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#meninlime [CT] Isostar - Adriatic #zeroturnaround


Our main sponsor Isostar is a rising company in the sports nutrition branche. Their focus lies on exercise drinks, and outfitting the sponsored sportsmen is another overlap to our team in addition to the obvious link of a sport nutritions company and a cycling team.

They´re coming from minor sponsoring all disciplines of triathlon, but we are the pilot project of a bigger sports sponsorship for their international developement. We always went for a main sponsor which sees us as their main sports project, so we are very happy about our partnership with Isostar.

The Croatian travel agency Adriatic is our secondary sponsor. At Adriatic it´s all about creating some nice days for the visitors, what´s exactly the opposite of what we aim to do: kicking some ass.

As we are understanding ourselves as an international team with deep regional feelings we looked all over Slovenia and the balkan states. With the tour of Croatia and some riders really coming up it was a great idea to work with an all-balkan big company in the strongest south-eastern european countries in terms of cycling activity. The partnership helps both sides in terms of marketing for their project, we get some nice financial help and they get a bigger international reputance.

The contact was created at a big tourism meeting conference in Zagreb, where we seemed to have a good day presenting our project, as we also started successful talks with the


Croatian and the Slovenian tourism boards. They both feed us with a small budget to make the respective countries grow a little in terms of reputance, especially with the perfect weather & street conditions for potential open cycling races like the big one on the Croatian isle Corkula.

Last up of the supporting travel agencies is Kompas Holidays. They are contrarily to Adriatic less on the sunny coast but more in the beautiful Slovenian countryside. Rumours say they like Simon Spilak and hope to increase the amount of hobby-cyclists giving their freetime to a trip into the Slovenian highlands through him. It was tough to tell them that they need to spend way more money if they want to see him in the lime green of ours. Serious people say Miran knew them well as they already sponsored the Slovenian olympic sports team some time ago and still had some contacts.

These were also helping us together with the actual popularity of Robert. He retired after his second title on the ski-flying world championships at the Kulm in Austria, and while pointing at the logos of


Gorenje & Triglav he has already known that he would wear their logos on his shirt already after his career as a professional ski-jumper but on the sweet Isostar-Adriatic staff polo shirt.
Both white goods and insurance companies play a main part in the sponsorship of various international sportsmen from Slovenia, mostly known at the moment through the ski-jumping team around the Prevc-brothers. It wasn´t too hard to make them spend some mone on our team, especially cause the contact was there already.
Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 15:59
The Project is growing

Novo Mesto / Udine - Pre-Season

Dear audience,

our project was always planned as an international project with a slovenian base. You might have well recognized that our team built a taller base of national structures - not only in terms sponsors but also considering responsible members of our management team.

In addition to our regional partners from Slovenia we already got a couple of international sponsors within our projects reach. Especially the infrastructural demands on the team are a challenging task for a new project with a CT budget like ours. Therefore we can be glad to count on Subaru (Team cars & Aerodynamical help) and Specialized (Bike & Racing Equipment) as our partners.

Now we thought about how to give the team an international pointing on the build up of the squad and our recognization outside Slovenia; both to make us more interesting for riders searching for a team and presenting our sponsors in a brighter way.

After long discussions and many laughs on us we somehow managed to sign a guy, that will help us especially with his experience in leading a team and his flair being a guy to learn from how to become a cyclist with international class.

So let´s welcome all together Przemyslaw Niemiec to our staff.

This man is one of the best examples of how to reach high level with hard work. Coming from smaller teams he climbed his way from Continental to World Tour level in the Italian cycling sea of sharks.

This attitude is exactly what we want to present guys that are attracted by oour project. We can do it all the way, no matter how talented you are. We believe that with a great team spirit in combination with hard work only the sky is the limit for our project - and this is what Przemyslaw is expressing for us.

He will also be a key factor in nogotiating with Italian riders, which will surely happen. Being in the italian cycling scene for a long time he knows exactly how to deal with italian cycling. Adding to that many agents in and around Italy hvae a name to claim when they think about Isostar-Adriatic, and the personal connections of Przemyslaw won´t be a downside of this signing either.

Beneath the leading presence in negotiations Niemiec will also be around in the team cars and join Robert on the cycling side of training stuff. Only one thing won´t happened he told us (which is sad), and that´s the fact the he won´t return on the road himself.


