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EPIC - Vuelta a Espa√Īa 2013
Forever the Best
mvhoogdalem wrote:
Can't I just send Sagan to every race next season.... Frown

I need Nibbles as well Sad
The user formerly known as 'The Schleck Fan'
Gracias Alberto.
Selwink wrote:
Yay, more anonymous stages Rolling Eyes

What's the point of bringing 2 climbers when they do nothing?

Ciolek's the reason, methinks. Though I still believe Josef can make the break one on of the days and take a good chunk of time back.
The Schleck Fan wrote:
mvhoogdalem wrote:
Can't I just send Sagan to every race next season.... Frown

I need Nibbles as well Sad

Says the person who just won 2 stages in a row Pfft
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Stages (Requests closed)


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Ancient Aliens
Forever the Best
Selwink wrote:
The Schleck Fan wrote:
mvhoogdalem wrote:
Can't I just send Sagan to every race next season.... Frown

I need Nibbles as well Sad

Says the person who just won 2 stages in a row Pfft

But I don't have a stage win goal,I have a GC Top 10 goal.
But yeah the team is still not very bad without Nibbles.Smile
The user formerly known as 'The Schleck Fan'
Gracias Alberto.


The second to last chance for the sprinters to take a stage win. All eyes are on Gerald Ciolek, who managed to win the last 2 stages that ended in a sprint. Looking past Degenkolb and Matthews isn’t the smartest thing to do however as they both also won a stage.


***John DegenkolbArgos6
***Michael MatthewsOrica12
***J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto49
**Gerald CiolekMTN5
**Juan José LobatoEuskaltel24
**Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin10
*Mark RenshawBelkin-
*Alessandro PetacchiQuick-Step34
*Gert SteegmansQuick-Step-
*Mario GuidoQuick-Step-

Even despite it being one of the last changes of the sprinters, a lot of teams have put riders into today’s breakaway. Clement (Belkin), Vandborg (Cannondale), Fraile (Caja Rural), Lloyd (Lampre), Dennis (Garmin), De la Cruz (NetApp), Duggan (Saxo Bank) and Chérel (AG2R) made it breakaway. Louis Meintjes also was in the breakaway today, completing the easy goal for MTN. they got 7 minutes

a goal completed in today’s breakaway

Just before the arc of 20 kilometers to go, the peloton shatters into 3 groups. Almost the complete top 10 is in the first group except Van den Broeck (6th). However Majka, König, Fuglsang and Sánchez aren’t save as well. They are at the back of the first peloton

the pace is huge

Euskaltel has taken charge of the peloton. They have four riders in front of the peloton, getting ready for making a train. Argos already are in train position with Ghita in front of Degenkolb. Ciolek is also in front of the peloton. The breakaway is only 44 seconds in front of the peloton with 9 km to go.

the sprint preparation

The Euskaltel train is leading the peloton. Next to the is a train from Orica and a Sky train for Froome. The Argos train is behind Euskaltel with Ciolek and Rodriguez also in front. The breakaway is still in front of the peloton


Clement has made the first move in the breakaway, nobody in the breakaway reactes. Meanwhile in the peloton Euskaltel has made it apparent that they want the stage win. Izagirre has pushed the speed up a notch and has taken Lobato with him. Cristobal Riquelme was the fastest to react to this and is the first in Lobato’s wheel.


Clement is still leading the race but Chérel is in hot pursuit. In the peloton the acceleration that Izagiire made was too soon and he was crushed when Orica came back with their train. Matthews was launched perfectly and was a gap to Cristobal Riquelme and Degenkolb. Can Matthews keep up the speed.


Matthews, Cristobal Riquelme and Degenkolb up are easily picking up the other riders from the breakaway one by one. Only Chérel, Dennis and Clement are left standing.


Clement holds on and wins in Burgos. Belkin got close a few times but now they finally have their stage win and a season goal in their pocket.


Dennis and Chérel both hold on to second and third place respectively but it’s extremely close between Chérel, Matthews and Degenkolb. Cristobal Riquelme is 6th. Valverde is 7th. Meintjes and Fraile from the breakaway hold on to 8th and 10th while Urán is between the two.


The riders that lose time today are limited to Van den Broeck, Bouet and Majka from the top 19th. Van den Broeck drops to 7th. Bouet drops to 14th. Majka drops to 16th.


Stage results

1Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team4h07'22
2Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharps.t.
3Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiales.t.
4Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdges.t.
5John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
6Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
7Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
8Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubekas.t.
9Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procyclings.t.
10Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.

