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"Fantasy" Tour de France | 85/198 riders
Tour de France with SepĂşlveda, Hesjedal & Edet are on the way, but I would like not to do trio Voeckler-Rolland-Gautier because of Pierre.

Riders like Froome, Contador, Nibali, Valverde, Quintana, Porte, Van Garderen, Rolland, Pinot, Mollema will go at the end. They can create the best times, it would be nice imo to do them at same time with 10 different TdF at the finish. Probably I will be doing 8 at the same time with posting regural posts with results and some stats. Something like some special when I'll be coming to the end Grin.
Forever the Best
I think you should play wiith the old DB because in new DB there are only 2 riders who stand a real chance of winning:Froome and Valverde.And the stats are terrible.I mean Contador only 79 Mo?
Well, to be fair in the old database there are only 4 possibilities (Nibali, Contador, Pinot (if lucky) & Froome). Now Valverde can win this and Chris is like Vincenzo in old DB; winning 65-90% of TdF. To me it isn't big difference, but at least now I really like new DB because of Gesink, Mollema & Barguil ready to finish in a top 10. Which gives new riders and results to Fantasy Points GC. And to be fair at least next 7 TdF will be with new DB (SepĂşlveda, Hesjedal, Edet, Poels, Kruijswijk, Cummings, Stannard are on the way).

And yes, stats are terrible. Peraud 75/75, Bertie 79/78(?), Sky Team from TdF are at least 75/75+...

So I will give all of you a chance to choose which DB should I play. "Official" or "Unofficial" with a poll.
Trio Edet, Hesjedal, Sepulveda done. Look closely at GC with Sepulveda & Hesjedal. Somebody new is on the list isn't it? For the 4th time I have ended Tour on 21st place. After Kwiatkowski, Sanchez, Kangert, now it's Sepulveda.

Don't forget to vote HERE to choose what DB should I play. First post edited.


86. S. Cummings - MTN - Qhubeka - +1h55'56"
MC/PC - C. Froome / J. Degenkolb


90. N. Edet - Cofidis Solutions Crédits - +1h52'21"
MC/PC - R. Majka / P. Sagan


21. E. SepĂşlveda - Bretagne - Seche Environnement - +27'31"
MC/PC - M. Frank / J. Degenkolb


14. R. Hesjedal - Team Cannondale - Garmin - +14'49"
MC/PC - R. Majka / J. Degenkolb
Hello my friends! 54 riders finished Tour de France but still 144 left. Still 3 riders from Qhubeka left, but no one from Tinkoff, Movistar or FDJ even started (well, almost). According to THIS post & poll, it's a draw now. So I will be playing using new database after TdF, but in some situation using old one (while playing Peraud, Contador etc. which have much better stats). So enjoy!

What can you find here? Another 4 riders (Team Sky & Team Lotto NL - Jumbo), Poels almost finished in a top 10 & Froome losing maillot jaune on Champs-Elysses.


163. I. Stannard - Team Sky - +2h59'40"
MC/PC - R. Majka / J. Degenkolb


34. S. Kruijswijk - Team Lotto NL - Jumbo - +54'49"
MC/PC - T. Pinot / A. Greipel


11. W. Poels - Team Sky - +11'19"
MC/PC - L. Meintjes / J. Degenkolb


113. B. Tankink - Team Lotto NL - Jumbo - +2h27'08"
MC/PC - C. Froome / A. Greipel

Any requests? Grin
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Another 5 riders finished TdF. From almost last places (those riders also must finish race) to 16 place by Rui Costa. I'm a little surprised by a performance from Costa. He have only 75 in MO, but 78 stamina (if I remember correctly), good recovery and 78 in hills which gives me 16th place. Top 10 Fantasy GC below, first post edited. Enjoy!