The story behind the story

So you guys maybe ask, how on earth does this man came to the idea of joining a project which has proven nothing but a plan on paper and a limited budget from sponsors? The answer is Mitja. Both know each other from good old days of Continental cycling. Remember the Tour of Slovenia 2005? Przemyslaw in his fírst year at Miche, while Mitja already was a Slovenian cycling hero at Perutnina Ptuj. Both fought hard for the GC, and since a nice little turn our new guy took for the veteran in virtual yellow they both kept contact.

In the late stages of his career our man Niemiec thought about the days after his career, and what to do there. His designated goal was a study of sports at the university of Lugano in Switzerland. But somehow Mitja awaked an interest in our project. We thought only a short term about it, and found a place in our project for him. In coorperation with the university of Udine he will have the cance of sharing the time between studying there and working for our team.

We will happily take the reduced time he has, because in talks with him we saw what a grat possible impact this man can have on the developement of our team.

The team is looking forward to work with our new member. A warm welcome to the other cycling of life to you, Przemyslaw!

Miran Tepes, General Manager of Isostar - Adriatic
Planning - How could the team for 2016 look like?

Renewed riders


Transfer List - Who could join the project?

There are 3 categories of riders we, the Isostar-Adriatic team, have interest in:

1) Slovenian cyclists - the best and the most talented

"I feel Slovenia" is not just a slogan we are having, it´s also part of the team-spirit. We all know where our borders lay - sadly - so we won´t think of signing World Tour material. But there are many interesting guys from our home country on the market, and we would happily take them.

2) The balkan project - developing cycling from eastern europe to a new level

We are aware of many other teams joining the fun on the crowded market in eastern europe. In spite of that we feel like a baby-shark there, not the most frightning in there but with a massive interest in getting some food. Talented material from eastern Europe.

3) Captains - Now you should take a closer look

What is essencially needed is a captain. For all the teams out there looking to load of CT-captain material, hit us with some talks. You won´t find a team more open for transfer discussions than Isostar-Adriatic. Preferrably we are searching for guys that are winning material in Time Trials, so that we can achieve a great result in our home-town event - the Tour of Slovenia.

In further steps we came to the conclusion that the italian market looks interesting for our search here, further underlined by the signing of Niemiec as a staff member who is already hitting some free agents up with talks.

So if you have a time trial specialist with some acceptable hilly abilities, hit our phone up.
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The goals of Isostar - Adriatic have now been revealed! As you might have expected our home tour will be the main focus of this years team presentation.

As we are focussing on talent and regionals we are only looking for a solid mid-table place - that will for sure change in the second year...

Tour of SloveniaWin
Windhoek ITTTop 5
Post Danmark RundtTop 10
Herald Sun TourTop 5
Team StandingsTop 15

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 15:58

Here we go, the first transfers came up: In there we have 5 talented guys to recieve a warm welcome at Isostar - Adriatic:

We´ll start with the five guys we signed from the Free Agency. All have a wage of 50.000 - 55.000 € per year.

Gasper Katrasnik

- 21 years of age
- pure flat Powerhouse
- regional rider
- can grow into one of the best rouleurs of the peloton

Xhuliano Kamberaj

- very far for his age and level already (22/level 1)
- not afraid of climbing as a sprinter
- decent flat abilities
- maxed out he will be useful in every division
- maybe the top prospect from Albania


Martin Laas

- 23 years of age
- the pace is with him
- we don´t have to start from scratch with him
- looks to become a mixture of puncheur & sprinter
- the first Estonian to ride for the team

Luka Pibernik

- Slovenian youngster (23)
- similar style to Laas, but more of a fast puncheur
- already far in his developement
- got the experience of CT riding already last season

Pavel Potocki

- also 23, nearly reached his climax of abilities
- climbing talent
- PT proven at last years team Quickstep
- reaching to the stars as the next Robert Kiserlovski

Now we move on to our first Transfer:

Andrew Tennant

- came for a fee of 230.000€, earns 110.000€ per year
- 29 years of age & from Great Britain
- TT leader with a great attacking attitude
- one of the stars of our team, big CT reputation
- crushed his opponence for Strava last season
- needed as a scorer for our main goals: Winning the Tour of Slovenia as well as many other TT tours and finishing in the Top 15 in the final standings
- Road Captain on Sprinters stages

We once again want to thank Strava for his great talks to us, which lead to the signing of Tennant. We will follow the PCT-run od Tennants old team closely from now on.

