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#meninlime [CT] Isostar - Adriatic #zeroturnaround

Big news up in the headquarters of Isostar Slovenia in Ljubljana. Further parts of the Slovenia budget of the Swiss Company Isostar will head into the cycling project that is lead by Miran Tepes. Given the decent success the team had, Isostar will increase their investement, even more significantly if the team will ride in PCT which is doubtable still. However, the management of Isostar is happy with the branding at the cycling team and their high edge presenting of their logo on that outstanding jersey designed by bwiggins. The team will continue to ride under the Slovenian flag, with Isostar as main sponsor. For licensing rules the official name of the main sponsor though will be Isostar Slovenia (or isostar.sl). The team name though will contain just Isostar though-

Secondary sponsoring though is not as sure as it was last season. Adriatic will stay as a sponsor, though they yet have refused to increase their investment, so depending on future negotiations it might be unclear whether they'll keep the secondary name sponsoring or not.

In further terms, several companies have decided to continue their sponsorship, all with a 70% increase of funds if a PCT license is reached. To these we can count Gorenje, Krka, Triglav, Kompas Holidays, SKB, Adria Airways & Avrigo. All of those agreed on building up a long term Slovenian based cycling team, that works sustainable, developement- and success-orientated. A bright future for the Slovenian Continental Team?

That is not sure yet. Especially if we arrive in PCT, several further financial contributors would be needed. Both Tourism boards of Croatia and Slovenia have decided to quit sponsoring in cycling. While the Slovenian faced a restructurement in their ladder that restricts the investement of funds into sports and quitted the partnership in that manner, the croatian was just unhappy about the decision of loaning the only croatian rider Potocki out to PT. Surely that's a little bit short-thought, as he might be a big factor in the future of Isostars future. Still we would like to thank both tourism boards for their support in the closing season.

Furthermore our international partners have also decided to pull out. Milavitsa sponsored the wage of Siarhei Papok to instead use his sight for their campaigns, but as soon as it was clear that he won't be part of the 2017 team anymore they quitted the coorperation. With no interesting Belorussians in sight on the market besides young Belorussian Aliaksandr Riabusschenko, that will take part in one of our training camps soon, an understandable decision. If it wasn't for Stan the Man Bazhkou, who'll as well come back from a loan this season to use his chances as a protected rider. But they didn't seem to focus on our future anymore, and they decided to disband the sponsorship.

Specialized will continue to provide our equipment, which is great. With their leading role in development and their fantastic products we are perfectly prepared for any race in terms of material. They even offered us some further development options on bikes for cobbled races after the series of bad luck for Drucker with his material over the early season.

Subaru has taken down the experiment of supporting cycling mainly for logistical reasons. Thus our special partnership of using their cars will end, instead Kompas Holidays will provide team cars made fitting for each race we take on. This perfectly fits to our infrastructural network with Adria Airways providing the transfer options and Adriatic providing the home-comfort needs while away to a race, such as a team caravan or the hostels/hotels.

NK Maribor has, as statted in the contract back then, for one year taken our logo on their sleeves while we took their, and both might have benefitted from that in terms of gaining popularity. The different future alignments of both sports teams made this coorperation end. Instead, and because of the excellent connections of our staff with the nordic sports scene of Slovenia, we can count on a lot of detailed developement especially in terms of aerodynamics, training methods and sports nutrition. Like this we might already achieve an advantage over the winter months and with our great Isostar partnership.

GT sadly seems to have closed their doors, and thus most likely won't provide the design and the clothing for us anymore. That is really sad, as they worked out a fantastic design for our jersey! For the clothing though we found a new sponsor, and that his the regional brand Zolna Sport!
The supplier is an expert in providing custom material, and that is exactly what we want: Something that makes us stand out from the crowd. But they will only do the clothing, not the design for it. That is why we are searching for a new designer here, please offer us your portfolio if you are interested to design our 2017 team jersey!

IsostarMain SponsorSports Nutrition
AdriaticSecondary SponsorTravel Agency
GorenjeMinor SponsorWhite goods
TriglavMinor SponsorInsurance
Kompas HolidaysMinor SponsorTravel Agency
SKBMinor SponsorBank
Adria AirwaysMinor SponsorAirline
AvrigoMinor SponsorCarrying Business
Zolna SportClothing SponsorClothing
SpecializedBike SponsorBike & Racing Equipment

Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:09

Development Camp

A long season is closing out, and our young riders, wither on loan or at our team, have all developed significantly in their abilities. Here is the exact stat evolution of our #freshmeninlime:

Xhuliano Kamberaj


In his first year as a professional Xhuliano has raced for Vivacom - Datamap, and had a decent score there. Several breakaway appearances created his standing as an already high skilled rider for his age/level. We are looking forward to see his further developement in the future, as he'll have a long lasting career at Isostar surely. Though we might look out for a team that is willing to loan him in again next season, to a team that guarantees him similar development again.

