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NRS 2018 | Back from dead to race the NRS

NRS 2018 | Back from dead to race the NRS

Database(s) | tsmoha's NRS DB 2018 Update
Difficulty | Extreme
Mode | Single-Race Mode

Info | The NRS story goes into it's sixth season! We will follow the timeline and move on to the 2018 campaign, while our focus will now turn to a specific rider (who will be revealed soon). Of course we will cover the whole NRS season though. Opposing to the previous couple of seasons, I won't go for a 100% real schedule and startlists. This way, we can have a bigger calendar.

Some may know that I started running this story with PCM12 and continued with PCM13. I'll provide some relevant links here and then.

i.imgur.com/VZ419Ow.png National Road Series - Honour Roll
20091Will Clarke (Praties)Fly V Australia
20101Patrick Shaw (Genesys)Genesys Wealth Advisers
20111Nathan Haas (Genesys)Genesys Wealth Advisers
20121Luke Davison (Budget)Genesys Wealth Advisers
2Anthony Giacoppo (Genesys)Budget Forklifts
3Mark O'Brien (Budget)Drapac Cycling
20131Neil Van der Ploeg (search2)Budget Forklifts
2Mark O'Brien (Budget)Huon Salmon - Genesys
3Jack Haig (Huon Salmon)search2retain
20141Nathan Earle (Huon Salmon)Huon Salmon - Genesys
2Robbie Hucker (Drapac)Budget Forklifts
3Mark O'Brien (Euride Racing)Drapac Cycling
20151Brenton Jones (Avanti)Avanti Racing Team
2Timothy Roe (Budget)Budget Forklifts
3Mark O'Brien (Avanti)Drapac Cycling
20161Patrick Bevin (Avanti)Avanti Racing Team
2Jack Bobridge (Budget)Budget Forklifts
3Joseph Cooper (Avanti)Chartor Mason
20171Patrick Shaw (Avanti)Avanti Isowhey
2Joseph Cooper (Avanti)State of Matter
3Matthew Ross (Pat's Veg)Mobius Future


i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Victoria Road Series - Honour Roll
2013Cameron Wurf (Austal)Darren Lapthorne (Drapac)
2014Mark O'Brien (Euride)Rhys Gillett (African)
2015Brendan Canty (search2)Rhys Gillett (African)
2016Brendan Canty (Budget)Darcy Woolley (African)

i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Bowden Elite Team Series - Honour Roll
2016Scott Law (Bowden)Scott Sunderland (ISC)

i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Queensland Road Team Series - Honour Roll
2016Jack Anderson (Brisbane)Kristian Juel (Brisbane)

i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png Calder Stewart Elite Series - Honour Roll
2015Sam Horgan (Budget)Daniel Barry (Budget)
2016Sam Lindsay (TotalPOS)Sam Horgan (Mike Greer)

i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png Trust House Team Series - Honour Roll
2016Sam Horgan (Manawatu)Regan Gough (Homestyle)

Edited by tsmoha on 15-04-2018 11:56


Event / SeriesResults
i.imgur.com/VZ419Ow.pngNational Road Series
Tour de Perthi.imgur.com/P5ai1cT.png Angus Lyons
i.imgur.com/vAipuKo.png Ian Talbot (10th)
i.imgur.com/vAipuKo.png Keagan Girdlestone (28th)
Adelaide Touri.imgur.com/vAipuKo.png Keagan Girdlestone
i.imgur.com/vAipuKo.png Karl Evans (21st)
Tour of the Murray Riveri.imgur.com/3ajP8p7.png Scott Sunderland
i.imgur.com/vAipuKo.png Keagan Girdlestone (63rd)
Grafton to Inverell
Tour of Toowoomba
Battle Recharge
Tour of the Great South Coast
Tour of the King Valley
Amy's Otway Tour
National Capital Tour
Tour of Gippsland
Melbourne to Warrnambool
Goulburn to Citi
Tour of Tasmania
Giro della Donna

Calendar & Results Archive | 2017
CtyEvent / SeriesResults
i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.pngNational Road Seriesi.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Patrick Shaw
i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Joseph Cooper (2nd)
i.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Matthew Ross (3rd)
Grafton to Inverelli.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Patrick Shaw
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jack Klajnbat (37th)
Tour of the Great South Coasti.imgur.com/74AyaCR.png Scott Sunderland
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jackson Mawby (44th)
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jack Klajnbat (KoM)
Tour of the King Valleyi.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Joseph Cooper
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Alex Clements (43rd)
Tour of Gippslandi.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Matthew Ross
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Alex Clements (20th)
National Capital Touri.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Robert Stannard
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jack Klajnbat (16th)
Tour of Tasmaniai.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Dylan Sunderland
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jai Crawford (10th)
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jack Klajnbat (Stage)
Melbourne to Warrnambooli.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Pat Lane
i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jack Klajnbat (34th)

