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[FINISHED] Movistar - Climbing Kings
Giant's sprinters Pfft

Looks likesome pretty good transfers though Landa and Konig are great riders and it looks like you have some good talents. Wink

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
trekbmc wrote:

Looks likesome pretty good transfers though Landa and Konig are great riders and it looks like you have some good talents. Wink

I'm quite pleased with the junior riders this time around. In addition, the U23 sprinter that I signed last year, presently has a sprint rating of 76. His acceleration still needs some work but he should be an able future replacement for Rojas, who's not going to stick around much longer.

Landa should be able to take up the leader's responsibility in the GTs where Nairo doesn't show up, something which Kreuziger did not do well enough. For now, Konig will mostly take up Domestique duties as I'm not looking at extending Mikel Nieve's contract, which ends this year.

I'm fearing Valverde might announce his retirement this year! He's 37 now and his contract is expiring. All signs point to the same Frown (I might change my mind about Nieve if Valverde retires).

Movistar Results (best finish positions only)

Giro d'Italia - Nairo Quintana
Il Lombardia - Alejandro Valverde
Tirreno Adriatico - Nairo Quintana
Spanish National Championship Road Race - Luis Leon Sanchez
Criterium International - Benat Intxausti
Strade Bianche - Benat Intxausti
Tour de l'Ain - Roman Kreuziger
Tour du Limousin - Winner Anacona
Memorial Marco Pantani - Alejandro Valverde
Chrono des Nations - Adriano Malori

Vuelta a Espana - Benat Intxausti
Milan San Remo - Alejandro Valverde
Spanish National Championship Individual Time Trial - Luis Leon Sanchez
Volta Ciclista a Catalunya - Alejandro Valverde
Tour of Andalucia - Nairo Quintana

Tour de France - Nairo Quintana
Vuelta a Burgos - Roman Kreuziger
Paris Bourges - Giovanni Visconti

Top Five
Liege Bastogne Liege - Luis Leon Sanchez
Clasica San Sebastien - Gorkha Izagirre
Tour de Suisse - Nairo Quintana
Paris Nice - Alejandro Valverde
Vuelta Ciclista el Pais Vasco - Jesus Herrada
Tour de Pologne - Javier Moreno
Vuelta a la Region de Murcia - Luis Leon Sanchez
Pais de Calais - Sam Bennett
Tour du Gevaudan - Benat Intxausti

Movistar World Rankings


3rd - Nairo Quintana
4th - Alejandro Valverde
13th - Luis Leon Sanchez


5th - Nairo Quintana
7th - Alejandro Valverde
11th - Roman Kreuziger

Movistar Wins

8 - Nairo Quintana
8 - Roman Kreuziger
5 - Alejandro Valverde

Total Team Wins - 41

Overall World Rankings



1st - Alberto Contador
2nd - Julian Alaphilippe
3rd - Nairo Quintana



1st - Sky
2nd - Movistar
3rd - Tinkoff-Saxo

Refer to the following screenshot for a more detailed season achievement summary...


Star of the Year
1st - Alberto Contador
2nd - Nairo Quintana
3rd - Richie Porte

Promotions: Orica Green Edge, Cofidis
Reledations: Bardiani, Trek Factory Racing

Notable Team Name Changes
Katusha -> Aeroflot
LottoNL-Jumbo -> Philips

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 31-10-2015 12:09
Contador retiring after being so dominant. Pfft Good for Nairo thogugh.

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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Posted on 12-05-2021 19:30
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trekbmc wrote:
Contador retiring after being so dominant. Pfft Good for Nairo thogugh.

Contador went out at the absolute top...
Thanks everyone for all the support. This story is well past a 1000 views now and inching towards 50 posts Grin. It has been fun to write too.

I'm taking a break from PCM 2014 for a few days to concentrate on my PCM 2015 Be a Pro career. You can read about the same here: From Cycling Obscurity to King of the World

I should be back to this story next weekend...
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 19-10-2015 13:05
We're back folks...


Season 3 is about to get under way and there is a notable absence in the cycling world. Alberto Contador bid goodbye at the end of last season. Back to back Star of the Year awards is surely a nice way to finish off one's career I'd say.