Aksel Nommela


Aksel has done a solid job as domestique this year, and thus developed in his first pro year towards being a leading sprinter. It is not sure if the contract will be extended though, as Aksel desperately needs to work on his flat skills to become a valuable sprinter. The highlight of the season though of course was his supreme second place on the Avenir stage.

Gasper Katrasnik


Gasper found himself in the role as the flat workhouse, also having some breakaway experiences. These will surely continue in the future, as he developed further into a powerhouse also working on his chrono skills. We very much look forward on how far we can go with him in terms of flat classics and also TTT useage.

Martin Laas


Our #1 talent from estonia also made his debut season with Isostar this year, and seems set to be on his way into a versatile puncheur that can both climb and sprint too. Stay tuned for his development with Isostar in the future.

Luka Pibernik


Our pure puncheur from Slovenia has made a big step forward in his game this year. We'll have his stunning leadout for Bole in mind surely, where he completely cracked the opposition and set up one of our rare wins. We are looking forward to see more of this, though that won't happen next season. There Luka is looking forward to a PT loan, in best case to a team that offers him a role in their hills squad to develop his skills on that terrain.

Mihkel Räim


Mihkel has been a good domestique this year for us, helping our riders in several ways. Like this he did turn into a decent energy sprinter already, that'll do hills well. For him though it is the same as for his Estonian mate Nommela. He desperately needs to work on his flat skills to achieve a role in our future plannings. If he can do that in offseason we will look forward to loan him out to a PT team, if not he might have to leave the squad. It would be a shame, as everything but his flat skills suggests him to be a great leadout in the future.

Stanislau Bazhkou


The first of our maxed riders coming back from loan is Stanislau "Stan the Man" Bazhkou. The belorussian has taken his domestique role well at Aker, who offered him a nice racing calendar. He could even profile himself in leading the Aker team time trial squad. Now he'll come back to Isostar, depending on the division either as a protected rider (CT) that can especially score well on hilly tours with a time trial or as an allround domestique TTT train asset (PCT). We look forward to see him in lime next year!

Pavel Potocki


We found the legitimate follow-up to Robert Kiserlovski here, with Pavel Potocki. The Croatian has taken the final step to be a CT leader, and that is what we are looking forward him to be. At I-Gen he has taken a decent role in his domestique situations, especially for our shared Avenir squad he did some great work to bring Vasyliv onto a podium and still finish 6th. Now he's meant to do the magic for us too.

Jan Polanc


The man we've all been waiting for: Jan Polanc. He is a true leader on the cobbles, and combined with his outstanding abilities to both climb and accelerate he surely is one of the most versatile cobblers worldwide. He would make up for an outstanding CT captain, and even in PCT he might have a leader role. He already has proven his worth for RBC, which gave him a big role in their cobbles department. He will be a major rider in the future of Isostar - Adriatic surely!

A big thanks to I-Gen, Aker, RBC and Vivacom for giving our riders the opportunities to develop in their squads.
Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:10
Wow, thats a big group of riders getting a boost for the next season!

Polanc & Potocki will be useful especially!
viking90 wrote:
Wow, thats a big group of riders getting a boost for the next season!

Polanc & Potocki will be useful especially!

Indeed both will provide us instant strength, same goes for Bazhkou in terms of his versatile skillset. But yes, especially Polanc will be a long term leader at Isostar!
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I'm expressing willingness to keep Kamberaj for the next season, but since transfer talks can't begin until the transfer season can begin, this is just interest.
We enjoyed the style of racing Xhuliano developed at Vivacom, and do very much appreciate the interest of your team. He might benefit from another loan, contrarily we do very much believe in his potential and are not willing to sell him in the future.
Those are some great improvements! Polanc will be a force to be reckoned with in the future!
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NENT Racing p/b Hootsuite Manager
We do enjoy your interest in the development of Isostar - Adriatic! Polanc surely will be one of the future faces of our campaign for Slovenian Cycling!

Ruta America del Sur

8.10.-15.10.bumpy tourCaptain: Andrew Tennant C2HCwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif


Andrew TennantCaptainGasper KatrasnikDomestique
Grega BoleStage HunterAksel NommelaDomestique
Luka MezgecSprinterMikhel RäimDomestique
Rok KorosecDomestiqueMartin LaasDomestique

One last breath.

