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[CT] Netia - Norske Skog

Since the fall of the Berlin wall, cycling throughout Eastern Europe has been on the rise, with the last tour de France having two riders from Eastern Europe on the podium and the future looks bright for the region.

Netia - Norske Skog will be joining the Continental Cycling division for the 2014 cycling season, with a focus on bringing Polish and Eastern European to a major force in world cycling alongside giants such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Spain.

The team will primarily focus on Polish talents, through the title sponsor, Netia, but will also have a keen eye for the rest of Eastern Europe, while Norske Skog, a Norwegian company will want the world to see the team represented in Scandinavia.

Netia - Norske Skog, Polski Rowerowy na światowej scenie.


Designed by Krisa of Sportful, this is the amazing jersey that the team will wear for the 2015 cycling season, the colours are based off the logos of the main sponsors, Netia and Norske Skog (and the design is based off Saxo - Tinkoff 2012, from an online management game). Hopefully this jersey will make us recognisable in the peloton for 2015.


Credits to Krisa for this Amazing Jersey




Name: Netia
Industry: Telecommunications
Sponsor Status: Main Sponsor (Title Sponsor)
Focus Countries: Poland, Rest of Eastern Europe, Germany*

*Very Minor

Netia is a telecommunications company, the second biggest in Poland. They are sponsoring us to further there name in Eastern Europe, especially if they choose to expand.

The deal was signed on the terms that the team would mostly focus on Eastern Europe, with a minimum of 40% (but hopefully more) riders of the team from Poland. They also wish to be seen throughout Eastern Europe, with a few riders from other countries in the region. They have also offered us an undisclosed pay rise based on the goal races we agree with them upon, which are to be set later in the year. We look forward to having a great season with Netia.


Name: Norske Skog
Industry: Pulp and Paper
Sponsor Status: Co-Sponsor (Title Sponsor)
Focus Countries: Norway, Rest of Scandinavia Austria*, Czech Republic*, Germany*

*Very Minor

Norske Skog is a Norwegian paper company, who own mills all around the world. They wish to have there name seen in there home region of Scandinavia and other nations where they have mills.

When the deal was signed we agreed that the team would have a strong focus on Norway, as well as the rest of Scandinavia, the team also outlined that they wish to have riders and race in countries such as Netherlands, Austria, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Chile, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, China and Thailand. But many of those countries are outside reasonable bounds for the team, so the list has been limited to Austria, Czech Republic and Germany, where the team will also look for riders or race, although the company has asked us to consider competing in some of those countries.

Minor Sponsors:

Note: These countries are not taken into account for focus countries.

Guerciotti (Bikes)
Sportful (Sports Wear)
ProAction (Cycling Nutrition)
Elite (Bottles and Trainers)
Elko (IT)
Sandvik (Engineering)
Shimano (Cycling Equipment)
Przewozy Regionalne (Rail Transport)
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2014 News:

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Andrey Zeits Karol Andrej Domagalski
Zsolt Der Adam Stachowiak
Michael Mørkøv Patrik Sinkewitz
Kristin Sobota Markus Fahnert
Maruisz Gil Tomasz Marczynski
Pawel Franczak Jaroslaw Dabrowski
Adam Pierzga Piotr Mazur
Krister Hagan Christos Loizou*
Lukas Varhanik*



Edited by trekbmc on 03-06-2015 07:31

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Start DateCategoryCountryRaceDays
10-JanC2CubaClassico San Cristobal2
14-JanC1AustraliaTour Down Under6
31-JanC2HCAustraliaGreat Ocean Road Classic2
1-FebC2HCBeneluxBenelux Challenge2
25-FebC1New ZealandGisborne GP2
27-FebC2HCFranceGP Sallanches2
11-MarC1UkraineTour of Ukraine5
20-MarC2HCItalyGiro Del Trentino5
25-MarC2JapanGP Tokyo2
29-MarC1IrelandSeskin Classic2
11-AprC2NetherlandsCauberg Classic2
18-AprC1USAPhiladelphia International Championship2
19-AprC2HCMalaysiaTour de Langkawi10
30-AprHCBrazilInterlagos Grand Prix2
1-MayC2HCGermanyRund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt2
12-MayC1SwedenScandinavia Open Road Race2
15-MayC2TaiwanTour de Taiwan4
2-JunC2HCDenmarkGP Herning2
17-JunC2South AfricaGiro Del Capo6
22-JunC2FinlandHanko Classic2
24-JunC1NorwayTour of Norway4
2-JulC2HCPolandTour de Pologne7
8-JulC2HCAlgeria/GabonLa Tropicalle Amissa Bongo6
19-JulC2IndonesiaTour of East Java2
25-JulC2SloveniaTour de Slovenie5
1-AugC2HCUSAUSA Pro Cycling Challenge8
31-AugC2HCSlovakiaTatranska Klasika2
1-SepC2AustraliaHerald Sun Tour5
3-SepC2HCGreeceAcropolis Cup2
19-SepC1CanadaGrand Prix Cyclistes2
24-SepC2HCRussiaGP Yekaterinburg2
26-SepC1FranceGP Plouay2
18-OctC2HCSwitzerlandZuri Metzgete2