11Chris FroomeSky Procyclings.t.
12Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharps.t.
13Gerald CiolekMTN - Qhubekas.t.
14Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
15Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Teams.t.
16Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
17David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
18Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
19Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
20Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
21Michel KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
22David LópezSky Procyclings.t.
23Matthew LloydLampre - Meridas.t.
24Daryl ImpeyOrica - GreenEdges.t.
25Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
26Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharps.t.
27Alessandro PetacchiOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
28Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
29Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Teams.t.
30Mario GuidoMTN - Qhubekas.t.
31Samuel S√°nchezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
32Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdges.t.
33Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdges.t.
34Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
35Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopards.t.
36Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
37Christophe RiblonAG2R La Mondiales.t.
38Dominik NerzBMC Racing Teams.t.
39Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
40Nicolas RocheTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
41Ben SwiftSky Procyclings.t.
42Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
43Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopards.t.
44Pieter WeeningOrica - GreenEdges.t.
45Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Teams.t.
46Mark RenshawBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
47Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Teams.t.
48J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol+ 2'07
49Lars BoomBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 3'44
50Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.
51Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.frs.t.
52Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
53Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
54Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdges.t.
55Damian OwniakBMC Racing Teams.t.
56Matthias FrankBMC Racing Teams.t.
57Peter KennaughSky Procyclings.t.
58Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdges.t.
59Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
60Thomas PetersonTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
61Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
62Joseph DombrowskiSky Procyclings.t.
63Bert De BackerTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
64Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
65Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
66Roy CurversTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
67George PreidlerTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
68Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiales.t.
69Gert SteegmansOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
70Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharps.t.
71Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
72Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.
73Niki TerpstraOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
74José Joaquín RojasMovistar Teams.t.
75Adam BlytheBMC Racing Teams.t.
76Adam HansenLotto Belisols.t.
77Anthony RavardAG2R La Mondiales.t.
78Ioannis TamouridisEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
79Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
80Rubén PlazaMovistar Teams.t.
81Juan José CoboMovistar Teams.t.
82Vicente ReynèsLotto Belisols.t.
83Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto Belisols.t.
84Gaetan BilleLotto Belisols.t.
85Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
86Oliver ZauggTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
87Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubekas.t.
88Alexandre GeniezFDJ.frs.t.
89Rory SutherlandTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
90Jonas VangenechtenLotto Belisols.t.
91Frederique RobertLotto Belisols.t.
92Anthony RouxFDJ.frs.t.
93Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
94Frederik WillemsLotto Belisols.t.
95Laurens Ten DamBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
96John GadretAG2R La Mondiales.t.
97Tom DanielsonGarmin - Sharps.t.
98Anthony GeslinFDJ.frs.t.
99José HerradaMovistar Teams.t.
100Micka√ęl DelageFDJ.frs.t.
101Xavier FlorencioKatusha Teams.t.
102Gediminas BagdonasAG2R La Mondiales.t.
103Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
104√Āngel ViciosoKatusha Teams.t.
105Andrea PaliniLampre - Meridas.t.
106Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopards.t.
107Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
108Yoeri HavikCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
109Maciej PaterskiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
110José SerpaLampre - Meridas.t.
111Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
112Steve ChainelAG2R La Mondiales.t.
113Adri√°n PalomaresCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
114Ian StannardSky Procyclings.t.
115Bruno PiresTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
116Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
117Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
118Mikhail IgnatievKatusha Teams.t.
119Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
120Davide ViganòLampre - Meridas.t.
121Blel KadriAG2R La Mondiales.t.
122Luke RoweSky Procyclings.t.
123Johan Le BonFDJ.frs.t.
124Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Teams.t.
125Sandy CasarFDJ.frs.t.
126Assan BazayevAstana Pro Teams.t.
127Guillaume BonnafondAG2R La Mondiales.t.
128Petr IgnatenkoKatusha Teams.t.
129Rubén FernándezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
130Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
131Christopher SuttonSky Procyclings.t.
132Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
133George BennettRadioShack - Leopards.t.
134Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Teams.t.
135Massimo GraziatoLampre - Meridas.t.
136Hayden RoulstonRadioShack - Leopards.t.
137Pavel BruttKatusha Teams.t.
138Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubekas.t.
139Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
140Sergio PardillaMTN - Qhubekas.t.
141Andrey KashechkinAstana Pro Teams.t.
142Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Teams.t.
143Fabian WegmannGarmin - Sharps.t.
144Carlos VeronaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
145Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
146Luca WackermannLampre - Meridas.t.
147Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
148Cédric PineauFDJ.frs.t.
149Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
150Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
151Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
152Borat SagdijevLampre - Meridas.t.
153Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
154Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
155Tony MartinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
156Juan Manuel G√°rateBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
157William ClarkeTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
158Yann HuguetTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
159Kristijan DurasekLampre - Meridas.t.
160Mattia CattaneoLampre - Meridas.t.
161Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharps.t.
162Andreas SchillingerTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
163Jacques Janse Van RensburgMTN - Qhubekas.t.
164Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Teams.t.
165Mikel AstarlozaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
166Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
167Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopards.t.
168Huub DuynCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
169Serge PauwelsOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
170Alberto LosadaKatusha Teams.t.
171David ZabriskieGarmin - Sharps.t.
172Dmitriy GruzdevAstana Pro Teams.t.
173Alexander WetterhallTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
174Emilien ViennetFDJ.frs.t.
175Antonio PiedraCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
176David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
177Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
178Benjamín NovalTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
179Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
180Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Teams.t.
181Andreas StauffMTN - Qhubekas.t.
182Iker Cama√ĪoTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
183Ben KingRadioShack - Leopards.t.
184Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
185Francisco Javier MorenoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
186Maarten NeyensLotto Belisols.t.
187Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team+ 7'21
188Jens MourisOrica - GreenEdges.t.
189Marouane ShaqifMTN - Qhubeka+ 9'21
190Markus EichlerTeam NetApp - Endura+ 10'29
191Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Team+ 11'32
192Jack BobridgeBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
193Michael SchwarzmannTeam NetApp - Endura+ 13'06
194Kai ReusCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
195Iván GutiérrezMovistar Teams.t.


1Chris FroomeSky Procycling66h36'47
2Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team+ 2'24
3Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+ 7'28
4Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling+ 12'32
5Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard+ 13'31
6Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp+ 18'56
7Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto Belisol+ 22'25
8Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Endura+ 23'00
9Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+ 23'31
10Samuel S√°nchezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 24'02

11Nicolas RocheTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 25'52
12Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team+ 26'22
13Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Team+ 28'15
14Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiale+ 28'29
15Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimano+ 28'32
16Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 29'40
17Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopard+ 31'32
18Daniel MorenoKatusha Team+ 33'28
19Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 34'22
20Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 36'29
21Christophe RiblonAG2R La Mondiale+ 37'34
22Pieter WeeningOrica - GreenEdge+ 37'44
23Damian OwniakBMC Racing Team+ 39'28
24Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubeka+ 39'30
25Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 39'31
26Laurens Ten DamBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 40'57
27Javier MorenoMovistar Team+ 42'32
28Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 42'51
29Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharp+ 43'51
30Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 45'30
31Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 47'14
32Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 47'44
33Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.fr+ 48'44
34Peter KennaughSky Procycling+ 50'25
35Matthias FrankBMC Racing Team+ 50'38
36John GadretAG2R La Mondiale+ 51'21
37Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp+ 52'03
38Dominik NerzBMC Racing Team+ 52'28
39Egor SilinAstana Pro Team+ 53'26
40Tom DanielsonGarmin - Sharp+ 53'34
41Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 54'09
42Alexandre GeniezFDJ.fr+ 54'15
43Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimano+ 58'26
44José SerpaLampre - Merida+ 1h01'56
45Sergio PardillaMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h02'13
46Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Team+ 1h03'04
47José HerradaMovistar Team+ 1h03'24
48David LópezSky Procycling+ 1h04'42
49David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h07'44
50Sandy CasarFDJ.fr+ 1h07'47
51Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h07'54
52Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team+ 1h09'00
53Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h09'01
54Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Team+ 1h10'55
55Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h11'16
56Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h14'57
57Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h15'01
58Petr IgnatenkoKatusha Team+ 1h15'36
59Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h16'42
60Mikel AstarlozaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h16'46
61Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h18'13
62Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team+ 1h18'25
63Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharp+ 1h19'39
64Antonio PiedraCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h21'00
65Rubén PlazaMovistar Team+ 1h21'30
66Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Team+ 1h21'32
67Tony MartinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 1h23'12
68Rubén FernándezCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h23'33
69Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiale+ 1h25'12
70Alberto LosadaKatusha Team+ 1h25'14
71Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h26'02
72Thomas PetersonTeam Argos - Shimano+ 1h27'48
73Juan José CoboMovistar Team+ 1h29'31
74Andrey KashechkinAstana Pro Team+ 1h30'07
75Guillaume BonnafondAG2R La Mondiale+ 1h30'50
76Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharp+ 1h31'01
77Joseph DombrowskiSky Procycling+ 1h32'56
78Mattia CattaneoLampre - Merida+ 1h33'45
79Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h35'24
80Oliver ZauggTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h35'55
81Bruno PiresTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h36'10
82Juan Manuel G√°rateBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h37'30
83Rory SutherlandTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h38'25
84Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h39'30
85Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h41'22
86Serge PauwelsOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 1h41'52
87George BennettRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h42'35
88Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h43'27
89Gerald CiolekMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h44'44
90David ZabriskieGarmin - Sharp+ 1h45'03
91Kristijan DurasekLampre - Merida+ 1h45'34
92John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimano+ 1h46'16
93Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp+ 1h47'20
94Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h47'40
95Jacques Janse Van RensburgMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h48'27
96Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h48'33
97Adam HansenLotto Belisol+ 1h52'23
98Fabian WegmannGarmin - Sharp+ 1h53'08
99Lars BoomBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h53'35
100David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura+ 1h54'06
101Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Team+ 1h54'15
102Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h54'27
103√Āngel ViciosoKatusha Team+ 1h56'31
104Adri√°n PalomaresCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 1h56'55
105Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h57'52
106J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol+ 1h58'32
107Anthony RavardAG2R La Mondiale+ 1h59'51
108Ian StannardSky Procycling+ 2h00'09
109Xavier FlorencioKatusha Team+ 2h01'36
110George PreidlerTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h02'05
111Anthony RouxFDJ.fr+ 2h02'14
112Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h03'16
113Blel KadriAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h04'06
114Yann HuguetTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h04'23
115José Joaquín RojasMovistar Team+ 2h04'49
116Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h04'51
117Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h05'10
118Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 2h05'38
119Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h07'46
120Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h08'00
121Pavel BruttKatusha Team+ 2h08'41
122Maciej PaterskiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h09'31
123Mikhail IgnatievKatusha Team+ 2h10'02
124Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h10'09
125Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka+ 2h10'12
126Niki TerpstraOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h11'06
127Ben SwiftSky Procycling+ 2h11'29
128Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Team+ 2h12'02
129Benjamín NovalTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
130Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2h12'25
131Francisco Javier MorenoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2h12'33
132Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Team+ 2h15'30
133Ben KingRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h16'01
134Emilien ViennetFDJ.fr+ 2h16'15
135Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h18'15
136Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h19'52
137Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2h21'14
138Anthony GeslinFDJ.fr+ 2h22'57
139Iván GutiérrezMovistar Team+ 2h23'21
140Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team+ 2h24'45
141Assan BazayevAstana Pro Team+ 2h25'32
142Luke RoweSky Procycling+ 2h26'23
143Cédric PineauFDJ.fr+ 2h26'40
144Mario GuidoMTN - Qhubeka+ 2h26'42
145Micka√ęl DelageFDJ.fr+ 2h27'01
146Andreas SchillingerTeam NetApp - Endura+ 2h27'20
147Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h28'18
148Matthew LloydLampre - Merida+ 2h28'33
149Borat SagdijevLampre - Merida+ 2h28'45
150Iker Cama√ĪoTeam NetApp - Endura+ 2h29'08
151Hayden RoulstonRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h29'35
152Mark RenshawBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h30'02
153Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h31'53
154Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h32'06
155Ioannis TamouridisEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h32'19
156Steve ChainelAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h33'45
157Roy CurversTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h36'10
158Luca WackermannLampre - Merida+ 2h36'13
159Dmitriy GruzdevAstana Pro Team+ 2h37'34
160Carlos VeronaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h37'39
161Adam BlytheBMC Racing Team+ 2h37'41
162Johan Le BonFDJ.fr+ 2h41'25
163Gediminas BagdonasAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h42'29
164Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h43'59
165Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Endura+ 2h44'28
166Christopher SuttonSky Procycling+ 2h45'06
167Daryl ImpeyOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h45'51
168Alessandro PetacchiOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h52'53
169Gaetan BilleLotto Belisol+ 2h54'23
170Gert SteegmansOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h54'41
171Frederique RobertLotto Belisol+ 2h55'37
172William ClarkeTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h55'48
173Vicente ReynèsLotto Belisol+ 2h59'12
174Bert De BackerTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h59'28
175Huub DuynCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h02'44
176Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Team+ 3h04'40
177Kai ReusCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h05'01
178Marouane ShaqifMTN - Qhubeka+ 3h05'31
179Andrea PaliniLampre - Merida+ 3h06'11
180Jonas VangenechtenLotto Belisol+ 3h07'05
181Frederik WillemsLotto Belisol+ 3h08'26
182Alexander WetterhallTeam NetApp - Endura+ 3h08'53
183Maarten NeyensLotto Belisol+ 3h09'14
184Michel KochCannondale Pro Cycling+ 3h10'06
185Jack BobridgeBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 3h14'19
186Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h19'37
187Massimo GraziatoLampre - Merida+ 3h23'18
188Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h27'23
189Andreas StauffMTN - Qhubeka+ 3h31'55
190Davide ViganòLampre - Merida+ 3h33'47
191Michael SchwarzmannTeam NetApp - Endura+ 3h36'27
192Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h43'17
193Jens MourisOrica - GreenEdge+ 3h43'54
194Markus EichlerTeam NetApp - Endura+ 3h49'22
195Yoeri HavikCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 4h01'10


1Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team1163
2Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team9154
3Chris FroomeSky Procycling5128
4Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling7102
5Gerald CiolekMTN - Qhubeka384

6John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimano1283
7Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp071
8Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdge1463
9Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Team1063
10Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Endura061
11Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard053
12Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopard050
13Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi049
14Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team048
15Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiale047
16Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team046
17Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Team046
18Alexandre GeniezFDJ.fr046
19Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Team044
20Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimano041
21Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto Belisol037
22Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team037
23Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Team036
24Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadi035
25Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimano034
26Daniel MorenoKatusha Team033
27Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling032
28Samuel S√°nchezEuskaltel - Euskadi031
29Egor SilinAstana Pro Team031
30Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp2630
31Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team029
32Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team2929
33Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharp028
34Javier MorenoMovistar Team027
35Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team026
36Alessandro PetacchiOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team026
37Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cycling025
38Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA021
39Nicolas RocheTeam Saxo - Tinkoff020
40Tony MartinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team020
41Lars BoomBelkin Pro Cycling Team020
42Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdge020
43Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff019
44Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiale1717
45Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadi016
46Sergio PardillaMTN - Qhubeka015
47Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team015
48Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.fr013
49Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA013
50Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi012
51Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Team012
52J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol012
53José Joaquín RojasMovistar Team012
54Ioannis TamouridisEuskaltel - Euskadi012
55Damian OwniakBMC Racing Team011
56Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi010
57Rubén PlazaMovistar Team010
58Kristijan DurasekLampre - Merida010
59Daryl ImpeyOrica - GreenEdge010
60Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka99
61Adam BlytheBMC Racing Team09
62Fabian WegmannGarmin - Sharp08
63John GadretAG2R La Mondiale07
64Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdge07
65Bert De BackerTeam Argos - Shimano07
66Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubeka06
67Sandy CasarFDJ.fr06
68Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Team06
69Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA66
70Frederique RobertLotto Belisol06
71Andreas SchillingerTeam NetApp - Endura05
72Alexander WetterhallTeam NetApp - Endura05
73Mikel AstarlozaEuskaltel - Euskadi04
74Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharp44
75Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopard04
76Adam HansenLotto Belisol04
77Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA04
78Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team04
79Christopher SuttonSky Procycling04
80Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling03
81Pieter WeeningOrica - GreenEdge03
82Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA03
83Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Team03
84Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff02
85Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp02
86David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura22
87Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoff02
88Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team22
89Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Team02
90José HerradaMovistar Team01
91Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharp01
92Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubeka01
93Iván GutiérrezMovistar Team01
94Luca WackermannLampre - Merida01


1Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiale038
2Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi037
3Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Team024
4Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Team024
5Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling022

6Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team020
7Egor SilinAstana Pro Team020
8Javier MorenoMovistar Team017
9Chris FroomeSky Procycling015
10Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopard013
11Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team013
12Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team013
13Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team012
14Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cycling09
15Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA08
16Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharp07
17Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff07
18Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team06
19Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team06
20Alexandre GeniezFDJ.fr06
21Sandy CasarFDJ.fr06
22Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Team04
23Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi04
24Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdge04
25Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team04
26Luca WackermannLampre - Merida04
27Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA03
28Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Team03
29Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team33
30David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura33
31Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA03
32Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling02
33Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard02
34Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp02
35Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Endura02
36Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.fr02
37Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp22
38Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimano02
39Rubén PlazaMovistar Team02
40Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA02
41Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka22
42Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team02
43Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff01
44Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiale11
45Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubeka01
46Adam HansenLotto Belisol01
47Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA11

Team Results

RankTeamTimeGeneral Time
1Belkin Pro Cycling Team12h22'06+ 57'35 (10)
2Garmin - Sharps.t.+ 40'55 (5)
3Sky Procyclings.t.199h35'11 (1)
4MTN - Qhubekas.t.+ 1h43'28 (15)
5Orica - GreenEdges.t.+ 2h43'09 (19)