Team Movistar is back with a new-look roster, ready to take on the world again. Here's a brief glimpse of the leading riders:

Nairo Quintana
Top Stats: OVR 81 MON 84 HIL 78 PRL 74 REC 83
Targets: Tirreno Adriatico, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana

Mikel Landa
Top Stats: OVR 79 MON 81 HIL 78 ACC 78 REC 80
Targets: Vuelta Ciclista a Catalunya, Giro d'Italia, Tour de France

Roman Kreuziger
Top Stats: OVR 79 MON 80 HIL 80 STA 79 REC 79
Targets: Volta Ciclista al Pais Vasco, Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a Espana

Alejandro Valverde
Top Stats: OVR 76 HIL 78 MON 76 STA 76 DHI 76
Targets: Paris-Nice, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Vuelta a Espana, Il Lombardia

Sam Bennett
Top Stats: OVR 77 SPR 78 ACC 81 FLA 76 STA 75
Targets: Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, World Championship Road Race

Adriano Malori
Top Stats: OVR 77 PRL 84 TTR 80 FLA 76 FTR 75
Targets: Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a Espana, World Championship Individual Time Trial

Sponsor Objectives
Top 3 - Vuelta a Mallorca
Top 3 - Vuelta a Andalucia
Top 3- Paris-Nice
Top 5 - Milan-San Remo
1st - Volta Ciclista a Catalunya
Top 3 - Volta Ciclista a Pais Vasco
Top 5 - Liege-Bastogne-Liege
Top 3 - Giro d'Italia
Top 3 - Criterium Dauphine
Top 3 - Tour de Suisse
Top 3 - Spanish National Championship Road Race
Top 3 - Tour de France
Top 5 - Clasica San Sebastien
1st - Vuelta a Burgos
1st - Vuelta a Espana

Contracts (Renewals)
(Read as Rider whose contract is expiring - Age - Top Stats - Offering Renewal - Years of Renewal)

Giovani Visconti - 34 - OVR 76 HIL 77 MON 75 FTR 76 ACC 76 - No
Winner Anacona - 28 - OVR 73 MON 75 HIL 74 FTR 75 REC 72 - Yes - 2
Sam Bennett - 26 - OVR 77 ACC 81 SPR 78 FLA 76 STA 75 - Yes - 2
Eros Capecchi - 30 - OVR 74 DHI 77 HIL 75 MON 74 FTR 73 - No
Alex Dowsett - 28 - OVR 75 PRL 81 TTR 78 FLA 75 REC 74 - Yes - 2
Jose Herrada - 31 - OVR 74 FTR 78 MON 76 HIL 73 REC 73 - No
Benat Intxausti - 30 - OVR 77 HIL 79 MON 78 REC 78 FTR 77 - Yes - 2
Ion Izagirre - 27 - OVR 76 PRL 78 TTR 78 HIL 77 STA 76 - Yes - 3
Gorkha Izagirre - 29 - OVR 74 HIL 76 ACC 75 FTR 75 PRL 74 - Yes - 2
Roman Kreuziger - 30 - OVR 79 HIL 81 MON 80 REC 80 STA 78 - Yes - 2
Adriano Malori - 29 - OVR 77 PRL 84 TTR 80 FLA 76 FTR 75 - Yes - 3
Mikel Nieve - 32 - OVR 76 MON 78 FTR 78 HIL 77 REC 76 - Undecided
Antonio Puga - 22 - OVR 72 SPR 76 ACC 72 DHI 72 FLA 70 - Yes - 1
Luis Leon Sanchez - 33 - OVR 77 FTR 80 DHI 79 HIL 77 TTR 77 - Yes - 2
Alejandro Valverde - 36 - OVR 76 HIL 78 MON 76 STA 76 DHI 76 - Yes - 1
Jose Joaquin Rojas - 31 - OVR 76 SPR 77 ACC 77 REC 75 FLA 74 - No

Transfer Targets

Category 1 - Climbers
(Will sign 2 climbers)

