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[CT] Netia - Norske Skog
sgdanny wrote:
We have two goals in common and it's gonna be interesting to see who gets the strongest riders. Sadly our focus also is the hills, but Slovenia is known for their sprinters mostly, so I guess that's the only place we don't have to fight much Wink

Yeah, I'll try to go with Hanko classic, so it's only one goal in common (although that might depend on the transfer season, but slovenie was really a back-up), although I think we need to coordinate a bit more now. Although I will be going to Scadinavia as well, so we won't have to fight there either. Wink

The transfer season has begun and already a few riders have signed a contract with us at Netia - Norske Skog. Our focus has been to sign riders from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia particularly puncheurs. The transfer season has been going well for us, six riders have agreed to ride with us so far, three officially:

Adam Stachowiak | Age: 26 | OVL: 72.83 | Puncheur


The first rider to join our team was Adam Stachowiak, the Pole was willing to come over for minimum wage and we can't be more please with his signature as he will be a key domestique in hilly races, especially in supporting our leader near the end of a stage. He is also very strong in a breakaway and in other races he will be given the opportunity to go up the road.

Pawel Franczak | Age: 24 | OVL: 71.52 | Sprinter


Pawel Franczak is a young sprinter who will be either race as both a lead-out man and team leader in flat races. He is delighted to sign with the team and we are very lucky to have him come over for minimum wage.

Mariusz Gil | Age: 32 | OVL: 71.95 | Roleur


Mariusz Gil is one of the best cyclo-cross riders in Poland, but he will be spending this season on the road as well, his ability on the cobblestones and as a lead-out man in flat races will prove invaluable for the team in those races, where we lack the funding to take 8 riders that can ride well on the cobbles. He has signed for minimum wage, which allows us to focus on brining a few more roleurs in.


Tomorrow we are hoping to confirm more Free agents as well as Mazur, Pierzga and Dabrowski
Stachowiak should net you some decent points in his own rights at this level. He has a good final kick on him.
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Some interesting signings there, particularly Stachiowak should earn some real points for you.
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@Countarch and Jandal Thanks, I've got most my goals in the hills, so it was great to get him, although I am trying to sign a puncheur with a better Mountain and/or TT stat, to lead tours, where those stats will come into play a bit more and to support/co-lead with Stachowiak on one day races, I guess well just see how it goes, but I'm happy so far. Smile
Ian Butler
Some good signings. I can see Stachowiak getting you lots of points this season Smile
Good luck for the rest of the transfer period! It's not an easy market to get riders cheap!

The transfers have continued well and it's time to announce more signings, including the teams stage race leader!

Tomasz Marczynski | Age: 31 | OVL: 71.93 | Climber


Tomasz Marczyinski is a strong climber for the team, he can also climb hills well and will be amazing as a domestique or free agent for the team. We were very happy to find out that we were the only team making an offer for his talents.

Krister Hagen | Age: 26 | OVL: 68.97 | Sprinter


Krister Hagen is our first Norwegian signing for the season, the sprinter will race as a lead-out man for us after signing over for minimum wage, since being released by Risa - Ergon.

Michael Mørkøv | Age: 30 | OVL: 72.81 | All-Rounder


Michael Mørkøv's ability to help the team on any terrain will prove essential during the season, he can take turns on the flat, climb short hills, ride the cobblestones, lead out a sprint, almost everything. We weren't the only team interested in him, but we won the bidding with €100,000. We look forward to having him ride with us next season.

Karol Andzrej Domagalski | Age: 26 | OVL: 74.00 | Stage Racer


Domagalski will race as our stage race and mountains leader. He can race well in the mountains and time trial well and can ride for the team in the hills if needed. He will be one of our most important riders for getting points this season.

Piotr Mazur | Age: 33 | OVL: 70.47 | Time - Trialist


The Polish TTist from Ayubowan! will race with us next season, his abilities as a roleur will be important to us and he was very keen on joining a Polish team, so we bought him off Ayubowan! for next season. He also has the achievement of finishing second in both National Champs races last season.

Adam Pierzga | Age: 31 | OVL: 70.62 | Sprinter


Adam Pierzga has signed over from Buff - Polska this season, he will be important to the team as both a leader and a lead-out in flat races, so his talents will prove very useful there.

Jaroslaw Dabrowski | Age: 32 | OVL: 71.43 | Climber


Jaroslaw Dabrowski was an important part of Delavel - Kiitokori last season, but they have let him come to us to help Polish cycling grow, he will race in all kinds of roles around the team, primarily in mountainous races and with him being one of our three only climbers, he will be very important to us.