6Euskaltel - Euskadis.t.+ 17'07 (3)
7BMC Racing Teams.t.+ 33'06 (4)
8Movistar Team+ 3'44+ 14'23 (2)
9Team Argos - Shimanos.t.+ 1h38'34 (13)
10AG2R La Mondiales.t.+ 54'52 (9)
11Omega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.+ 2h36'49 (17)
12Team Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.+ 1h09'24 (11)
13Katusha Teams.t.+ 41'48 (6)
14RadioShack - Leopards.t.+ 46'38 (8)
15Team NetApp - Enduras.t.+ 2h39'15 (18)
16Cannondale Pro Cycling+ 7'28+ 1h36'17 (12)
17Caja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.+ 1h43'00 (14)
18Lampre - Meridas.t.+ 3h19'30 (21)
19Astana Pro Teams.t.+ 43'22 (7)
20Lotto Belisol+ 9'35+ 3h06'53 (20)
21FDJ.fr+ 11'12+ 1h49'58 (16)
22Cyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 6h25'49 (22)

U25 Competition

RankNameTeamTimeGeneral Time
1Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp+ 4h07'22+ 23'31 (8)
2Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdges.t.+ 1h14'55 (19)
3John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.+ 1h17'44 (20)
4Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.+ 18'42 (6)
5Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubekas.t.+ 1h41'40 (27)

6Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.+ 1h43'53 (28)
7Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharps.t.+ 1h02'29 (15)
8Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.+ 1h39'28 (26)
9David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.+ 1h25'34 (21)
10Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.+ 1h49'43 (33)
11Mario GuidoMTN - Qhubekas.t.+ 1h58'10 (35)
12Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.+ 7'57 (3)
13Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.67h05'19 (1)
14Dominik NerzBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 23'56 (9)
15Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 4h11'06+ 1'08 (2)
16Damian OwniakBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 10'56 (4)
17Peter KennaughSky Procyclings.t.+ 21'53 (7)
18Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.+ 29'54 (12)
19Joseph DombrowskiSky Procyclings.t.+ 1h04'24 (16)
20George PreidlerTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.+ 1h33'33 (24)
21Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.+ 24'54 (10)
22Adam BlytheBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 2h09'09 (40)
23Gaetan BilleLotto Belisols.t.+ 2h25'51 (43)
24Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubekas.t.+ 10'58 (5)
25Alexandre GeniezFDJ.frs.t.+ 25'43 (11)
26Frederique RobertLotto Belisols.t.+ 2h27'05 (44)
27Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 1h25'55 (22)
28Andrea PaliniLampre - Meridas.t.+ 2h37'39 (47)
29Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 39'22 (13)
30Yoeri HavikCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 3h32'38 (55)
31Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 2h51'05 (50)
32Luke RoweSky Procyclings.t.+ 1h57'51 (34)
33Johan Le BonFDJ.frs.t.+ 2h12'53 (41)
34Rubén FernándezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.+ 55'01 (14)
35Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 3h14'45 (54)
36George BennettRadioShack - Leopards.t.+ 1h14'03 (18)
37Massimo GraziatoLampre - Meridas.t.+ 2h54'46 (51)
38Michel KochCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 2h41'34 (48)
39Carlos VeronaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.+ 2h09'07 (39)
40Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 1h36'38 (25)
41Luca WackermannLampre - Meridas.t.+ 2h07'41 (38)
42Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 2h58'51 (52)
43Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.+ 1h29'20 (23)
44Borat SagdijevLampre - Meridas.t.+ 2h00'13 (37)
45Mattia CattaneoLampre - Meridas.t.+ 1h05'13 (17)
46Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 1h46'58 (30)
47Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopards.t.+ 1h59'46 (36)
48Emilien ViennetFDJ.frs.t.+ 1h47'43 (32)
49Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.+ 2h15'56 (42)
50Ben KingRadioShack - Leopards.t.+ 1h47'29 (31)
51Francisco Javier MorenoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.+ 1h44'01 (29)
52Marouane ShaqifMTN - Qhubeka+ 4h16'43+ 2h36'59 (46)
53Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Team+ 4h18'54+ 2h36'08 (45)
54Jack BobridgeBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.+ 2h45'47 (49)
55Michael SchwarzmannTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4h20'28+ 3h07'55 (53)
*eating popcorn and waiting for Ollfardh's response*
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Santaromita up to 13th. I'm so, so confused.
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Stef just earned himself a contract extension. While I probably should chastise Ten Dam about not being in the front group, it'll have to wait. Cava for the entire team tonight!
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Paul23 wrote:
*eating popcorn and waiting for <insert member here> response*

best part about reporting the vuelta Pfft

actually no: best part is people commenting about riders that need to do something that they already did in the next stage (Luis León Sánchez/Birt did a great job with this Pfft)
Ollfardh wrote:

Stef just earned himself a contract extension. While I probably should chastise Ten Dam about not being in the front group, it'll have to wait. Cava for the entire team tonight!

Gratz on the win :3


Stef just earned himself a contract extension

1 rider off the Transfer Target list :c


EPIC - Dylan Koemans and Hélder Martínez
Hinterm√ľller's and Owniak's togetherness is pretty comical, though Dennis of course deserves Kudos for getting another nice result after getting red on day one. Smile
Ghita gets the white jersey back Cool disappointing that John didn't get a proper go at it today
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Stage 16 - not a good advert for PCM2014, Horner fighting for the GC podium and finishes in the same group as Voigt on a difficult mountain finish.

Great to see SSJ2LUIGI has kept the standard of reporting throughout. Wink

I am finding it a bit weird we have, what, four different races going on at once. Some days we have multiple reports others we have none!
The Rider wrote:
I am finding it a bit weird we have, what, four different races going on at once. Some days we have multiple reports others we have none!

but I've posted everyday Sad
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We now came into the area where race leader Chris Froome is weaker than his opposition. Can main competitor Rodr√≠guez overthrow the 2‚Äô24‚ÄĚ gap to Froome in two stages enough to stay in the lead after the Angliru stage.


*** Joaquím RodríguezKatusha2
***Rigoberto Ur√°nSky4
***Alejandro ValverdeMovistar3
**Daniel MartinGarmin6
**Chris HornerRadioShack5
**Daniel MorenoKatusha18
*Chris FroomeSky1
*Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto7
*Rafal MajkaSaxo Bank16
*Leopold KönigNetApp8

We had a four man breakaway today. Hern√°ndez (Saxo Bank) was alone for a few kilometers but was soon joined by Nerz (BMC), Brambilla (Omega Pharma) and Vande Velde (Garmin).

some unusual teams in the breakaway

They didn’t had an easy time getting the maximum gap of 6 minutes as on the peloton, especially when Brambilla and Nerz crashed.

almost symbolic for the BMC season so far

Brambilla was the only one in the breakaway that had points for the mountain ranking and to ensure that he got more he attacked at every mountain sprint, with varying results. Thanks to these attacks he was the first to be picked up by the peloton. The others still had 3 minutes on the peloton.

the first to be picked up

At the bottom of the final climb, the Pe√Īa Cabarga, the gap is only 2‚Äô20‚ÄĚ the breakaway might be able to stay clear but it will be close. Nerz was the first of the breakaway that made a attack where Vande Velde and Hern√°ndez couldn‚Äôt react to. What must be discouraging is if he looked to the left he would see that Horner has attacked as well with Froome, Rodriguez and Uran in his wheel.

don’t look to the left

Vande Velde digged a little deeper and went over Nerz and is now leading the race. Meanwhile Martin has bridged the gap to the group of Froome and are now starting to get time on the peloton. Riders missed the initial bridge are trying to forge a new one. König, Valverde, Ghita and Roche are in pursuit.


