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2016 db?
Yes please, I'd love to have it Smile Thanks for the effort!
Unleash the Landa

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
I'd love this as well!
Could you maybe post some screens from in game? Smile
Alright, i did some testing and it's working properly. One minor issue is that due to the amount of conti teams, some of AI teams don't get many racedays throughout the season.

Some tweaking has to be done, especially with regard to region and scouting areas (fully working though). I'm leaving for a long weekend but expect to deliver a final version next week.

I should also re-integrate materials from 2012 pcmdaily's pack into the db (i initially removed them 'cause i personally prefer a lighter version of the db - loading time is significantly faster without it).

Here are the files (to be installed on top of PCM.daily's 2012 DB V2)

- a local.cdb (to /docs/pcm11/ folder) with a few country flags added
- the database project2016.cdb (to /docs/pcm11/database/ folder) that integrates tables from EP2016 for riders, teams, sponsors, sponsors regions, regions, country, palmares)
- a zipped folder (to /programs/cyanide/pcm11/ folder) including graphic files converted to pcm11 format for shirts, minishirts, riders' photos, team logos (this brutally created starting from minishirts).

As for races, calendar and stages are from 2012 season but i upgraded Strade Bianche to Pro Tour, moved Eneco Tour after the Vuelta and downgraded Tour of Bejing to 2.HC.

Feel free to test, develop or report any bug!

All credits for database and graphics to the pcmdaily crew!

Graphics: https://www.dropb...16.7z?dl=0

Cdbs: https://www.dropb...s.zip?dl=0
Edited by titleist82 on 14-04-2017 00:32
I have trouble downloading the Daily2012DB. Will it work with 2011 DB and/or what issues Will i encounter?
You might lack a few game files such as equipment or stages. What trouble are you encountering when downloading? The download works fine for me.
Manager of pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png Generali - EDF pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png

Muggert wrote:
I have trouble downloading the Daily2012DB. Will it work with 2011 DB and/or what issues Will i encounter?

You'd miss the stages files and some graphics, definitely not going to work!
I'll download the 2012 DB. Although the max speed of the torrent for me is 120 KB/S ... thanks!
Small update (to database only)

Fixed scouting regions, started to add startlist for races in single race mode.

Links stay the same.

Graphics: https://www.dropb...16.7z?dl=0

Cdbs: https://www.dropb...s.zip?dl=0
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Looking forward to testing this
Muggert wrote:
Looking forward to testing this

Try this version. It's the same database, but it has races and stages from the original realname database for Pcm11. It should work with a vanilla version of the game + the graphics file linked above.

Let me know!
titleist82 attached the following file:
project2016nodaily.cdb [382.56kB / 26 Downloads]
Let's try this then ... My variants from the pcmdaily2011DB should still be there right?

Really found my passion for PCM after I switched back to 2011 :-)
yes the variants should be loaded automatically when you start a new career.
Looks great. Some issues with some pink flags but I guess that's down to using the 2011 DailyDB instead of the 2012. Also China has the flag of Chile.
yes the mess with flags it my fault Grin
i'll fix it soon


here's the fix for flags and localised strings:

- country flags:

- updated cdbs:

Everything should be fine now, unless you report any other bug i won't develop the db anymore (until pcmdaily 2017 db comes out!)
Edited by titleist82 on 18-04-2017 23:45
How would the DB react if you simply removed 30 of the worst teams?

I've tried writing down so there's 70 teams left instead of over 100. Still with a good mix of nationalities.

How would the riders on the teams react? Would I need to do something about these?
Why would you want to do this? Did you encounter any problem during your career?

Anyway you should simply wipe the desired teams' rows off from dyn_team table, and assign their riders in dyn_cyclist to the "free" team (id 119).

This way however the number of free agents will be huge compared to active teams. This may lead to good riders not finding a team in the following seasons.
No problems. I just thought it would give the teams more races. But not without creating another problem I see :-)
Nearly a year played with Giant - Alpecin without issues. I'm gonna start a long term save with Felbermayr Simplon Wels.

Will report back if I get any issues that are game breaking
Muggert wrote:
Nearly a year played with Giant - Alpecin without issues. I'm gonna start a long term save with Felbermayr Simplon Wels.

Will report back if I get any issues that are game breaking

Great! Can you attach your savegame? I'd like to check a few things.
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