Fantasy General Classification:
Full in a first post.
1R. GesinkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo73h50'50"
2W. PoelsTeam Sky+31'10"
3W. KeldermanTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+32'13"
4R. HesjedalTeam Cannondale - Garmin+34'02"
5J. Van Den BroeckLotto Soudal+37'40"
6R. TaaramaeAstana Pro Team+37'01"
7R. BardetAG2R La Mondiale+39'14"
8R. A. CostaLampre - Merida+45'31"
9S. SpilakTeam Katusha+46'14"
10E. SepĂşlvedaBretagne - Seche Environnement+53'08"


189. W. Bonnet - FDJ - +3h24'03"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / J. Degenkolb


87. B. Gastauer - AG2R La Mondiale - +1h40'11"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / A. Greipel


191. J. Van Emden - Team Lotto NL - Jumbo - +3h26'35"
MC/PC - C. Froome / A. Greipel


16. R. A. Costa - Lampre - Merida - +28'02"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / P. Sagan


196. K. Van Bilsen - Cofidis Solutions Crédits - +3h52'52"
MC/PC - C. Froome / J. Degenkolb

Little spoiler at the end. Who is the rider which finished TdF at 15th place and has those results? I can guarantee that you will not guess Grin.

If someone do not remember, those are mountain stages.

stage 11 - 8th
stage 18 - 7th
stage 19 - 7th
Be ready. Because some Irish pride is incoming... Not far of.

Who's today's choice?


Great riding by Pauwels. Not only finishing 15th in GC, but also finishing in a top 10 on some mountain stages. Also it was very fast Tour. I don't know if it isn't the fastest ever; also which gives Pauwels second place in a virtual fantasy GC.
stage 10 - 17th
stage 11 - 8th
stage 12 - 30th
stage 17 - 17th
stage 18 - 7th
stage 19 - 7th
stage 20 - 12th
15. S. Pauwels - MTN - Qhubeka - +27'21"
MC/PC - C. Froome / J. Degenkolb


43. P. Weening - Orica GreenEDGE - +1h01'35"
MC/PC - C. Froome / A. Greipel


71. S. Morabito - FDJ - +1h36'40"
MC/PC - C. Froome / A. Greipel


68. S. Chavanel - IAM Cycling - +1h21'05"
MC/PC - C. Froome / P. Sagan

Fantasy General Classification:
1R. GesinkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo73h50'50"
2S. PauwelsMTN - Qhubeka+14'06"
3W. PoelsTeam Sky+31'10"
4W. KeldermanTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+32'13"
5R. HesjedalTeam Cannondale - Garmin+34'02"
6R. TaaramaeAstana Pro Team+37'01"
7J. Van Den BroeckLotto Soudal+37'40"
8R. BardetAG2R La Mondiale+39'14"
9R. A. CostaLampre - Merida+45'31"
10S. SpilakTeam Katusha+46'14"

Full in a first post. Enjoy!
Edited by dominox on 13-09-2015 10:12
Mikel Landa on the other DB Pfft
So what do you think about more details while riding with better riders?

Mikel Landa... Absolutely great mountain rider. After first 9 stages I had 7 minutes to first place in GC and about 40th place. But then it was 10th stage. To be honest I have never been in such high place in this stage before. I was riding with Gesink, Bardet, Poels, Kelderman, Pozzovivo, but it was never second place without gaps. Maybe it is results of high condition (+2), but I don't care. Advance to 10th in GC, 6 minutes down:


Stage 11 without losing time, 9th in GC +6'05" to Froome:


And very important stage 12. Four high class climbs, full energy, +1 to condition. I was hoping for good place and not losing to much time. Well, mission accomplished. At the beginning of the last climb I was leaving behind in about 50th place (I'm always riding in my own style, being left behind, but still able to finish in a top 10). At 10,5km to the finish Valverde with Rolland decided to attack. Thanks to slowing down with the leaders I got to them and also attacked. Froome followed me. Gesink joins a little bit later. And then going all the way to the finish with my own tempo, my own tactics. This gives me 6th place on the stage and the most important 7th in GC - +6'52":


