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[PCT] Euskaltel-Air France
Luis Leon Sanchez
Euskaltel-Air France


The 2015 Euskaltel-Air France team was last year the Euskaltel-Bavaria Team in the CT. After finishing 4th in the CT last season the team was promoted to the PCT for 2015. The supporters of Basque Country Cycling will hopefully be behind us once again as we hope to have good success in the second division of World Cycling. After CSC promoting to the PT we are here to give a home to Spanish Cyclists worthy of riding in the PCT.

The cyclists once again this year will hopefully adopt the mindset of Cycling in the Basque area which is to attack. This led to much success this season from the breakaways giving us the nickname, "The Breakaway Kings", we hope that this season's riders will do the same.

Euskaltel continues this season as the main sponsor and will continue to do so for seasons to come. Air France replaces Bavaria as our secondary sponsor which will see us bring in more French riders but we will still keep quite a few Colombian riders who are also attacking and have the style of riding that our team looks for.
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 24-11-2015 07:50
Luis Leon Sanchez
Team History

Euskaltel-Bavaria 2014
CT 2014: 4th Place (Automatic Promotion)

Delio FernandezJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Moises DueñasRafael Infantino
Ruben FernandezFrancisco Colorado
Samuel Sánchez GonzalezArnold Jeannesson
Carlos Verona (On Loan)Amaël Moinard
Juan Jose Lobato del ValleVassilis Adamou
Haritz OrbeDenis Menchov
Edwin Parra BustamanteHugo Sabido
Julian David Arredondo

Stage 5Tour de San LuisVassilis Adamou
Stage 6Tour de San LuisDenis Menchov
KOMVolta ao AlgarveJulian David Arredondo
Stage 6Tour de BeauceJuan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez
Stage 3Giro del CapoAmaël Moinard
KOMTour de PologneRafael Infantino
Stage 1Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
GCTour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
U25Tour d'AlgerieRuben Fernandez
Stage 2Tour de SlovenieArnold Jeannesson
Stage 2Tour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
GCTour d'IndonesiaJulian David Arredondo
Stage 3Vuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
PointsVuelta a BurgosDelio Fernandez
RaceCauberg ClassicHaritz Orbe
Stage 2Tour of UtahMoises Dueñas

Top Rider: Julian David Arredondo
Most Under Performing Rider: Delio Fernandez
Worst Rider: Juan Jose Lobato del Valle
Young Up and Comer: Ruben Fernandez
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 27-03-2015 21:22
Luis Leon Sanchez
The Jersey



The Euskaltel-Air France team would like to thank Jakstar22 for creating this fantastic jersey for the team after making last year's jersey as well. We hope he will stick around to make more in the future if need be.

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 27-03-2015 21:17
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Luis Leon Sanchez
2015 Squad

Rafael Valls2876.69500,000
David López Garcia3474.0575,000
David Arroyo3573.93100,000
Nacer Bouhanni2573.84104,000
Juan José Cobo3473.67100,000
José Herrada3073.6675,000
Arnold Jeannesson2973.4365,000
Gorka Izagirre2873.06100,000
Manuel Lloret3472.8860,000
Delio Fernandez2972.7860,000
William Bonnet3372.69100,000
Rafael Infantino3172.5875,000
Amets Txurruka3372.475,000
Kévin Reza2772.22100,000
Francisco Anton Martin2771.7170,000
Hector Duenas Nevado2871.4950,000
Julien El Fares3071.471,000
Julian David Arredondo2771.3775,000
Enrique Sanz2671.3550,000
Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez2771.3260,000
Benoît Vaugrenard3371.2950,000
Amaël Moinard3371.2265,000
Boris Borisavljevic2169.07100,000
Haritz Orbe2466.5665,000
Alex Frame2266.1650,000
Sebastian Anaya2465.7250,000

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 29-05-2015 22:07
Luis Leon Sanchez
2015 Calendar