Calendar & Results Archive | 2016
CtyEvent / SeriesResults
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.pngBowden Elite Team Seriesi.imgur.com/POorGc9.png Scott Law
8 Rounds (held in South Australia)i.imgur.com/BgHVwMg.png Scott Sunderland (2nd)
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.pngMitchelton Bay Cycling Classici.imgur.com/DWViUO4.png Caleb Ewan
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Josh Berry (6th)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Josh Berry (Win #Rd3)
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.pngNational Championships AUS
Timetriali.imgur.com/DWViUO4.png Luke Durbridge
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (7th)
Road Racei.imgur.com/mGxAWeh.png Rohan Dennis
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (12th)
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngNational Championships NZL
Timetriali.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Joseph Cooper
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Sam Horgan (8th)
Road Racei.imgur.com/CNHI5XP.png Hamish Schreurs
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Michael Torckler (5th)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngCadel Evans Great Ocean Roadi.imgur.com/Eqyimus.png Gianni Meersman
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brodie Talbot (19th)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngNew Zealand Cycle Classici.imgur.com/xuxNuhd.png Nick Miller
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (4th)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (Stage)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Daniel Barry (Stage)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngHerald Sun Touri.imgur.com/DWViUO4.png Simon Clarke
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (26th)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngThe REV Classici.imgur.com/6vSvPrd.png Ryan Christensen
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Daniel Barry (3rd)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Sam Horgan (5th)
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.pngOceanian Road Championships
Timetriali.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Patrick Bevin
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (16th)
Road Racei.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (3rd)
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngCalder Stewart Cycling Seriesi.imgur.com/0ZaVnY1.png Sam Lindsay
6 Rounds (held on South Island)i.imgur.com/PnXf3ij.png Sam Horgan (2nd)
i.imgur.com/PnXf3ij.png Daniel Barry (Win #Rd1)
i.imgur.com/PnXf3ij.png Sam Horgan (Win #Rd5)
i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.pngNational Road Seriesi.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Patrick Bevin
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (2nd)
i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Joseph Cooper (3rd)
Tour de Perthi.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Ben Hill
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (2nd)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Scott Sunderland (Stage)
Adelaide Touri.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (2nd)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (Stage)
Tour of Toowoombai.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (Stage)
Battle on the Borderi.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Joseph Cooper
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brodie Talbot (8th)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (KoM)
Tour of the Great South Coasti.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Scott Sunderland
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Scott Sunderland (2x Stages)
Tour of the King Valleyi.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Sam Horgan
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Sam Horgan (Stage)
National Capital Touri.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Patrick Bevin
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (5th)
Tour of Tasmaniai.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge
Melbourne to Warrnambooli.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Neil Van der Ploeg
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (7th)
Grafton to Inverelli.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Kristian Juel
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Anderson (2nd)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngGP Cycliste de Saguenayi.imgur.com/ans9vbj.png Chad Beyer
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (9th)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brodie Talbot (KoM)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngPhilly Cycling Classici.imgur.com/cl8MCQS.png Carlos Barbero
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (9th)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngTour de Beaucei.imgur.com/cl8MCQS.png Pelle Bilbao
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (2nd)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack Bobridge (Stage)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngTour of Utahi.imgur.com/fhFcH4M.png Chris Horner
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (18th)
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.pngUSA Pro Challengei.imgur.com/pwOOBqF.png Roman Kreuziger
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (13th)
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.pngVictorian Road Seriesi.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty
8 events (held in Victoria)i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan Canty (2 Wins)
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brodie Talbot (Win)
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.pngQueensland Road Teams Series i.imgur.com/qxn5CyK.png Jack Anderson
5 events (held in Queensland)i.imgur.com/qxn5CyK.png Kristian Juel (2nd)
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngTrust House Team Seriesi.imgur.com/6vSvPrd.png Sam Horgan
5 Rounds (held on North Island)i.imgur.com/6vSvPrd.png Sam Horgan (2 Wins)
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngTour of Southlandi.imgur.com/2mlHaHg.png Sam Dobbs
i.imgur.com/MZ8SEtK.png Michael Torckler (5th)
i.imgur.com/PnXf3ij.png Sam Horgan (Stage)

Calendar & Results Archive | 2015
7.1.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Australia Timetrial NCoHepburn
9.1.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Australia Criterium NCoTobin
11.1.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Australia Road NCoGerrans
10.1.i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png New Zealand Timetrial NCoChristie
12.1.i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png New Zealand Road NCoBauer
28.1.i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.png Cadel Evans Great Ocean RoadoAnderson
29.1.i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.png New Zealand Cycle ClassicoDyball
5.2.i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.png Herald Sun TouroGerrans
12.3.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Oceania Championships ITToC Meyer
14.3.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Oceania Championships RRoC Meyer
21.3.i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png Le RaceoWilliamson
21.4.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Mersey Valley TouroT Meyer
2.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour de PerthoCooper
9.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of ToowoombaoN vd Ploeg
24.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Adelaide TouroAnderson
20.6.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png North West TouroHaig
31.7.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of GippslandoFreienstein
10.8.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of GeelongoJones
18.8.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of the Great South CoastoStevenson
3.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of the Murray RiveroJones
20.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png National Capital TouroBevin
29.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of TasmaniaoO'Brien
12.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Melbourne to WarrnambooloEdmondson
20.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Launceston to New NorfolkoO'Brien
26.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Grafton to InverelloDyball
3.11.i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png Tour of Southlandocancelled
tbai1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png Elite Series NZL
Round 1oBarry
Round 2oBarry
Round 3oHorgan
Round 4oHorgan
Round 5oEvans
Round 6.1xx
Round 6.2oZenovich
tbai.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Victorian Road Series
Mt Baw Baw ClassicoKatsounis
Sam Miranda Road RacexKent-Spark
Stratford to DargoxCanty
Tour of BrightxClark

i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png indicates NRS-events
i.imgur.com/m00OwYW.png indicates UCI events
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.png indicates New Zealand events
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png indicates other Australian/Oceanian events
o indicates "link available"
x indicates "not"

Calendar & Results Archive | 2014
9.1.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Australia Road NCoMeyer
12.3.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Oceania Championships ITToAnderson
14.3.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Oceania Championships RRoHaig
14.4.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort ClassicoO'Brien
21.4.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Mersey Valley TouroEarle
2.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour de PerthoHaig
9.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of ToowoombaoO'Brien
11.5.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Phillip Island Grand PrixxStephan
24.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Adelaide TouroWohler
19.6.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Preston Mountain ClassicoCrome
20.6.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png North West Tour oSmith
31.7.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of GippslandoO'Brien
10.8.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of GeelongoDavison
18.8.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of the Great South CoastoHamilton
24.8.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Sam Miranda Road RacexCrome
3.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of the Murray RiveroLaw
20.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png National Capital TouroHaig
22.9.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Midlands TourxElliott
25.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Launceston to New NorfolkoEarle
29.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of TasmaniaoWilliams
12.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Melbourne to WarrnambooloDonnelly
13.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Shipwreck CoastoDavison
20.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Goulburn to SydneyoGill
26.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Grafton to InverelloHucker
27.10.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Stratford to DargooHucker
29.11.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Tour of Bright (Final)oO'Brien

i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png indicates Victoria State Road Series-events
i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png indicates NRS-events
imageshack.com/a/img839/1605/q8cv.png indicates South Australian events
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png indicates other Australian/Oceanian events
o indicates "link available"
x indicates "not"

i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png National Road Series - 2014