Another 4 stages. A place when you have a opportunity to gain some time. Not today. Only on stage 16 to Gap, I attacked on the descent to gain stage victory & only 30". So I'm now 6th with +6'22":


Stage 17 - 16th place +1'18" (bad stage, lost a lot of energy and 6th place in GC)
Stage 18 - 5th place +1'24" (6th in GC again; +8'22", lose time to Froome & Valverde, gain to others)
Stage 19 - 21st place +5'40" (-1 to condition said everything, not only bad stage, also now 9th in GC with +11'37" )
Stage 20 - 10th place +3'58" (well not a bad stage, tried to attack from beginning, but first breakaway that have been created begin after Galibier)


9. M. Landa - Astana Pro Team - +15'45"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / A. Greipel


109. L. Paolini - Team Katusha - +2h04'17"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / J. Degenkolb


180. F. Senechal - Cofidis Solutions Crédits - +3h09'43"
MC/PC - R. Uran Uran / A. Kristoff


62. T. Machado - Team Katusha - +1h17'22"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / J. Degenkolb
As from this moment, with better riders I will play with updated database, but the others will be played with the old one (with riders like Porte, Peraud still getting points & other riders winning TdF than Froome).


194. S. Kung - BMC Racing Team - +3h45'01"
MC/PC - A. Contador / P. Sagan


169. N. Oliveira - Lampre - Merida - +3h14'04"
MC/PC - W. Barguil / M. Kittel


5. D. Martin - Team Cannondale - Garmin - +12'30"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / A. Greipel / 3rd in PC with Martin

stage 2 - 9th
stage 3 - 1st
stage 8 - 1st
stage 10 - 16th
stage 11 - 6th
stage 12 - 6th
stage 13 - 1st
stage 14 - 1st
stage 15 - 1st
stage 16 - 2nd
stage 17 - 16th
stage 18 - 2nd
stage 19 - 16th
stage 20 - 7th

Results in photos:


The best Tour I have ever riding. Of course I had already won Tour de France (Season Mode with Nibali & Froome, last year route), already finishing here twice on the podium (Bardet & Gesink were 3rd), had some stage winning many times during one Tour with Gerrans, Cancellara, others, nice results with Kwiatek... But this is just unnormal. Five stage wins (the highest number if I'm right; had similar number with Matthews & Bardet), twice being second, attacking to gain time on favourites. After stage 12 I was 7 or 8 minutes down, before stage 17, it was "only" 4 minutes and 3rd place in GC. Stage 17 & 18 without losing time (as you can see on the photos), but later negative condition and 16th place. I didn't think I could finish this Tour higher. After 4th stage already losing 2'30" to favourites because of 60th some place at cobbles and bad opening ITT (lost 1'00" to Froome). Later I have been trying to gain some time but without good results. Even on TTT my team finished 2nd with 2" down to Team Sky. Stage 10; 4 or 5 minutes down, again attacking to gain time. Even on stage 17 & 18. But I'm so happy with this. Dan Martin is great rider to play. If he would have better MO than 78...

Now he is 2nd in Virtual Fantasy GC with only... Ah, take a look at this Grin. Full GC in a first post.

Fantasy General Classification:
1R. GesinkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo73h50'50"
2D. MartinTeam Cannondale - Garmin+2'36"
3S. PauwelsMTN - Qhubeka+14'06"
4W. PoelsTeam Sky+31'10"
5W. KeldermanTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+32'13"
6R. HesjedalTeam Cannondale - Garmin+34'02"
7R. TaaramaeAstana Pro Team+37'01"
8J. Van Den BroeckLotto Soudal+37'40"
9M. LandaAstana Pro Team+39'07"
10R. BardetAG2R La Mondiale+39'14"

