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#meninlime [CT] Isostar - Adriatic #zeroturnaround

National Championships

Mixed Championships - ALB/ARM/BLR/SRB

Road Race

In a big race for us we had several fighters for NCs in the mix. On the flat roads it was Stanislau & Siarhei for Belarus, Gabor for Serbia and Xhuliano for Albania.

On the wide and flat roads of the Road Race a breakaway went away and was never seen again, stealing the NCs for Serbia (Borisavljevic) and Belarus (Sakalou). That still meant a chance for our team to win it, in Albania against the Becherovka empire. Look what happened in the final sprint:

Xhuliano winning the Albanian NC for Isostar!

1 Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel1h28'24
2 Andrei SakalouBecherovka - Petrof+ 24
3Yauheni HutarovichVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff+ 4'29
4Siarhei PapokIsostar - Adriatics.t.
5 Xhuliano KamberajIsostar - Adriatics.t.
6Eugert ZhupaBecherovka - Petrofs.t.
7Stanislau BazhkouAker - MOTs.t.
8 Varsham DarbinyanNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
9Mihran AvetisyanNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
10Zsolt DerNetia - Norske Skogs.t.
11Gabor KasaIsostar - Adriatics.t.
12Ilia KoshevoyBecherovka - Petrofs.t.
13Branislav SamoilevValio - DeLavals.t.
14Artur GrigrianNovatek-Panarmenian.nets.t.
15Tyron GiogieriBecherovka - Petrofs.t.

Time Trial

In the time trial chances were even more open.

At first, as the defending champion,
Kasa managed to take the title once more over his opponents. He'll wear a beautiful Serbian NC once again next year.

Kasa is the fastest on the road again

Next up was the Belorussian TT, and here it was our man to be one of the favourites. Beating the legendary cow in Samoilev he takes the victory in the gorgeous jersey of Aker-MOT. Thanks again for developing in what he is right now!

Stan shows off what he is capable off

Last up was the Albanian NC. And there X was again the outsider against Becherovka. But again we managed to turn them down. A big win for us once more, beating Giogieri by a spare margin. He as well developed this year, at Vivacom, and we are absolutely amazed by the steps he took there over the season. What stands there at the end of the season for him is being the double Albanian champion as a Neo-Pro. What a year!

double up for Xhuliano

1 Gabor KasaIsostar - Adriatic1h19'55
2 Artur GrigrianNovatek-Panarmenian.net+ 1
3 Stanislau BazhkouAker - MOT+ 49
4Branislav SamoilevValio - DeLaval+ 1'31
5Milos BorisavljevicEuskaltel+ 1'36
6Zsolt DerNetia - Norske Skog+ 1'39
7 Xhuliano KamberajIsostar - Adriatic+ 2'41
8Tyron GiogieriBecherovka - Petrof+ 2'44
9Yauheni HutarovichVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff+ 3'22
10Mihran AvetisyanNovatek-Panarmenian.net+ 3'29
11Eugert ZhupaBecherovka - Petrof+ 3'49
12Varsham DarbinyanNovatek-Panarmenian.net+ 4'29
13Siarhei PapokIsostar - Adriatic+ 4'38

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:15

National Championships

Mixed Championships - EST/LTU

Road Race

On the flat roads we had hopes for a breakaway win, with Egidijus Juodvalkis for the Lithuanian NC and the trio of Martin Laas, Mihkel Räim & Aksel Nommela in Estonia. Especially the Estonian NC was a big target race for us, as our sponsors for the upcoming season want to see #zeroturnaround in the success of the #meninlime!

We were able to get both one Estonian and one Lithuanian in the breakaway with Joeaar of Eddie Stobart.


However, we failed to deliver the win from that, as Gert won the race and the Estonian NC. At least Egidijus took the Lithuanian NC from this race, while Martin missed out on this big opportunity.

1 Gert JoeaarEddie Stobart1h26'56
2Martin LaasIsostar - Adriatics.t.
3 Egidijus JuodvalkisIsostar - Adriatics.t.
4Gediminas BagdonasEvonik - ELKO+ 3'24
5Aidis KruopisSpotify - Haglöfs+ 4'24
6Evaldas SiskeviciusEvonik - ELKO+ 4'46
7Ramunas NavardauskasFerrero - Samruk 2s.t.
8René MandriFerrero - Samruks.t.
9Mihkel RäimIsostar - Adriatics.t.
10Aksel NommelaIsostar - Adriatics.t.
11Tanel KangertGazelles.t.
12Ignas KonovalovasVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroffs.t.

