeRabobank Development Team+ 14'21
104Brent LuyckxLeopard Development Team+ 14'28
105Milan VeltmanMetec - TKH+ 14'33
106Melvin BoskampParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 14'35
107Julien StassenWallonie - Bruxelles+ 14'39
108Stefan KrederMetec - TKH+ 14'49
109Davy GunstSEG Racing+ 14'51
110Rens Te StroetCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 14'52
111Remco Te BrakeParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 15'19
112Nick Van Der MeerColruyt+ 15'23
113Vinnie BraetColruyts.t.
114Joris NieuwenhuisRabobank Development Team+ 15'26
115Jarno GmelichMetec - TKH+ 15'59
116Dries De BondtCibel+ 19'36
117Jeff VermeulenCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 19'50
118Kobus HereijgersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 19'58
119Kevin SuarezColruyt+ 20'14
120Rick OttemaColruyt+ 20'37
121Kevin De JongheCibel+ 20'39
122Massimo MorabitoLeopard Development Team+ 20'51
123Jenthe BiermansSEG Racing+ 22'57
124Etienne Van EmpelTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 23'23
125Gino VierhoutenCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 23'26
126Markel IrizarTrek Factory Racing+ 23'46
127Glenn RottyCibel+ 24'51
128Bram NoltenParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 25'12
129Cees BolRabobank Development Team+ 25'21
130Luc TurchiLeopard Development Team+ 28'35
131Sven Van LuijkCyclingteam Jo Piels+ 28'39
132Robin AandewielCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 28'53
133Matthias van MechelenCibel+ 29'35
134Kevin CallebautCibel+ 29'53
135Kenneth Van CompernolleColruyt+ 30'14
136Daan MeijersCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 30'29
137Rick GoereeMetec - TKH+ 31'04
138Wouter MolParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 31'06
139Bryan VerdoolaegheColruyt+ 32'52
140Edward MaatmanCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke+ 40'46
141Ken OppheimMetec - TKH+ 44'17
142James JuddParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team+ 55'54

Points Classification

1Danny Van PoppelTeam Giant-Alpecin60
2Zico WaeytensTeam Giant-Alpecin37
3Boris ValléeTrek Factory Racing35
4Martijn VerschoorCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke32
5Jasper BovenhuisSEG Racing30

Mountain Classification

1Laurent EvrardWallonie - Bruxelles32
2Bob SchoonbroodtParkhotel Valkenburg Continental Team30
3Bert-Jan LindemanTeam LottoNL - Jumbo21
4Sjoerd BaxRabobank Development Team21
5Martijn VerschoorCyclingteam Join-S - De Rijke10

Young Rider Classification

1Danny Van PoppelTeam Giant-Alpecin17h27'18
2Jasper StuyvenTrek Factory Racing+ 15
3Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 19
4Petr VakočEtixx - Quick-step+ 22
5Gijs Van HoeckeTopsport Vlaanderen - Baloise+ 25

Team Classification

1Etixx - Quick-step52h22'11
2Team LottoNL - Jumbo+ 9
3Team Giant-Alpecin+ 14
4Trek Factory Racing+ 30
5Wallonie - Bruxelles+ 33

A good month for me in terms of results. Although, I was mostly out of the limelight, I put in a few solid rides to stay at the front of the pack throughout. You can say my consistency got me places in these two races.
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The schedule this month was quite similar to June with 1 stage race and a 1 day race lined up. Both races suited my style quite well and I was hoping for high finishes in both.

Sibiu Cycling Tour

I was headed to Romania for the first time in my life, as team leader too. The race had an ITT first up followed by a couple of high mountain stages, another ITT and a flat stage.

Stage 1 saw me finish in 61st place in the ITT, but only 11 seconds down on stage winner Matthias Brandle.

Stage 2


The first mountain stage offered a chance for me to climb up the standings. I stayed with the pack till the base of the climb. By then, the day's break had been caught. The peloton started getting smaller and smaller. With 12 km to go, I was in the third group on the road. Chernetskiy was 90 seconds in front, with a couple of other riders half a minute ahead. The Russian claimed the win on top of the mountain, while I dropped my group-mates to take solo 4th. I also moved up to 4th in the GC! I also took the lead in the U25 classification.

1Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katusha3h24'27
2George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 1'10
3Serghei TvetcovTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
4Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 1'24
5Jérémy RoyBMC Racing Team+ 1'49

Stage 3


A similar stage to the last one. I stayed with the pack till the climb to the finish started. I was in the group of leaders as the pack whittled away on the climb. With 5 km left, I attacked. I was caught and passed by a few riders, but I managed a 6th place finish. Chernetskiy won again. I moved up a place in the GC to 3rd!

1Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katusha4h10'20
2Giampaolo CarusoTeam Katushas.t.
3Alexander FoliforovIAM Cyclings.t.
4Peter StetinaTrek Factory Racing+ 25
5Bernardo SuazaSoutheast+ 46
6Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
7Miguel RubianoColombias.t.
8George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
9Fabio TaborreLampre-Merida+ 1'48
10LoĂŻc VliegenBMC Racing Teams.t.

Stage 4 was another ITT. I finished in 7th, 17 seconds off Brandle, who won again! I held on to my position in the GC.

Stage 5 was mostly flat, and barring anything extraordinary, the only thing to be decided here was the stage winner. The sprinters were in for a rude shock as the lone breakaway held on for the win, as the chasing teams massively miscalculated their chase. I was safe in the pack and achieved my first every podium in a race. I also achieved my first ever jersey for the U25 classification win.

General Classification

1Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katusha10h52'48
2George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 2'29
3Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 2'34
4Giampaolo CarusoTeam Katusha+ 4'06
5Peter StetinaTrek Factory Racing+ 4'10
6Serghei TvetcovTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 4'24
7Jérémy RoyBMC Racing Team+ 4'48
8Alexander FoliforovIAM Cyclings.t.
9Miguel RubianoColombias.t.
10Bernardo SuazaSoutheast+ 6'09