Here's another update. Nothing special to be honest, but we have already 73 riders finished TdF. 7 riders from Orica, AG2R & Qhubeka, but still no one from Movistar & Tinkoff. With that you can see how random this really is Grin. (well, probably next 2 updates will be named "nothing special" )


130. J. Vansummeren - AG2R La Mondiale - +2h26'36"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / N. Bouhanni


35. R. Valls - Lampre - Merida - +48'33"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / A. Greipel


194. L. Durbridge - Orica GreenEDGE - +3h45'52"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / M. Kittel
Nice! Grin
I feel that it is like a time trial Pfft
Second of three updates named "nothing special". Riders being far far away in a GC. But, today we have 2 sprinters fighting for the green jersey. Enjoy Grin.


157. G. Nizzolo - Trek Factory Racing - +3h07'27"
MC/PC - C. Froome / P. Sagan


172. N. Terpstra - Etixx - Quick Step - +2h55'49"
MC/PC - W. Barguil / P. Sagan


148. N. Bouhanni - Cofidis Solutions Crédits - +2h50'07"
MC/PC - J. Rodriguez / N. Bouhanni


175. P. Perichon - Bretagne - Seche Environnement - +3h12'38"
MC/PC - D. Ulissi / M. Cavendish
Third and last (at least now) update named "nothing special". But next two will be named: "Top 10 GC rider". Can you guess which two riders could finish this Tour in a top 10 but never before being in a top 10 in this Fantasy Tour de France?

So Top 20 - even - without change in a Fantasy Tour de France.

Fantasy General Classification:
1R. GesinkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo73h50'50"
2D. MartinTeam Cannondale - Garmin+2'36"
3S. PauwelsMTN - Qhubeka+14'06"
4W. PoelsTeam Sky+31'10"
5W. KeldermanTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+32'13"
6R. HesjedalTeam Cannondale - Garmin+34'02"
7R. TaaramaeAstana Pro Team+37'01"
8J. Van Den BroeckLotto Soudal+37'40"
9M. LandaAstana Pro Team+39'07"
10R. BardetAG2R La Mondiale+39'14"
11R. A. CostaLampre - Merida+45'31"
12S. SpilakTeam Katusha+46'14"
13E. SepĂşlvedaBretagne - Seche Environnement+53'08"
14M. KwiatkowskiEtixx - Quick Step+53'51"
15H. ZubeldiaTrek Factory Racing+54'02"
16D. PozzovivoAG2R La Mondiale+55'00"
17A. VuillermozAG2R La Mondiale+56'13"
18S. KruijswijkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+1h01'34"
19T. KangertAstana Pro Team+1h05'01"
20M. MonfortLotto Soudal+1h07'51"


126. M. Kudus - MTN - Qhubeka - +2h10'16"
MC/PC - C. Froome / M. Cavendish


195. G. Rast - Trek Factory Racing - +3h43'51"
MC/PC - R. Uran Uran / A. Kristoff


87. M. Wyss - IAM Cycling - +2h00'30"
MC/PC - C. Froome / P. Sagan


106. B. Feillu - Bretagne - Seche Environnement - +1h51'11"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / M. Cavendish
Finally! First rider from Tinkoff - Saxo. I know how it looks like but for real, it was randomly. Today only 2 riders, but one with top 10 result. In 3 days you will see another one like this. Two riders, 1 being in a top 10. Top 20 of Fantasy GC below. Enjoy! Spoiler alert! Soon (but not so soon) there will be also first Movistar Team rider.