Tennant: A winning candidate for the opening TT, finishing not even in the Top5. Getting almost beaten by stagiare Korosec. 29th overall, getting beaten by Mezgec in a GC. At least he have it a good fight on the first couple of stages and did beat Yatsevich in the GC.


Mezgec: Coming to whom, he surprised us in two ways. As 21st in the GC he was a positive surprise, we'd have never guessed that. Not being in the Top10 in the points classification on the otherside is just bad, especially being the favourite on several stages. The outcome: several places between P5 and 15, not a single top 5. More impressive on hilly than on flat stages...


Bole: 12th on Stage 2, 8th on stage 3, 5th on stage 4, 13th on stage 5, 11th on stage 6th, 13th on stage 7, 16th on stage 8. Grega was Mr. consistency, the only problem was that he was getting worse every day. To round it off some very unnecessary time losses on stage 5 and 8 did cost him the Top 5. Especially the one on 5 hurts, as he was in the perfect position climbing:


At least he brought in so0me minor GC points.

Breakaways: We had Korosec on stage 6. That was it:


1Simon GeschkeLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx30h05'47
2Jonathan Tiernan-LockecycleYorkshire s/b ASDA-Savers+ 14
3Simon YatesPodium Ambition+ 29
8Grega BoleIsostar - Adriatic+ 2'42

Mol closed the gap here, in what was aimed to secure our 6th place. A no show, and opponents took the opportunity to come at us. Pathetic.

Goal: Top 10 GC & Stage Win & Top 3 Points Classification --> failed


Man of the Race: - Rok Korosec - A top 10 in the opening prologue, that is what we call a decent strike from our stagiare. Obviously no points achieved this way sadly. But it's the best we got. Even one breakaway on stage 6.

Retard of the race: Luka Mezgec & Andrew Tennant - A missed chance for the British, one more disappointment from our sprinters captain.

Zuri Metzgete

18.10.hillyCaptain: Grega Bole C2HCwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif


Grega BoleLeaderEgidijus JuodvalkisDomestique
Igor AntĂłnFree RoleMartin LaasDomestique
Luka PibernikDomestiqueAksel NommelaDomestique
Gasper KatrasnikDomestiqueMikhel RäimDomestique

How about blowing up on the worst possible moment? With 500m to go...


...Grega, in the perfect position, completely blew up on a race, where the run-in would've suggested a podium for him. Instead, he donated the race away by going too early. MOL sad thank you very much, took both the final race and our 6th place.

Our leader went down all the way to 23rd, whil our best rider was co-captain Igor. But, for the sake of intelligence, our basque did not try to play his great climbing strength to attack (too) early like he did all season. No, he waited for the final to use his superb sprinting quality (52) to achieve a result. Glorious plan. Funny thing: He still finished ahead of our captain like this (20th).

No notable other moves made by our team, that is exactly the style how we planned on ending the season. Farewell.

1Kim MichelyMOL - OMW Petrom5h49'56
2Enrico BarbinFerrero - Samruks.t.
3Mauro SantambrogioKAYAK-Clas Ohlsons.t.
4Marcello PavarinFerrero - Samruks.t.
5Peter VargaMOL - OMW Petroms.t.
20Igor AntĂłnIsostar - Adriatics.t.
23Grega BoleIsostar - Adriatics.t.

Goal: 3 --> failed


Retard of the race: The Team - This is exactly the spirit of how to loose possible promotion. Fine work.
Cheer up it can still happen. Fingers crossed Wink.

Love your HQ btw Grin
AbhishekLFC wrote:
Cheer up it can still happen. Fingers crossed Wink.

Love your HQ btw Grin

love the love for the HQ - we are proud to count 61 HQ-like posts on our HQ Cool

More to come soon, as after two weeks abroad there is a day free to write some Smile

Talking about possible promotion: I still hope for it, but I am not sure. For the moment I'd say it's 50/50.
Season Review - Part 1


Tour of SloveniaWinfailed
Windhoek ITTTop 5failed
Herald Sun TourTop 5achieved
Post Danmark RundtTop 10achieved
Team StandingsTop 15achieved

Starting the season we decided on bringing on some conservative goals, having a good chance to achieve at least 4/5. Three of those then indeed were achieved pretty confidental: The Herald Sun Tour and the Post Danmark Rundt by Andrew Tennant and the Team Standings.

Our british chrono captain also was our man for the final two goals, which we sadly failed: In Windhoek Andrew, on a shockingly bad day, was the downside surprise to not achieve a Top 5 result being the clear #2 on the startlist. In Slovenia however we fought a hard battle against TT dominator Yatsevich, but at the end we were not able to crack him and finished second. Still, a rather strong performance by our captain there, though a win would've grown him a legendary status already surely.