Win Tour de Polonge
Top 5 Scandinavia Open Road Race
Top 5 Zuri Metzgete
tour de Slovenie
/// Top 10 CT Team Standings
Edited by trekbmc on 21-10-2015 06:53

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

Clasico San Cristobel - C2 - Patrik Sinkewitz - 5th
Tour Down Under GC - C1 - Tomasz Marczynski - 45th
TDU Stage 1 - Michael Mørkøv - 33rd
TDU Stage 2 - Patrik Sinkewitz - 33rd
TDU Stage 3 - Patrik Sinkewitz - 57th
TDU Stage 4 - Kristian Sobota - 24th
TDU Stage 5 - Tomasz Marczynski - 41st
TDU Stage 6 - Piotr Mazur - 24th
TDU KOM - Markus Fahnert - 9th
TDU Team - 17th
Great Ocean Road Classic - C2HC - Kristian Sobota - 7th
Benelux Challenge GC - C2HC - Jaroslaw Dabrowski - 24th
BC Stage 1 - Piotr Mazur - 29th
BC Stage 2 - Zsolt Der - 19th
BC Stage 3 - Zsolt Der - 5th
BC Stage 4 - Jaroslaw Dabrowski - 31st
BC Stage 5 - Zsolt Der - 13th
BC Stage 6 - Kristian Sobota - 36th
BC Team - 11th
Geraardsbergen-Bosberg - C2HC - Michael Mørkøv - 7th
Gisborne GP - C1 - Andrey Zeits - 11th
GP Sallanches - C2HC - Andrey Zeits - 2nd
Tour of Urkaine GC - C1 - Adam Stachowiak - 50th
TOU Stage 1 - Kristian Sobota - 2nd
TOU Stage 2 - Adam Stachowiak - 70th
TOU Stage 3 - Patrik Sinkewitz - 41st
TOU Stage 4 - Piotr Mazur - 46th
TOU Stage 5 - Kristian Sobota - 5th
TOU Points - Kristian Sobota - 7th
TOU KOM - Adam Stachowiak - 3rd
Giro Del Trentino GC - C2HC - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 15th
GDT Stage 1 (TTT) - 14th
GDT Stage 2 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 13th
GDT Stage 3 - Pawel Franczak - 14th
GDT Stage 4 - Tomasz Marczynski - 6th
GDT Stage 5 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 13th
GDT Team - 11th
GP Tokyo - C2 - Michael Mørkøv - 10th
Seskin Classic - C1 - Markus Fahnert - 16th
Cauberg Classic - C2 - Adam Stachowiak - 6th
Philadelphia International Championship - C1 - Michael Mørkøv - 4th
Tour De Langwaki GC- C2HC - Jaroslaw Dabrowski - 15th
TDL Stage 1 - Kristian Sobota - 12th
TDL Stage 2 - Kristian Sobota - 3rd
TDL Stage 3 - Jaroslaw Dabrowski - 21st
TDL Stage 4 - Kristian Sobota - 7th
TDL Stage 5 - Jaroslaw Dabrowski - 13th
TDL Stage 6 - Piotr Mazur - 5th
TDL Stage 7 - Kristian Sobota - 6th
TDL Stage 8 - Kristian Sobota - 7th
TDL Stage 9 - Adam Pierzga - 1st - Kristian Sobota - 4th
TDL Stage 10 - Kristian Sobota - 6th
TDL Poins - Kristian Sobota - 6th
TDL KOM - Piotr Mazur - 9th
Interlagos Grand Prix - HC - Kristian Sobota - 13th
Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt - C2HC - Adam Stachowiak - 23rd
Scandinavia Open Road Race - C1 - Adam Stachowiak - 19th
Tour de Taiwan GC - C2 - Andrey Zeits - 7th
TDT Stage 1 - Krister Hagen - 9th
TDT Stage 2 - Andrey Zeits - 8th
TDT Stage 3 - Andrey Zeits - 6th
TDT Stage 4 - Adam Pierzga - 28th
TDT Team - 8th
GP Herning - C2HC - Mariusz Gil - 14th
Giro Del Capo GC - C2 - Zsolt Der - 1st
