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Who will win?!
Contador Contador 42%[51 Votes]
Chaves Chaves 12%[15 Votes]
Froome Froome 15%[18 Votes]
Lopez Lopez 5%[6 Votes]
Quintana Quintana 12%[14 Votes]
Other Other 14%[17 Votes]
Total Votes : 121
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Vuelta á Espana 2016
1 month to go. We will have approximately 10 uphill finishes, so we will at least to get some some time gaps on many stages compared to this very uninteresting Tour.

Lopez, the new Colombian superstar, takes part with Chaves, Contador and Kruijswijk and probably a bunch of the TdF-guys. I will probably at least be on Covadonga in August.

It can only be better than the bike race going on in France right now!
Laporte! Cool

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I think schedule is dictating Contador this year, so I'll go with him for the lols
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Well, I don't think he can win Vuelta, but I want to see what Latour can do Smile.
contador may ride the doctors havent given the ok yet

quintana is guaranteed. froome is very likely
To quote someone who knows more than me:

The Inner Ring July 20, 2016 at 1:46 pm
"Chris Froome, he’s been quietly targeting the Vuelta too. Of course the best laid plans can come undone but apparently he wants to do the double."

Wonderful news all round Pfft but who will be this years Chris beetroot juice Horner?
Contador ftw, Latour for podium.
Unleash the Landa!

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ianrussell wrote:
To quote someone who knows more than me:

The Inner Ring July 20, 2016 at 1:46 pm
"Chris Froome, he’s been quietly targeting the Vuelta too. Of course the best laid plans can come undone but apparently he wants to do the double."

Wonderful news all round Pfft but who will be this years Chris beetroot juice Horner?

Yeah, I don't think Froome has went 100% deep on the climbs so far. Contador should be the favourite, but I could very well see Froome win...
I'm really hoping Talansky can put in a good performance, maybe a top 5. I know that's improbable but he is one of the few guys without a GT in his legs, which should help his freshness.
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Yeah, I completely forgot about Talansky.
I'm afraid this years Vuelta will be evenly boring, even with Contador.
Can only be Samu Sanchez, only GT appearance of the year and has enjoyed a renaissance as such this year, he certainly does deserve a GT win IMO Grin

Anyone but Quintana, but he might revert from type riding in Spain Pfft

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Will get tough to stop Conta here. He has several ways if winning it unlike a majority of his contenders. Froome has proven before that he can't win the vuelta even with comming into the race in the same 'position' as Conta, so doubt he will win it this year either, after completing the tour.

Looking forward to seeing what colombian duo can do here, possible trio including betancur? Pfft
What a climbing nation, even with movistar duo really not living up to their expectations, they still have a bunch of other stars to give them pride.

If Froome somehow wins this though, then hats of to SKY. Their program is even more impressive. Amazing how far some diets can take you, eh? From being shitty contractless domestique, to dominate every race you enter
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Shonak wrote:
Contador ftw, Latour for podium.
Contador,Lopez,Latour podiumCool
(Yeah I know probably not gonna happen)
Guido Mukk
should be easy job. Place your pick and cast your vote.
I was stuck there..I really don't know/ quess who is better there.
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so hyped for this race cant wait
It will be someone who has never shown anything in a GT before, just week-long stage races. That person will go on to never do anything else in their career again.

So I don't know... Simon Spilak?

I know he isn't riding, just joking, obviously.

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Cant wait for the farcical race ends and we get some proper racing going on. Finally a decent length TTT, should be a good opener.
Avin Wargunnson
Cant believe so many people think Contador can win the race even when we dont know if he will be 100% okay for the race and without a preparation. Well, he has many fans. Grin

I fancy another Chaves vs. Kruijswijk battle, with Quintana, Froome, Contador and Lopez right behindf, together with some surprise names.
I'll be back
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