21.4Mersey Valley TourTASITT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png imageshack.com/a/img546/6851/kknm.png imageshack.com/a/img89/5230/uxg.png
2.5.Tour de PerthWA2 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png ITT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png imageshack.com/a/img546/6851/kknm.png
9.5.Tour of ToowoombaQLD2 imageshack.com/a/img546/6851/kknm.png TTT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png 2 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
24.5Adelaide TourSATTT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png 2 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
20.6.North West TourNSWITT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png 3 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png imageshack.com/a/img541/5122/k97g.png
31.7.Tour of GippslandVIC5 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png 3 imageshack.com/a/img89/5230/uxg.png
10.8.Tour of GeelongVIC5 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
18.8.Tour of the Great South CoastVIC6 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png 3 imageshack.com/a/img89/5230/uxg.png
3.9.Tour of the Murray RiverVIC7 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
20.9.National Capital TourACTITT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png imageshack.com/a/img541/5122/k97g.png 2 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
25.9.Launceston to New NorfolkTASimageshack.com/a/img89/5230/uxg.png
29.9.Tour of TasmaniaTASTTT imageshack.com/a/img834/7320/irzb.png imageshack.com/a/img541/5122/k97g.png 3 imageshack.com/a/img89/5230/uxg.png 3 imageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
12.10.Melbourne to WarrnamboolVICimageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
13.10.Shipwreck CoastVICimageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
20.10.Golbourn to SydneyNSWimageshack.com/a/img17/8002/7ca1.png
26.10.Grafton to InverellNSWimageshack.com/a/img89/5230/uxg.png

"!" indicates hill/mountaintop finish

Calendar & Results Archive | 2013
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png indicates Victoria State Road Series-events
i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png indicates NRS-events
imageshack.com/a/img839/1605/q8cv.png indicates South Australian events
i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png indicates other Australian/Oceanian events
o indicates "link available"
x indicates "not"

14.4.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Mt Baw Baw Alpine Resort ClassicoEarle
21.4.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Mersey Valley TouroSemple
27.4i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Tour of the South WestoWurf
2.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png National Herald Sun TouroP. vd Ploeg
9.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of ToowoombaoO'Brien
11.5.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Phillip Island Grand PrixxD'Ambrosio
24.5.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Adelaide TouroDonnelly
19.6.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Preston Mountain ClassicoEarle
20.6.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png North West Tour oO'Brien
31.7.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of GippslandoEvans
14.8.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of the Great South CoastoHall
24.8.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Sam Miranda Road RacexNelson
3.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of the Murray RiveroDavison
20.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png National Capital TouroN. vd Ploeg
22.9.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Midlands TourxGillett
25.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Launceston to New NorfolkoN. vd Ploeg
29.9.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Tour of TasmaniaoO'Brien
12.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Melbourne to WarrnambooloAnderson
13.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Shipwreck CoastoWohler
26.10.i.imgur.com/DXdAHUE.png Grafton to InverelloHaig
30.10.imageshack.com/a/img839/1605/q8cv.png Bowden Elite Team Series (10 rds)xcancelled
29.11.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Tour of Bright (Final)oWilliams
20.12.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png Australian Criterium Champsxx
30.01.i.imgur.com/xDYpfcd.png National Track Championshipsxx

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National Road Series Archive | 2017

1i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Patrick ShawAvanti Isowhey Sport645
2i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Joseph CooperAvanti Isowhey Sport525
3i.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Matthew RossPat's Veg Cycling 470
4i.imgur.com/74AyaCR.png Scott Sunderland440
5i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Pat LaneAvanti Isowhey Sport410
6i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Dylan SunderlandState of Matter / MAAP385
7i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Jesse KerrisonState of Matter / MAAP350
8i.imgur.com/kYeSIqO.png Chris HarperSwiss Wellness Cycling310
9i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Robbie HuckerAvanti Isowhey Sport269
10i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png Jacob KauffmannSubaru NSWIS265
11i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Robert StannardMobius Future Racing250
12i.imgur.com/Ds24NUQ.png Nathan ElliottKenyan Riders DU215
13i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Ben DyballMobius Future Racing190
14i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Samuel BurstonMobius Future Racing183
15i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png Ayden TooveySubaru NSWIS180
16i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Michael CumingState of Matter / MAAP150
17i.imgur.com/wCJg3LW.png Matthew ClarkSatalyst Verve Racing145
18i.imgur.com/GbBSKrV.png Harrison BaileyGPM Stulz140
i.imgur.com/wJj6Ow1.png Ethan BerendsJayco/John West/VIS140
20i.imgur.com/jLRnUn1.png Sean WhitfieldOliver's Real Food130
21i.imgur.com/wJj6Ow1.png Angus LyonsJayco/John West/VIS121
22i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png Liam MagennisSubaru NSWIS120
23i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Nicholas KergozouMobius Future Racing100
24i.imgur.com/Ds24NUQ.png Jason ChristieKenyan Riders DU85
i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Alex PorterSASI/Callidus85
i.imgur.com/vHyYTru.png Bernard SulzbergerTIS Racing Team85
27i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Daniel FitterState of Matter / MAAP80
28i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Harry CarpenterSASI/Callidus78
29i.imgur.com/74AyaCR.png Ben Hill75
30i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Adam BullState of Matter / MAAP72
31i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Neil Van der PloegAvanti Isowhey Sport60
i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Russell GillSASI/Callidus60
33i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Sam CromeAvanti Isowhey Sport59
34i.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Cyrus MonkPat's Veg Cycling 55
35i.imgur.com/OhTkiEP.png Brodie TalbotSt. George Merida50
i.imgur.com/kYeSIqO.png Jesse FeatonbySwiss Wellness Cycling50
37i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Jason LeaAvanti Isowhey Sport48
38i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jake KlajnbatJML Racing45
i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Chris HamiltonAvanti Isowhey Sport45
40i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Nick KatsonisState of Matter / MAAP40
i.imgur.com/rIgi3yD.png Mitchell DedmanPhysiohealth Focus40
i.imgur.com/7z9EWt8.png Alexander EvansAMR Renault Racing40
43i.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Drew MoreyPat's Veg Cycling 38
44i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jai CrawfordJML Racing35
i.imgur.com/vHyYTru.png James RobinsonTIS Racing Team35
46i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Tom KaeslerSASI/Callidus33
47i.imgur.com/wCJg3LW.png Lachlan NorrisSatalyst Verve Racing30
i.imgur.com/jLRnUn1.png Rowan DeverOliver's Real Food30
i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Alex SmythState of Matter / MAAP30
i.imgur.com/CKKOWgm.png Todd SatchellAnchor Point30
i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Harry SweenyState of Matter / MAAP30
i.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Liam WhitePat's Veg Cycling 30
53i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Alex WestMobius Future Racing26
54i.imgur.com/jLRnUn1.png Ryan ChristensenOliver's Real Food25
i.imgur.com/kYeSIqO.png Jeremy CameronSwiss Wellness Cycling25
56i.imgur.com/GbBSKrV.png Cameron IvoryGPM Stulz20
i.imgur.com/16947pi.png Tom AllfordVan D'am Racing20
i.imgur.com/74AyaCR.png Campbell Stewart20
59i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Rohan WightSASI/Callidus15
i.imgur.com/74AyaCR.png Tommy Nankervis15
61i.imgur.com/OhTkiEP.png Jay DuttonSt. George Merida13
62i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Jackson MawbyJML Racing10
i.imgur.com/jLRnUn1.png Nicholas WhiteOliver's Real Food10
i.imgur.com/kYeSIqO.png Lachlan HollidaySwiss Wellness Cycling10
i.imgur.com/47d0aXS.png Jake GriersonSUVelo Racing10
i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png Scott LawSubaru NSWIS10
i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png Stuart ShawSubaru NSWIS10
68i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Ben CarmanMobius Future Racing6
i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Anthony GiacoppoAvanti Isowhey Sport6
70i.imgur.com/74AyaCR.png Brenton Jones5
i.imgur.com/gLaPxGb.png Tom RobinsonState of Matter / MAAP5
72i.imgur.com/Ds24NUQ.png Morgan SmithKenyan Riders DU4
73i.imgur.com/16947pi.png Ethan EgglestoneVan D'am Racing2
i.imgur.com/wCJg3LW.png Chris WinnSatalyst Verve Racing2
75i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png Alex ClementsJML Racing1
i.imgur.com/vHyYTru.png Isaac ProbertTIS Racing Team1