GDC Stage 1 - Zsolt Der - 30th
GDC Stage 2 - Zsolt Der - 8th
GDC Stage 3 - Zsolt Der - 2nd - Andrey Zeits - 8th
GDC Stage 4 - Markus Fahnert - 12th
GDC Stage 5 - Zsolt Der - 3rd - Tomasz Marczynski - 5th - Andrey Zeits - 7th
GDC Stage 6 - Zsolt Der - 15th
GDC Points - Zsolt Der - 4th
GDC KOM - Zsolt Der - 3rd
GDC Team - 3rd
Hanko Classic - C2 - Kristian Sobota - 4th
Tour of Norway GC - C1 - Adam Stachowiak - 4th
TON Stage 1 - Adam Stachowiak - 2nd
TON Stage 2 - Kristian Sobota - 2nd
TON Stage 3 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 72nd
TON Stage 4 - Adam Stachowiak - 12th
TON Points - Adam Stachowiak - 5th
TON KOM - Adam Stachowiak - 7th
Tour de Polonge GC- C2HC - Andrey Zeits - 1st
TDP Stage 1 - Tomasz Marczynski - 28th
TDP Stage 2 - Markus Fahnert - 10th
TDP Stage 3 - Andrey Zeits - 5th
TDP Stage 4 - Andrey Zeits - 12th
TDP Stage 5 - Adam Stachowiak - 4th - Andrey Zeits - 7th
TDP Stage 6 - Andrey Zeits - 4th
TDP Stage 7 - Michael Mørkøv - 18th
TDP Points - Andrey Zeits - 2nd
TDP Team - 1st
La Tropicalle Amissa Bongo GC - C2HC - Krister Hagen - 15th
LTAB Stage 1 - Kristian Sobota - 11th
LTAB Stage 2 - Kristian Sobota - 11th
LTAB Stage 3 - Pawel Franczak - 19th
LTAB Stage 4 - Kristian Sobota - 14th
LTAB Stage 5 - Kristian Sobota - 8th - Pawel Franczak - 9th
LTAB Stage 6 - Pawel Franczak - 28th
LTAB Youth - Pawel Franczak - 3rd
Tour of East Java GC - C2 - Tomasz Marczynski - 26th
TOEJ Stage 1 - Kristian Sobota - 26th
TOEJ Stage 2 - Tomasz Marczynski - 27th
Tour de Slovenie GC - C2 - Zsolt Der - 13th
TDS Stage 1 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 19th
TDS Stage 2 - Markus Fahnert - 2nd - Andrey Zeits - 9th
TDS Stage 3 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 9th
TDS Stage 4 - Zsolt Der - 37th
TDS Stage 5 - Adam Stachowiak - 2nd
TDS Team - 3rd
USA Pro Cycling Challenge GC - C2HC - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 17th
UPCC Stage 1 - Pawel Franczak - 6th
UPCC Stage 2 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 2nd
UPCC Stage 3 - Pawel Franczak - 4th
UPCC Stage 4 - Karol Andrej Domagalski - 10th
UPCC Stage 5 - Patrik Sinkewitz - 13th
UPCC Stage 6 - Jaroslaw Dabrowski - 5th
UPCC Stage 7 - Karol Andrzej Domagalski - 18th
UPCC Stage 8 - Pawel Franczak - 25th
UPCC Team - 7th
Tatranska Klasika - Zsolt Der - 1st
Herald Sun Tour GC - C2 - Michael Mørkøv - 33rd
HST Stage 1 - Kristian Sobota - 41st
HST Stage 2 - Michael Mørkøv - 44th
HST Stage 3 - Michael Mørkøv - 35th
HST Stage 4 - Kristian Sobota - 12th
HST Stage 5 - Kristian Sobota - 10th
Acropolis Cup - C2HC - Patrik Sinkewitz - 16th
Grand Prix Cyclistes GC - C1 - Andrey Zeits - 9th
GPC Stage 1 - Andrey Zeits - 67th
GPC Stage 2 - Andrey Zeits - 9th
GPC Team - 8th
GP Yekaterinburg - C2HC - Andrey Zeits - 5th - Zsolt Der - 9th
GP Plouay - C1 - Adam Stachowiak - 40th
Zuri Metzgete - C2HC - Michael Mørkøv - 20th