Rodríguez tries to drop the other punchers to get an easier time at the stage win. Only Horner and Froome were able to follow him and they caught Hernández. Next up is Nerz.


The awaited attack from Rodriguez came and Froome and Horner can’t follow. They have caught Nerz and Rodriguez should be able to catch Vande Velde as well. Valverde, Ghita and König are now caught up with Urán and Martin. Sánchez and Roche are just behind them. Van den Broeck, Fuglsang and Santaromita have been to late with leaving the peloton and are now over 2 minutes behind Sánchez and Roche.


Vande Velde dares to celebrate early, quite daring considering that Rodriguez isn’t far behind.


Vande Vlede isn’t wrong in celebrating early as Rodriguez isn’t able to go past the Garmin rider. Rodriguez does get second place however. Horner beats Froome for second place.


Urán finishes 5th while Martin, Valverde, Ghita and König make up places 6th to 9th while Nerz has enough left to finish 10th. Holding off Sánchez and Roche.


However we do need to report on a rider abandoning. Joseph Dombrowski (Sky) came with an sudden injury has needed to pull out


Rodriguez gains 11 seconds on Froome today, limiting his gap to 2‚Äô07‚ÄĚ. But the biggest droppers today was Van den Broeck, who drops from 7th to 9th. Fuglsang goes along with Van den Broeck and is now 10th. K√∂nig and S√°nchez take advantage and are now 7th and 8th. The top 6 stays Froome ‚Äď Rodriguez ‚Äď Valverde ‚Äď Ur√°n ‚Äď Horner - Martin


Stage results

1Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharp4h42'30
2Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team+ 27
3Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard+ 38
4Chris FroomeSky Procyclings.t.
5Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling+ 1'04
6Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp+ 1'23
7Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Teams.t.
8Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
9Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
10Dominik NerzBMC Racing Team+ 2'05

11Samuel S√°nchezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2'17
12Nicolas RocheTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
13Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 2'43
14Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto Belisol+ 4'12
15Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+ 4'30
16Pieter WeeningOrica - GreenEdge+ 5'00
17Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
18Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team+ 5'23
19Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Teams.t.
20Juan José CoboMovistar Teams.t.
21Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
22Matthias FrankBMC Racing Teams.t.
23David LópezSky Procycling+ 5'42
24Laurens Ten DamBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
25George BennettRadioShack - Leopards.t.
26Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
27John GadretAG2R La Mondiales.t.
28Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
29Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
30David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
31Tom DanielsonGarmin - Sharps.t.
32Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
33José SerpaLampre - Meridas.t.
34Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopards.t.
35Alberto LosadaKatusha Teams.t.
36Rubén PlazaMovistar Teams.t.
37Daniel MorenoKatusha Teams.t.
38Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiales.t.
39Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubekas.t.
40Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
41Sandy CasarFDJ.frs.t.
42Mikel AstarlozaEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
43José HerradaMovistar Teams.t.
44Alexandre GeniezFDJ.frs.t.
45Christophe RiblonAG2R La Mondiales.t.
46Peter KennaughSky Procyclings.t.
47Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp+ 6'30
48Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Teams.t.
49Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubekas.t.
50Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
51Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.frs.t.
52Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Teams.t.
53Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
54Kristijan DurasekLampre - Meridas.t.
55Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
56Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopards.t.
57Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Teams.t.
58Sergio PardillaMTN - Qhubeka+ 7'10
59Rubén FernándezCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
60Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
61Guillaume BonnafondAG2R La Mondiales.t.
62Adri√°n PalomaresCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
63Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
64Andrey KashechkinAstana Pro Teams.t.
65Petr IgnatenkoKatusha Teams.t.
66Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
67Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.
68Mattia CattaneoLampre - Meridas.t.
69J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto Belisols.t.
70Rory SutherlandTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
71Antonio PiedraCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
72Juan Manuel G√°rateBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
73Bruno PiresTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
74Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Teams.t.
75Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
76Oliver ZauggTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
77Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 8'02
78Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 8'26
79Thomas PetersonTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
80Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Teams.t.
81Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
82Adam HansenLotto Belisol+ 8'44
83Maciej PaterskiCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
84Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
85John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
86Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
87Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharps.t.
88Xavier FlorencioKatusha Teams.t.
89Michel KrederGarmin - Sharps.t.
90Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Teams.t.
91Pavel BruttKatusha Teams.t.
92Ben KingRadioShack - Leopards.t.
93Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiales.t.
94Ian StannardSky Procycling+ 10'13
95Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopards.t.
96Jacques Janse Van RensburgMTN - Qhubekas.t.
97David ZabriskieGarmin - Sharps.t.
98Tony MartinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
99Serge PauwelsOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
100Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 10'32
101Damian OwniakBMC Racing Teams.t.
102Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharps.t.
103Gerald CiolekMTN - Qhubekas.t.
104Francisco Javier MorenoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
105Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdges.t.
106Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopards.t.
107Fabian WegmannGarmin - Sharps.t.
108Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdges.t.
109Anthony RouxFDJ.frs.t.
110Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
111Yann HuguetTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
112Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Teams.t.
113Blel KadriAG2R La Mondiales.t.
114Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
115Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 11'50
116David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura+ 12'27
117Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka+ 12'39
118George PreidlerTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
119√Āngel ViciosoKatusha Team+ 12'51
120Assan BazayevAstana Pro Team+ 13'00
121José Joaquín RojasMovistar Teams.t.
122Emilien ViennetFDJ.frs.t.
123Lars BoomBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
124Anthony GeslinFDJ.frs.t.
125Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.
126Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.
127Cédric PineauFDJ.frs.t.
128Mikhail IgnatievKatusha Teams.t.
129Micka√ęl DelageFDJ.frs.t.
130Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdges.t.
131Daryl ImpeyOrica - GreenEdges.t.
132Benjamín NovalTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
133Luke RoweSky Procyclings.t.
134Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 13'41
135Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdges.t.
136Yoeri HavikCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
137Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdge+ 14'37
138Andrea PaliniLampre - Merida+ 14'50
139Borat SagdijevLampre - Meridas.t.
140Andreas SchillingerTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
141Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Teams.t.
142Adam BlytheBMC Racing Teams.t.
143Niki TerpstraOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
144Mark RenshawBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.
145Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
146Alexander WetterhallTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
147Anthony RavardAG2R La Mondiales.t.
148Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
149Mario GuidoMTN - Qhubekas.t.
150Iker Cama√ĪoTeam NetApp - Enduras.t.
151Gaetan BilleLotto Belisols.t.
152Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
153Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoffs.t.
154Johan Le BonFDJ.frs.t.
155Gediminas BagdonasAG2R La Mondiale+ 18'17
156Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopards.t.
157Ben SwiftSky Procyclings.t.
158Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team+ 19'00
159Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Endura+ 20'03
160Frederik WillemsLotto Belisol+ 20'16
161Bert De BackerTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
162Carlos VeronaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 20'47
163Dmitriy GruzdevAstana Pro Teams.t.
164Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Teams.t.
165Luca WackermannLampre - Meridas.t.
166Alessandro PetacchiOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.
167Roy CurversTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.
168Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdges.t.
169Jonas VangenechtenLotto Belisols.t.
170Matthew LloydLampre - Meridas.t.
171Maarten NeyensLotto Belisols.t.
172Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
173Kai ReusCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
174Vicente ReynèsLotto Belisol+ 21'49
175Iván GutiérrezMovistar Teams.t.
176Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
177Ioannis TamouridisEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.
178Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
179Huub DuynCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.
180Jack BobridgeBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 22'18
181Frederique RobertLotto Belisol+ 23'57
182Christopher SuttonSky Procycling+ 24'49
183Gert SteegmansOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 25'36
184Massimo GraziatoLampre - Meridas.t.
185Andreas StauffMTN - Qhubeka+ 26'13
186Jens MourisOrica - GreenEdge+ 27'01
187Steve ChainelAG2R La Mondiale+ 27'14
188Hayden RoulstonRadioShack - Leopards.t.
189Marouane ShaqifMTN - Qhubeka+ 29'27
190William ClarkeTeam Argos - Shimano+ 29'53
191Davide ViganòLampre - Meridas.t.
192Michel KochCannondale Pro Cycling+ 30'22
193Markus EichlerTeam NetApp - Endura+ 30'41
194Michael SchwarzmannTeam NetApp - Endura+ 30'53
195Joseph DombrowskiSky Procyclingwithdrawal