Pello Bilbao - OVR 75 HIL 77 ACC 75 MON 74 FTR 74 (Primary)
Rafael Valls - OVR 74 FTR 77 HIL 75 REC 73 FTR 73 (Primary)
Omar Fraille - OVR 73 FTR 79 HIL 74 STA 72 RES 72 (Secondary)

Category 2 - Sprinters
(Will sign 1 sprinter)

Elia Viviani - OVR 78 SPR 80 ACC 79 FLA 79 REC 77 (Primary)
Luka Mezgec - OVR 78 SPR 79 ACC 79 FLA 78 REC 76 (Primary)
Davide Cimolai - OVR 77 SPR 77 ACC 79 REC 77 FLA 74 (Secondary)

(The remaining vacancies to be filled up with Scouted and/or U23 riders, if required)

A lot to look forward to this season. The team management is looking at securing two GTs to improve upon the one won last year. A big decision that needs to be made this year is whether to continue with the team sponsor Movistar or not for the coming year. The contract runs out at the end of the season. There are very few good Spanish riders to keep them happy. There is also the looming retirement of Valverde, which would be a setback to negotiations. I'm hoping it won't be this year.

Now I turn to the readers for your thoughts. What do you think of the outlook that I've outlined? What are you opinions on the contract renewal plan and the transfer targets? Do you think I should renew with Movistar, assuming that they do offer an extension? Any thoughts, opinions and suggestions are welcome...
Two strong GC leaders at every GT. Smile Hopefully you'll be able to win one at least. Smile Given you have a goal in all 3 it's good that you've got that. Smile

A lot of riders out of contract isn't good, hopefully you can resign most of them. Wink

I like your plans now, no Rojas for fourth places, but that's probably a step forward. Pfft

As for Nieve, I'd resign him, he's a strong super-domestique, so he'd be quite useful. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
trekbmc wrote:

A lot of riders out of contract isn't good, hopefully you can resign most of them. Wink

We lost Amador last time around to Astana. Hope I get everyone I want to sign this time.

The Movistar decision is becoming hard now. On one hand, the team is set up to suit them completely. It would mean a lot of revamping to meet the demands of the new sponsor(s). On the other hand, the objectives are getting repetitive and there are very few Spanish riders whom I can recruit to meet their criteria. Toughest decision this year!
The season openers...

Tour de San Luis
The season started a long way away from home in Argentina. Mikel Nieve was sent as the leader of the Movistar team. A decent start. One top 5 and another top 10, but an average showing in the ITT finish brought Nieve to the finish line in 14th place. Movistar ended up 4th in the team standings. A gentle warm-up to start the season.

Tour Down Under
Having placed 5th in last year's Tour de San Luis, it was a surprise when Ion Izagirre was not registered for the same and went to Australia instead. But perhaps he and the team knew better. Two top 10 stage finishes helped him secure 5th place overall. His season started off well. Movistar, however, only managed a 7th place in the team standings.

5th is a good result at the tour down under, especially as you didn't bring any top riders (probably right to do the with fatigue Wink). Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
I'm not complaining Wink

Stage List
Flat - 2
Mountain/Hill - 2

Movistar Starting List
Mikel Landa
Dayer Quintana
JJ Rojas
Jesus Herrada
Gorkha Izagirre
Ruben Fernandez
Isidro Pintassilgo
Perfecto Gastesi

The first sponsor objective of the year saw Movistar new boy Mikel Landa leading the team for the overall classification. A relatively weak field meant that he was the overwhelming favourite to strike off his first win for his new team. The likes of Alexis Villermouz, Wout Poels, Movistar old boy Igor Anton and last year's runner up Rohan Dennis would be the likely challengers.

Following is a summary of stages...

Stage 1 - Flat
A stage for the sprinters, duly won by a sprinter. Nothing major to report.

Stage winner - Sonny Colbrelli
Movistar - J J Rojas 4th

Stage 2 - Hilly with 3 minor intermediate climbs
Some small climbs dotted the profile in this stage but it wasn't enough to impede the sprinters. Another bunch sprint brought another top 5 finish for Movistar.

