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Quick-Step story | Nationale Sluitingsprijs
Well, as my rabo ct story died more or less, and I got time left I'm thinking about starting a new story.

if I do that, it'll be with the Quick Step safe game Panaflex has uploaded and which is in the download section. I played with it and I'm now exactly one year further then the uploaded one. I''m halfway in the vuelta so with the worlds coming up it would be a good moment to start Smile
Got a (too) great team with all riders able to win big races Grin (except for one or two maybe which are leaving) With riders as Contador, Valverde, Boonen and Boesson Hagen lots of wins are guarantueed.

But would people be interested to read that story? Cus else I won't bother making it.
Edited by mrlol on 23-03-2008 10:57
it seems there isnt any interest so forget it, this topic can be locked...
Don't think so Shock

Your story looks well. Far more, you've even promised us to win lots of races ! Grin

I will read your story.

Where there is a good story, there is a reader to it B)
We are condemned to be free
i'll definetly read your story aswell. i love victoriesPfft
Where will you start it ? During this vuelta ?
We are condemned to be free
I planned to start with the worlds but as there wasnt much interest first...

I'll see what I do. I want to start a story so... maybe I will do some sort of introduction today Smile
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I'd certainly read it - I must have missed this, sorry for not posting Wink
So I get started anyway Grin
Here we go.


The succesfull team of Quick Step has managed to get a dream team in 2010, able to win pretty much everything. S, what is that 'dream team' you ask? Well, we have the best climber in the world (Contador), the best Puncheur (Valverde), the best time trialer (Cancellara) and the best cobbeler (Boonen). Then we have some more riders that are among the worlds best riders, and on top of that we have the strongest teammates to help them win their races. So show me that team you say? Ok, here it is:


Well, with those riders the sponsor has to pay a lot of big wages, so in return, they expect big results as well. No problem for us.

Vuelta is in the 3rd week and I'm leading it with 5 minutes

Ok, so let's move on to the Pro Tour standings. Those would be the most important for any Pro Tour team. Well, no problem for us there either.



As we are in the end of the season, we have done some transfers allready. Some are leaving, some are coming in. It seems we'll have more then 30 riders next season but we'll see if the UCI does anything against it.



Now, what do we have left this season? First of course we want to win the Vuelta. It's looking good there with Intxausti in first place with a big lead. Then we have the World Championship which are in Belgium! Those are of course a very big goal for us to win at home. It'll be a flat race and Tom Boonen is very motivated to win there, he can count on the help from riders as Steegmans and Gilbert to get it to a mass sprint and to get Tornado Tom in the best position. For the time trials, Rosseler doesnt seems good enough. So it'll have to be done by Cancellara or Kittel.
Then Paris-Tours and Giro di Lombardia will finish our Pro Tour season with some good results hopefully. Our complete team is training hard to be good in the end of the seaon. Fingers crossed!


That's it for the introduction. I'm not sure what to think of it, but I hope my race reports will be better Smile
Should I start with the vuelta allready or wait to the worlds with reporting???

edit: btw: playing with pcm spain and switching to hard for the story now Smile
Edited by mrlol on 16-03-2008 13:15
What a team ! I've never seen that.

I really believe you'll get yours season goals. That's sure.

I'd better bet about another thing : Will you be able to win all your races ? :lol:
We are condemned to be free
Contador looks so strong ! That'll be too easy for him
We are condemned to be free
This will be fun to read, the team is absolutely brilliant.

Whats Manan's sprint stat like?
Podium place
Go Edvald Boasson Hagen!
Chelsea for ever!
SportingNonsense wrote:
This will be fun to read, the team is absolutely brilliant.

Whats Manan's sprint stat like?

I'll give the stats of all new riders:
Haussler 83 sprint
Wyss 78 sprint lvl 3 experience
Ballan 83 cobbels 78 hill 81 flat(or 82)
Dekker 81 mo 81 TT 79 hill
Capecci 81 sprint
Van Emden around 76 sprint lvl 2
Boom around 75 cobbels now I think but only lvl 2
Manan 79 sprint lvl 3 exp.
Whatsup wrote:
Contador looks so strong ! That'll be too easy for him

but not for me Pfft I suck at mountain stages Rolling Eyes

My story now kicks off in the last week of the Vuelta a España. First report will be short so I can play the Worlds soon Smile


Today is a completely flat individual time trial, and race leader Beñat Intxausti is top favourite. Rosseler and Grabovskyy are allso riders from our team to watch out for. Mugika, Trofimov, Ulissi, Claeys, Steegmans and Sutton complete our Vuelta team.