Current Squad:

DomagalskiKarol Andrzej68757174706975546265656271

Hopefully we can sign some of the team leaders for our goal races soon. Smile

Edited by trekbmc on 16-05-2015 23:11
Nice to see you signing Krister Hagen. Although he never was great for me, he managed to do some very good time trials.
Yeah, I needed another rider who could ride as a lead-out man and I was having trouble finding Norweigens, so he was a pretty good signing, didn't really notice his good TT stat though, as I have Mazur for them.
trekbmc wrote:
Piotr Mazur | Age: 33 | OVL: 70.47 | Time - Trialist


The Polish TTist from Ayubowan! will race with us next season, his abilities as a roleur will be important to us and he was very keen on joining a Polish team, so we bought him off Ayubowan! for next season. He also has the achievement of finishing second in both National Champs races last season.

The Czech jersey is a bit of a giveaway that that's not Mazur Wink
Edited by SportingNonsense on 14-05-2015 14:28
I love how you stick to your country focus! Wink
Some interesting names there and especially Stachowiak should do quite well for you.
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@SN Didn't relise it was Czech. Pfft When I searched up Mazur, I just got all these pictures of riders TTing in PCM, so I just picked a random one. Pfft

@knockout thanks Smile

And finally we have signed three leaders for the team! Details below:

Patrik Sinkewitz | Age: 35 | OVL: 72.75 | Puncheur


Patrik Sinkewitz has been brought in as a co-leader in the hills, the German is ageing but still has a good year or two in his legs and we believe his experience and ability on hills will be the key to our goals in hilly races. it is important to note that he is also a reasonable climber. So he can protect his lead on a climb.

Kristian Sobota | Age: 27 | OVL: 72.71 | Sprinter


Kristian Sobota will be our leader on the flat this season, he struggles when the road goes up, but his sprinting talent will be hard to match and with a lead-out train containing Franzak, Pierzga, Mørkøv, Hagen, Gil... we think that he will give us a fighting chance in flat races.

Andrey Zeits | Age: 32 | 74.54 | Puncheur


Eventually we had to make the decision, the riders from our focus region were going fast and we needed just one more strong rider, somebody who could really finish it all off and win for us, so when Compal approached us with Andrey Zeits, we knew that for the team's development, it would be okay to sign a rider outside our focus region. Andrey Zeits will be our main rider in the hills, his mountain ability is important for tours that could have a climb and he is quite fast to accelerate. He will be our main man for our goals, with Sinkewitz and Stachowiak either riding for him, as co-leaders or as free elements. Hopefully this season goes well for him with us as we have invested a large amount of money in this decision.

Current Squad:

Definitely a strong and all round team you got there Smile You are definitely just as strong now as my team and interesting battles will come Smile
Edited by sgdanny on 16-05-2015 09:08
sgdanny wrote:
Definitely a strong and all round team you got there Smile You are definitely just as strong now as my team and interesting battles will come Smile

Thanks Smile wouldn't say That we are quite as strong though, as you've got a better sprinter. Still, I can't wait for the tour de Polonge, will be very exciting. Smile
Zeits is a massive rider for the CT, I'm amazed you managed to get him so cheap! Should score lots of points for you and your strong hill squad with 77-76-75-74-73 is stronger than anyone had last year - definitely promotion candidates!
Edited by Stromeon on 16-05-2015 09:31
i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png Coldeportes i.imgur.com/55sT7og.png

Vamos Nairo! #SueñoAmarillo
Ian Butler
Zeits will do some damage in the hilly races, nice job getting him Smile
@Stromeon: Thanks, bjante was desperate to get rid of him, because he was over the salary cap and it was just when I was looking for a leader, so I got very lucky there. Smile Plus, I've just signed a 75 hl rated rider (with a high MO and TT stat, plus double NC, Smile but I can't announce yet because I'm on a tablet Wink)

@Ian: Thanks, hopefully he has a good season. Smile
Zeits is a great signing, one of the best puncheurs in the division - will be a big loss for Compal and a big gain for you.

trekbmc wrote:
@SN Didn't relise it was Czech. Pfft When I searched up Mazur, I just got all these pictures of riders TTing in PCM, so I just picked a random one. Pfft

If you'd read the report and looked down, the picture of Mazur was just below Pfft
The Hobbit
I'm still annoyed you took Sobota Pfft
He would have been a nice rider for me but it looks like you have a good team there, so best of luck for the season.
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