1Chris FroomeSky Procycling71h19'55
2Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team+ 2'07
3Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team+ 8'13
4Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling+ 12'58
5Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard+ 13'27
6Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp+ 19'41
7Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Endura+ 23'45
8Samuel S√°nchezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 25'41
9Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto Belisol+ 25'59
10Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team+ 27'23

11Nicolas RocheTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 27'31
12Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimano+ 29'17
13Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team+ 31'07
14Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Team+ 33'00
15Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiale+ 33'33
16Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 34'02
17Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopard+ 37'24
18Daniel MorenoKatusha Team+ 38'32
19Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 39'26
20Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 41'33
21Pieter WeeningOrica - GreenEdge+ 42'06
22Christophe RiblonAG2R La Mondiale+ 42'38
23Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubeka+ 44'34
24Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 44'35
25Laurens Ten DamBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 46'01
26Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 47'36
27Javier MorenoMovistar Teams.t.
28Damian OwniakBMC Racing Team+ 49'22
29Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharp+ 51'57
30Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 52'02
31Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 52'48
32Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 53'06
33Dominik NerzBMC Racing Team+ 53'55
34Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.fr+ 54'36
35Matthias FrankBMC Racing Team+ 55'23
36Peter KennaughSky Procycling+ 55'29
37John GadretAG2R La Mondiale+ 56'25
38Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp+ 57'55
39Tom DanielsonGarmin - Sharp+ 58'38
40Alexandre GeniezFDJ.fr+ 59'19
41Egor SilinAstana Pro Team+ 59'58
42Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 1h05'07
43Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimano+ 1h06'32
44José SerpaLampre - Merida+ 1h07'00
45José HerradaMovistar Team+ 1h08'28
46Sergio PardillaMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h08'45
47Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Team+ 1h08'56
48David LópezSky Procycling+ 1h09'46
49David ArroyoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h12'48
50Sandy CasarFDJ.fr+ 1h12'51
51Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h13'46
52Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 1h15'33
53Matthew BuscheRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h16'20
54Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Team+ 1h16'47
55Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team+ 1h16'48
56Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h18'35
57Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharp+ 1h18'37
58Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h20'53
59Mikel AstarlozaEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h21'50
60Petr IgnatenkoKatusha Team+ 1h22'08
61Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 1h23'03
62Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team+ 1h24'17
63Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h24'45
64Rubén PlazaMovistar Team+ 1h26'34
65Antonio PiedraCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h27'32
66Andrey ZeitsAstana Pro Team+ 1h28'04
67Rubén FernándezCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h30'05
68Alberto LosadaKatusha Team+ 1h30'18
69Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 1h32'34
70Tony MartinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 1h32'47
71Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiale+ 1h33'18
72Juan José CoboMovistar Team+ 1h34'16
73Thomas PetersonTeam Argos - Shimano+ 1h35'36
74Andrey KashechkinAstana Pro Team+ 1h36'39
75Guillaume BonnafondAG2R La Mondiale+ 1h37'22
76Mattia CattaneoLampre - Merida+ 1h40'17
77Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharp+ 1h40'55
78Oliver ZauggTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h42'27
79Bruno PiresTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h42'42
80Juan Manuel G√°rateBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 1h44'02
81Rory SutherlandTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h44'57
82Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h45'18
83Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h47'14
84Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 1h47'18
85George BennettRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h47'39
86Kristijan DurasekLampre - Merida+ 1h51'26
87Serge PauwelsOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 1h51'27
88John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimano+ 1h54'22
89Gerald CiolekMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h54'38
90David ZabriskieGarmin - Sharps.t.
91Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp+ 1h55'26
92Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h55'49
93Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopard+ 1h57'34
94Jacques Janse Van RensburgMTN - Qhubeka+ 1h58'02
95Christian MeierOrica - GreenEdge+ 1h58'27
96Adam HansenLotto Belisol+ 2h00'29
97Fabian WegmannGarmin - Sharp+ 2h03'02
98Adri√°n PalomaresCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 2h03'27
99Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Team+ 2h04'09
100Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h04'21
101J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol+ 2h05'04
102Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h05'16
103David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura+ 2h05'55
104Lars BoomBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h05'57
105√Āngel ViciosoKatusha Team+ 2h08'44
106Xavier FlorencioKatusha Team+ 2h09'42
107Ian StannardSky Procycling+ 2h09'44
108Anthony RouxFDJ.fr+ 2h12'08
109Brian VandborgCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h13'10
110Blel KadriAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h14'00
111Anthony RavardAG2R La Mondiale+ 2h14'03
112George PreidlerTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h14'06
113Yann HuguetTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h14'17
114Pavel BruttKatusha Team+ 2h16'47
115José Joaquín RojasMovistar Team+ 2h17'11
116Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h17'32
117Maciej PaterskiCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h17'37
118Kristjan KorenCannondale Pro Cycling+ 2h17'57
119Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h19'03
120Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 2h19'50
121Adri√°n S√°ez de ArregiEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h20'49
122Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h22'12
123Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka+ 2h22'13
124Mikhail IgnatievKatusha Team+ 2h22'24
125Francisco Javier MorenoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2h22'27
126Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Team+ 2h23'36
127Ben KingRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h24'07
128Benjamín NovalTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 2h24'24
129Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2h24'47
130Niki TerpstraOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h25'18
131Aleksandr KuschynskiKatusha Team+ 2h26'14
132Emilien ViennetFDJ.fr+ 2h28'37
133Ben SwiftSky Procycling+ 2h29'08
134Markel IrizarRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h29'27
135Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 2h31'08
136Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h32'27
137Anthony GeslinFDJ.fr+ 2h35'19
138Assan BazayevAstana Pro Team+ 2h37'54
139Luke RoweSky Procycling+ 2h38'45
140Cédric PineauFDJ.fr+ 2h39'02
141Micka√ęl DelageFDJ.fr+ 2h39'23
142Mario GuidoMTN - Qhubeka+ 2h40'54
143Andreas SchillingerTeam NetApp - Endura+ 2h41'32
144Borat SagdijevLampre - Merida+ 2h42'57
145Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team+ 2h43'07
146Iker Cama√ĪoTeam NetApp - Endura+ 2h43'20
147Mark RenshawBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 2h44'14
148Iván GutiérrezMovistar Team+ 2h44'32
149Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h45'57
150Mitchell DockerOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h46'05
151Matthew LloydLampre - Merida+ 2h48'42
152Adam BlytheBMC Racing Team+ 2h51'53
153Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h52'02
154Ioannis TamouridisEuskaltel - Euskadi+ 2h53'30
155Johan Le BonFDJ.fr+ 2h55'37
156Hayden RoulstonRadioShack - Leopard+ 2h56'11
157Roy CurversTeam Argos - Shimano+ 2h56'19
158Luca WackermannLampre - Merida+ 2h56'22
159Brett LancasterOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h57'02
160Dmitriy GruzdevAstana Pro Team+ 2h57'43
161Carlos VeronaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 2h57'48
162Daryl ImpeyOrica - GreenEdge+ 2h58'13
163Gediminas BagdonasAG2R La Mondiale+ 3h00'08
164Steve ChainelAG2R La Mondiale+ 3h00'21
165Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Endura+ 3h03'53
166Gaetan BilleLotto Belisol+ 3h08'35
167Christopher SuttonSky Procycling+ 3h09'17
168Alessandro PetacchiOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 3h13'02
169Frederique RobertLotto Belisol+ 3h18'56
170Bert De BackerTeam Argos - Shimano+ 3h19'06
171Gert SteegmansOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 3h19'39
172Andrea PaliniLampre - Merida+ 3h20'23
173Vicente ReynèsLotto Belisols.t.
174Alexander WetterhallTeam NetApp - Endura+ 3h23'05
175Huub DuynCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h23'55
176Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Team+ 3h24'49
177William ClarkeTeam Argos - Shimano+ 3h25'03
178Kai ReusCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h25'10
179Jonas VangenechtenLotto Belisol+ 3h27'14
180Frederik WillemsLotto Belisol+ 3h28'04
181Maarten NeyensLotto Belisol+ 3h29'23
182Marouane ShaqifMTN - Qhubeka+ 3h34'20
183Jack BobridgeBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 3h35'59
184Michel KochCannondale Pro Cycling+ 3h39'50
185Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h40'48
186Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 3h47'32
187Massimo GraziatoLampre - Merida+ 3h48'16
188Andreas StauffMTN - Qhubeka+ 3h57'30
189Davide ViganòLampre - Merida+ 4h03'02
190Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 4h04'28
191Michael SchwarzmannTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4h06'42
192Jens MourisOrica - GreenEdge+ 4h10'17
193Yoeri HavikCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 4h14'13
194Markus EichlerTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4h19'25


1Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team20183
2Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team9163
3Chris FroomeSky Procycling14142
4Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling12114
5Gerald CiolekMTN - Qhubeka084

6John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimano083
7Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp1081
8Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard1669
9Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Endura768
10Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdge063
11Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Team063
12Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopard050
13Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimano849
14Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi049
15Be√Īat IntxaustiMovistar Team048
16Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiale047
17Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team046
18Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Team046
19Alexandre GeniezFDJ.fr046
20Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Team044
21Jurgen Van den BroeckLotto Belisol239
22Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team138
23Samuel S√°nchezEuskaltel - Euskadi536
24Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Team036
25Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadi035
26Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimano034
27Daniel MorenoKatusha Team033
28Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling032
29Egor SilinAstana Pro Team031
30Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team531
31Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharp3031
32Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp030
33Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team029
34Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team029
35Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharp028
36Javier MorenoMovistar Team027
37Alessandro PetacchiOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team026
38Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cycling025
39Nicolas RocheTeam Saxo - Tinkoff424
40Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA021
41Tony MartinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team020
42Lars BoomBelkin Pro Cycling Team020
43Allan DavisOrica - GreenEdge020
44Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff019
45Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiale017
46Gorka VerdugoEuskaltel - Euskadi016
47Sergio PardillaMTN - Qhubeka015
48Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team015
49Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.fr013
50Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA013
51Igor AntónEuskaltel - Euskadi012
52Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Team012
53J√ľrgen RoelandtsLotto Belisol012
54José Joaquín RojasMovistar Team012
55Ioannis TamouridisEuskaltel - Euskadi012
56Damian OwniakBMC Racing Team011
57Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi010
58Rubén PlazaMovistar Team010
59Kristijan DurasekLampre - Merida010
60Daryl ImpeyOrica - GreenEdge010
61Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka09
62Adam BlytheBMC Racing Team09
63Fabian WegmannGarmin - Sharp08
64John GadretAG2R La Mondiale07
65Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezTeam Saxo - Tinkoff77
66Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdge07
67Bert De BackerTeam Argos - Shimano07
68Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubeka06
69Dominik NerzBMC Racing Team66
70Sandy CasarFDJ.fr06
71Greg Van AvermaetBMC Racing Team06
72Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA06
73Frederique RobertLotto Belisol06
74Andreas SchillingerTeam NetApp - Endura05
75Alexander WetterhallTeam NetApp - Endura05
76Mikel AstarlozaEuskaltel - Euskadi04
77Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharp04
78Ben HermansRadioShack - Leopard04
79Adam HansenLotto Belisol04
80Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA04
81Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team04
82Christopher SuttonSky Procycling04
83Pieter WeeningOrica - GreenEdge03
84Damiano CarusoCannondale Pro Cycling03
85Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA03
86Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Team03
87Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff02
88Michel KrederGarmin - Sharp02
89David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura02
90Jonathan CantwellTeam Saxo - Tinkoff02
91Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team02
92Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Team02
93José HerradaMovistar Team01
94Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubeka01
95Iván GutiérrezMovistar Team01
96Luca WackermannLampre - Merida01


1Maxime BouetAG2R La Mondiale038
2Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadi037
3Ivan SantaromitaBMC Racing Team024
4Luis León SánchezBelkin Pro Cycling Team024
5Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cycling022

6Alejandro ValverdeMovistar Team020
7Egor SilinAstana Pro Team020
8Christian Vande VeldeGarmin - Sharp1818
9Chris FroomeSky Procycling217
10Javier MorenoMovistar Team017
11Gianluca BrambillaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team315
12Jens VoigtRadioShack - Leopard013
13Kevin SeeldraeyersAstana Pro Team013
14Paolo TiralongoAstana Pro Team013
15Joaquím RodríguezKatusha Team612
16Jes√ļs Hern√°ndezTeam Saxo - Tinkoff1010
17Alessandro De MarchiCannondale Pro Cycling09
18Marcos GarcíaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA08
19Peter StetinaGarmin - Sharp07
20Timothy DugganTeam Saxo - Tinkoff07
21Chris HornerRadioShack - Leopard46
22Jakob FuglsangAstana Pro Team06
23Dominik NerzBMC Racing Team66
24Alexandre GeniezFDJ.fr06
25Sandy CasarFDJ.fr06
26Steve MorabitoBMC Racing Team04
27Egoi MartínezEuskaltel - Euskadi04
28Sebastian LangeveldOrica - GreenEdge04
29Frantisek RabonOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team04
30Luca WackermannLampre - Merida04
31Rigoberto Ur√°nSky Procycling13
32Amets TxurrukaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA03
33Jonathan CastroviejoMovistar Team03
34Stef ClementBelkin Pro Cycling Team03
35David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura03
36Javier Francisco AramendiaCaja Rural - Seguros RGA03
37Daniel MartinGarmin - Sharp02
38Leopold KönigTeam NetApp - Endura02
39Pierrick FédrigoFDJ.fr02
40Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp02
41Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimano02
42Rubén PlazaMovistar Team02
43Iv√°n VelascoCaja Rural - Seguros RGA02
44Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka02
45Dimitriy MuravyevAstana Pro Team02
46Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff01
47Mika√ęl Ch√©relAG2R La Mondiale01
48Dennis Van NiekerkMTN - Qhubeka01
49Adam HansenLotto Belisol01
50Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGA01