Now we don´t have a complete roster yet, but what we have is a good base for a future and a point scorer. More to come from the "Men in Lime" soon...

The Squad

TennantAndrew77636978767677546768786777€ 110.000294x5
PotockiPavel67757168727073546264666968€ 55.0002345
KamberajXhuliano70636867687266657271646670€ 55.0002213
PibernikLuka70637159716666616670696661€ 50.0002335
LaasMartin66676961657067556770615661€ 50.0002325
KatrasnikGasper73616165677064625967767165€ 55.0002115

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 15:59

A new leader in Lime Green

The second transfer from our spare budget has been done. Together with Tennant newly signed Igor Antón Hernandez will lead the team the next season.


The basque climber will surely have his great moments in the CT as he had at his former team, now called Hugo Boss. In the negotiations also the great attitude of leadership and his qualities in giving away his experience to younger guys played a role.

He is not also great in climbing, but can handle other terrains well as well. Overall a great climber with decent back-up stats, who will despite his age score in several races for us. All hail the basque climbing goat!

AntónIgor68787370727674505276746170€ 150.000334x6

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 15:59
Avin Wargunnson
Very cool signings so far, good job! Smile
I'll be back
Igor Anton one of my favourite riders and a Tennant, a former rider of mine.. what a team to love!
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
"Landismo never dies" - Landa

@Shonak & Avin: thx mates Smile
Forever the Best
Anton!One of my fav riders.
Also what a beast Polanc isPfft
76 COB,76STA,75ACC,74MO,72HL
How stats will be when he is maxed?

National Identity for the #meninlime

We all love local signings, don´t we? Therefore we are proud to announce several new faces on the team Isostar - Adriatic!


Jan Polanc: This guy would be winning CT material. Our first signing is just 24 years of age and a pure allrounder. He feels most comfortable when he´s on the cobbles. To develope him even better he signed with the PT-team RBC Pro Cycling. We expect him to come back from there as a great cobbler, who has the special force of even being good in the mountains. From next season on he is planned as our cobbled leader, with both 78 COB and STA while being a regional man. We payed a lot of money (150k) to sign him, but we are very much looking forward to see him showing what he´s worth.

Grega Bole: Another veteran, who should be our designated leader in the hills. Not because of his great hilly ability, but because of his lightening fast finish when he makes it over the hills in a reduced bunch. His main stats (74 Hi, Sta & Acc, 76 Spr) lead us to the assumption, that he might be our most successful national rider in out first year.

Luka Mezgec: The question mark. Luka had a horrible year in CT last season, despite being one of the best paid riders there. Once he get´s into a sprint he is very fast, but how often will he come in a good position to show his strength (79 Spr, 77 Acc)? We´ll see. Clearly our sprint leader though, coming back home might give him a boost in confidence and his results could come back.


Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:00
Some good signings! Still love the jersey that I made for you! Pfft

Wiggo and Simon Gerrans!
I agree Tennant, Anton and Polanc are quality riders and good to see you planning for the future with some youngsters and getting Polanc trained up.

Yep the shirt by bwiggins is stunning, you will have no trouble spotting your riders, hopefully in the winning screenshot Smile
Manager of Suntory [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Nice squad you're putting together! If they can perform, you'd definitely have to bein consideration for promotion.
Indosat - ANZ HQ

"This Schleck sandwich is going to cause serious indigestion for Evans" - Phil Liggett

#meninlime goes cobbles

Another leader is signed! From the newly relegated CT team Sauber Petronas Racing Jempy Drucker joins our project.


The rather fast Luxembourgian is in addition to his sprinting abilities a great cobbler. Surely he can compete with the best in the continental division in terms of cobblestone races.

We´ll also see him in the lead-out train for Luka Mezgec this season. All in all a great and versatile guy, who is on a high wage but should be able to show that he´s worth it!


Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:00

The #meninlime find some supporting cast


Albert Timmer: Looking at our team we definitely needed something in between. In between our experienced leaders and hungry talents. Therefore we found a guy on minimum wage, Alber Timmer, that was very open to our project.
Being an exceptional fighter for attacks on every terrain he lives the spirit of cycling, that the young guns should feel and step by step develope themselves. You´ll find him as a valuable domestique on every terrain.

Siarhei Papok: There´s not much to say about him. The first of our Belorussian couple next season. On minimum wage he is really worth his payment if he manages to deliver Luka right, as he is the last man standing in our Sprint-train for Mezgec.

Stanislau Bazhkou: The man nobody wants in his racing reports. He´s horrible to spell, but amazing when it comes to delivering in hilly tours. Undoubtable are his skills in time - trialling and long hilly races, the little bit of extra is still missing though. Therefore he´ll spend his first season under contract at Isostar instead at the norwegian team Aker - MOT. There he´ll find some fantastic basement to develope into a CT hilly tours leader.



@bwiggins: I love it too, stunning work of you!

@DaveTwoBob: Telling me the guy with the monster-team

@Eden95: first plan was one year of holding back - then I changed to promotion plans - now I think promotion is very unlikely and I´m stuck in the middle...

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:03
Forever the Best
You can definitely promote

A new bunch of #meninlime


Aksel Nommela: Another level 1 guy? Another level 1 guy! The young sprinter from Estonia also likes the hills a lot, which makes him an interesting guy to develop. He´ll firstly be a domestique on flat on hilly stages though, but next season already things can look very different.

Egidijus Juodvalkis: The 4th baltic rider in the team beneath our 3 Estonians. But this man might have the biggest task to do: Guiding Igor Anton through races as long as possible. The trio of Albert, him and Igor will make our climbing squad; it´s all around being a great climbing lieutenant for the Basque man, while Albert will guide him downhill and on flat stages. With his 75 MO he might also get some clean chances on his own.

Gabor Kasa: Now we also have our Serbian. Kasa, last year riding for Severstal alongside Pibernik & Bole, is a decent time trialler that can save an advantage through some climbs. There will be some chances on TT-tours with some hills/climbs in it, otherwise it´s helping out with his versatile strengths and his amazing stamina.


Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:01

Final additions for the #meninlime squad 2016


Mihkel Räim: Our final baltic man makes it 3 Eestis. He is like Nommela a talented sprinter, though Mihkel is a little further in his developement. Further or later he will be a second row sprinter/important lead-out man for Isostar.

Rok Korosec: Guess what? Another sprinting prospect, but a local one. Rok also has some fast-man talent to offer - he might also deliver in Prolouges later. A promise to the future, with a similar role to Räim to be predicted. This year we will see how well he fits to this team as he signed a stagiare contract.

Ahmet Örken: The third man in this post, the third sprinter. But Ahmet has some other talents than Rok, he is not that fast but has a lightening quick Acceleration. The ideal man for explosive sprints without having a train. He is also a stagiare, so he gets a shot on professional cycling.


Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:02

#meninlime fully revealed

We are very much looking forward to start our debut season. Everything is set and ready for kicking off intoi the wide world of CT racing. For being successful we built a pretty decent team around some veteran leaders - that will hopefully bring us into a Top15 spot of this years Continental Tour Team Classification.

Leading the team will be 5 men on their own terrain:

Climbing: Igor Anton
Hills: Grega Bole
Sprints: Luka Mezgec
Cobbles: Jempy Drucker
Time Trials: Andrew Tennant

We know that we are lacking some strong men in terms of hills and sprints, where the most points are given away. That will give us a tough season to find some spots where our leaders can show something off, but still we have great believe in them.

On their side stands an even on CT level pretty weak supporting cast. That´s mostly caused by our focus on developing younger regional talents. Still there was some space left for lieutenants/second options on some sorts of races, at least there are Juodvalkis (for Anton), Papok (for Mezgec), Kasa (for Tennant) and Timmer (as the Captain de la Route) left.

Finally our talent section contains 3 guys from both Estonia and Slovenia, well rounded by Orken that means we have 7 unmaxed riders in the team that are hungry for experience on professional cycling level. Adding the 4 loaned out guys to that amount we have not less than 11 unmaxed riders in our team, that should build up a base for a bright future of Isostar - Adriatic.

This is how the team looks like (without the loans of Kamberaj, Potocki, Bazhkou and Polanc):


Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:01
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