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[PCT] Euskaltel
Luis Leon Sanchez

The Euskaltel team is a team based around their supporters and those of Spanish Cycling in general. Alongside other Spanish cycling teams, the Euskaltel team looks to become a great force in the cycling world.

The Euskaltel team of the past is known for their climbing and it is this which gained the team promotion in their first season from the CT to the PCT. However a relatively unsuccessful season which saw us finish in the final relegation place made the manager realise the team needs a bit of a shake up. Due to other teams disbanding we were offered the chance to remain in the PCT and we took it very quickly and so we hope to prove our worth this season.

Euskaltel looks to be a force over a wide range of terrains, especially in the Mountains, the Hills and the Sprints. The PCT is a competitive division and a well rounded team will be necessary to achieve what we hope to achieve.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy your journey as a supporter of the Orange on their way to Cycling Legend!
Luis Leon Sanchez
Current Roster

Sander Armee
Dominique Cornu
Julian David Arredondo
Rafael Infantino
Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Francisco Anton Martin
Hector Duenas Nevado
Ruben Fernandez
Delio Fernandez
José Herrada
Gorka Izagirre
Eduard Prades
Enrique Sanz
Rafael Valls
William Bonnet
Nacer Bouhanni
Ludovic Bret
Christopher De Souza
Arnold Jeannesson
Kévin Reza
Jérémy Roy
Damiano Caruso
Sergiu Cioban
Milos Borisavljevic
Nazir Jaser
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Luis Leon Sanchez



As always our brilliant jersey maker Jakstar22 provides the goods with yet another stunning outfit. The orange in this jersey is what we really love about it, it represents the Euskaltel of old and the Basque flags on the front and bottom add a little touch to remember the roots of this famous team.
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Luis Leon Sanchez

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Tour Down Under

Berner Rundfahrt
Tour of Eritrea
Tour de San Luis
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FBD Eire Tour
Kandy Cycling Classic
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Season Goals

Course de SolidarnoscWin
Tour of EritreaWin
Berlin ProRaceTop 5
Tour de RomandieTop 5
Team StandingsTop 10

In typical manner, we've decided to go with some very difficult and also a variety of goals. Two Win goals and two Top 5 goals along with a Top 10 in the Team Standings will all be difficult having failed a majority, if not all, of our goals in the last two seasons. This season is the one where we shall look to turn it around and this post will be updated with reports to show our progress!
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 10-06-2016 11:14
Luis Leon Sanchez
Results List

Cool to see you getting a second chance in PCT. I wish you all the best for the upcoming season Wink
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Well, time for you to show the world I should have relegated Grin

Good luck!
Manager of Team Popo4Ever p/b Nemiroff in the PCM.Daily Man-Game
I will never grow tired of a Euskaltel jersey! Hope to see it at the front of the peloton quite a bit during the season.
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett
Margh Norway
Great to see our arch-rivals back in PCT!
Great to see you back on the site and nice to see the team has been allowed back in PCT
.: Manager of :.
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Luis Leon Sanchez

Francisco Anton Martin70,000
Julian David Arredondo75,000
William Bonnet75,000
Milos Borisavljevic95,000
Nacer Bouhanni100,000
Hector Duenas Nevado50,000
Ruben Fernandez80,000
Delio Fernandez60,000
José Herrada75,000
Rafael Infantino70,000
Gorka Izagirre100,000
Nazir Jaser50,000
Arnold Jeannesson65,000
Kévin Reza95,000
Enrique Sanz50,000
Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez60,000
Rafael Valls450,000

These 17 riders have shown in the last season or two that they are worth keeping for now. They will provide a core for us to build around during the transfer season especially with the likes of Bouhanni and Valls. Although it is likely that we'll cause some sort of transfer season shock again because we always like to surprise the fans!

Sebastian Anaya
David Arroyo
Juan José Cobo
Julien El Fares
Alex Frame
Manuel Lloret
David López Garcia
Amaël Moinard
Haritz Orbe
Amets Txurruka
Benoît Vaugrenard

As you can see a bit of a shake up, none of the above riders were offered a contract opportunity at all which may come of a surprise to some. Most will be heading off to the Free Agency due to age/decline and others because we don't believe they belong in our project any longer. Many have served us well and we wish them look in their future endeavours.
Oh, Anaya free? Cool
Luis Leon Sanchez
First FA Signing- Jérémy Roy

The very first signing made by the Euskaltel team this transfer season is a man from the Free Agency. He was one of the first riders that we placed a bid on and luckily no one else was interested which surprised us somewhat but also led to extreme happiness when he was confirmed as one of our riders earlier today!