Mugika is a climber so we didnt expect much from him here, but he rides a reasonable time trial(14th +2'47). In the backgroud you see Luis León Sánchez(Rabobank) finishing and the number 4 of the GC sets a great time(3rd +1'04).


Aleksandr Pliuschin(Discovery) takes 2nd(+1'03)


And as expected, Beñat Intxausti blows away the fastest time and wins the 29km time trials in a time of 34'45 with an avarage speed of 50.07 km/h! As you can see he passed José Angel Gómez Marchante(Caisse) just before the finish.


Stage Result
Rank Name Team Time
1 Beñat Intxausti QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 34'45
2 Aleksandr Pliuschin DISCOVERY CHANNEL + 1'03
3 Luis León Sánchez RABOBANK + 1'04
4 Manuel Lloret DISCOVERY CHANNEL + 1'09
5 Sébastien Rosseler QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 1'13
6 Dmytro Grabovskyy QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 1'37

7 Rubén Plaza CAISSE D'EPARGNE + 1'44
8 José Angel Gómez Marchante CAISSE D'EPARGNE + 2'14
9 Jurgen Van den Broeck PREDICTOR - LOTTO + 2'16
10 Chu Thien Dionisiev CERAMICA PANARIA - NAVIGARE + 2'37
14 Lander Múgika QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 2'47
26 Yuri Trofimov QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 3'10
29 Dimitri Claeys QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 3'15
33 Christopher Sutton QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 3'20
46 Diego Ulissi QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 3'36
110 Gert Steegmans QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 4'36

Rank Name Team Time
1 Beñat Intxausti QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 64h46'21
2 Luis León Sánchez RABOBANK + 6'17
3 José Angel Gómez Marchante CAISSE D'EPARGNE + 6'46
4 Carlos Sastre PREDICTOR - LOTTO + 7'57
5 Lander Múgika QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 8'02
6 Manuel Lloret DISCOVERY CHANNEL + 11'03
7 Danilo Di Luca LIQUIGAS + 13'08
8 Yaroslav Popovych LAMPRE - FONDITAL + 14'47
9 Damiano Cunego SAUNIER DUVAL - PRODIR + 15'06
10 Haimar Zubeldia EUSKALTEL - EUSKADI + 16'33
26 Yuri Trofimov QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 30'07
29 Dmytro Grabovskyy QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 31'08
68 Dimitri Claeys QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 48'43
79 Christopher Sutton QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 53'50
86 Diego Ulissi QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 57'40
103 Sébastien Rosseler QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 1h17'26
157 Gert Steegmans QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC + 2h04'35

Rank Name Team Points General
1 Gerald Ciolek T-MOBILE TEAM 0 213
2 Beñat Intxausti QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 25 166
3 Elia Rigotto TEAM MILRAM 0 151
4 Christopher Sutton QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 0 140
5 Alessandro Petacchi TEAM MILRAM 0 111

Rank Name Team Mountain General
1 Beñat Intxausti QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 0 102
2 Carlos Sastre PREDICTOR - LOTTO 0 100
3 Luis León Sánchez RABOBANK 0 76
4 Damiano Cunego SAUNIER DUVAL - PRODIR 0 68
5 Lander Múgika QUICKSTEP - INNERGETIC 0 61
50.07 km/h ShockShockShock
yea, well thats just what I thought. not sure I calculated it correctly Pfft
or its another cya bug.

this is how I calculated it:
34 min 45 sec = 34.75 min
34.75/60= 0.579166666
and then it's distance/time right?
so 29/0.57916666 = 50.07
Edited by mrlol on 16-03-2008 20:21
Nope, you're right - don't you just love Cya-logic B)
I remember the speed indicator being around 45km/h all the time :lol:
It's because the actual race distance is far less than 29km - Cyanide don't bother with correct distances B)
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