1R. GesinkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo73h50'50"
2D. MartinTeam Cannondale - Garmin+2'36"
3S. PauwelsMTN - Qhubeka+14'06"
4W. PoelsTeam Sky+31'10"
5W. KeldermanTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+32'13"
6R. MajkaTinkoff - Saxo+33'23"
7R. HesjedalTeam Cannondale - Garmin+34'02"
8R. TaaramaeAstana Pro Team+37'01"
9J. Van Den BroeckLotto Soudal+37'40"
10M. LandaAstana Pro Team+39'07"
11R. BardetAG2R La Mondiale+39'14"
12R. A. CostaLampre - Merida+45'31"
13S. SpilakTeam Katusha+46'14"
14E. SepĂşlvedaBretagne - Seche Environnement+53'08"
15M. KwiatkowskiEtixx - Quick Step+53'51"
16H. ZubeldiaTrek Factory Racing+54'02"
17D. PozzovivoAG2R La Mondiale+55'00"
18A. VuillermozAG2R La Mondiale+56'13"
19S. KruijswijkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+1h01'34"
20T. KangertAstana Pro Team+1h05'01"


8. R. Majka - Tinkoff - Saxo - +8'41"
MC/PC - P. Rolland / A. Greipel

I'm going to say short here. Bad CO stats made me losing much time. I could finish this Tour probably 6th, but on stage 19 Bardet & Barguil were on the finish 5 and 4 minutes before the yellow jersey, 2 & 3 minutes after me in a GC, so they finished this ahead of Majka.


65. S. Henao - Team Sky - +1h19'49"
MC/PC - C. Froome / A. Greipel
So disappointed for Henao - he used to get top 20 every time I played! Pfft
Maybe Henao could finish in a top 20. I don't know. But if I would be playing with every rider every 21 stages, now there wouldn't be 85 riders (even more is active, not finished), but about 30 at all. It takes about 7-9h of playing with better riders. In this time I can do 2 other TdF and be in a middle of third Grin.

New Fantasy Tour de France leader? Yes! And look who is it!

1T. GallopinLotto Soudal73h46'02"
2R. GesinkTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+4'48"
3D. MartinTeam Cannondale - Garmin+7'24"
4S. PauwelsMTN - Qhubeka+18'54"
5W. PoelsTeam Sky+35'58"
6W. KeldermanTeam Lotto NL - Jumbo+37'01"
7R. MajkaTinkoff - Saxo+38'11"
8R. HesjedalTeam Cannondale - Garmin+38'50"
9R. TaaramaeAstana Pro Team+41'49"
10J. Van Den BroeckLotto Soudal+42'28"

5. T. Gallopin - Lotto Soudal - +13'07"
MC/PC - C. Froome / T. Gallopin

Fun rider to play. And I think that I couldn't get better place than 5th. I was attacking on Mur d'Huy (photos below), with really nice 73 in CO get 3rd place
in a stage 4. Also good stage 8th and not bad TTT. First week was probably with the best results I could even get. Second week starts good. Tony has "only" 76 in MO so 10th place on stage 10, 18th on stage 11 (I lose some time on favourites on last short climb) & 9th on stage 12 are good results. Then I won stage 13, on 14 I gained 1 minute to all favourites, with about 30 seconds again on stage 16. Stage 17 ended similar to stage 11, but all what I lost there, I gained again on stage 18. Last 2 stages were very hard; 18th & 9th place, but what is most important, not losing much time and hold 5th place to the end. Before last stage I was even first in a points classification... few points before Greipel. And on Champs-Elysses I defended my green jersey only by 3 points before Degenkolb.


125. J. Barta - Bora - Argon 18 - +2h37'04"
MC/PC - A. Talansky / M. Cavendish

A little news to make. With Christmas coming, I've got a PS4. With PS3 games are not compatible with newest version of the console, this idea will be stopped for a little time. Especially when we are selling an old PS3. I was not uploading because I needed a break from the game. Also cycling season has ended so my motivasion to play was quite low.

I have still about 10-12 riders finished and almost ready to upload so I think about to thanks all vievers for following this, with big update with all 12 riders (little spoiler, last rider I played was Contador (Contador with 79MO) which won TdF, but I not make pictures and results of him, so he will be not include Pfft).

I want to buy TdF on PS4 so someday... somenight... you will see this thread back on tracks Grin.

Thanks all for following and I hope... see you later Grin.
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