1i.imgur.com/gp1WBk0.png Avanti Isowhey Sport1645
2i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png State of Matter / MAAP802
3i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Mobius Future Racing625
4i.imgur.com/gEHDZX2.png Pat's Veg Cycling 493
5i.imgur.com/yFiJMYa.png Subaru NSWIS445
6i.imgur.com/kYeSIqO.png Swiss Wellness Cycling345
7i.imgur.com/Ds24NUQ.png Kenyan Riders Downunder289
8i.imgur.com/wJj6Ow1.png Jayco/John West/VIS231
9i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png SASI/Callidus Cycling Team221
10i.imgur.com/wCJg3LW.png Satalyst Verve Racing157
11i.imgur.com/GbBSKrV.png GPM Stulz150
12i.imgur.com/vHyYTru.png TIS Racing Team121
13i.imgur.com/jLRnUn1.png Oliver's Real Food Racing85
14i.imgur.com/OhTkiEP.png St. George Merida63
15i.imgur.com/rIgi3yD.png Physiohealth Focus48
16i.imgur.com/29V6QjA.png JML Racing41
17i.imgur.com/7z9EWt8.png AMR Renault Racing40
18i.imgur.com/16947pi.png Van D'am Racing p/b Butterfields22
19i.imgur.com/47d0aXS.png SUVelo Racing10


National Road Series Archive | 2016

1i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Patrick BevinAvanti Racing Team84
2i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack BobridgeBudget Forklifts67
3i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Joseph CooperAvanti Racing Team37
4i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Scott SunderlandBudget Forklifts34
5i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png Michael SchweizerAfrican Wildlife Safaris33
6i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Ben HillCharter Mason Giant28
7i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Sam CromeCharter Mason Giant25
i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png Sean LakeAfrican Wildlife Safaris25
9i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Raphael FreiensteinCharter Mason Giant24
i.imgur.com/JF7uIQ5.png Brad EvansPat's Veg Cycling 24
11i.imgur.com/r6HqiSk.png Adam BullSubaru Albion19
12i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Sam HorganBudget Forklifts18
i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Patrick ShawAvanti Racing Team18
14i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Jack AndersonBudget Forklifts17
15i.imgur.com/KcMXeDv.png Guy KalmaOTOC Vault Racing16
16i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brendan CantyBudget Forklifts15
i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Keagan GirdlestoneCharter Mason Giant15
i.imgur.com/oRV0dOc.png Jackson LawSubaru NSWIS15
19i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Mark O'BrienAvanti Racing Team14
20i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Matthew ClarkAvanti Racing Team13
i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Daniel FitterCharter Mason Giant13
i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Nick KatsonisCharter Mason Giant13
23i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Paul Van der PloegCharter Mason Giant12
i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Ben DyballAvanti Racing Team12
25i.imgur.com/JF7uIQ5.png Robbie HuckerPat's Veg Cycling 11
i.imgur.com/ak0SE1R.png Oliver Kent-Sparksearch2retain11
27i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Brodie TalbotBudget Forklifts10
28i.imgur.com/TomNn7p.png Michael CupittData#3 Symantec9
29i.imgur.com/DTsLuY2.png Andrew WilliamsNavitas Satalyst8
i.imgur.com/ak0SE1R.png Angus Tobinsearch2retain8
31i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Kristian JuelBudget Forklifts7
i.imgur.com/sKQQtiL.png Russell GillWormall Civil CCS7
i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Neil Van der PloegAvanti Racing Team7
34i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Mitchell Lovelock-FayAvanti Racing Team6
35i.imgur.com/GbBSKrV.png Harrison BaileyGPM Stulz5
i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png Darcy WoolleyAfrican Wildlife Safaris5
37i.imgur.com/DTsLuY2.png Wesley SulzbergerNavitas Satalyst4
i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Alex EdmondsonSASI/Callidus Cycling4
i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Callum ScotsonSASI/Callidus Cycling4
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Mitchell MulhernBudget Forklifts4
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Glenn O'SheaBudget Forklifts4
i.imgur.com/HqmuOCj.png Lachlan HollidayTeam Seight / Data#34
43i.imgur.com/KcMXeDv.png Nic MattockOTOC Vault Racing3
i.imgur.com/xuxNuhd.png Sean WhitfieldTeam Downunder3
i.imgur.com/ak0SE1R.png Sam Dobbssearch2retain3
i.imgur.com/rltLybo.png David ParkerPhoenix Cycling3
i.imgur.com/HqmuOCj.png Ivan Michel-BeardTeam Seight3
i.imgur.com/fKNnEzJ.png Justin GassnerTeam Lightsview3
i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png James CummingsAfrican Wildlife Safaris3
i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Jayden CoppCharter Mason Giant3
51i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Tommy NankervisBudget Forklifts2
i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Conor MurtaghCharter Mason Giant2
i.imgur.com/0g9RFiF.png Chris HarperSwiss Wellness Cycling2
i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png Tom KaeslerSASI/Callidus Cycling2
55i.imgur.com/GbBSKrV.png Michael TroyGPM Stulz1
i.imgur.com/Xy6A7nq.png Roman van Uden1
i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png Massimo GraziatoAfrican Wildlife Safaris1
i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Michael TorcklerBudget Forklifts1
i.imgur.com/DTsLuY2.png Nathan ElliottNavitas Satalyst Racing1
i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png Alex SmythAfrican Wildlife Safaris1
i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Alex NazarewiczMobius Future Racing1