That man is Jérémy Roy, the 33 year old Frenchman joins the team on a very low wage of only 60,000 which in our minds is a bargain. He wasn't overly pleased about the lack of interest in him but realises that his age means that he may only spend one year here before moving on so he wants to make the most of it while he can. He is the first pure Puncheur to join our team and may not be the only one this transfer season. He will certainly play a part in our position in the standings at the end of the season and we look forward to seeing him in the Orange colours. His fighting spirit is bound to catch the attention of our Basque fans.



Absolute bargain indeed!
On that wage you can`t do any wrong. No matter now if he starts to perform or not. Wink
That is such a bargain, particularly seeing how expensive a fair few other similar puncheurs are getting. Good job!
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Luis Leon Sanchez
Next Signings- Cornu and Bret

The next two signings we present are both Time Trial specialists with one being a world beater and the other a good domestique. Both signed from other teams.

The first of these riders is Belgian National TT Champion Dominique Cornu. He has spent previous seasons riding for Bpost-Vlaanderen and has made a name for himself in the cycling world. He joins the team for a fee of 900,000. His 210,000 wage is certainly helpful as it is not very high and he should score a lot of points for the team.
His 81TT is by far his greatest asset as a rider and he is the kind of leader that our team has simply not had in previous seasons. His MO/HIL combination of 67/72 is also bound to be useful to try and secure good GC positions in stage races. His 73ACC and 75FTR also add to his arsenal. He is a rider who we feel can make a huge difference to our season and hopefully he performs well!


The second of the riders is Ludovic Bret. The 29 year old is the second Frenchman and second Time Trial specialist to join the team in this transfer window. He joins from Ayubowan! for a fee of 75,000. His 65,000 wage does mean that he will be riding as a domestique for the team. His 75TT and 74FLA will hopefully be useful for us in flat stage races where he can work on the front for Bouhanni, he may even be able to pick up a few points here and there.

Ian Butler
Very happy you're staying in PCT. Looking forward to that. Too bad to see you lose the Basque focus a bit here, though. But I'm sure it's all thought out of Smile
Luis Leon Sanchez
Signings: Puncheur's

Throughout the two seasons that the team has been running, we have never really had any specialist puncheurs or especially not a team full of them. This was the main change made to the team this year. Roy has already been presented and now we present 5 more! It may be noticeable that we signed quite a few riders from outside Spain/France but we do not feel like this will harm the team in any way as they are all of similar quality and they all add something to the team.

Damiano Caruso

The strongest rider of the five is not from one of our main focus countries but we didn't mind looking elsewhere to secure this top rider. His acceleration, mountain and sprint stats are good back up to his strong Hill stat and he will lead the team in the Hills alongside Roy. The 29 year old joined us from the Free Agency with a wage of 300,000 so he didn't come cheap but we believe he will prove his worth!

Christopher De Souza

The 27 year old Frenchman joined the team from Ayubowan! for 50,000 which we believe is a bargain due to his 50,000 wage. He will be a very good domestique for our two leaders in this terrain and he is from one of our focus nations.

Sergui Cioban

The 26 year old Moldovan joined us from Valio - De Laval for a fee of 100,000 and on a wage of only 50,000. He is another minimum wage rider who we believe will be a strong domestique for our leaders. He is our first and probably only rider to come from Moldova.

Eduard Prades

The 29 year old is the only Spaniard to join the team during this transfer season. We managed to acquire his services from the Free Agency on a 50,000 wage. He will be an important part of our Hills team and we hope that his decent fighter stat will lead to him being a good breakaway rider.

Sander Armee

The 31 year old Armee becomes the second Belgian rider to sign for the team in this transfer window. He also joins the team as a 50,000 wage Free Agent which is a small price to pay for his services. We are hoping that his decent SPR/ACC/FTR combo will lead to him being active in breakaways where he could find decent results. He also takes the title for being the best cobbler in the team so he will get the chance to ride as a leader on occasions.

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