Stage winner - Roy Jans
Movistar - J J Rojas 5th

Stage 3 - Mountain with 3 major and 2 minor intermediate climbs
The only stage that had time gaps among the leaders in the race. Mikel Landa did not let any upsets happen and took the stage. Ruben Fernandez did well to get onto the podium.


Stage winner - Mikel Landa
Movistar - Ruben Fernandez 3rd, 43" behind
Other important results - Alexis Villermouz 2nd, 43" behind. Everyone else lost more than 3'

Stage 4 - Hilly with 3 major and 1 minor intermediate climbs
A flat finish after the climbs ensured that the leaders finished together. No time gaps were created and Landa held on for his and Movistar's first win of the season.
Ruben Fernandez made it two podium positions for Movistar.

Stage winner - Maciej Pateski
Movistar - All leaders finished in the pack
Other important results - All leaders finished in the pack


Overall Standings
1)Mikel Landa (Movistar)
2)Alexis Villermouz (Ettix-Quickstep)
3)Ruben Fernandez (Movistar)

Mountain Classification
1)Angel Madrazo (Philips)
2)Dries Devenyns (Cannondale-Garmin)
3)Kevin de Weert (Lotto-Soudal)

Points Classification
1)Adrien Petit (Aeroflot)
2)Michael van Staeyen (Lotto-Soudal)
3)J J Rojas (Movistar)

Yound Riders Classification
1)Silvio Herklotz (Tinkoff-Saxo)
2)Dayer Quintana (Movistar)
3)Jordi van Dingenen (Lotto-Soudal)

A good start to the season with the first sponsor objective ticked off. Landa now has back to back wins in the Vuelta a Mallorca. Impressive performances from Ruben Fernandez and Dayer Quintana is another positive that we'll take away from this race.
Nice to get a victory and complete a sponsor's objective, Landa is looking very good. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
trekbmc wrote:
Nice to get a victory and complete a sponsor's objective, Landa is looking very good. Smile

Yes he is Smile

Stage List
Flat - 4

Movistar Starting List
Sam Bennett
J J Lobato
Giovani Visconti
Ion Izagirre
Adriano Malori
Jesus Herrada
Gorkha Izagirre
Jasha Sutterlin

The Dubai Tour has only one purpose and that is to provide the sprinters the opportunity to flex their muscles at the start of the season. All four stages were flat, with not a single climb to go up on.

Following is a summary of stages...

Stage 1 - Flat
The first stage was a short one. There was hardly any undulation. Movistar tried to set up a sprint train for its two sprinters but could not pull off anything special.

Stage winner - Matteo Trentin
Movistar - Sam Bennett 6th

Stage 2 - Flat
A long flat winding stage saw the Movistar sprinters lose their way even more at the final sprint. Disappointing.

Stage winner - Gerald Ciolek

Stage 3 - Flat
Another long flat winding stage but this time a nasty short climb blew up the peloton and led to a massive pack split. About 30 riders made the leading group with Movistar losing 3 of their riders, including Sam Bennett, to the chasing group. The chasing group eventually lost more than 17 minutes on the stage! Better organization allowed Movistar to salvage a podium finish on the stage.

Stage winner - Oscar Gatto
Movistar - J J Lobato

Stage 4 - Flat
A long breakaway just held on for the win despite being caught on the line. There were no time gaps as a result.

Stage winner - Rafaa Chitoui from breakaway
Movistar - Sam Bennett 9th


Overall Standings
1)Oscar Gatto (Orica GreenEdge)
2)Gerald Ciolek (Giant-Alpecin)
3)Matteo Trentin (Ettix-Quickstep)
Movistar - J J Lobato 4th

Points Classification
1)Gerald Ciolek (Giant-Alpecin)
2)Matteo Trentin (Ettix-Quickstep)
3)Oscar Gatto (Orica GreenEdge)

Yound Riders Classification
1)Jasper de Buyst (Ettix-Quickstep)
2)Jasha Sutterlin (Movistar)
3)Luke Grivell-Mellor (Shaw)

Team Classification
3)Orica GreenEdge
Movistar - 5th

An average outing in Dubai. Lobato managed a top 5 finish by staying consistent. The sprinters need to improve for the rest of the season.