1i.imgur.com/2FAjHin.png Avanti Racing Team144
2i.imgur.com/hzHwiQD.png Team Budget Forklifts133
3i.imgur.com/vjh8Xeg.png Charter Mason Giant Racing 117
4i.imgur.com/vobExyW.png African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team93
5i.imgur.com/DTsLuY2.png Navitas Satalyst Racing team42
6i.imgur.com/ak0SE1R.png search2retain-health.com.au36
7i.imgur.com/KcMXeDv.png OTOC Vault Racing25
8i.imgur.com/JF7uIQ5.png Pat's Veg Cycling22
9i.imgur.com/DO3Tucu.png SASI/Callidus Cycling Team21
10i.imgur.com/TomNn7p.png Data#3 Symantec p/b Scody20
11i.imgur.com/xuxNuhd.png Team Scody Downunder16
i.imgur.com/r6HqiSk.png Subaru Albion Development Team16
13i.imgur.com/GbBSKrV.png GPM Stulz11
14i.imgur.com/sKQQtiL.png Wormall Civil CCS Cycling Team11
15i.imgur.com/rltLybo.png Phoenix Cycling Collective9
16i.imgur.com/oRV0dOc.png Subaru NSWIS7
17i.imgur.com/HqmuOCj.png Team Seight6
18i.imgur.com/fKNnEzJ.png Team Lightsview4
i.imgur.com/vHyYTru.png Dulux TIS Racing Team4
20i.imgur.com/OhTkiEP.png St. George Merida3
i.imgur.com/jLRnUn1.png Oliver's Real Food Racing3
i.imgur.com/0g9RFiF.png Swiss Wellness Cycling3
23i.imgur.com/JM1PzOg.png Mobius Future Racing2


GC - Tour EventsPlaceIndividualsTeams
Stages - Tour EventsPlaceIndividualsTeams
GC - One Day ClassicsPlaceIndividualsTeams

National Road Series Archive | 2015

1Brenton JonesAvanti Racing Team 82
2Timothy RoeBudget Forklifts75
3Mark O'BrienAvanti Racing Team 71
4Alexander EdmondsonEuride Racing67
5Jonathan CantwellDrapac Cycling56
6Neil Van der PloegAvanti Racing Team 52
7Joe CooperAvanti Racing Team 51
8Raphael FreiensteinCharter Mason46
Jesse KerrisonBudget Forklifts46
10Patrick Bevinsearch2retain39
11Jack HaigAvanti Racing Team 29
Daniel BarryBudget Forklifts29
13Travis MeyerDrapac Cycling26
14Michael CupittBudget Forklifts20
15Ben GrendaPure Tasmania19
16Jack AndersonDrapac Cycling17
Michael VinkBudget Forklifts17
Rhys GillettAfrican Wildlife Safaris17
19Oscar StevensonJayco VIS - Apollo15
20Stuart Smithsearch2retain14
21Daniel FitterCharter Mason13
Will ClarkeDrapac Cycling13
23Zachary ShawJayco VIS - Apollo12
24Russell GillEuride Racing11
Timothy CameronCellarbrations Racing11
26Marc WilliamsBudget Forklifts10
27Alex WohlerBudget Forklifts9
28Taylor GunmanAvanti Racing Team 8
Scott LawAvanti Racing Team 8
Ben DyballAvanti Racing Team 8
Gerald EvansPure Tasmania8
James SzollosiData#3 Symantec RT8
Chris JoryGPM Data#38
34Jason SpencerAfrican Wildlife Safaris7
Rhys PollockCharter Mason7
36James MowattAfrican Wildlife Safaris6
Lachlan NorrisDrapac Cycling6
38Joel StrachanSatalyst Giant Racing5
39Brendan Cantysearch2retain4
Kristian JuelBudget Forklifts4
Sam WitmitzBudget Forklifts4
Anthony GiacoppoAvanti Racing Team 4
Matthew ClarkAvanti Racing Team 4
44Shannon JohnsonCharter Mason3
Brad HannafordSUVelo Racing3
Daniel NelsonSeight Test Team3
James RendallAfrican Wildlife Safaris3
Nick AitkinSeight Test Team3
Trent DerecourtBianchi Lotto Arbitrage3
Brodie TalbotBudget Forklifts3
Oliver Kent-Sparksearch2retain3
Oliver MartinPure Tasmania3
Mitchell FlynnSuzuki Bontrager3
Alexander SmythSatalyst Giant Racing3
Jayden CoppTeam Scody Downunder3
Peter EnglishSatalyst Giant Racing3
57Sam SautelleSuzuki Bontrager2
Josh TaylorGPM Data#32
Bernard SulzbergerDrapac Cycling2
Craig SymondsBianchi Lotto Arbitrage2
Leslie MastersParadice Investment2
Joshua PreteBudget Forklifts2
Tom KaeslerEuride Racing2
Matthew GassnerVeneziano Blefari2
Theodore YatesSatalyst Giant2
Trent CarmanFiets Apparel2
67Aaron DonnellyAvanti Racing Team 1
Samuel HorganBudget Forklifts1
Stuart ShawSuzuki Bontrager1
Thomas HamiltonJayco VIS - Apollo1
Mitchell Lovelock-FayAvanti Racing Team 1
Keagan GirdlestoneCharter Mason1
Jack BeckinsaleAvanti Racing Team1
Robert-Jon McCarthyEuride Racing1
Samuel DavisAvanti Racing Team 1
Cameron Baylysearch2retain1
Connor HughesSUVelo Racing1
Daniel BonelloGPM Data#31
Justin GassnerVeneziano Blefari1
Jai CrawfordDrapac Cycling1
Brendan JohnstonSuzuki Bontrager1
Nick YallourisSt George Skoda1