Vuelta al TachiraC1

Barcelona ClassicC1
Tour of EritreaHC
Volta a CatalunyaC1

FDB Eire TourC1
Corsica InternationalHC

Tour of VancouverHC
Tour de RomandieHC
Dutch Food Valley ClassicHC
Interlagos Grand PrixHC

Tour of JapanC1
Volcan de Agua ClassicHC
Berlin ProRaceHC
Tour of the Czech RepublicHC

Nelspruit ClassicHC
Tour d'AndorraHC

Tour de FrancePT
Manx InternationalHC
Tour of BulgariaC1
Post Danmark RundtHC

Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHC
Clasica San SebastianHC
Volta a PortugalHC
Baltic Chain TourHC

Tour of AmericaC1

Colombian VenteauxC1
Tour of BeijingHC

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 21-06-2015 07:19
Luis Leon Sanchez
2015 Results


Stage Wins: 1
Stage 1Vuelta al TachiraNacer BouhanniC1

Top 10 Results:



10thStage 2Tour of EritreaRafael Valls
4thStage 3Tour of EritreaRafael Valls
2ndStage 4Tour of EritreaGorka Izagirre
10thStage 6Tour of EritreaRafael Valls
4thGCTour of EritreaRafael Valls
3rdKOMTour of EritreaAmets Txurruka

1stStage 1Vuelta al TachiraNacer Bouhanni
5thStage 1Vuelta al TachiraFrancisco Anton Martin
10thStage 1Vuelta al TachiraKévin Reza
3rdStage 2Vuelta al TachiraNacer Bouhanni
9thStage 2Vuelta al TachiraFrancisco Anton Martin
2ndStage 3Vuelta al TachiraNacer Bouhanni
8thStage 3Vuelta al TachiraFrancisco Anton Martin
7thStage 5Vuelta al TachiraKévin Reza
2ndStage 6Vuelta al TachiraAmets Txurruka
4thStage 8Vuelta al TachiraJulian David Arredondo
6thStage 10Vuelta al TachiraGorka Izagirre
8thGCVuelta al TachiraAmets Txurruka

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 22-06-2015 07:04
Luis Leon Sanchez
News and Announcements of 2015

New Twitter Account:

Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 28-03-2015 08:33
Luis Leon Sanchez

WIN, Volta a Portugal

Top 5, Tour d'Andorra

Top 5, Tour of Eritrea

Top 5, Volta a Catalunya

Top 10, Team Standings

Our goals this year add up to quite a high point tally yet again. In our first season we failed to achieve any of our goals but came close on two and still managed promotion from 4th place.

This season our win goal is in the HC Volta a Portugal, we had two in the Top 10 last season and this race helped us significantly in terms of promotion. We will need a top stage racer for this. The Tour d'Andorra and Tour of Eritrea are also HC and we know good riders will be here but a good rider should be capable of a Top 5. Our home race in Catalunya is a Top 5 goal and despite being C1 will see a strong field because it is also the win goal of ONCE.
The Top 10 Team Standings is probably a bit unrealistic but anything is possible and if we get one or two top climbers/stage racers then I'm sure we will compete well at the top of the PCT.
Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 22-06-2015 06:59
Really liking the new jersey with Air France onboard Smile
Pretty similar goals indeed. This is going to get really interesting!

I reckon we will meet alot in other races aswell with the similar focus.
No doubt we will meet alot on the transfer marked too but I hope we can come to some agreements to avoid wasting unnesesary cap space Smile Good luck with getting some new leaders btw!
.: Manager of :.
.: Hugo Boss :.
Luis Leon Sanchez
Doing some training with Movistar - US Postal in Alicante

The top climbers on the team, and myself, have been away from Bilbao for a bit and over in Alicante, not far from the hellish climb Xorret de Cati which we have driven the riders to, known to be one the steepest climbs to have been featured in the Vuelta. The decision was made to stay in Alicante because the accommodation is better here. With the transfer season only days away we decided it would be best for our guys to go out and do some riding to clear their heads and to start getting them back into cycling shape.