Edited by trekbmc on 22-11-2015 08:04

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Photo Gallery:














Edited by trekbmc on 22-11-2015 08:11

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Avin Wargunnson
Have i just read Ukraine in your main sponsor countries focus areas? Angry

Just kidding, there are still some CT useful Ukrainians on the free agents market and same for other eastern european countries. As with Fablok, i hope we can have a friendly relationship in developing the common goal, improving the cycling in eastern europe. Goo luck in 2015! Grin
Edited by Avin Wargunnson on 24-03-2015 07:41
I'll be back
Avin Wargunnson wrote:
Have i just read Ukraine in your main sponsor countries focus areas? Angry

Just kidding, there are still some CT useful Ukrainians on the free agents market and same for other eastern european countries. As with Fablok, i hope we can have a friendly relationship in developing the common goal, improving the cycling in eastern europe. Goo luck in 2015! Grin

Oh, have to change that, the team is Poland, Norway, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, so Ukraine is just in Eastern Europe, I might not have any riders from Ukraine and I won't have more than two.

Thanks though, hopefully we can achieve that goal in improving cycling in Eastern Europe! Smile

btw: is next seasons 2014 or 2015?

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen

Kinda strange seeing Norske Skog as sponsor :-p Last I heard they had economical trouble :-p Might be that has changed though
Heine wrote:

Kinda strange seeing Norske Skog as sponsor :-p Last I heard they had economical trouble :-p Might be that has changed though

Should have researched that more fully. I've got two solutions:

1. They wasted their money on a Continental Cycling Team

2. This is their attempt to get back on track.

Also, I don't completely understand it, but I'm pretty sure this article says that they are coming back: https://www.nasdaq...0223-00813

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
You're most likely more updated than me :-p All my info is memory from old newspaper articles ;-)

I like the first solution though ;-)
Truthfully, I mostly did it with Wikipedia and just used the site to check the information, so I didn't really look through information like that. Pfft

I don't think the first solution goes very well for me though. Wink

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Good luck with this and even though I wasn't happy to hear a new Polish team has arrived, I agree with ggDonovan that we might aswell try and make it a positive experience Smile

Nice intro and good luck
.: Manager of :.
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Holy shit that's a lot of focus countries Grin

Good luck Wink

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

PCMdaily Awards: 12x nomination, 9x runner-up, 0x win.
Best of luck trying to sign any Bulgarian that could score points, mwahahaha
Stay tuned for the jersey...

Good luck in your first year trek, I hope you'll manage to get some satisfaction in what looks to be an interesting transfer season, especially seeing all the diverse nationalities you're aiming to get into your team Wink Good luck again.
Manager of pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png Generali pcmdaily.com/files/Micros17/ged.png
sgdanny wrote:
Good luck with this and even though I wasn't happy to hear a new Polish team has arrived, I agree with ggDonovan that we might aswell try and make it a positive experience Smile

We will have our tensions, of course, but still there will be some ground to work together Wink

Good luck trekbmc!
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bup.png Manager of BUFF - Polska pcmdaily.com/images/mg/micro/bup.png
@sgdanny and ggdonovan

Hopefully we can make the best of it, I guess we can all work together in making Polish cycling bigger, even if we have some transfers strife. Best of luck to you guys to.

@matt, jesleyh & TMM

As said, the focus form Netia is simply Poland & the rest of Eastern Europe. So the goal is to sign a few riders from different countries in Eastern Europe, rather than a rider from. Pretty much, the countries that are listed are ones that I can sign riders in and should try to race in, while the ones in bold are the main rider focus.


Thanks for the kind words, minor sponsors and most likely jersey are to be announced soon. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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