1Avanti Racing Team 236
2Budget Forklifts177
3Drapac Cycling109
4Charter Mason Giant Racing90
6Euride Racing71
7African Wildlife Safaris59
8Data#3 Symantec RT38
9Satalyst Giant Racing Team35
10GPM Data#334
11Jayco VIS - Apollo33
12SUVelo Racing15
13Pure Tasmania & Polygon Cycling14
14St George Skoda HP Team 12
15Suzuki Bontrager10
16Seight Test Team9
17Veneziano Blefari6
Cellarbrations Racing Team6
19Bianchi Lotto Arbitrage5
20Fiets Apparel Test Team3
Paradice Investment3
22Total Rush Hyster2


GC - Tour EventsPlaceIndividualsTeams
Stages - Tour EventsPlaceIndividualsTeams
GC - One Day ClassicsPlaceIndividualsTeams

National Road Series Archive | 2014

1Nathan EarleHuon Salmon - Genesys63
2Robbie HuckerDrapac Cycling58
3Mark O'BrienEuride Racing56
4Jack HaigHuon Salmon - Genesys52
5Luke DavisonDrapac Cycling45
6Jack AndersonBudget Forklifts40
Scott LawGPM Data#340
8Neil Van der Ploegsearch2retain38
9Aaron DonnellyHuon Salmon - Genesys36
10Anthony GiacoppoHuon Salmon - Genesys33
11Michael CupittBudget Forklifts30
Alex WohlerBudget Forklifts30
13Stuart Smithsearch2retain28
14William WalkerDrapac Cycling26
15Adam SempleSatalyst Giant Racing25
16Cameron Baylysearch2retain23
17Marc WilliamsBudget Forklifts22
18Joel StrachanTarget Trek Racing Team21
Joe CooperHuon Salmon - Genesys21
20Harry CarpenterEuride Racing20
Lachlan NorrisJayco - Honey Shotz20
Ben GrendaPure Tasmania & Polygon Cycling20
23Rhys GillettAfrican Wildlife Safaris19
24Alexander EdmondsonEuride Racing17
Thomas HamiltonJayco - Honey Shotz17
Jesse KerrisonBudget Forklifts17
27Darren LapthorneDrapac Cycling16
28Samuel HorganBudget Forklifts14
29Matthew ClarkDrapac Cycling13
Cameron WurfSubway Cycling Team13
Russell GillEuride Racing13
32Jack BeckinsaleHuon Salmon - Genesys12
Bradley HallSatalyst Giant Racing Team12
34Alexander MorganJayco - Honey Shotz11
35Brodie TalbotRacing Kangaroos10
Brendan JohnstonSuzuki Bontrager10
37Daniel BonelloGPM Data#39
Ben DyballHuon Salmon - Genesys9
David EdwardsSubway Cycling Team9
40Mark JamiesonTarget Trek Racing Team8
Jordan DaviesSt George Skoda HP Team 8
42Jordan KerbyBudget Forklifts7
Oliver MartinPure Tasmania & Polygon Cycling7
44Trent CarmanDowner EDI Mining6
45Caleb JonesGPM Data#35
Patrick ShawHuon Salmon - Genesys5
Jason SpencerCharter Mason / Drapac DT5
Eric Sheppardsearch2retain5
Paul Van der PloegSatalyst Giant Racing Team5
50Aaron JonesPure Tasmania & Polygon Cycling4
Nicholas CostelloRacing Kangaroos4
Angus Tobinsearch2retain4
Josh TaylorGPM Data#34
Nicholas WoodPro Team Downunder4
Luke FetchJayco - Honey Shotz4
Sam SautelleSuzuki Bontrager4
Tom PalmerDrapac Cycling4
Tom KaeslerEuride Racing4
Jayden CoppPro Team Downunder3
Reuben DonatiDowner EDI Mining3
Michael VinkBudget Forklifts3
David MelvilleGPM Data#33
Hardy MichelCharter Mason / Drapac DT3
Craig CookeSatalyst Giant Racing Team3
Alex ClementsPure Tasmania & Polygon Cycling3
Shannon JohnsonCharter Mason / Drapac DT3
Rhys PollockDrapac Cycling2
Nathan ElliottTarget Trek Racing Team2
Malcom RudolphDrapac Cycling2
Nick AitkinJayco - Honey Shotz2
Will Clarke2
Timothy Cameron2
Bernard SulzbergerDrapac Cycling1
Trevor SpencerCharter Mason / Drapac DT1
Conor MurtaghCharter Mason / Drapac DT1
Trent DerecourtBianchi Lotto Arbitrage1
Sam WelsordSatalyst Giant Racing1
Oliver Kent-Sparksearch2retain1
Brenton JonesHuon Salmon - Genesys1
Tam AllenbySUVelo Racing1
Michael FreibergBianchi Lotto Arbitrage1
Shaun O'CallaghanLightsview Cycling Team1
Brad HannafordSUVelo Racing1
Liam Harland1
Samuel NelsonSt George Skoda HP Team 1
Ben Johnson1