Stage List
ITT - 1
Flat - 3
Mountain/Hilly - 2

Movistar Starting List
Luis Leon Sanchez
Mikel Nieve
J J Rojas
Ruben Fernandez
Jose Herrada
Alex Dowsett
Antonio Puga
Perfecto Gastesi

Another race to start off the season for a lot of riders. Movistar brought a decent looking team capable of fighting On all terrains. The stages were a good mix of different types of profiles, giving everyone a chance to shine. It was also difficult to predict which kind of rider would come out on top given the variety. Both the sprinters and the punchers were on almost equal footing.

Following is a summary of stages...

Stage 1 - Flat
A quiet flat stage to start the race. A good win for Sinkeldam as Movistar once again failed to get their sprint train in order. Had to settle for a top 10.

Stage winner - Ramon Sinkeldam
Movistar - J J Rojas 7th

Stage 2 - Flat
Another flat stage, but this time with a couple of small hills to keep more people interested. Ruben Fernandez put himself into a very long early breakaway, only to be caught within the last 10 km. Movistar's struggles with sprinting seem to be chronic now!

Stage winner - Daryl Impey
Movistar - J J Rojas 8th

Stage 3 - Hilly with sprint finish, including 3 major intermediate climbs
Movistar put a rider into the breakaway yet again. This time they got better rewards as Jose Herrada came out of it with the climber's jersey. The breakaway did not survive though.

Stage winner - Carlos Barbero
Movistar - Ruben Fernandez 8th, Jose Herrada with the lead in the climber's standings (the less said amount the sprinters the better!)

Stage 4 - Undulating with 2 minor intermediate climbs
Another day, another breakaway by a Movistar rider. This time however, Luis Leon Sanchez waited for the undulations after the last climb of the day, after the morning breakaway had been caught to launch an attack. He grabbed a couple of time bonuses along the way to get to within 25" of the leading sprinters.

(Just look at the margin he was beaten by after the well timed attack Sad)


Stage winner - Julien Simon
Movistar - Luis Leon Sanchez 2nd, caught on the line

Stage 5 - Flat
A flat stage was thrown in to cool down the tired riders, giving them enough rest before the showdown in the final stage ITT. MOvistar managed a slightly better performance with two top 10 finishes. The pack finished together.

Stage winner - Alexander Porsev
Movistar - JJ Rojas 4th, Antonio Puga 10th, Sanchez finished in the pack

Stage 6 - Individual Time Trial - Flat - 10.1 km
This was the stage Sanchez was waiting for. The sprinters ahead of him in the standings were poor in the ITT. He took his chance well, managing a podium place on the stage too. He won by the narrowest of margins; 15 seconds to Impey on the stage, a mere 2 seconds overall!

Stage winner - Kanstantin Sioutsou
Movistar - Luis Leon Sanchez 3rd losing 10"
Other important results - Daryl Impey lost 15" to Sanchez, giving up the overall lead in the process


Overall Standings
1)Luis Leon Sanchez (Movistar)
2)Daryl Impey (IAM)
3)Hugo Houle (Trek)

Mountain Classification
1)Jose Herrada (Movistar)
2)Miguel Angel Benito (Aeroflot)
3)Alessandro De Marchi (BMC)

Points Classification
1)Carlos Barbero (Cofidis)
2)Daryl Impey (IAM)
3)Alexander Porsev (Aeroflot)

Yound Riders Classification
1)Bob Jungels (Ag2R)
2)Alexey Lutsenko (Verandas Willems)
3)Florian Senechal (Cofidis)

Team Classification
3)Orica GreenEdge

A much better outing for the team this time around. Almost everything came off as planned. The disappointment in Dubai was forgotten and the team was looking forward to its next objective, the Vuelta a Andalucia.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 28-10-2015 16:27

Stage List
ITT - 1
Flat - 2
Mountain/Hilly - 2

Movistar Starting List
Benat Intxausti
Ion Izagirre
J J Lobato
Giovani Visconti
Gorkha Izagirre
Alex Dowsett
Eros Capecchi
Enrico Mercader

We head to Portugal next, en route to Andalucia. Movistar brought a well balanced team again to challenge for the overall standings. Benat Intxausti entered his firsy major race of the season as one the favourites. Having finished last season on a rollicking high, he wanted to get things rolling early on in the season. Carlos Betancur, Damiano Cunego and former teammate Javier Moreno were tipped to be the likeliest challengers.