Time Trial

Having no specialist we had absolutely no hope for the TT. And we were right with that assumption. A clean sweep of the last 4 places with all our 4 riders might also be an achievement... Cool

1 Tanel KangertGazelle1h16'43
2Gert JoeaarEddie Stobart+ 2'24
3 Ramunas NavardauskasFerrero - Samruk 2+ 2'42
4Gediminas BagdonasEvonik - ELKO+ 3'10
5Ignas KonovalovasVisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff+ 3'30
6Aidis KruopisSpotify - Haglöfs+ 4'21
7René MandriFerrero - Samruk+ 5'51
8Evaldas SiskeviciusEvonik - ELKO+ 7'08
9Martin LaasIsostar - Adriatic+ 7'42
10Egidijus JuodvalkisIsostar - Adriatic+ 8'01
11Aksel NommelaIsostar - Adriatic+ 8'41
12Mihkel RäimIsostar - Adriatic+ 8'43

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:15

National Championships

Great Britain

Our only rider Andrew Tennant here was looking for NC glory in the time trial, where he has some good opportunities. But also his flat skills might benefit him on the cobbled RR.

Road Race

He made it into the breakaway group of 9.


They made it up to the final kilometer which was an uphill cobbled sprint:


There he finished 6th from the break!


Congrats to the winner Joshua Edmondson. We managed to achieve our goal and grab the opportunities here, but Andrew just wasn't strong enough.

Time Trial

What a disgrace:


Andrew finished way off his opportunities over 2 minutes down on the winner Stannard. Congrats to him, eventhough being the stronger rider we hate to get beaten here, especially in the manner it turned out to be today. What a horrible day.
Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:15

National Championships


Pavel Potocki was the outsider in the battles for the NCs against Robert Kiserlovski. Let's see how he did:

Road Race

In an uphill sprint of the two Robert Kiserlovski beats Pavel Potocki. A small disappointment that he couldn't sneak himself away, but he did bis best to try.

Time Trial

Croatia would also go the same way as the Road Race, as Robert Kiserlovski (SSC) would be come the double National Champion for 2017. Not as big of a gap as Moldova, but it would still be comfortable. 1'15" would separate him and Pavel Potocki (TIG).

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:16
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National Championships

The Netherlands

Albert Timmer was our man on the tough circuit, let's see how he did...

Road Race

He joined the breakaway with a midrange attack together with Kelderman...


...to reach the group over the top...


...to then suffer all together from cat & mousing...


...to miss out when the big guns started to fire...


...and only finish 8th.


1 Thomas DekkerCompal - Merida1h56'34
2Daan OlivierAegon - Lavazza+ 55
3Martijn KeizerAegon - Lavazzas.t.
8Albert TimmerIsostar - Adriatics.t.

Time Trial

we don't talk about stuff like this...

1 Martijn KeizerAegon - Lavazza1h15'54
2Dennis Van WindenGenerali - AXA+ 33
3Robert GesinkeBuddy 2s.t.
28Albert TimmerIsostar - Adriatic+ 7'32

National Championships


Reigning champion Ahmet Ă–rken had the plan to defend his NC jersey.

Road Race

Interestingly he went in the break, together with a Kenyan and Mustafa Sayar.


Sadly it was the famous dopehead who took it with a "clean" victory.

Mustafa SayarShimano - Siam Cement2h12'07
3Ahmet OrkenIsostar - Adriatic+ 45
5Gökhan HastaValio - DeLaval+ 11'25

Time Trial


The TT was not going to be ours, but we didn't do too bad. Half a minute was the disadvantage to new NC Hasta.

Mujtaba HusseinKenya Airways - Dimension Data1h19'00
Gökhan HastaValio - DeLaval+ 3'50
4Ahmet OrkenIsostar - Adriatic+ 4'19
6Mustafa SayarShimano - Siam Cement+ 4'37

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:16

National Championships


The crowning discipline: The Slovenian NC! On our home soil we really want that title, and we sent a whole alliance of strongmen to the race.

Road Race

Welcome to the National Championships of Slovenia! 15 riders will tackle the 53km Cobbles route today.