11JesĂșs Del PinoBurgos - BH+ 7'08
12Christopher Juul-JensenLampre-Merida+ 7'50
13Egor SilinTeam Katusha+ 8'05
14Cayetano SarmientoColombia+ 8'59
15Hichem ChabaneAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 9'06
16Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 10'11
17Álex Cano ArdilaColombia+ 10'13
18Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 11'13
19LoĂŻc VliegenBMC Racing Team+ 11'17
20Fabio TaborreLampre-Merida+ 11'34
21Mauro SantambrogioAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 11'37
22SĂ©rgio PaulinhoTinkoff-Saxo+ 11'58
23Marc De MaarTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 12'00
24Matthias BrÀndleIAM Cycling+ 12'01
25Stefano AgostiniLampre-Merida+ 12'17
26MichaƂ GoƂaƛWhirlpool - Author+ 12'39
27Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 12'46
28Christian MagerCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 12'48
29Benjamin BrkicLampre-Merida+ 12'50
30Ilya DavidenokWhirlpool - Author+ 13'14
31Michael ValgrenTinkoff-Saxo+ 13'15
32Chris Anker SĂžrensenTinkoff-Saxo+ 13'17
33Ivan RovnyTinkoff-Saxo+ 13'22
34Alejandro MarqueBurgos - BH+ 13'34
35David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 13'37
36Silvan DillierTrek Factory Racing+ 13'44
37Antonio MolinaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 14'32
38Vladimir GusevRusVelo+ 14'46
39Patryk KomisarekCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 14'55
40Simone AntoniniWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 15'01
41Francisco José VentosoTeam Katusha+ 15'03
42Jordi SimĂłnCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 15'06
43Delio FernĂĄndezCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 15'10
44Rasmus GuldhammerCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 15'14
45MichaƂ PalutaCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 15'22
46Alessandro BisoltiSoutheast+ 15'36
47Antonino ParrinelloLampre-Merida+ 15'51
48Danilo WyssTrek Factory Racing+ 15'52
49Philip DeignanSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 16'13
50Ander ArranzBurgos - BH+ 16'17
51Mirko SelvaggiWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 16'36
52Jorge Camilo CastiblancoColombias.t.
53Maxim BelkovTinkoff-Saxo+ 17'04
54Martijn KeizerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 17'10
55Vladimir IsaychevTeam Katusha+ 17'33
56Ben KingTrek Factory Racing+ 17'34
57Mateusz NowakCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 17'38
58Martin ElmigerBMC Racing Team+ 17'40
59Baptiste PlanckaertTrek Factory Racing+ 17'41
60Frederique RobertWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 17'49
61Enrique SanzTeam Katusha+ 17'52
62Paolo LunardonAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
63Brayan RamĂ­rezColombia+ 17'53
64PaweƂ BernasActiveJet Team+ 17'57
65Boris ValléeTrek Factory Racing+ 17'58
66Onur BalkanCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 17'59
67Luka PibernikLampre-Meridas.t.
68Aidis KruopisIAM Cyclings.t.
69Roman ShevchukAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 18'01
70Filippo FortinCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 18'02
71Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 18'04
72Tom LeezerTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
73Michael CarbelCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 18'05
74Ivar SlikTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
75Davide MucelliSoutheasts.t.
76Pieter VanspeybrouckBMC Racing Team+ 18'07
77Matteo CollodelSoutheast+ 18'09
78Ken HansonBMC Racing Team+ 18'10
79Barry MarkusTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 18'11
80Alexandr KolobnevTinkoff-Saxo+ 18'17
81Kamil GradekActiveJet Team+ 18'18
82Juan Sebastian MolanoColombias.t.
83Laurent BeuretIAM Cyclings.t.
84Alexander PorsevTeam Katusha+ 18'22
85Raymond KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
86Redi HalilajAmore & Vita - Selle SMPs.t.
87Vincent JĂ©rĂŽmeIAM Cycling+ 18'23
88Marco ZamparellaLampre-Merida+ 18'27
89Adam BlytheCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 18'31
90Charly PetelinSoutheast+ 18'41
91Björn LeukemansWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 18'44
92Stefan SchumacherCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 19'07
93Vitaliy PopkovSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 19'08
94Jempy DruckerBMC Racing Team+ 19'31
95Artur ErshovRusVelos.t.
96Kristian HaugaardCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 19'34
97Robert WagnerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 19'36
98Josef CernyCCC Sprandi Polkowices.t.
99Diego MilĂĄnSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 19'38
100Eduard-Michael GrosuCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 19'46
101Tiziano Dall'AntoniaLampre-Merida+ 19'48
102Boris DronWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 19'49
103Wesley KrederTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 19'53
104Boy Van PoppelTeam LottoNL - Jumbos.t.
105Eryk LatoƄActiveJet Team+ 19'55
106Olivier NaesenTrek Factory Racing+ 19'58
107Dennis VanendertBMC Racing Team+ 20'01
108Jesse KerrisonBMC Racing Team+ 20'02
109Mads PedersenCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 20'07
110Igor MerinoBurgos - BH+ 20'23
111Rafael AndriatoSoutheast+ 20'47
112Bernardo ColexActiveJet Team+ 20'51
113Olivier PardiniWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 21'01
114RafaĂą ChtiouiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 21'24
115Jonathan ParedesColombia+ 21'26
116Marcel AreggerIAM Cycling+ 21'32
117Ibai SalasBurgos - BH+ 21'46
118Alexey KurbatovRusVelo+ 21'56
119Anton VorobyevTeam Katusha+ 22'24
120Roman KustadinchevRusVelo+ 22'25
121Mamyr StashRusVelo+ 22'31
122PaweƂ FranczakActiveJet Team+ 23'01
123Juraj SaganTinkoff-Saxo+ 23'03
124Unai IparragirreSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 23'11
125Timofey KritskiyRusVelo+ 23'47
126Unai ArranzBurgos - BHs.t.
127Manuel BellettiColombia+ 23'55
128Nikolai TrusovTinkoff-Saxo+ 24'34
129Sergii MovchanAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 24'55
130Joris BoillatIAM Cycling+ 24'58
131Daan MyngheerWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 25'58
132Patryk StoszCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 26'02
133Leonid KrasnovRusVelo+ 26'07
134Luca BarlaSoutheast+ 26'17
135Mateusz TaciakCCC Sprandi Polkowice+ 26'34
136Soufiane HaddiSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 26'52
137Sergey ShilovRusVelo+ 27'20
138Theo BosTeam Roompot-Oranje Pelotons.t.
139Markel IrizarTrek Factory Racing+ 27'23
140Bram TankinkTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 27'58
141Pavel CamrdaWhirlpool - Author+ 28'52
142Stijn EnnekensWanty - Groupe Gobert+ 30'58
143Andrea Dal ColSoutheast+ 31'06
144Álvaro RobredoBurgos - BH+ 31'16
145PaweƂ BrylowskiActiveJet Team+ 31'29
146Rasmus QuaadeCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 31'54
147Khalid IbrahimSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 33'51
148Markiyan MikhenkoAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 34'38
149Martin MortensenCULT Energy Pro Cycling+ 34'57
150Tomas KalojirosWhirlpool - Author+ 36'36
151Yukinori HishinumaAmore & Vita - Selle SMP+ 37'05
152Marcel SiebergIAM Cycling+ 38'23
153Juan Carlos RiutortBurgos - BH+ 38'26
154Konrad DabkowskiActiveJet Team+ 39'16
155Shambih Khaled AliSkydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team - Al Ahli Club+ 39'57
156Jiri PolnickyWhirlpool - Author+ 40'37
157Arkadiusz OwsianActiveJet Team+ 41'36