Still, finishing 3/5 goals is somewhat inside the expectations, though it could've been 4/5 if it wasn't for one really bad day. Being that close in Slovenia we won't complain on the outcome though, as it was an on par season in terms of goals achieved.
Edited by Croatia14 on 25-08-2017 16:11
Pretty unlucky with your goals this year especially given your strategy but 3/5 is pretty good and the two you lost were chrono goals and with Yatsevich that gets a bit harder Pfft Unlucky especially in Windhoek though we all know what PCM15 does with ITTs so ITT goals are risky Pfft
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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[CX] Listerijns & BoK

jandal7 wrote:
Pretty unlucky with your goals this year especially given your strategy but 3/5 is pretty good and the two you lost were chrono goals and with Yatsevich that gets a bit harder Pfft Unlucky especially in Windhoek though we all know what PCM15 does with ITTs so ITT goals are risky Pfft

indeed, we felt like doing a decent job but it wasn't enough in Slovenia...Windhoek just fell for daily form, but shit can happen with PCM15 indeed
Love the work you put in to this mate! Love the recap that you are doing. Retard of the race is one of my fav. things on Daily Grin
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thanks for the nice words whitejersey Smile sadly we won't have a "retard of the race" in the next couple of months due to offseason, but NCs I fear might give plenty of options to do foolish stuff that is worth a whole bunch of sarcasm on it...
Season Review - Part 2

Team Standings

1pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk1996
2pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/t3a.pngPodium Ambition1907
3pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/kmm.pngKraftwerk Man Machine1783
4pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/chi.pngChiquita - Universal1515
5pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/cdb.pngCarlsberg - Danske Bank1439
6pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/mop.pngMOL - OMV Petrom1346
7pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/iso.pngIsostar - Adriatic1261
8pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/tcr.pngTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica1153
9pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/lpm.pngLa Poste - Mavic1144
10pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/spr.pngSauber Petronas Racing1071
11pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/0r8.pngXero Racing p/b Octagon1058
12pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/yas.pngcycleYorkshire s/b ASDA-Savers1035
13pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/nwb.pngNew Balance985
14pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/wcc.pngWorld Cycling Centre900
15pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/spb.pngThe Spark Project p/b Bollé841
16pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/kch.pngKAYAK - Clas Ohlsen825
17pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/tvm.pngTVM - Beslist.nl739
18pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/spw.pngSchuh powered by Wiggle710
19pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/elt.pngElta - Hellenic Post705
20pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/lse.pngLöbauer Stadtwerke - Etixx622
21pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/fnz.pngFox Sports - BikeNZ Cycling536
22pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/esc.pngEddie Stobart427
23pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/hpa.pngHankook - Ping An Bank249
24pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/vdc.pngVivacom - DataMap205

Shortly into the season it was clear that 3 teams will battle for the crown: The hills moster of Ferrero, that cobbles team with the cocky manager and the three-way retro threat from Germany. It turned out to be an amazing battle, congrats to Spilak23 for his big win!

We found ourselves in a 3-way battle as well for the first part of the season: Fighting against Chiquita and Carlsberg for 4th in the standings. However, we suffered a lot in the second part, dropping out of that battle Chiquita won at the end and drifting away from promotion spots.

Instead we had to look down the order for the final parts of the season, seeing 5 teams threatening us with LaPoste looking the strongest and also MOL as a danger. With some surprising results also Ticos came close, while LaPoste suffered a similarly mediocre final closeout as we did.

While our friends from LaPoste had to go down the order to 9th, we kept that 6th until the final race. There, benefitted by a strange race, MOL crushed us to pieces and ripped that 6th place off our heart. Like this, Isostar - Adriatic has to settle with 7th overall.

Our friends from Xero also suffered a mediocre last quarter of the year, especially with their puncheurs not living up to their job in the final races. Like this it was only 11th in a close battle between those, Sauber and cycleYorkshires. Our kiwi friends look well set for next season though!

Finally to mention are our friends from Löbau and Vivacom, who faced a tough first year. However, we do very much look for an improvement of those next season, and we feel like their managers are well prepared to do so.
Ok lemme give this a try:

Roses are red,
Isostar is green,
You didn't top five,
Because final stages are mean!

Anyway another very nice summary of the top 12 and hope we can live up to your tip on us for next year Grin
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
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[CX] Listerijns & BoK

awww, that was a sweet one jands :lol: and a painful one too Sad

Yep, you'll surely do! Thanks a lot mate Smile
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