Immediately we get a break go clear. It's Koren (GZL) and Bole (ISO). Riders from two of the largest teams here.... well i guess we know where the winner will come from...



Grega Bole easily beats Kristjan Koren in a two-up sprint finish. No-one else finishes, as per ususal.

Our punchy sprinter Grega Bole will ride in the Slovenian National Champions jerseys next year!

Time Trial

Ambitions are there, but they are not realistic...

Our best rider here was stagiare Korosec in 6th, loan out Polanc managed to find the Top5 even!

1Kristjan KorenGazelle1h18'34
2Janez BrajkovicNovatek-Panarmenian.net+ 28
3Simon SpilakTeam I-Gen - Festinas.t.
4Klemen StimulakArrinera+ 2'02
5Jan PolancRBC Pro Cycling+ 3'12
6Rok KorosecIsostar - Adriatic+ 4'19
7Mark DzamastagicEvonik - ELKO+ 4'54
8Blaz FurdiGazelle+ 4'55
9Gasper KatrasnikIsostar - Adriatics.t.
10Grega BoleIsostar - Adriatic+ 5'14
11Marko KumpHugo Boss+ 5'30
12Juan Pablo WilchesControl Team+ 5'46
13Jan TratnikGazelle+ 5'49
14Nejc KosicTeam I-Gen - Festina+ 6'08
15Luka MezgecIsostar - Adriatic+ 6'26
16Luka PibernikIsostar - Adriatic+ 6'44
Congrats on the NC Smile
AbhishekLFC wrote:
Congrats on the NC Smile

thanks a lot, we always wanted that Slovenian NC and now we got it!
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NC Presentation 2017
Lime Lounge, Pärnu

After a long and hard season of cycling now also the NCs are done. With opur shirt already presented that means we are now able to present the results of the National Championships run:

2ndJempy DruckerLuxembourg NC ITTNC
3rdSiarhei PapokBelorussian NC RRNC
1stStanislau BazhkouBelorussian NC ITTNC
2ndGabor KasaSerbian NC RRNC
1stGabor KasaSerbian NC ITTNC
1stXhuliano KamberajAlbanian NC RRNC
1stXhuliano KamberajAlbanian NC ITTNC
2ndMartin LaasEstonian NC RRNC
1stEgidijus JuodvalkisLithuanian NC RRNC
2ndPavel PotockiCroatian NC RRNC
2ndPavel PotockiCroatian NC ITTNC
1stGrega BoleSlovenian NC RRNC

Having seen that you see that we had some major success hunting for titles. And thus, we are proudly able to present our national champions shirts to you over the next couple of days. Stay tuned with the #meninlime!

Let us start off with the Belorussian NC, which Stanislau Bazhkou achieved in the NC ITT and wear for us in TTs next season:

Wow, that is one nice jersey, love the way that colour scheme translates onto your kit. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
@trekbmc: of course all credits to the amazing hoyle for those jerseys, I love to once again present his stunning work...

NC Presentation 2017
Lime Lounge, Pärnu

Another fantastic duo of jerseys to present today: First of an absolute screamer, the Lithuanian National Champion's jersey of Egidijus Juodvalkis!


Then we also have another jersey, which our man Gabor Kasa was able to defend at the Serbian National Individual Time Trial Championships. That's how you do it in style, and in style he'll also wear the shirt in TTs next year!

Great jersey for Gabor! Grin

I would ask all the people from the Balkan to contact me so that we can create our community.

List of Balkan countries:
- Albania
- Bosnia & Herzegovina
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Greece
- Kosovo
- Macedonia
- Montenegro
- Romania
- Serbia
- Slovenia
- Turkey
he really worked hard for it this season Smile
ICL // Euskaltel Story // Can't Slow Down // 21 and Done // Dreams of a Viper

since 2018: Radsim'05: Astana
Most Improved Team 2018 & 2019 // Manager of the Year 2018 & 2019

PCM.daily Awards:
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NC Presentation 2017
Lime Lounge, Pärnu

Winners days go on: And this time we have a double NC for our talent Xhuliano Kamberaj, who made the next step at Vivacom and got the honor of being named rider of the year there!


And for ending this we, of course, musn't forget the biggest victory of all for us: The Slovenian NC. And there Grega Bole achieved a stunning victory for us, making him ride in the Slovenian NC jersey next year.


With this we finished our NC presentation for the 2017 season, we hope to have you with us following the journey of our #meninlime next year!
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