1Huon Salmon - Genesys188
2Budget Forklifts159
3Drapac Cycling156
4Euride Racing119
6GPM Data#383
7Jayco - Honey Shotz72
8Satalyst Giant Racing63
9Target Trek Racing Team51
10Pure Tasmania & Polygon Cycling40
11Charter Mason / Drapac DT36
12African Wildlife Safaris31
13Pro Team Downunder25
14Subway Cycling Team24
15Racing Kangaroos22
16Suzuki Bontrager19
17Downer EDI Mining15
18St George Skoda HP Team 12
19SUVelo Racing9
Data#3 Cisco Racing Team9
21Bianchi Lotto Arbitrage8
22Veneziano Blefari5

National Road Series Archive | 2013

1Neil Van der Ploegsearch2retain p/b health.com.au830
2Mark O'BrienBudget Forklifts625
3Jack HaigHuon Salmon-Genesys547
4Luke DavisonDrapac Cycling544
5Adam SempleSatalyst Giant Racing Team467
6Nathan EarleHuon Salmon-Genesys428
7Bradley HallSatalyst Giant Racing Team354
8Scott LawGPM Data#3337
9Michael CupittBudget Forklifts303
10Aaron DonnellyHuon Salmon-Genesys297
11Ben GrendaOz Cycling Development Team282
12Jack BeckinsaleHuon Salmon-Genesys247
13Matthew ClarkCharter Mason / Drapac239
14Cameron Baylysearch2retain p/b health.com.au217
15Karl EvansBudget Forklifts213
16Jack AndersonBudget Forklifts180
17Paul Van der PloegSatalyst Giant Racing Team172
18Caleb JonesGPM Data#3132
19Darren LapthorneDrapac Cycling122
20Brendan JohnstonSuzuki Bontrager115
21Sam RutherfordGPM Data#3114
22Lachlan NorrisJayco/Apollo VIS Men’s Road Team110
23Bernard SulzbergerDrapac Cycling109
Rhys GillettAfrican Wildlife Safaris109
25Harry CarpenterEuride Racing101
26Marc WilliamsBudget Forklifts95
Alex WohlerBudget Forklifts95
28Jai CrawfordHuon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team92
29Eric Sheppardsearch2retain p/b health.com.au77
30Chris JoryGPM Data#371
Nathan ElliottTarget Trek Racing Team71
32Tom PalmerDrapac Cycling70
33Robert-Jon McCarthyEuride Racing68
34James SzollosiPro Team Downunder62
35Brodie TalbotRacing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program55
36Floris GoesinnenDrapac Cycling48
37Mark JamiesonJayco/Apollo VIS Men’s Road Team47
38David MelvilleGPM Data#345
Mitchell Lovelock-FayOz Cycling Development Team45
Alex ClementsHuon Salmon-Genesys45
41Jesse KerrisonBudget Forklifts43
42Ben CarmanDowner EDI Mining National Cycling Team40
Matthew MarshallSatalyst Giant Racing Team40
44William HeathSatalyst Giant Racing Team36
45Gordon McCauleyDrapac Cycling35
Malcom RudolphDrapac Cycling35
47Ben DyballHuon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team33
48Vaughan BowmanTarget Trek Racing Team32
49Josh TaylorGPM Data#328
50Darcy Ellerm-NortonPro Team Downunder27
51James HepburnGPM Data#326
52Samuel DavisHuon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team25
Nicholas WoodPro Team Downunder25
Jordan PayneRacing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program25
55Thimothy RoeEuride Racing23
56Alexander SmythSatalyst Giant Racing Team21
57Jonathon Clarkesearch2retain p/b health.com.au20
58Dean WindsorSuzuki Bontrager17
59Jordan KerbyJayco/Apollo VIS Men’s Road Team15
Cameron KarwowskiOz Cycling Development Team15
Michael FreibergBianchi Lotto Arbitrage15
Jake SutherlandBianchi Lotto Arbitrage15
63Conor MurtaghCharter Mason / Drapac Development Team13
Samwel EkiruKenya13
65David FumpsonVeneziano Blefari Cycling Team12
Edward BissakerBianchi Lotto Arbitrage12
67John WalkerDrapac Cycling10
Trent CarmanDowner EDI Mining National Cycling Team10
Joseph LewisGPM Data#310
70James RendallAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team8
71Jason SpencerCharter Mason / Drapac Development Team7
Nicholas CostelloRacing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program7
Jeremy CameronAfrican Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team7
74Ayden TooveyRacing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program5
Rico Rogerssearch2retain p/b health.com.au5
76Rhys PollockDrapac Cycling4
77Miles ScotsonEuride Racing3
Riley MauleData#3 Cisco Racing Team3
Stephen VicelichOz Cycling Development Team3
Cal Brittensearch2retain p/b health.com.au3
81Stuart Smithsearch2retain p/b health.com.au2
Henry MorleySatalyst Giant Racing Team2


1Budget Forklifts2010
2Huon Salmon-Genesys Wealth Advisers Pro Cycling Team1771
3search2retain p/b health.com.au1552
4Drapac Cycling1541
5Satalyst Giant Racing Team1367
6GPM Data#31182
7Jayco/Apollo VIS Men’s Road Team639
8Charter Mason / Drapac Development Team610
9Euride Racing571
10African Wildlife Safaris Cycling Team406
11Oz Cycling Development Team390
12Pro Team Downunder273
13Bianchi Lotto Arbitrage255
14Target Trek Racing Team250
15Suzuki Bontrager238
16SUVelo Racing160
17Racing Kangaroos Cycling Development Program151
18Veneziano Blefari Cycling Team105
19Data#3 Cisco Racing Team70
20Downer EDI Mining National Cycling Team60

Series points are awarded as follows/

All NRS events will be run with the races being tiered, the higher tier level events offering teams more ranking points.

Tour of Gippsland
Tour of the Murray
National Capital Tour
Grafton to Inverell
Melbourne to Warrnambool

Tour of Tasmania
National Herald Sun Tour
Toowoomba Tour
Tour of the Great South Coast
Adelaide Tour

Mersey Valley Tour
North West Tour
Launceston to New Norfolk
Shipwreck Coast Classic

In addition to team points, individuals will accumulate their own ranking points by placing in the top 10 at each event. They will receive individual ranking points that will decide the top Male rider in the 2013 National Road Series.