Following is a summary of stages...

Stage 1 - Flat with 1 minor intermediate climb
Movistar's troubles with sprinting seemed to lessen a bit with the start of this Tour. They managed to create an effective sprint train this time around, allowing Lobato to finish in the top 5.

Stage winner - Eduard-Michael Grosu
Movistar - J J Lobato 5th

Stage 2 - Flat with 2 minor intermediate climbs
Sprinting problems...What problems? A great comeback by Movistar in the sprint. Lobato started off the sprint from a long way back yet managed to win it on the line. A fantastic return to form.

Stage winner - J J Lobato


Stage 3 - Hilly with uphill finish, including 1 major and 1 minor intermediate climbs
The early breakaway of the day managed to just about survive. Ruben Plaza survived up to the finish to claim a well deserved victory. Gorkha Izagirre was the surprise of the day, finishing 2nd with the same time as Plaza. He was the first of four Movistar top 10 finishers with Intxausti finishing 11th. Movistar went into the lead in the team classifications.

Stage winner - Ruben Plaza
Movistar - Gorkha Izagirre 2nd with same time, Ion Izagirre 4th, Giovani Visconti 5th, both 17" behind, Lobato 10th, Intxausti 11th, 32" behind

Stage 4 - ITT - Flat - 34.8 km
How can it be a Time Trial without Movistar coming out with an advantage after it? Intxausti, Ion and Gorkha managed top 5 positions which lifted them up to the top of the standings. Betancur lost a significant amount of time, but Javier Moreno's good showing improved his position.

Stage winner - Bob Jungels
Movistar - Intxausti 3rd losing 18", Ion Izagirre 4th losing 22", Gorkha Izagirre 5th also losing 22". Gorkha, Ion and Benat were 1-2-3, in that order, after this stage!
Other important results - Javier Moreno 2nd losing 11", Carlos Betancur lost 1'4"

Stage 5 - Mountain with mountain top finish, including 4 major and 1 minor climb
Movistar got their cage rattled but held on for the overall win. Both the Izagirre brothers lost their podium positions on this stage but Benat managed barely hang on to win the race. Patrick Konrad was quickest up the last climb to propel himself up on to the podium. Betancur also put in a strong showing to grab the middle podium spot.

Stage winner - Patrick Konrad
Movistar - Benat Intxausti 4th, 36" behind, Gorkha Izagirre 10th, 1'34" behind, Ion Izagirre 12th, 1'51" behind
Other important results - Carlos Betancur 3rd, 36" behind, Javier Moreno 7th, 1'11" behind


Overall Standings
1)Benat Intxausti (Movistar)
2)Carlos Betancur (Trek)
3)Patrick Conrad (Bora-Argon)

Mountain Classification
1)Martin Kohler (Trek)
2)Victor de la Pate (Burgos)
3)Cesar Fonte (Tavira)

Points Classification
1)Eduard-Michael Grosu (RusVelo)
2)J J Lobato (Movistar)
3)Jonas Ahlstrand (Trek)

Yound Riders Classification
1)Lachlan Morton (RusVelo)
2)Bob Jungels (Ag2R)
3)Andrea Manfredi (Itera-Lampre)

Team Classification

Back to back wins for Movistar. They've also started dominating the team classifications. The sprinting is also looking better. All-in-all a lot to be happy about. The season has begun on a really positive note. The aim now is to keep up this very strong momentum till the Giro.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 29-10-2015 01:20
Great win from Intxausti! Grin

And that was a pretty amazing finish with Lobato Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
trekbmc wrote:
Great win from Intxausti! Grin

And that was a pretty amazing finish with Lobato Smile

Hoping for more good things from Intxausti this season.

It's a relief the sprinting is finally coming out of its rut.
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