Team Results

RankTeamTimeGeneral Time
1Garmin - Sharp14h14'35+ 40'36 (5)
2Sky Procycling+ 19213h50'05 (1)
3Team Saxo - Tinkoff+ 2'55+ 1h12'00 (11)
4Katusha Team+ 4'46+ 46'15 (6)
5RadioShack - Leopard+ 4'57+ 51'16 (7)

6Movistar Team+ 5'04+ 19'08 (2)
7BMC Racing Team+ 5'46+ 38'33 (4)
8Euskaltel - Euskadi+ 6'17+ 23'05 (3)
9AG2R La Mondiale+ 10'01+ 1h04'34 (9)
10Belkin Pro Cycling Team+ 10'49+ 1h08'05 (10)
11FDJ.frs.t.+ 2h00'28 (16)
12Astana Pro Team+ 11'05+ 54'08 (8)
13Team Argos - Shimano+ 11'28+ 1h49'43 (13)
14MTN - Qhubeka+ 12'17+ 1h55'26 (14)
15Lampre - Meridas.t.+ 3h31'28 (21)
16Cannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 1h48'15 (12)
17Caja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 12'57+ 1h55'38 (15)
18Lotto Belisol+ 13'01+ 3h19'35 (20)
19Orica - GreenEdge+ 18'59+ 3h01'49 (19)
20Team NetApp - Endura+ 21'35+ 3h00'31 (17)
21Omega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 25'11+ 3h01'41 (18)
22Cyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 34'33+ 7h00'03 (22)

U25 Competition

RankNameTeamTimeGeneral Time
1Oreste GhitaTeam Argos - Shimano+ 4h43'5371h49'12 (1)
2Dominik NerzBMC Racing Team+ 4h44'35+ 24'38 (7)
3Rafal MajkaTeam Saxo - Tinkoff+ 4h47'30+ 4'45 (2)
4George BennettRadioShack - Leopard+ 4h48'12+ 1h18'22 (17)
5Ion IzagirreEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.+ 12'16 (3)

6Josef HintermullerMTN - Qhubekas.t.+ 15'17 (4)
7Alexandre GeniezFDJ.frs.t.+ 30'02 (10)
8Peter KennaughSky Procyclings.t.+ 26'12 (8)
9Rohan DennisGarmin - Sharp+ 4h49'00+ 28'38 (9)
10Jorge Cristobal RiquelmeBelkin Pro Cycling Teams.t.+ 23'49 (6)
11Moreno MoserCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 44'29 (13)
12Rubén FernándezCaja Rural - Seguros RGA+ 4h49'40+ 1h00'48 (14)
13Egor SilinAstana Pro Teams.t.+ 30'41 (11)
14Mattia CattaneoLampre - Meridas.t.+ 1h11'00 (15)
15Marc GoosBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 4h50'32+ 1h35'59 (21)
16John DegenkolbTeam Argos - Shimano+ 4h51'14+ 1h25'05 (18)
17Tom DumoulinTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.+ 37'15 (12)
18Larry WarbasseBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 1h54'19 (28)
19Ben KingRadioShack - Leopards.t.+ 1h54'50 (29)
20Damian OwniakBMC Racing Team+ 4h53'02+ 20'05 (5)
21Ramunas NavardauskasGarmin - Sharps.t.+ 1h11'38 (16)
22Francisco Javier MorenoCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.+ 1h53'10 (27)
23Daniele RattoCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 1h35'04 (20)
24David De la CruzTeam NetApp - Endura+ 4h54'57+ 1h36'38 (22)
25Louis MeintjesMTN - Qhubeka+ 4h55'09+ 1h52'56 (26)
26George PreidlerTeam Argos - Shimanos.t.+ 1h44'49 (23)
27Emilien ViennetFDJ.fr+ 4h55'30+ 1h59'20 (31)
28Omar FraileCaja Rural - Seguros RGAs.t.+ 1h55'30 (30)
29Stefano AgostiniCannondale Pro Cyclings.t.+ 1h48'15 (24)
30Michael MatthewsOrica - GreenEdges.t.+ 1h26'32 (19)
31Luke RoweSky Procyclings.t.+ 2h09'28 (33)
32Yoeri HavikCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 4h56'11+ 3h44'56 (54)
33Andrea PaliniLampre - Merida+ 4h57'20+ 2h51'06 (44)
34Borat SagdijevLampre - Meridas.t.+ 2h13'40 (35)
35Adam BlytheBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 2h22'36 (37)
36Juan José LobatoEuskaltel - Euskadis.t.+ 2h03'10 (32)
37Mario GuidoMTN - Qhubekas.t.+ 2h11'37 (34)
38Gaetan BilleLotto Belisols.t.+ 2h39'18 (42)
39Matteo TrentinOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Teams.t.+ 1h52'55 (25)
40Johan Le BonFDJ.frs.t.+ 2h26'20 (38)
41Jesse SergentRadioShack - Leopard+ 5h00'47+ 2h16'40 (36)
42Erick RowsellTeam NetApp - Endura+ 5h02'33+ 2h34'36 (41)
43Carlos VeronaOmega Pharma - Quick‚ÄĘStep Cycling Team+ 5h03'17+ 2h28'31 (40)
44Sebastian LanderBMC Racing Teams.t.+ 2h55'32 (45)
45Luca WackermannLampre - Meridas.t.+ 2h27'05 (39)
46Coen VermeltfoortCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 3h18'15 (50)
47Dylan GroenewegenCyclingteam De Rijke - Shanks+ 5h04'19+ 3h35'11 (52)
48Ronan Van ZandbeekCyclingteam De Rijke - Shankss.t.+ 3h11'31 (49)
49Jack BobridgeBelkin Pro Cycling Team+ 5h04'48+ 3h06'42 (47)
50Frederique RobertLotto Belisol+ 5h06'27+ 2h49'39 (43)
51Massimo GraziatoLampre - Merida+ 5h08'06+ 3h18'59 (51)
52Marouane ShaqifMTN - Qhubeka+ 5h11'57+ 3h05'03 (46)
53Michel KochCannondale Pro Cycling+ 5h12'52+ 3h10'33 (48)
54Michael SchwarzmannTeam NetApp - Endura+ 5h13'23+ 3h37'25 (53)
Normally, we should have our podium fixed already. With only the Angliru coming up and big gaps between the riders there should not happen too much.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

Seems like we served a bit too much Cava yesterday. Good that Ten Dam was the designated driver and didn't fail to lead the peloton home today Rolling Eyes
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Did Owniak crash?? I hope he did, otherwise that's dreadful.

Nice try by Nerz (finally Rolling Eyes ) but I'm so past frustrated, I don't care. I've long given up on getting a stage win. The AI hates BMC for a reason I'm not sure of.

Also, I don't see how a crash is symbolic of our season. Last time I looked, we were chasing down Belkin and Omega Pharma for 3rd in the rankings. Wink

And still nowhere near as funny as Ballan's pathetic crash in Roubaix. :lol:
Manager of Bunzl - Centrica
ICL's World Tour Champions and Talented Bottlers

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