Tier 1 GC1801109081726354453627
Tier 2 GC80605045403530252010
Tier 3 GC5035302723201713107


Tier 1 GC2201801601401201008060402010
Tier 2 GC1009080706050403020105
Tier 3 GC756555453530252015105

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#1 | Keagan Girdlestone back from dead to race the NRS
#2 | NRS schedule for 2018 released - Back in business
#2 | Teams and Riders - NRS preview 2018

News Archive | 2017

News Archive | 2016

News Archive | 2015

News Archive | 2014

News Archive | 2013

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You picked the wrong team! As such i can't follow this Pfft
Good choice of team!!! Looking forward to this!!
Really looking forward to this mate, Good Luck Grin
TheManxMissile wrote:
You picked the wrong team! As such i can't follow this Pfft

I will pick Avanti for the 2017 season. Just for you Smile

And thanks, guys! Hope you will enjoy the deepest NRS story so far! More races, more riders, more teams. And almost 100% real stuff!




After finishing last year's National Road Series as 2nd in both the individual (Timothy Roe) and team's rankings, Team Budget Forklifts is back for more this year! With Timmy leaving our team to join Drapac, we're proud to announce a roster, that we feel it should be capable of pulling us some great results. Of course Jack Bobridge has to be named our biggest signing. The former World Tour-rider wants to focus on the Olympic Games and we're happy to give him this opportunity.

In 2012 we won our last NRS title with Luke Davison and we're happy to announce his comeback now. Together with Scott Sunderland, he should build a true force for sprint decisions. Let's not forget to mention Sam Witmitz, who may once again target the Tour of Taihu Lake later in the year and appear as one of our most important keys to any bunch sprint success.

Jack Anderson is another "comebacker" for Budget, as he left Drapac after one year. Last year's winner of the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road and Adelaide Tour will both aim for the NRS and the Queensland Team Series. Brendan Canty should strengthen our climbing core and lead us in a few UCI races. He also targets to defend his Victorian Road Series title from last season.

Sam Horgan stays with the team and will be our main man for the New Zealand North and South Island team series. He's the defending champion of the Calder Stewart Elite Series and will do his best to repeat this success.

Will Jack Bobridge break Avanti's dominance this year?


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Avanti are going to get it this year :lol:
No! Go Avanti! You show them Budget boys!
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You know I am THE supporter of Drapac in your story so I don't approve of this team choice Wink
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Ian Butler
Yes, yes! I approve of this.
Your attention to detail is legendary and this will come close to a perfect story Smile
Won't wish you good luck, as you don't need it that much. I will say: have fun and thank you in advance for an amazing story Wink
Great team intro!!! Looking forward to seeing this team in action!!!
Thanks for all the kind words, guys! That's always nice to read when coming back from a longer break of writing. So thank you very much.

Here's the schedule for Team Budget (and the whole story/season). Will update the first few posts with links/results then. Always worth a look during the season Wink With quite a few different series/events to be held here, I decided to bring the reports in a specific order (as to be seen in this calendar):



CtyEvent / SeriesResults
imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.pngBowden Elite Team Series
8 Rounds (held in South Australia)
imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.pngMitchelton Bay Cycling Classic
imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.pngNational Championships AUS
Road Race
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngNational Championships NZL
Road Race
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngCadel Evans Great Ocean Road
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngNew Zealand Cycle Classic
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngHerald Sun Tour
imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.pngOceanian Road Championships
Road Race
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngCalder Stewart Cycling Series
6 Rounds (held on South Island)
imageshack.com/a/img13/8213/jhqf.pngNational Road Series
Tour de Perth
Adelaide Tour
Tour of Toowoomba
Battle on the Border
Tour of the Great South Coast
Tour of the King Valley
National Capital Tour
Tour of Tasmania
Melbourne to Warrnambool
Grafton to Inverell
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngPhilly Cycling Classic
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngTour de Beauce
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngTour of Utah
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngUSA Pro Challenge
imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.pngVictorian Road Series
8 events (held in Victoria)
imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.pngQueensland Road Teams Series
5 events (held in Queensland)
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngTrust House Team Series
5 Rounds (held on North Island)
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_nz_zpsc6717661.pngTour of Southland
i1176.photobucket.com/albums/x323/tsmoha/NRS_Portraits/NRS_logo_Uci_zps5b46683f.pngTour of Taihu Lake

imageshack.com/a/img706/166/8bvp.png Bowden Elite Team Series Preview
We're kicking off the season in South Australia, where the Bowden Elite Team Series will bring some early summer action. Some of Australia's best cyclists will participate, come and see professionals like Alex Edmondson, Miles Scotson, Damien Howson, Timothy Roe or Scott Sunderland!

This year’s series will feature 12 teams competing over 8 exhilarating rounds, including opening kermesse race in North Adelaide, a criterium on a new circuit at Port Adelaide and criteriums at Victoria Park, Adelaide.

For each round, points are rewarded as follows:


Round 1 - Bowden Kermesse
Round 2 - Victoria Park Criterium(short course)
Round 3 - Victoria Park Criterium (long course)
Round 4 - Port Adelaide Criterium
Round 5 - Bowden Kermesse
Round 6 - Victoria Park Criterium (short course)
Round 7 - Victoria Park Criterium (long course)
Round 8 - Port Adelaide Criterium

With six rather flat criteriums, we should rate the sprinters as the top-favorites for the overall victory. Plenty of talent here: up and coming Alexander Edmondson, Luke Davison and Miles Scotson (all riding for Cervelo) make for a super strong team, which also features Harry Carpenter or Timothy Roe!

Other well known names like Scott Sunderland (ISC Goodfrey), Scott Law (Bowden), Damien Howson (McNeill) and Chris Joongeward/Cameron Bayly (Whippets Seer) should be amongst the best, too. Team Budget Forkifts will certainly follow Sunderland and Davison with interest - we will focus on Sunderland here.

Ian Butler
Good luck in the first race of the season Smile
Ian Butler wrote:
Good luck in the first race of the season Smile

Thanks! It's the first time since like three or four years that I actually control a team, so I'm a little bit excited to be honest. It's kinda like playing PCM for the first time, as I only did "reporter style" the past years.

By the way, if there are any questions regarding those little races/series in the story, fire away. I'm not sure, if it's understandable everytime, since I'm probably much deeper into the whole Aussie scene than most of you Wink
Looking forward to the season ahead Wink
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