Points Classification

1Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katusha66
2Matthias BrÀndleIAM Cycling50
3Martijn KeizerTeam LottoNL - Jumbo36
4Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton33
5George BennettTeam LottoNL - Jumbo28

Mountain Classification

1Sergey ChernetskiyTeam Katusha36
2Alessandro BisoltiSoutheast30
3Kamil GradekActiveJet Team26
4Antonino ParrinelloLampre-Merida18
5Giampaolo CarusoTeam Katusha15

Young Rider Classification

1Abhishek SinhaTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton10h55'22
2Alexander FoliforovIAM Cycling+ 2'14
3Bernardo SuazaSoutheast+ 3'35
4Lilian CalmejaneTeam Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 7'37
5Nick Van Der LijkeTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 8'39


Team Classification

1Team Katusha32h49'27
2Team LottoNL - Jumbo+ 6'14
3Colombia+ 12'27
4Team Roompot-Oranje Peloton+ 12'58
5Lampre-Merida+ 20'17

Another good race for the team and a very good one for me. Two firsts achieved in this race, with the first podium and capturing the first jersey. Consistent high finishes got me 4th place in the Points standings as well. The team finished 4th in the classification too!

July has started out well. How will it end? I'll write again soon...
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 29-09-2016 19:13
Finally you have the result of all the work of the season. Congrats!
Wow - Sibiu was a podium, getting the taste of success.

a youth win too
@Aquarius: Thanks a lot. Yes, it's been a hard journey to get here. Feels good Grin
@Tamijo: Great race for sure! Hoping to keep the form going...
Nicely done! Did the New Delhi Daily News pick it up?

(Not a real newspaper, just a joke because Delhi nearly sounds like daily... never mind.)
(Lol. Nice Pfft)

Thanks Grin. They spared a 30 word article. Oh well...

The Tour de France got 6 inches so there's some hope for the future.
Deja Vu...and Worse

Date: 2nd September, 2016

It's been more than six week since I last wrote. In case you've been wondering why I've been away for so long, it's because the curse of July has struck again!

Let me take you back to what happened...

Prueba Villafranca-Ordiziako Klasika

I was chosen to lead the team in this race. The profile suited me very well. I was in the peloton till about 10 km to go. By then, the breakaway was already caught and the favourites were playing a drawn out game of cat and mouse. I attacked first, followed by 10 others, two of whom got away from the rest to build up a lead of a handful of seconds with 8 km to go. At 6 km, the group of 11 was back together again. The last small uphill section started with 3.5 km to go. A couple of riders from the group were dropped going up. On the descent, which ended with less than a kilometre to go, there was a lot of jostling to get a good position. In the melee, with about 1.5 km to go, and on a sharp hairpin turn, I remember taking evasive action as a rider came too close on the inside...


The next thing I remember was waking up light-headed and thirsty in a hospital room! There was an attendant who saw me wake up and asked me not to move around too much. I wasn't sure what had happened and had no recollection of how I ended up here. I wasn't sure why my head was throbbing gently or why I felt so sluggish.

It was only a couple of days later that I got to know the full story. My movements were still being restricted and I was told to be especially careful while moving my head. I was strictly not allowed to sleep on my right side. By now, my family had reached Spain and were by my bedside for most of the day. When I was strong enough to talk, I asked the doctor what had happened when my family had gone back to the hotel room for the night. "Fractured Skull", was his short but sufficient reply. He told me I was lucky there were no breaks and no internal damage. It took a while for me to register what exactly he was implying. Curiosity got the better of me and I asked him what had happened. He said that I had run off the road to avoid hitting the other cyclist, hit the fence on the side of the road, been thrown off my bike and collided with a tree by the side of the road. I still can't recall any of that...
With that July historial of crashes maybe you should try to focus on Giro/Vuelta instead of Tour...

Anyway, let's see if the season is not over for you. At least you have a contract for next season
Av !
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