On the second day we were at the hotel where we are staying and a few of the cyclists were about to head out for a late afternoon leisure ride. As they went out to get their bikes a big blue and green team bus turned up with the word 'Movistar' printed in bold on the side. Out stepped team director Mresuperstar followed by a large contingent of the team's climbers. Our riders greeted them nicely as they made their way to the entrance.


Later that evening after a bit of a chat between myself and Mre I found out that their riders were actually here for the same reason as ours, to get their mind off the stressful few weeks to come and of course to get a few kilometres under their belt. Some further discussion ensued to do with the future of both teams and it was decided after a few requests from the riders themselves that they would be more than welcome to ride with each other in the coming days.

It has only been two days so far, as I write to you from my room, but from what I can see our riders are getting along well with their compatriots. They have ridden together now on a few occasions and seem to be enjoying themselves, which ultimately is what we want for our riders. Some experience riding with a successful team now in the PT has so far been invaluable as they share stories and tips over a couple of beers. Myself and Mre have been more than relaxed leading up to the busiest part of the season and have both thoroughly enjoyed this break so far.

As we were talking earlier today Mre received an email from the UCI informing them of what HC races they would be riding in. Turns out we will be riding against them in the Baltic Chain Tour, Corsica International, the Tour d'Andorra and the Tour of Vancouver. It was great to hear because it means we would be riding against each other in the season, maybe we could work together?


A few other Spanish cyclists who will be frantically looking for a team come transfer season were also seen by and talked to by riders from both teams including the duo of Angel Madrazo and Justo Tenorio. Despite leaving Santander as the start of this year they were actually with a couple of their ex team mates as they thought about where they will end up riding this season, because at the moment it is out of their control.

I'll keep you updated,
With Karcher, Buff, ONCE and your team all battling each other in the same division, this is going to be a tough year for the Iberian market. I can foresee some stupidly high wages for those famous spanish climbers.

Wish you a restrained amount of good luck for this season Pfft
Manager of pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png Duolingo pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/duo.png
Luis Leon Sanchez

Arnold Jeannesson€ 65,000
Edwin Parra Bustamante€ 60,000
Rafael Infantino€ 75,000
Vassilis Adamou€ 60,000
Moises Dueñas€ 60,000
Ruben Fernandez€ 80,000
Julian David Arredondo€ 75,000
Juan Sebastian Tamayo Martinez€ 60,000
Amaël Moinard€ 65,000
Francisco Colorado€ 50,000
Haritz Orbe€ 65,000

Everyone else was released!
Luis Leon Sanchez
The New Climbers of Euskaltel-Air France

Rafael Valls

28 years old , Wage: 500,000


The Strong Stage Racing Spaniard joins us from the Free Agency after a tough fight for his signature. Our number 1 leader this year in Stage Races and certainly a valuable rider for the team going forward.

David López Garcia

34 year old , Wage: 75,000


David Arroyo

35 years old , Wage: 100,000


José Herrada

30 years old , Wage: 75,000


Juan José Cobo

34 year old , Wage: 100,000


Amets Txurruka

33 years old , Wage: 75,000


Gorka Izagirre

28 years old , Wage: 100,000


Manuel Lloret

34 years old , Wage: 60,000


Hector Duenas Nevado

28 years old , Wage: 50,000


Edited by Luis Leon Sanchez on 14-05-2015 02:19
Your mountain squad depth looks more dangerous than what I had last year with CSC-Orbea. Shock Will be interesting to see if them combined can match the scoring output that one top climber like Contador or Machado will bring in.

We wish Anton Martin and Nevado well. And good luck to you LLS. Smile
Nice squad for the Mountains very Euskatel i'm sure the Basques will be proudGrin
Orange crush to make the mountains really exciting, gratz on retaining basque identity with guys like Gorka and Amets!
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
wow, really nice squad for mountains! Smile
Ian Butler
Holy damn.
Those mountain stages will be terrifying with your team there Shock
Impressive - albeit risky - to have such a climbing team Wink
Impressive climber squad there. I'm so glad I decided to avoid the mountains Pfft

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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